Let the Innuendo Fly!

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, a certain dolphineer will always be training in the lagoon. And today's heat seems to be just as bad as training in those sorts of weather conditions. With the sweltering conditions, most residents have chosen to head back into the Weyr, but Jeyinshi is still on the beach. The strange dolphineer seems to be…..well, it seems like she's sleeping underneath the shade of a tree in a rather modest one piece black swimsuit. Her wetsuit is discarded to one side and an arm covers her eyes, attempting to block out what little bit of sunlight streams through the leaves of the tree.

It would seem that others are stuck in training, despite the sweltering weather conditions. But either the training session has finished or some Weyrlingmaster took pity finally and set the weyrlings free. Having stopped to feed along the way, Velokraeth lazily glides over most of the lagoon shore. The young bronze comes for a landing as close to the shallows as he can get, awkwardly touching down in a skip and jump like maneuver as his stunted legs compensate for his forwards motion. It will never be a graceful move for him, but at least he doesn't face plant into the water. With a delighted croon, he gives his wings one final full-extended stretch before tucking them tightly to his sides and sliding into the cool waters. Th'ero approaches by land, as always, still dressed in his working clothes though he's smartly taken off his boots to walk barefoot across the sands. His tunic is already unlaced and the legs of his pants rolled up as far as they can go. It's obvious he's uncomfortably hot, so he seeks out the nearest shaded spot… only to see that the nearest one is occupied. When he realizes by whom though, a smile spreads across his tired features. Carefully he approaches, pausing only to set his boots down before clearing his throat a little. "Jey?" he asks, crouching down a little and reading to nudge the dolphineer awake with a hand if she doesn't wake. How nice of him!

Jey's eyes pop open almost immediately at the sound of the voice and the bit of nudging, but she doesn't seem quite as alert as usual. "Hmm….Th'ero….wha…..done with training?" The dolphineer rubs her eyes blearily, looking about until she sees the weyrling and a warm smile spreads across her face. "We finally did run into each other at the lago—" "TH'ERO! DRAGON!" Sungie's habit of interrupting Jey still hasn't been solved apparently. From /somewhere/, who knows exactly where he came from, a small white dolphins pops up into the shallows. Strong muscles propel the dolphin into the air and Hae greets the pair with a nicely done flip before swimming into the shallows to examine the bronze in the water. Afraid of being eaten? Not at all. "Thanks Hae…..Shards, he's a loudmouth. Despite not yelling as much as him, I'm just as happy to see you two." Jey laughs softly before beaming first at Velokraeth and then again at Th'ero.

Th'ero chuckles a little when Jeyinshi greets him in her half alert state. While she works at waking up, the weyrling scoots in under the shade of the tree, sighing in relief as he rests his back up against the wide trunk. "Done for now." He notes, grimacing a little. "We had our physical exercises first, before the heat got too bad." Th'ero is just turning his head to smile back warmly to the dolphineer when he suddenly flinches from Sungie's enthusiastic greeting. He was not expecting that and so soon! "Shells, you weren't joking that he'd know." Th'ero muses, making a teasing show of rubbing one of his ears as if to ward off the ringing sensation. Velokraeth gives a bit of a surprised chuff, but the white dolphin is in no danger of being eaten. He'll be scrutinized and studied though and quite thoroughly. Already, the bronze has his blunt muzzle more on level with the dolphin, mismatched eyes whirling as the dragon's curiosity increases. Back on shore, Th'ero chuckles softly. "I'm happy to see you too. About time we crossed paths here, hmm?"

Jeyinshi makes a rather unenthusiastic face and shakes her head, "The heat is ridiculous. I'd be out there myself but I'm afriad of getting heat stroke or something. Unless someone starts drowning I'm not leaving this shady spot." And then there's a small frown in Sungie's direction, though the expression doesn't last long and she's soon smiling fondly at the dolphin. "He's been hanging out pretty close by. He isn't as afraid of the heat and just wants to play. Of course….he lives in the water so he's not going to get sick." For his part, Sungie doesn't even seem to care about the admonishment, Velokraeth seems to have all his attention. He swims up to the bronze, and unless the dragon moves or throws a fit, the dolphin bumps noses with him and gives a few squeals in greeting. "I'm SUNGIE!" Blow all their ears off he will. "It /is/ about time. It's good that we're meeting more often."

"But wouldn't the water keep you cool enough not to have heat stroke?" Th'ero points out, even though he begins to laugh. The weyrling seems oddly… relaxed. Maybe the heat is making him too tired to be his usual self or he's actually changed over the last few months. Either way, he doesn't seem to have his usual defenses up. Could be too that he doesn't bother with Jeyinshi. She knows his past so… what's the point of the masks? "I guess he wouldn't feel the weather much unless it got cold? He seems pretty enthralled with Velokraeth." He points out as he turns his head to gaze out over the waters where the two very different species are currently meeting for the first time. Velokraeth doesn't freak out by the nose bump and greeting, but he does give another deep-throated chuff - laughter perhaps? All the while, the bronze is floating out into deeper waters, still focused on Sungie as he swims around him. Th'ero chuckles dryly at something, shaking his head as he turns again to face Jeyinshi. "Just as I thought. Now I'm never going to get him out of the water, you know." He muses, before giving the dolphineer another warm smile. "It is." He says in simple agreement, before adding. "So you've just been training all this time?"

Jeyinshi grins, "That's true, until you have to get out of the water and then the water heats up and it feels like you're in a sauna…..and then there's sunburn, which I've had far too much of lately." She frowns decidedly at that and sort of twists her head around to look at her back. Her skin is clearly red in every area that her bathing suit isn't covering at the moment….which is kind of a lot. "That'll teach me to do the half unzip thing with the wetsuit." Jey also seems to be a bit more relaxed than usual. She even said she was /happy/ and /glad/ instead of using Sungie as some sort of go through mechanism. "Yeah, he's alright. Sungie's got a thick layer of blubber…as nasty as that sounds to keep him warm, and the water cools him pretty well in the heat too. But he does seem pretty enthused….not that I ever expected otherwise." Enthused is one word for it, crazy is another. The little white dolphin is now literally swimming in circles around the bronze, paying particular attention to the tail and making a game out of jumping over it then swimming under then jumping over it again. Jey laughs at the whole show and grins, "Why would anyone want to get out of the water? But yea, more training as usual. Sungie's pretty much done with his so now we're working on groupwork with other dolphins. How's your training coming along? Finally flying I see!"

"You should be more careful, Jey!" Th'ero chides, though not as harshly as he would some. He winces a little when she twists enough for him to glimpse her back and while he may not see it all, it's enough for him to get an idea. "Lesson learned then?" he teases lightly, though adds in a more serious tone. "You're treating that I hope?" he asks, concern evident in his brown eyes as he glances away from the sunburn. Th'ero has missed the lack of shielding from the dolphineer, more engrossed in their conversation (and no doubt the feedback Velokraeth is sending him). But for once the weyrling isn't acting distant or jittery around Jeyinshi, which is probably helping keep the tension between them at minimal levels for now. "Who knew blubber would come in hand?" Th'ero muses, wrinkling his nose at the term before chuckling again. He really /is/ in a good mood today! Velokraeth thankfully keeps his tail very still even without the dolphin leaping around and under it, so the risk of poor Sunkie becoming a target is low, though the young bronze keeps a watchful, studious, eye all the same. Occasionally, he rumbles or chuffs, no doubt encouraging more of the antics. Thankfully, for all involved, Velokraeth has no intentions of mimicking any of the maneuvers, quite content to simply soak in sun and swim. "So you're working with an entire pod? That must be exciting." Th'ero literally beams at Jeyinshi now, something he never does. But he does seem genuinely pleased that she's progressing with her work. When she mentions flight, the weyrling shakes his head, grinning crookedly. "/He's/ flying. I'm not. We're only doing unmanned flights now, though on the ground I can mount up." He then sighs a little, slouching a little against the tree. "Training is going. I'm getting restless though. Not being able to leave is… grating on the nerves."

"Does putting on sunblock stuff count as treatment?" Jey shrugs noncommittedly at the sunburn. For all the first aid she knows working S&R she never does seem to really be bothered when she gets injured. "But yes, lesson learned. It's just so sharding hot that it's annoying to wear, but I've got no choice in the matter really." The dolphineer sighs a bit, before eyeing the weyrling. She's certainly noticing the rather relaxed atmosphere and she's even enjoying it. There's an easy smile on her face as her gaze moves from the weyrling to the pair playing around in the water and back again. And danger in the water? Sungie doesn't even seem to think that being hit would be a possibility, and his antics only increase with the encouragement. He swims past the tail now, moving over to be level with the bronze's head and suddenly begins chattering away in a series of clicks and squeals, all of which can't be understood, but that doesn't seem to stop him. "I am! And it's pretty amazing. It's also a lot easier now that the grown dolphins can help out with the work." Jey grins widely, all smiles. "Mmmm, still unmanned huh? I'm sure you'll be up in the air in no time! Maybe….." The dolphineer trails off a bit, some of her more reserved self suddenly showing. "Well, I know when weyrlings graduate they usually get some time off so um…..maybe….if you have a free day or two we can go visit my family together? They're having their yearly gathering around then and I mentioned it to you a while back….if you're still interested……."

Th'ero gives a bit of an exasperated sigh to Jeyinshi's reaction to her sunburn. "I thought that… what is it, sunblock? …was supposed to be used before but it'd be pointless now." His lips purse into a thin line as he frowns a little, another concerned look shot Jeyinshi's way before the weyrling finally relents. "Oh, I can sympathize there. I have to wear this." And he lifts his hands up, gesturing to the dirt and sweat stained clothing he's currently sporting. "Good for keeping up with the work I have to do, but it's brutal in heat." There seems to be a hint in his tone, though he doesn't elaborate on it. Velokraeth is completely engrossed in Sungie's behavior at this point, though his oversized head cants to the side in a confused manner when the clicks and squeals begin, though the young bronze remains silent. Though judging by the sudden distracted look in Th'ero's eyes, the weyrling is getting the brunt of the questions. Blinking a little, he refocuses on Jeyinshi with a bit of a lopsided smile. "Will you be doing more drills as a group? And I bet it'd help to have a larger number of dolphins to share the work load." At the mention of flight, Th'ero glances back out over the waters for a moment, a wistful look on his expression. "It'll be nice to be able to fly. It's the only time he can move easily." There's an edge to his tone, but it's gone as soon as it appears. Instead, he's side glancing back to Jeyinshi in surprise, before laughing and reaching out to give her a slight nudge to the shoulder with his hand. It's a playful gesture and completely avoidable should the dolphineer move. "Shells, Jey, I did make a promise. I haven't forgotten. I don't think I have to be fully graduated to leave, but I will need my Between clearance for sure."

"That is…..true. I guess I should get some sort of salve or something." But she doesn't look happy about it. Apparently taking care of her body doesn't seem to be a priority to Jey. At the mention of clothes, the dolphineer looks at Th'ero's and shakes her head. "I think we're both going to end up with heat stroke one day. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Unless you want to end up in the infirmary…then I can come play nurse for you." Jey gives him a playful wink with the last comment before sitting back a bit. "He's um….not as coordinated as some? I think it's cute though. Who wants to be paired with someone completely perfect? That'd be annoying." Sungie isn't perfect. No, he keeps chattering away though every now and then there is a fragment of human speech involved with the clicks. Something about playing and fish and attacks. Basically….nonsense. The nudge isn't avoided, instead it earns a nervous laugh and visible relief crosses the dolphineer's face. "Well I just wasn't sure if you still wanted to go. Meeting your girlfriend's family isn't exactly the most pleasant thing, especially when she has four overprotective brothers….It won't be for a while though, so I guess we'll see about the details later?"

Thankfully Th'ero is here to remind her to take better care of herself or is it nagging? He does back off though when she mentions getting a salve, nodding his head and seeming pleased enough with that. There's a snort at the playing nurse remark and Th'ero stretches out a little, bringing his arms up and pillowing the back of is head with his hands. "As much as I'd like that, I do plan to stay well away from the infirmary if I can help it." He turns his head a little then, giving Jeyinshi a long look when she comments on Velokraeth's lack of perfection, seeming a little surprised by the words. What has the weyrling been hearing lately concerning the bronze? "Cute?" he echoes and for a second, the bronze out in the water looks up and over their way. There's a chuff in their general direction, followed by the bronze dropping his jaw in an almost draconic-like grin. But then he's distracted again by Sungie's continuous clicks and chatters and he could probably do it all day and still have Velokraeth's attention. Th'ero groans a little, hands slipping out from behind his head to scrub at his face. "He heard that and says he's flattered you think so." The weyrling sheepishly admits. "But you're right, Jey. Who'd want perfection?" He grins in a reassuring way when she laughs nervously, reaching out to nudge her again when she continues to be uncertain. "I'm sure I'll survive just fine." Th'ero claims, seeming pretty confident for once. "But yes, we'll go over the details when the date is closer. Your family is located around Xanadu, aren't they?"

Jeyinshi probably needs someone to nag at her now that she's on her own. Her brothers used to take care of that, but not so much anymore. She snickers a bit at his reply and flops back down onto the sand, closing her eyes but certainly not sleeping. "You'd like me playing nurse for you? Huh. Guess I'll keep that in mind for later…..you know, when you catch a cold or something." When the weyrling echoes her remark, the dolphineer nods in a rather decisive manner, propping her head up the slightest bit and looking out over the water. "It's true. Anyone that says otherwise is just rather idiotic if you ask me. And you can tell him he's very welcome." As Velokraeth looks in their direction, the dolphineer lifts a hand sending a wave and a smile in his direction. Sungie isn't so happy about losing the bronze's attention, even for a second. Almost immediately, the dolphin starts a fresh, louder round of chatter and series of flips. "Perfection just….gets to me. Like if there's a new box of chalk, I can't stand how they're all so neat and white and perfectly lined up so I always have to break a piece otherwise I'll go crazy." She shakes her head at herself but Th'ero's reassurances eventually bring back an easy smile to her face. "I'm glad you think so. They can smell fear. But yup, they're spread out between the Hall near Xanadu and at the Hold. We usually have the party at the Hold sinve we've got a home there."

Th'ero's bemused look will be missed now that Jeyinshi is resting with her eyes closed, though that doesn't seem to stop the weyrling from keeping his gaze focused on her. His grin with the wicked hint to it will go unnoticed as well, it would seem. "Mhmm. And only when I catch a cold? Or something else?" he teases and for once doesn't blush or try to dodge the conversation when it begins to edge a little more into innuendo themes. "And here I thought I wouldn't have to do anything drastic." Th'ero chuckles deeply, finally glancing away from the dolphineer less his constant staring begins to border on creepy. There's a snort from the weyrling. "I don't blame the ones who stare." He admits, frowning a little as he watches Velokraeth and Sungie continue to interact, even if it's the dolphin doing most of it while the bronze just follows along. "It's the ones who /whisper/ or give me pitying looks that I can't stand." There's a bit of a weary sigh. "M'cha hasn't been helping either, the sharing brat." Th'ero grumbles, good mood eroding as he begins to vent. "Velokraeth has begun to notice the differences and last thing I need is another weyrling putting salt in the wounds." With a deep breath, Th'ero manages to calm himself, shooting Jeyinshi a bit of an apologetic look. "Sorry." He mumbles, before her admission about perfection earns a laugh from him, the tension he had gained from the venting slowly easing off. "Are you serious? So if I were to go into your hut right now and line everything up perfectly, you'd have to undo it all?" he teases. He'd never do that to her. Would he? Something in his eyes seems to hint that perhaps he would - if he wanted to have one annoyed dolphineer on his hands. When she mentions the location of her family's home, Th'ero frowns a little, nodding his head. "I'll be sure to get those reference points first then."

The corners of the dolphineer's mouth turn up into a sly little grin, especially when he plays along rather than blushing or being awkward. "Mmm, well I'm your personal nurse so you can call on my for something else if you wish. Colds, coughs, bruises, massages…..really, did I ever seem like I'd take anything less than drastic measures?" Jey shoots the weyrling a quick wink before he's finished staring and she props herself up on her elbows to gaze out over the water at the pair, Sungie still chatting up a storm and doing flips in the air. "I can chase them with a broom." Because she's still fond of that pasttime. "They're cowards really. They don't have the heart to accept things the way they are, don't have the courage to look past their own little world and see that there's something beyond looks and such. My words are getting mixed up, but do you get what I'm saying?" The apology earns a shake of the head and she sits up a bit, reaching over to give his arm a comforting rub if he doesn't move. "No. Don't be. If you don't complain to me I'd feel offended." Jey grins a bit at that before narrowing her eyes at him, half serious and half playful, "Seriously. I'd probably go in their and throw a fit. It'd look like a thief had ransacked the hut after I'm done." She doesn't seem to believe he would do it though she may eventually be proved wrong. There's a nod at looking up the coordinates and a bit of a smile then, "Sounds good!"

There's a devious look to Th'ero's eyes as he focuses on the dolphineer and no doubt something more lurking beneath. "No." Is all the weyrling has for a reply for a moment, before a grin creeps across his features, nearly ear to ear as he continues on with his wicked little teasing streak. The true nature of Th'ero is showing through, that's for certain. "But I am taking you up on the massage, now that you've offered." There's a pause, and a bit of grumbling. "Sometime. Not now." He clarifies, no awkwardness and simply stating the truth. There's a laugh given when Jeyinshi threatens to chase the naysayers with a broom and Th'ero simply shakes his head, pushing himself up from where he had slouched against the tree to roll a little onto his side, propped up on one elbow and facing the dolphineer. He listens intently to Jeyinshi's reply and by the end he's smiling warmly, ducking his head down a little in slight embarrassment. "Thanks, Jey. I do understand and I appreciate it." There's a soft snort and he smirks a little, though still in good humor. "Careful what you say. I could talk you senseless if you let me complain for too long." He teases gently. The narrowed glance is given an innocent grin in return. "Just as I thought. And since I don't want you pitching fits or coming at me with a broom, I'll avoid trying to organize your stuff." The weyrling means it too, though he may be tempted down the road.

In one of the most childish moves that Jey has done in /TURNS/, the dolphineer shoots Th'ero an impish grin and sticks the tip of her tongue out at him, an action she would normally find both demeaning and embarassing towards herself. But today she seems to also be in pretty good humor and nods. "Mhm, I thought so…..later then. Just send me a flit message or something." She also moves when he does, twisting around so that they're both propped up and facing each other. The dolphineer shoots him a warm smile and nods her head before smirking right back at him. "Hello Th'ero, have you perhaps met Sungie before? I believe you both may have similar talking capabilities." Jey chuckles teasingly before giving a satisfied nod at the promise of no cleaning up. "Good. Then again, I /would/ find it entertaining to chase you around with a broom. Don't know how you'd feel about it. Perhaps they should replace one of the weyrling training regiments with this. We can call it 'Escape Jey's Broom of Doom.'"

That childish move from Jey was not one Th'ero was expecting, given the hints he'd been dropping, so he can only stare at her, slightly dumbfounded. What? What'd he say? "How about I just show up?" he muses, smirking a little. "I'm not about to send requests like that through message. Kind of demeaning." He states, softening his opinion with lopsided grin to show he means no ill feelings. And there be another surprise of the day - Th'ero isn't curbing his words. Jeyinshi just got his honest opinion and didn't even have to pry it out of him. Did the sun cook his mind, maybe? There's a deep chuckle from the weyrling when Jeyinshi points out the obvious, his eyes rolling a little in a sarcastic way to match his tone. "Sorry, I forgot. I'll remember next time so I can just steal all our time by complaining." Then he's laughing softly again, shaking his head a little and holding up his free hand in a mock warding gesture. "I'll behave, I'll behave!" he teasingly pleads. "I'd rather not have the weyrfolk here have some tale to tell about me being chased by a broom. I've a reputation to hold." Th'ero grins at that, no doubt still playing along with the joke. Or is he? "I… don't think that idea will go over well with the Weyrlingmasters. Though I'd /love/ for you to knock some sense into M'cha. That I'd be willing to watch." That devious look is back. Who knew he could hold grudges?

Jeyinshi snickers, "Nothing. I'm strange remeber? Eat tons of food, sleep in odd places, that was just an abnormality….which I really hope doesn't happen again." Because now the dolphineer is looking down at herself like she /is/ crazy/. She hasn't exactly been herself today either. "That sounds better. I guess it is a bit demeaning now that I think about it. It'd definitely make a nice surprise too." Finally the dolphineer relents about speech and gives the tiniest of groans, "Oh please, not that. There are much more interesting things we could do with our time." Another sly wink and then the dolphineer dissolves into a small fit of laughter. "Guess you have to keep your manly look up. At least for Patori if no one else……ugh that brat. Well, considering that I'm not under the same restraints you are, I'm a bit more free to do some not so nice things. I believe you're pretty intimate with the way rotten fish smells….is he?" Jey gives a wicked wicked grin then and it really isn't hard to figure out what she's generally thinking.

In a fit of old habits, Th'ero reaches out to gently touch Jeyinshi's arm when the dolphineer begins to reflect a little too negatively on herself for the weyrling's liking. But just as soon as the gesture is made, it's withdrawn, though at least he doesn't pull away abruptly. That can't be too huge a breech of the rules, could it? He doesn't seem to think so, as usually by now he'd be awkward again but is instead simply calm, though frowning a little. "You're not strange. You're simply… unique." He says in a low tone, smiling crookedly at the gushiness of his compliment, even if he means it. Th'ero then chuckles, lifting himself up so that he can sit cross legged now in front of the dolphineer, giving a bit of an annoyed brush of his hand to dislodge the sand that's clung to his tunic. "Exactly! So I'll still complain to you, but I'll keep it brief. That way we can do more productive things." There's another devious, broad grin as Th'ero is probably all too aware of that double entendre he just dropped. Jeyinshi's sly wink earns a wink in return from the weyrling, though he's soon wrinkling his nose. "I am. Why - oh, oh that might be too /cruel/ Jeyinshi. As much as I dislike M'cha, I'll be rid of him soon enough. Plus he'll probably run into the barracks and stink the entire place up." Still, Th'ero gives a bit of a wistful sigh. It would be quite the payback for all the grief the brownriding weyrling has given him.

Jeyinshi smiles, visibly reassured by the slight touch. Hey, as long as Sungie isn't wailing about the grossness of it all, it's probably ok in the rules, especially considering how sensitive the dolphin was was to public displays of affection. "Thanks. I'll try and keep that in mind." The dolphineer grins a bit before sitting up and giving him a bit of a nudge. "Much more productive things." Jey isn't dense, and she's certainly picked up on all the double meanings they've been throwing around today, which is almost a bit surprising considering how dense she once was. "Well fine, but if he keeps it up after you guys have graduated I don't think I can hold myself back really. Or well, I can hold myself back I just don't know about Sungie….speaking of whic….leave Velokraeth /alone/ you twit! We've got training to do!" She turns to the water, shouting out to the pair before standing and taking hold of her discarded wetsuit. "Unfortunately, I've a meeting with the pod in a few moments. I'll see you soon." And then, before he's got a chance to protest, she bends down, giving him a quick hug before making a beeline towards the water. "NASTY! SICK TH'ERO AND JEY! GROSSYYYY!" Sungie always did have to have the last word.

The nudge is met with a bit of snickering laugh, but Th'ero seems fresh out of teasing barbs or innuendo comments, so he only winks again when he figures Jeyinshi has caught on. Considering how conservative the weyrling had been, this is a vast improvement. He then gestures with one hand to politely wave off Jeyinshi's offer of teaching M'cha a valuable lesson, no matter how much Th'ero is tempted by the idea. "I think once we're in our own wings and weyrs, it'll be different. We can avoid each other then." As Jeyinshi gets up to yell at Sungie, Th'ero only chuckles. "He wasn't bothering him." He murmurs, about to say something more and instead finding himself being hugged by the dolphineer. For a moment, however brief, he tenses up but soon relaxes and returns the gesture, smiling warmly as Jeyinshi turns to go. "You both take care." He calls out, though visibly flinches at Sungie's reaction. And here he was, worrying that it'd be Velokraeth who calls him out, when in truth the young bronze simply looks curious, but calm, over the whole exchange. With a sigh, Th'ero gets to his feet, stretching himself out as he does and then grimaces at the state of his clothes. There's no need for him to state the obvious as he turns from the shaded spot and begins to trek back to the barracks to change, Velokraeth waddling from the shallows to follow, pausing only to shake himself reasonably dry before taking wing.

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