"... the sand's /moving/."

Wilderness – Beach
The land juts further upwards with a mysterious source of water cascading over a waterfall and crashing down in to a large catch pool. The beach, horse-shoe in shape is a mix of sand and rock.

A somewhat awkward relationship has been established between Fynnigan and Tahli in the days since they first met. It's awkward mostly because of the trader-teen, who just doesn't know what to do with himself when he's around the pretty blonde. A planned trip to 'their' spot, the little beach by the waterfall, has the teen on edge - but he's brought along a picnic basket to try and ease into things slowly. He's sitting on a smooth rock, skimming stones as he waits for Tahli to come.

Made even more awkward by the fact that Tahli isn't allowed to /tell/ anyone. Which would pretty well prevent him from acting out on the relationship status in public. But he hasn't complained. The young healer simply offers smiles in those situations, albeit somewhat lackluster at times. It's difficult for him not to throw himself wholeheartedly into things. But he does make his way down the narrow trail to the beach, practically beaming at the sight of Fynn already there. "Fynn!"

Fynnigan looks up with a lopsided grin and one heck of a blush, getting up to join Tahli for his last few steps down onto the beach. "Good afternoon, Tahli," is his decidedly awkward greeting, accompanied by a little, stiff bow. He then offers his arm to escort the blonde back to where the picnic basket lies, waiting for him to sit before doing so himself.

Alas, Tahli just isn't as reserved and proper. And now that he's away from the public of the Weyr, he more than happily darts right into a hug of Fynn, complete with a kiss pecked on his lips. He does hold onto Fynn's arm though, happy to be taken right over to the food. "Oh, this is wonderful.." He does sit at least, folding his legs under himself.

"It's ok?" Seeking a confirmation on those praising words, Fynn has a little blush colouring his cheeks as he starts to unpack what he's managed to pilfer from the kitchens. Rolls, mostly; meatrolls, sweetrolls, bread rolls - with various bits and pieces that can be used to fill them. He spreads them out on a small cloth, including a flask of juice and two cups. "I wanted to do something special."

"Of course it is. It's terribly thoughtful." Tahli even scoots over to settle as close to Fynn as he can get. He does reach for a roll though, picking pieces off of it to nibble on. "Plus I /am/ hungry, so.. definitely can appreciate it."

Coyly, Fynnigan leans down to kiss Tahli's cheek. It's so soft, like the flutter of butterflies' wings, and he pulls back from it with his cheeks coloured crimson and a very pleased sort of smile on his face. "I'm glad you like it." Then he's reaching for a bun, and stuffing it with a mix of things. "Did you have a good day so far, Tahli?"

Tahli smiles all the more, leaning into Fynn as he eats. "It's been a good day, yes. Helping restock the shelves. Heh, apprentice life isn't exactly glamorous, but at least the chores keep me occupied." He laughs at that, picking up a sweetroll sneakily. "Otherwise I would be bored out of my skull."

"I was helping out in the stores, taking inventory." Tahli's lean is met with a very tentative Fynn-arm being looped around his shoulders. The hold doesn't draw the teen in any closer, but simply settles there lightly. "It's good to be busy. I can't stand not doing /anything/. Being busy makes me feel… valuable." Fynn's gaze drops for a moment, then he takes a bit of his sandwich, filling his mouth so he can no longer speak.

Tahli looks a little surprised for a moment, sitting up so that he can turn to face Fynnigan. "Why in the world.. Fynn, of course you're valuable! You don't have to do anything special for you to be that way." A worried look crosses the healer's face for a moment at that though, fingers reaching up to gently touch the other teen on the cheek. "Understand?"

Fynnigan frowns a little at Tahli, but the touch to his cheek softens that expression somewhat. "My grandpa always said you have to contribute to be a valuable member of society. I just like contributing, is all." He smiles gently, closing his eyes as he tilts his head towards the blonde's hand. "Don't you like to feel that you're making a difference?"

"I like making a difference, it just sounds…" Tahli shakes his head a bit, laughing. "Children don't technically contribute anything, but they're no less valuable." Grandparents again! Really, the teen can only hope he never meets any of them. He nestles in against Fynn's side though once more, offering the other teen a roll. "As far as I'm concerned, you'd be just as valuable if you sat here every day, doing nothing but watch the waves."

"I think I would like that, just sitting here… s-so long as it… it was like /this/… w-with you." Fynnigan blushes furiously, taking the offered roll and nibbling on it gently. Though, for all he's acting super-shy, he doesn't lean away from Tahli. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Tahli smiles slowly, taking his time in tilting his head up to look at Fynn. "Yeah?" Fingers reach up at that, twisting just a little so that he can tug the other teen down into a kiss. He doesn't let go immediately either, fingertips stroking lightly at the back of his neck. "I'd like it."

Fynnigan blushes even more redly, his gaze flickering over to Tahli coyly before dropping quickly down to the roll in his hand. "Would you like it even more if you kissed me, too?"

"You mean if we were not only on the beach together, but kissing?" Tahli grins just a little bit, lashes lowering somewhat before he tugs a piece off his sweetroll, offering it up to Fynn. "I would love that, too."

Undeniably shy as he takes the morsel from Tahli's fingers, Fynnigan eats it quietly, washing it down with a mouthful of juice. "I'd like that the most," he admits softly, pressing the tip of his slender nose to the Healer's cheek. The ghost of a kiss follows, a delicate press of lips to warm skin. There's the promise of much more to come from it… only there's no actual impetus from the coy teen to take it further.

Tahli closes his eyes for a moment at the brief nuzzling, sighing happily. Craving the contact though, the healer twists just a bit to better face Fynnigan, sliding his lips against the older teen's. It's a slow movement, though it includes a soft bite to Fynn's lower lip, smiling.

Fynnigan's left wanting more of Tahli's kiss, and he instinctively, if gently, draws the teenager closer to him. The picnic is quickly forgotten as he wraps his other arm around the lad's waist in a light but definitely-there touch, and he bumps his nose against the blonde's needily, silently begging for more.

Tahli is quite happy to oblige Fynn. The nibbling bite resumes into a kiss again, though the healer's tongue gently seeks between the other teen's lips in brief passes. He tightens his hold quite a bit around Fynn's neck as well, clinging.

For his part, Fynnigan is gentle in his response, though from the rigidity of his body it would seem he's forcing himself to hold back. He makes a tiny moan of desire, then stops dead, eyes fluttering wide open and his fingers gripping tight into Tahli's shirt. "Tahli… the sand's /moving/."

Tahli would even be more than happy to help Fynn alleviate more of that tension! But when he stops, and even grips at him, the healer blinks a little, instead turning his attention around to rove across the sands. "../Moving/?"

"By my foot… I can feel it moving." Fynnigan blinks rapidly, clearly at least a little freaked out yet unwilling to move. "What is it? Can you see?"

Tahli moves a hand to rub reassuringly at Fynn's chest, but does twist to take a look. What's moving? Well! The healer sucks in a quick, surprised breath before laughter bursts out, and he turns a bright grin back onto Fynn again. "Don't kick! Firelizards, Fynn…I think they're hatching.."

Fynnigan's eyes grow even wider, and he blinks at Tahli. "Firelizards?" With incredible slowness he turns around, clinging to the Healer's slender upper arm. And just in time to see a little blue head pop up from the sand, too! "Oh! So tiny!" What could easily have been panic is now turned into excitement, and Fynn turns back to grin at the blonde beside him. "Do you think it would be ok if we tried to feed them? I've never had a firelizard!"

Tahli giggles softly. "If we don't, they'll probably swarm the food anyway." Best to actually get something out of it! He shifts away from Fynn just a bit, stretching out over the blanket far enough to grab a few meatrolls from the rest. He settles back again though, offering a few to the older teen. "Here.."

Where there was one, now there are lots! A veritable swarm of little bodies bursting forth from the sand, some of which come scrabbling towards the boys and their picnic. Fynnigan laughs gleefully, tearing off a piece of meatroll to toss it towards a nearby trio of hatchlings. "They're so cute, Tahli, even if they're all gooey and covered in sand!"

"They are!" Tahli helps out happily, tossing bits of meatroll. The rest of the food? Well, if it's lost to the hunger of roaming lizards, then that's the way it'll have to go. But he seems absorbed in flicking bits of food at a few of the lingering hatchlings, laughing. "And tiny.."

Fynnigan seems to have attracted the attention of a little green, who's clambering up his leg to get at the meatroll in his hand. Not wanting to be left without any, one of her siblings follows suit, making the trader tremble with his attempts not to laugh and scare them off. "Tahli," he whispers harshly, looking back at the blonde. "Look!"

Tahli already has a little green clinging a bit to his tunic, trying to make it up farther to get at the food. He turns a bit to look at Fynn though with wide eyes, hands coming up under the little creature to make sur she doesn't fall. "I think I got her… Fynn!"

"Oh!" Fynnigan is giggling girlishly as he snatches up more food to give to his two little ones - some shredded wherry originally intended to fill their buns. He passes a palmful over to Tahli, then shifts his concentration to the two tiny little ones until their bellies are stuffed so full that all they can do is curl up and go to sleep. "Oh, Tahli…" The brunette grins broadly at the Healer, gently moving the two hatchlings into a better position. "Shall we go back now and get some more food for them, do you think? For when they wake up?"

Tahli cradles his own, the little green that had clung to his tunic. His smile is fixed now though, completely wide across his face as he peers over at Fynn and his two as well. "I…yes. I think that's a good idea. They're going to want more..a lot more!" He's careful about standing at least, holding the little firelizard gently so as not to wake her.

Fynnigan one-handedly packs up the remains of their picnic, then picks up the basket while cradling his two new companions gently in his other arm. Feeling giddy, Fynn even presses an excited little kiss to Tahli's lips, then grins hugely. "I'm sorry our dinner got ruined, but I think this is an ok way to end it, right?"

"I wouldn't call this ruined." Tahli laughs, although there's a faint lean forward when Fynn kisses him. He giggles then, shaking his head a bit, and gives the older teen a tug as he heads for the path up the cliff. "We can try again another time for sitting out by the beach."

"Tomorrow. Let's try tomorrow. I'd really like to do it again soon, if that's ok?" Fynnigan meanders after Tahli, half-watching where he's going, half staring down in awe at the little green and bronze. "But maybe you could ask the kitchens for the picnic this time?" He grins, following the Healer all the way back to the Weyr before kissing him goodbye.

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