Snake in the Grass

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Summer has come to Half Moon Bay and along with the rising temperatures, there comes the summer storms. Last night was a bit of a doozy, and though the gardens are mostly protected, the rock gardens are still in disarray, and actual plant gardens have some debris strewn in them. It's just after the breakfast hour which means it isn't pass-out-hot yet and also that Emiallis is just getting started in on her chore for the day. The teenage girl is standing in front of said gardens, looking at the mess she has to clean up, pretty much in despair. "This is going to take forever." She complains to no one.

It's too early honestly for Jaelyn to be out and about, as the boy was well known to sleep well past lunch, but yet there he is trudging up the steps and dropping himself down with a yawn beneath a large shady tree. He leans back against the trunk, folding his legs at the ankle and crossing his arms loosely over his lap. He'd just about settled himself in when the not-so-gentle voice an annoyed Emiallis drifts to his ears and one golden eye opens to peer on over to the red-haired candidate. "Then dun do it." he offers oh-so-helpfully, chin lifting up a bit as he coolly regards her royal highness of the plushed squares.

Emiallis pauses in the motion of crouching down, having not caught Jaelyn sneaking up to the gardens, to look at the boy. "Oh, because that would really help my situation." Comes the snarky retort. She finishes crouching down, and on her knees, starts pulling twigs out of the herb garden, starting a little pile on the walkway. There's a sharp, snotty sniff. "Those eggs seem so hard, I'll bet they hatch soon. And I'm not giving up my gold!" Ohho. So there's the reason the girl stuck around even in the face of all the drudgery and torture and unfairness that's Life. Of course, she's also assuming she'll Impress. Let alone to a little queen.

Jaelyn simply shrugs his tattooed shoulder as his suggestion is dismissed, "Then maybe ya should stop bitchin' about it and just do it." he mutters, mostly to himself, but there isn't any steps taken to ensure that he isn't overheard. Probably because he couldn't care less. His eye closing again, letting Emiallis do her thing over there while he looks to be enjoying himself a nap. Her snarkiness rolling off him like water to an sea avian's back, drawing in a deep breath through his nostrils and then letting it out slow and easy the same way. There is nothing but silence from him then, that is until the girl decides to speak up once more, which earns her a somewhat annoyed che sound resonating against his teeth. Not bothering to look her way this time, he merely shifts his position a bit as if making himself more comfortable before he snorts, "Yer assuming yer gunna Impress at all. Maybe ya should be concentratin' more on that, then if a queen is gunna find yer attitude at all attractive." Yep, he's calling her out.

Why does everyone assume every goldrider has to be a pleasant workaholic? Does no one remember Kylara? Not that Emiallis has any clue who that is either. But. That pile of twigs and misplaced rocks is growing as yes, she's actually working. Jae's first comment gets an irked look before she's back at her task, starting to stretch forward to reach a little farther back in the garden to pluck more things out. His second comment though gets a sharp look. "I'm sure there's a dragon in that clutch for me. I'm sure she's a gold. And I'm sure she'll pick me for who I am. Thank you." She's been holding a quarter-sized rock in her hand, and whips it at the other teenager. But she doesn't throw things often, so it'll be a miracle if it hits. Might come close, though.

Considering that Jaelyn's eyes are staying closed for now, he misses the irked look that his first comment gets, and whatever he may or may not assume of goldriders is not shared. Whatever forms his obvious opinion remains unspoken. What he does do is snooze from the looks of it, chest rising and falling in that even way that often indicates unconsciousness. However, it's not when her sharp look or annoyed reply is tossed his direction that he stirs again, but rather when a rock comes to clack against one of the roots some short distance away, "Ya, keep thinkin' that sunshine." he tsks, dark lashes parting before golden eyes slide her direction and rest on her breifly. While Emiallis' heckles might be up, the younger teen's voice was even and signified nothing of what he might actually be thinking or feeling. The same can be said of his expression, or rather his utter lack of one, his features smooth and utterly at rest. "Cause doin' menial labor totally negates bein' a nasty bitch who throws rocks at people when she ain't hearin' what she wants to hear."

"It's more like all of you trying to shape me into something else." Emiallis retorts, unhappy. Leaning far forward on one hand she starts plucking things back out with an attitude, like the sticks have offended her. "It didn't even come close to hitting you…" She mutters, more to herself but probably still audible. "Just one more thing I can't do." THAT one is very under her breath, and unless he's standing next to her, good luck hearing it. Clack. Clackclack. Rocks plucked out are being deposited enough to pile violently enough where they bounce once or thrice before coming to a rest. Thankfully sticks don't bounce as well. Her expression is definitely one of vexation, brows furrowed together, and lips set in a grim line.

The boy's brows lift in unison, "What the fuck gave ya that idea?" Jaelyn asks of her accusation of people wishing to shape Emiallis, now watching as she continues her task with more than just irritation behind it. At least it was making the work go faster? That was becoming quite the pile after all, even if the force she was using at the moment was making it more of a malformed lump than anything neat and tidy. "That's cause yer aim fuckin' sucks." Another snort for that, and because he's not a mutant and doesn't have super powers he is sadly unable to catch what she has muttered under her breath there. He continues to watch her though from where he's perched himself, probably from a lack of anything else better to do with his time, or maybe he just likes poking the bear. "Yer face is gunna get stuck like that y'know," he says after a time, the words coming slow and lazily. "Then ain't no one gunna want to touch ya." A yawn quickly follows, stretching his arms up over his head towards the sky. Why not? It was a lovely day outside.

Clack. Clackclack. CLACKCLACKclack. That last rock sets her whole pile to tumbling down and becoming its own little rock garden on the path. Emiallis responds to that last comment with a strangled growl, and sits back on her heels for a moment. But only a moment, and then… strangely… without a retort she's collecting the pile of twig debris and walks it with a huff over to where such things are disposed of. Some little compost pile. But Jaelyn? IGNORED. That scowl? Still there. Seems like the teen-boy might have hit a slightly sensitive topic. What else garners the silent treatment?

Jaelyn drops his hands back into his lap after a nice long stretch, letting out a breath heavily enough that it might just even be a sigh before he goes back to simply watching Emiallis work, his brows having returned to their most neutral position upon his forehead. Click-Clack of each rock, head tilting just a fraction for her barely contained growl, but otherwise doesn't appear to be affected by it. His eyes drift halfway closed when she starts collecting the refuse pulled from the garden and disposes of it. "Ya missed one." he points out helpfully, though is soon covering his mouth with the back of one hand to stifle another yawn. Apparently watching an irate redhead gathering rocks and twigs wasn't as entertaining as it might of seemed to him in the beginning. As for being ignored? Jae doesn't look to mind it at all, though it certainly does not keep him from poking at her with random observations as she does. "Nope, not that one." Each time she fails to select the particular pebble he's talking about, he gently reminds in that soft and even tone of his. That is, until she finally gets it right, "There ya go. Good job." Congratulatory or no, he honestly sounds bored by the whole experience but not enough to wander off just yet. "Ya tried smilin any? Shame to waste that face with all the scowlin' ya do."

Emiallis eventually sends that pebble he so wanted her to pick up flying towards him. This one is a little better aimed because it isn't thrown so violently, more just in an annoyed fashion. "There you go. Because you wanted it so bad." She's doing another round of clean up, this time shuttling misplaced rocks back to their appropriate place. "If you're going to direct my cleaning, why don't you help?" She returns after his question, giving him a smile, but most definitely not the sort he was looking for. It's forced and a little too big with no teeth. So it looks a little contrite. Which it sort of is. "Despite what people may think, I am capable of doing things." She just doesn't LIKE to do them. And not many things.

When that little pebble comes flying his way, Jaelyn merely shifts his head to the side just enough that it bounces harmlessly off the tree trunk where his cheek might have otherwise been struck, other than that there isn't any reaction to her ire. "They say sharin' is carin'….yer too kind." he murmurs, chin lifting upwards again as he peers at past his lowered lashes and down the length of his nose. Then he's quiet again, satisfied apparently to just watch as she struggles and toils, a brow lifting when she suggests he help. "But yer doin' so well on yer own, wouldn't want to harsh yer mellow." Despite his works, he does decidedly push himself to his feet, perhaps having enough of poking said bear. He brushes off his behind and the back of his legs before he returns his attention to Emiallis just in time to see the version of a smile she decides to bestow upon him. "Yer a pretty girl, why spoil it?" he asks, and even if the flatness of his tone doesn't change, it seems to be an honest question. Her last statement though, causes a brow to twitch upwards some, his expression remaining blank otherwise. "Dun recall ever accusin' ya of being incapable," he says, tongue emerging from his mouth to lightly touch the piercing residing at the left corner, disappearing soon there after. "Hey, in all seriousness…if ya dun wanna fit a particular mould? Than dun do it. Ya want to be a sarcastic bitch, go for it. Dun let no one tell ya to be need to be anythin' but ya. Just thought maybe ya'd like to hear somethin' nice about yerself for once."

Emiallis looks confused, pausing in one of her rock-shuffle moments, setting it down and straightening up, looking at the teen as he gets to his feet. "Wouldn't want to what my what?" It's obviously a saying that she's not familiar with. That contrite smile goes away, lapsing into a more serious - if lax - face. There's a slight flush to the cheeks at being called pretty, because the vain girl just doesn't hear it enough at the Weyr to have pleased her. In fact, since she's been so prickly, not many have paid decent attention to her. At least in her opinion. Which is still a pretty true statement. "I don't mean to." Ruin her prettiness, that is. "People just start commanding, and expect me to act a certain way, and I get angry, and words slip out, and…" Well. He knows. He's been front row seat to a few of those displays. "Like being grateful for this hard labor they're putting us through for the 'sake of prepping you for weyrlinghood'. Peh!" It's just candidates here. She can complain. "I can't keep a blank expression like you do. It all shows, eventually." And then he actually gets a true lopsided half-smile, with a shrug before she bends back down to finish placing the rock where it belongs.

Suddenly, one of the bushes rustles. RUSTLE RUSTLE! Then branches split and out pops… A TUNNELSNAKE! At… head level… oh, and it's stuffed… and attached to the shoulder of a certain Assistant Weyrlingmaster, humming softly to himself. He is actually apparently oblivious to what he's walking in on, making his way towards the berry bushes, but his ears are open, catching every interchange.

There is bit of a dismissive wave of Jaelyn's hand, "Jus' means ya've got a rhythm down and I dun wanna fuck it up." Yeah, okay. He remains by the tree though, sliding his hands into the pockets of his black swim trunks, before deciding to lean back against the place he'd been originally sitting. There is no reaction for the flush, his mask of utter indifference securely in place. "Ya gutta learn to play the game, even if ya dun want to." he suggests, rolling back his shoulders some before he lets his attention drift off elsewhere even if he continues speaking. "I know a little somethin' about bein' angry all the time. Sometimes it gets so bad ya gutta let it out, I get it. Trust me on that." He nods, golden eyes sliding back to Emiallis. "Ya dun need to be anyone but who ya are, but ya also gutta be willin' to accept the consequences too. If ya ain't gunna do nothin' but complain, bitch and moan, then ya…yer gunna get slapped down for it. Ya gutta remember though that yer only gunna get outta this candidate thin' what ya put into it." Oddly sage advice from someone who sleeps all the time, and swears like a sailor on drinking binge. When Emiallis comments on the way he's able to keep his face so blank, the corners of his lips draw upwards slightly in a smile that was hardly one at all. It was a sad and pathetic ghost of one, with hardly much effort behind it. "That's 'cause I'm mostly dead inside. Ain't nothin' really but the anger and emptiness. Ya dun wanna be like me, beautiful." There is a pause however when she flashes that genuine lop-sided grin, his own facsimile fading away. "See, that's better." he approves with a nod and a fleeting return of that upward corner turn. When the bush starts shaking, his gaze slides off the girl and towards the sound, watching as the man with the stuffed toy strapped to his shoulder steps forth. Lashes lower some, and his head tilts to the side and up a bit but otherwise there is no reaction. "Hey, D'nyl." he greets, voice remaining unchanged as well.

Rustle rustle. Shriek? No. No shriek. Though Emiallis does jump and skitter to the side slightly as somethi-one steps through the bushes. Her mouth opened like something shrill was going to come out, but the evidence of that tunnelsnake being stuffed becomes clear pretty quick, and her mouth shuts, one eyebrow shooting upwards. "Oh har, har." Her voice is dry as she watches the assistant stroll, not intent on getting his attention on her anymore than need be. So she's cleaning up her mess from cleaning up the herb bed after the previous night's doozy of a storm. There's another handful of pebbles scooped up and carried back over to their respective home, and those green eyes just look at Jaelyn for awhile. No. This one doesn't have any advice to give. "I'm sure there's still something there." She's spoiled and before she came to the weyr she hardly had to work for anything that she actually wanted. They can't say she isn't putting forth effort. It's just effort that comes with a deluge of complaints because she's not used to it. "After all. You had to have felt something besides anger for that screwdriver to tear the barracks up like you did." Poke. And that remark earns him a slightly saucier grin. When the temper is gone she does have a sense of humor.

D'nyl arches a brow. He has NO IDEA what she's talking about. Stuffed tunnelsnakes are all the rage in fashion now. "Hello, Jaelyn, Emiallis. I trust your chores are going well today?" He crouches by the berry bushes, plucking a few of the spring berries off even though they'll be tart and underripe, then flops onto the grass, enjoying the breeze while not-so-surreptitiously keeping an eye on the candidate duo, "I hear that there have been some issues with the squids. I trust they're all doing well?" Double-poke!

"Not really," Jaelyn assures Emiallis, still unmoving from his position there leaning against the tree. "Just pissed off someone took my shit." At least his reply is utterly lacking anger or any growlingness. That's all he apparently had to say on the topic, falling quiet after that and only giving the assistant Weyrlingmaster a shrug for his first question and then silence for the second. Whatever his opinion on the rumor going around that the squids were somehow involved in the taking of the personal items from the barracks, he keeps to himself. He doesn't even bristle at either attempt to get him riled up, which was a marked improvement from the hair-trigger he seemed to sport most of the time.

"Those squids are viscous." Emiallis returns to the assistant, NOT sassily. "I had to take Duluth to one of the healers, because he got bit trying to get his pillow back. Several times." The poor little blue was not happy about that in the slightest. But he's happy that he gets to try and suffocate his Lady with his wing while she sleeps, since he now sleeps on the pillow that she's not curled around, aka the one her head is on. "I think we should figure out if they're edible." Jaelyn gets a non-committal grunt sound for his non-committal answer, before she returns her attention to the flopped dragonrider. "The herb bed doesn't look too weedy." There's a significant pause. "I think." There's a lesser pause. "Just cleaned it up from last night's storm." NO COMPLAINT, SEE?!

D'nyl hmms softly, "I'll admit, I've only looked form afar. Truth be told, though, it will probably only be another sevenday or two before the eggs hatch, you just have to keep the squids alive until then." Then he won't judge what they do, Aggie might, though. He glances over at the garden, then ndos slightly, "Looks good to me… of course, gardening wasn't my strong suit, just ask Sunny." He pops another of those under-ripe berries in his mouth and gives a shrug, "Well done, though. I know the storm was nasty."

Having her suspicions about the hardening eggs confirmed doesn't do anything to settle the butterflies in Emiallis' stomach on that matter. In fact, that statement probably makes them worse. But she's firm in her belief. She'll impress. She'll impress gold. "Do we have to?" Yes, that question is a little whiny. But only a little, and very true to the spirit of a child fed up with a pet. The under-ripe berries he keeps popping into his mouth gets a bit of a distasteful grimace. "I refuse to believe the squids did it, but absolutely no one is owning up to throwing our things in the tanks."

D'nyl inclines a nod, "Sadly, yes. You should be glad, when I was a candidate, we had to keep tunnel snakes alive when all we wanted to do was kill 'em." His smile might be juuust a touch bloodthirsty there, maybe. "Half Moon *does* have some unique creatures, but it does seem odd, too." He shrugs, popping back another berry that he seems to see as a delicacy, "You could always weight some sort of lid down on the tanks and see if anything else goes missing?" No, D'nyl didn't grow up being uncertain of everyone around him, nooope.

Jaelyn is totally still there, leaning against the tree with his hands slid in his pockets, though if he was listening at all to the conversation unfolding before him his quiet presence doesn't alter to indicate it but that shouldn't be any sort of surprise. However, his eyes were flickering from Emiallis to D'nyl and back again as each spoke in turn, even if he has nothing to add. So it was probably a safe bet he had kept up with past and current topics.

Emiallis seems to mull the assistant weyrlingmaster's suggestion over for a few moments, after shuddering at his mention of his class' pet project. "I think I like that suggestion." Ah, the gears. They turn in Emi's head and its pretty obvious, and there shall be a heavy weighted cover before nightfall! But apparently Emiallis has had enough of being social for the moment being. The girl gives D'nyl a nod, and Jaelyn too for that matter. And she's not explaining why she's going. She just is. Women. Women things? Who knows. Don't ask.

D'nyl pops back another berry and idly tosses the rest towards Jaelyn as he stands, "I heard there was some sort of mishap with Lukhanyo and the squids. Hope that doesn't happen to anyone else." His lips curl into an evil grin, "Sleep well, tonight, candidates. Who knows if you'll wake up with pucker marks or not…" He doesn't do the evil laugh, but were he a more open man, he would have, no doubt about it. As it his, he walks off in a distinctly mirthful manner.

A brow twitches upwards for the nod that he's given, a moment's hesitation before Jaelyn nods back but doesn't exactly seem like he knows why this exchange was happening in the first place. Only after Emiallis is gone does he murmur quietly, "…odd girl." Like he had any right at all to be calling anyone odd considering his dark way of dressing and pension for piercing himself, but he goes ahead and voices his opinion anyway. As for D'nyl, his golden eyes do return to the last remaining person other than himself after the womanly escape of the redhead to someplace other than where they were. Again, he doesn't seem up for talking anymore or maybe something about the assistant Weyrlingmaster makes him button up. Whatever the case, there's not any kind of change to his current demeanor until long after the man had evilly grinned himself off mirthfully out of the area. Then, and only then does he push himself up and off the tree and release a truly heavy sigh. "And people think I'm fucked up." he grumbles, and heads out in a completely different direction than the other two. Maybe he needs another nap.

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