Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office

This appears to be one of the spare private rooms, hastily reworked into an office space. Instead of the usual bed, clothespress, table and chairs, there's a filing cabinet, a floor lamp, and…a table and chairs. The table holds a smaller desk lamp, a personal computer with connection cables spilling down the back, a dispatch radio, plus a scattering of files, papers, and writing materials. Beside the workspace is a smaller endtable, seated upon which is a klah percolator and half a dozen mugs. None of the three chairs match each other, or the tables, but they seem to be solidly made and in good repair.

Piled up against one wall are half a dozen cartons, apparently also filled with files of some sort. The room is rather sparsely decorated, with only a scrap of faded carpet beneath the table and an embroidered wall hanging hung on the wall opposite the door, in bold copper and russet threads.

It's been about two sevendays now since Kiena left Zi'on on his own. And finally taking everyone's advice to heart, he decides it's time to get back to his normal schedule and self. Though he's still avoiding traveling to Fort or anyplace nearby. The bronzer is sitting at his desk now, putting some reports into a beat up old laptop that only he can keep running. He's looking much like his normal self, scruffy face, short hair. Clean cut now and nice clothes again. There's a grunt as something happens on the laptop. "Gah. I'm going to go back to just doing this all by hand I think!" It's mid-afternoon and the bronzer's got almost a full lunch also sitting on his desk. Apparently he's still not back to eating normally.

Rou'x knocks politely enough on the door to the Weyrleader's office before slipping through, coming to stand smartly in front of him. She's certainly filled out since he last saw her: those hips of hers seem to have got even wider if possible, and her midsection is definitely looking more full. "Sir. Zi'on." The brownrider waits until she's invited to sit, doing so with a sigh. Back into the chair she leans - sprawls, more like, with her arms hooked over the sides and her knees spread. "I hadta discipline Kimmila just now, sir. Thought I'd come on in n' brief ya on it."

Zi'on raises a brow at Rou when she comes into the office. "Wingleader. Rou." He says teasingly, motioning for her to take a seat in front of his desk. "Hungry?" He pokes at his leftover lunch. At least the pastries are gone, which means he must be eating something. "Oh? Was she being her usual disrespectful self?" Zi'on is well aware that Kimmila doesn't generally participate in anything wing-related. Though he never pressed the issue because they'd worked out some sort of arrangement and the weyrleader didn't want to get in the habit of micromanaging the wings. "What sort of punishment?"

Is she /hungry/? Rou'x is constantly hungry at present, and reaches over to the Weyrleader's plate to pick off a tasty-looking morsel. She continues to forage from it as she gets him up to speed. "I demoted her, sir. Weyrling status. /Grounded/ weyrling, at that. Varmiroth's only t'fly when he's huntin', or if he's takin' part in drills. She ain't got no privileges no more, but the more she comes t'my drills, the more she'll earm 'em back." The brownrider shrugs her shoulders, then swallows another mouthful of yumminess. "I get bunkin' off on occasion, Zi'on, I do, but she ain't been to a /single/ drill, n' she ain't got no reason t'be missin' 'em. If she don't wanna take part, she can go elsewhere."

There's a triple-decker sandwich that's been cut into quarters and some crispy tubers and some fruit salad. "Demoted?" How do you demote someone who is already on the lowest rung? He laughs then. "Weyrling? Oh, that's terrific. Anyways, it's your wing, your rules as far as I'm concerned. I can't imagine she'll be sticking around too much longer after this, though. I think really the only reason she stayed here is because she had some sort of agreement with the old wingleader where she didn't have to go." He shrugs. "It's no skin off my nose. Th'ero will be mad probably, but I'm sure he already hates me at this point. Actually he might be happy if she transfers. Kiena might be mad though. So how did she take the news?"

"Not well." Rou'x wrinkles her nose at the memory of the bluerider taking the news, then shrugs. "Don't particularly care though, sir. Search n' rescue needs riders who're willin' to put in the effort to be /perfect/ at what they do. It don't just matter how good y'are when it comes down to it - that could just be luck. I told her drillin's as much for gettin' everyone to co-operate n' work t'gether as it is t' learn stuff and relearn older stuff, but she din't give a shit, as it were." Again Rou'x shrugs, looking up over a piece of tuber at the bronzerider. "I reckon that sorta thing is gross misconduct, Zi'on, n' it could be dangerous if someone ain't in tune wi' the rest of us."

Zi'on nods. "I agree with you. Kimmila's been a search and rescue rider in name only more or less. Her job was to go hunting. Anyways, I agree with you. If she can't be bothered to attend drills then she suffers the consequences. Her special privledges are over if she doesn't want to respect your wishes." The bronzer leans back in his chair a bit. "Like I said, Kimmila has a lack of respect. Especially for the younger riders it would seem. She's never had any respect for me, so she's dug her own hole. I'm not very happy with her right now anyways. I love Th'ero and all, but his weyrmate isn't my problem." He looks to Rou then. "Is there something you need from me, then? I can't enforce dragons to follow their punishments. You'll need to talk to Enka about that."

Rou'x thinks for a moment, then shrugs. "You gotta weyrling knot I can maybe give her?" Then she sits forward, leaning her elbow on the desk and smiling at the Weyrleader. It's a warm and caring sort of smile, with a decent hint of concern. "You're lookin' better, Zi'on. Things perkin' up a bit for ya?" A pause follows, during which she looks over him and allows her grin to grow. "You're sorta exudin' this… manly grr-ness. I kinda like it."

Zi'on laughs. "Probably." He gets up and goes to a set of drawers, that are apparently full of knots. "One day we should all switch knots just to confuse everyone at the weyr." After finding the weyrling drawer, he tosses a knot to Rou. Then he moves back over to sit down. "To be honest with you, I feel about the same as I did. Part of it stems from the fact that I'm just sort of in limbo right now with Kiena. We haven't officially broken up or gotten back together. I think I'm going to take some of her stuff up to her weyr. As much as I'd rather not face the outcome, I think it would be better so I can maybe move on." He raises a brow at her. "I'm at work, Rou. This is my authoritative side. Did you think I was silly all the time?" He half-grins to her.

"Not all the time, /sir/." Rou'x winks at him as she stands up, stressing the title and giving him a jaunty salute. "I do reckon I like the Weyrleader side've you, though. Ain't every girl a sucker for a guy wi' a bit've authority?" She steals a couple more pieces of tuber, then presses a balled fist to one of her wide hips. "If you need any help movin' shit about, I'll come'n give ya a hand. I felt a little like that wi' Keely… we've made amends now though, but I can tell ya I ain't gonna be kissin' no blonde Bakers for a damned long while."

Zi'on leans back in his chair, giving Rou'x a droll look. "Now you're just teasing me. I have no idea what girls like. It seems that when I like a girl I do all the chasing. And then at the end of things she doesn't even want to admit she's dating me. At least that's how the last couple have gone." The bronzer raises a brow at her, then. "Neither you nor Keely are in any sort of condition to be 'movin' shit about', Rou. You ought to be thinking about your own shit. You'll need cribs and baby clothes and bottles and toys and blankets and strollers and all of that." He grunts. "Me either. I don't even want to see any blonde bakers ever again."

Rou'x snorts softly. "Ir'e'll sort all that out, don'tchoo worry. But seriously though, if y'want someone t'work things out with, I got an awesome target n' a set've darts up in my weyr, sir. They're pretty awesome for lettin' out anger n' stuff." The longer she stands there, the more tubers she can pinch… never mind that she's nearly eaten the whole lot already. "I gotta get back to Indy, anyways. He's got a coupla spots that need goin' over with oil before I meet Kee f' dinner." She smiles, giving the Weyrleader another cheeky salute. "I'm around if y'wanna talk about anythin' or nothin'."

Zi'on blinks a bit. "I'm not angry with Kiena. I'm just angry in general. I think maybe I need one of those punching bags. They ones they fill with sand. There's only so much aggression you can take out by swimming." He stands up then as well. "I appreciate it though, Rou. Really everyone's been pretty supportive, even if I'm the one that's really at fault." He nods to her, moving around to give her a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Thanks. Have fun. Thanks for informing me about Kimmila, too."

Rou'x pecks the Weyrleader right back, then throws her arms around him to give him a tight squeeze. "I were wrong too, but I made it work out wi' Keely alright. Y'can make it work t'what's best f' you, Zi'on, I know y'can." Before she lets go she kisses him once more on his cheek. "An' that'un were for y' turnday… n' a bit for mine, too. Always fancied givin' you a bit've a smacker, Weyrleader, but wi' the way things're goin' with all the kissin' n' angriness, best not to push my luck now, yeah?" And on that bombshell, she winks, then turns on her heel to stride smartly out.

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