Best Laid Plans

Summer - Day 14 of Month 7 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Yulise lifts one eyebrow. "Reasonably attractive? Eh. At least you didn't just say he has a good personality." She laughs at her own bad joke. "Mmmkay. Well. I think I've got the idea. I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open for any sign of a green rising, and I'll head to the corrals as soon as it happens." She gives the other tired girl a smile. "Don't worry about a thing, okay? Yulise is gonna take care of you. I'm sure you've got enough on your mind, I'm happy to take this off you plate." The question from Kelani is pondered for a moment before she shrugs. "It is now, I suppose? But… no, I haven't done this before. Why? Do other people need help?"

Baylee isn't going to foster conversations about Sev. It's just too weird. He's her friend and she isn't attracted to him in that way at all, but he's still a friend. So she is very happy when the conversation slides in a different direction. "I am so glad that I found you." she says tiredly. Yeah one thing removed from her plate is very helpful. Though when Kelani asks her if she does this and Yulise responds with gusto Baylee can only respond, "I know of one rider you absolutely have to meet. He is just as enthusiastic as you."

Kelani gives a shrug, "Just I suppose I just hear talk of it with some of the weyrlings…what they are gonna do the first time and all." She stirs her fork around her place for a moment. "I can only imagine what its like for those that are bonded to them. Things.." She pauses and leans close, " well I got all butterfly in my nethers when I witnessed a green flight once, but not so much I needed to pounce someone." She cants her head to Baylee, "I saw the look between you and the guy I danced with the other night, is he going to be your mate?"

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. So while Baylee may not want to discuss Sev, she can't avoid that he's suddenly here. In the Living Caverns, looking tired and… awkward. Vaguely uncomfortable. Shooting looks over his shoulder to no one at all and scowling into the shadows. A hunch of his shoulders as he grabs something to drink (something alcoholic at that) before he seeks out a place to crash. Which just so happens to be the table the three ladies are sharing. There is a fleeting glance around, recognition for Kelani, lack of recognition for Yulise, and then a double-take for Baylee that makes him… even more awkward looking. "Erm. Hey." Cause he's already sat down, so he's not going to ask if they mind. And getting up would just be embarrassing. Does he want to join this conversation? Probably not. But S'van lacks the art of self-preservation, so here he is. A lamb to the slaughter.

Yulise looks a bit intrigued at Baylee's last comment. "Oh, yeah? What's his name? Might be someone I already know." Very curious! She gives Kelani another look and shrugs. "Well… like I said, it's not something I've done before. I wanna see how the first one goes before I commit to doing it again. That's fair, right?" She looks back to Baylee. "But I promise, you can count on me for this one. I won't let you down." Then there's an awkward-looking fellow sitting nearby. Yulise peers at him very closely. "This one of them?" She asks, apparently talking to Baylee even as she looks at the male rider.

This is so Baylee's life now. And the tired look that she has on her face shows just how happy she is that this portion of it is upon her. And she is going to get to do this at least a few times a turn. Even better! Kelani's question is easily answered. Baylee lifts her left hand to show Kelani, and anyone else who wants to see, the ring that she wears on her ring finger. It's a simple gold ring with a diamond in it, but very pretty "Yes. He proposed to met his morning." That wasa the other big bit of news for the day. "His name's S'ndri. He's just as enthusastic as you are. You'd get along fine." Or maybe even better than fine given the brief conversation she's had with Yulise. And then is Sev. This is such great timing in the most awful way, "Hey." is all she can say. She knows what Myrakath has been up too and so yeah. "This is S'van." she says. "The guy you were just asking about." to bring the point closer to home, "Sev this is Yulise. She's going to be my stand in. So you or someone else doesn't die." See Baylee thinks of others.

As the ring is shown Kelani smiles to see it, "Well maybe I taught him a few dance moves for you before I got pulled away." She says with a lightness in her voice. Her own dinner is now forgotten for the conversation. As S'van arrives she gives but a little nod to him before looking back to the women. Maybe still a little upset. She looks over to Yulise and nods, "Yes, of course its fair. Maybe its something I could do sometime. Could be interesting research to see how a rider behaves in full flight madness." There is a glance to S'van and back again and she squares up her shoulders. Perhaps the words said just to goad the bronze weyrling or perhaps she means it.

Thankfully for him, Baylee has made the necessary introduction so S'van can concentrate on drinking his drink. Which he does. Though Yulise is given a narrow-eyed look of suspicion when he is referenced as if he can't hear them. Hm. But soon enough, the conversation becomes clear to him. Which is all the more cause for awkward looks and uncomfortable hunching of shoulders. "I… well. Ok then… um. Thanks?" Cause what else would you say, in this situation? But he does offer Yulise a little nod of his head and a quick, "S'van. Bronze Aedeluth," in introduction. He can't miss that flash of gold and glint of diamond as Baylee shows off her ring. Eyebrows lift in surprise, though he offers a quick enough, "Congrats," for her… engagement? 'Full flight madness' earns Kelani a look. "Really? Are we a social experiment now?" Because undoubtedly, he will be one of them, and he does not want to think about it. Nope. Not at all. Things are getting REALLY REAL around here, and he is a whole lotta 'nope' on it.

Yulise grins when Baylee shows off the ring. "Oh GOOD. I figured that he was buying the ring for you, but I didn't want to say anything in case he hadn't popped it out yet. Congratulations. I really like that piece." Always nice when a trader can see her wares making people happy! She gets distracted from admiring the jewelry when it is confirmed that this is the aforementioned S'van. "Ooooh. /This/ is S'van?" Yulise looks him up and down with a smile that is best described as 'unnerving'. "Hmmm. Tall. Muscly." She gets up from her seat, moving over to lean towards S'van and blatantly invade his personal space, her voice dropping into a tone full of forced huskiness. "Be very, very careful, S'van. No getting too close to Baylee. If you do, it's my job to 'distract' you." She throws in a totally unnecessary wink, then looks back to Baylee. "I should go. Get the hair dye and such. But don't worry. Your guardian wher is going to be watching the skies." She takes another glance at S'van, giggling at his reaction before looking to Kelani. "That was my thought exactly. I'll let you know how it goes." She waggles her fingers as she starts heading exit-ward.

And now Kelani is voicing her wish to volunteer for one fo these things. Why is everyone so intent on doing this when she and S'van are not. It seems like cruel irony. "I don't think you…" she says thinking better of finishing that sentence directed toward Kelani. She isn't goign to try to dissuade her while trying to convince Yulise to do this. S'van gets only a "Thanks." Yes indeed Baylee is now engaged. At least for these couple days before being weyrmated. Yulises's response answers the question she had about where she met Krenn. It seems Krenn bought the ring from her. That makes perfect sense. "Thanks. It is very nice. I love it." This in an odd way is Sevs fault. If he hadn't made such a fuss in the lecture she probably wouldn't have done this. So now his words come round on him again. She says nothing as Yulise 'greets' Sev. Though she will wave as Yulise leaves, "Thanks again!" The lady is nuts, but usefully so and she seems nice on top of it.

Kelani glances at S'van at his reply opens her mouth, then closes it before she gives a little shrug before glancing down to her half eaten meal. "Maybe I just want to get to understand…ah nevermind." She mutters but looks up at Yulise's words and watches as she gets up and investigates The S'van (tm). She can't help but smile a bit at the invasiveness of it , which she tries to hide with a sip of her juice and lifts a hand to wave in parting to the Yulise as she heads out. "Good luck.." She says in a way too cheerful voice and looks from the departing woman to S'van, then back to Baylee, "Well she seems…interesting."

'Tall, muscly…' "Taken." Sev will just go ahead and add that to the list there before he is suddenly suffering from serious personal-space invasion. There is no shrinking back of his body, though there's a distinctly uncomfortable look, a press of his lips into a thin line, and a hardening of his eyes. Really. If he was of a mind to do so, he may just lift a finger to press against her sternum and push her out of his space. Thankfully, she has already retreated before he's tossing out a flat, "Yeah, sure." Snort. "Baylee's safe from me. Believe me. I've no interest in her like that. No offense," clearly meant for the aforementioned greenrider. "No need to try and ply me with your… whatever you have." Charm? Wiles? Lascivious intent? And clearly, Baylee is no help because this is all Sev's fault. It is always his fault. He knows it, too. Which is why he is not glaring daggers her direction right now. Kelani? She just gets another look from the weyrling bronzer. It is indeed a cruel twist of fate that has landed Sev and Baylee in this situation, surrounded by people with curiosity and dangerous intentions rather than the proper FEAR that such a future should warrant. Woe. "Interesting." Snort.

And with Yulise out the door Baylee is able to really say what she wants to say to Kelani, "Listen. I get it. Your curious and everything. But it isn't something that you really should aspire to want unless you are a rider yourself." And even most of them probably don't want it. Sev's reaction is about what she would expect it to be. "Yeah. She's something else alright. But she seems really nice and she's helping me out so you never look a gift horse in the mouth." A little bit crazy maybe, but you'd have to be to agree to this.

Kelani looks between the woeful looks of the weyrlings and raises hands in surrender, "No…of course I wouldn't do something like that. I like having control of my senses and I can't even imagine what you both are going through right now. I don't even know what I want beyond being a healer." She says with a sigh and takes a breath, "At least I have the choice in what I want…" She looks between them thoughtfully, "I suppose…this is all heavy on you both and I hear all you complain about being riders, but all the same I seen you all change since I first met you both. I see the bonds y'all have and it looks like maybe its all worth it. I suppose focus on that?"

There is a slight release of tension when Yulise vanishes, though S'van is by no means relaxed. Even with the help of the drink in his hand. A glance is spared between Baylee and Kelani, and he seems to finally put together what Kelani may have been insinuating (or outright saying, but he was not paying attention to her so much as the general discomfort of having himself eyeballed like a piece of meat). "It would not be so bad, if I wasn't… attached to someone," he notes. "That just makes things worse." A look for Baylee, and a low and heartfelt, "I am sorry, about what… happened at the lecture. The idea of being with someone else is difficult for me, but I'm weyrbred, so I understand better than most that Flights don't mean anything. But that doesn't mean… it doesn't mean anything. I can't imagine what… well. I'm sorry, anyways." And he is. To Kelani he just nods. "It is the lack of control that… worries me," he admits. But for complaining? "I wouldn't trade Aedeluth for anything," he asserts firmly. "He is worth this. As uncomfortable as it may be. It is life. The first time is always the worst, from what I hear."

Baylee is standing up already when she hears Kelani offer her words of wisdom. She might be more understanding if she wasn't proddy, but because she is she's more than a little bit not herself, "Yeah. It's great. Woo hoo. Celebrate." she says in a snarky manner. It could be worse. There are other sides to proddy that these two are lucky they aren't seeing. "I'm going to bed. I have a bed now." Because she has her own weyr now. When Sev speaks she turns her full attention on him but shes at that point where things largely don't make sense anymore. She understood just enough to know he was apologizing, "Yeah." Which is something close to an acceptance of his apology. She can only hope that the first time is the worse, but her focus is on kicking the can down the line a bit. Hence Yulise. And then she wanders off without another word.

"At least your weyrmate is a rider too? He would understand more than most I would think. Does…subbing work?" Kelani well can't stay too angry at him for long, especially in the face of learning something. "Yeah, I didn't think you would, even seeing it from the outside. It has been an education to watch you all. I still don't know what I would do if I got asked to stand, but at least it doesn't scare me so much as it used to." She says with a shrug before Baylee is making her farewells and she offers an encouraging smile, "Um..good luck I guess. I hope all goes as planned." She says and looks across to S'van for a moment then back to her plate in an attempt to focus on her late dinner.

S'van does not take it personally that Baylee has apparently gone snappy and… dismissive. Nope. He'll just take that in stride and give her the benefit of the doubt. He will offer her a quick, "Bye," as she goes to leave. And then Kelani. And her question. Which has him nodding in affirmation. "He is. But hers… is not." A rider. "But just because he is, and I am, and we're both weyrbred to boot, does not make the idea of sleeping with someone else… comfortable." A long exhale, and he pushes the drink away as he folds his hands over the table and leans into it. "I dunno if subbing works," he says honestly, concern etched into his face. "Apparently it happens, and for Baylee's sake I hope it works for her." A shake of his head. "Sorry Kelani. I don't have practical experience in this. All I can tell you is that it freaks me the fuck out, and I am not looking forward to it. Hell, Aede's on the beach right now wooing Myrakath with all sorts of inappropriate thoughts in my head. And she's barely started to glow."

Kelani looks up at him then to the direction Baylee went, "No …I sorta met him by accident, but didn't think he was a rider." Yeah, the accident of being told to dance with a stranger. She looks down at her meal for a moment, "I should talk to T'ana about it all I guess. Just about all I know about all this is what I have witnessed since I came to the weyr. I mean I know about the biological act of it all…but you know what I mean." She says with a shrug and looks up to him at the last and finally she extends a hand to him. Friendship and forgiveness in one perhaps, "I am sorry…I wish I knew what to say. I sorta feel helpless with you all going through your..trials."

"It is what it is," says S'van with a shrug. Though he accepts the friendship and forgiveness in the form of physical touch. A smile her way, a little pat of her hand that is meant to be reassuring as well as a silent communication of 'no worries'. "I can tell you what it is like on this side of things. The side that does not have a dragon," he offers with a smirk. "It's basically just really rough, aggressive sex. I'd imagine the only difference is that, when there is a dragon involved, you're not really aware of the 'who' you're having that sex with." Shrug. "Rite of passage I suppose. Aede is gonna chase, I'm gonna deal with it. He'll mostly lose, and it'll get easier with time," or so he hopes. He really, really hopes. But now, there is shifting and standing, the swallowing of the last of his alcoholic drink, and a quick, "I'm going home. I was waiting for Aede to finish flirting with Myra and I think he's inclined to take me home now. I'd better go before he decides to hunt her down again and I am stuck here all night." No bueno. "Good night, Kelani."

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