Aedeluth and Myrakath... um. Flirt?

Summer - Night - Day 14 of Month 7 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

Myrakath struts onto the beach with a gentle hop. She'd told both Baylee and Krenn that she was going out to find a mate. And that right now is her singular focus. Krenn has wisely chosen to keep Baylee at home for fear that she would embarass herself or do something that she would later regret, but Myrakath has no such need. She can do whatever she wants and she plans on it. Her hide is not in a full glow, though there can be no mistake at this point that she is proddy. It had come on suddenly earlier in the day and will take a few more days to run its course but in the meantime everyone is going to just have to deal with it. The beach is scanned with her orange eyes and she spots a male there. The green unfurls her wings slightly and struts forward. Everything that is about her screams 'look at me.'

Aedeluth is abandoned. The injustice! The nerve! The… suddenly extremely attractive Myrakath! Heellooooo. Eyelids slide back, and the previously flush-to-the-sand bronze rights himself, lifting his head up so that he can give her a proper lookin' over. Does he catch that subtle strut? That hint of glow? That bit of something that says Myrakath is the same but somehow different? You betcha he does. And for the first time in EVER, the hippity-hop sister gets his attention without his ire. « Myrakath… » purr. « Fancy seeing you here this late in the night. One might wonder what you're up to. » oh yes. That was definitely insinuation in his tone.

Aedeluth is not quite completely abandoned on the beach. Myrakath is there as he has already noticed. There is no need to wonder about why she is there she will put that to rest right now, « I'm looking for a mate. » she states bluntly. Even when she isn't proddy she was always single minded and now it's even more so. She saunters slowly toward the bronze watching every move that he makes silently sizing him up. She'd told Krenn that she had wanted a bronze and here one sits.

Aedeluth is not put off by her forwardness. The primary impression is one of amusement and fascination. This is a strange and interesting creature, this new Myrakath. But he is unphased in the face of new-ness, and only settles himself more regally upon the sand for her inspection. « A mate, hm? » humor. « And what are the specific requirements of this role? I am extremely busy, you should know. But perhaps I can fit you into my schedule? » A rustle of wings, a subtle flexing of muscles and the arch of his neck, all intended to show off the best parts of him. Just ignore the gimpy leg, 'kay? IGNORE.

Myrakath notes all of the better parts of him, as well as that leg. It is not a point in his favor. She wants a male who is strong and while he is bronze, and big, the leg does detract from what is overall a nice package of positives. « He has to be strong and capable. » Which the jury is still out on with Aed. Though he may come to regret the words that he spoke. « I have no time to play word games. If you are too busy you are not of interest to me. » she say says turning to stalk away, letting her tail wave as she does.

Aedeluth may have a physical imperfection, but his skill in the air cannot be denied. He dominates the sky, an aerial acrobat, born to fly. To conquer. And he has been all too willing to show off his talents from the moment they were allowed off the ground. He may not walk with perfection, but he can fly circles around just about everything that dares to take wing. « I am both of those things, » he tells her firmly. « And if you have not been paying attention until now, that is no fault of mine. » Touchy! He may be inclined to humor her, but he is certainly not going to have his prowess questioned. « My, my, » amused and not at all apologetic. « Perhaps I am simply ensuring that you are worth my time. Would you really want a mate who is not at all discerning? Who would fly with just any female, and does not take the time to appreciate the uniqueness that is you? » he wonders. « I have standards, too. »

Myrakath 's own skill in the air is impressive. Though she's a green and that is to be expected. She doesn't turn around fully but does lean her head back over her shoulder to look at him, « Males standards are what is glowing. » she says says. She isn't really all that sure that males have standards of their own when it comes to who they will fly and who they won't. She intends to be in control of this exchange. She turns around and moves toward him quickly, « Am I worth your time or not? » she asks bluntly, « I need to find a male. »

Retreating Myrakath's are met with feigned dismissal, though when Aedeluth's comment garners a look, there is a wave of satisfaction that he has her attention once more. « Perhaps for most. I am not like most males, » he insists, as if insulted she would compare him with others of his gender. « I only chase the best. Are you the best, Myrakath? » he wonders with a flicker of amusement. As for whether or not he is worth her time? « You must be the judge of that. But if you are after the best…? » he does not complete the sentence, but simply lets the implication hang between them. HE is the best. « I am happy to oblige you, my dear. But I must insist upon knowing the terms of this agreement. What would be required of your mate? »

Now is the time to test her newfound powers out to see just how far they work. If he is like other males or not really doesn't make a great deal of difference to Myrakath. He is male and that is of paramount importance to her. She moves in to try to nuzzle under his chin and puts on her most seductive voice, « What do you think? » What agreement is he blathering on about? Terms of what? « You have to catch me. » That seems to be fairly easy terms to accept.

Aedeluth is not suspicious at all when Myrakath does a complete 180 and starts laying on the seductive affection. Nope. Not at all suspicious. He will allow such things, a tiny rustle of his wings the only display of discomfort at the sudden show of physical affection. A wave of approval, of smug satisfaction and perhaps the barest hint of selfish possessiveness. « I have seen you, » in the air. On the ground. Does he recall their previous animosity toward one another? Of course not! « The picture of perfection. Unmatched in skill, » except by himself, of course. Of her terms, he is not convinced. « Catch? That is all? » suspect. « I would not be made to fetch and carry? To dote upon you? » as he is currently being subjected. But just as quickly, firm determination. « Done. » He will chase. And he will catch. And he will claim her.

The green dragon snuggles in close along his side letting her tail rub against his side. Her state of mind demands affection. At this moment in time any male would do. If there were other males here she might goad them too, see if she could get a fight going. Then she would have a better bead on who is the most strong and the most powerful. But for better or worse the only male here right now is Aed. « No. » is all she has to stay. She is not looking for a great love, just someone to catch her. As changeable as she has been all day though don't count on that to hold between now and the flight itself.

Probably for the best that Aedeluth finds himself the solitary representation of his gender at this moment. At least for Myrakath. He is disinclined to violence outside of the actual chase, and would likely dismiss her. But as it is, there are cuddles to be had, and affection to bestow, even if he is going about it rather awkwardly. A wing half opens, hesitates, and then opens completely in a blanket-like manner over the tiny green at his side. The curl of his tail wraps possessively, but could have the potential to be affectionate. His suspicious are not sated, though he seems to take her at her word for now. Catch? He can do that. Cuddle? He can do that too. Lavish attention? Probably. Croon sweet words of affection and adoration? Yah no. He draws the line right there. And should she decide to leave, he will allow it, and not suffer any heartbreak for the loss of her. He is, at his core, a selfish creature.

As the wing and tail come around her, the greens excitement only grows. There is a male paying attention to her! And she has bent him to her will. At least sort of, enough to get cuddles anyway and for the moment that is good enough. Myrakath presses tightly against his side nuzzling her cheek against the side of his body. She might be small in comparison to him, but her personality is big as are the feelings of desire that are rolling off of her like waves causing her hide to glow just that much more brightly.

Aedeluth is cuddling. On purpose. Sev would likely die of shock if he saw this. But for the moment, the bronze beast is content. Probably because he has found his current ministrations have been met with approval and he is not having anything else demanded of him in this moment. There is a self-satisfied contentedness that pervades his mind, though certainly he is attentive to the green at his side. He will even attempt another little show of affection, in the twisting of his neck and ducking of his head, if just to nuzzle along the side of her neck and nibble at her shoulder. AFFECTION! It is certainly the glowing hide that has his attention, and good luck getting him to leave her alone now. Has Myrakath bent Aedeluth to her will? Or has Aedeluth claimed himself a green? Only time will really tell.

To be fair he is cuddling a proddy green. Most males would probably willingly do that no matter how cranky they were otherwise. Myrakath doesn't care if he feels like he's won. This is what she wanted and she's getting it. So from her perspective she used her newfound powers of seduction and it worked. Now she just has to hold onto this idea and not let it go out of her head in the whirlwind of feeling that she has. She croons at his nibble and shivers under his touch. At least he knows how to do that right.

These are details that Aedeluth is not going to spend much time analyzing (that Myrakath is proddy and therefore, it makes cuddling with her an acceptable and likely thing to do), but would undoubtedly make S'van extremely uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Maybe Aede and Myra are both winning? Regardless, Aedeluth is feeling pretty darn confident in himself right now. More so than usual, which is saying something. Because so far? Everything's been working. So he must know how to do the thing right. He is just as confident in his ability to chase and catch her when she finally does take to the skies, and he is happy enough to project this idea to her as he tightens his tail and noses along her side once more. There is no answering croon, but a rumbly sort of growl in the depths of his chest, an affirmation that her approval satisfies him and makes him all the more happy to continue being attentive until she gets bored or distracted. No flowery words, but instead a clear projection of her prowess, of his appreciation for the skill she has in all things aerial. For her determination and can-do attitude, and all those things he suddenly appreciates about her that, maybe, he didn't know he liked until her hide started changing colors. And then a matched projection of his own, a compliment to her. Skill and strength and raw determination to excel (even if he is more willing to break the rules to do it).

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