Not-So-Good Morning

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidates' Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's early morning in the barracks, Nolan appears to be quite interested in the squid tank near the door, what started as quiet grumbling was starting to become cursing under his breath. "Sharding squid give me back my hammer." The might smith trapped in a tug o' war with two squid and his hammer.

"Give it up, man." It's a universal rule that if it's morning, and he's up, Heryn is probably grumpy. Today doesn't seem to be an exception. Hair rumpled, life-giving klah set aside to feed bits of food to a little grey kitten on his chest, the bartender doesn't even need to look up to know Nolan is fighting the good fight with the squids. "They got us all good. Startin' to think that was a setup." That does seem like something the weyrstaff would do. "Ow, stop." Overeager kitty claws are shaken out of his hand, and so the muttering commences.

Early morning? Venryk is wandering /into/ the barracks. Apparently, like most mornings, he's already been up for quite some time. But at least that means the teenager has gotten himself bathed, since he's still in the process of trying to dry his hair with a towel. He wears it over his head like a cowl, rubbing, although he pauses in the entryway with a suspicious look at Nolan. "If you rip their adorable little tentacles off, and they come after you in your sleep, you have only yourself to blame." He shakes is head a little then, but returns to his cot to sit on, peering over in Heryn's direction with interest. "Heh! Where'd you get that, huh?"

Early morning finds Lukhanyo going through his usual morning routine, though some adaptations have been made in the recent months. Where once he simply did push ups he now has a little green 'personal trainer' that likes to ride on his back and make sure he behaves - as much as he ever can. "Least they didn't try to drown you." The bruises might have faded but the memory clearly hasn't.

Nolan gives a sigh and lets go of the hammer and returns to the desk he was working at finishing some last minute touches on his robes, the original set had been a few size to small for the smith and he felt he had the skills to fix it. His flock of firelizards playfully flitted about his head each had grown large while the eggs had been hardening on the sands. Even his youngest Slick the bronze was catching up with the older two. "You know I'm really going ot need a more practical way to take you guys everywhere, your too heavy for all three of you to sit on my shoulders all day." They spot the kitten and pop over to Heryn to inspect the animal, chittering like little jackels.

And then there's zombie-freaking-Pritkin, who did not get up at some godforsaken hour this morning, and whose hair looks like Medusa on /the fun stuff/. He says nothing, not about kittens, not about hammers, not about the fact that Luka and Ven and Nolan are too awake. No, Pritkin zombies towards the (currently) most sane candidate in the room: Heryn. Ohai, don't mind him, he's just gonna… yep, up on your cot. Green eyes peer sleepily at a kitten, and then he's into Heryn's klah. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. And the squids. THIS AND THE SQUIDS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Citayzleat needs to feed the squids. And get up. Why isn't she up, actually? She's usually up before the birds. Instead, she's squinting crankily at her boys, quilt pulled up almost all the way to her eyeballs. "Noise. Stop." She grumbles, and pulls the blanket up over her head. Denial makes it a thing, right? "They weren't gonna drown you." Muffled grumbling. THEY JUST LOVE YOU, OKAY.

Heryn's blue-greys fasten on Venryk, and if anything the muttering increases. It's… mostly threatening in nature, that muttering, though it's hardly aimed at the poor Healer candidate, judging by the random inclusion of "…bronzerider…" and "… bucktoothed dragon…" in there somewhere. Eventually he sighs out a low, "It was gifted," as though that explains everything. Hopefully Ven will just get distracted by the kitten, who prr's brightly in the absence of food and bounces to the edge of Heryn's cot to mew cutely at the boy (and eye those firelizards WARILY). There's a very grumpy snort somewhere in there for Lukhanyo's contribution to the squid discussion, along with a fervent nod. "Small blessings. They bit me 'n Jae both." Pritkin gets a death-squint for the invasion of his space and purloining of his klah, but the bartender doesn't chase him off - the mug is seriously big enough for three people on a good day. He can spare the sip. "Goodmorning. You look lovely today." He might as well dispense some sass for the guard, though, eyeballing Medusa hair as he scootches to make room. "And so do you," is added for Cita's benefit as the woman more or less awakens.

Wait, is there a /party/ happening on Heryn's bed? Venryk abandons his own bed and the towel. His hair is fairly dry at this point anyway. Uninvited though he may be, he follows right over to pile onto the end of Heryn's cot instead, sitting with his legs folded beneath him with a grin..and an even bigger grin at the zombie that is Pritkin. "Wow. You're hair is…wow? You should wear it like that more often. All..up. And sideways?" There are thumbs, and they are pointed upward. Looking good, Pritkin. Although, the guard taking a dive into Heryn's klah gets a bit of a snicker from the candidate, shaking his head. "How come, exactly, I'm up before /you/ today? What'd you do all night?" There's a peek over his shoulder though at both Luk and Cita, eyes growing wide. "Yeah, well one of them could've slithered it's way into his /mouth/ and choked him to death on slimey glitteriness." Let's everyone be afraid to fall asleep in the barracks now, with little tentacle murder machines..waiting. He does lean forward a bit though, waving his hand to shoo away the crowding firelizards. "Alright, alright. Back off before the fuzzball decides on firelizard legs for a snack." As for the kitten? Well, he immediately reaches to pet the thing happily. "Look at you~!" Yep, verily distracted.

Emiallis needs to breathe. But Duluth is making that hard. The blue has resigned himself to the fact his personal pillow is a big squishy bulk of shimmery fabric and stuffing now. So he sleeps on the pillow Emi uses for her head. And he's a tosser. So Emi currently has a blue wing tossed over her face. There's an unlady like snort Emi would murder you if she thought you heard, and then there's a blue thunking to the floor, rolling out from under the curtain. "I told you!" Comes the sleepy complaint. "Wing on face means you get kicked off!" There's some rustling as she probably flips over, attempting to go back to sleep.

Done with press ups for now Luka sticks to tradition and goes to dangle from the doorframe like a giant anthropomorphic spinner - or do pull ups for a change, one of the two. "Riiiight, they just wantes to invite me to an underwater party. If someone's going to get that cozy with my neck I'd rather they were actually, you know, female humans." With a wink to Cita he adds, "The position is open to offers."

Nolan gives a grin to Luka as he finishes working on his robes and gives a low whistle at the firelizards making them zip to his cot, like trained little soldiers they line up on the bed chittering for their breakfast. "Hey Luka, do you think you could help me with a colabritive project? I want to make some sort of wooden base for a metal perch for these little munchins." Reaching into a drawer next to his cot he throws some jerky to the flits.

Pritkin's shouldering Heryn to scoot in his own cot, so it's blessed when he does. The death-squint is met with a zombie 'I-Have-Zero-Effs-To-Give' squint, and then Pritkin throws his leg across Heryn's stomach (read: ABS) for good measure. Then Venryk is there, all animated cuteness when it shouldn't be allowed, asking /questions/. "Uh…" he says intelligently to Venryk's question. Nope, clearly he needs more klah. Pritkin sips on it, side-eyeing Pritkin for the 'compliment', and then nodding in agreement with Cita's sentiments — not that she can hear that — and eyeing Emi like the devil done took that one. Or maybe he's squinting at Luka. Nope, too early. He's just going to commandeer more of Heryn's klah and maybe waggle his fingers at a kitten.

There /IS/ a party on Heryn's bed, next door, but Cita isn't inviting herself. Actually, it's not clear she actually recognizes that anything is going on, smothered in blankets as she is. "YOU'RE NOT SHH." A squeaky kind of crankypants, because she is going to sleep. SHE IS. "Sure. Party. They like the party, the squids." Or to party. Whatever. "Studying. Too many chores." Mutter mutter, but it's an answer, right, Ven? Emi has the right idea really. Or maybe Prit. Those whon AREN'T up out of bed like heathens. "Shut up, Heryn." You know, in case you missed the shh-memo.

ALAS, before further commentary on squids or projects or kittens or studying can continue, here comes the staff! "Up and at 'em, lazybones!" Some people are ENTIRELY TOO AWAKE IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. "Time for breakfast and PT!" Lukhanyo gets eyed; way to get a head start and make them all look bad! "Even you, flirtface." Shoo! To chores with you all! Begone! And she'll linger, too, until the barracks empty; RUTHLESS.

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