Feyruth and Emeliuth's Eggs Hatch

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands underfoot are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

C'vryn arrives more calmly but stops at the entrance to watch the gold with a bit of trepidition. He walks well clear of the gold, circling far around the outside of the sands to reach the side of the excited bronze. Emeliuth steps forward to provide 'Ryn a place to sit somewhat sheltered out of the heat. "Rather hot isn't it?" He calls out to Janja, "Is she going to let them on when the eggs actually start hatching?"

<In The Galleries> It is just so hot and muggy and gross for an afternoon. Seriously. Rezia's there, though, front and center, while Pralayth's up on a ledge somewhere humming his dragony hearts out. She clearly wants to be here, eyes on the sands and fingers wrapped around a thin book of some sort.

D'nyl arrives a few moments behid C'vryn, hastily chugging a cup of hot klah and tossing it in the bin just before he enters at a much more, well, sedate pace. He totally didn't just bolt from the living caverns at a run. The angry queen gets a long eye, then he decides to just… stay near the door for now… until the main event starts. Sure, he's not afraid of much, but he's not stupid, either.

Janja steps right underneath the towering gold. She pats Feyruth's paw and leg soothingly with one hand. The other is busy wiping at the sweat already forming from the oven-like temperature found in the center of the sands. "Easy, love. You know they need to find their riders." Feyruth grumbles again, looking down and between her legs to her rider. She remains standing and mantled but her vocalizations change to a soft, affectionate call directed at the eggs. Janja looks to C'vryn with a bright smile. "See, no problems at all. She'll be great." C'vryn's return look can be excused for looking a little dubious.

Furled Fingers Egg barely moves, shifting a bit in the sand, as if rustled by a soft breeze - except there is no breeze, and the movement comes from within.

The Perfect Panacea Egg tips a bit from one side to another, as if the contents inside were sloshing a bit. It stills after a moment, after it's tilted to one side.

There is no build up for the Close to My Heart egg. The conductor raises his baton and the show begins. The first movement is a steady drumming against the larger apex. With each strike, vibrations run across the shell sending ripples playing through the cool, pale colors and then echoing out across the sands as a thump, thump, thump.

Jaelyn shuffles in with the rest of the candidates, dipping his head in a bow to the dam and sire, he then steps out and heads onto the sands with the rest of the candidates to take his place amongst the eggs.

<In The Galleries> Hot and muggy it is, though Thys clearly thought ahead and dressed for the occasion as she heads down into the stands from the ledges where Rhenesath, along with a small contingent of Fortian dragons, is settling to watch. The goldrider's light dress swishes as she scoots along an aisle, settling where it's most convenient… and next to Rezia. "We've a young Fortian on the Sands today," she says proudly, sitting up primly as candidates file in and the eggs show signs of movement.

Pritkin takes the plunge, stumbling feet-first onto the uncomfortably hot sands, already shifting as his sandals become one with the heat. He does a quick bow to both dam and sire, and then he's following after Jae to find a place to stand.

Venryk shuffles right along in that line of candidates, darting quick looks back and forth toward rocking eggs. Yep, they're /moving/. There's a sucked-in breath, but he turns for a bow for both dam and sire before moving on. Just a bit hurriedly, he heads right over to take up a spot next to Jaelyn and Pritkin, letting out his breath finally.

Follow a woman? There's an order Lukhanyo follows quite happily, managing to shove his way into the line of candidates somewhere vaguely near the front. Unfortunately for him there's no chance of actually getting near this one let alone try the whole smooth talking thing, and as he almost runs into Jaelyn he finally remembers the whole reason he's actually there. A quick bow is made to the clutch parents and then he's off to do the line up thing.

Nolan stepped out onto the sands feeling the heat rise up into his feet through the sandal yet it wasn't as bad as last time. With a deep bow given first to Feyruth and then to Emeliuth with a nod to their riders. Walking a little further out to find his place among the candidates.

Emiallis is herded onto the sands with the rest of her fellows. There's a brief, anxious tug on her braid before she's stepping up to the parents and giving them - for once - a respectful curtsey. Then she's moving off in the direction of Jaelyn, eyes scanning the sands. "Don't give you much time to adjust, do they?" And there's already a sheen of sweat starting on her forehead.

Sundari makes her way in along with the candidates, she offers a slight nod of respect before pointing out where the candidates are to stand. Once they are in the right places she moves over to the side where the other WLM's are waiting for when things get going.

<In The Galleries> The brownrider leans forward as Candidates file onto the sands, eyes wide. Rezia nods a little to Thys when she settles, but her focus is- well, focused! "Oooh. I hope the two Pralayth picked do well," she says after a moment or two. "He did snag one from Fort - maybe that's the same one?" Maybe there are others? She has no idea.

Heryn follows quickly behind Sundari, SOMEHOW managing to dispense of his hideous pink crown between the barracks and the sands. Don't ask, you don't want to know. Hands flick through brown hair to make himself some sort of presentable as he hits the sands, huffing for the heat before following suit and dropping into a respectable bow for the clutchdam and sire. And then, flee! Off to one side to fidget anxiously.

Feyruth turns her gentle greeting into another angry growl as those candidates dare to step foot on her sands! Her wings flap once, hard and send sand flying before she settles back to hulking over the eggs, wings mantled again. Janja, standing beneath her, soothes again. "You must step back Feyruth. They have to find their riders down." And so, reluctantly and with one final sweeping look at the candidates and roar, Feyruth steps back. She settles onto her haunches and lifts her head to welcome the hatchlings.

Another bout of wobbling to and fro hits The Perfect Panacea Egg and, at long last, a large crack races over the surface. It splits it around the middle, only to stop abruptly, as if it were surprised.

Citayzleat is in line, following like a good duckling. She has her robe on. She hasn't harked up whatever she's managed to eat today. This is the extent of her accomplishments. The healer manages something of a bow to the sam and dire and follows her peers, shouldering in among them in the too-hot sands. "Oh, shells. They're, look." You know. Hatching. The eggs. This seems wildly not-right, right?? Cita definitely doesn't freeze, gaping at the rocking-cracking eggs wide-eyed. Look at that.

New and Breaking Through Egg begins to vibrate, shaking faster and faster before slowing down to a crawl and stopping as it rests upon the warmth of the sands.

A sliver of wind ripples through the blossoms on the lonely egg or so it seems. The illusion makes it more difficult to notice that, in fact, First Blush of Spring egg has begun to stir. The first hint of motion is highlighted by a shifting of the sands around the egg. Slowly the motion builds as grains cascade down the shell and across the grounds.

Nolan covered his eyes from the blown sand with the roar of Feyruth catching him off guard, just as he noticed the first crack in a egg, taking a spot near Luka. "Look a crack in that egg." Pointing it out to his friend.

Lexava follows in line somewhere near the middle-back of the group. She isn't quite so nervous and offers a smile and comfort to some of the other candidates near her. She bows gracefully to both dam and sire and then settles into a spot circling the eggs and waiting for the dragonets to make their appearance.

Jaelyn eyes the people moving in his direction and purposefully moves away, eyeballing them. No, no you stay THERE…I'll be over here. ALONE. Is that a rocking egg right there, yes it is. Sidestep. He manages not to trip over New and Breaking Through as it shimmies, stumbling a little bit but catching his balance last minute.

Heryn makes a vaguely strangled noise. Hard to tell why, with so much going on - Feyruth is making a fit, eggs are MOVING and shells but he is so very, very out of his depth right now. If Citayzleat isn't careful, her arm will get strangled here any second now. "They are." Hatching. Rocking. STUFF. Eyetwitch.

D'nyl's eyes linger on Feyruth for a long moment, then he falls in beside Sunny, amusement playing in his eyes at the varying temperments of the candidates, then whispers to Sunny, "It's begun."

<In The Galleries> "The boy from Fort is called…" Thys can't seem to recall the name from the top of her head, and she raises an apologetic finger to ask for one second as she fishes a notebook from her bag. A few pages are flipped through, and she smiles and nods. "Venryk. Does that name sound familiar to you?" She cants her head briefly at the brownrider, then looks down at the Sands. "I'm not entirely sure which he is, if I'm going to be honest. And… am I right in thinking your name is Rezia? Brown Pralayth's?"

Pritkin stares at the queen when she growls with something that /might/ be fear, but is probably just awe at the dam's majesty. And then he's blinking to look at the wobbling eggs. "This is really happening?" He isn't sure.

Lukhanyo watches Jae move off, blinking rapidly to try to keep Feyruth's flying sand from going into his eyes and not entirely managing. One hand lifts to rub at his right eye, followed immediately by more blinking and yet more rubbing. "Which one Nolan?"

Venryk scrunches his eyes a bit and turns his head when all that flapping stirs up the sand..only to find Jaelyn is inching off? He stares after the other candidate for only a moment though, a bit unwilling to call after him with all of the eggs /moving/. He quickly glances up at Pritkin though, shaking his head. "I think so.." Pinch! Yep, right there on the guard's arm. "Pretty real."

Sundari watches the candidates, eyeing a few of them closely a few moments before glancing to D'nyl whom gets a soft smile. "Yeah it has." Is murmured softly.

Emiallis gives the jewelry-less candidate the stink-eye for a moment before she sighs. "Fine. Stew in your own juices." She grumbles softly, standing by her lonesome as well, which is not the way she would prefer this. Her heart feels ready to burst, and she's pretty sure she's going to lose her lunch. Not that it was a very big one. But all she outwardly does is cross her arms and let her eyes dart between the eggs, shifting her feet.

<In The Galleries> Rezia shakes her head, though she points at another - Jaelyn - and replies, "Pralayth liked him. I'm not sure who picked up Venryk." Still, she smiles and looks out over the Candidates. "I think- oh! Is that the one you're looking for?" She points, but it's with the certainty of one who's only passingly met the Candidates. "Oh! Yes, I am - on both counts! Sorry, I- oh, dear. It's just-" It's chaos and any sense of manners are thrown directly out the window, it seems. Flustered!

Furled Fingers Egg moves again, this time with a bit more vigor, and small cracks begin to slip across the surface, spiderwebbing outwards from one central location, like dirt pushed away from a persistent sprout.

The second movement starts with a resounding *bang* as a single crack splits the length of the Close to My Heart egg on one side. But the tempo slows as the conductor takes a rest. The steady thumping gentles back to a slow rock, each pass long and languid.

Can You Keep a Secret? Egg begins to wobble, just a little at first, and then with a little more vigor, the movement causing the colors to blur together even more.

Cough. No one saw that right? Golden eyes flicker over the faces of the people he had shared so much time with since arriving at Half Moon Bay, and here it was the apex of their journey. Or was it the beginning? For some it would be. His gaze lingers on some, more than others, before dropping back to the sands. A little bit of weight is shifted from one foot to the other, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Yeah, this is fine. It's fine.

It just takes another mighty push and tilt and The Perfect Panacea Egg finally splits completely in half. The go- no, bronze, definitely a bronze, tumbles out, tail over muzzle, and spends a few moments sorting his egg-sticky limbs out. Webs of egg goo cling to him and he utters a low sound that might almost be a 'why me?' groan.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Hatchling
Let's face facts - this bronze? He's something amazing. His hide is a pure, brass-bright bronze that veers a little too close to gold territory along his joints and the line of his neckridges. His muzzle is narrow and inquisitive, his eyes large and bright. His eyeridges are remarkably expressive, leading into relatively long headknobs. Fine spinner-webs of brighter gold and darker bronze weave their way along his spine, starting at the back of his head and growing larger until they completely wrap around his lengthy, whiplike tail in an intricate design. As for the rest of him, he's long - but he's not bulky. He's long-limbed, lean, and sleek, with narrow wings meant to cut through the air with the greatest of ease. His 'sails are translucent and brassy, laced with yet more of that strange webbed pattern in bright gold and deep bronze.

Nolan once more points at the Perfect Panacea Egg to Luka, "That one right there, I swear I saw a crack in in." Then he saw another egg crack just as the one he had been point at hatched and turned into a little bronze. "That one…"

Citayzleat does not take several large steps back even further away from Feyruth, only to be snagged by Heryn, intent on mangling her arm a little. Cita doesn't seem to notice, or mind. "Wow." She mutters vaguely, glancing back at her peers wide-eyed briefly. Their varying levels of nerves seem to chill Cita's a little, and she twitches, glancing around — and JUMPING at the banging coming from the eggs. "Hey!" FIGHT HER, EGGS. Or…maybe not, actually. "Oh." Monosyllabic, maybe, but Cita definitely notices that first-hatched. On the sands with them. Right there. "Shells."

Lukhanyo digs a finger down the side of his nose, dragging an eyelid with it and likely making any irritation (real or imagined) worse. More blinking follows, and then a laugh. "That's a pretty big crack. Kind of dragon shaped you could say."

When the first egg hatches, D'nyl just shakes his head at the reactions, "Move forward, candidates. He won't hurt you that much." Ooooh, D'nyl.

Janja moves to Feyruth's side as the gold starts rocking in place. When the first hatchling breaks shell, C'vryn walks over to queen and rider and puts his arm about Jan. The weaver snuggles up to his side. "Why is it always so hot when this happens? I miss the snow." The Igen born bronzer smiles as Janja sulks until the bronze baby becomes more visible to her. "Well, that's a good job they did hm? He's very bright."

Venryk grabs right onto Pritkin's pinch-offended arm when one of the eggs finally spills out a dragonet. "Look!" Because it's not like the other candidate was already looking there, right? The teenager grins though, biting down onto his bottom lip to keep from starting into any further gibbery nonsense. No, he'll keep fairly quiet about things for now.

<In The Galleries> "Pleasure to meet you, Rezia, though I do think we've met before… apologies for not remembering." Thys winks at the brownrider, before squinting down at the candidates. "That one could be him… but Faranth knows. Oh! Bronze!" She leans forward, resting elbows on her knees and cupping her chin in one hand. "There'll be plenty of happy mark-pouches with that outcome, I'm sure."

An egg hatched? Seems like it. Jaelyn's head snaps the way of where that evil egg had once stood. In its place, there stands a bronze hatchling, and his chin tilts just a bit upwards. It seems that's the first one to break free of shell, go figure. Nothing but trouble that one. Nothing. Eyes dart then to D'nyl and he remains exactly where he is standing. Not moving anywhere, except maybe closer to Venryk. Yep, Venryk.

Pritkin gives Venryk a /look/ for that pinch, pulling his arm back to himself to rub, only to have it snagged again. And then he's too much in awe to protest as the tiny little bronze makes his entrance into the world and looks positively regal. "It /is/ real," he breathes then, because clearly Ven's pinch was not enough. "Look at him."

Heryn nods numbly, perhaps catching Pritkin's words from over there. Where the bartender might ordinarily have snorted for Jae's stumble, instead his eyes widen with alarm. Balance!… And he does, and that's good, because eyes swing back down to Cita with a muttered, "Yeah." Loud cracking from the Close to My Heart egg elicits a wince and then — the first hatchling. D'nyl is eyed like he's MAD. "What?" Move towards it?! Oh NO. "He's crazy." It's stage-whispered poorly. So very poorly.

Nolan gives a chuckle, "Well of course it is now." He smiled at the bronze on the sand, keeping a close eye on the hatchling, he was a real looker that was for sure. "Hey guy, glad to be out of that shell?" He slowly edged his way towards the bronze, at least he rememebered his reason for being on the sands.

A sudden jolt shakes the very foundation New and Breaking Through Egg has been nestled in as it hardened on these sands. The jolt sends fracture lines from the apex down to the wide base as it spreads. Pieces of shell threaten to give way as they begin to protrude but none far enough to catch a glimpse of what resides within.

Slowly but steadily the pressure within the First Blush of Spring egg rises. First it trembles. Then it wiggles. Finally, the egg begins a rhythmic rocking. With each forward pitch, a small section of the shell bulges outwards. With one particularly vigorous push, the bulging area cracks with a loud snap and a single break in the shell running deeply down one side.

Emiallis isn't a boy, so she doesn't move forward at D'nyl's prompting. That crossed-arm posture isn't long for this world as the egg splits and dumps out a bronze. One hand goes up, fingers resting over her lips, fluttering heart forgotten for just a moment. "Oh." Now that's admiration. "He's is just a beauty." She's not a boy, but she can appreciate from her singled out spot. She's not expecting anyone to hear her.

A Sign of Egg-ffection wobbles precariously on it's narrowest axis, shifting violently enough that it tosses sand in every direction, then stills again. Nothing to see here.

Lexava shifts between her feet. An appreciative look for the first to emerge, a lovely bronze. Her head bobs a bit in agreement with the mutterign of the candidate next to her. While he straightens a bit in a hopeful air Lex doesn't much have to worry on this one beyond avoidign any hatchlign awkwardness int eh odd event he ranges by to closely.

Furled Fingers Egg is suddenly no more, as the pressure from within grows too great, and the occupant pushes himself out. A generally pale blue hatchling is left to linger for a moment, as he sorts himself out before he is headed directly to a dark-haired, dark-skinned man who is close to aging out of candidacy. Tofilau pauses for a moment, turning dark eyes to the pale face in front of him. "Tivonth.. We will find some food. And then we will find some quiet.." He offers after a moment, T'lau turning to follow the weyrlingmasters to the side.

Lakes of Crystal Blue Hatchling
Pale, glacial blue creeps along this hatchling's back, slowly engulfing his small body, light hues sliding over his shoulders and hips before they drip down his sides. The deeper blue of a cold lake pools on his stomach, lapping lazily at his throat, and casting the underside of his tail into shadow, though it is unable to overcome the lighter, constant hues of the wall of ice that are carved into the ridges along his back. Upon his wings, the ice and water fight for dominance, feathery hints of pale spreading outwards from each spar, threatening to overcome the watery-blue hues of his windsails completely, just as it inches down from his ridges to cover delicately formed headknobs and his small muzzle, like a dusting of snow upon his head.

With a triumphant cry the Lakes of Crystal Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<In The Galleries> L'or makes his way in; he's probably been at some other event because he's dressed in seacraft finest. A white, buttoned uniform jacket and blue pants. He manages to cut at least a reasonably noticible figure. He heads to the rails; leaning heavily on them to watch the goings on below. If she notices him, though? There is a brief smile of famliarity to Thys. Seems he's aiming to to be quiet enough and watch for the moment.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Hatchling tests his limbs out with a grimace, or as much of a grimace as a just-hatched dragon can manage. After a few steps and a few stumbles and a few glares at his wings (THANKS WINGS), the bronze figures out how to snap his wings into place along his back. Okay. Cool. Crisis averted. But, what the heck is up with those white things over there? He cranes his neck out, but remains distant, curiously uncertain. What is he supposed to do? What can he do?

Sundari shifts forward a bit when a egg starts to hatch. "Don't panic, just relax. Let them come to you." Is offered with a soft tone to the candidates.

Lukhanyo seems happy enough to hang back a little, letting Nolan move towards the hatchlings and instead casting a glance towards Emiallis - maybe her heard her comment, but he certainly doesn't comment. There's a little sideways step made towards her though.

Venryk throws a look in Jaelyn's direction when the other boy starts inching his way back over. Yes, his free hand waves him a little closer, excitement rather obvious on his face. "You're not gonna run, are you?" It might be a bit of a tease, but the teenager himself looks a mixture of unease and elation, still hanging on to Pritkin's arm a bit. And with more eggs popping open, he doesn't seem to know where to look, eyes darting all over.

Citayzleat stares at D'nyl. "Of course, sir." Maybe stress brings out the sass in the candidate. Maybe she just thinks dragging the boys closer might actually be a good idea. Maybe SHE wants that bronze, and she's delusional. Unclear. The candidate takes one step forward, completely missing Tofilau's Impression as she eyes the first-hatched with what might be amusement. Maybe. "He's definitely crazy." Cita mumbles, shifting anxiously. Not going to flee. Not.

Pritkin cheers after the first pairing that is made, calling out, "Congratulations!" while simultaneously eye-oogling the blue. But green eyes snap right back to the bronze hatchling figuring out his wings, sparing a second to look at D'nyl like he's gone mad before returning all of his attention to the baby, unaware of arm-clinging and slowly forming clusters.

The tempo rises again for the Close to My Heart egg, growing bold and vibrant in motion. No longer does the shell rock lazily upon the sands, but gyrates with wild abandon. It rocks and rolls and flips about like a dancer, each touch sending more and more cracks splintering across the shell until it can no longer hold together. The shards spill down onto the sands and reveal the curled blue within.

Language of the Soul Blue Hatchling
He is midnight in color from muzzle to tailtip including the tightly furled wings, like faint moonlight kissing the velvety night sky with a pale wash of blue. His build is elegant and refined, long limber limbs supporting lean, toned muscles. Slim in torso, he has the sloping shoulders and high, taut haunches of a trained dancer. The narrow wedge of his head is built of fine bones that hold an expressive face. Steel blue ridges arch down the curving neck and tail. The same steely blue tones the entire underbelly as well as the hidden undersides of his wings. Running the full length of his abdomen is a curious hash of fine electric blue lines, crossing his belly one right after the other in various lengths and widths. Perpendicular to and thru their center a single white gold band stretches from chest to tail while the same white gold outlines the underside of his wings along the delicate wingspars and the sail's leading edge.

Jaelyn just balks at how quickly this was all going down. Does it always go this fast? Already someone is being led off the sands with their new lifemate, and eyes widen just a bit. Something is muttered as his lips turn downwards at the corner. He looks to Venryk and sighs, "Maybe. Thinking about it. Why did I agree to this again?" he asks, inching a little bit closer still.

Can You Keep a Secret? Egg continues to wobble, and before long, cracks begin to appear here and there. Narrow at first, they slowly grow wider and more prevalent, until a section of shell falls away suddenly.

Heryn would love to laugh Sunny down right now. REALLY HE WOULD. Yeah don't panic okay. That's about like telling them not to breathe right now, but he tries. Deep breaths. In, out. In, out. He's definitely not hyperventilating now. Not at all. A crytalline blue emerges second, but is gone just as fast, wide blue-greys watching the pair get taken off the sands. "That was fast…," gets muttered because the bronze still lingers. And then Cita is moving forwards. "No no no," Heryn mutters, but he doesn't release her, instead getting drug along for the ride. THANKS CITA.

Nolan clapped as he noticed the blue hatchling quickly found his mate. "Congrats!" He kept his eyes on the bronze though not only for his colours but also because young dragons can cause a accident. He didn't draw any closer but kept near enough not to notice Luka slip away from him. "You sure got some nice wings there."

<In The Galleries> Thys spots L'or, and gives him a bright smile and a finger-wiggling wave. There's an empty seat beside her that she pats, inviting him over.

Emiallis' head snaps as Pritkin congradulates someone. "Already?" Lukhanyo is noticed out of the side of her eye, but she doesn't scoot away. But she doesn't scoot closer either. Her eyes snap back to the eggs hatching, and that one egg… that one did didn't hatch her gold. There's still admiration in her eyes, but it'd be a lie to say there wasn't a little disappointment as well.

Twitch. Twitch twitch. Twiiitch. Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg is starting to look lively! Or is it? It doesn't move again for a little while.

D'nyl grumbles under his breath, "They can smell fear! If you're too afraid for this, get off the sands."

Feyruth settles even more as the first dragonet impresses. The rockins slows, though it doesn't stop completely and when she looks at the candidates, her eyes no long whirl as wildly. Janja sighs happily, leaning into her weyrmate. However one hand still remains on the foot of the gold.

A wobble here, a roll there and the Lacy in Lavender Egg is starting to move. Just little tiny movements, but signs of life none the less as it wriggles and spins slightly before all suddenly goes still once more. Only markings on the sands betray that it did move, once.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Hatchling finally gets it figured out. Maybe. He really hopes so! Because those white things over there, they look like they might be in trouble! It's with that in mind that he starts off at a sprint, warbling loudly as if to let them know that everything will be totally okay, you guys! He's here to save you! But, when those white robed figures pull away to make an opening - you know, so he doesn't just go barreling through them - he catches himself and practically slingshots himself away. Okay. Bad plan. Time to regroup.

Language of the Soul Blue Hatchling must gather himself together first after that stirring entrance. He rests quietly on the sands, slowly stretching out each limb from where it was once so tightly compact in the shell. One leg is gathered at a time, each one carefully set down until he's upright on his chest. Then the wings unfurl, glistening wetly in the light. His tail comes around behind him and suddenly he's up on his feet as lightly as a feather. The blue sends a coy glance over the candidate line before starting towards them with spritely steps.

Venryk points a finger directly at Jaelyn. At least he can pay enough attention to carry on a /bit/ of conversation. But he shakes his head, finally looking back in the direction of the other boy. "You don't go anywhere, okay? No running." It's not allowed! There's a quick smile though, before his attention is drawn back to the dragonets moving around the sands, eyes widening as the little bronze starts barreling about.

Sundari would only laugh at Heryn, she's done this before! One pair of Weyrling's is already helped off and her gaze is back to the hatchling's that are moving about on the sands once more.

Lukhanyo needs another couple of eyes - one for Nolan, one for the dragons, one for the eggs, one for Emiallis, and a spare one to look at himself likely wouldn't go amiss either. At least he's stopped moving. For now.

One lone crack quickly multiples into fine hairline fractures across the mass of the First Blush of Spring egg. One more heave sends them showering to the sands below and all over the glistening brown hatchling within. He struggles gamely to his feet then spreads his wings and shakes, raining shards, goo, and sands across the grounds. The offended squeals of his victims draws the brown's attention and eventual action. He heads straight towards the beastcrafter restlessly rocking in the heat. The brown shows no hesitation in his movements and this is echoed by Caxandar as he stops rocking and steps forward, "Don't mind them, Krijuesth. They don't have the scope of imagination you need. Your A'xar will help you make the world."

Builder of Worlds Brown Hatchling
He stands, an imposing earthwork of a dragon, gazing out with piercing eye. He is the color of good, rich soil freshly turned and damp with dew. Darker mud clings in the valleys of the powerful form where strong muscles flow with tectonic force to move the massive limbs and burly torso. Vast earthen pillar legs hold the stocky body firmly as a faint creep of dull green ivy crawls up each and spreads over the broad back and haunches. The short, thick tail trails behind, clear of all but rich soil. Pale clay ridges crest from the neckline, mountainous peaks dropping to rolling hills at the great plate of his shoulders. They support massive wings with great, branching spars. The loamy sails lighten as light strikes fine flecks of gold within them afire.

With a triumphant cry the Builder of Worlds Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

A Sign of Egg-ffection gives a giant shudder, cracking in a perfect spinner-web across the top lobe of it's misshapen side and within the crack glows a steady pulse of golden light. Gold. Black. Gold. Black. Gold. Black.

Capturing the Memories Egg is wobbling wildly upon the sands, each motion moving it further and further from its center, dislodging the sand that had been piled around it. And, there! Its free! And it rolls onto its side.

Emiallis can't help but take a few steps back as that bronze comes barreling towards the group. Oh. THERE'S her heart. It's beating just as frantically as before, if not more sore. Now she's closer to Lukhanyo, and without thinking about it, reaches for his forearm. Snatch. Squeeze. If he doesn't pull away, of course. "That blue is sure sure of his footing! Not so much the bronze."

<In The Galleries> L'or slips away from the wall to take the offered seat. It's been months since he saw Thys; but people like him have long memories and he's not old yet. "Pretty brown." He comments to her as he arranges himself for comfort. "Doesn't seem like that long ago I was watching this from the other side."

Nolan stepped away quickly as the bronze began to move, "Oh you sure have places to be." He looks back for a moment only to notice Luka not longer right next to him, giving a waving motion to the woodcrafter, "Come on Luka, we have other things to do then talk to ladies right now. He noticed the egg he could have sworn would have a gold in it hatched into a brown and quickly led off the sands. "Thought that was a gold not a brown."

Jaelyn shoots Venryk a look, a not nice look, for all of about a second. With a barrelling bronze from that evil egg he piots out of the way and ends up almost knocking the poor healer boy over. Almost. If he looks like he's going down, he'll totally catch him. "No. No. I'm good." he says, though the wavering of his usually monotone voice said nervous and ready to bolt any second. Then there is another Impression nearby and the Istan boy stiffens. "Changin' my mind Ryk….changin' my mind…" A glance is shot towards Citayzleat and Heryn, lips pursed, before he lets out a shaky breath.

Lexava starts to feel a bit lost as the pace picks up. Eggs dwindle as more hatchlings emerge. She can barely manage a few congrats to those closest as they get picked off. She wipes away a bit of sweat and just does her best to not be to overwhelmed nad keep track of what's going on closest to her if not compeltely.

Pritkin is one of those make-way candidates, though he's /clearly/ more fascinated than afraid by the awfully cute bugger. This dislodges him from Venryk, who gets a smile along with Jaelyn. He opens his mouth to say something, but there's an adorable blue, and /another/ impression, and Prit is calling out, "Congratulations!" again instead. It seems safer.

Cita is breathing. Sort of. "Heryn." She mutters, shaking her arm until she can reach for the poor guy's hand to squeeze. Like she's going to break it right of. DISTRACTION. "Aww, look at him." The dragonet slingshots away and — oh. There's another on the sands, beautiful and blue and maybe this isn't going to end badly. Maybe. It's…possible. Then another, and Cita twitches. A little. "Shells." Monosyllables again. All according to plan. Jaelyn — shells, it is him — gets a bright grin. NO, THEY ALL HAVE THIS. It's fine. It's. Fine.

Lukhanyo is grabbed! Now there's a guaranteed distraction, though he does his best at first to not look at Emi in case she runs away. Poor Nolan simply gets a shrug before Luka's head jerks slightly towards the redhead at his side. Slowly, carefully, he reaches his free hand across to try to pat Emiallis' hand.

<In The Galleries> "Hello, L'or." Thys has a warm greeting for the man, and a smile too when he settles beside her. "They're a good-looking clutch so far, aren't they? No greens though yet, unless I've missed one…" She squints across the Sands, as if there may be one out there, hiding from her. "I do quite like that blue… I've a bit of a soft spot for blues."

Venryk is thankfully unattached from Pritkin, because it lets him brace himself against Jaelyn when the other boy nearly knocks him right over. There's a brief moment of panic, but he manages to right himself without taking a tumble. Good. There's a quick headshake though, and a little laugh. "Just stay here. Well..don't get run over. But breathe and don't freak out." Which is easy to say, when his own breathing is a bit erratic. There's a quick look around though for any other dragons making mad dashes through the candidate crowds.

Heryn will smell YOUR fear. Or… something. An indignant look is shot D'nyl's way regardless, but the words do their job. His spine straightens, and he does a magnificent job of not tucking and rolling in the wake of the little bronze dragonet that goes darting through their midsts. Totally cool. Cool as a cucumber. "Cita." There's a squint for the Healer, but finally the man exhales, very pointedly relaxing. No. It's okay. We're good. Really! "Hey, was that Cax? I think it was." His gaze wanders, finally, likewise catching on Jae's eyes before scanning the rest of them. Man. This was nuts.

Language of the Soul Blue Hatchling dances across the sands where others raced or stalked. His path is not a straight line, nor even a straightly forward motion. He seems to flow sideways, moving one step over for every two steps forward. The delicate lines of his head takes center stage when he reaches the candidate line, bright eyes awhirl with reds, blues, and purples. Each white clad figure is side-eyed, a playful tease visible in the very arch of his neck. He slips up and down the line in a quick pass, weaving just out of reach of any hands.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Hatchling gets up and moves again, now that he's had time to think. Instead of trying to save them all - maybe he just needs to save one? The long-limbed bronze casts a long, sweeping gaze down the line of white-robed figures - and then he sees The One. That one. The one with the black hair and the freckles and the skinny build. His approach is as stealthy as it can be, slinking low to the ground and eventually popping up in front of his chosen with a gaped grin. Red eyes turn brilliant blue - and the bond is made. Forever.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Egg of Ancient Power begins to wobble - Or.. does it? The mottled coloration makes it hard to discern whether any movement was real, or simply an illusion. But.. there, it happened again.

It rolls slowly, the Cuddled Warmth Egg, gently rocking in the small hollow where it was laid before moving a bit more vigorously. Back and forth before it finally stills to a stop, resting eventually right back where it started.

<In The Galleries> L'or doesn't even have to think about that; nope not a bit. "I've a soft spot for all of them. They are all special in their own way; seeing Vorlath's children wandering about? I'll never take it for granted." He is distracted momentarily by the young brown finding his partner and chances a look away from the sands to Thys. "I've been back a few times to check on them quietly; They are growing up fast. What of you? Seemed every time I've been by you were off somewhere. All well?"

Emiallis only looks at whose arm she's grabbed after her hand gets a pat. "Oh! Sorry!" Her hands promptly release their death grip, and instead wrap around the end of her braid, pulled over her shoulder. "I'm a little more … scared … than I thought I'd be." She admits, blinking as that bronze stops at his chosen, her mouth droping for a moment. But that blue, that gorgeously colored blue can't be ignored as her eyes track him, even though she knows (conceitedly) she's meant for gold! "Aren't hatchlings supposed to be … clumsy?"

Pritkin IS BACK, scooting closer to Venryk again and catching at his arm as he /cranes/ to see who impressed the bronze. "Who is it?" he murmurs to the healer-candidate, because he's suddenly got a bad case of the I-Can't-See-Anythings.

Jaelyn looks to Pritkin after catching that ABsolutely also freaking out bartender and starts to say something, probably nasty. Though, that bronze there, from the evil egg is totally coming over there to make another pass. This is it. This is how it all ends. "Oh shi…." he starts to say, but it's immediately cut off as he releases whatever hold he might of had on Venryk as olden eyes lock to whirrling ones. He's absolutely still, not a muscle moving as he just stares and his gaze widens. His mouth opens, and that's about when he lets out a stiffled sob and flings his arms around the bronze's neck. "Leketh!" Yep, gunna need a second there people. It's a mess really, him hugging an egg wet hatchling in front of everyone and crying and everything but hey, it happens right. Then he stiffens again, head coming back and he glares with face still obviously showing some unmanliness. "J'en? ….I'm…no… Serious? Can we….talk about this?"

Lexava sighs as the bronze finally picks. Will be interesting to see how that turns out over time, the choice is clearly made however and that is a good sign. As more egg wobble she shifts her gaze between them and the wandering blue. Surely he'll make up his mind soon too?

Slowly, oh so slowly the Lacy in Lavender Egg starts to move again and as it does so, lines begin to mar the surface, hinting at the fractures that are damaging the shell. The fractures appear over more and more of the shell until it seems it is already in pieces and just held together through inertia.

Hop! Jump! Leap! Okay, so Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg isn't actually leaping, but it is jerking and moving pretty vigorously now. It's definitely a lively one, so lively, in fact, that a great big split has started to work down from the apex. It goes still again, but not for long!

Language of the Soul Blue Hatchling has completed his survey and his whole demeanor seems to shift from playful to searching. The blue makes a graceful turn to pass down the candidate line again. This time he pauses in front of a few of the candidates, peeking around behind this boy, dancing a few steps in front of that girl. In this bold fashion he finally makes it down the line and looks to be headed right for a local weyr lad. Yet, he stops in mid-step, arrested by the young one he's just passed. The blue turns abruptly, plants his hindquarters in the sands and sings at his chosen lady.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Language of the Soul Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Venryk might actually end up breaking his own face with how much he's grinning. And whether or not he actually heard Pritkin's question, there's a quick look at him once he's finally able to drag his gaze away from Jaelyn and the bronze. "Jae.."

Nolan claps his hands as he noticed the little bronze impress to Jaelyn shouting "Congrats J'en and Leketh!" as he noticed a egg moving near him, unsure if what he saw was movement or a shimmer from the heat of the sands. He eyed the Egg of ancient power waiting to see if it moves again.

Eruption! Wings unfurl sending shards of New and Breaking Through Egg in all directions as this tiny dragonet lifts it's eggwet head and announces it's arrival with a shrill squeal over the chaos on the sands. It shakes it's head and tail, dislodging any remaining pieces of it's imprisonment and begins to take one awkward step after another onto the sands to search the things dressed in white.

Loved by the Sun Green Hatchling
Lithe and lean, this small dragon seems to be formed of the forest itself, a symphony of greens falling upon her form as sun-dappled spots and shadows each have a home. Overlapping, random spots of hunter and kelly vie for dominance along the open canopy of her narrow back and wide wingsails, clinging to the mossy-green supports of spars and ridges, draping gracefully down her sides. There, darker forest green lingers upon her underside, shadows where the sun is prevented from gaining a foothold. Lean limbs support her, though perhaps with a bit of a bow to their drab olive length, her tail sporting the same color, though not the same permanent curve. It is upon her head, though, that the sunlight can be found, as the bright green of spring buds can be found, dappled over her delicate nose, most prevalent around nostrils before fading somewhat as her head sweeps up into small headknobs, a hint of near-yellow sparkle beyond her neck, as it filters through the leaves of her hide.

Sundari had been following the path of that bronze, a soft breath escapes her once it makes a choice. She smirks a bit while moving over to Jaelyn, catching that question. "Not hardly.. J'en, come on I'll get you and Laketh settled now."

Capturing the Memories Egg seems to have gotten to a better position, for cracks begin to stretch across the shell from half a dozen places at once - the occupant wants out, and wants out now!

Lukhanyo tries his best to hide the 'dammit' that goes through his mind from showing on his face and manages, mostly. Well if you weren't looking at him at the time. "Cling if you want, happy to oblige. I'd say I'd protect you but it's not easy during a hatching. J'en?" Someone else's call cuts into his thought and derails him. "Jae?" Yep, that's a laugh that bubbles out.

<In The Galleries> "I was sure I'd Impress blue if anything, when I stood," Thys says wistfully. "Rhenesath appreciates you checking in, and I can only apologise for not being around… you know how it goes. From Weyr duties to crafting to everything in between, and of course we've had a spot of bad luck at the Weyr lately too that's required all of us putting in overtime… oh, there's a green! Isn't she lovely!" She's distracted for a moment, before adding - "Next time, let me know you're coming. I'll make time. Do you like tea?"

Cita definitely isn't side-eyeing that blue right back, eyebrows creeping up as he makes a thorough inspection of the candidates. "Cax —" Squint. Cita looks, and beams, huffing under her breath. "It was. Good for him." But then she's back to the eggs and un-impressed dragonets, cautious still. Nothing terrible's happened, so far. It's fiiine. Only, one of those dragonets isn't wandering any more. And Jaelyn is throwing himself at the little bronze, and Cita is bouncing, ridiculously, laughing. "Jae!" She cheers, quietly, unabashedly watching, delighted. Another egg hatches, though, drawing her attention, jaw dropping a little. Shells, this is all happening, isn't it. Yep.

J'en twtiches as Sundari ises that name, and maybe shoots a couple watery-eyed glares at anyone that laughs. That means YOU LAKHANYO! He rapidly wipes at his face, cause no one needs to see that, and leads Leketh off the sands towards the weyrlingmasters.

Can You Keep a Secret? Egg can't even keep itself together anymore, for the cracks continue to spread and portions of the shell continue to fall away. And then, a small, vibrant green is on the move even as the final shards fall, stumbling in the sand. A moment to right herself and she is off again, plowing through a young man to get to a young girl, barely old enough to Stand. The tiny blonde girl, Taleekah, lets out a squeak before throwing her arms excitedly around the dragonet's neck. "Aydoth.. of course, of course we will get some food. Oh! I can't wait for you to meet my brother!" She says, turning to look into the galleries before being lead away by the weyrling staff.

It's Called Art! Green Hatchling
Just about every color of green can be found upon this small hatching - from the darker forests greens and pine hues that are slathered upon her slim back and wings, dripping down over headknobs and eye ridges - to the more moderate kelly greens that spread upwards from her nose, as if she stuck it forcibly in a paint bucket. Flecks of lawn green catch the light like glitter, scattered across each wing sail, appearing here and there on her flanks as it can never truly be contained, before finally the palest hues of mint cream gather mostly upon her limbs and tail, almost hand shaped splotches up their lean lengths.

With a triumphant cry the It's Called Art! Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Thin, almost invisible cracks begin to appear upon the shell of the Egg of Ancient Power, twisting their way here and there through the haze, though soon they cover the entire egg.

Sundari is a bit amused but smiels to J'en all the while. "I'm happy for you two." Is heard, perhaps by the pair while they go on that treck.

Pritkin cheers, more than he probably should at Jaelyn's impression. He's all teeth when he offers a good-natured, "Congratulations, Jae!" Pause. "J'en." Yeah, he heard it. He's not laughing at you, he's laughing WITH YOU.

Heryn is floored. Sure, impressions have already happened, but those were acquiantences. People he knew to see, not his friends, so when that bronze sidles up to somebody entirely too familiar the man just… stares. Impolitely. And then the spell breaks, and suddenly this whole situation is entirely too amusing. He hoots out a brisk, "Woo!" One fist pumps into the air before he quiets out of deference to the scary clutchmomma. BUT OH, there will be words later! So many words! Mostly about his name because snort cackle hiss giggle. And then another impression, and another, with Taleekah being led off the sands and shells, but things are picking up here. "Faranth!" Twitch.

Emiallis' rump joins the blue hatchling's rump in the sands, just about all the breath knocked out of her as she lands. And palms are sitting on hothothot sands. "E… E'mi? But.." There's a pause there as she parses her own Impression, and then she laughs, joyously, righting herself out of the sanes. "Yes. Yes, Oranth. You will be all I ever need. Come, come. Lets get you fed!" And the blue doesn't need much help, but she's shooting a grin off to Luk, as she's walking away. Abandonment, sorry!

Venryk might just be wiping his eyes a little bit. Maybe. Despite all the grinning he's doing. But there are eggs still moving, and dragonets still hatching, and..even Emi it seems! There's a quick tug on Pritkin's arm. "Look, Emi too!"

Loved by the Sun Green Hatchling takes a few hesitant steps across the shifting sands, and then she is catching her right front paw on a loose bit of shell. As the shell slips from underneath her and she tumbles onto her chest, her nose skidding along the sandy ground, causing a squeal of protest from the green. Slowly, carefully, she rises back to her feet and clears the sand from head and neck with a strong shake and starts heading towards the candidates again.

A Sign of Egg-ffection continues to pulse. Gold. Black. Gold. Black. GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! POP!!! Shards scatter everywhere, spilling its occupant onto the sands.

Original Bronze Holderist Hatchling
The base coat of this dragon's hide is a deep, dark bronze. Clearly, he was left in the oven a bit too long since it's hard to tell that he's a bronze at all until the light catches him just right and then he glows with the polished gleam of copper. A faint, jagged crickle-crack of brassy gold starts at the midpoint of his finely arched neck and grows brighter and brighter across his middle before fading again down his legs and finely boned tail. The dorsal side of his wingsails are copper and brass speckled brown, fading to the color of rich loam along the trailing edges. In sharp juxtaposition, the undersides of his wingsails are a bright harlequin of obscure bronze hues in red, blue, and green, shaped into diamonds spliced apart by white, black, and brass lines that start strong along the wingbone, then fade to that same loamy brown. One might almost call his sharp features aquiline, if the term were applied to dragons, and deep blue speckles his lower jaw and up over his headknobs, which end in jagged flares of gold, like antlers painted upon his hide. His neck and backridges are unusually rounded, more like buttons than ridges, really, and seemingly painted a pure brass to counteract the darkness of his hide. Even in his youth, his firm muscle definition is obvious and his strength pronounced beneath his shimmering hide.

<In The Galleries> "Heard about that." L'or confides to Thys; looking genuinely concerned. He's having a hard time splitting his attention between the woman and the hatching so he leans backwards; that way he can keep both of them in view even if it means the angles to each are a little awkward. "I do like tea." L'or adds, asides. "And biscuits. Soft ones; though. Ate more than my share of hard tack." He is lost both in thought for a moment and teh spectacle of the hatching. "I think most of us were suprised we impressed at all; colors not really playing a roll." He grins through his beard at her and rehiterates: "They are all lovely."

Lukhanyo struck out AGAIN, though even he can't complain about being passed over for a dragon - even if that one got a liiiiiiittle too close for comfort. "Congrats E'mi." He'll watch them leave. Naturally.

Nolan looks around as he sees hatchlings impressing to Emi, "Congrats Emi!" He cheers on as he surveys the scene before him, shards of egg starting to litter the sand once more, a green quickly hatch and impress yelling congrats once more as he snaps his fingers. "I saw this one move I'm sure of it Luka!" He points to the egg of ancient power just as another bronze hatches onto the sands.

Pritkin looks down at Venryk when he tugs on his arm, eyes cast for Emi as she finds her life mate. There's another hoot for her, another call of congratulations, and then yet /another/ regal little bronze making his debut. Look at Pritkin, all sorts of enraptured by these cute little creature things. "Oh, look at him." A pause, as he looks at the green. "And /her/ too!" SO MANY BABIES.

Sundari only takes just long enough to make sure J'en and his new lifemate are settled before helping another off, That one being Emiallis and her new blue. A smile also offered for that pair. "Congrads to you both, E'mi and Oranth!" Of course she does have a soft spot for blues for some reason or another. "Come this way, we're get you both settled."

Lexava hears excited murmurs of another bronze but she's watching the green now making her way towards the candidates. "They'll all choose well." she mutters to another nearby who isn't as excited by soem of the impressions as his fellows. No time to worry, only pay attenion and keep feet moving.

Venryk nods briefly. "They're everywhere!" Really, he's going to have to start keeping an eye out to make sure he doesn't get run over by an errant set of claws. There's a wince though for the noise that comes out of that green when she tumbles, shaking his head. "I hope nobody breaks anything with the way they're flopping about.."

D'nyl grins when E'mi impresses, making a mental note to to give her a sevenday before 'collecting' his winnings. Then his gaze is back on the fray, waiting and watching as more and more dragons hatch and moving forward to help the next pair.

It's with a great and powerful crack that the Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg is no more! Instead? It's just a big and burly brown dragonet, with great big eyes and a bigger stomach! Fortunately, he knows just what he needs and he makes his lumbering and unsteady way straight to the Candidates. One of them will feed him! Maybe that one? Oh! No, definitely that guy. The skinny one. Noodle goes pale as the big brown headbutts his middle and the newly minted Weyrling will be heard stammering, "O'odle? But Noodle isn't even my real- oh, oh, okay, Olobgneth. I get it. They go better together that way!"

Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Hatchling
Big, beefy, and brown! That's this dragon, all the way through. He's a thickly wrought thing, his hide the rich, ruddy brown of a meat sauce left to simmer for hours into a thing of perfection. Other colors sometimes surface, like special ingredients bubbling up from below; a bit of bronze there, a touch of green here, a hint of something blue elsewhere. And then there's a fine wash of gold that ghosts over his neckridges and back like a thin film of oil that shimmers ever-so-deliciously. His wingsails are made of the same, red-brown and glossed with an elusive sheen of gold across the surface to give the fleeting illusion of copper - just like mama's pots and pans.

With a triumphant cry the Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<In The Galleries> Thys glances briefly at L'or, grinning. "Then it's a date. We're having tea." She, too, is giving the hatching most of her attention, and she ooohs when the newest bronze hatches. "This really is a good-looking clutch. I wonder… I'd wager a mark there's a gold in that egg over there." Which egg? One of them. Her finger-pointing isn't exact… more of a general wiggling at the remaining eggs.

Loved by the Sun Green Hatchling hurries as quickly as possible towards the line of candidates though not so quickly that she tumbles again. The first one she comes to is rejected with barely a glance. The second candidate receives a small distressed creel. This continues down the line, with the green growing even more angry and upset with each white figure passed - no, they simply will not do.

Cita watches Emi, too, unabashed and gleeful. "Emi! E'mi?" She can work with that. The healer bounces, a little, eyes crinkled up happily still. That little green is distracting, though, tumbling down onto the sands and squealing. The healer's eyebrows scrunch down, but she doesn't move — and then the dragonet's up again, and woah. Look at that one. Cita's eyebrows creep up at the newest hatchling, huffing under her breath. "Two. Wrong egg, though." HUFF. Messing up her bets. Wait, is that…"Noodle!" O'odle? That's. Well. WHY NOT.

Lukhanyo watches where Nolan points (well once he stops watching E'mi leave) and grins. This egg has his attention, declared to a few to be his favourite. "Now we're talking." That poor bronze that hatched - ignored. Behold the egg!

Nolan does his best to keep a eye on all the hatchling and the egg of ancient power, slowly circling towards the bronze on the sands, "Sure regal looking one, never seen colouring like his before." He mentions to a nearby candidate, cheering on noodle as he impresses a big brown.

<In The Galleries> L'or lifts an imaginary teacup to Thys in salute. "So it is." He confirms; twisting his eyes to look where she's pointing. "Do you find them ugly on occasion?" He asks neutrally, giving no suggestion of what he believes to be the correct answer to that. If there is one! "We can hope. I've seen a few weyrs that are beginning to run low on queens; Xanadu in particular. Sign of the times, they aern't breeding like they used to." His eyes lift; then flick to her directly. "Was anyone hurt in the cavern collapses?"

Heryn is unholy amused by the developments being made in Emi's life. Well that's certainly not the gold the girl was expecting, but perhaps just the blue she needed, judging by her grin. "Congratulations!," the man calls after her before something Cita says makes his eyes jump over to the ruddy brown that's attached himself to— "O'odle?" Oh Faranth. Here comes the threats of giggles, one hand up to stifle laughter. He has to look away, if only to catch the veritable rave going on over there in that egg. "Did you see that?," or was it just him that marked it before an equally eclectic bronze hits the sands. "Wrong egg?," gets asked of Cita, likely having forgotten that bets ever even happened.

Pritkin nods in agreement with Venryk's assessment of the situation, and he scoot-scoot-shuffle-drags Venryk along with him to stand closer to the remaining class: namely Heryn and Cita. He shifts back and forth on his feet, but the heat ain't got NOTHIN' on his amazement.

The Original Holderist Bronze Hatchling is in no rush, it seems. He noses at the shards of his shell with a subtle sort of sadness. His home has exploded, now what is he supposed to do? Light glints off of his headknobs when he shakes his head, flopping down on his but like a sad canine pup.

Venryk is pulled! Well he's not that hard to get to move, really, hurrying along with Pritkin to get closer to everyone. There's a wild look around though, to make sure they're not crossing paths with dragon traffic, and situates himself at the end of the newly formed line. "This is all so crazy.."

Loved by the Sun Green Hatchling continues to pass by the candidates with little more than a glance, before she is suddenly stopping, turning back, and staring at someone in white. Her small body swivels quickly, then, and she is closing the distance, back the way she came, practically knocking a rather ordinary young man over in her excitement.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Loved by the Sun Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Lukhanyo glances around him, the realisation that the herd has rather thinned coming as something of a shock - and entirely what he deserves for getting distracted. A shuffle towards the others is aborted quickly as the green takes it upon herself to charge and he stops, determined that this time he'll notice who Impresses before someone else shouts it out.

Nolan was sweating buckets at this point but didn't seem to notice, he gave a happy smile to Luka, "Look the bronze decided to sit down." He heard the cry of the green as she impressed but kept his eyes on the egg and the bronze. "What's wrong little bronze? Don't know who to pick?"

Janja sighs as there's a slight lull in the speed of things. She mutters to C'vryn, "… too much… Who… do… impress?" She turns to listen as C'vryn whispers back.

Cita is definitely not going to giggle. How undignified. She might snort a few times under her breath, but Prit and Ven are approaching, and Cita beams. She might have forgotten to be afraid. Possibly. "See? Well, he's a handsome," Sad puppy-canine. Look at him. She's not melting, here. "Little guy." Pffft-giggle. Except — woah! That green is darting, and Cita remembers abruptly that hatchings are for nerves, and she's scrambling back a little. Distraction!

Venryk tried. He really did try and not get in the way. But he /did/ and very suddenly the teenager has fallen right down on his rump with a surprised little squeak of noise, only to fall very, very still in the process. "Lychenth? What, wait, we just..and I didn't even.." Pause. There's a collection of thoughts that needs to be done, before the boy is getting up onto his knees at least, to cradle the little green's head in his hands. "Yeah..It's V'nyk now, huh? We'll get you plenty of food and somewhere to rest."

Fine lines start to appear on the Cuddled Warmth Egg, the beginning fractures to the shell that will spell its undoing. They slowly grow over time, spreading around and around until the shell is more fractured than whole.

It happens suddenly after all the slow and deliberate movements but a dark bronze hatchling suddenly escapes the Lacy in Lavender Egg. Taking barely a moment to shake himself off, he stands erect then checks his balance, before he is off and searching through the random grouping of candidates available.

A Light in the Dark Bronze Hatchling
Shrouded in shadows, the bronze hide on this dragon has a faint subtle pattern nearly hidden underneath the dark color. He has a sharply pointed muzzle that widens slowly before it is anchored on a sturdy, somewhat blocky neck and shoulders. Verdigris tarnishing shows up on points on his body, marking the surface of bones where they rest under the skin and it outlines the sharp edges along his 'ridges and delineates the fine bones in his arms. His hide remains dark as it slides smoothly down his body, deeper in hue along his belly then then finely lightening in color as it moves along his haunches and the sturdy length of his tail. His talons are finished in that same verdigris hue, grey green against the dark bronze and curved into sharp half circles. But brightest and most lavishly colored are his wings, the thin membrane seeming lit from within with dancing sparks that spread in phosphorescent fire and flicker brighter as it moves from his leading edges to the trailing as a living sheet of flame.

<In The Galleries> "Ugly? Sure - have you seen Velokraeth?" Thys laughs. "But even when they're ugly they're not, to be honest. If that even makes sense." She leans forward, watching the path of one hatchling with particular keenness. "Oh, I think most Weyrs are experiencing a lack of golds. It's been almost 10 turns since we had a new one hatch at Fort - and then there are seven turns between Rhenesath and Kouzevelth, too. It's sad, but perhaps it's for the good of Pern, in the long run. And we were lucky with the collapse… she did choose him!" Thys stands up and claps when V'nyk announces his Impression. "He's from Fort!"

Pritkin beams back at Cita, and then turns his attention onto Venryk who — /gasp/ — "Congratulations, V'nyk!" Pritkin says, enthused as he makes enough space for the little green-lady to invade. He will just move closer to Heryn and Cita, thank you, suddenly feeling the nerves the dragons dulled prior.

Lexava shifts trying not to let the rising flicker of worry seed her thoughts. There's still a handful of eggs but now the green has chosen and only a bronze remains wandering. She looks back tot he unhatched orbs in hope, lightly dashed as another bronze emerges. Conspiracy? A nibble at her lip and she waits, staying wary of the two but more watchful of the remaining eggs.

Heryn blinks down as other candidates join Cita and himself in their relatively quiet side of the sands. "Hey!," gets chirped, because things are funny now, and even funnier when a certain drag-along is suddenly arrested. "C'mon, c'mon," is encouraged for Pritkin and Lukhanyo both, edging them just a bit away from the lastest impression along with the Healer's scramble, though he's not above making a fuss about that impression, too. "Yeah, Ven!" Or, V'nyk! Whichever! He beams brightly for the younger boy regardless, entirely too excited as his gaze flicks outwards to seek and land upon hatchling antics.

Lukhanyo saw it! He doesn't cheer that bit, well not obviously, "Congrats Ven… um… crap." One thing seeing the Impression happen, but you need to be listening too to catch the name. "She's lovely." is added in a vague attempt at covering it up as he begins moving towrds the pack once more.

Sundari did see that bronze on the sands, and ponderd why it was there but her gaze is back on the others and she catches sight of the green that is running into and taking someone down. A soft oh escapes her while she is moving over to the pair. She pauses t omake sure they are ok before nodding and smiles. "V'nyk, come on I'll get you and Lychenth to the barracks." She'll wave them off.

Capturing the Memories Egg suddenly becomes a memory itself as the shell falls apart leaving the sun - Or, rather a very bright green hatchling - in its place. A trumpet - loud enough given the green's size - echoes throughout the cavern before she is practically skipping her way across the sands in an awkward gait. Excitement is everywhere as she passes first one candidate, then another, before pausing at a young woman with a blonde hair and a matching leanness. "Lalasath?" Fyffe says, surprised as she kneels to slip an arm over the green's shoulders - "Of course, you definitely need a meal after that!"

Amongst Them All Green Hatchling
Bright and vibrant, everything about this green seems to demand attention - lime green streaking across her body from the tip of her delicate snout to the end of her long, lashing tail. Here and there, the blinding hue is tempered, at least somewhat, by more grass-hued tones that seem to gather mainly upon her ridges, though it can also be seen here and there, peeking through on her sides and belly, and on the spars of her long wings - though nothing can counter the dark forest hues of her talons.

With a triumphant cry the Amongst Them All Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Nolan was surprised at the arrival of yet another bronze on the sands, yet he wasn't so shocked he had guessed that one had been a bronze and was kinda glad to see himself vindicated. "Look Luka that one has some interesting colouring to him."

<In The Galleries> L'or allows himself a laugh in the public place; a quiet one. "I wouldn't say it's for the good of all; but it is a sign of the times." He's repeating himself and that's okay! He has no idea who the the youth is that Thys is clapping for; but L'or's courtesy is an ingrained part of him and when she stands the bulky bronzerider does as well. When she sits again so will he. "Very lucky." He observes, then adds. "And another of your greens."

The Original Holderist Bronze Hatchling must finally have decided he needs to find somewhere else to be. First, though, he has to stretch. He arches his back, rolling his shoulders and hips, then following the motion into a whippa-whap of his tail that makes a barely audible crack like a whip. The necessary preparation completed, he stalks towards the candidates, his neck arched high like a prized stallion. He walks the whole line of candidates at a distance, but doesn't find his partner. Clearly, they're not there. He flops down on his rear again and turns, rubbing his shoulder with his snout. He's good. HE'S GOOD!

A Light in the Dark Bronze Hatchling moves stealthily, sneakily across the sands, or at least that is how he thinks he is moving, while in reality there is a bit of a wobble there and a rather lot of scuffling through the sands as he moves first away from his shell. First one wing, then the other is dragged before he finds the correct way to hold them up and way. He finds it as not as easy as he thought, to head to those candidates even as he watches them on his progression.

Cita might squeak. Slightly. "Ven!" Look, the little green is his, and Cita forgets being anxious once more in the face of the adorable scene. The eggs wait for no distraction, though, and two more hatch — the healer gapes, attractively, making teeny squeaky noises still. "Shells, look at them." Yeah, who needs the terror. Cita cranes her neck and gawps, laughing. "That was the right egg." Score one for Cita. She beams at the other candidates, shifting. Bouncing? It's hot. Sue her.

The Egg of Ancient Power seems to have run dry, for where it once stood, it is visible no longer, and instead in its place there is a large dragonet, looming amongst the disintegrated shards.

Shot from the Storm Bronze Hatchling
Large - that is the first word to come to mind with this dragon - as every part of his body seems to be cast in oversize proportions. His wide, flat muzzle is tinged orange-bronze, sunset colors spreading upwards, over wide-set eyes and short, stubby headknobs. More golden, dusky hues of the fading sun gather upon the wide shoulders of this bronze, slipping over the leading edges of his wings, the light fleeing before the storm that claims the rest of his body. For, it is upon his wingsails that the storm truly gathers - rusty bronze clouds upon the sails and spars, sweeping over his back, fighting for dominance with the coppery ridges that run the length of his long body. The storms, however dark, bring true brilliance to his body, however, as flashes of gold can be seen across his hide given the correct light, streaks of lightning, perhaps, that ripple with the movement of his muscled limbs and his solid chest, though even that power cannot overcome the ebony of each talon.

<In The Galleries> "I think," and this is said hushed, as Thys leans in towards L'or, "that that was Venryk from Fort Weyr. I've not met him, just knew he was down here… and I'm sure that's the name I just heard him say." Yes, she made an assumption. "Are you cheering anyone on down there? Or just here for the heat?" Because it is horribly hot. Horribly.

Nolan crouched low on the sands, keeping a eye out for any dragons wanting to come his way. He motioned over to the first bronze to hatch, "If you got a itch come over here and I'll scratch it for you." He grins at the dragon across the way before it turned into a full smile when he sees the younger bronze start to move and with the look back to the egg of ancient power just as it was replaced with a large bronze, "Well now there are three of you."

Lexava sighs as the sight of another green and calls congratulations to her lucky rider. She tries not to show dissapointment int eh next, another bronze? How is that even possible. A pause now as she takes a look at the larger dragon parents. They must be mighty proud with such an outcome. She's left to wonder if that final egg also holds a bronze. That might be kinda funny now, lucky the boys this time standing.

Lukhanyo's head turns as Nolan speaks, and there's a definite nod of approval towards the dragon pointed out. "He's… those wings!" Approval and admiration by the tone of his voice, but then his favourite egg bursts and it's another bronze. Distraction! He looks between the two, pretty and favourite egg warring obviously in his mind.

Shot from the Storm Bronze Hatchling is simply there - where the egg once was, is now a dragonet. Sitting back on his haunches for a last moment, he surveys the area around him for a long moment, before he is leaning forward and shifting his weight, settling his wings to his back with a little shake, and then in a flash of movement that might be called a charge, he is off.

A Light in the Dark Bronze Hatchling is still making that slow slog across the ground, his tail now dragging as the distance now seems almost insurmountable. But dogged perseverance has him continue, ever onward. One step after another as he watches the line of candidates, his head bobbing slightly as he looks at first one choice and then the next, before continuing. Finally he reaches the end of the line and looks back, head slowly turning as he considers. Perhaps he passed right by the correct one? Now he'll have to start over.

Janja is a little bug-eyed as yet another bronze hatches onto the sands. She looks over at C'vryn and both turn to Emeliuth. The bronze clearly preens. Yet, those are my sons. Feyruth however just seems to take this unusual happening as a given. "What did they eat before this flight, Ryn?"

Heryn winces. Now that green is bright! Shells. And unlike the harlequin bronze, she wastes no time finding hers, the impression to Fyffe swift if not a tad awkward. Congrats are dispensed, that nose-rubbing bronze eyed with a sharp smirk, and then he seems to cotton on to what Cita's about. "Oh. Bets. Right." Cue madcap scramble to remember what he even put down. Dice-rolling has its drawbacks! "Well, I definitely didn't put bronze for that one," is said of the Ancient egg, eyeing the stormclad bronze that emerges with appreciation before going back to squinting. Memory, go!

Pritkin isn't shaking, /YOU'RE/ shaking. He does move closer to Heryn and Cita though, eyes widening at the sight of /another/ bronze.

Nolan stood up as the big bronze on the block decided it was time to move, and move he did, trying his best to keep all three of the bronzes in sight yet the big one had caught his attention for sure. "That one moves like lightning!"

The Original Holderist Bronze Hatchling lets out a full body sigh. It's painfully obvious that he's not moving out of deep desire, but instead out of duty. If he doesn't pick a partner, what could he do with himself, really? What is a dragon without a rider, after all. He moves closer to the line, then his eyes settle on one particular candidate with absolutely fantastic abs and the sands and stands both can almost hear the word MINE being screamed from the dragon as he lunges for the boy.

<In The Galleries> L'or leans in close to listen; long hair dangling over a shoulder. "It's good of you to remember that and support people from your home." At first it seems like he's pandering to Thys; but he isn't. "People tend to be forgotten once they leave the weyr. Arrange to have him a care package sent; oil, food, that sort of thing?" Thoughtful suggestion! ".. anyone specific? No; I don't know any of these candidates. I'm here because I like to watch. Vorlath is a dutiful father and enjoys these and I suppose it rubs off on me."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Original Bronze Holderist Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

<In The Galleries> Thys nods, liking L'or's suggestion. "Oh yes, that's a good idea! I'll arrange for that once we're home." She smirks as he mentions Vorlath's affections rubbing off… then shakes her head. "Thank Faranth Rhenesath's broodiness doesn't rub off on me. There's a few days before she rises that I'll spend in the nursery, but I'm happy to be out of there once she's got it out of her system. She's got the baby-fever of the two of us."

It does not take very long at all now, for the Cuddled Warmth Egg to shatter and expose a pale, pale green hatchling. The hatchling immediately gets to her feet, shaking out her wings and then heading off to see who is available. She takes her time wandering around, before finally stopping in front of a rather plump young woman. She pushes her head forward, nudging the young woman until Myalli answers. "Yes, yes, Stoth. I'm right here."

For All I Know You're A Duck Green Hatchling
So very pale, the light green hide of this dragon is icy in hue as it drapes down to cover nearly the entirety of her body. She is fairly compact and rather rounded, even almost chubby in spots along her neck, shoulders and belly. She slims down though when it comes to her legs, those looking very frail to support her upper body. Brushed with crystalline glitter that glows gold, it seems sprinkled across her entire body and concentrates across the bonier parts. Flashy and rather large are her wings, spangled in pale green and dusted with white gold across her 'sails before the gold fades out to just that same pale, pale green.

With a triumphant cry the For All I Know You're A Duck Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Shot from the Storm Bronze Hatchling skids - or at least it would be if he was really running - to a stop as the distance to the candidates evaporates, sand piling up in front of him as he crouches, peering from white-robed candidate to white-robed candidate. So few are left, perhaps he should have escaped from his egg-bed a little earlier.

<In The Galleries> L'or can't let a comment like that go without laughing; and he even grins when he's finsihed it. "Another green." He quips before answering what he had in mind. "Probably for the better; you seem to lead a full enough life by your description that nesting would put a pretty big dampener on things. Not enough time to get all that done at once."

Lexava shakes herself a little. Well, whatever was in the water before this flight did well enough for the weyr. She places her own mental bets as the final bronzes wander as to whom they'll pair up with amongst the dwindled crowd. As the final egg cracks a… green! aww, well that's plenty well enough and she finds her partner all to quickly. lexava is left to muse and wait for things to wrap up. now, who will the lucky lads be?

Heryn's been HAD. It sure looks as though he's been passed over - twice, almost - but then the man squints, eyes darting from one side to another as though looking at butterflies before he's going down (I'm yellin' timberrr). Well this is it. This is the end. He's going to pass out now and he may as well die of the embarrassment while he goes because— He's laughing? Yes. Yes he is. Amusement begets amusement, especially when blue-grey eyes focused in, peering up at the face pressing into his. "You did," is said in a voice that DEFINITELY ISN'T CRACKING NO YOU ARE SHAKING PRITKIN, warm hands coming up to push the bronze's face out of his with a rolling laugh. "Things to do? But you only just got here," is rumbled, but the man doesn't seem to argue, instead wrinkling his brow before regurgitating names. "Xermiltoth? R'hyn?" Reality sets in, then, the bartender all wide-eyed as he shoots a look back towards his friends before allowing the harlequin bronze to lead him off.

Nolan let out a mighty bellow of a cheer for Heryn as he impressed to the original bronze, "Congrats Heryn!" That narrowed it down to two bronzes and a egg. Nolan had his eyes on the storm bronze, wondering where he had decided to dash to. Suddenly the egg was no more and a green hatched in it's place quickly finding her lifemate.

Lukhanyo is losing the battle. Bronze, bronze, bronze really close ack! That one step away from the rest of the group, totally not out of surprise. He meant that. "Congrats He… R'hyn!" He butchers it somewhat but at least he got name and Impression that time - unfortunately he then lost track of the other hatchlings. Multitasking is not his greatest talent.

Shot from the Storm Bronze Hatchling turns suddenly then, tilting his head to peer at a bit of motion to one side. Wait, there it was again! And then, he is off again at a more sedate pace towards a broad-shouldered young man with blonde hair, whom he settles down in front of. Better late than never. And then, a possibly too-hard nudge to the abdomen to gain attention. Hey. You. YOU!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Shot from the Storm Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

A Light in the Dark Bronze Hatchling is once more into the breach, now taking his time and carefully looking over each and every candidate. Even a girl is watched for a few seconds before he moves on. He seems not quite despondent, but saddened as he keeps looking, steps dragging until this time he spots a lad with golden hair. He stops, looking up into grey eyes and waits, patiently, well as patiently as a baby can before he is trying climb up the young lad.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Light in the Dark Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Pritkin is already moving aside when the little bronze gets near, enamored with abs just like the /rest/ of HMW. Pritkin makes a little face of awe, and then breathes, "Congratulations!" A pause, "R'hyn." BEAM, scootscoot closer to Cita - out of the way of little bronze dragons and their lifemates, of course.

Cita is sharding hot, and shells — "Four?" She's maybe a little flabbergasted, too, eyeing the assortment of shiny bronzes wide-eyed. What. "Look at all of them." The healer huffs, highly amused by this turn of events. It's definitely hilarious. And Prit creeping is kind of, too, although Cita holds out her other hand and open-shut-claps it expectantly. C'mere. You. She's got'cha. WAIT. That dragon is COMING RIGHT FOR HER. DIVE, DIVE. Except maybe not, since the dragonet and Heryn — well. Cita presses her lips together and maybe swallows a little thickly, grinning and taking a step back. "Go on." Grin! That dragon needs food, and possibly not to scare any more turns off of her life. And — the others? She'll catch up in a minute.

D'nyl shakes his head, obviously amused that his favorite candidate seems to have found a lifemate, though his eyes stray to Pritkin as well, worried about the runaway renegade should he *not* impress. As it is, though. He steps forward, offering Heryn a hand up, "Come on, lad. There're bowls of meat waiting for you."

Nolan was surprised when the bronze came and sat just before him giving him a hard nudge in the gut to get him back into action, a broad smile beaming from the smith's face. "N'lan? Yes Jabreth I'll take you outside and get you fed just don't rush alright?" He gives a quick hug around the bronzes neck before standing up straight and proud.

L'kan is not a climbing frame! There's only so much distraction a man can go through before he notices there're talons involved. Strangely he doesn't seem to upset by this, even if he is rather close to wobbling over before he manages to get the bronze to back off just a little. Even then he doesn't entirely seem to believe it, the that goofy grin is one that even the prettiest of women couldn't have brought out of him. "Elenth? Um… Been right here didn't mean to make you… sorry." Finally, his head lifts, "Um… food?" His hand though, stays right on the little bronze's neck. Claimed!

With a little push from C'vryn, Janja stumble steps towards the smaller group of candidates still waiting. "First off, congratulations and welcome to all our new riders. We are happy to have you with us. For the rest of you, though you have not found your mate this time, it does not mean he or she is not a possiblity. It simply means they might not have been shelled yet. Please don't feel this is a rejection of you. It simply wasn't time yet. We would like to offer you the chance to stay here with us and we hope you will. However, if you wish to return to your homes someone will take you whenever you are ready. For the rest, you are welcome to stay for a feast to celebrate our newest weyrlings with friends and family." Speach given, Janja clamps her hands together and gives a slightly nervous smile.

Pritkin catches the worried glance from D'nyl, smiling wide as he catches Cita by the hand and then BAM BAM BAM. It seems all the little dragons have found their loves, and Prit is calling out his congratulations to all of them. Wooo!

Sundari chuckles as a certain bartender is turned into a rider and shakes her head slightly. "So many bronze…" Is murmured to herself as her gaze drivts over the ones left and she lifts her head slightly as another….wait two impress. Well then! She is waving to N'lan and Jabreth though with a smile. "Come on, let's get you two settled in the barracks and get him fed."

Citayzleat is not particularly concerned about the abrupt lack of dragons on the sands. With a proprietary sort of smile, the healer watches most of her boys shuffle off the sands with their dragonets, nodding. As it should be. The Weyrlingmasters and Janja get a lopsided grin, and Cita tugs on Prit's hand, swinging it absently. "Let's get off these sands. Shells, the heat." She huffs, glancing at the strewn shells and smiling. "She said something about food, didn't she?" Because obviously, that's the most pressing concern at this point. Absolutely.

Lexava lets out a deep breath and swallows. Well, once again left alone standing. She takes a moment to look aroudn the grounds, unsure if she'll find a third chance soetime down the road before turnign and making her way off as quietly nad unobtrustively as she can manage. Forgive her if she'll need a few moments before she's in a mood to celebrate.

R'hyn cannot even. A grin splits his features for Cita's 'go on,' and he does, definitely not teary eyed NO as he gives her and Prit both a nod before taking D'nyl's hand and following him off alongside L'kan and N'lan. "Yessir," is breathed before something LOUD and XERMY gets shoved into his head, making the man try to choke and laugh at the same time. The noise continues well off the sands.

When Cita mentions that she would like to /leave/, Pritkin looks as though he's going to oblige her- until he spots something in the sands. "I'll catch up with you later," he informs her, voice smooth and calm as he relinquishes her hold and goes stalking off after a certain brownride. YOU CAN RUN, YOU CAN HIDE, BUT YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. MUAHAHAHA.

N'lan still in shock of the whole situation as he walks with his new found lifemate to go get him some food and outside.

Cita grins, flaps a hand after Prit. "Eat something!" She calls, and then she's off, as quick as her feet can take her. Food, or away from the hot? Who knows.

L'kan follows Sundari once more, though in a different sort of daze this time - which is likely a good thing. Food is his focus for once, a rarity indeed.

Once everyone has slipped off the sands, Feyruth crouches down for Janja to mount and the pair head out to feed the queen and take a moment of time for themselves.

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