Hatching Pains

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

Rub. Rub. Rub. Jaelyn, now to his chagrin called J'en, was still wiping at his face because the stupid tears wouldn't stop! He lets out a soft growl as he leads Leketh off towards the barrels of meat bits in blood sauce, yum, jams a hand into it in order to come up with a fistful. The little bronze? Totally thrilled to be here, yes. He's beaming, as much as a hatchling can beam. Do you see the fantastic wonderfulness that is my J'en? Do you see him? DO YOU?! But wait, what is this. The meat is ignore, briefly, as he peers up and over at his lifemate. J'en stiffens and shoots the bronze a look, "I am NOT leaking! I do not need to see the healers to have it fixed. Fuck…" he grumbles and holds the dripping bloody fist towards his muzzle. Leketh peers and stares, and then there is something nice. Oh yes, that is… Opening his maw, he accepts the stuff that's unceremoniously slapped (gently) onto his tongue and just thrums. NICE! Dropping back onto his haunches, he chews and probably shuts up about the whole leaking thing because Jae starts to relax and lets out a heavy sigh.

There are more that are coming into the barracks though. V'nyk is being careful to lead his own Lychenth about..although the little green isn't doing well with it. Something catches her attention and she steps sideways..only to have her back end continue forward. Whump. Down she goes. The healer hurries to help her up at least. "You have to keep your eyes forward when you walk, sweetie! But the food's right here..we can just..yes. Um..we can sit. Sitting is safe." Sitting is safe indeed as he settles down, not at all bothered by the bloody meat bits that are instantly grabbed for. Lychenth settles herself in a partial drape across his legs, daintily plucking meat from his fingers with a satisfied little gurgle of noise for /food/. It's only then that he lets his eyes wander a bit, spotting J'en not far off with a faint smile touching on his lips. /J'en./

N'lan was quietly leading Jabreth in from the yard, "Well I know you didn't want to be inside anymore but I've got to feed you and wash off some of your egg gunk." He was still surprised at how little there was on the large bronze, "I'm still curious as to how you fit in that egg without it bursting sooner." Seeing J'en and V'nyk had made it to the barracks before he did, "Congrats you four!"

There is more than one person leaking, though E'mi's is a little less noticeable, but it does make it hard for the new blue rider to talk, because the throat. It burns. There's no support needed for the lithe blue, as he's walking perfectly fine, but regardless, E'mi has a hand on the top of his head, reassuring herself. "Yes, yes. That couch over there is fine. Perfect choice, darling." E'mi tucks her legs up to her side, with Oranth curling up against her side, forcing one arm around behind him. It's like. The most sweetest thing anyone has seen E'mi do. The other hand is dipping into that nearby barrel, and Oranth is just about a dainty a eater as Lychenth, but he issues a thrum instead of a gurgle. She settles down as N'lan calls out, and her head snaps upwards and away from her blue for a moment. "To you, too. Well. Everyone." Humbled E'mi is humble. "This is… is…" No words is what it is.

ENTER XERMILTOTH, STAGE RIGHT. There's no missing the harlequin bronze's presence, not with wings spread out wide enough to clip somebody if they aren't looking, head held high as he struts as though he owns the place. « THAT WAS THRILLING. » Diamonds shatter and sparkle into absolutely everyone's minds without remorse. « DID YOU SEE ME FOOL MINE? » Faranth, but this one has no concept of volume. « I KNOW YOU MISSED IT, SO HERE, LET ME— » "Xermiltoth!" Laughter makes the name a lot less harsh, but it has the necessary affect, reigning in the bronze's sunbright mind. "They don't need a play-by-play." Especially when the evidence is clear, the man's back plastered with sand and hair askance - he was clearly tackled, but doesn't seem the slightest bit upset by it. Instead, dancing blue-grey eyes take in J'en (snort, cackle), V'nyk N'lan, and E'mi, as well as the lingering others, even as Xermi trots over and shoves his face into a bowl of meat. « THIS IS DELICIOUS. » "No no no no!" Shells…

L'kan arrives in the barracks still with his hand on the fiery bronze's neck, though it's pretty clear even now that Elenth is the one doing the leading - and Luka is surprisingly okay with it. "Food. Steak. Steak is good, you'll like steak." All the smoothness that he usually spouts seems to have vanished, he's babbling. « L'kan. » There's a note of warning in the bronze's voice, broacast to all the dragons in the room as well as the ex-woodcrafter. "Shutting up now. Sorry." Food. Food is over there next to J'en. There's a moment of hesitation as he catches sight of E'mi, but that's soon solved by a very deliberate wing-slap to L'kan's back - one day soon that'll be higher. "Sorry. Food."

J'en flicks a momentary glance Venryk…no V'nyk's way (that was going to take some getting used to) and ohhoho he spies that grin. He holds up a bloodied hand, just one finger, but not the one that perhaps is expected. It's just the pointer, "Don't. Even. Say. It." he says, that work shifting into one of absolute warning. Leketh nudges at the boy that is his, and looks between the bin and him, the bin and him, the bin and… "WHAT?!" Jae glares down at the bronzlet, before he utterly melts under those adoring eyes, but then he stiffens again and snatches another fistful of meat. "Fine." Contended chewing ensues as another mouthful is given and no hurry taken as he lets his attention wander over his clutchmates. Enter Xermiltoth (that was fun to spell), and while Leketh continues to high beam with how amazing that was, « I TOTALLY GET YOU BRO! » Because monkey see, monkey do - J'en shudders and reels, swaying into a step back before he catches himself and oh no, that is not a happy look he gives the bartender formally known as Heryn. "The FUCK?" Grumble. Grumble. And then he gives a light tap to Leketh's snout, "Keep it to yerself, ya shinny beacon of happiness. None of that shit."

V'nyk giggles quietly to himself, but shakes his head. "I wasn't saying anything, /Jae/." Oh but he was /thinking/ it, most certainly. Still, the greenrider is perfectly content to keep calling Jaelyn what he always has. Maybe it'll be a relief? Dragon jaws come down on his fingers then, thankfully minus the teeth as he yelps in surprise to find his whole hand..gone for a moment. "/Lychenth/. Slow down a second." More meat is given to her, but there is in fact a bit of a reeling look given to the broadcast /volume/ going on. Even Lychenth lifts her head with a large swallow, before trilling out a soft little melody followed..quite abruptly by, « IT IS SO GOOD ISN'T IT? » What? Everyone else was doing it!

E'mi winces visibly as Xermiltoth decides to broadcast everything. And Oranth isn't having much of that either. Eyes that were predominantly blue-green just a moment ago, acquire a tinge of orange-red, almost matching E'mi's hair. And into everyone's mind comes a soothing ballad, minus that slow, angry drum that sounds in the background. « Excitement is to be had, as is our love. They know this. » That ballad and the words are to soothe and calm, and Oranth forgets to stop broadcasting himself, and a lullaby works underneath the ballad. « Another bite, beloved. » Oh god. It's a bloody love story. But E'mi is obiedently holding out more meat for the blue. Now there's a sultry, pleasured salsa underwriting the ballad instead of the lullaby. « T'is very good. »

N'lan places a palm over his face as Jabreth continued his argument from before, projecting it to his clutchsiblings, « N'lan, I WANT to watch the sunset. » Followed by another headbutt to the gut of the smith turned rider. "Can't we do that after you eat?" The bronze doesn't budge, « Feed me OUTSIDE. »

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jabreth projects with the sound of distant thunder « N'LAN I WANT TO SEE A FEAST!» »

« Hey! Take it down a notch. » Grumpy Elenth is grumpy, even as L'kan begins shovelling chunks of meat into him. Even worse the little grouch is beginning to develop an itch in an awkward place so there's a bit of a shuffle going on until L'kan actually gets his brain in gear enough to help out.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Pralayth's mental touch is smooth and intoxicating, a masculine croon angled for Jabreth and the other new weyrlings: « Who said you can't? » Uh oh.

All the yelling and broadcasting and the fluffy horrors of love and justice shooting through his brain is just too much for J'en, and he gets a dark look across his face. Opening his mouth, Leketh stills and bumps at him again, for more food. The mouth shuts and instead of screaming at everyone because you know it was coming, he shovels more food into that eager mouth instead and just broods. So broody. Only once the hunger has been momentarily satisfied does the bronzlet twitch and wriggle, and WHINE. "Wha…fine." he sighs, flicking his hand out to splatter blood everywhere. You're welcome. Wiping the mess on his candidate robe, because white is so not his color anyway, he matches over to oil his lifemate up until gleaming which returns his whirling eyes from red to chilled blue. That done, a couch is selected and he ushers the wobbling sleeping defussed ball of excitement to lay down and curl up for sleep. But before his facets close, he gives one last nudge before drifting off. "Ugh. Congrats everyone." he barely manages to spit out like he'd just tasted something awful, face contorting to reflect this before he stomps out to go and get himself something to eat.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jabreth The storm calmed for now, only deep rolling thunder in the reply to the older mind, « N'lan said I must eat with the others inside before anything else. I wish to watch the sunset and see a feast.»

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Pralayth's mental chuckle is a fizzy effervescence, booze-laden traces of orange trickling through. « Surely you can put your head outside. Can't you? » Is that a challenge? It might be. A tiny one, but still.

Suddenly Jabreth is pushing N'lan toward the doors, "Come on Jabreth, can I at least feed you first?" The large bronze already steady on his feet gave an annoyed huff, « Bring the meat outside to feed me. »

Xermiltoth is only TOO PLEASED that others have seen fit to follow his suit, jaw cracking open up at R'hyn as though to say, 'SEE?!' It'd be a lot more convincing and/or adorable if said maw weren't dripping bloody bits, only freshly pulled back from a bowl of meat, but… you know. This is his life. These are his choices. And he won't be taken down by the likes of you, Jenny! "Yeah, yeah," the weyrling mutters, ruffling the boy's black hair before wincing again. « BRO! » DAZZLE. GLIMMER. « IT IS. » Those comments are likely meant for Leketh and Lychenth's respectively, but words of warning from his fellow dragons will not a quiet mind make. No, they are doomed. Doomed to a life of sadness and irritation as the bronze takes to quietly beatboxing underneath Oranth and Lychenth's melodies. « WHY SHOULD I? » gets projected into Elenth's grumpy mind. « I AM HAPPY. YOU SHOULD ALL KNOW IT. » His head swivels for intoxicating thoughts from elsewhere in the weyr, but before the bronze can even consider it, R'hyn captures his face in a firm if bloody hold and says, "No." Blue-greys then fix on everybody else with a wry, "I apologize in advance. I don't think he has a quiet setting." Definitely not.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Xermiltoth's mind sparkles and dazzles, white-hot diamonds flashing with black and gold, « SURE! WE CAN MAKE A BREAK FOR I— » Record screech. A sulky silence. Less-bright sparkles. « NEVERMIND HE SAYS NO. » SAD.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Pralayth's voice is so smooth. So fluid. It's really just a wave of liquored up goodness. It seems to bubble at the enthusiasm, though, a fizzy head on a distant mug of beer. « Not even just your nose? » Poke. Poke.

V'nyk brings his hands up to rub at his temples, only belatedly recalling..meat. Well /ew/. Lychenth obliges though with helping to clean, her tongue swiping up the side of his face courteously. The boy..makes a bit of a face for a moment, but then just shakes his head. "I think it's all gonna take some getting used to. Having extra stuff all going on up here." Lychenth's melody turns into a soothing breeze however, calmly rustling around the barracks. A calmness touched with the inevitable sleepiness, however. The healer smiles a bit when Jae flicks bloody bits around and heads off, getting to his own feet to help Lychenth pick out a couch. It's the one she trips and falls onto, really. Decision making..done! « We are /all/ happy, dear Xermi. Breathing the air and tasting the meat of freedom! » Mm. Freedom meats.

« Be happy, quieter. » A simple statement from a simple mind, though L'kan quickly follows it up with. "Sorry, he's a bit grouchy when he's…." His words are cut off by another wing-slap to the back. "Would you cut that out!" « Don't apologise, it's a sign of weakness. » Steaks vanish into Elenth at a rate of knots, but even he reaches a point (eventually) where enough is enough and he moves away from the barrels of meat to look at the empty couches.

[Dragon/HalfMoon] Jabreth 's voice returns with a faint cool breeze and the smell of fresh rainfall, « N'lan said he would feed me at the door, this is acceptable. »

E'mi's happy is starting to get a little tarnished by the bronze's constant broadcasting. That oh-so-familiar glare is on her face as she looks over at Her-R'hyn. "Apology only half accepted. He's hurting my head." The girl whines softly, rubbing at said head with the hand NOT covered in gore. Oranth seems to be his own steady anchor, that other - older mind - doesn't tempt him. Instead that ballad with a deep, soothing cello still plays with the angry drum faded to almost gone, most focused at the bubbly bronze. « As Elenth says. Be happy. But quieter. You cause others pain, irritation. » There's a pause, and the soothing melody increases. « My beloved should not be in pain. » E'mi, bless her good senses which have finally come, is remaining silent besides that first whine. Apparently her dragon is a hell of a lot smarter than she is.

N'lan finally came to an agreement with the bronze, bringing one of the barrels of meat over to the doorway. "Here's your dinner Jebreth." The bronze joyfully devours each handful of meat fed to him, his large mouth staying open until N'lan had filled it, the bronze half in, half out of the barracks. « Thank you N'lan, now I can enjoy outside. » The soft rumble of a distant storm calming the smith after the two had butted heads.

Xermiltoth pretends to think about that. He pretends so hard his eyes actually start to swirl as though he's thinking very deep, thinky thoughts, and then, « HOW ABOUT, NO! » It's cheerfully spat out, at least, his happy totally unhampered by judgments being passed on him by Elenth and E'mi. "Xermi…" « DON'T EVEN START, R'HYN. I'M NOT GOING TO BE SILENCED JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE IT. » "They don't want you silenced, they just want you to lower it a few decibles," the weyrling sighs, but Xermilitoth is uncompromising. « YOU CAN BE QUIET ALL YOU WANT. » Well. Nobody can say he doesn't stand up for himself. Blessfully, though, the sparkles are a little dimmer, the shatter of diamonds a little less painful in the backs of literally everyone's eyes. « I'M GONNA— I'M GONNA… » Fall right over asleep, probably, lured into sleepiness by Lychenth's rustling. My, but that was peaceful-sounding. Seizing upon the reprieve, R'hyn makes to drag the harlequin bronze to a couch, likewise indescriminate in their choice. « YES… FREEDOM! » A much less dazzling song empties itself into the ensuing silence as the bronze stretches out, the dragon humming a few bars in the time it takes Ryn to clean his hands and make his way back. Scritchy scratches are placed along the bronze's headknobs as he points amused looks around at his fellow weyrlings. "Heh. Some getting used to. You can say that again."

N'lan finally got Jabreth to finish eating, though he has decided to lay across a couch instead of in it, his tail laid out like a cord. N'lan quietly but carefully shifts the big bronze into place and motions over to the other weyrlings. "come on if we are quick about it the dragon's might not wake up until we have ate ourselves." As if to make a point his stomach growled loudly.

It seems to be the trend, dragonettes heading into their first day's sleep. After all, their stomachs have been filled to near the bursting point, and even Oranth is feeling sleepy as his control slips again. « I itch. » That throbbing of the drum is back, but it's only a throb, not a full on beat. E'mi is extracting herself off that couch, heading towards the oil and paddles. "I'll be along after I get him oiled and settled." She pipes up as she starts the oiling process. "I didn't really each much earlier." And now, her stomach has settled, and hungry, echoing Oranth's previous hunger. And then her full attention is back on her blue.

For all he grumps Elenth at least doesn't try to shush Xermiltoth any longer, though there's a definite relaxation once the other bronze falls asleep. After carefuyl consideration a couch is chosen by virtue of flopping on it and deciding it's good enough. As the others look to be setting off L'kan shakes his head, "He's not tired. I'll… save me something?"

N'lan nods his head to L'kan, "I can do that for you L'kan. Anything in particular?" He may not always show it but when the two men aren't playfully ribbing each other they are steadfast friends. "I'm sure you eat for two like I do."

L'kan grins, "Thought you were looking a bit…" he pats his stomach deliberately, "bigger." There;'s a pause and a grin, then he shrugs, "I could kill a steak but I'm fairly sure that's his influence. Just keep me… 2 of everything?"

N'lan flashes L'kan a smile before flexing, "Well I'm glad you noticed my friend I thought I was looking bigger as well." He gave a soft chuckle before nodding, "Aye, I'll bring you back two of everything and one extra steak for good luck."

Xermiltoth's hummed song quiets steadily, pauses between verses becoming longer and longer until finally he ceases noise-making all together. There might still be the odd sparkle of white diamonds here and there, mind never quite silenced even when asleep. R'hyn, too, seems to relax in the ensuing peace, though only for a moment before reality sets in. "Shells." The man's wrist gets applied to the area between his eyebrows, serious blue-grey gaze fixating and staying on Xermiltoth's sleeping form for a long moment. The fingers on his other hand continue to scratch, but only for a moment before food-talk draws the man back into himself. Or. As much of himself is left, what with the addition of another mind. Food-talk earns a glance, but in the end, R'hyn ends up just sort of… sitting there, awed and bemused and a little worried until, eventually, he gets to his feet and makes his way to grab food while it may be grabbed.

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