Odd Design Requests

Western Weyr - Recreation Cavern
A large cavern with gaming tables, dart boards and other sorts of things to keep people amused. There is a bar on one side of the room that will provide liquid amusment as well.

Evening has settled across the Weyr, with the dinner hour having wrapped up and most of the weyrfolk now wandering off to their quarters or wrapping up a few remaining tasks before calling an end to the day. A few may be even enjoying the cooler temperatures outdoors, now that the sun is well below the horizon. The recreation cavern seems almost deserted at this hour, with only a pair of residents in the far corner huddled over their own card game and one lone weyrling. Th'ero seems a little out of place, but his old habit of seeking out quiet areas hasn't seemed to change. He's claimed a table nearby the dartboard, an empty plate the only evidence of the weyrling's meal, but he's not seated. Instead, he stands a few paces away with darts in hand and one ready to launch, brows knitted together in concentration.

Iris meanders down to the recreation cavern, freshly bathed and dressed in one of her old green skirts and a faded white tanktop. "Hey there," she smiles at Th'ero as she takes a seat on a couch not far from the dartboard and pulls up her knees under her, kicking sandals to the floor. She pulls a folder and notepad out of her handbag before dropping it to the floor by her sandals. She pulls a set of floorplans out of the folder and sets them on the couch beside her, then props the notepad on the arm of the couch. Pencil is pulled out and she starts making marks on the page, glancing around the room from time to time to check what she's marking.

Ila'den is not alone when he enters the recreation caverns. No, Kiltara is clutching tight at her brother's shoulders, face buried in her brother's neck while those grey eyes (well, the one that's not swollen, anyway) peer out at their surroundings in a rather subdued way. The first person that Ila spots is Th'ero, who gets a grin from the other bronzer and a jerk of his chin in a silent 'hello'. The second person he notices is Iris, whose head he lays a hand on the top of as he passes by. "Past your bed time, isn't it old lady?" He's teasing, but he moves stand beside Th'ero and watch the show. He will be quiet in respect to his concentration, though he's quite intent on seeing if the weyrling will hit his mark.

Th'ero had just begun to pull back his arm in preparation to throw, only to halt midway when he's distracted by Iris' arrival and greeting. Blinking a little, as his concentration is broken, the weyrling smiles faintly in return. "Hey, Iris." He replies, glancing back to the board, only to spot Ila'den entering now as well. There's a curt nod in return, though his gaze lingers on Kiltara and the swollen eye the young girl is sporting. A questioning look is given briefly to the other bronze weyrling, but then he's focused back on the darts. Once the path is clear, he takes aim and throws the dart, only to hit within the middle bands. He's been practicing! He seems to consider the other darts in his hand and then rather then line himself up to resume, he's instead wandering closer to the other weyrlings. Pausing only to jab all the darts he carries into the dartboard (isn't that cheating?) on his way by, Th'ero cranes his head a little to peer curiously at Iris' work as he comes to a stop not far from Ila'den. "Are these your plans for the remodeling?" he asks, gaze wandering over the design and from the look on his face, it's all alien looking to him. He's probably never looked at schematics or designs before, but that doesn't stop him sneaking a look or two.

Iris makes a disgruntled face at Ila'den when he ruffles her hair. "Never past my bedtime. Don't you know, I don't have to sleep? Not only do I have the secret of life, I have mastered the 24 hour day!" She looks up at him then, a winning smile on her face before her gaze drifts to Kiltara. "Hey there, sweet stuff. How're you feeling today?" She smiles at the small girl but glances back at Th'ero to catch his throw. When he hits the middle bands, she applauds lightly, pencil still in hand. "Getting better!" is called out before he comes over, then she shrugs at the plans. "Well, they're the plans so far, yes. I didn't draw'em up though. I'm just messing with them now that they're done. Trying to check off everything in the want list, make sure it's all there, figure out how to work in some of the more bizarre offers we had for random, ah, stuff, people want to put in here."

Ila'den rolls his shoulders up in a shrug at the questioning look that Th'ero gives him, but the former renegade will only elaborate with silence. There's nothing to be said for the marks on his sister's face; he certainly didn't put them there, and the child has refused to talk about who, exactly, it was. It's Kiltara that gives the other bronzer a slow smile, and then tucks away her face with an uncharacteristic sort of shy. "Next you'll be telling me that you have the secrets to something even more outrageous. I think I've had quite enough of you and your secrets," Ila laughs. When that initial dart hits its target, Ila'den gives a low, appreciative whistle, hefting Kiltara further up on his hip before murmuring, "Nice throw." But his attention is drawn to Iris once more, just as Th'ero moves to stand alongside the female weyrling. Kiltara's eyes are the only one lingering when Th'ero sticks the remaining darts in the board, and the child giggles from behind a hand before whispering, "He cheated," to Ila. Grey eyes glance to see just what it is that his kid sister is accusing Th'ero of when he's drawn back to the conversation at hand. He moves closer himself, to peer over Iris' shoulders at her plans while he leans down to place Kiltara on the floor. The child moves to scramble up on the couch beside Iris, catching at the woman's arm and smiling up at her. "Teimyrth let me ride on his bad," she confides, as if this is the secret to having a very, very good day.

"Goes to show I spend too much time in here, if I'm getting better." Th'ero dips his head in a slightly teasing gesture to Iris' applause, smirking faintly but his tone amused. The same gesture is repeated for Ila'den and Kiltara as well, followed by a chuckled "Thanks." But the dart game is abandoned now, though he gives Kiltara a lopsided smile. "I did not." He says, feigning innocence before she scrambles away to join Iris. As Iris explains the work in front of her, he gives it another curious glance over before grimacing slightly. "Looks overly complicated to me." He admits, tilting his head a little one way and then again in the other direction. Eventually he just shakes his head and looks away, though something Iris says has him giving her a quizzical look. "Bizarre offers? Like what? And dare I ask?" There's an uncertain look given to both Iris and Ila'den now, Th'ero no doubt wondering just what could be in store for the recreation cavern.

Iris shrugs, waving her hands in a helpless gesture. "I'm sure I'll come up with something even more outlandish soon enough." But in a lower voice, she gives a weak laugh. "But I'm quite sure you already know any secrets I have, so maybe I won't bother." As Kiltara scrambles up onto the couch beside her, she gives the girl a broad, earnest smile and shifts papers out of the way so the girl can come close. "I bet that was /fun/! It's so high up, isn't it? Did he fly with you?" She reaches her free arm around to pull the girl in for a hug if she'll let her. Th'ero gets a light chuckle. "Bizarre like engine-run games, or the public computer- okay that one's not bizarre, but they want all these random things. Exercise machines- can't you just run outside? Weight machines, even more board games- games that they /invented/ just to submit."

"No need for thanks," Ila'den informs Th'ero. "Just giving credit where credit is due." Kiltara seems much inclined to do the same, though her credit has little to do with compliments. "Did so! You cheated! Cheater, cheater!" the child chirps, though she ducks out of view as best she can along Iris' side, emitting childish peals of delighted laughter even when the woman pulls her in for a hug. She brings those tiny arms around Iris' neck, planting a kiss on her cheek before settling comfortably on her lap. "Ila wouldn't let him fly with me," she says, suddenly sullen. "He said that Teimyrth tried to kill him today. I wish he had. Maybe then I could fly." Ila gives his sister a playful scowl, saying only, "You would miss me too much," before he laughs at the look Th'ero gives him, and more at the strange things people have asked after. "I'd be more concerned about these invented games. Do any of them involve a lack of clothes? Because I would like to put my vote behind that one."

There's another nod given to Ila'den, but then his attention turns to the young girl, mouth twitching a little as he fights off a grin. "Alright, so I cheated - a little!" Th'ero admits with a soft laugh when Kiltara calls him out, holding both hands up slightly in defeat. The weyrling then blinks a little when Iris lists off some of the more bizarre requests she's received and dons a rather blank look when he tries to picture such machines. "I'll agree on the computer being the least odd of all of those. But really… they're using technology now for exercise? What kind of idea is that?" The weyrling grimaces again, lifting a hand up to rub at the side of his head as he frowns. Ila'den's remark earns an amused snort, Th'ero's glance darting to the other weyrling before he grins crookedly. "I thought there were already… what, maybe two? Or one game, at least, that could result in that." He remarks, chuckling. "But if there is a new one, add my vote in with his, won't you, Iris?" Th'ero grins broadly then, leaving it uncertain as to whether he's simply teasing or being serious - though knowing the former guard, it's probably a mix of both.

Iris is distracted by the cheating accusations, confused about their origin. She glances at the dartboard and rolls her eyes to discover the source, though she also laughs, hard enough to shake with the amusement. "I say, Kiltara, you think you could do better without cheating?" She returns the girl's kiss, planting one on the girl's forehead before wrapping her arms around the girl and leaning back against the couch, getting comfortable herself. She nods at Th'ero. "I do think a computer's a good idea, they are getting more popular on Pern and one out here in the public will encourage people to try them out. Maybe not the older folks, but those Kiltara's age, and our age. As for exercise… it was a Vintner's idea, actually. Does that say anything to you?" She laughs again, then snorts at Ila'den and Th'ero. "Surprisingly, none of those. Yet. I suppose you want to submit a game involving just that?"

Kiltara merely beams at Th'ero, pleased that she could pull the truth out of him. Still, when Iris is offering up a challenge of dart-throwing prowess, the child nods without a moment's hesitation. "Of course I could!" she boasts, looking to her brother for support who gives several solemn nods to his sister's declaration. "Kil told me I can do /anything/ if I just put my mind to it." Ila'den spares the child a half grin before leaning to give Th'ero a bit of a shoulder bump. "You can never have enough games that involve stripping, my friend." And then those grey eyes are settling on Iris as he momentarily contemplates new rules for a new game. "Whoever takes their clothes off the fastest wins. That's my input. You got any ideas to add onto that one, Th'ero?" The minds of men!

"I wouldn't doubt that she could do better then all three of us. And see? She agrees!" Th'ero muses, chuckling again as he crosses his arms loosely over his chest. Glancing back to Iris, he gives her a thoughtful look as he slowly lets his gaze slide back to the design plans. There's a slight exhale of breath as he continues to be stumped over the whole exercise idea. "A Vintner suggested it?" he replies, still sounding incredulous over the concept. "I suppose it would have its merits but… why exercise on a machine when there's plenty of outdoors and natural exercises that do just that." Th'ero gestures vaguely to the outdoors with a free hand before tucking it back under his arm. At the mention of the computer, Th'ero smirks a little. "So it seems their popularity has grown. I'm still… reluctant to bother fiddling around with one." He admits with a shrug, though he's suddenly getting a shoulder bump from Ila'den and he turns a little to give the other bronze weyrling a curious look. There's a bit of a sharp laugh at his comments and then Th'ero is returning the shoulder bump gesture. "Too simple, Ila'den! Where's the challenge in that?" The minds of men indeed! And it's unusual that Th'ero is being so openly accepting to this. Normally he's the prudish one of the lot.

Iris glances at Ila'den as Kiltara does, grinning up at the taller weyrling. "He's a smart brother, then. You've got about a billion options open to you here." Then she gives the little girl another squeeze and glances down at the plans. "I don't know. Maybe he wants to run at night? Maybe he's lazy? Don't ask me. I don't think we're putting it in, though. Not when, like you said, we have plenty of outdoors." She smirks back at Th'ero. "Well, when the computer is here, you'll have to give it a try. I've been getting used to them with my practice in Enka's office. Been writing little stories, even. It's kind of nifty, typing and printing- less sore fingers and sore wrists from trying to get everything on my mind down on paper." The menfolk get another eyeroll and she murmurs in Kiltara's ear, "Men. Take note, sweetie, they are /all/ stinky and ridiculous and obsessed with 'naked' when you grow up." And louder, she snorts at said menfolk. "We already have a poker table and we know there's strip poker. You want challenge, just translate any of the other games into a strip version."

Ila'den, since the first time in joining this conversation, comments on the pros and cons of bringing exercising gear into the fray. "Well, I can understand wanting something to work out on indoors. Western's heat isn't the most pleasant of things to contest with, but you can tell this Vintner of yours that if they want a good burn in muscle, my dragon is available at any time of any day to be washed. Thoroughly." He will just skip around the mention of computers. He's still reeling from the fact that such a contraption even exists. Still, they're back to stripping, and Ila is laughing at Th'ero's suggestion. "What's more challenging than getting out of skin-tight clothes faster than the next person? It's brilliant, I say." But when Iris is whispering falsehoods in the ears of impressionable young children, Ila'den laughs and then shakes his head. "Oh no. You won't be sharing any of your crazy ideas with Kiltara, Iris." When he leans down to heft his younger sister out of Iris' hands, he's kissing the top of the woman's head. "Kiltara hasn't had anything to eat yet, so I'm going to head down to the caverns. You two have fun, and I plan on hearing more ideas from you, Th'ero."

"Shells don't let my opinion sway you, Iris. I'm Holdbred and stubborn to new ideas." Th'ero points out teasingly, though the teasing seems directed at himself rather then her. "Ask around? Maybe some of the other residents will like the idea." Then Ila'den is giving his opinion on the matter and Th'ero promptly gestures with a jerk of his head. "See? Good points." When she tries to convince him about learning to use the computer, Th'ero frees a hand again to wave off the suggestion. "I'll consider it. But right now I've other things to focus on first. If I've the time, then I'll fiddle with it. Just don't chew me out if I break the sharding thing." Th'ero smirks a little then, still ever stubborn when it comes to technology. He doesn't seem to catch what Iris murmurs to Kiltara, instead focusing on Ila'den again. "You never mentioned skin-tight clothing as a requirement." He jokes, broad grin still firmly in place. When Ila'den moves to gather Kiltara and head out, the weyrling raises one hand up in a half-wave to him. "Oh, you will." He assures, though whether he'll remain faithful to that promise - only time will tell. With another sigh, Th'ero shakes his head a little, grin now turning lopsided again. "You're right though, Iris. There is strip poker and any game can really be twisted to a more ah… adult nature, I guess. Throw in ample drinking and it shouldn't be a problem for folk to be creative." Chuckling, Th'ero lets his arms drop to his sides, but not before giving Iris a half-wave as well, followed by a smile. "I should be getting back to the barracks." He murmurs, "Good luck with your work." And with that, Th'ero turns on his heels and strides out into the living cavern, chuckling a little under his breath as he leaves.

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