Mister Sketcher Man

Western Weyr - Beach to the South

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The weather is typically glorious for Western - the bright, warm sun overheard is surrounded by a cerulean sky, studded with puffball clouds that are pushed along by a gentle, seaborn zephyr. That gentle breeze freshens up the air on the beach just outside of the Weyr itself; a strip of pale sand bordered by the jungle, and, at present, occupied by very few people. One of those basking in the sun's warmth is Fynnigan, sprawled across a towel and wearing nothing but shorts as he soaks up Rukbat's rays. He's sketching in a large pad, while his muses - two obviously young firelizards, one bronze, one green - are nestled into the sand before him.

In the skies above Eastern, an unfamiliar flash of emerald green appears. A shadow falls over the beach as the form begins to slowly circle downwards. The dragon's landing is soft, and it isn't much longer before a teeny tiny woman is sliding down. "Sohnyu! Do you actually /know/ where we are? Who'd you get this image from anyhow?" The words come from Miki's mouth as she strips off her flight jacket and tucks it into one of her lifemate's packs. Bright blue eyes search the area around, finally falling on Fynnigan. She breathes a tiny sigh of relief at the sight of another human and makes her way over. "Hi!" She greets cheerfully, glancing first at the young man and then the sketchbook. "You um, you wouldn't happen to know where this is….would you?"

When Sohnyuoth lands, Fynnigan naturally looks up at her - and when her rider approaches him he flips his sketchbook closed and pushes himself up so that he's sitting. When she speaks to him though, he stands up, dusting his sand-and-graphite covered hands off on his shorts. "I, um, do, ma'am, this is Western Weyr, ma'am. Or… well, /that/ is Western Weyr." He points to the hulking mound of the Weyr itself, not too far away from where they currently are.

Miki purses her lips slightly and shakes her head. "No ma'am. Please no ma'aming. You're making me feel old!" The playful chiding is followed up by a glance over towards the Weyr. "You can just call me Miki. And that over there's Sohnyuoth. Do you know the name of this beach though? We were supposed to end up at Western's lagoon….and well, this is close. But I don't think it's really it, huh?" The 4'10 woman gives another quick glance around. "Please tell me we're close."

"O-oh, ok, sorry, ma'iki." It's a bad transition in the attempt to save himself, making Fynnigan blush beet red and drop his gaze shyly. "You're close to the lagoon, but it's more that way, further along the coast. You'd have to fly out around the bit of the Weyr that's jutting out into the sea over there, and then once you're around it - or, well, I suppose you could go over it? - the lagoon's there, anyway." He gives a gentle shrug of his shoulders to say that's the end of his description, and offers the greenrider a soft sort of smile. "I don't think this particular beach has a name, but I've not been here all that long to know for sure, m" The beginning of another 'ma'am' is bitten off before it can form, the slip-up leaving Fynnigan biting his lip.

Miki has to bring up a hand to stifle a giggle at that transition. "You're cute!" There's a glance for the blush and a tiny shake of her head before she's glancing off in the direction that he's pointed. "Right, further along the coast, huh? Guess we came out a little too soon, huh?" There's a warm smile given in return for his before she's giving him a playful hip bump. Though if he wanted to dodge it, it'd certainly be easy enough too! "Miki. Unless you really think I'm old? I bet I have wrinkles on my forehead already, don't I….?" The greenie trails off with her question, tilting her head to the side curiously and fishing for a name. "Don't I Mister Sketcher Man?"

Fynnigan blushes even more with the hip-bump, biting back on his shy laughter and looking away along the coast to where the lagoon is hidden by the Weyr. "M-maybe a little early, perhaps?" He's agreeing, though the phrase lilts upwards with that hint of a question at the end. "I d-don't think it's ever f-fair," flusteredness causes him to stutter a little as he carefully picks his words, making his speech a little slower, "to com-comment on a lady's age, ma'— Miki, but I think your forehead looks perfectly smooth, if I may say so?" He doesn't get the name hint; perhaps it slipped his mind in trying to say the right thing?

Miki laughs quietly, "Just a bit early. I blame that hunk behind me." The greenie hitches a thumb over her shoulder at Sohnyuoth, who'se slowly been padding closer. There's a quiet snort for the comment in her direction. "Aw, that's so sweet! You really think it's smooth, Mister Sketcher Man? Or whatever your name is. What's your name?" There's a quick wink for the boy then. "You know, you can relax a bit. I'm not very scary! Though I can't say the same for Soh—" The woman is promptly cut off by a nudge from the emerald green, sending Miki stumbling forward. But whatever sentiments she has for the rider at the moment are apparently not the same for Fynnigan. For him there's a sweet sweet croon and warble!

"F-fynnigan. I'm Fynnigan." The slender teen offers his name with a quivering smile, because he's not quite sure how to continue with the compliment that already had him flushed a shy rouge. He bends down to pick up his sketchbook, hugging it to his chest as a shield of sorts and giving the shorter woman a coy smile where he rests his chin on the edge of it. His eyes go wide when her dragon nudges her and his instinctive reaction is to reach out and steady her - which he does. "Are you ok, ma— /Miki/. Miki?"
Miki teeters, grabbing hold of one of Fynnigan's arms as he steadies her. "Sorry about that…." She bites her lip for a moment, trying to get her balance back and finally succeeding with the teen's help. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks!" Blue eyes glance upwards, neck craning slightly to catch his gaze. "She just does things like that sometimes. I don't know wh—" Once again she's cut off by a push from the green, sending her reeling forward once more. And this time, well, it might even have enough force to knock Fynnigan over as well.

For all he's got that wiry, coltish sort of strength to him, the second push /is/ enough to knock Fynnigan down too. He's probably too freaked out by the fact that he's got a greenrider on his arm, and then even /closer/, to try and adjust his balance. But at least the sand is soft! And his two little firelizards aren't in the way to be squished, either. Propping himself up on his elbow, Fynn blinks worriedly at Miki, then springs to his feet to offer her a hand to get to hers… though he's decidedly wary of the pushy green. "Can I help you up? Sh-she won't… she won't /push/ again, will she?"

Miki winces as begins to sit up, rubbing sand away from her face. "Thanks….." There's a bit of coughing that follows, the rider likely having gotten some of the sand in her mouth. She reaches up with slender fingers, taking his hand and using his help to get to her feet. "No, no, she won't push again. It's not you or anything. It's me…cause I'm being slow." There's a tiny sigh before features are curling into a warm smile and she's reaching into her pocket. "Sohnyuoth would like me to inform you that she believes you're a darling of a guy. And she likes how you aren't /completely/ running after us inflicting ourselves upon you. And soooo….she'd love it if you'd stand the clutch on Fort's sands right now!" Opening her hand, Miki reveals a white candidate's knot and dangles it in the air between them. "How about it Fynnigan?"

Fynn's response is to blink. And blink again. And again. His green eyes flicker from the dragon to the knot, then to Miki, to the knot again, then down to his own two feet, bare as they are in the sand. "I… uh…" He slips into silence as he thinks, hugging his sketchbook to his chest while his brow furrows thoughtfully. It's a good few moments before he delivers his answer, and even then its spoken more as a question. "If it would be alright, I… I-I'd really like to come? If it's not too much of a bother for anyone!"

Miki waits quietly, smiling to herself as she watches the boy clutch his sketchbook shield and shift his gaze about. "Would it be alright? Of course it would! It'd be more than alright, it'd be amazing." There's a quiet laugh under her breathe before the AWLM slides over to stand next to him. She continues to keep the knot dangling, waiting to see if he'll finally take it. "Besides, we're always more than happy to give cute people a ride." For a moment though, she puts all jokes aside. "And well, you've been really nice. Helping us out when you're lost, putting up with all the pushing. She's seen something in you, and it's something that makes her want to take you back. So don't ask if you can come, just go ahead and say what you want to do! With confidence!"

With confidence? Fynnigan's blushing turns a shade /deeper/, if such a thing is even possible, especially in the light of the amount of 'cute' that's being thrown around. Prising one hand from his sketchbook he reaches out for the white knot, tentatively curling his graphite-smudged fingers around it. "I-I… I would love to come, please." It's about as confident as the greenrider will get from him, as he peers down at the knot with an expression that's a complete mix of emotion - dominant amongst which, at the moment, is awe.

Miki gives a little hop, skip, jump sort of thing when he takes the knot before letting out an excited whoop. "Great! Oh, I'm so glad you said yes, so very glad!" Sohnyuoth seems equally pleased, lowering her head to brush against him in a sort of nuzzle as she croons. "Alright, so if you need to pick up anything to bring with you, we can stop by wherever. And after that? I'll be whisking you straight off to Fort!" And well, if he doesn't dodge her grasp, she'll grab hold of a hand and stard leading the way over to Sohnyuoth.

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