Follow The Leader

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It has a been a very busy few days for the Weyr, though mostly for the new Weyrlings, staff, dragons and the like honestly. Right now? Well that would be lessons, lessons and more lessons! A the moment, well it is time for then to get physical! One can just hear some music playing in the background, OR is that Irkevalath singing?…. "IRK! Shut it!" Sundari snapps out towards her dear blue in a rather loving way, really it is before she glances back towards the ones that are before her. "Now then…. We are going to work on walking, I know you don't think it is anything major but it is something very improtant. Walking, stretching of the limbs, wings, tail everything is veryimportant I assure you." Irkevalath is wiggling about on his haunches, he rather enjoys this part as he gets to help out a lot it seems, and he gets to goof off a bit more then normal.

E'mi might be applying her head to a wall or a desk in her spare time, with all these lessons that are taking place. From harpering lessons into lessons that are - given - much more important, but still lessons. Her sanity's saving grace has been Oranth, and as the two listen to Sundari, E'mi's stroking her blue's dark headknobs in a fond fashion. And her left eyebrow starts a trek into hairline. "Walking?" She sounds a little dubious, and Oranth gives a small rumble in response, something private obviously being said. "But Oranth, you know how to walk!" The rumble is a little stronger this time, and Emi just looks back to Sundari, waiting for whatever is next.

Busy is certainly one word for the past couple days. R'hyn still hasn't managed to wrap his mind around everything that has transpired, even with the long stretches of peace he's afforded by a dragonet that sleeps more often than he's awake. This is, perhaps, because when he is awake, Xermiltoth is relentless. Lessons are met with enthusiasm, and then repeated for hours thereafter, the bronze cycling through them like someone might run through flashcards, one after the other until he collapses back into sleep again. It was exhausting, but also thrilling, and almost too much to handle judging by the way Heryn's spacing out as he awaits the start of today's lesson. Xermiltoth isn't yelling, for once, but diamonds still scatter into the minds of everyone present as he boxes out a quiet beat under Irkevalath's song. Sundari's insistence on the blue shutting it startles both weyrling pair, blue-grey and faceted eyes both focusing in on Sunny for her words. "That does seem a little simple," he agrees with E'mi, "but if you say so. Should we do anything in particular while we walk?"

Sundari looks a bit amused at the questions before pointing to Irkevalath and she is soon just grinning. "They have to follow the leader with Irk being the leader" She offers with an innocent like tone. "So what he does they must follow. Wing lifts, leg lifts, tail flicks, the whole bit." Irkevalath shifts slowly stretching in the process, his scared up blue hide giving a good shake before he turns and is moving off to the far side of the training field. "Sounds easy I understand, yes they can walk but right now they have to get use to moving each muscle and the like over and over after all." Sunny points after Irk. "If you will have them make a line behind Irk please?"

While the diamonds in her mind might not be screamingly loud today, E'mi still does give that blackened bronze a bit of a sour look. But quickly enough she's kissing one of Oranth's headknobs and gives the dragonette a gentle push in an indicator for him to start moving as she moves to find herself a comfortable perch that isn't the ground. As Oranth starts off across the field a soft symphony of strings starts up, both giving Xermi a new beat to box to, and an inspiring theme to get them moving. His moves on the ground while not concentrating on anything are indeed spritely and well placed. Please. He hatched knowing where his feet are. "I guess if you say." Is E'mi's deference, waiting to see just what this is all about.

R'hyn matches Sundari's grin with one of his own, nodding amiably despite his exhaustion. "Yeah, alright, we can do that, can't we—" But his dragon is already off, hustling over to Irkevalath with a dazzling, « WHERE YOU LEAD, I WILL FOLLOW! » Luckily, blessfully in some cases, Oranth has unlocked the secret to keeping the bronze quiet-ish. There are likely to be times Xermiltoth tries to put words to the blue's melodies, but his vocabulary isn't quite there yet, and so he takes up a low, steady beat instead, starry diamonds in black and gold keeping time. "It's only going to get better before it gets worse," the man drawls towards E'mi, expression apologetic as he ambles alongside her to join his excitable bronze in line. "Don't run ahead," he reminds Xermiltoth when he gets there. "We're in line for a reason. Stay in your position." Whirling eyes make NO PROMISES.

N'lan steps into the weyrling training field, from the weyrling barracks.

"I understand they have been walking E'mi and you feel they know how to talk rather well. But walking and flapping one's wings and following are a few different things if you please." Sundari offers, her tone soft while she eyes the other a moment. Please give the WLM a bit of credit here! Irkevalath is rather quiet as he stands her watching the blue a bronze with a rather soft croon escaping him, his eyes are a soft swirl while hishead lowers in a slight bow of sorts. There is a sudden soft strum of music something from a violin that slowly drifts through the pair's mind that is light and happy and coming from that bue blunder actually. « If you would follow me please? We are going for a walk, a very important walk! I want you to do everything I do. Understand? » This could be interesting… Or well anything COULD happen with Irk in charge of something. With that said Irk moves foward, a shake of his rump, twich of his tail and then he is moving forward slowly at first mind you, NOTHING to crazy JUST yet! Sundari just chuckles while watching arms folding before her loosely.

There's a line going on in the training field. A line of a huge blue and two little dragonettes playing Follow The Leader. Oranth's inspiring symphony doesn't stop as he warbles back to the older blue in greeting, looking forward to this. Put all three of the dragons together and you might have something akin to a slower Lindsey Stirling song at this point. « Everything? » Its not a sass question like his rider is prone but, just making sure instead. That trim head tilts to the side… and he wiggles that rump - easy! - but that tail twitch… that's a little harder. So there's a pause as he looks back at his tail and gets it to flick before he's starting off after Irk, very deliberate in his movements, but that symphony spiraling upwards into happy, gaining momentum in its tempo. Mean while E'mi is with R'hyn and Sundari towards the sidelines, but apparently ready to catch a fumbling dragonettes. The girl makes a little face at Oranth's trouble with the tail twich, but merely chuckles instead. "Okay, okay. I get it." … Seriously. WHERE IS EMIALLIS?

N'lan had shown up for class late yet again, nearly having to drag Jabreth to the class only to find Irk making the dragons play follow the leader, N'lan raised his hand for a moment before asking a question. "Ma'am, what are we to do if our lifemate wishes not to follow Irk?" The large bronze calmly sitting down near the former smith, staring up at the clouds with passive interest. The deep roll of thunder in the distance comes to the other dragons with a thin crack of silvery lightning, « Why should I mimic you? » Clearly this young dragon doesn't seem that impressed with the older blue.

R'hyn is, alas, too polite to ask who this rider is, and what has she done with the Emiallis they all knew and 'loved.' Well. It's perhaps politeness, and a lack of desire to encourage others to question him right back. It's only too frequent now that the usually good-humored bartender's eyes fog up, going distant and vaguely teary as he watches his dragon do simple, dragon-y things. Like now. He's just walking, but it's his dragon walking. Ugh. It only gets worse when Xermiltoth stops in fits and starts to try to combine walking and shaking and tail flicking - when he finally gets it, the harlequinned creature shoots Heryn (read: all of them) a beamed, « IT'S LIKE A DANCE. » For Faranth's sake. It's like he's a proud father, or big older brother, both of the titles unfamiliar to R'hyn as he snorts and cautions, "Yeah, but watch out, you're going to—" It's too late. Distraction causes him to bump right into Oranth's tail with a startled, « MY BAD. » R'hyn sighs loudly through a chuckle, lifting one hand to wave over at N'lan when he appears. He tries real hard not to show amusement for the poor Smith's troubles, disguising a smile poorly behind a raised fist.

Irkevalath continues his movement in that line, right front leg, left back leg at the same time and at the same time this happens his left wing slowly moves upwards. His limbs are set down along wth his wing only to have his left front leg and right hind leg up and then right wing slowly moving upwards, along with another rump wiggle. This happens a few times, all slow as let's face it he can do it without much thought but he knows the ones behind him might not. A soft strum of that violin is caught once more, slowly drifting into each of the hatchling's mind's even a certain bronze that seems pointedly against him. « Because it is fun? Why do you no wish to? » The question is sent with a soft coon and slight tilt of his head while a swirl of his eyes is sent towards the (for now) much smaller bronze. Sundari ponders a bit at this as she hears N'lan. "Give it some time… We will work at it N'lan." She'll give him a smile. "Irk won't take it to heart." She can hope at least. Sunny will look to R'hyn offering him a smile now and shakes her head. "His fine, this is part of the lesson. It seems simple walking? But they have to pay attention to everything, including to what and who is in front of them."

Oranth can't project and tumble at the same time. A tendril of catchy, inspiring symphony had been reaching towards Jabreth, incouraging him to participate in the fun, but it crashes to a halt with a mangling of instruments as Oranth nosedives into the dirt. « Hey! » "Oranth!" E'mi's shooting off to the dragonette's side to help. There's an intense thrumming of an angry drum for a handful of heartbeats before it fades as the dragonette straightens himself up with the help of his rider. E'mi brushes off the dirt from his snout, and he sneezes in turn, before nudging her back towards the sidelines. E'mi's wiping that dragonsnot off her chin without a word or a look of distaste, and Oranth resumes that catchy and spirited symphony as he looks at Irk, and cocks his head to the side for a moment. The pairing of legs he gets down pat in a few moments, but adding that wing in. Ooo. Challenge. There are quite a few badly out of sync attempts before he finally gets a sync'd pair! But no but wiggle. That's forgotten. « Lookit, E'mi!! » Yeah, he sounds just about as excited as Xermi does, the music trilling in jubilation.

N'lan nods his head although he turns and notices R'hyn's smile poorly hidden behind his fist and slightly frowns, his brows furrowed in distaste. Jabreth seems indifferent about his blue sibling's song to him. The thunder louder now, more stern as if warning of an impending storm, « Why do something as simple as walking? Teach me something better. » Clearly the young bronze feels like walking and doing little actions like moving their wings is to simple for someone like him to replicate on a whim. The smith rubs the back of his head in frustration. "What else won't you do, besides making me sleep in the training field the last three nights in a row."

R'hyn can't help it - it's amusing to see a dragon other than his be purely obstinate for a change. Still, the laughter behind his eyes is short-lived as diamonds begin to spark and scatter, catching the sunlight of his mind with increasingly poor fractals. Quiet beatboxing falls out of sync, and then stops all together, a grating record-screech kind of a noise accompanying the bronze's sudden drop to his butt. « I ITCH, » gets announced with no small amount of annoyance, diamonds cracking with displeasure as R'hyn basically tag-teams E'mi on her way back from her dragon. It's his turn fuss as the harlequinned bronze's entire body shudders before he butts his head against Heryn's leg to rub furiously against the fabric of his pants. "It's that same spot," the weyrling says with annoyance, reaching down to insert fingers between leg and headknobs, earning himself a loud croon underlined with a firework fizzle of diamond shapes for them all. "Sorry, Sunny. Gonna have to go see if we can get it oiled. He can't focus when it does this," the bronze weyrling mumbles, giving the weyrlingmaster an apologetic glance before tugging Xermiltoth off. "C'mon buddy, let's go." « I WILL BE BACK! » But probably not. Exit, stage left.

Irkevalath shifts to the side and wiggles his rump once more, tail slowly swaying and his right wing opens and stays that way while he paues and holds his left front leg up. « Because it is important to follow directions for such things as this toget to the more advance things that will come in the following days. You must follow these lessons in order to pass. If you do no pass then you do not get to move along with the rest of class. » The older blue looks towards Jabreth with a soft crooon heard, a soft strum of that violin is caught once more. « Please join us? » Sundari lifts her head a bit as she curiously watches before glancing over to E'mi. "Everything alright there?" She saw the spill, but also how quickly Oranth was right back at it, and doing rather well at that! She has to admit she was a bit wrong about that one not thinking she would handle something's as well. As for N'lan a slight nod is seen. "Your going to have to work with him a bit more. He is going to have to understand that he needs to follow what you say as well, that is a rather important thing to have with the link actually." She looks to the fleeing R'hyn and chuckles softly. "No worries." They can pick it up later she is rather sure.

E'mi looks towards N'lan, but the girl doesn't say anything to him, or laugh at him for the obstinence his dragon is presenting. Instead, one side of her mouth quirks up in a sort of 'I'm sorry' half-smile. Her attention turns to Sunny then, and she nods. "Just a snout full of dirt. I think he was more surprised to have something bumping him than the bump actually putting him off balance." Oranth, too, seems to be giving up on Jabreth, with a last look over to the stubborn bronze. Though a taunt is issued. « If you don't do it, it means you can't do it. » That is almost unnecessarily harsh coming from the blue, but then the blue is forgetting the bronze, and concentrating on what his Big Blue is doing. The midnight dragonette seems to be enjoying himself, as is reflected by a background noise of slow, but uplifting music as he goes at his own pace now, instead of trying to control Xermi's voice. "I'm actually a bit surprised at his endurance. He normally gets tired after this long out." E'mi remarks softly. Fondly. Proudly. Her little boy is doing so well! Oranth has that rump wiggle down pat, but the longer his wing stays up, the more it starts to tremble, then droop. "Honey, it's only good to hold it until you can't hold it properly anymore. Let it go. Let your wing rest!" Is… she… absorbing things from her own physical lessons…? But that blue wing drops, as does the front paw, as the blue lets out a small pant. Such hard work!

N'lan grumbles under his breath at the thought of Jabreth getting them in trouble yet another time. Thankfully he was saved by Oranth's challenge, The thunder boomed with a chill breeze blowing throughout « I CAN TOO! I'll do it quicker just to prove you wrong. »

"Another reason behind this lesson is to help build up endurance, slowly. They get use to moving around and doing something thinking it is a game and a bit of work in the long run which also helps them get stronger." Sundari offers softly as she watchs Oranth. Irk shifts and has lowered his leg and wing about the same time that the smaller blue does and the older blue goes so far as to bugle once Jabreth joins in. Once more the line is moving forward again. Left wing lifting now wth a wiggle of the butt and a lash of the tail.

Oranth isn't phased by that roaring thunder that's Jabreth's voice. Instead the blue spares the stubborn bronze one more glance. « That's not the point here. You have to hold it LONGER than me. » And E'mi is putting a hand to her forhead. "Yes, sweetheart. Challenge the bronze. Brilliant." She mumbles. She knows her boy is getting tired now, and its taking her willpower not to jog out there and usher him back to his couch. Oranth wiggles that tushy of his again, but that tail thrash evades him again. It takes looking back at that tail with a growl to make it lash, that left wing being held high and steady. At least for now.

N'lan smiles as Jabreth decided to work with the others and play along. "That's a load off my shoulders." He relaxes slightly and watches. Jabreth now mimics the older blue flawlessly, just like when he was on the sands, steady as a stone and quick about it too, though the movements seem to lack life and freedom like Irk's did. His boastful bellow rumbling through the yard, « I could do it for longer and quicker then you Oranth, just try to beat me. »

"At least we now have a trick in order to get Jabreth into the lessons it would seem." Sundari offers with a soft chuckle. Hearing E'mi, Sunny can't help but grin. "At least it is a bronze and not a gold." Like her dear blue felt the need! Irkevlath continues his movements, though instead of one wing he is using both wings now, slowly opening and then closing them and then reaping them a few times as he walks along. A soft bugle is heard while he slowly stops and his wngs lower to his sides while he turns to look a the onesthat are left following him. « Good job! I am very proud of you all! Now, you are both allowed to rest the rest of the afternoon. » There is a slight pause and he looks around before lowering his head as if whispering to the two young dragons. « Tell your riders they have to oil your wings extra… It's a rule… After this lesson! » He even seems to wink at the two with a soft croon and the soft violin tune is picked up once more. Sunny chuckles softly, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck a moment. "The lesson is over for the moment. Irk does not want to make them too tired or sore. Make sure to oil their wings well from all the movement as we don't want any crapping, same with their legs of course. Any questions?"

Oranth lets that wing go with a sag. It's exhausting trying to manipulate his siblings! But he did well today. BWA HA HA! Ahem. « That was fun E'mi! You should try it with me next time. » The blue trills, trotting back over to his rider with more energy than he really has. « But can you oil me now so I can rest? » E'mi's smile is one of love. "Of course sweetheart. We can even do a bath and a re-oil after you wake up, after dinner." N'lan is given a look as she passes on by, on her way back to the barracks. "Apparently Oranth is happy to interfere on your behalf." Or all of their behalves, really. The bronzes this clutch…!

N'lan stands up proud of his bronze for his skill shown, though he did wish the bronze was less boastful, "Thank faranth for his pride being to strong to refuse that challenge." His smile glued to his face. Jabreth seems to give a huff at surpassing Oranth, simple work to this mighty bronze, quickly loaping back to his lifemate's side. A soft trickle of rain following the thunder of this voice, « I wish to be oiled N'lan, here in the yard would be nice »

Irkevalath warbles a bit while he shifts about on his paws and stands a bit tall looking rather proud of himself it seems. The lesson went well in his book! Just like that he soon leaps into the air, the large blue flicks his wings open and is setting off towards the lagoon for a needed swim it would seem. Sundari smirks a touch after her dragon before he looks back to E'mi and N'lan and nods to the pair. "They did well. If no questions then I will see you for more book lesson's in a two hours inside." It is still early after all, and these few weeks are crammed full of lessons after all. A smile and nod is seen before she is off to take care of a few things in her office if anyone should need her before then! "Remember, never 'to' much oil!" Unless they knock a barrel over that is then that is a different story.

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