It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It is midafternoon around the Weyr, perfect time to avoid people, or well perhaps not but still the point is there are plenty of other places for people to be but Sundari has found herself here at the lounge sitting on her own and sipping at something that looks more like a real drink then the fruit punch they serve here. It is five o'clock somewhere after all! She's on her own, kids off at lessons or the nursary, and the Weyrlings are pretty much on there own at this point so she doesn't worry over them. In fact that lovely WLM knot is sitting on the table and she is eyeing it slightly before she lets her gaze drift off as her mind perhaps wanders. A few other people are milling about the lounge, but many after leaving the bluerider to her own thoughts, which she honestly is just fine with at this point.

Let's be honest: Ila'den doesn't wear his knot. Ever. Even when he was in a position of power and not just merely a pawn given tasks within the administrative wing of Half Moon Bay Weyr, Ila'den never wore that damn knot. The bronzerider makes his way through the sparse crowd of gathered people to the most familiar face Ila'den finds, and poor Sundari, who will be greeted with one of those too-big hands cupping the back of the woman's skull, trailing down along the base curve as he leans in to press a kiss against the top of her head and sinks into a seat beside her. "What did the knot ever do to you?" Ila'den inquires in those gruff, husky tones he's so known for, the words lilting in accented burr that he doesn't bother trying to normalize today - even if it's not nearly as indisguishably thick as it can get in anger or other better left unmentioned things like that one time they all had flight sex shhhhh.

Sundari blinks at those hands and is soon smirking after that kiss. "You wander up to everyone an do that to them out of the blue?" She questions with an amused tone as she tilts her hea dup enough to eye him playful like. Not just anyone would have done that to her, though seeing how it is the dear bronzer he'll get a pass. A faint chuckle escapes her and she glances back to the knot. "No tmuch, other then driving me crazy with weyrlings. Where you been hiding? I had lessons that could have used your artwork." Stick-figures for the winz!

"Only the ones that matter," Ila'den retorts around a whisper of a smile - one that pulls at the corner of his lips without sending it into full tilt; one that dissipates as quickly as it's come when Ila'den settles his bulk into a seat and makes an order for booze because YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE. Still, Ila'den means it; there really are very few people that Ila'den allows in his proximity, even less that he touches - even if that point is irrelevant in wake of Sunny's answer to Ila's question. There's low, husky laughter for her words, and then a soft, "Aye, little bird. I'm not sure that R'hyn's regarding his knot with any lasting fondness either." A beat, and Ila'den cants his head to regard the bluerider, rolling his shoulders as he leans back, then sideways against the bar. "Buried under paperwork. Probably for the best; I don't know that your weyrlings would appreciate my particular brand of… enlightenment." Ila'den pronounces the last in a way that suggests maybe he means that suggestively (if the wolfish grin doesn't make that clear), and then he's exhaling. "But I missed you too, Sundari. How are you holding up?"

"I'd hope so." Sundari offers with a soft chuckle. She's not the touchy-feely type, at least not anymore. When she younger and perhaps less jaded she would be more open for the hug-things, now not so much. As for the booze it doesn't bother her when someone drinks it, more that bothers her is what is going on, and with everything quiet and no kids around it is the perfect time to drink said booze, which she is sipping at while he is ordering. "Paperwork is an awful thing, think of all the trees that are used for such things." She doesn't like paperwork. "Wastes to much time, other things could be happening." Not that she will go into detail of 'what things'. "R'hyn is better with the position then I am anymore. I just look at my knot and try to attempt to come up with a answer as to why I'm still where I am. I'm not sure I should keep at it anymore honestly." She pauses slightly at the question, such a loaded answer with her anymore. "I'm good, the kids are growing like weeds and the Weyrlings will be someone else's problem soon enough." She does say that will some amusement. A soft smile crosses her lips. "I've missed you too." They haven't talked in a very long time. She avoided him for sometime after everything blaming herself for what happened to him and the children. Which she still does to some degree.

Sundari's hoping so only earns her more of that hushed, husky, short-lived laughter, but no words. Her next comment does. "Don't really care much for the trees, little bird," Ila'den responds on dry tones. "They've never done anything for me, except create more paper to pile on my desk." Which might be the truth, or might just be Ila'den's special brand of dry-witted humor as they trek through conversation to his weyrmate, and R'hyn's name has that lone grey eye lifting back to Sundari's face, studying her as his drink is delivered and he pulls it closer to himself without actually indulging in it. "R'hyn may have mentioned something about Archipelago to me," Ila'den offers up almost hesitantly, bringing his glass to his lips where he pauses without taking a drink and speaks against the rim of the glass. "Is that where you're going to go if you give up your position?" And then he's knocking back his drink in one shot, lips pulling wide in a grimace before he sets the glass down on the bar and signals with his fingers that he'd like another. "I'm glad to hear they're doing alright, and aye, they will. Part of all the damn paperwork I've got piling up." And then Ila'den is leaning sideways, to pull Sunny into a half-hug that has one of his arms going around her shoulders while a stubbled jaw teases at the crown of her head. "Have you, little bird? Or did you just miss my terrible drawings? Because I can send you some, you know. I don't mind. I have enough paper to doodle on."

Sundari rolls her eyes slightly and smirks a touch. "Hey… If we don't have trees we're be in a mess of trouble don't you know?" She questions with an amused tone while finishing her drink and eyes the empty glass a moment. She tilts her head gaze drifting back to Ila's and she ponders what he says and a slight nod is seen. "Yeah, I've thought about Archipelago. Have to do something I suppose hum? I was good at that, Irk likes the freedom. Everyone is happy-happy, and I can annoy J'en I'm rather sure." She wouldn't be in a leadership role and that doesn't bother her, she would rather hang back and not be in charge of anything. A squeak of a laugh escapes her as she is pulled into a hug and she wiggles and half struggles in some attempt to escape the bronzer's sandpaper jaw. "Good grief! I'm gona get ye dragon oil for yer face!" Is said as she laughs. She just grins at the rest. "Oh… Will R'hyn let ye share drawnings with me? Or we could include him in the artwork too." Yep she went there. It's afternoonish, and the two are at a table talking and drinking it seems, some other people are milling around the lounge as well.

"We wouldn't be in any mess at all, little bird. We'd be very, very dead." And from the way Ila'den delivers that on a smile, it seems that the prospect of death isn't so terrifying a thought for a man who's had to face it down in many faucets and at different points in his life. Still, Ila'den picks up his empty glass to gently tap against Sunny's empty glass in a faux sort of toast to that, and then he's making a soft noise in his throat in regards to Archipelago. "I miss it sometimes," Ila'den admits. "Half of me wonders if it's why Risali's settled down with two men who're search and rescue to their own weyrs." SHE LIKES THAT THRILL. OR SOMETHING. Still, mention of Jae has Ila'den settling a look on Sundari, and maybe not wanting to have to elaborate on that expression is what has him hugging the smaller woman against himself. SUCH LAUGHTER, SUCH INSULTS, and Ila'den feigns offense as she wiggles to escape and he lets her - but only so far. Because now Ila'den is grabbing Sundari's chin with calloused hands and leaning in to rub his facial hair all over her cheeks. "You don't like my face? What's wrong with my face?" NUZZLE. It's… not characteristic for Ila'den, but then this is Sundari. Sundari who does eventually get to escape Ila'den's 'affections' when the bronzerider settles back to lean against the bar and watch her face, a deviant quirk carrying his lips upwards at the mention of drawings and R'hyn. "You mean you didn't know that R'hyn only joined your wing so that he could stare at you, Sunny?" He's joking. Or is he? It's hard to tell with Ila'den, since he's always gracing people with those wolfish smiles. "I rather think he'd like to be included in the artwork. He might even draw some himself. What do you say, little bird? Want to come home with me so we can practice what our sketches will look like, little bird? You can sing me a song." All low, rumbling husky tones, his accent thicker at the end as words are pitched low with suggestion.

What witchery is this? Ila'den? Being affectionate? Cue the brain of one lanky dolphineer imploding in upon itself as she passes a catch net full of fresh oysters over to one of the people manning the bar. Excuse her while she stares for a minute, and then blinks upon realizing there is what appears to be flirting going on. Well Ok then. She'll just awkwardly plop down on the bronzerider's other side, a hand slicking through still wet hair as she waits for her drink and her oysters. Because that can't really be Ila'den right?

Sundari rolls her eyes at that bit. "Please… I lived on the water until I came here. WE could live on the water, just take all the fallen trees and make a huge ass raft." She points at her glass a moment when the bartender passes by and gets another drink, see how that works? Magical drinks and the like. "Nothing went crazy when I was in that wing… Stupidness didn't start until I was WLM." She half murmured before looking amused hearing Risali has two guys. "That's actually amusing. Just proves to show search and rescue has it going on." When Ila starts to nuzzle her she is lift laughing and is actually pushing her hands against the much larger rider in some attempt to escape. If she really wanted to get away she could, so honestly it doesn't bother her THAT much. "What do you do? Sand rock with your FACE?" One she is 'free' she half coughs and doesn't even bother looking around, that is right STARE nothing wrong here people. As for the R'hyn bit she blinks and eyes him fiantly before a snerk of a sound escapes her. "Right… Only cause I spoil his dragon. I'd spoil yours if he would stop given me the death glare. How else do you think I won D'nyl over so easily?" She is totally joking, but the blue rider does have a way with certain bronze dragons and their riders. As the rest is said a soft ah escapes her and she folds her arms upon the edge of the bar and just waggles her brows at Ila. "Sure, make a date an I'll bring the booze and you can get some of that extra paper you have laying around for R'hyn to use." A slight roll of her eyes is seen. "I don't sing, I'll break ever bit of glass you have in your weyr."

"I didn't learn how to swim until I came to Half Moon," Ila'den admits, amusement evident in the words that he shares, though there's a soft sound as his previously ordered drink is delivered and he pulls it back towards him. Good old Archipelago. "Aye. I was in Archipelago the first time that I killed somebody." Is he joking? That wolfish smile is gone, Ila'den's brows are drawn in as if he's seeing something that's not in the present, and then he's knocking back his glass with another grimace and a motion for the 'tender to get him another one. "I think that's why I've never tried to go back." Ila'den sharing history? Now that is rare indeed, though Ila'den only shares so much. He doesn't go down the rabbit hole that brings Iris up, because she is the one who put arrows threw men for on a rescue mission to get her back. Still, there's playfulness that eases the coiled tension in shoulders as Sunny pushes him away and Ila'den sounds off with a muffled, "A' donae. I sharpen it against R'hyn's face." And there's more of that husky, rumbling laughter as they ease into the topic of dragons and Ila'den rolls his shoulders. "Teimyrth doesn't like me half of the time, little bird. Maybe you should try giving him some cats." ONLY DON'T. Because Ila'den has enough of those, and then Sunny is agreeing to his offer and Ila'den is laughing before he clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "You underestimate me. If all the glass isn't broken from all that practice, am no doing a verrah good job." And then Ila'den is reaching out to tousle Sunny's hair, that grey eye tracking to Tanit and her awkward gobsmackedness that tries to deny it's ILA'DEN THERE, harassing Sundari in a manner he's always done (though Tanit has no way to know that). "Boo," comes a single syllable, gruff in husky tones as his next drink is delivered to him. "Alright?" he asks then, but there's amusement in the words, as if her reaction humors him.

Tanit opens her mouth to say something about living on Rafts and canoes being better, but decides against it. Preferring instead to listen to Sundari continue because eavesdropping is so much more fun because she nearly chokes on her glass of rum as Ila mentions murder. And nearly again (though with laughter this time) as he mentions sharpening faces against R'hyn's. The Boo earn's him a bright flash of a smile, and Sundari gets the same look when asked if Alright. "I am sorry, I just - feel like I have seen a zoo animal in its natural habitat for the first time - and was struck dumb by the difference." Glancing over to Sundari and giving the bluerider a proper greeting now.

Sundari watches Ila'den a few long moments as he shares, she wasn't expecting that. She lets her hand lift to lightly rest her plam against Ila's scruffy-sand paper cheek. Her way of saying its 'ok' without using said words. She lowers her arm, hand resting slightly against her neck while she eyes her glass a bit. "I should have stopped being Weyrling Master a long time ago." She won't go into more then that, she's caused to much pain over the past turns, to Ila, R'hyn, D'nyl and her own children. "Ah… So that is why he was all bandaged up that first week with the young dragons. Here he was saying one smacked him in the face and it was cause you was rubbing your cheek into his face." A slight waggle of her finger is seen and she winks at Ila'den before grinning a touch. "A cat?… Well I knew he'd have a soft spot for something, didn't know a feline would do it. Though they don't tend to like me much, last one I dealt with was crazy. Maybe a little bitty fluffy one with a bow?" Is she thinking of a way to get a bronze a kittne? Maybe! She is grinning and just looks at Ila. "Suppose we can just go about breaking some glass together then hum?" She winks at him before taking a long sip from her drink, she's never thought Ila was harassing her so this this is all normal behavior for her. She peeks over slightly to Tanit and tilts her head a touch while watching her, she is trying to think of a name and is failing so-so hard at the moment. "Already replacing me Ila?… Looks like she has a problem with drinking though." She saw that nearly choking on booze and just had to point it out.

Sundari lifts her hand to press palm against Ila'den's cheek, and it's one of those quiet moments that Ila'den very, very rarely allows to happen. That lone eye closes, he leans into the touch, and before Sundari can pull away, he's catching the back of her hand with one of his own, turning his mouth into her fingers so that he can kiss the tips of them before letting Sunny go. 'I'd do it again,' is the subtext there, 'and have.' Because he did take out a couple of renegades on his own in a bid to save the children from being taken at all. He doesn't bring it up because it's not just Ila, and R'hyn, and D'nyl, and the children that that particular happenstance is painful for - it's painful for Sundari too. Ila'den knows. It's probably also why her comment about giving up WLM earns a rise of brows in silent question, but never actual words; he's never been one to pry, and he's perfectly content to allow the topic to shift to R'hyn and his FACE. "Oh, aye. Did a lot of rubbing my face against R'hyn's little bird. He's shy, but he likes it." And there's that Cheshire smile, the wolf in hiding, the man who has no shame and fingers his glass of alcoholic deliciousness as a sound of dissent escapes him. "If you get him a cat, Sundari, I will feed your children sugar for the rest of their lives. And I will show up every time it's nap time. Every time." A POINTED LOOK TO DELIVER HIS THREAT WITH, a ghost of a smile as he tilts his head back to Tanit to watch her from around the rim of his yet-touched drink. A zoo animal in its natural habitat? The words might be offensive to some, but Ila'den merely gives Tanit a slow smile. "Oh, Tani," he practically purrs, the words thick with accent so that her name comes out more 'Tah-knee,' before he continues with. "Ye've no idea." And then he's knocking his drink back, that grey eye focused on green almost as if in challenge before Sundari is pulling his attention back. "None of you women listen," Ila'den breathes as he sets his empty glass on the bar and motions for another. "Besides, you replaced me with D'nyl a lont time ago, little bird." A shift, and a finger pointed towards Tanit. "And this little bird doesn't even like me." That's said on a stage-whisper. "I can't imagine why."

The mention of Sundari ceasing her career gets a strange look from the Dolphineer, curiosity that would be far from polite given the setting As for the rest? There is a bark of throaty laughter from Tanit, "I wouldn't say it is that I dislike you." Giving him a look for that purr, "More correctly, I never quite know what to expect from you. Can't rightly decide if you are an asshole or secretly very charming." She glances over to Sundari, "Given that I think either the first or the last time I met him we both ended up covered in rotten Jim guts, I got the impression the feeling was mutual."

Sundari is left smiling for a few moments at that bit of tenderness from Ila'den, her gaze lingers on him. "Thank you…" Is murmured to the bronzer softly before she goes on past the little moment. "I'll have to get you that oil to save R'hyn's face then. Only fair." She won't go into detail about the full reason she'll be stepping down as WLM, at least not here, not now. She'll let her shoulder lean in against Ila as he goes off about his threat of giving her children sugar and she is sipping at her drink. "Not even a little bitty kitten? That is cute and fluffy? Could name it Bitty!" Like old bitty? Just don't question it. She blinks and chuckles a bit while peering over at Ila and is grinning at the part on D'nyl. "Last I recall you and he didn't complain that one time…" HE KNOWS THE TIME IN QUESTION, but she just grins cutely at him. "His charming… and a asshole all in one, mostly charming though." A faint nod of her head is seen before she is finishing her drink, Ila is good at the purring but if she could she would totes be doing it right now, blame the booze. "So is that what happened to Jim? He went boom all over ye'all?" She'll make a face. "My snese of smell has been so messed up since then.

Ila'den doesn't respond to the thank you, no more than a quiet look anyway that says nothing while saying everything. But it's gone, the moment is over, and Ila'den is leaning forward as his next round of drink is delivered to grab the glass without drinking it yet. "I assure you that Heryn has enough oil, little bird." WICKED, WICKED MAN. R'hyn's probably GLARING AT THE SKY SOMEWHERE, sensing Ila'den being Ila'den and wishing him physical harm. The press of Sundari's shoulder into his person doesn't phase the older man; in fact, Ila'den brings his arm up to rest along the back of Sunny's chair as she goes on about kittens and the bronzerider's eye narrows. "Between you, and R'hyn, and Teimyrth, and Cita, I'm no gonna have a home. No more babies, no more cute fluffy kittens, no more strays." Though the words are deliver with a lack of conviction - and leading into husky, rumbling laughter as Sundari brings up the fact that they've done the horizontal tango. "You know how to move your hips, little bird. I'll give you that." AND YEP. Back to Tanit Ila'den's attention goes (RUN YOU POOR THING), the man listening to the dolphineer's words as harpers start up music and Sundari answers. Charming and an asshole. That's Ila, and he raises his glass to both women before knocking it back and getting to his feet. "Let me show you how you be both, little bird." And yes, Ila'den is shrugging out of his leather jacket to reveal a long-sleeved tunic underneath that hugs an alarming amount of muscle. Ila'den is a big guy, and it's not fat that makes him that way. But Ila'den is also holding out a hand for Tanit to take. If she obliges, then Ila'den won't stray too far from Sundari. He's still within range to speak without having to yell as one too-big, calloused hand finds Tanit's hip, and the other catches one of her much smaller hands in his own so that he can sway with her to the music. Either way, he's saying, "I don't have much time for dislike, little bird. It's easier to not care at all." A smile, and then that grey eye is on Sunny. "And yes. I told this one no and she fucking did it anyway." Slightly gruff, but lacking heat. IF TANIT DOESN'T DANCE WITH ILA? Well, you'll just have to find out next pose, WON'T YOU.

Sunny's explanation earns more warm laughter, and then Tanit is making a face. The 'but, but my drink…' face since she's being whisked away from the bar to dance with Ila. If he was expecting her to refuse, Ila'din will be disappointed, Tanit is after all very like Risali in that regard. "Easier, but less amusing that way. " The dolphineer laughs, her attention turning to Sunny, "Some idiot managed to get one of the higher ups to agree to use explosives. We had all kinds of scavengers over the reef and beaches for days. Best Crab I've eaten all season."

"I didn't need to know how much oil you and R'hyn have in stock thank you. I can figure that out without the added picture!" Sundari says with a half laugh. "Also babies are cute…" Sunny does like babies, and let's face it the most stable she's been in the last few turns is when she was /pregnant/ but we won't bring that up. Other then she is good with the tangoing bit! "You guys do have some cute kids." She sips at her drink finishing another one and peers over at Ila as he goes about taking off his jacket and is then dancing with Tanit all while she orders another drink and leans back in her chair a bit as she watches te two. "Your kidding me?… Yeah I think I'll stick to not eating any crab for a bit still after knowing that bit of information there." She grins at Ila at the NO comment. "Sounds about par for the course I'd say around here.

"Well, if you're going to be coming over and breaking glasses with us later, then I think you have a very personal interest in just how much oil R'hyn and I keep around." A beat, as he takes a long step forcing Tanit back, bringing her back in and then around in a circle with steps that are quicker now - one, two, three; one, two three. "I have no idea what I'm doing," Ila'den informs the dolphineer on a whisper, but aside from the slight limp in his gait, it would seem that Ila'den knows exactly what he's doing. He might not be winning any awards for his performance, but he does know the steps. The grey eye jumps from Tanit back to Sunny as Ila'den leads that dance with the dolphineer, and then he laughs - muted, short-lived, a rumble of sound born in his chest. "Aye. Ibsy and Heribly are cute. Risali, Veliren, and Kielric aren't bad looking, either. You make cute children too, Sundari. That doesn't mean I want to fuck you against the bar and make another." GOSH ILA. See? This is how you be a charming asshole, Tanit. TAKE NOTE. Speaking of Risali, don't forget that Ila'den raised her; there's amusement for Tanit's observation that it's less fun to not care about people, and Ila'den retorting with husky laughter and, "I suppose we have different definitions for fun, little bird. I find it liberating to be unbothered by the opinions and the feelings of others." Sans those special few. Now Ila'den is going still, so that he can spin Tanit and then BRING HER BACK IN and move again. "What say you, Sundari? Do you have the time to care about other people, or am I the only one in this bar that's jaded?"

Tanit ? She's laughing, quite enjoying a spin on the dance floor with someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing! Of course if her eyes are going a little wide, it's not because of Ila's incredibly sexy suggestion with Sundari. Well, that might cause a little bit. No it is Risali's name. "Wait - WAIT. You are Risali's dad?" Well if there was going to be any grinding at all - it sure as faranth ain't happening now. The rest of the conversation goes over her head. Cause - SHOCK.

Sundari lifts a finger slightly and just ponders what to say for a moment. "Well thinking about it and seeing it are two different things?" Oh that MAKES so much SENSE right now, no not really. She sips at her drink as the two dance still and is soon sputtering at what else Ila says. "Well I'd hope not, I don't want a splinter in my ass after all. You can be on bottom." At least she didn't choke on her drink. "Depends on the person in question if I care about them or not." She pauses. "Well perhaps that came out a bit harsher then I planned on it…" Not that she is going to take it back just yet. The reaction from Tanit makes her peer over at the other slightly and then look back to Ila. "Oh dear, what did you do now Ila'den?"

What's worse than ONE of Risali's dads? TWO. TWOOO OF RISALI'S DADS, ahhh ahhh ahhh. Piss-poor Count imitations aside, R'hyn arrives with a sense of timing peculiar to his relationship with Ila'den: just in time to offer horrible feedback. "Ila'den doesn't bottom, Sunny," the bronzerider says as though it should be a whisper, taking advantage of spluttering distractions to sidle in behind the bluerider's shoulder and speak near to her ear, but his voice is pitched to carry at least the distance between them and the pair of dancers over there. Blue-grey eyes fix primarily on Ila'den as he adds, "but don't worry. I've got your back." Was. WAS THAT A FLIRT? IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A FLIRT, whatever ~thing~ that's generated Ila'den's mood perhaps possessing him as well. It might also be him sticking up for the bluerider, because he laughs and tucks one arm around her in a sideways hug, gaze twitching over to Tanit, chin lifting in a nod of acknowledgment. Don't worry, he'll say hi - she just looks busy having her mind blown over there. "What're you having, anyways?" He snoops on Sunny's drink. "Because if this batch of humans doesn't spell trouble, I don't know what will. I feel like I need it."

"Do you think about me, and R'hyn, and oil often, little bird?" Ila'den ask Sundari with another one of those wolfish smiles, brows rising as if to say, 'It's okay; I do too,' before he's laughing outright when she sputters and objects to splinters in her (VER NICE) BOTTOM and tells Ila'den he can be the one taking the proverbial beating. CUE R'HYN, whose words of truth and wisdom have Ila'den making the kind of face that says, 'He isn't wrong,' before Ila'den tacks on: "But if you promise to use those hips like you did last time, little bird, I'll be whatever you want." RIP SUNNY. Ila'den is terrible. And has alcohol in him. BUT R'HYN'S GOT YOUR BACK. EYYYY. SO MANY FLIRTS. And blown minds. YOU DIDN'T SEE IT BEFORE, TANI? The grey eyes, the unruly, thick, black hair, the not great personality (okay, so Ila'den is much better with people, he just chooses to be an asshole), the… ness? Tanit's question comes, and Ila'den watches the dolphineer's face as he moves, grey eye raking and delineating to commit details to memory in a way that's been literally beaten into Ila'den. It might seem sexual, but it's not. "Aye, the little hellcat is mine. Don't know where I went wrong, truly. She was so cute when she was a bairn." And he's spinning Tanit again, this time towards her seat as he heads towards his own with a tilt of his head and a dryly delivered, "Knocked Iris up with the wild one, apparently." Because THAT'S WHAT HE DID. Got between a no-longer weyrmate's legs and got landed with a child he didn't even want (but whom he'd give up literally everything for). Speaking of weyrmates and things, Ila'den is coming up behind R'hyn to bring his hand around the younger bronzer's hips. Fingers slide beneath his tunic and up - not enough to reveal R'hyn, simply enough to allow his fingers in for skin-to-skin contact as he leans into the once-bartender's space. "Sundari wants to do shots off of you. Indulge her." OH THAT WOLFISH SMILE. Ila'den is even putting his other hand on the top of Sunny's head, smoothing down her hair, and then pressing a kiss to the top of it as if to say, 'WOULD YOU DENY THIS BLUERIDER HER WISHES, HER DESIRES?' "And Tanit needs another reason to dislike me. I don't think I've given her nearly enough."

Tanit isn't going to comment. Nope, she isn't going to comment. Splinters aside. And then there's a R'hyn, saying more things. Is that steam pouring out Tanit's ears? Probably. Ila'den's statement does not help. Somewhere between body shots, and Ila'din's comment her brain just shuts down. Bye bye motor and vocal functions. You were nice while you lasted.

Sephany does not live in Half Moon Bay. She has a brother who lives in Half Moon Bay, and maybe she's using the excuse of a brother (and the impending graduation?) as a really, really good excuse to be here. Because her she is, coming through the door like a BOSS (well. Not really) and heading straight to the bar because (Sorry Tanit) she apparently learned NOTHING last time she was here. Oh. Look. PEOPLE! "Tanit!" because she recognizes that one.

Sundari hums as she glances to R'hyn whom will get a grin, normally the bluerider can hold her booze but given the company at the moment all bets are fully off. "Well I do recall something along those lines… I'll have to ask D'nyl about it later on certain bottom things." Yes she went there. As for R'hyn he'll get a hug back and she'll lean into the bronzer a bit even after that flirt. "Glad someone does!" As for her drink she eyes the glass a moment. "Ye know.. It was something fruity to start with, then rum now I think it's whiskey." A slight nod is seen. "Yep, I blame the bartender." She'll be cussing him out in the morning too with the headache she'll have. "What some?" Is questioned to R'hyn. "Of course we're cause trouble, and the booze is just an excuse to cause more perhaps?" She does hear you Ila still talking about OIL. "Well… Not until recently with that sandpaper face of yers." She will be grinning and winking over at Ila'den. "Course I will.. See R'hyn, I'll get him on bottom one way or another." THEY ARE ALL DOOMED NOW. A squeak of a sound escapes her as a hand is upon her head and at the bodyshot part she is actually blushing a moment. "Honestly…" Is about all that esacpe her as that is what caught her off guard out of everything that Ila has managed to say at the moment. "Does that mean his shirt will come off?" Well so much for her not trying to get someone's shirt off even if it did embarass her for like three seconds.

Well. That is a version of events R'hyn's never been privy to, judging by the sharp uptick of one brow and the sudden focus of mirthful blue-grey eyes on Ila'den as the rider spins Tanit back into their radius. "Yes. Ask D'nyl," because he's interested in the answer. But then they're on to talk of drinks and, "Ugh." Long fingers wrap around hers, lifting hand and glass both to smell the drink from a safe distance. "Straight? Your bartender sucks." R'hyn hops back over the counter himself with ease that speaks to practice, snorting quietly in the back of his throat about Ila'den's sandpaper face as he rummages for something in particular. "Hah." He finds it, a bottle of golden liquor with a ball of flame on its label, and shotglasses too, which he deposits when he's back on the proper side of the bar, squinting for when there's suddenly another human in their midsts. Back over the bar he leans to fetch another, entire body jumping in response to hands finding the skin of his hip beneath his shirt, flicking Ila'den a look that becomes something of a glare for the idea of body shots. "Does she. And I'm sure she came up with that idea all on her own, too." A beat. "Ila'den knows the price for clothing removal." And he'll leave it at that! There's a longsuffering look aimed towards Tanit, eyeballs rolling as he moves away from the dastardly duo to join her bubble of brainbroken semi-sanity, for however long that lasts. "Whatever did you do to deserve company like this?" Blue-grey eyes shift to Sephany, then, mouth quirking up at one corner. "Hi, I'm R'hyn." See! Now she knows two people.

Poor Tanit. Poor Sunny. Poor Sephany. Poor R'hyn. Tanit's broken, Sephany is walking into that definition of stranger-danger all parents tried to warn their children about (it definitely involves Half Moonian bronzeriders and copious amounts of alcohol), and Sundari is BLUSHING and then encouraging Ila'den's tyranny with her words. WILL R'HYN'S SHIRT COME OFF? HA. "Oh, it will," Ila'den answers the bluerider in that lilting burr. Then there's R'hyn, who is GIVING LOOKS and gathering booze and saying unfair things that Ila'den responds to with practiced ease. It starts with a smile, and a half-growl of huskily issued: "She did. She's very clever." A beat, and then that grey eye is shifting to Sundari as he leans in to whisper, "R'hyn doesn't think you're clever, Sundari. You should remind him why you're the boss." AND OH THAT LOOK. So devious, so much trouble communicated in an expression that doesn't quite falter, but certainly changes when R'hyn moves away from him and Ila'den's attention transitions to his leather jacket that he's already removed from his own person. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four. "Heryn." One word that probably doesn't bode well for anybody, least of all the named rider and his sanity. Ila'den just wants his attention. And then Ila'den does it. That grey eye locks on blue-grey as one hand shifts down to jerk up the bottom of his already-clinging tunic. He hikes it higher slowly, in a way that leaves fingers tracking over scars as they're revealed in massive numbers - all in varying states of terribleness, all in various states of healing (though none are fresh, merely less faded than others). Some are white and glassy, others stand out ugly with vibrant color; there are ones that are jagged and hideous and long, and others that are short, and linear, and thin. But there are a lot of them, worse the higher up he goes until he's pulling his tunic off completely to reveal a back that looks as if all the skin was literally flayed away until nothing was left; it's just a mangled mess of scar-tissue, as if there wasn't anything left when whatever happened happened. And it's obvious that Ila'den's not quite comfortable with the reveal, because the bronzerider is pulling the shirt over his head, the biceps of his upper arms still trapped when he's reaching out to grab his jacket and making a trade: the rest of the tunic is pulled off, the jacket is pulled back on - though left open, to his credit. At least his back is hidden now, right? It doesn't matter; Ila'den is doing what he does best and shoving pesky discomfort aside so that he can lean forward against the bar, brows raised in challenge as he bites out a gruffly issued, "Your turn, weyrmate. Because you fucking owe me." Almost dangerous, but the heat is a different kind of heat.

"I swear to Faranth - it was only dancing." Tanit holds up a hand wriggling away from the dastardly Ila, "But… Now I have to ask R'hyn, what the price for clothing removal is." She'll give her drinking buddy a small grin, and when Sea-green eyes rest on Sephany, or perhaps more appropreately her proximity to the bar, the dolphineer will give her best dissaproving look. At least… she would. Shirts are coming off, and Tanit gets a solid look at all those scars. No, that is not the tip of her tongue pointing ever so faintly out of the corner of her mouth with the effort of not reaching out to touch said scars (she actually moves to a bar stool and physically sits on her hands) and perhaps more so not asking all the questions about said scars. The look she gives R'hyn says 'this is clearly - all your fault.' and also WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO RIGHT NOW? And the same look gets leveled at Sunny, because she knows right? "Drink. I need another drink."

Sephany has great timing it seems! Someone Tanit is hopping over the bar to grab booze (and grab her a glass!) which gets him a bright smile of welcome along with her name. "Sephany. Nice to meet you…" though that last bit kind of trails off into nothing as hands start going up shirts, and shirts start going up bodies, and words with lascivious tones of voices are being tossed back and forth and… hm. What did she just walk into? Maybe Tanit's disapproving look is anticipated, because the visiting weaver is very quick to say, "I'll be fine," because she's not ordering hard liquor this time! Even if, maybe, there's going to be shots taken? Hm. "I… oh." Because now Ila'den is without a shirt and she has no idea who this man is, but that is not gonna stop her from side-eyeing him and trying to politely and inconspicuously (SO CONSPICUOUSLY) check out his scars. Failing. A moment later she's just gonna star, because damn it, it's a Weyr and she's in a bar, and sometimes things happen in bars and we all just FORGET about them later, alright? What happens in the Tiki Lounge… or something like that, because as Tanit's asking for a second, Sephany will go ahead and ask for a first. "I feel way too sober for this. Drink please?" Something. Anything. Just get some alcohol into this girl before things get cray-cray up in here. Oh. And hi Sunny.

"Well of course the tender sucks, you wasn't around at the time to fix any drinks after all. Oh I'll ask him cause now I'm just too curious for my own good and I can't recall at the moment the answer." She let's R'hyn take what is left of her drink, which isn't much honestly she hasn't drank this much in a while so this is just going to get worse if he is pulling out more booze, which he does. "Oh.. Is that the firey one?" She watches R'hyn flee with the booze. "Well don't steal it away, share with us first?" There is a pause as she is going to ask about the clothing price but Ila has her attetnion. "Well I won't be his boss for much longer. So… I'm not sure if I can get away with that at the moment. But I can promise him I don't have any glitter-spray so if he takes his shirt off I can't use it on him." That should be a great reason to go shirtless, right? Hearing Ila she glances back to him and blinks twice. "Ila…" She knows very well him taking anything off in public is not well high on his list of things to do, also she can't help but to just watch it happen and yes she may be oogling a bit but no she is not drooling. It takes her a moment to snap out of where her mind wandered and she is coughing slightly, did someone forget to breath? Hearing voices near her she glanes Tanit and Sepany. Oh right booze ah…" A glnce is sent to R'hyn then back to Ila and she looks to the bartender. "Can we get some good booze before R'hyn takes his shirt off?"

Brace yourselves for capslock and backslashes because R'hyn did NOT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN. R'HYN DID NOT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN AT ALL. One minute he's just minding his damn business, laughing for Tanit's complaint and responding with a droll, "That's all it ever takes," and issuing a wink for Sephany that's friendly rather than predatory, no matter what flirtatious undertones in other conversations might imply. The next, his name - his real name - is being spoken, bidding blue eyes swivel to meet grey, low-simmering mirth fleeing for the goddamned hills when it becomes clear Ila'den's actually going to take his shirt off. Luckily, perhaps, the others are distracted as R'hyn's expression flies through surprise, panic, apology, and maybe even some measure of guilt because fuck but the man is hot and he also knows better but he's enjoying it anyways and, "That." Spoken in a voice gone betrayingly husky, but he doesn't bother clearing his throat to try to disguise it because if you aren't affected by six feet of this much man then you're wrong. "That is the price." Tit for tat. Emphasis on the tit. A deep breath and then, "Pour it yourself," is said maaaybe a little ruder than R'hyn intends it, shotglasses in one hand pushed at Sephany (think fast!), the bottle of firewhiskey dropped into Sundari's lap, leaving the former bartender's hands free to catch at the bottom of his shirt. There's a second's hesitation, in which muscles tense as though to get this over with, but… well… Ila'den's right. R'hyn does owe him. So he eases himself into the bronzerider's space, gaze drug from belt buckle to lips with a smile that's as slow and wicked as the pace set by the palm that slides along the skin of his stomach, gathering fabric in the angle of his wrist as it goes. Fingers hook, catching right around his breastbone, feeding his shirt's hem between teeth for safekeeping even as arms cross to catch the rest in a curl of fingers. Up it goes with a slow switch of hips, movement purposeful, rude, because nobody wiggles out of a shirt like that in real life R'hyn, crimeny. Except they do, and they are, revealing entirely too much sun-bronzed skin that's unblemished by comparison, a few pocks and burn marks unremarkable compared to Ila'den's attempted astronomy, eked out by sleeves of black ink. "There." And down goes his shirt again, slid over Ila'den's head and left to hang like an infinity scarf or a grotesque trophy, further award given in a kiss pressed to Ila'den's cheek before ceasing this rude, potentially awkward behavior by turning to make flicky hands at the ladies in possession of the booze-objects. "Me. Now."

There are too many eyes, and every single one of them on his person, on the history that marks his body - Sephany, Tanit, Sundari, R'hyn - have clear-cut and defined muscle going taut, coiled with a tension that bids the man move despite the fact that he stays very still. Ila'den doesn't look Sundari's way when she says his name, and he's too busy locking eyes with R'hyn to really acknowledge the fact that Sephany and Tanit have given up on not staring beside his peripheral vision telling him that it's happening. The older bronzerider shifts, watching his weyrmate watch him until none of the eyes on him matter anymore because they're probably going to be on R'hyn anyway. Because here he comes, and if Ila'den's worthy of eye-worship, then R'hyn is the reason it was invented to begin with. Now the tension in Ila'den's body is in a response to something much more primal; it's something carnal that manifests physically in a growl as the younger bronzerider invades his space with wicked looks and teasing hands. Ila'den's own hands catch at undulating hips, that lone grey eye raking shamelessly as muscles go taut and relax with each movement, as that shirt is removed in sinful motions and placed over Ila'den's head. But Ila'den is a man made of will and an uncanny amount of self-possession - all of which he exercises as R'hyn leans in to kiss his cheek and then brings the women around them back into focus by motioning for boozy-concoction tools. No, you're not imagining that shiver that ripples down Ila'den's entire body, that punctuates the fact he was holding his breath because it comes back to him in a shuddered exhale as he shifts and forces his attention onto Sundari. "I don't think that he understood the rules, little bird," Ila'den tells the bluerider, but his voice is a growl; it's husky, and tight, and ragged with ill-suppressed debauchery that bleeds through regardless because if you're unaffected by 6 and an almost half of THAT man, you need to make an appointment with a mindhealer stat. Ila'den doesn't pull R'hyn's shirt on, he leaves it hanging around his neck like a very sexy-smelling scarf as that grey eye flickers to Tanit and Sephany, and he intercepts BOOZY THINGS because he has plans for them. YEP. AND THERE ILA GOES. He's behind the bar now, looking for things that he sets on the countertop as he goes: salt, TEQUILA, and a slice of lime (WHICH THEY HAVE NOW FIGHT ME). "Sundari, this is how you do it in case you were wondering." And hello R'hyn, Ila'den is just your weyrmate totally taking liberties; the once-renegade catches the once-bartender by the thighs just under his ass as he hefts him up against bare abdomen and maybe leans in like he's going to bite, or kiss, or do something equally lewd to his neck, but stops just shy of it. Because he's putting R'hyn on top of the bar, and then kissing him full on the mouth - with lips, and teeth, and tongue because he needs R'hyn distracted enough to obey. YEP. And there might be a growl, an aggressiveness in his every manner as hands work to push R'hyn down and - you guessed it - MAKE A LINE OF SALT THAT IS CLUMSY AND MALFORMED BECAUSE HE'S DISTRACTED OKAY. But when he pulls away, a slice of lime is being pushed between R'hyn's lips, and he's totally pouring some of that tequila in the divot of R'hyn's naval. "There," comes deviously, huskily, shuddered because he can't quite catch his breath. "One of you take the shot." SHAMELESS. ABUSE OF WEYRMATES. OBJECTION.

Expect nothing from Tanit in the form of intelligent speech for the next hour, probably longer. At least one of the bartenders has taken mercy on the poor dolphineer and stuck a straw in it so that she doesn't have to move her hands from the death grip which only gets MORE white knuckled as R'hyn's shirt comes off. Open mouth, insert straw, now drink. Yes, she is oggling those inky sleeves, and oddly that seems to bring Tani back to her senses a little. Or at least she was doing fine, until Ila'den's request has her choking on her margarita. Nope don't mind the hyperventalating dolphineer.

Sephany has the BEST FREAKIN' TIMING Y'ALL! "Damn," because she can't help it. And thankfully she does snag those shot glasses (much better reflexes than a certain sibling of hers), even if they are promptly ignored and shoved away because there are shirts coming off and all sorts of musculature being displayed, which is ten-times better than booze, and "Shit," because yeah, she's now fanning herself. And maybe Sundari is not drooling, but Sephany looks like she might be. She's at least doing that thing where she's swallowing reflexively a couple of times, and then biting on her thumb and trying really hard not to stare but totally failing and staring hard-core because at least THIS TIME one of the men involved is NOT HER FREAKIN' BROTHER so it's totally OK TO STARE and ogle and pant a little bit and maybe let her imagination get a little bit (A freakin LOTTA BIT) crazy there… (I mean. The girl is a freakin' hormonal 16-turn old, and hot guys are doing really HOT things near her, give her a break) "That's IT I am OUT!" she decides, before she does something ridiculously stupid like drag her tongue all over R'hyn's abs. It's at serious threat, yo. Those are definitely predatory-eyes dragging all over him, even as she's thrusting herself away from the bar and toward the door (even if said steps are wobbly at best and she's shooting looks over her shoulder that are essentially devouring R'hyn with her eyes). "UGH!" and gone. Safe. FRESH AIR AND NO NAKED MEN!

Sundari is not sure what to say while R'hyn is going about pulling off his shirt all so sexy like and her lips part and she can't say a word as she just watches. That goodness D'nyl isn't around, or who knows he might join in with how he gets sometimes. She swallows slightly as her gae drifts over one bronzer then another. "Dammit I hate you both right now… I got no marks to stick anywhere too" She is half drink so let's hope she doesn't remember that tomorrow. As the call for booze is heard from R'hyn she'll pour some of that red whiskey, and perhaps spils it in the process but who cares! A glass will be offered over before Ila is back in the mix and stealing drinks. "Which rules… I think he understood it darn well if this was the outcome." OR was something else suppose to happen before yanking off shirts and teasing a room full of ladies? As for what she was pondering. "Honestly?… I was thinking other thoughts, but I suppose that might be one of them." An while poor R'hyn is getting hauled up nto the bar she is downing a long sip of whiskey and now someone needs to take a shot.. Wait what shot she glances over and it clicks OH that shot. One is running away, another is choking on her drink and looky who is left… This is in the code of ethics as a NONO for coworkers right? Which she is still sorta R'hyn's boss. An yet the bluerider offers saide bottle of whiskey to Tanit so now she is pulled into the mix and she well go for said shot on said bronzer. Is it salt first, or the booze first? Sorry that did just run through her mind for a hot moment before she goes for the salt first and sorry she is so going to hope R'hyn is ticklish for a moment before going for the booze in said navel and the lime, where did the lime go?! Meanwhile hopfully tiqulia and whiskey don't make her sick before going for said lime, which at the moment no she'll be able to safely say she did not get sick on some poor abused bronzer while going for said lime.

Shot? Check. Ogled? Check. Distracted? Checkittycheckcheck. R'hyn takes that booze Sundari pours him, and however much or little she's given him, he downs it in one go because while strip-teasing for his bronzeriding weyrmate is one thing, doing it with a crowd is another. "Fuck," the man hisses, more for the sting of the liquor than anything else, glass only just making it to safety of solid ground before R'hyn is being lifted and distracted, and it's unfair, how easy both of those things are for Ila'den to do, how easy it is to slam R'hyn's awareness down from an entire bar full of people to just one. R'hyn's response is enough to engender those prolonged stares all on its own, a needy whimper of a noise that's not nearly quiet enough as his lips shift, tongue flicks, teeth flash in response to Ila'den's own. Obeyance is guaranteed - by the time Ila breaks the kiss off, the bronzerider is decidedly malleable, taking salt-line, sour fruit, and the odd sensation of alcohol where it wasn't meant to be with patience because if you can't outcheat them, join them. Blue-grey eyes roll sideways, catching on Tanit's face, lips curling around the edges of lime for her choking hyperventilation, a single brow lifting to quirk once, hard. Yeees? Sephany's next, knuckle-biting eyed before he winks at her again, this one leaving a whole lot less room for supposition - it's accusatory to combat her predator's stare, charging her guilty for watching and liking it before laughter flicks on behind his eyes for her noisy retreat. And then there's Sunny, Sunny whom he watches with a particular sort of intensity, challenge in his gaze even as his chin tips. C'mon. Propriety's already out the window. DO IT. And she does! There's a definite sharp inhale for the feel of a mouth on his person, the feeling strange and ticklish both, but he manages not to botch the shot - almost. Because Sunny goes in for the lime and he sucks it into his mouth at the last minute, leaning in to close what distance is left with a sour-tangy, slightly-awkward kiss delivered around a mouthful of lime. It's swift, broken immediately by laughter that forces him to spit the fruit out again, impish mischief in his gaze as he leans back against the bar, eyes seeking Ila'den's for a long, intent moment before focusing on Tanit again. Finger curl. Chin tilt. "Your turn." Go on then, Bartender Ila'den. Reload.

Propriety left, and it TOOK VIRTUE RIGHT THE HELL OUT WITH IT. There's nothing left, no hope, not an ounce of chagrin or shame to be found when Ila'den and R'hyn really put their minds to it because if there's one thing the bronzeriders are spectacular at, it's distracting each other. Ila'den's hard pressed not to climb up on the bartop over his weyrmate - not in possession, but in want and need that is as near-blinding as Ila'den's kiss apparently is to his 'mate; it's a full-blown exercise in restraint not to keep pressing the advantage of lips and teeth and tongue because it works too well, and there's time to elicit more of those needy whimpers later, isn't there? So Ila'den shifts, watching Tanit, and Sephany, and Sundari. The bronzerider rumbles laughter - low, husky, in his chest - when Sephany takes off after biting fingers and abandons Tanit to ogle R'hyn-bod ON HER OWN. Why on her own? Because Sundari is UP, and BEING BRAVE, and Ila'den is encouraging her with laughter and words that come between breaths - "Don't stop," and, "Almost there, little bird," before R'hyn is kissing her and Ila'den watches without a hint of possessive jealousy for the press of lips. Au contraire; the bronzerider is laughing again, smile lingering when blue eyes find grey and that look is returned with something intense. Affection, mostly, and something so much more wild and sensually unhinged that Ila'den manages to leash - barely. He catches Sunny by the hip to pull her in against his side, pressing a kiss against her temple before letting her go. "Well done," he breathes. And then the bronzerider is moving in to reload, but not before he cleans up what Sundari left behind. With his tongue. Yep, he's shamelessly dragging his tongue up stray salt (and Sunny spit), biting flesh and pulling back before relinquishing his hold as that tongue dips into the liquid remaining in R'hyn's naval. And then he's replacing what was taken: another line of salt, a topping off of tequila, and Ila'den takes a moment to pull abused lime from R'hyn's lips so he can kiss him again - hard. Teeth abuse the flesh of R'hyn's bottom lip and scrape along flesh as he pulls back and away, allowing the tier to slip free instead of letting go before he places the lime back. And then that grey eye is on Tanit, the bronzerider tilting his head. "Well, go on then little bird. You heard the man. Take the shot."

Oh. Someone is handing her a whiskey bottle while she is trying not to breathe her liquor. The death grip on the chair must be relinquished as Seph abandons the fray and Sunny dives into her body shot, complete with searing follow up by Ila. You bet R'hyn's sweet bronzerider abs she is drinking straight from that bottle, and that the amount might bring to question Tani's life choices. But by Faranth, she's not going to let the sexy bronze riders intimidate her. So R'hyn and Ila'den's invitation is read as a challenge and once R'hyn is 'reloaded' the fire whiskey bottle is set on the counter with a sharp clink that makes the drinks on the bar rattle. Tanit summons every inch of her not considerable 5'7" height to stand and take the step over. Challenge accepted. We blame the fire whiskey for what happens next, you are welcome. Sea-green eyes take in the view of the bar-bound bronzer through dark lashes and a flash of the tip of her tongue rolls over her top lip as she takes a moment to strategize. Ila has another thing coming if he thinks there will be anything to clean up after this shot because Tani is using all of her skilled tongue, lips, and teeth sucking up every last drop of tequila. Next, comes the salt, working her way up those drink name worthy abs, chest, and throat all the way to the lime at the end of the line, having absolutely 0 qualms about using every method at her disposal to come away with the lime in her mouth, (and please keep in mind that she is trained to hold her breath for a living) passing off the empty rind to Ila'den. "Not a bird." She grins, sea green eyes glittering. "I'm going to go pass out now I think." Plopping on the bar stool, happy that Seph did not witness this transgression.

Poor Tanit. It's all Ila'den's fault. This was his idea in the first place, and though it might be his comeuppance for making deals with a devil, R'hyn is suffering for it. By the time the dolphineer makes her prideful way to claim her shot, the bronzerider is white-knuckled gripping the edge of the bar, chest still trying to heave with leftover vexation from the thorough application of teeth and tongue to his person, gaze much more thunder than blue when his eyes finally trail from his withdrawing weyrmate to the woman clearly considering her plan of attack. It's an excersize in willpower to keep liquid from spilling over, one he nearly loses if not for a sudden tense of his everything when she makes her move. It's almost too much, the working of tongue on so much of his person immediately following Ila'den's attentions - muscles jump and twitch with her passage, and by the time Tanit reaches the lime, R'hyn is all fight and no flight, determined to make her fish for that freaking fruit as long as he possibly can out of pure retribution before, inevitably, she emerges the victor. He's quaking, still, when she pulls away, even the most minute of muscle shifts visible in the hard lines of his stomach, ribs, and— oh, no, he's laughing, expression finally catching up with the rest of him in a wide, crooked smile that can't surpress vaguely-hysterical amusement. "Faranth, I can't believe that happened," that not one, but two people took a shot off him, and - if he has his way - there will be a third. "No, perhaps not a bird indeed," gets said wryly Tanit's way, one hand lifting to grip her shoulder as she retreats back to her stool, appreciative of her being THE BEST OF SPORTS. "Better to do that in your own bed." Passing out? Licking people up and down? He doesn't define, palm shifting to muss into Sunny's hair affectionately. "Same goes for you, my dearest Sunny Day." As for Ila, well… R'hyn meets him eye to eye, waits if he has to, until he has the full bronzerider's attention before reapplying salt himself, trailing it from breastbone to bellybutton before tilting the tequila to his lips to fill the hollow of his mouth. He maintains eye contact even as he puuushes a wedge of lime down the flat planes of his stomach to disappear beneath the hemline of his pants, message clear: he can start the shot now but he's going to finish it at home.

Poor Sundari. Ila’den’s eye is on the woman with brows knit in concern because Ila’den is good at multitasking. “Oh, aye. It was delicious little bird,” he tells her around amusement, because he got a fair bit of her in that (admittedly familiar) taste of salt, and tequila, and R’hyn. He manages it all while keeping arms extended for her balance as she makes her way back to her seat before it’s Tanit’s time to shine. And oh, what a show. Ila’den is laughing again, making sounds that might be ARTISTIC APPRECIATION for the dolphincrafter’s approach to all things Tequila and R’hyn before she retreats with a reminder that she is not a bird. “This is where that not caring thing comes in handy, little bird,” is Ila’den’s retort, delivered on husky amusement as he ensures she gets back to her seat safely as well (even if she makes mention of passing out). And then yes, yes R’hyn’s laughter draws that grey eye up and for a moment, Ila’den just watches; he delineates every line that makes up R’hyn with the muted kind of contentment that has one corner of Ila’den’s mouth lilting up faintly in response - and then going feral when eyes lock and the once-bartender is self-applying salt, and tequila, and yes brows do raise for where that lime is shoved. Ila’den’s focal point tracks R’hyn’s progress down, down, down, and the younger ‘rider’s barely had enough time to finish the debacle with the lime before Ila’den is on him. Tequila first: Ila’den bites, spilling the contents of R’hyn’s mouth because he’s less interested in drinking what’s in there, and more interested in kissing R’hyn. Don’t worry, he manages to get some of it down between the eager press of tongue to teeth and gums and lips that occurs when Ila’den devours R’hyn. And then he’s pulling back with teeth catching on that bottom lip again, scraping as he draws back and tugs the tier with him, growling when it can yield no more and slips slowly from its cage leaving Ila’den to duck down and alternate between bites, and licks, and kisses that are sinfully lewd in nature down R’hyn’s neck, along his collarbones, against breastbone and down the hard planes of defined muscle as fingers rake from the bronzerider’s ribs down. And then the salt is gone, leaving just the lime as Ila’den towers back up over his weyrmate with hands on the younger man’s hips so that he can deliver another assault with lips, and teeth, and tongue, and the brush of I-Couldn’t-Be-Bothered-to-Shave-Yesterday stubble that occurs with the aggressive press of bodies. And yeah, no. They aren’t making it home. R’hyn’s being pulled down from the bar to his too-damn-long legs behind it, back to the lounge at large as Ila’den retreats and sinks to his knees. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS A MYSTERY, because there was only one witness to what exactly occurred between weyrmates and illicitly place limes (though plenty enough to see the reaction), and then Ila’den re-emerges victorious. Oh yes, that lime is between his lips, and the man’s grin is pushing at the boundaries of questionable legality as he pulls it free and kisses his weyrmate soundly once more. While readjusting Ryn’s pants against his hips. “Now we can go home, love of my life.” Maybe the last is to keep R’hyn from murdering him. Who knows? What’s important now is seeing the ladies safely home before taking another crash course in R’hyn Anatomy 101.

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