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Summer - Day 21 of Month 7 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Free time is a wonderful thing, and the Weyrlings are currently enjoying a few days off from lessons, drills, and general Weyrling-Life-Stuff as they prepare for the next leg of the journey: Graduation and Wing Placement! Which is why, on this muggy afternoon, S'van has claimed a table for himself in the Living Caverns and has filled it with papers and food. It's kind of a messy look, but at least no food has ended up on the papers. Yet. Currently, he has a meatroll in one hand and a sheet in the other, squinting at the writing with a thoughtful and slightly annoyed look on his face.

Kelani comes into the cavern still wearing her healer tunic. It seems a late lunch is in order for the woman and she heads over to the food tables to achieve just that. With plate in hand she hunts down a place to sit until her gaze settles on S'van. There is a pause, a nod, and a casual stride over to where he sits. "May I join you?" She asks with a nod to the empty space next to him. "What's all the paperwork for?"

S'van is mouthing the words now. Maybe because he just can't believe what it is he is reading? Or because he has forgotten where he is, and reading aloud is just easier? Who knows! Either way, when Kelani requests a seat, there's a brief moment of surprised confusion as he looks up at her. There's a frown (Maybe he forgot where he was) and then an apologetic look as he starts grabbing papers and plates and pushing the whole mess of stuff out of her seat. "Sure, sure," is rapidly tossed out as a space is made. "Oh, uh. Just weyrling stuff and wing stuff," he notes, working to gather papers into a reasonable stack. "Off shift? Or going in?" he wonders, noting the tunic.

Kelani shakes her head at all the paperwork as she carefully sits down, "Still amazing you are all about to graduate. Seems like only yesterday the eggs hatched. Now dealing with wings and graduation." Kelani gives another little shake of her head at the question, "Mid shift. Just having a late lunch after a delivary." She says with a touch of a smile on her face, "It was quite amazing, I had to see it through."

"A delivery?" It takes S'van a moment to understand that Kelani is not talking about boxes and supplies, but rather the birth of a tiny person. It may have something to do with the fact that he is holding a paper on the transport wing (Seamount), and was likely thoroughly engrossed in this. But understanding dawns soon enough, with a small laugh for his misunderstanding, and he offers, "Well. Ah. Ok then." Papers have been stacked and set aside. "Sounds messy."

There is going to be a party. Sure it isn't for a few days, but while some people might be fashionably late for a party S'ndri is fashionably early. A big party takes getting prepared for and what better way to prepare than to get your groove on before the party even starts! Ain't no party like a S'ndri party because a S'ndri party never stops. Oh yeah! He makes his way into the living caverns and quickly finds the line of food and once he has loaded his plate grabs a drink and moves off toward the tables. He plunks himself down at S'van and Kelani's table without so much as a word and smiles to the pair of them, "Are you both getting ready to have the time of your lives?"

"Yeah. She came in last night and been labouring all night. I just didn't feel like I could leave by that point. It was just…" Kelani opens her hands in an expressive gesture. "I reckon I am still deadset on emergency, but that was still pretty amazing." At least she saves him from the gory details. For now. Well then he had to say those last two words. "Oh yeah. Quite a mess, fluids and blood and do you know women poop when they ..well its not pretty business." She finally finishes up as she realizes she is saying too much. As the Party rider joins them, Kelani looks up a bit wide eyed in surprise,"Well I just helped deliver a baby…so its been a good day so far.."

There are no more words from the weyrling on the subject of women or giving birth or… any of that business. And maybe he is regretting letting Kelani sit at his table, by the look on his face. Alas, S'van is too polite to tell her to leave. He will, however, go ahead and put his meatroll back on his plate and give the plate a little push from him. Maybe later. "Emergency, as in trauma?" because that's somehow safer to talk about? But look, a S'ndri is here to save the day! And just in time, maybe. Even if S'van is now peering at him with narrowed eyes and a bemused expression. "Um. Sure?" for the time of his life. "Wait," and one hand lifts in a classic 'wait' gesture to boot, "Are you hitting on us? Just what kind of experience are we talking about here?"

S'ndri hears part of the conversation that is going on and this table is in great need of rescuing. And he is just the man to do it! "Your idea of fun is a bit different from mine." Or most normal people he's guessing. S'van, on the other hand, is far more normal even if he is less enthusastic. The bluerider laughs loudly at the suggestion that he may be hitting on them, "Sorry bronzerider. Don't really swing that way." He then turns his gaze on Kelani as if to try to figure out the answer to that question on her end, "How old are you?" is the response he settles on.

Kelani does not seem to notice just quite the extent she has grossed him out and just nods, "Yeah, fixing people when they get themselves broken. There is such a rush to it when you are working against the clock to keep a person alive." Living on the edge, healer style. "It is fun..for me." She offers to the bluerider straightening up her shoulders a little. Then S'van asks about being hit on and she looks between the two curiously before the age question gets turned to her, "Nearly seventeen.." She answers with a suspicious tone to her voice.

S'van appreciates the rescue, S'ndri. Even if Kelani is saying more things about being a Healer that just… don't seem to mesh with his idea of 'fun' and such. "Well. Here's hoping I never, ever meet you once you get your journeyman's knot," because that would mean he is about to die and she is having a fun time trying to save his life. Yay? "To each their own." And then a curious, "do you work with Achipelago much?" which is the Search and Rescue wing, for those that are not weyrlings memorizing all the wings and things. "Good to know," that S'ndri is not hitting on him, because he doesn't swing that way. Though when Kelani's next under his gaze and getting that question the big-brother look comes out. Kelani says 'nearly seventeen' at almost the exact same time that S'van is saying, "Too young for you," and casting 'back off' looks at him.

Yeah fun is in the eye of the beholder in the end. S'ndri considers her closely as she speaks up about her age and his eyes squint just a bit. Almost 17 is still 16. Which as S'van rightly points out is too young for him. Much SAD! Though he won't let that dampen the party, "Your cute. Call me in another turn or so ok?" he says with a wink sent in her direction. He's got to tweak S'van a little bit or this conversation isn't fun. "That works doesn't it?"

Kelani glances to S'van and nods slightly, "Well I am hoping too. In part its why I have been taking all these swimming lessons and hiking and stuff. I would hate to be in a position where I can't rescue someone because I am unfit or can't swim." Kelani may be an only child, but it seems she has a big brother all the same. There is a look at S'van at his comment and gently elbows him before looking back to the blue rider. "Yeah, what he said…even if its none of his business." Another elbow in the ribs.

It's instinct, or something. The guy has seven sisters. What's adopting one more? S'van'll even go ahead and open his mouth to give S'ndri some sort of smart-ass response for his 'another turn or so' comment, until he's getting elbowed in the side by Kelani not once, but twice! A scowl her direction and then a muttered, "Fine, whatever," and something else that is exceedingly inappropriate about 'virtue' and 'losing it' with a lot more colorful language but thankfully indistinguishable as words. "Have at it," with a little hand-flick between the two. Even if he doesn't mean it, and he's still sending dangerous looks toward the bluerider that Kelani can probably TOTALLY still see. Back to this 'time of our lives' business, "So what's going on?"

Change my pose to say 'because S'ndri doesn't swing that way' to make it clear.

Some people might accuse S'ndri of having no standards whatsoever, but that wouldn't be true. He does have standards. They are just really meager to the point of being almost insignificant. Seeing the bronzerider so worked up would /almost/ be worth breaking one of his rules. Though fortunately for everyone he decides to shift focus on something else. He drums his hands on the table in a little drumroll, "I hear there is going to be a party. Some sort of beach bonfire thing with food, drink, and I'm sure there will be women." All of his favorite things in one spot. The bright smile on his face says it all, "Not to mention I hear there is a proddy green round the weyr thats threatening to go up any moment now." He nods his head in time with the drumming, "It's going to be a good time."

As the bronzerider mutters about her virtue, Kelani just sighs and swivels in her chair to face him. "We have had this..discussion before. I don't mind that you care about protecting my virtue…I get upset because You don't seem to think I can look after my own virtue." He gets a gently poke in the ribs this time before looking back to S'ndri, "He cares about me, its sweet." She says with a sigh in her voice. At the explanation to the party thats in the making, Kelani looks a little curious and bemused, "Just women? How do you plan to get in?" The comment of the proddy green settles her as she knows who that is and gives a sympathetic look to S'van.

Hold that thought, S'ndri. Sev needs a moment to go all Big Brother on Kelani. One sec. Swiveling in chairs get swiveling in chairs in response, and S'van is not at all shy about using his height to kinda-sorta loom over her. "And who was in here the other night going all 'experimental' and excited when Baylee was talkin' about substitutes for her flight?" That would be confirmation of the proddy green, btw. "Just sayin'. S'not that I don't think you can take care of yourself. It's that…" and now there's a look at S'ndri. "I know what guys think." Cause he is one too, so… Anyways. Apparently his concern is sweet, but dismissed. Cue a long sigh, though he does let it go and moves on to discussions of the party. On to the part. "Yes," he says as he turns back around to drop his arms to the table, leaning. "Graduation in a week or so. Bonfire. Food. Booze." Women too, but he's not going to say so. Shrug. "There's always a proddy green somewhere." Truth.

S'ndri offers Kelani a sympathetic look, "Very sweet." he says to her while sending a look toward S'van that says 'Awwwwwwwwwwww.' Though this look quickly vanishes when Kelani asks her question, "It's my understanding that people of all genders will be invited. I'll be focusing my attention on the female half of the group. Bound to be someone interested right?" he asks her with a chuckle. When S'van ignores him to focus on Kelani he takes a drink from his glass that he almost snorts out when S'van talks about substitutes, "Seriously." he says with a cough that could also double as a laugh, "That never works. She's going to be disappointed." Though he does turn his attention back toward Kelani to re-appraise this young woman, "You want that?" he asks half curious and half incredulous.

"I only said that to tweak you nose S'van." Kelani admits with a sigh, "I didn't think you would actually believe me." They may not be siblings in blood but they sure are in temperment. "No I don't want that." She says throwing her hands in the air, "I just want to become a healer and let everyone else get distracted by it all, because it just seems to just cause a big ol mess with everyone." She turns her attention black to the plate before her a little fluster, even her dark skin darking with a bit of embaressed blush.

"Undoubtedly," is for S'ndri's comment that there's bound to be someone interested in whatever he has to say, or offer. Or whatever. S'van just reaches for his stack of papers, to fuss over as an excuse to do something with his hands and a reason to divert his gaze. About substitutes? There's another look, lips press into a thin line. "She found someone," he says with a shrug. "So apparently someone wants it." As for the success of it? "Won't know if it works till she goes up, though." Another shrug, a sideways look at Kelani, and a frown. "Yeah well. Whatever." Cause he has nothing clever to contribute, it seems. He'll go ahead and let her defend herself on this one, though, apparently convinced enough at her answer not to offer any more big brother-ly warnings.

Young riders always have the flight drama. Drama, drama, drama. S'ndri can only smile knowingly about the exchange back and forth. This is one of those really fun times where everyone is all abuzz and a twitter about things that really don't mean very much in the long run. "Good for you." he says encouragingly to the young healer, "Best to steer clear of it." Though for S'van he will have completely different advice, "Listen. I've been at this for awhile so I'll give you some unsolicited advice." He takes a deep breath and lets it out before continuing, "Don't get all worked up over flights. It isn't a big deal. It can even be fun. For instance I'd totally love catching the green. Baylee is hot. But if I catch her its no big deal." Though this talk of subs has him curious so he asks, "Who is the lucky sub?" he asks.

"Yuly..Yulise I think her name was. She seemed..well pretty excited about it. She definately knows her own mind on the matter." Kelani says with maybe a touch of admiration in her voice. Well maybe not for the sexing up perhaps but for being that confident and daring. "Well they have a plan either way, I guess will see how it pans out." She gives a little shrug before looking thoughtfully down at her plate for a moment, "I suppose..it will be their first test. Give her guy a chance to decide if he really wants to mate a rider early on."

S'van nods his head at Kelani as she supplies the name of this willing Tribute ready to step in for dear Baylee. "Never met her, until she's all up in my space eyeing my like a piece of meat and making vague threats about leaving Baylee alone." Awkward. That's what his expression says about that situation. As for himself? He shrugs a shoulder idly. "I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to the experience when Aede finally goes up after something, but I'm not really… scared of it or anything," he notes. "It's just this particular green. Baylee's a friend and… different." A scrunch of his nose. "And you might not mind, but she might. That's the problem. She would be uncomfortable if Aede caught." Probably uncomfortable for him, too. A glance at Kelani for the 'test' comment, a sobering look. "For her sake, I hope he is."

S'ndri 's eyes widen at the mention of the name before he devolves into a snort followed by more snorted laughter. "Yulise." he says through the fit, "Hooooo boy." Pern is really a very small place when it comes down to it, "I know her." he says raising his hand a little as he continues to laugh. The ups and downs of a couple whose relationship doesn't really mean anything to him is not really all that interesting, "Trust me. If you win she won't mind. And if I win she won't mind." Now after thats the real test. "So how is she /different/?" he asks making every effort to put the same inflection on the word.

"Well only because Aede and Myra were flirting…I think the bets are being placed on you. Yulise wanted to know if …she would be enjoying herself with someone good looking." Kelani offers ever so helpfully as she picks at the meal on her table. As for Baylee she leaves S'van to answer those questions but she looks up curiously to S'ndri at his response to the name and arches a brow,"Well you sound like you know her."

"Oh." That's all S'van can think to say for the idea of bets being placed on Aede catching Myrakath. That and, "Lovely." Which sounds anything but. "I… am pretty sure she was flirting with Aede because he happened to be around, and male, and agreeable," he notes. "They're usually tearing each other apart." S'ndri's response to Yulise's name garners his attention, curiosity in his expression as Kelani asks the question he had on his mind as well; apparently they know each other. "Maybe you'd have more fun catching her instead?" he almost-teases but not really. As for Baylee being different? A lift of his hand, a quick and dismissive flick of his fingers. "I didn't mean it like that. I simply meant that she doesn't think like… She's holdbred. Sex is a big deal for her. Pretty sure she's only been with her soon-to-be weyrmate. Makes the rest of us," or at least him, "Feel like freakin' perverts when she talks about it. Not on purpose. But, well… it's hard to explain." But maybe he already did.

"Just because a green flirts doesn't mean much. They all do that. Or most of them do anyway." S'ndri could name examples of greens that just want to get away and not be in the limelight, "I can imagine that Yulise saying that." he says with a knowing smile. "I'm going to have to look her up if she's around here. Would be nice to see her again. I do know her." There is a simple answer to S'van's question, "Oh yes. I'd love to catch. Either Yulise or Baylee. Wouldn't make one lick of difference to me." He lifts his glass, "To perverts." he says with a wide smile, "I'm proud." S'ndri has zero shames! ZERO.

Kelani gives a little nod in confirmation to S'van's words on Baylee, "I get where she is coming from. I suppose the healer training mostly has sees it as…well a biological act and frankly seeing the outcome of all of it upclose and in all its gory detail.." Kelani gives a shrug, "Well I am not quite ready for interference…yeah it was amazing to be there for and miracle of life and all that.." She says waving her hands a bit, "And yeah I know there are ways to prevent it, but not ready to take the risk myself. And watching you all struggle with your relationships and all this..give me some mass casualty event instead and I will be happy." She cants her gaze at S'ndri, narrowing her gaze before lifting her cup, "To choices." She says instead.

"Good. Distract her from me, then. I don't need that kind of attention," is said to S'ndri, in all seriousness. And somehow? Kelani brings it back to being about babies, and the wonderful gross miracle that is giving birth to babies. Which just… babies are OK maybe, but the birthing process? S'van just contemplates his pile of papers a little more thoroughly. "Struggling?" he asks, glancing up. "I'm not struggling with my relationship," is very firmly noted. Mass casualties? The look that the weyrling levels on Kelani is bordering rude now. "Really? Mass casualties over… awkward relationship drama?" Hm. He does not have a drink, alas, so he will contribute a meatroll to the toast. "To perverts and choices. To perverted choices, even. Cause why the fuck not?" Clink?

S'ndri watches and listens as Kelani goes right back into her schtick. And they were talking about the joys of catching. She had to go and ruin it by talking about giving birth. Oh well! He smiles politely to the young healer, "I'm also not having any relationship drama." S'ndri is on solid ground there. S'van gets a look with a smile that has a bit of mischief in it, "Who? Yulise or Baylee?" he asks after taking the obligatory after toast drink.

Speak of the devil, and she shall appear! The devil, in this case, being Yulise. From the glow on her skin and the fact that she's wearing a poorly-concealed swimsuit under a sundress, it's a safe bet that she's been spending her whole day being lazy on the beach. But now is the time to hydrate and get snacks. She makes her way over to the serving tables to get herself some juice, but pauses when she hears her name spoken at a nearby table. What's this? Time to eavesdrop! She tries to sneak closer. Sneak sneak sneak.

"Well I don't wish people to die or anything, but putting together someone who is broken seems easier than all this." Kelani says motioning between the two riders. "My parents couldn't make it work other than long enough to have me and pass me along. Still I suppose they seem happy enough now and ain't likely to work even if they had tried I guess." She gives a shrug as she tries to focus once more on her meal missing the sneakity sneak approaching.

S'van will take the obligatory bite of his meatroll, since he has no drink to sip. But hey, it worked, right? As for who? "How 'bout both?" cause why not. "My parents are not dragonriders, live in two weyrs on purpose and managed to have eight children, so…" shrug. "But I'm doing fine. Damn awesome, in fact. Apparently he's doing fine," with a gesture of meatroll-hand toward S'ndri, "and is probably doing damn awesome as well, so…" two against one? "Don't knock it," from the weyrling who was literally FIVE MINUTES AGO making vague threats about people getting to personal with her. Hrm. Sneaky-sneaking Yulise's are, for the moment, not noticed by the poor Weyrling. Cause he is distracted.

S'ndri has a radar. A radar for women. So when a woman walks into the room he is more likely to notice it. Yulise doesn't get noticed right away though, "I will do my absolute best." he says to S'van, which is pretty darn good. Kelani gets a little shrug, "I'm doing damn awesome." he says to Kelani, "Who are your parents? Anyone I know?" It's shortly after these words leave his mouth that he spots there. The woman of the hour! Yulise! And so he stands up and loudly claps for her, "Yulise! Queen of substitutes." He heard the story already and it amuses him greatly. "Come on over. It's been way too long." So much for keeping her away from S'van. Though don't worry S'van this is a woman that S'ndri can flirt with properly.

The jig is up! Yulise has been spotted. Alas and alack! While she still has a sliver of the element of surprise, she slithers up beside S'van so that she can speak right in his ear, in an overly sultry voice. "Hey S'van. I've been thinking about you…" Her voice then abruptly switches back to normal. "… and I have decided that you are boring." She pulls away and sets her tray on the table, not bothering to wait for an invitation to sit with the others. She gives S'ndri a smile, at least. "Queen? I mean, I haven't actually done it yet, but… I like the sound of that. Queen Yulise. Do I get a crown? Or at least a tiara?"

Kelani just gives S'van a look because she HAS noticed the change in tune. There is a sigh and she starts to gather up her things. "I should get back to the infirmary and check how things are going." She pauses up in her cleaning to glance at S'van, "Hoping I can swing my shifts to catch graduation at least and well good luck." She looks over to S'ndri at his question, "My Ma is T'ana, she is living down at Ierne with her girlfriend and My Father is Master Geordi at Harper craft hall." There is a gentler tone when speaking of her father perhaps giving hint to which one raised her. There is a finger wave for Yulise as she joins them, "Just don't break him ok?" She offers oh so helpfully with a nod towards S'van before heading back off to work.

Oh look, it's Yulise. Does S'van look happy? Thrilled? Over joyed? Of course not. He looks suspicious. Well. First he looks freakin' confused and uncomfortable at all the sultry-talk in his ear, leaning way back to get her out of that personal space bubble she just doesn't seem to respect in the least. And then there is suspicion, and annoyance, and then a look (and an opening of his mouth) that says he is about to say something really stupid and smart-ass in reply but just… no. Let's not. She's moving on to S'ndri and he is totally OK with this. His papers are hastily grabbed and yanked out of the way of Yulise's tray and shoved under his arm for safe-keeping. They're already wrinkled beyond repair, what's another scrunching? But Kelani is abandoning him, and all he can do is give her a half-smile in reply and a quick, "Thanks," for the 'good luck' followed by a "You should try and swing it. I'm pretty sure they'll have me grilling steaks." And then a snort and a quick, "I'm not that breakable," in a dry tone of voice.

S'ndri watches her with S'van and can only smirk, "Yes. Very boring. I'm /much/ more interesting." he says enjoying the fact that here Yulise is again after all this time. "I suppose we could try to find you a crown or tiara, but I wouldn't suggest wearing it to the flight. You'll just lose it, and I'd hate to make you lose something pretty." Because S'ndri has confidence that he is going to be the one who wins this thing. Though Kelani's mention of her mothers name does get some recognition, "I know her." he says though he doesn't go on about it since she is leaving, "Have a good night." Steaks, booze, and women. Great combo, "I'll be there." he says to S'van. He's sure of that, but the bronzerider already knew that.

"I make no promises." Yulise replies to Kelani, taking a swig of whatever potent beverage she snagged from the serving tables. "The Yulise experience is known to shatter the minds and bodies of the unworthy." She side-eyes S'van. "Soon you will be tested. Possibly. Or possibly I will be substituting with someone less boring. A girl can hope." Then something else sinks in, and Yulise's eyes widen a little as she looks at Kelani. "Waaaait. You're T'ana's daughter? Your mother is so nice. And gorgeous." She peers in a worrying way. "I see the resemblance!" She giggles and offers a wave and wink to the fleeing Kelani before she looks back at S'ndri. "I can wear a crown while substituting. Nobody does sexy things to the top of the head." She tilts her head. "Do they?"

OK, this time? This time Sev is not so good at holding his tongue. "I don't care what you might do with your body, I am more than confident that the Yulise Experience has nothing on the J'en experience," he says with all the smart-ass smirking and insinuating tone of voice necessary to get his point across. Or so he hopes. "She's all yours," he says to S'ndri, pushing himself up from the table and collecting his plate. "And I wish you all the luck in the world with that chase," cause he doesn't want any part of that, nope. Of booze, and steaks, and women? There is just another bit of a smirk and an acknowledgement in the form of briefly inclined head. And then he is gone, heading for the door with the kind of step that says he's got places to go and people to see.

S'ndri can only sit there and be the pinnacle of smugness. "Yes. I'm not sure that you are ready for that at all S'van." Of course implying that he, himself is more than capable and worthy. Great minds think alike though, "I know right?" he says to Yulise, "T'ana is hot. I've been trying to bag her for months. No luck though. I have faith that my charm will win the day eventually." At least his persistance might. Though when S'van goes on about the J'en experience he does his best to not laugh, though he doesn't manage very well, "You have a good one." he says to S'van. Then he's free to lavish all his attention on Yulise, "You didn't call. You didn't write. I was begining to wonder what had happened to you." he reproaches, though without a lick of seriousness in his tone. "I did miss you though."

"Whatever, boring guy. You couldn't handle the Yulise Experience." The trader says, dismissively waving off S'van while she has another swig of her drink. She then looks back to S'ndri. "She's got a weyrmate, you know." She says of T'ana. "A perfectly lovely weyrmate. They seem very much in love. Though, if T'ana's lifemate was around when Myrakath rises… mmm. A girl can dream." Doesn't sound terribly likely, though. The reproach earns a grin and a shrug. "I'm a trader. I go to new places. Meet new people. It comes with the whole lifestyle. Don't take offense."

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