A Matter of Inheritance

Western Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office
The room's design is fundamental to the purposes required, with space enough to allow a fair size meeting to occur with ample privacy. Yet, the office chamber most certainly feels open and airy, comfortable in retrospect to the hustle and bustle of the weyrling quarters on the otherside of the door.
Amongst the mahogony architecture inside, which certainly gives the chamber a rustic and less formal atmosphere, the furniture is not what one would assume to be housed in an office belonging to any werylingmaster staff. In the center of the room, set upon a burgundy throw rug which sits on the cedar floor, are a pair of overstuffed leather couches that face one another on either side of a long skybroom-made coffee table. The couches are irrevocably postioned to face the spanning bay windows on the west wall, turned in precise angle so that the weyrling training field can be watched. Alongside the bay windows and their matching burgundy curtains, are the shelving units which contain numerous editions of previous weyrlingmaster's manuals and records. Opposite to these shelves on the otherside of the room happens to be a statue in eerie replica to Weyrling Rock, only at the bottom instead of some dire warning is a memorial to a certain group of Weyrlingmasters, who apparently parished in a long forgotten heroic event - but their dedication while on duty to this day symbolizes the honour to those who wear the weyrlingmaster knots.

It's another crossover period in the Weyr, with the hour having just settled somewhere between mid-morning and early afternoon. Most weyrfolk would be wrapping up the first tasks of the day in preparation for the lunch hour. Training has already gone underway for the morning, with most weyrlings having finished and are now tending to their dragons - all but one. Moments before, the rich, flowing tone of one young bronze went out to all Weyrlingmaster dragons, laden with concern and worry. Velokraeth didn't seem panicked, but he was insistent that someone should come immediately to the office. Anyone passing through the barracks would see how tense the bronze is, talons worrying the edges of his couch. Thankfully, nothing is nearby for Velokraeth to shred. Th'ero can be found in the office, having let himself in regardless if anyone was there or not. Currently, he paces by the bay windows, as tense as his bronze outside and a partially crumpled letter clutched in one hand. The weyrling is completely distracted, his frown heavy and it's plain to see something has upset him, though he seems to be in control for the most part.

Lissi's Damasth passed the message to the WLM who has arrived and enters slowly, her head tilting as she looks at the weyrling with concern. "Th'ero?" she asks then smiles and approaches, "I came quick as I could.. what's troubllin ya? Something happen in training?" she asks, assuming it can't be the dragon who had called for help for his mate.

Th'ero's pacing abruptly stops the moment Lissi enters and addresses him. For a moment, he only stares blankly back at the Weyrlingmaster before his thoughts kick into gear. Shaking his head a little, he fidgets awkwardly for a moment. "Velokraeth called you, didn't he?" he mutters, a shaky smile curling at the corners of his mouths. But that soon falters and the weyrling scrubs wearily at his face. "It's nothing to do with training. I tried to tell him it wasn't urgent. I mean, it's serious, but…" And then he shrugs helplessly, unable to keep his thoughts straight enough to be entirely coherent. Instead, he reluctantly holds out the crumpled letter for Lissi to take and read for herself. If she does, she'll discover a formal and legit message stating the passing of Th'ero's father and further details about it being possibly accidental, causes unknown. Below that are details concerning the forfeit of inheritance of land, but that he does have some claim on a small amount of marks. All the details are there for the Weyrlingmaster to read, depending how much she wishes to read.

Lis nods some, "I dun mind coming.. glad you're ok.." she says then takes the letter. She sighs as she reads then folds smoothes it out and folds it, offering it back. "I'm so sorry, Th'ero.." she says in a gentle, motherly manner. She holds out her hand and looks like she'd hug the young man if he allowed it but she's not pushy about it. "Where ya from?"

Th'ero doesn't quite meet Lissi's eyes when he takes the now smoothed letter back. It's promptly tucked away in an inner pocket, now that it's no longer needed and probably a wise move, considering he may just shred it from nerves. There's another shaky smile when she offers her condolences, but he seems to balk awkwardly at the offer of a hug, though he gives a brisk nod of thanks for the gesture. When she asks where he's from, his mouth draws down into a thin line and his fingers tap restlessly against the side of his leg. "North of Torince Hold." Th'ero replies, letting his breath out in a slow exhale. It's not long before the weyrling picks up his pacing, though it's slower. "It was a small fishing cothold."

Lissi smiles softly at him and nods, "Aye.. " and she draws back lets him pace and move. Everyone handles things in different ways and she glances outward, "Your mate is concerned but not panicked.. thas good.." she comments. "Do ya have other family up there?" she inquires. "Who is the letter from?"

Everyone does handle things in their own way and Th'ero is oddly together, despite the obvious anxiety and upset. Some would say it's odd how he isn't quite grieving as much as some would when hearing news of the death of their own father. When Lissi mentions Velokraeth, the weyrling pauses, cocking his head to the side for a second. "It is?" he asks, sounding surprised but detached. "I held nothing from him. That's probably why. No lying, no masks. I know better. If I did, he'd have shouted loud enough for more then just Damasth and a few others to hear." Th'ero is rambling and once he notices, his promptly stops himself. Pacing seems to do little to calm him, so he tries settling into one of the chairs, but by the rigid way he sits, it's likely to bring him no comfort. "I've a mother, an older brother and a younger sister." He hesitantly replies, frowning a little and for the first time since the Weyrlingmaster arrived, he glances up to Lissi. "I'm…not sure who sent it. It's been signed, but it's by officials. I'm surprised the letter found me at all." That seems to be an odd remark for Th'ero to make, but he doesn't elaborate on it. Instead, he hastily fires a question to Lissi. "How far can I fly Velokraeth?"

Lissi nods as she listens then when he sits she does too and folds her hands in her lap. His question draws a thoughtful expression from the greenrider then she hrms, "Well, I'm nae sure how far it is ta yer hold.. ya canna between, period, I would figure ya wanna go home fer a bit.. and I dun mind that but ya canna go alone. Ya gotta take a senior rider with you.." she says. "Do you know anyone who might go with you?"

An odd expression crosses Th'ero's face for a moment and for a heartbeat or two, the weyrling does look pained, though by the time he clears his throat, it's gone and a deep frown replaces it. "I… no. I wasn't thinking on going that far." There's a brief moment where he smirks, shaking his head. "And I know better then to Between. I'm not foolish to even consider that. But I can't go that far." Th'ero can't go or he won't go? Again, the weyrling doesn't elaborate, instead seeming to consider a few options when Lissi mentions possible chaperones. "Zi'on, maybe? He's really the only senior rider I know, aside from you and perhaps Kh'zan." Th'ero admits, sounding a little sheepish with that shared detail. Leaning forwards a little, the weyrling scrubs at his face again, only this time he pinches the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger. "I need to send a few letters off first, I think, to be certain. But at most I may just need to go a little outside the boundaries of the Markets."

Lissi lifts a brow and then her head tilts, "If yer not goin home, where ya goin?" she asks him, curious. She nods, "S'alright.. yer focus is knowing yer dragon, s'understandable ya dun know ta many other riders that well yet." Pause. "Zi'on's a good one aye and Kh'zan, both mentors..either would work but, where ya thinking ta go?"

Th'ero gives Lissi a long look and for a moment, seems ready to withdraw into himself and stubbornly refuse to answer the Weyrlingmaster directly. Instead, he makes a soft 'tsk' like noise with his tongue almost in time with the deep, rolling warning rumble that comes from the bronze tensely waiting outside. Though it seems the warning is meant for Th'ero and not the greenrider. "I don't know." He replies tensely, before sighing softly, shoulders sagging a little as he gives in. "Sorry. I mean I won't know until I contact my remaining family. If I can contact them." Again, he hesitates, rubbing at the side of his head before running his fingers up through his hair. This seems to be harder for the weyrling to cope with then the actual news of his father's death. "I'm…not on good terms with them. My father and my brother I mean, though I guess it's just my brother now." Th'ero finally admits with a grimace. "I have to try to contact them, see if they can't meet me half way. But I can't set foot in the cothold." The weyrling doesn't seem aware that past issues may not apply, at this point. "So it'd probably be the Markets or the smaller cotholds nearby that I'd need to go to. Somewhere where my mother and sister can easily travel to."

Lissi sighs and nods as she listens more then she rises, "I will help ya if ya need it.. I kin retrieve yer family.. well any rider can if they want. Tell ya what.. ya get a note ready and a flit can between it.. then we'll see about ya takin off.. I dun like tha idea of sendin ya off upset and without a plan.. sa no leavin til ya know where and check back with me first, aye?"

Th'ero watches as Lissi rises from her seat, a frown still etched onto his expression. "I understand." He murmurs, nodding his head in agreement to the Weyrlingmaster's terms. Slowly, he too rises to his feet, pausing only to smooth out his tunic in some idle and nervous gesture. "I'll write a note then and I won't leave." There's another smirk from the weyrling as he adds in a slightly bitter tone. "Not that there's anywhere for me to go." He seems to regret that remark though and gives Lissi an apologetic look as he moves to pass her and slip out the office door. Th'ero pauses by the doorframe though, turning to glance back over his shoulder. Hesitating again, he manages a wan smile. "Thanks… for helping and the suggestions. I'll check back with you when I hear more." And with that, he nods and slips back into the barracks, no doubt right to his waiting bronze.

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