No Climbing Allowed

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Rukbat is setting in the distance, but still there are weyrling pairs on the field, namely Lalasath and Fyffe, the brightly colored green clearly visible despite the setting sun. Fyffe is in conversation with a weyrlingmaster, while Lalasath sits coiled nearby - however they aren't alone as the graying-blonde Weyrleader can be seen listening to the conversation between the young greenrider and her trainer, and Dhonzayth is looming over the tiny green, turning his head this way and that, examining her - or at least trying since she isn't helping much.

E'mi and her dark blue aren't still on the field, but rather returning to it. It seems Oranth has it in his head that he wants to try more of those walking-strengthening exercises. The pair walk out in a fairly familiar fashion, with E'mi resting a hand along his neck, since his head is starting to get a little high. The sight of the Weyrleader and a weyrlingmaster out here? That makes the girl pause. But not Oranth. In a moment of playfulness he bounds up to coiled green and extends his muzzle. « Lalasath! You should do exercises with me! You're not too tired for it, are you? » Because otherwise why would that little cutie be all curled up. "Oranth…" E'mi starts, noticing that large, large bronze. "She might be busy." And the hatchling looks up then, offering the croon up to Dhonzayth as well. « She's not busy, is she? » All the while Oranth's voice is accompanied by a cheerful hammered dulcimer jig. Bright, chipper, and joyous.

The conversation between weyrlingmaster and Fyffe seems to be wrapping up, the greenrider looking slightly contrite in the sunset, but not *that* contrite, as her hands are on her hips and her shoulders hint at defiance. Lalasath meanwhile, is completely distracted from her rider's interaction, as Oranth comes bounding up, uncoiling and touching her nose excitedly to his. « Exercises! » She repeats, excitedly, spreading her wings even as she says the words. L'ton, meanwhile, is also distracted from Fyffe, turning towards E'mi with a laugh. "I don't know if 'busy' really describes it.." He offers, while Dhonzayth turns to nudge a large muzzle at the 'tiny' dark blue. « You will not try to climb on the barracks, will you? » There are hints of his own amusement in his voice as well, likely both at the weyrlings' excitement, and the situation. « If you don't do that, she is not busy. »

E'mi approches at a slower rate than her dragon, coming up on L'ton, and catching a question from Oranth in the process. The girl looks taken aback for a moment as she looks at Fyffe. "You did not try to do that!" It's not scolding per se, but incredulous. « No, sir! » The dark blue chirps, raising up on hind legs for a moment and exposing his sound-bar-belly as he touches muzzles. « I don't think I could manage it in the first place! » Oranth is far too jubilant this evening for E'mi's own energy tastes, as that jig starts up anew, and he takes a bound back, giving Lalasath room. « Can you hold your wings out like this? » And he's extending his wings not up, but straight out to the side, bracing his four feet until he gets the wings stablized, and then he prances sideways slightly, waiting for the green to start playing along. E'mi gives a small curtsey to the Weyrleader, at least remembering some manners these days. "Well. Doesn't seem like the dragon is busy, at least." A sidelong look is given back to the other weyrling. "Her, on the otherhand…" She's been in that position enough she doesn't want to be there except for a good reason.

Fyffe is freed from the weyrlingmaster's attention just in time to hear E'mi's question, face coloring in a way that can't be attributed to the sunset. "Well, I didn't. She did. She wanted a better view…" Lalasath croons loudly as her rider explains what happened. « I was almost there! I just need a little more time! » As Oranth mentions not being able to manage, Lalasath snorts, and flaps her wings a bit. « We can, though! We just need to exercise to make it! » Though, she does actually settle down once Oranth begins to give directions, spreading her wings and mimicking him. Dhonzayth shifts, settling back to peer at first Oranth and then Lalasath. « Good. Lalasath, stop wiggling so much. » He corrects, causing the green to pause in her random movement. The weyrlingmaster excuses himself from the group, leaving the Weyrleader and two weyrlings on their own, though Fyffe seems to be content to linger slightly away from the group, lest she draw more negative attention. "I'm honestly surprised none of the others have tried it. Though, now that she has, I wouldn't be surprised if they do." A shake of his head, and he glances back at E'mi. "Settling in ok, weyrling?" He offers, trying to maintain an at least somewhat serious face.

E'mi looks at Fyffe for just a moment longer before she lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "At least you didn't go along with it, I'm assuming." And she lets the greenrider seclude herself off to the side, instead giving herself over to watching the dragonettes. L'ton's remark earns a small chuckle. "There are some rather strong-headed hatchlings, aren't there?" Again, that shoulderlift. "Those things aren't in Oranth's nature. He's more interested in getting them to do what he wants." Case in point in front of them. That dulicmer jig is bloody infectous though. Makes a person - or dragon - want to get up and do something. Oranth takes this time to ignore his rider and curl his wings back to his sides in a slow and controled motions, while his front left and back right leg lift a bit more jerkily and extend out from his body. His head-tilt almost throws him off balance. « But Lalasath, how would you have gotten down? Our wings don't support us yet! » Yeah, up probably wouldn't be a problem. Down is the issue. To make the legs a bit more challenging since the wings are furled, Oranth lifts his tail off the ground, a grimace moving over draconic features as he gets it to curl like a scorpion's tail. "I'm settling… alright." E'mi says slowly, trying to keep the complaint-whine out of her tone. "I think I'm going to be sore for eternity." She tries to make a joke out of it, instead of whining. But it definitely comes out whine.

"I think I might be more worried about Feyruth's clutches more than any other, in fourty-five turns.. And considering some of them, I think that is scary." A tilt of his head and L'ton watches Oranth for a while, "Maybe its a good thing they are all stubborn, then, unless he is the voice of reason. Then we may have a problem." Dhonzayth settles down on his haunches to watch as Oranth exercises, snortly loudly as he almost goes off balance, sticking a muzzle in closer, ready to steady the blue if needed. « Careful now! » The bronze keeps an eye on Lalasath in turn, as the green tries awkwardly to mimic the blue. « Fyffe would have figured out a way! I could see SO much better from there, if they just let me! I'd be tall! » Dhonzayth's snort at this does knock the green offbalance, the tiny bright weyrling ending up in a pile of limbs. Oops. As L'ton listens to E'mi's slight whining, he offers her an encouraging smile. "I'd say it gets better, but more.. I think you just get used to it. I mean, I suppose it does *eventually* get better, unless you are assigned to search and rescue." *So* encouraging, old man.

E'mi just gives L'ton a look. "That's not funny." She says, voice flat. If he's been keeping any tabs on the candidates, search and rescue will be the last place E'mi wants to be. Oranth's tail hits the ground with a loud thud and puff of dust as he just lets it go, instead of lowering it carefully. « Wanna know a safe way to be tall? » The blue asks slyly, a wheedling violin sneaking into the jig. « Ask Dhonzayth to pick you up! If he doesn't mind. » Well. That's one - inconvenient - way to solve the problem. E'mi was apparently about to say something, but then her jaw clacks shut and she sighs. "Apparently not always." « We should still be small enough. And by the time our wings can support us, we'll be too big! » "He did get Jabreth to join in on exersizes for once. And he can help… maintain… the volume of Xermi's voice." Yeah. The dude is a manipulator at heart for sure. E'mi doesn't even know she's being worked on, but her attitude has already sweetened considerably. Oranth puts all four legs (and tail) on the ground, and gives his slight frame a massive shake. « What pose should we try next? Wanna do some walking poses? » E'mi's smile is fond and her eyes are soft, but she's shaking her head. "He's so much more into these lessons than I am." And then she remembers who she's talking to. "Not that I uh… don't pay attention." Shells.

"I don't know, maybe he will be good at it." L'ton shrugs, the old man clearly missing the flatness of E'mi's voice - or maybe just not caring. As Oranth makes the suggestion, Dhonzayth rocks back, looking sort of suspiciously at the smaller blue and green for a long moment. « I am not a climbing gym! » The bronze protests, wings wide as he looks to his lifemate for support against the babies. Thankfully for the bronze, Lalasath's move to try and clammor up his back is halted by the blue moving to the next pose, the green swinging her head hurriedly back to her clutchmate, and finally moving to follow after him. « We can walk. I would rather climb, but we can walk. » Dhonzayth continues to keep a nervous eye on the young green *just* in case, as L'ton simply lets dragons be dragons, and keeps his attention on E'mi. "Well, that is something at least. Sometimes it is good. But if he has everyone doing something dumb, I know where to look." He winks at her, even as he is finishing his words. "Hah, it has been a very very long time since Dhonzayth and I did this, but I know especially the first, well, few months…" So boring.

"Oh he would be good at it, I'm sure." E'mi responds, watching the little green try and climb the bronze. « I said ask! » Oranth corrects as the green returns to echo his movements. This time it's the exercise from a few days ago. Left front, right hind, with the right right wing extended upwards. Feet down, wing down, other side! And Oranth is leading Lalasath around the yard like this. "I'm just 100% sure I wouldn't be good at it. At all." L'ton's tease gets a blush out of the ginger. "Hopefully you won't come looking for me!" That though makes the girl's knees shake. No weyrleader attention please. Right now he's being a human being, so she's cool. "First few months…?" She prompts before finishing it over for herself. "Are overwhelming?" Yeah. Her brain feels like goo more often than not, and the girl has abandoned extra pillows for dragon limbs.

"What, you mean, you don't like the prospect of jumping off his back on long straps to try and pull people out of the water?" L'ton is a little mean, it seems, continuing to egg on the younger rider, while Dhonzyath seems to relax as the weyrling pair go on parade and he is free of becoming a gym - at least for the immediate future. "You know, some people would like extra attention from the Weyrleader.." L'ton counters, looking somewhat hurt. "I mean.." He grins again, an dthen nods. "Overwhelming, Exhausting, and sometimes boring, at least for you, at least until you get to actually get airborne… But don't tell them I said that."

E'mi shudders at L'ton goes on describing the details of search and rescue riding. "I won't tell. They probably would say you wouldn't say such a thing, anyways. They'll think I'm just complaining." Cause she hasn't done enough of that yet, during candidacy. Oranth makes a detour from his parading around the grounds and prances on up to his rider. « I itch, beloved. Come oil me? » And with that E'mi chuckles, lifting a hand in farewell to L'ton. "Oiling calls." And whether or not Lalasath takes that cue to call it herself is between that riding pair. E'mi knows where her duties (and heart) lay.

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