Krenn and Baylee's Ceremony

Day 25 of Month 7 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Myrakath's Family Burrow

The weyr opens up into a large open area used as a living space, mostly dedicated to a big comfy couch for Myrakath to lounge upon when she isn't sunning herself on her ledge. The rest of the space is furnished for entertaining human visitors, with a couple comfy couches and chairs arranged around a simple coffee table. There's a little mini-kitchen area off in one corner, mostly just a few cupboards with snacks and a klah maker. The decor is simple, yet charming and welcoming.

Doors in the back of the living area lead to the master bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is mostly occupied by a big fluffy bed, with both sides featuring dressers and desks, each one covered with books and materials relating to Baylee and Krenn's respective crafts. The master bathroom features an oversized tub, hooked up with faucets that supply piping hot spring water on demand.

It is a beautiful afternoon outside. The perfect sort of weather for an event like this. The living space portion of the weyr has been cleared of alot of the furniture that usually sits there leaving space for people to move around. Several rows of small foldable chairs have been set up, though the crowd expected wasn't to be super large. Along the counters in the kitchen are various food items that will come into play later. The most important of which is a very nice sized cake that will be dished out after the ceremony is over. Krenn and Baylee have prepped and stand in the front. Baylee is dressed in a simple, modest, classic sort of white dress. Now its just a matter of waiting for the guests to arrive.

Krenn is here! He stands up front with Baylee, smiling and nervously fidgeting with the fine black and white suit he has donned for the occasion. The smile on his face is one of obvious excitement, but it'd be impossible not to have some nerves under the circumstances. "Wonder how many we're going to have in attendance." He remarks, eyeing the rows of chairs. It's going to be a small event, but he's still looking forward to seeing their friends show up.

Riohra steps into the living area of the weyr having gotten a lift with Kelani, he is dressed in his nicer clothes today and even shaved and combed his hair. He walks with on arm bent for Kelani to hold on to as they make there way into the area proper saying softly "Nice place, though I am not a fan of the height." He grins down at his cousin before walking in and looking to see where they are supposed to sit.

Kelani enters with her cousin Riohra. She too is dressed up for the occasion, wearing a dress and lace up sandles. A rarity for the young woman usually seen in healer scrubs. "Its not so bad." She says to Rio about the height. As they head in she smiles to see Baylee and Krenn at the front and gives a finger wave to the Weyrling.

Aedeluth settles briefly on the ledge, long enough to deposit his passengers but no longer. Once S'van and Sephany have descended and stand firmly upon the stone, the young dragon is gone; descending into the bowl to do whatever it is he wants to do while his human-half does human-things. Sephany is bright eyed and delighted looking, almost skipping on her way into the weyr. "Oh! It's so beautiful!" though what she is complimenting is hard to disercern. The weyr? The cake? The dress? ALL OF IT. S'van is more resolute, though still pleasantly cheerful. "Hey," is all he offers to those already here, looking only mildly uncomfortable with the crowd. At least he knows them? "Riohra!" because that is a face he has not seen in some time. "How are you?"

With this event being a small sort of gathering everyone should know everyone well enough. Which should make things less socially awkward. Myrakath who is sittig on her couch watches Aedeluth with great interest as he drops the people off. Hold it together girl! The dragons hide is obviously glowing, but for the moment everything is as it should be. Baylee gives a smile to each of the guests as they arrive. Rio and Kelani, and Sev and Sephany. "I think that answers your question." she says quietly to Krenn. It seems all the guests have arrived. She gives a nod to Krenn. She's ready to begin.

Krenn offers his greetings to the guests as they arrive, mostly just by waving to each of them. He's got too much going on right now to manage going around and properly greeting each one, but hopefully there will be time for that later, when it is time for food, drink, and cake. Right now, there's a ceremony to start! He takes a deep breath, gives Baylee a smile and nod, and waves over the older harper they've brought to officiate and provide an air of legitimacy to this whole thing. It seems that it's time for everything to begin.

Riohra grins as he hears his name and says "Hey S'van, Doing well, hoping to be better after some of that cake!" he only half teases because come on CAKE! As he leads Kelani and himself to there chairs he says "come sit with us?" He grins at Sephany and introduces her "Sephany this is Kelani my cousin, Kelani have you met Sephany." Cake is still eyed but seeing Krenn's wave and then nod to the harper he will move to take his seat.

Kelani smiles at Riohra, "You know you scrub up all right." She says giving a motion to the outfit and hair before looking up to the other arrivals to the intimate ceremony. Sephany and S'van are met with another wave and she nods to Riohra's words, "Yes, we have met but it is nice to see you again." Then the Harper starts to move into position and she looks up, "We best get to our seats before the get mated without us." She says with light humour as she moves to sit next to her cousin.

S'van offers a quick nod of his head for Krenn, a flash of a smile for Baylee, and a little acknowledging glance and nod for Kelani and Riohra. A quick "Doing good," is all he can manage before talking becomes less appropriate. Socializing will have to wait, it seems. He settles into a seat as quietly as he can, though six and a half feet of height requires a little finagling to get just right (and he's still sort of sprawling, because that is how he is). At least he is not slouching, and his attention is firmly planted on the pair at the front.

Sephany is all too eager to find a seat and get this going! Riohra may be here for the cake (which gets him an eyeroll from the weaver) but she is here for the ceremony! There is something about the moment that just lights up her face, grey eyes dancing with barely contained joy. As introductions are made, she bobs her head and offers a quick, "We've met," for the healer. "You have the adorable puppy!" she recalls, on a visit that saw Sephany soaked to the bone after a trip to Igen. But she's quick to hush and settle into her chair as the Harper comes into view. S'van may be sprawled, but Sephany is on the edge, leaning forward with delight and expectation.

With the arrival of the harper up front it does seem that the moment to begin the ceremony has finally arrived. Any attention that Baylee might have had for the gathering of her friends ebbs away and Krenn absorbs all of the attention. She beams to him as she stands there in breathless anticipation of this moment that has been so long in coming. There were times where it felt like they might never reach it, yet here they are standing in front of their friends ready to profess their love for each other in as formal a fashion as is possible.

As the group quiets down, the harper clears his throat to get everyone's attention. Once there is silence, he speaks. "Thank you all for coming here today. We are gathered here to celebrate the love between Baylee and Krenn, to witness their vows of devotion to one another. Though it is the affection they feel for one another in their hearts which makes them partners, we can all take joy in being part of this special day wherein they affirm their commitments to one another. Krenn, do you have some words you'd like to say to Baylee?" Krenn takes a deep breath, desperately trying to ignore his nerves and remember the words he's been rehearsing in the mirror for far too long. "Baylee. When I was younger, I never would have imagined settling down this young. But when I met you, and got to know you, I suddenly couldn't imagine my life any other way. We've had a lot of difficulties getting this far, but I never thought twice about wanting to be with you. Everything hasn't been perfect, but you've always been perfect for me." His smile grows steadier as the nerves vanish. "I promise to always love you and cherish you, to be there for you on good days and bad, and to always help you however I can, for the rest of our days."

Riohra would retort but he is a good boy, he will sit there and grin as his two friends finally get the to be happy together. He gives the pair his full focus now, it is there day and no one can take it away from them. The words Krenn speaks make his grin widen, and no he isn;t crying, his eyes are just misty is all, it is just the weather.

Perhaps Kelani recently disavowed relationships. Not worth the stress! Give her a mass casualty instead..but she would have to be heartless to not be affected by the ceremony being performed and the words of Krenn. "Lovely words…" She murmurs to Sephany who looks to be the most excited out of the lot about what is happening. She looks over to S'van and then her cousin to see how the blokes are dealing with the emotions of the day.

S'van is attentive and quiet, gaze flickering between the Harper, then to Baylee and finally Krenn when he starts to speak. Whatever his thoughts on the words spoken they are not revealed. There's a faint lift to the corner of his mouth, a twitch of an eyebrow, and then a look to Baylee for her response.

Sephany is on the edge of her seat, listening with rapt attention, eyes glued first to the Harper and then to Krenn as he speaks. There's a soft sigh, a look in her eye that says 'aww' even if she stays quiet. A little clutching of her fingers and twisting of them into the skirt beneath. Kelani may have disavowed relationships, but Sephany will make up for it by LOVING EVERY MINUTE. There's a quick bob of her head for the sentiment, though no return comment just yet. Don't worry Kelani. Sephany will be emotional enough for the both of you.

As Krenn speaks Baylee can only do her level best not to cry. It's an emotional day and its an emotional time overall, though it would be happy tears and not sad ones. The stray words of her friends don't catch her attention at all. Only the words of Krenn matter. And they are such lovely words. To hear the love of her life say that he wants to be with her for the rest of her life is just an amazing thing to hear. Nothing really prepares you for that moment. Then its here turn to speak, "Krenn. Whenver I pictured the sort of man that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life I knew that he would be strong, funny, kind, smart and make me a better person." For Baylee is well aware that she isn't one, "And you are all of those things. You are strong for me when I am insecure. Funny when I need to laugh. Kind not only to me but to everyone else, and so very smart. Being with you makes me a better person and it makes me want to be a better person. I promise that I will love you and honor you though the good and the bad until the end of our days."

Krenn isn't normally a teary sort of guy, really. But standing here with Baylee, and listening to the words she says to him? Well, he can't help but tear up a little even as he looks into her eyes with that bright beaming smile. Even the harper seems touched by the emotions in the room. "I now pronounce you weyrmates. You may now kiss." And simple as that, the ceremony is complete! They did want to keep it sweet and to the point, after all. Well, not /quite/ complete. There's still that kiss. Krenn leans in to kiss Baylee warmly and lovingly, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. The harper gives them a little space and starts up a round of applause for the newly bonded couple.

Riohra will start to clap and soon finds himself on his feet clapping and giving a little cheer for the couple now that they are finaly as united. Yeah so he is crying, but hey Kassala isn't here so really he is just crying for her. Right that is totally a thing, he glances at the others to see if he is the only one acting the fool.

So maybe love is not such a bad thing after all. Kelani rises with Riohra and there might be a bit of dampness in her eyes that she wipes away with the tips of fingers. She starts to clap as well, smiling as the happy couple kiss. She places a light hand on Riohra's arm, "Soon enough for you.." She says trying to sound supportive before looking to S'van and Sephany, "That was such a sweet ceremony.." She says and looks over to the bronze weyrling, "Is there one planned for you and yours?"

S'van is not unaffected by the emotion, surely. He just has a better rein on it than his sister. There is quiet acceptance, a gentle smile for his friends as words are exchanged, promises come to fruition, and kisses are made. The last gets a wide grin and a small "Woo!" from the weyrling, who is only too happy to watch his friends seal their commitment in such a way. His response may be tame, but there's definitely a smile breaking out. On his feet when Kelani and Riohra rise, there is polite clapping (certainly not raucous or disruptive!) and no disguising the grin on his face. Kelani's question gets an arched eyebrow and a quick shake of his head. "No. Nothing so formal or public."

Sephany will just be emotional for everyone, OKAY?! Because while Krenn inspired clutching hands and dreamy looks, Baylee's is getting tears and sniffles. Because LOVE RULES! And Sephany LOVES LOVE! Hands press to her cheeks, pushing at pale skin as she breaks out into a smile fit to break her face. "Yay!" and then furious clapping from the tiny weaver when they are finally declared 'weyrmates', the blonde fairly bouncing in her chair because she is just all kinds of happy right now. And then on her feet, because it is apparently the thing to do! And now she really is bouncing, hopping in place as she lets all of her joy overflow to compensate for stoic big-brothers.

Her friends might be on their feet but Baylee isn't aware of that in the slightest. She might be dimly aware of the clapping but in this moment she hears the words from the harper. They are weyrmates now! It is as official as this is ever going go get. And so Baylee feels perfectly comfortable sinking into the kiss that she and Krenn are sharing. The first kiss that they have shared as weyrmates. The moments will drift as time slows down. In this moment there is just her and Krenn.

Krenn is clearly in the same headspace as his new weyrmate. Nothing else matters but her for a little while, lost in that first kiss as newly bonded partners. Yet as magical as the moment is, it can't last forever. Slowly the two part, Krenn's expression one of absolute blissful happiness as he looks into Baylee's eyes. Eventually, he finally remembers that they aren't actually the only two people present. They have friends here. He turns to look out at them, reaching to give Baylee's hand a gentle squeeze as he speaks. "Thank you all so much for being here and sharing this special day with us." He says. "And thank you for celebrating with us. Please, help yourselves to food and drink."

Kelani can't help but smile at Sephany's enthusiasm for the event and the contrast between the siblings. "So you like weddings and the like I take it?" She asks her before her attention is drawn once again to the happy couple as they finally come up for air to greet their guests. "Congratulations you two." She says as she comes forward to give each a congratulatory embrace, "I am so glad I was able to get off for this. It was a beautiful ceremony."

There is indeed a contrast between S'van and Sephany, though it is outward only. There's certainly a deep joy settled in the Weyrling for the official uniting of his two friends. It is their joy that sparks his joy, even if it's contained and not as fully expressed as Sephany. As Baylee and Krenn rediscover the world, he flashes a wide smile for them and steps away from the chair. "Congrats," for both, with a clap on the shoulder for Krenn if he does not move away, and then a warm two-armed hug for Baylee along with an earnest and heartfelt, "I'm so happy for you," murmured near her ear before he release her and steps back. SURELY there is not an extra glossiness in his eyes for the joy of his fellow Weyrling's new commitment. SURELY you are imagining this. Even if he's hastily heading for the food.

Sephany's grin is wide and uncontained. Though she doesn't know them nearly as well as S'van, she still follows him as he heads to offer personal congrats to the happy couple. "Congratulations!" is offered joyfully, but without the physical accompaniment; her hands stay twisted together and safely at her sides. Kelani is given a bright grin, grey eyes dancing with unshed tears as she just nods. "I love… love," she tries to explain. "It is beautiful. And I know that Baylee…" with a glance toward the named woman, "has been waiting for this for a long time." Weyrlinghood was torture, surely! But true love conquers all! That is what the look on Sephany's face says. But she is quick to move out of the way, following after her brother if just to give the happy couple some space.

Baylee squeezes his hand in return. That is her weyrmates hand! Awwwww. And there is time for the hugging. She first gives Kelani a hug in return. "Thank you." she says with a smile, "I'm glad that you were able to get off too." It would have been less if she hadn't been able to be here. Then it's Sev's turn for a hug, which thankfully for the moment, is able to be taken as a friendly hug. "Thanks Sev." It does mean alot coming from him. He's been there to witness the ups and downs of everything so if anyone besides Krenn and Baylee can appreciate this it would be Sev. Then there is Seph. Yes Baylee and Krenn have been waiting for this for what seemed like forever, though if you stick with something you make it!

Hugs for everyone! Krenn follows along with Baylee, giving hugs to those inclined and handshakes to those who might prefer a slightly less touchy sort of greeting. Everyone is thanked profusely for attending. The whole time he keeps sneaking glances at Baylee, his smile never wavering and his hand never leaving hers. "Thank you, everyone." He says, turning to give Baylee another loving look. "Should we cut the cake?" Sure, people have just barely started eating proper food. But it's never too early for cake!

Riohra is as usual last inline for hugs, and when he does he will hug both of them. "Kass sends this too" and hugs them again then Krenn says cake and the tall hunter grins because everyone loves cake.

It is never too early for cake! S'van would definitely second that. He's helped himself to a bit of the other munchies, something crunchy currently in his hand as he glances towards the tanner with a curious look. And then the cake, because… that is a mighty fine cake. There's a grin and an amused look for Riohra's 'double hugs' from him and Kass, and then he goes bright back to snacking.

Sephany simply lingers, not terribly interested in the food. She's too caught up in the moment, shooting little looks between Baylee and Krenn and giving a tiny sigh and small bounce on her toes each time they happen to smile at each other, or squeeze hands, or do anything remotely romantic. It's like a romance novel in real life! And if any moment is appropriate to get sappy and dreamy, this is it. She reaches out to pat at Riohra's arm quickly, "You have got to have a ceremony after Kass…" is back? Impresses? "Well… You just do."

Baylee is more than ready to dig into the cake, "I think that is a lovely idea Krenn." she says, though she isn't willing to part from her holding onto his hand. If they are going to go toward the cake they are going to do it together. Rio's double hug earns a smile, "Thanks Rio. Tell Kassala that we are pulling for her." Because that is something thats going to be happening soon enough. Sev seems to be for the cake as well and and Sephany's interest in them is rewarded when Baylee leans and gives Krenn another kiss on his cheek. There's going to be /lots/ of kissing tonight and in the days to come.

Krenn seconds Baylee's thoughts on Riohra and Kassala. "I'm already looking forward to getting our invitations." He says. He also seems to share Baylee's thoughts on both cake and kissing, returning the latter before going over with her to serve up the former. Of course they'll be cutting the cake together! A serving knife is found for that purpose in short order, and Krenn puts his hand over Baylee's so they can cut the first slices together. Yay cake!

Riohra nods and grins "I will be hand delivering them don't you worry". Looking at those two does make him happy as he sees it because it gives him hope for his own future. He gives Sephany a nod "we will dear. you can help if you want to" because that should make her happier. Oh look Cake he will go stand inline for himself a plate.

S'van will just wait patiently for cake, snacking on snacks and looking chill. Don't mind him.

Sephany tho? Yes. That kiss? sigh So happy! You would think she knew them better, for all the gasping and sighing and dramatic hand-clutching-over-hearts that is happening here. "Oh, that would be great!" for Riohra's offer of helping. "I would be thrilled! Maybe I will be far enough along I could even help design the dress! If… Kassala would be OK with that, of course," she assures him. But now is not the time for that! Now is the time for Baylee, and Krenn, and CAKE! "Did you have it baked special?" because it's polite to ask, right?"

That ceremony will be lots of fun to attend when they finally get ready to have it. Though that will have to wait. Cake is first. As Krenn puts his hand over hers she pushes slowly down through the cake and in short order the first slice is removed from the cake. This slice Krenn and Baylee will happily share, though this opens up the cake for the guests who are now free to get what they want. The question about the cake has her looking to Krenn. He was the one that took care of the cake part of this ceremony. In fact he took care of lots of things with the ceremony since Baylee hasn't been in much of a condition to be around other people over the last few days.

With the first cake slice claimed, Krenn guides Baylee to a little table where they can sit and actually enjoy it. It's a little difficult to properly eat cake when one is gawking lovestruck at their new weyrmate, but Krenn's going to give it a shot. He does, however, feed Baylee the first bite. It only seems appropriate. "Yep." He answers Sephany. "Ordered it from the Bakercraft." Once Baylee's had the first bite, he has one for himself. "Mmm. S'good!"

Riohra chuckles over at S'van but will see the happy couple with the cake and that is just awww. "You two are just to dang cute." he says with a little laugh.

That slicing of cake has S'van moving once again, eliminating the distance between himself and the dessert. "Oh yeah?" he wonders, glancing at Krenn for his answer to Sephany's question. "Nice!" It makes him all the more eager to step up. He'll go ahead and nominate himself as official cake-slicer. He does know his way around a knife, afterall. And even if this is CAKE and not MEAT, well… same principle. Cake is sliced carefully and evenly distributed to guests, S'van saving himself for last because he's being polite. And then? "Aw, mahn, this is great," around a bite.

There's a spring in her step (it probably won't go away until they actually leave the weyr) as Sephany steps up to take the slice of cake offered to her by her brother. A lift of her fork, a little bite taken. "Mm! It's great! Even better than mom's," she notes with a grin at S'van. "Just don't tell her I said so," and then a quick, "she's a baker at Igen," to explain to Krenn and Baylee. Another bite is quickly taken, though she remains delicate and careful about it, moving much slower than S'van (who has already inhaled his piece, sheesh).

Baylee is more than willing to be fed by her new weyrmate. Yet one more symbol of the fact that he is going to be there for her to provide for her and take care of her. The cake is really good. Though at this point she'd like anything. There are certain situations where the taste of food is enhanced by the specialness of the moment. "It is very good." Having bakers kids say that though does give a person some outside understanding, "I won't say a word." It also will help that she will not be terribly likely to meet Seph and Sev's parents.

Krenn gives Baylee another delighted smile in response to her reaction to the cake. "Good. I tried to pick out a flavor you'd like." Because of course he did. Normally he'd have wanted to pick all this stuff out together, but it all worked out alright considering the circumstances. "It'll be our secret." He assures Sephany, confident that it'll be an easy secret to keep. Pretty much for the same reasons as Baylee.

"You did a good job," says S'van to Krenn, for the cake. For everything. Because if anyone can sympathize with what Baylee's going through, it is probably S'van (at least, he has a better idea than Sephany, and probably Riohra, right?). But right now is not the time to bring up such topics. Nope! Let's just forget about the glowing green and flirting bronze, right? Yes. Ahem. He won't encroach on their personal space, but Sev will place himself conversationally near the newly-weyrmated pair, happy to engage in small-talk, and just as happy to drift away if they should wish to be more alone. "So. Are you two planning on starting a family?"

Sephany grins widely, but is not terribly concerned about her mother hearing of her betrayal. Nope. And while Sev goes to converse with the couple, she'll slip over and sit at a table with Riohra, eating her cake with small little bites as she attempts some conversation. "Have you seen Kassala recently?" she wonders of him. "I was down there a few days ago…" in Igen, presumably.

Riohra has cake but takes another to wrap it to take to Kassala…maybe. He will nod with the assessment of good cake and asks "remind me to ask who went to later". Rio just likes food but then looks around the room and asks "did our gift show up yet?"

That has to be a record short time between getting weyrmated and being asked that question. Though it is a common enough question and it isn't like Baylee and Krenn haven't talked about that, though not in any sort of depth. "We both want children someday." That is appropriately vague right? She looks to Krenn for confirmation that that is the 'right' answer. If there is a right answer to that question.

It's probably not actually a record. For as long as there have been commitment ceremonies, there have been eager friends and relatives wanting to see babies. Krenn just chuckles and nods, confirming that she did indeed give the 'right' answer, at least as far as what Krenn thinks. "Definitely eventually. But… probably not straight away? We've talked about doing some traveling after graduation." And betweening and pregnancy is not a good combination. "But someday." Baylee's hand is given another squeeze before Krenn answers Riohra's question. "It did. Thank you very much, it's absolutely lovely. And pass our thanks on to Kass, please."

Riohra nods as he finishes his cake. "I Will" he grins and says "i hope you guys can come to the hatching at Igen."

"Probably a good idea," agrees S'van. "It'll be nice for you guys to just enjoy being… the pair of you. You know? Before you add kids to the mix, and things get chaotic." The crumbs lingering on his plate are smooshed up with his thumb, which quickly goes to his mouth to devour said crumbs even as Sephany shoots him a look that clearly says 'ew' for the action. "Traveling? That sounds nice, too. And have you decided…" but his question fades off as his eyes go distant. A moment later, Aedeluth is settling himself back on the ledge and S'van is pushing from the table. "Sorry… I'm apparently needed…" he apologizes, shooting Baylee and Krenn a guilty look. "Thank you so much for letting me share this day… and congrats again! You both deserve it." A glance, "Sephany…" because he's not going to ask Myrakath to take her back, nope. "Sorry, we gotta go."

Aedeluth sends a flicker of a greeting towards Myrakath, a little attention paid to the pretty green even if he can't stay and flirt like he might want to. Nope. Duty calls. Sephany pushes herself up at the beckoning, knowing well enough not to argue. "Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this day with you! It was absolutely wonderful. You look beautiful," is said with all sincerity toward Baylee. "Bye Riohra! We should coordinate a ride to Igen, soon…" but she cannot do more than this before Sev is grabbing her and hoisting her onto a dragon, ignoring her startled 'eep' as she's all but tossed up the side of the bronze. "Okay well… Bye!" she manages before S'van is up and they are both buckled in and the young bronze is off.

Myrakath has been being good this whole time. She has managed to hold the feelings that she is feeling in so that this event could go off without a hitch. Though very soon the time will come when nothing will hold the green back and she will take to the skies and find her own mate. At least in the short term. She allows a flicker of desire to fly in the direction of the bronze, but says nothing in words. Baylee hasn't exactly decided on a wing yet so its probably good that he didn't ask. She just smiles to to Sev and Seph as they make their departure, "Thank you." she says to both of them. Both or coming and in Sephany's case for the compliments. Some day this will be her!

Despite his seeming difficulty taking his attention away from Baylee for any amount of time today, Krenn does look over to offer a fond farewell and goodbye wave to those departing the reception. "Goodnight, everyone. Thank you all for coming, we really appreciate it." As the bronze and passengers depart, Krenn takes a glance at the remaining cake and food. "We are going to have a lot of leftovers."

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