Proddy Pre-Picnic

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

One can only stay inside for so long before they go stir crazy and need to get out. Even when one's weyrmate is, perhaps, the scowliest man on Pern. That being the case, N'sir and Elianneth have escaped- er, stepped out— and while the intention had, initially, been to grab food in the living cavern and head back? The call of the beach, coupled with the fact that proddy makes N'sir unbearably /hot/, has lured the pair here. Clad only in a lavender silk sarong, nearly, but not entirely, see through, N'sir is wading in the very edge of the water. Elianneth? Lounging in the sun on the beach keeping guard over the picnic basket.

Let's face it - Chauth is scary. And Chauth confined to the sands and unable to do her normal cat-like exercises? Super scary. And so, it should be no surprise that Ysgieuth has fled from the Sands - at least for a bit - for some fresh air. Now - what exactly brought him to the beach is anyone's guess, however, he is backwinging neatly to an open stretch, settling in and curling his tail neatly around him. Zel, meanwhile, is arriving not long after by more conventional human means, though his steps slow as he takes in the green and her picnic basket - and the sarong-clad greenrider on shore.

Elianneth raises her head at the arrival of the bronze, exhaling a low, husky croon— that is probably a little flirtatious— before coiling herself around the basket. Is that a protective posture? Why yes, yes it is. She KNOWS her lifemate is going to want the bottles of wine tucked in there later. It's the croon that stirs N'sir to glancing over his shoulder, his head tilting mildly as he takes a moment to stare at Z'tan. That he kinda recognizes the face? Well, considering here was in Half Moon with R'sner nearly every day of Z'tan's weyrlinghood? Kinda makes sense. Course, he was a tailor, then and not a greenrider, but things, and people, change. "Don't I know you?" As the question is called, he stoops and scoops up a handful of cool water, spilling it over the back of his neck with a sigh of pleasure.

« Dragons do not eat picnics, you do not need to worry, silly green. » Ysgieuth offers 'reassurances' to Elianneth, even as he is snorting out loud, slowly edging into the water careful to not accidentally swamp the human that is already there. Z'tan's eyes dart back to the green as she croons, before nodding and seeming to shrug off misgivings, for he is striding easily across the sand then, arching an eyebrow as he watches N'sir. "Zel.." He offers, though a rumble from Ysgie has him rolling his eyes. "Sorry. Z'tan." A shake of his head, and he inclines his head towards the green. "She is new." Ok, not really, but since he saw the young man last, at least.

« I wasn't worried, » Elianneth assures. « And my name is /Elianneth/, not silly green. That's not a very nice greeting. » Raising her head, she gives an indignant chuff, one translucent butterfly styled wing stretching out to shelter the basket. N'sir remains no further then ankle deep in the water, dark eyes flicking toward Eli as he sighs and calls over. "Be nice, Eli! Sorry, she spends all her time with Toith," he murmurs toward the bronze. Looking back at Z'tan, he blinks and smiles, his chin dipping in a nod. "I remember now. Good to see you again…" In the wake of the greeting, he slants a glance back toward Elianneth and smiles. "Relatively speaking," he admits. "I was nabbed a few nights after your graduation by the Igen Weyrlingmaster." Looking back at Z'tan, he kicks the soaked fabric of the sarong away from it's cling to his legs, his smile broadening. "How have you been doing?"

« Elianneth. » Ysgieuth amends rather sharply, another short as he shifts and slides deeper into the water, moving until his head is resting near the surface, keeping an eye upon the green as she stretches. « It is hard to greet you, when I do not know you. » And then his faceted eyes are lidding lazily and he relaxes to ignore her - as much as a male can under these circumstances. "Is that what took everyone's favorite grumpy greenrider away from us so soon after he was rid of us all?" Z'tan offers with a chuckle, even as he flops to sand just out of reach of the water. "Congratulations, I think." A shrug, and he lifts his chin in Ysgie's direction. "Mostly dodging Chauth, since that one was dumb enough to catch her.. Ruining all my fun, he is."

Elianneth's head turns, keeping that bronze in her view as he moves. « A greeting is never hard, » She corrects. « And you know me now. You know, if you go farther out and go very deep you can play sea monster. That's Toith's favorite game. » And, of course, Toith? Eli's /hero/. For his part, N'sir can't help laughing, a hint of a flush staining caramel colored cheeks a ruddier hue. "'Fraid so," he admits. "But we're back here, now." Beware Weyr. Glancing toward Ysgieuth, his expression softens, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "He looks fantastic. And I heard," he continues as he stoops to spill more water over his neck. "Definately gradatulations, though. Eli's the best. Course," he adds as he straightens. "To you as well. Ruined?" Clearly confused, he pushes the thick fall of hip length curls over his shoulder, his head tilting as he wades out of the water. "How so?"

« Toith also does not properly understand when things don't belong to her. And she is probably too old to learn, now. » Ouch. Eyes remain lidded as he shifts slowly through the water, making no move to go play sea monster it seems. « Shameful. » He adds as an afterthought, while Z'tan groans softly. "Sorry. He is… Yeah." He shakes his head and laughs softly. "He is insisting on being -responsible-, though I don't know why I am surprised.. All I want is to go see Jaz but noooo…."

For a long moment, Elianneth stares at Ysgieuth, her eyes bleeding to orangish hues. « You are very rude. Toith is NOT old and is way better then /you/! » Huffing, she rises in the sand, very deliberately turning her back to the bronze as she recoils herself around the basket. She can't see him? He no longer exists in her world. HA! « Stupid! » Is added in the wake of the last. "It's fine," N'sir assures with a shake of his head. "She's… You know, Toith's her world and it's /that/ time." Looking back at Z'tan, he tilts his head, his expression curious as he draws close enough to sit in the sand nearbye. "Jazhira, yes? Can't she come here for the time being?"

« Whatever you say. » Ysgieuth simply gives up arguing with the green, turning his own back to her in turn. « I still will not eat your picnic. » A soft laugh from Zel, and he waves at the pair. "I am pretty sure they are all ridiculous to some degree or another. It's fine." Sitting up long enough to tug sandals off, Z'tan settles, back, digging his toes in the sand. "Yeaah.. As much as I would like some things to happen, I think its better to keep Tanit and Jazhira separate as much as possible. I mean, I care about them both, but would you put a pair of feral felines in small box together?" Even Zel has that much sense.

« You should be respectful of your elders. Particularly when she was your teacher. And you were NOT invited,» Eli addes with a huff. « You're the stinkiest of males. » And clearly, she's the most mature green /ever/ hatched. Watch out Z'tan, when Toith's next Proddy? It will be YOUR ledge Eli raids for her. >.> Blame it on the bronze. Leaning back in the sand, N'sir really does try to think about the question, but he just can't help grimacing mildly. "I just… I can't even begin to wrap my mind around women," he admits with a wry smile. "But then, I'm completely settled and content with R'sner." He's a one person kind of guy, himself. "They don't get along? I mean.. I've heard men talking before? I always got the indication that two fiesty females at the same time were a dream come true?"

« And you should be respectful of your elders. I was graduated before you were even a thought. » Ysgieuth's mood seems to have gotten the better of him, as he snaps back at the green. « As if you smell good. » Lamest comeback ever. Though, at least maybe things are safe, if by the time Eli comes ledge-raiding Chauth is off the sands. "Honestly, once in a while, the thought has crossed my mind that you may have the right idea." A shake of his head and he leans back on his elbows, staring up at the sky. "Perhaps.. But what they won't tell you is that it will likely end up a nightmare." A pause. "Or you may end up being the third wheel, with some of them."

« You act like you are newly hatched, » Elianneth points out with a mental cackle. Bristling her wings, she snakes her tail out, slapping hard at the water to splash at Ysie. « HA! » Glancing over his shoulder, N'sir exhales a sigh, his expression wry as he looks back at Z'tan. "I'd be relieved by being the third wheel," he notes with a husky laugh. "Fortunately, it's not a thing I need to worry about. Ever." Falling back he rests on his elbows in the sand, his face turning up to the sun. "You'll understand if I insist that my way is the best way. For me, at least." Lolling his head to the side, he glances at Z'tan and asks curiously. "Have they met? I mean, do they know about each other?"

« And you clearly are newly hatched, which is how you would even think of that. » At the tail splash, Ysgie turns back to stare at her, slowly creeping closer. « I am already wet, you know. That was entirely ineffectual. » At least there is no 'silly green' added to the end this time. A soft laugh, and Zel waves a hand about a bit as N'sir glances at him. "Hey, you do you. I mean, that's how it works, right?" A soft sigh, and he nods. "Aye, they do. And Tanit took it upon herself to meet Jazhira, after I uh, found out about Ellira." And then he is hastily adding. "My daughter. With Jaz. I hope for your sake you don't have to deal with that."

« Nu-uh, » Eli retorts. « Already assistant weyrlingmasters! I'll be teaching your hatchlings! Muwhahahahahha! » Completely and utterly childish and gleefully so. She does, however, coil her tail back around the basket, her neck snaking along the sand to watch him closely. "Oh! Your daughter! Congratulations on that? Is she beautiful?" Clearly she is. And clearly, while N'sir has zero interest in females, he adores children. "I'd love to see her," he admits with an easy smile. It's the last, though, that has his smile broadening, his head giving a slow shake. "No chance of that. When Eli goes up, R'sner whisks me off to the weyr." And from the look on his face, he's impossibly glad of that fact. "There will be no children in my future unless our timing goes very, very awry."

« Faranth help them. Though, given they are half Chauth's, you may regret it before it is over. » Ysgie doesn't have any hope, it seems, that his influence will outweigh that of the gold. He continues to creep closer, then, more and more of his bronze shape shifting out of the water with each moment. "As soon as Ysgie agrees to it, I'm hoping to bring her here for a few seven days - she is just.." A happy sigh, "Just amazing. And I want her to know what it is like here, too." A tilt of his head toward N'sir and he arches an eyebrow. "I hope you stay lucky."

« Half Chauth's means they might be half good, » Elianneth points out. « But have no fear, I will make sure they know not behave like thier sire. » Course, she's watching him and she gives a wiggle, squiggle, squirm in the sand, nudging the picnic basket along with her. The movement, of course, is serving both to inch her away /and/ turn her to keep a closer eye on him. "That is the only thing I could see liking coming out of an encounter with a female," N'sir admits. "And come on, I'd make beautiful babies." He would. He's gorgeous. "When she comes to visit let me know? I'll make her some pretty dresses." Cause spoiling babies? His favorite thing. It's the last that has his lips twitching in a wry smile. "Me to," he admits. But, he knows first hand that accidents happen. "I'll live," he assures.

« Have you -met- Chauth? » Ysgie asks with a shocked tone, his creeping pausing as she shuffles to watch him. « I hope you do better than Toith did with my clutch siblings. Dreadful, the lot of them. « Especially Zychaelth. » Hmph. A laugh, and Zel nods. "That you would, that you would. And definitely better you than R'sner, I think. I mean, no offense to him, but I bet any child of his would be born grumpy."

« Has it occured to you that she is only unpleasant with you because you are unpleasant? » It's a reasonable question to Elianneth's way of thinking. N'sir's smile warms in response to the mention of R'sner and children. "He makes beautiful babies," he assures. "We have a daughter, Reva. She's sweet as you please and pretty as a picture. And I know you mean no offense," he assures. "I love the old grouch." Clearly. Pushing to his feet, he winks as he straightens his sarong (it's a skirt) and sighs. "I better get back, Eli's getting cranky. It was nice seeing you, Z'tan. Let me know when your daughter is visiting."

« I am starting to think you must take after her. » Ysgieuth rumbles, before turning his head towards the hatching caverns, and plodding in that direction. There is no farewell to the green, however, and Zel is left to make farewells to N'sir instead. "Good luck - With her and.. later. And congratulations, on.. everything." That sums it up, right? A waggle of fingers, and he is moving to sit up as well. "And it appears we are being summoned." To their dooooooom.

« Good, » Eli croons as she pushes to her feet at N'sir's approach. « Then I'm perfect. Jovianth is /way/ better then you. He's noble. » ZING. "Eli!" Tsking as he snags the basket and pulls himself onto her back, N'sir shakes his head, fastening himself in with care. "Thanks," he calls back to Z'tan. "Take care." And they are off, winging back to their ledge.

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