Mentor and Mentee at Odds

Western Weyr - Beach to the South
This white sandy beach is located halfway between the Weyr and Half Moon Bay Hold. It is wide enough for a large dragon to walk along without brushing wings in either the thick vegetation to the north or the surf to the south. Bits of shell and driftwood are occasionally cast ashore here. There is a bit of a freshwater stream that flows down from an inland waterfall. A path leads along the edges of the stream further into the jungle to it.
All around you hear the music of the night, whispers of firelizards hidden in trees, clicks and gurps of insects as they move about unseen nearby.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

With manned flights being extended, and the weyrlings sent aloft for longer distances, its no surprise that some of them are beginning to pick their own new favorite places, and it seems that Raev and Taiyokanth have certainly decided on theirs. Finally excused for the day, the sun beginning to set in the west, the small green is backwinging to the beach with ease, fluffing her wings even as she settles down, shuffling back and forth as she waits for Raev to stop talking and get off her already. "Taiyo, you can't just eat whatever! I've told you already!" A whuffle from the green and she turns her head to snort loudly, the rider half of the pair just giving an exasperated sigh.

The main beach is a little crowded, so Zi'on and Suldith are making their way down to the southern end today. Zi'on is walking a little… funny, and Suldith keeps sniffing at his bottom when he's not looking. The bronzer is just in his swim trunks with a couple of towels wrapped around his neck. Once he's laid one of the towels out in the sand he gives a wave to the nearby greenrider and her dragon. Then he sits down in a way that is decidedly awkward. Probably because he can't feel his tush.

Finally, it seems that Raev has just given up the argument - at least for now - for the teenager is sliding down to the beach, pausing for a moment to tug the straps off her life mate. Of course, as soon as she's free, Taiyokanth is turning to peer at the bronze and his rider, crooning and bounding towards their mentor with excitement, and leaving Raev to almost reluctantly follow along in her wake. With Zi'on being watched carefully, she finally waggles her fingers. "Hey.." She offers, quiet after a loud trill from Tai. Damn personable green.

Suldith lifts his head at the approach of the green. He eyes her cautiously for a moment, then greets her with a warble. The bronze shuffles around the green, it's been quite a while since he's seen her. Zi'on has managed to sit! Hooray! Though he still looks a bit uncomfortable. "Hey. How are things?" The bronzer rubs his head a bit. "I guess I've been kind of a cruddy mentor. I've been a little distracted lately with… some things." He nods towards Taiyo. "She seems like she's doing pretty good."
Raev has disconnected.

Suldith lifts his head at the approach of the green. He eyes her cautiously for a moment, then greets her with a warble. The bronze shuffles around the green, it's been quite a while since he's seen her. Zi'on has managed to sit! Hooray! Though he still looks a bit uncomfortable. "Hey. How are things?" The bronzer rubs his head a bit. "I guess I've been kind of a cruddy mentor. I've been a little distracted lately with… some things." He nods towards Taiyo. "She seems like she's doing pretty good."

Taiyokanth swivels and watches the bronze as he shuffles around her, the small dragon looking up at the larger one, crooning as she stretches out her muzzle curiously, tail sweeping back and forth in the sand. Arms fold across Raev's chest as the Weyrling smirks at Zi'on, shaking her head a little. "I don't mind when you're distracted with something else." Less she has to put up with him, and Taiyokanth's "helpful" suggestions. "She's fine… Did one of the others do something for you being so terrible?" And yes, that would be a smirk on her face, at his discomfort.

Suldith gives Taiyokanth a friendly nose-bump. Then he hops around a bit before heading off into the water and then doing the same there. Which splashes water everywhere. Zi'on raises brow at Raev then. "Oh yeah? Well I guess it works out for both of us then." The bronzer grunts a bit, laying back on his towel. "I went into use the headwoman's private washroom. I guess I caught the butt of some weyrbrat's joke or something. Or maybe she always has numbdweed on her behind and some of it got on the toilet seat. Either way." The fact that he was sitting explains a lot. Probably looking to leave a ripe present for the headwoman. He grunts a bit.

Taiyokanth lingers for a moment, turning her wedged shaped head to peer at Raev before she's snorting and bounding off after Suldith, showering anyone unlucky enough to be too near with sand as she goes, paws hitting the waves and sending a spray upwards. Raev's arms slowly unfold, smirking a little as he explains the problem, shaking her head and moving to settle down on the beach, a safe distance away from the bronze rider. "Serves you right, you know." She comments, before eyes dart towards the playing green. "At least it'll wear off, eventually."

Suldith wiggles a bit and jumps around and encourages Taiyokanth to chase after him. It's a fun game! What, does Zi'on have some disease or something now? What's a 'safe' distance? It's not like he can get her pregnant or something just by breathing on her. "Psh. Serves me right for what? Using the toilet? It was the closest." Suuure. "Maybe you could give me a hand?" He turns over and wiggles his tush. "You could massage my buns until I can feel them again?" He snickers. Really he came out to try and wash it off with copious amounts of water, but hasn't gotten that far yet.

While Raev may be bound and determined to stay out of arm's reach of Zi'on, Taiyokanth has no such issues with staying out of reach of Suldith, and as the bronze wiggles, she's crouching low, wiggling before she's proceeding to pounce after his tail enthusiastically. A roll of her eyes, and Raev leans back on her elbows, flicking sand in Zi'on's direction at his suggestion. "I'm sure at least one of the others would be happy to, Zi-dearest." She murmurs, making a face at him.

Suldith moves his tail just in time! Taiyo probably gets a little bit of tail-feel. Then he starts to swim out further. Catch him if you can! "Argh!" Zi'on gets flung sand in his mouth and sits up to spit over and over. "Thhbt thhbbt thhbtt! Eugh. One of the others?" The bronzer raises a brow to the greenrider. "Well, your loss." Somehow. "So how far along are your lessons or whatever? Obviously passed manned flight or whatever."

Almost! Taiyokanth warbles loudly as the tails goes just out of her reach, and then she's splashing out after him, finding herself floating much sooner than the bronze of who she is in pursuit. Frantic paddling, and she's off! Raev is making a face, brushing sand off her face and out off her hair. "Thought you would know that half the weyrlings think you're 'it'." Okay, maybe half is an exaggeration. "Getting there. Not betweening yet, though…"

Suldith isn't swimming away that quickly. Once he's caught, it's her turn to be chased! It's a good game for her, since eventually they'll be in this position for reals. Zi'on lays back down once he feels confident there won't be more sand thrown at him. "What? I'm 'it'? Half the weyrlings are -men-." He peers at Raev. "Who thinks I'm -it- anyways?" The bronzer taps his chin a bit. "What's between manned flights and betweening? Ohh…" He laughs. "Mating flights. That's always a good one. Mostly because after you have that you're basically allowed to have sex again. Well, more or less. Depending on how nice Lissi is."

Taiyokanth's talons finally touch briefly against the bronze's back before she's trumpeting and taking off in the other direction, tail trailing behind her on the surface of the water as she goes, bait as she flees. As Zi'on lays back down, Raev settles for a giggle. "I know they are.." She just smiles, teasingly, as she glances up at the sky with a little wrinkle of her nose. "Don't say that. She might get ideas." Do not want.

Suldith prefers a stealth approach, disappearing under the water and trying to get the jump on the green when he sees her paddling past. Zi'on peers at Raev. "Well you should tell the men to knock it off. What about Iris, what does she think of me? I heard she's got some sort of boyfriendish thing or something with some weyrling bronzer." The jerk. How dare he steal his… non-girl! "Heh. Well ya'll will have to go up sometime. You got someone to practice with before? Or you just gonna let the chip fall where they may?"

Sneaking a peek backwards, the green croons in surprise as there's no bronze noticeably in pursuit and she pauses, turning and thrashing a little as she paddles in circles. Suldith!? Raev spares the green momentarily glance, before Zi'on's question has her shrugging. "Ask her yourself. I'd rather not know which ones are actually thinking of you when they cry out in the middle of the night." And then, her mouth is dropping open, and she's flinging another handful of sand at him. "Definitely not -you-!"

Suldith suddenly emerges and gives the green's tail a nosing if he can manage. Surprise! Here he is! Zi'on meanwhile is doing more peering at Raev. Maybe he's trying to melt her face, though he's more likely to be trying to figure out if she's putting him on or something. "That's… creepy. Are you sure they're saying Zi'on and not… uh…" Really the rider with the name that sounds closest to 'Zi'on' the bronzer can think of is 'L'ton'. Which isn't very close and also is gross. "A'ven? Or something. Arrggh! I didn't say me! There are other men around!"

Taiyokanth trumpets as her tail is suddenly nudged, shooting shorewards in one quick movement, only stopping when she's on the sand, eyes whirling with hints of yellow, surprised by the sudden touch. "Positive… They're awake when they say it too, sometimes." Raev offers oh so innocently, before she's giggling and getting to her feet, moving to gather up Tai's straps. "Good luck with that numb weed, Zi.." She offers almost too sweetly before she's moving to get her green ready for the short flight back to the Weyr. "Yes, its time to go back. And No, you -really- can't just have a taste. That's was a -runner-."

Suldith does a sort of dragony dead man's float, wings stretched out across the water and just his nostrils and eyes above the water. Zi'on squints at Raev. "You're just putting me on. So when I go in and ask one of them out later or something they laugh at me. And you can be all 'ha ha I learnt you Zi'on'. Or whatever." He gets up as she does. "I'm going for a swim to wash it off. Good luck with… mating flights." He laughs at her. "I hope old Crusty McBluerider catches you your first time. I heard he's great fun."

"If you want to think that, go right ahead. I'll make sure to tell them that you're thinking about them, too." Raev smirks, slipping onto Taiyokanth's back and settling in, offering just one more comment before she's off. "Bite me." A kiss is blown mockingly at him before they're up and gone for the short trip homewards.

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