Studies Interrupted

Western Weyr - Records Room
A large, natural cavern that is well lit for ease of reading. Tall shelves, holding everything from old-time hides to newer printed books, cover every inch of the cavern's walls. A few round, wooden tables offer work stations, while small, uncomfortable wooden chairs give readers and refugee's a place to sit. At any given time there is at least one resident working the shelves, replacing lost books or tidying up after messy study sessions.

It can't always be sunny and hot, despite the wishes of most folk. So the morning in the Weyr started with rain and cooler temperatures, driving those who did not have business outside into the comforts of the indoors, though a few of the unlucky still had to bear the weather. With the lunch hour drawing near, the first round of training for the day has ended, with most of the weyrlings all to glad to return to the barracks to clean up and dry off. With Velokraeth settled and undoubtedly resting, Th'ero has escaped to the records room, now changed in a fresher set of clothes though his hair is still damp. The weyrling is currently browsing a shelf of heavy-looking leather bound records; fingers tracing the bindings as he silently lists off the titles. Finally, he finds what he's searching for, pulling the heavy record out and loudly dropping it to the table that he's obviously claimed, judging by the writing material strewn about it. Hooking his chair with his foot, he promptly sits, cracking open the book though judging from his grimace, it's not favorable work.

Iris meanders down to the records room not long after Th'ero, also having changed into dry clothes after lessons. With Shadhavarth settled down for a nap- most disgruntled that there is no sun for basking- Iris is free to get down to working on projects. She's got her backpack on, and once she's near the tables she shrugs it off and plops it on the table next to Th'ero. Her fellow weyrling is greeted with a smile. "Not your favorite reading material?" As she speaks, she pulls a notebook out of her backpack and flips through it, eventually stopping at a page and running her finger down the list on it. Head cocked to hear his answer, she goes directly to the shelves and pulls down a several books. Carrying them back over, she gingerly deposits her armload on her table, takes her seat, and starts spreading the books out across the table.

Th'ero glances up when the sound of someone approaching snaps him out of his concentration, though most likely from his inner thoughts and not from reading. Even so, he absentmindedly marks his place with a few fingers as he focuses in returning the smile to Iris. He looks oddly tired and distracted, though when she inquires about his work, he chuckles dryly. "No. It's very… dull, I'll admit. Legalities were never a fond subject." Th'ero then silently watches as she unpacks her own work, gaze following curiously when she too makes a few selections among the books. "Looks like you've got quite the bit of work to do too." He points out with a bit of a wry grin. "Guess it's no better time to do it with the rain outside ruining plans." The weyrling then gives a bit of a sigh, eyes dropping back to the text he's supposed to be reading, frowning as he barely scans a few lines before looking completely distracted again.

"I know right?" Iris says of the rain. "Shadhavarth is very upset that the sun disappeared. She's so annoyed we can't Between ourselves to somewhere sunny. But, that'll come soon enough, right?" She grins a little before shrugging at her array of books. "It's a lot of digging through for that one sentence here or there, the odd references. Researching my politics, weyr-hold relations, weyr-weyr relations, all that." She pulls a pencil out of her backpack then and flips a few pages in her notebook, til she's open to a page already half-written on. The nearest book is opened, then, and she starts flipping through it studiously. It's not long, though, before she glances up- she's got a bit of that distracted attitude, herself. Th'ero is peered at before she offers the question. "You doing okay?"

"Seems like that time is drawing close quickly enough. I'm pleased right now just being able to /fly/ with Velokraeth now." Th'ero chuckles a little again, though he gives Iris a bit of a curious side-glance. "Shadhavarth enjoys the sun a lot, doesn't she?" he remarks, before glancing back at her work and giving a sympathetic look. "Shards, now that you mention all of that, I suddenly don't feel so unlucky." The weyrling then smirks, before taking a few quick notes that he hastily scribbles on the nearest loose piece of paper. Organization is not one of his strong points either, it would seem. Iris' question has Th'ero pausing, visibly tensing up by how he suddenly holds his posture and the lack of meeting the other weyrling's gaze. "I'm fine." He briskly replies, though his behavior betrays him. There's a slow exhale and there's a bit of an awkward pause before Th'ero adds in, "I've just…got a lot on my mind."

"She certainly does- she'd follow the sun around all day if she could, move every hour to stay in the brightest spot. And she's got to sun from every angle- back, belly, wings, sides… someday I'm going to have to have somebody come have a look and paint her when she's upside down." Iris laughs lightly, and shrugs of the work. "What're /you/ researching?" But then he's tensing, and she cants her head, brow furrowing. She's well aware of the signs- maybe their troubles are completely different, but wearing her own mask these days has her acutely aware of the masks others put on. Her voice is gentle and her eyes steadily watching. "Do you need to talk about it? I'm a good listener…"

Th'ero can't help but smile when Iris elaborates on her gold's perks, shaking his head a little. "Never thought a dragon could love the sun so much. Velokraeth doesn't seem to mind either way, though he doesn't particularly enjoy being outside in rain if he can help it. Which does make settling him easier on days like this." There's another dry chuckle and then he's glancing down at the book opened in front of him. "Laws." Th'ero finally admits, though still not quite going into the full details. He's always been a stubborn-headed individual, as Iris is about to find out. And while he normally would withdraw behind masks and no doubt would try to flee, but the weyrling has changed over the course of the last few months. There's also that issue of a certain bronze, who's probably roused enough from his nap to give his rider a firm warning, less he share all himself. So for a moment, Th'ero looks rebellious, though the look isn't directed to Iris. The look he does give her, when he finally looks her way, is cautious. "I'm researching laws involving inheritance and other subjects." Th'ero reluctantly says, mouth drawing down into a thin line as he struggles to put the rest into words and not divulge too much of his past to the other weyrling. "I was notified by letter a day or so ago that my father had died. Supposedly accidental, though causes seem unknown." He admits in a detached tone as if simply stating facts and then Th'ero is back to looking distracted. For someone who's lost a prominent family member, the weyrling is oddly calm, save for the obvious tension.

Iris looks nonplussed when he first mentions laws, peering curiously at Th'ero as he and his dragon talk. Her expression melts into uncertain sympathy and she turns in her seat to fully face him. "I am sorry, Th'ero," she murmurs. "Were you close?" She's wondering if his calm comes from detachment to the person, or detachment to the death. Either way, the work spread out on her table lays forgotten, her attention focused on her fellow weyrling. "Torince isn't out of flight range- are you going to be leaving us for awhile? Whenever you… figure out inheritance?"

Th'ero gives a little nod of his head when Iris offers her sympathies, but the tension is still there and only seems to intensify with the more questions asked. The detachment is still there and as the weyrling begins to reply, it's clear it's detachment to the person. "To my father? No. I haven't seen him or the rest of my family in Turns." Tension can only go so far and it finally breaks, Th'ero's shoulders slumping a little as he gives up trying to hide. Iris will get answers, but they'll be half-truths at best and just enough to keep Velokraeth from calling his bluff to Shadhavarth. "I have to contact my family first. Lissi has given me permission to leave, but not until I clear it with her. But I won't be going to Torince. As for inheritance, I'll be getting some marks. Lands go to my brother. And if not him, then my younger sister, since I'm certain I forfeit." There's a bit of a smirk and then Th'ero is glancing to the work still strewn out in front of Iris. With an apologetic look, the weyrling shakes his head a little, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose before gesturing to it with the same hand. "I'm sorry to interrupt your work, Iris."

Iris nods very slowly, eyes still settled on Th'ero. "Well… I'll wish you luck, then, seeing your family again. It must be hard." Her voice is soft, tones still sympathetic as she listens. When he mentions her work, she glances down and shrugs. "Don't be. I mean, I can study any time. It's not any time a friend of mine has to deal with something like this. Let me know if there's anything I can do- or the class. I could ask Shadhavarth to lean on the other weyrlings when you do leave, keep'em from gossiping. She's good at that." There's that uncertain smile again; she has rarely had to deal with death and knowing how to respond is certainly not one of her fortes.

Th'ero closes the record in front of him with an audible thump, grimacing a little when he unintentionally sends some dust scattering. As he gathers his notes though, he glances back to Iris and genuinely smiles, though it's faint. "It's a bit surreal." He murmurs, pausing to stack his work neatly to one side as he pushes back his chair, reaching to drag the record closer before hefting it up into his arm. "I don't think that'll be necessary. Very few know and Velokraeth isn't prone to sharing. But I appreciate the offer if word does leak out somehow." The record is returned and the weyrling then gathers his notes, tucking them neatly away in some inner pocket. He's then walking around the table, pausing by Iris and seeming to consider something before tentatively reaching out to rest a hand gently on her shoulder, should she not move from the gesture. Th'ero has no doubt noticed her uncertainty. "And thanks… for listening and understanding. I appreciate that too." And then he's moving away, giving a brisk nod to the other weyrling. "I'm going to go grab some sleep before we're called back to training." Then, with a lopsided smile, Th'ero tosses in his usual parting remark. "Good luck with your studies!" And then he's slipped out the door and back into the tunnels.

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