Turnday Presents

Western Weyr - The Temple of Doom

It's just as well this weyr is of a decent size, given what its occupants have tried to store here. There are boxes lining one wall, tipped to have their open tops facing into the room, turned into a storage rack of sorts for goodness knows what treasures - the only thing that's clear is that there's plenty of the apparently 'precious' items. Along another wall is a set of shelves made from driftwood, again laden down with all manner of things. There's no division of sections here, so visitors will get to look straight onto whatever state of dress Rou'x's bed is in; and, more likely that not, it'll be unmade with pillows and blankets sleep-strewn across the deep, hard mattress. The only furniture the brownrider has procured comes in the form of a beaten up old sofa that's seen many a better turn, and a round table (the surface of which is hidden beneath, you guessed it, even /more/ stuff) with four mismatched chairs.

It's early evening after a long day of drills, held out over the Western Ocean and involving lots of getting wet, and lots of 'rescuing' sand-filled sacks from their water doom. While the wing's been dismissed to do as they please though, Rou'x still has paperwork to fill out. She's doing it by sitting comfortably between Indianath's forelegs in her shorts and vest, leaning against the massive brown and using her knees and clipboard to rest against as she fills in this, that and the other.

It's a short time after they've finished drills. Long enough to catch a bite to eat and clean up a little. Geimhreath ends up over Indianath's ledge, but doesn't land. He's clutching something in forelegs that Keely slides down and does a little hop from her lifemate to help organize the settling of. It's a bundle of various types of wood and other things in a large bag. "Rou'x?" she calls into the weyr once she's got everything together and her lifemate has winged off to find someplace to roost.

Indianath informs Rou of her visitor, and the brownrider sets down her work to stand up and go greet her. She stretches as she heads towards the ledge and Keely, her lopsided grin of greeting turning confused when she sees the bag. "Hey, baby. Whatcha got there?"

"Weeell… I found out it's about time for your Turnday," Keely is saying, shouldering the bag as she heads towards the weyr proper. "An'… I figured I oughta get ya a gift."

"Didja?" Rou'x eyes the present warily, head cocked to one side as she leans down to look closer. Baffled and amused by her confusion, she laughs and reaches out to prod at the wood she can see. "The fuck d'you get me, Kee? Is it some sorta kinky bed-thingy?" The brownrider slides her arm around her lover's waist, tugging Keely in close and pressing a crushing kiss to her lips. "Y'din't have to get me anythin', y'know."

Keely laughs softly as she's pulled in for the kiss, returning it intensely. "I didn't /hafta/, but I wanted to." She grins a little, "Ain't nothin' kinky… You'll see. I got one an' put it together no problem, so this shouldn't be an issue. Can ya grab some of that?"

Rou'x lets go of Keely so that she can so as she's told, helping to carry the present further into the weyr and setting it down near her solitary sofa. "Y'know I'm ace at puttin' shit up, don'tcha, doll? It's what I did before I came here, fixin' stuff up n' whatever." And yet she can't seem to figure out what the heck is in the bag! "So you got one, too? What /is/ it?"

"Somethin' we'll need before too long," Keely says, setting the bag down. She turns to go grab the rest of the wood. Some of it is basic planks, some shaped. "I know ya could prolly put it together, but… it's for yer birthday. Y'shouldn't put together yer own gift!"

More and more intrigued, Rou'x doesn't argue. She perches on the arm of the sofa to watch the bluerider curiously, with her hands resting in her lap and her lip bitten down on thoughtfully. "D'you want me t'keep my eyes closed or summat, until you've built it? Or I can go n' sit back wi' Indy, n' finish off the paperwork I've been drownin' in."

"Mmm… Y'can do what ya want. It's not /that/ big a surprise." Though by now, Keely is rather enjoying keeping the brownrider in the dark. "Can I help ya with any of the paperwork? Y'need more time to rest."

"Naw, you don't hafta worry about it, baby." Rou'x grins, blowing Keely a kiss. Rather than get up to do what she said she would though, she simply drops back onto the couch with her knees draped over the arm and her bare feet dangling. "What'd you think of drills today? D'you think I'm on the right track, pushin' more've that sorta thing?"

"Uhm…" Keely falls quiet as she considers, sorting things out. A few tools are pulled out from the bag and things are arranged. One of those things in the bag is a thin mattress-like thing. "I guess. Geim… uh, well, I dunno much, but he seems to think it's a start."

Rou'x's effectively blocked herself from being able to see the construction work, having put the back of the sofa between herself and the bluerider, so she can't see aaaanything that's happening. All the better to surprise her with! She smiles wryly at the buffered reply, guessing the blue dragon's ambitious designs are getting in the way. "Would you n' Geim like t' lead somethin', one day? I guess we gotta find wingseconds soon enough, n' I reckon it'd be a good thing t' let everyone who wantsta give it a go try leadin' a drill."

A tool drops, clattering. Keely puts a hand to her head and hisses a bit. "I think Geim'd like that. I… ain't so keen on it, but sure, I'll try." She gets back to working on the assembly. Things clatter, there's a few muttered curses.

"It's more on you than him, KeeKee. Y' should only do it if /you/ wanna do it, y'know?" Rou'x lifts her hand from where it's been draped over her eyes, propping herself up on her elbows. "Anyways, it'll just be for a drill or two. I'll bring it up wi' Zi'on, see what he thinks've the idea, if he reckons it might work t'find us a couple've seconds. I'll letcha know if he gives it the go-ahead, yeah?"

Keely grunts slightly, glancing up from her assembly of the gift. "Iff'n y'think it's worth a shot… I ain't sure how I'd do at all. Never done any leaderin' type stuff." She fiddles around with a few more things and gets up, stepping back. It didn't take terribly long- probably helps that she assembled her own just recently. "There. Take a lot." And there it is: a crib.

Rou'x pushes herself up to peer over the back of the couch. A… crib? She frowns at it, clearly uncertain how to react. Up she gets from the couch to wander around to it, giving it a little nudge, running her fingers over the wood. "Y'put it together real nice, doll."

"Mine took most of the day," Keely admits, grinning a little sheepishly. "I tried thinkin' of something y'might need…" since, well, Indy has helped fill Rou'x's weyr with trinkets. "An… since I was ordering one of my own."

"Oh. Yeah… I guess I prob'ly will need one. Yeah." Rou'x looks uncomfortable for a moment, biting down on her lip before turning to thank Keely properly with a kiss, wrapping her arm loosely around the bluerider's waist. "Thanks, KeeKee."

Keely's eyelids flutter a little, expression dropping. She leans into Rou'x, but sighs. "It wasn't the right choice, was it?"

Rou'x tucks a strand of Keely's hair back behind her ear, smiling warmly at her. "It was a very good choice," she assures her, leaning in to kiss her gently. "The baby'll love it."

Keely turns slightly, nuzzling her cheek against Rou'x's shoulder. "Good," she says softly, lifting chin to smile at the brownrider. "I ain't really good at buying gifts and… y'didn't seem like the sort to want some pretty bauble, nevermind that Indy might've helped you collect every possible one." She smirks. "Not sure what else we'll need for the babies, but… it's a start."

"Naw, doll, it's perfect. Honest. Y'think of better stuff than I do." With her arm still curled around Keely, Rou'x steers the bluerider gently towards her bed. "D'you wanna stay n' nap for a while, Kee? I know I'll sleep better if you're here with me." She sits on the edge of the bed, then scoots over as she draws her lover down with her. "Just a little nap, then I'll get back t'workin'." The brownrider's no less pushy in getting comfortable than usual as she arranges them both more to suit herself than anything else, but the end result is her holding Keely in her arms, snuggled close to her chest and with her chin resting on the bluerider's dark hair. Rou presses a gentle kiss there, then sighs happily. "Love you, KeeKee."

"A nap /does/ sound nice," Keely admits with a small smile. That whole being sleepy because you're growing a PERSON thing. The bluerider allows herself to be drawn along and waits patiently while Rou'x settles herself. It's a blessing the teen is pretty good at settling in just about anywhere. She could probably nap on Geim on long flights. When Rou'x utters those words, she stiffens slightly, but relaxes after a moment. A pleased sound emits from her and she snuggles into the other woman. "I love you too, Rou."

Rou'x seems surprised to hear it back, but doesn't comment. She smiles tiredly, cuddles Keely tightly, and then closes her eyes to fall asleep.

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