Post-Graduation Party

Day 1 of Month 8 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

For once - for once - the weather seems to be working in the weyrlings' favor. Granted, it's on their very last day, but beggars can't be choosers, right? A gorgeous summer day saw weyrlings through a formal graduation ceremony, in which their achievements were lauded, their dragons praised, and their wings assigned: Aine to Reef, S'van and Baylee to Archipelago, Citayla to Atoll and so on until finally, the graduates were settled with their new wingmates in the crowd. There was a speech (it was lovely, surely) and many felicitations, and just as the sun started to set: A PARTY. There's the usual weyr fare, barbecue pits and roastables for an inhumanly large bonfire, drinks of all strengths and flavors and - yes - PICKLES because we might as well end this shabang on the same note it started with. Over the food tables has been raised a handpainted sign that reads 'CONGRATULATIONS WEYRLINGS' along with several paintings done of the graduating dragons done in what is either a child's hand or a very poor adult's but… it's the thought that counts right? Right. At any rate, it's time to partay~!

Citayla is as happy as a porcine in a mud bath: she has comfortable shoes on, all the food she can eat, freedom as far as the eye can see (sure), and a baby on her hip. She may or may not have stolen the baby, but that's neither here nor there. There's no bothering to try and keep her nice green gather-dress clean, and the newly-minted rider doesn't seem to be trying, instead stopping every few steps to bounce the baby and mutter something low and singsong. Other people? They definitely are present, but Cita doesn't seem to be paying much mind to the crowd at all, making her way slowly towards the food with determination. There have been ceremonies and nonsense all day, and who's had time to eat? Not Citayla! "We're gonna eat so much food." The goldrider sing-songs to the tot (is it Heribly? is it Ibsyglei? is it a baby she stole from somebody? WHO KNOWS), grabbing a piece of pie just. In-hand. It's not even a bubbly, but she doesn't seem to notice, surveying the crowd happily as she chews.

Sundari gave a speech, a speech yes she knows how to talk people she's done it a few times before thank you very much. Though with that all done she was able to slip off and hide, well not really hide but still that is the thought that runs through her mind. She's not much of the all party sort (no matter what anyone might say from the Lounge a few nights ago). At the moment she is sitting off in some chair she took over sipping at something that looks rather drinkable like. She is also doing her best to escape any conversations that someone may attempt to pull her in. Sorry, this is not anything dealing with anyone but this is so not her nighit is the Weyrlings or well ONCE Weyrlings night and she will point in one of the new riders directions now and then if someone so cares to look so to speak.

S'van's achievement was survival surely. But was that a look of relief on his face for having made it to the end of Weyrlinghood and receiving a wing assignment? Nope. Not even close. There was no hanging out with new wingmates to be had for him, either, oh no. It's straight for the food and maybe the drinks… though he goes for something decidedly unalcoholic; water. It's the principle of the thing though, right? And putting a glass of any kind in his hand means he can't do something irrational like flip a table or punch something. Food? Delicious probably. Is he interested in it? Nope. Just gonna stand over here out of the way and glare at all the things as he perfects the 'don't talk to me' vibe rolling off his person.

Baylee is not dressed up quite so nice as she was last evening when she had her weyrmating ceremony. Though its still a nice sort of dress. She managed to sit still throughout the graduation ceremony without fidgeting too much. This greenriders mind is decidedly elsewhere. That doesn't mean though that she isn't happy about finally being a full rider within the weyr though, no sir. She's ready to take on the world. Though party first. "You got a baby." she says to Cita. Obiviously it isn't her baby, but still baby. Myrakath is there at the periphery of the beach doing her best to once more hold everything in, though she is having less luck than she did during the weyrmating ceremony the previous evening. Baylee looks in the direction of Sundari and waves to her, "Hey Sundari."

Yulise is here and ready to party! Though at first glance one could be forgiven for thinking she looks about ready to escape the weyr and hit the road. She's wearing a big backpack, an odd choice for partying. But she is also wearing a gather-appropriate dress, which suggests she didn't just wander here by accident. Aside from having cleaned up and brought half her stuff with her, she's also looking different in that she has dyed her hair a rich brown color, a shade very similar to the hair color of- "Baylee!" She greets the greenrider with a shout and a wave, making her way over. She completely ignores the fact that she may be interrupting Baylee's attempts to make conversation with the other partiers. "Yo! Check it out." She points to her hair. "I look awesome, right?" Pause. "Also, congratulations or whatever." She grabs a handful of food and gracelessly stuffs it into her mouth while surveying the crowd, looking for other familiar faces.

Krenn was there in the front row at the ceremony. No way he wasn't going to be there to cheer on all his former fellow candidates on their big graduation day. Though S'van gets skipped. Not because of any kind of personal animus, Krenn just knows better than to approach the bronzerider when he's glaring that much. S'van will have to settle for a wave and thumbs-up. Once the actual ceremony was over and partying began, he was quick to make the rounds and offer more personal congratulations before finding his way to Baylee and those gathered around her. "Hey! Congratulations. You and Myra are going to do great in Archipelago. No question about it." His smile slowly turns to something a little more concerned. "You doing okay?" With the glowing green and all. Cita and the unfamiliar baby get a curious look, but Baylee has already made the obvious observation there. Yulise gets a somewhat confused look, and some eyeing of her hair. "… Good job?" What does one say to that?

And then there is Ila'den, who does not have a baby on a hip, but who most definitely procures a Citayla before she can reach the tables around the hips (and okay, maybe around a baby too). Because he is Ila'den, and because his weyrmate-by-proxy definitely has either Ibsyglei or Heribly, but which one it is doesn't make a different. "Hi baby," Ila'den murmurs, smoothing down little girl hair as he presses a kiss to the top of a tot's head, and then presses a kiss against Cita's temple with a murmured, "Congratulations on getting your wings, little bird. I look forward to making your life hell in Atoll." EYYYYY. But there's Baylee, and Ila'den has a friendly enough smile for her, the kind that's impersonal and fleeting as he tells her, "Congratulations to you as well," before his attention settles on S'van. One, two, three, and Ila'den's leaning into Cita as he drawls out, "I don't think I've ever seen anybody so unhappy about graduation before." IT TRUE. And Teimyrth? WELL. THERE IS A MAYBE GLOWING GREEN SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE, ISN'T THERE? His lady senses are tingling, and he's watching like an honest-to-Faranth predator a little ways down the beach, wings folded in but shuffling against his back in rising agitation.

Having been rescued, or kidnapped such a fine line there by Cita, Riohra is found at the food table, filling a plate and grabbing a mug of Klah because drinking to early at these things leads to stories that he doesn't want a a certain red headed dragon healer to learn about while she is stuck at Igen. But in true Rio fashion the 'don't talk to me' signal is like a more like a beacon and heads over to stand next to the grumpy newly minted bronze rider "Hey S'van, got you some pie?" he offers as an ice breaker.

Why is Aine here? Most likely the answer is because her clutchmates made her stay; she does not seem pleased to be present, so much as just … genially fake-content. Parties and noise have become things that aren't her thing, even if by now she appears to be perfectly healthy and only blinks a little bit too often for most people's comfort if you look closely. She has a very nice party dress, swingy and chiffon-y and comfortable. And, of course, no shoes, because she is a sea child. A little shock at her wing assignment — it wasn't Search & rescue, which she'd been doing as long as she has been in any craft — has leaked back into, well, part of her craft duties are search and rescue anyway, plus they'll be meeting Sakrayeth's urge to do more things exploratory. (Sakrayeth? Is watching Teimyrth watch Myrakath.)

Having acquired himself a few more wingriders today, one would think that Archipelago wingleader J'en would have been in some sort of spirits, but instead he arrives with hands firmly buried in the pockets of his riding jacket. He makes no move to take part in food, drink, or even festivity, as he lingers just out of official partying range so to speak. Yep, he drops himself onto a nice big rock and looks, well, bored. There is about as much distance as there can be between himself and a certain newly graduated bronzerider with zero attention being paid to the glaring individual in question.

Baylee's attention is stolen away from the baby toward Yulise who does look different from the last time that she met her. "You do look good." Baylee says reflexively. Yulise followed through with what she said and its good that she's here. There is likely to be some action later, but not right this moment. This moment is for celebrating. Krenn gets a the tiniest of shrugs. The goodness is very much shiftable, "She's going soon." she says softly to him. "Thanks." is what Ila'den gets. Myrakath is well aware that she is being watched by the bronze and for the mometn is content to be watched. Attention is what she craves and so she's getting what she wants and as such is quiet. For now.

Sundari was happy lost in her own thoughts though her name pulls her back to the present and she glances up to Baylee. A slight smile is seen an she nods to her. "Congrads Baylee… I'm sure you and Myrakath will both do fine in Archipelago Wing. Though it is a lot of work honestly." There is a slight pause as she glances to the few otehrs that are well flocking about and is soon sipping at her drink while listening to Baylee. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to. It… Can be a difficult times after all."

"Shardin' right I look good!" Yulise declares, a statement somewhat undercut by the fact that she is cramming more food into her face as she does so. "S'temporary, though. It'll wash out after a couple days. Everything else I need, got right here in my go bag." She says, patting the heavy pack she's wearing. "Don'tcha worry about a thing!" Her gaze lands on S'van as she scans the crowd. She wrinkles her nose at his expression. "What's with boring guy?" Her delightful pet name for S'van, of course.

« TEIMYRTH. Stop staring at Myrakath as though she's a piece of meat. » Here comes Xermiltoth to call you on your bullshit, Tei, and with him comes R'hyn, looking relaxed for the first time in— Well. It depends on where you saw him last. At the bar? Days. On the training field? Months. There are big old 'no touchie' flags going off all over the place here, but like his dragon, R'hyn does ever so enjoy poking the bears. "Catch," the bronzerider says as he nears J'en, flipping him a set of keys underhand. "Returned all your S&R demo stuff. Your dummies might be a little worse for wear, though," he adds with a wink before moving on. "Aine. You look… nice." The hesistation for her stunned appearance. "Doing alright?" There's a wave towards Yulise, a "Congratulations, and double congratulations," towards the newly-weyrmated Baylee and Krenn, and then a fond side-hug for Sunny. "Thank you for the kitten. She's perfect." And then there's the loves of his life, whom he collides against because he can, not with enough force to knock pies from hands and children from arms, but enough that it conveys more than affection as he attempts to wrap arms around a whole lot of goldrider, bronzerider, and baby. "Do I have to call you 'weyrwoman' now?" Asked of Cita. "I hope I get to call you 'weyrwoman' now." Worst.

Admittedly… Sev is very unlikely to actually resort to physical violence, so you're safe Krenn. And it's likely that whole 'grr, rawr' thing is going to fade soon enough. Especially when Riohra decides to ignore the giant warning sign and approach anyways. "Uh…" pie? "Thanks…" but he couples it with a lift of his free hand and an accompanying "but no thanks. Not right now." Not wanting to eat? A clear sign things are NOT RIGHT with the former-weyrling-now-graduate. But at least he's not unleashing that frustration on the poor hunter. "How's Kass?" he asks, though it's definitely more out of politeness. His attention is decidedly elsewhere, as is his gaze; firmly fixed on inanimate objects that may or may not have bored-looking Wingleaders leaning on them.

Kelani is totally here, having run over to the ceremony and standing in the back still in her healer scrubs.

Riohra shrugs and leaves the pie on the extra plate near the tall rider saying "Currenly she is in a sandstorm I barely made it out so I could be here. Congratulations by the way, no loss of limb on your part so I guess that means you won?" he says to Sev, becuase again what are warning signs. He does look over and see the Weyrleader and will whisper something to the the newest bronze rider.

Citayla does have a baby! She beams at Baylee happily, not quite thrusting the infant out for examination, but kind of wiggling her all the same. "How are you doing, Baylee! I'm making up for lost time." She informs her classmate happily, wrassling the squirming infant back against her side; where she settles, huffing sassily for a kid not even a turn old. Ila'den's presence gets a dazzling grin from both tot and Cita, the latter's going lazily mocking as she leans into the other rider happily. "Who says you'll be the one making trouble, Ila?" She ventures, would-be deadpan if not for the lilt of laughter barely contained. As for S'van, the goldrider huffs, wiggling her fingers in the bronzer's direction. "He'll come around." Maybe. Theoretically. Honestly, she's distracted peering at Yulise and clucking approvingly — her hair does look nice — and fretting a little over Baylee and her poor proddiness, and OOF. "You can absolutely call me weyrwoman. In fact, please. There's no need to call me Cita. Weyrwoman will do." The power! It's going to her head! She blows a raspberry into the baby's neck and cackles like a witch. Very scary weyrwoman, here, alternating between propping herself up on either rynorila.

Krenn gives Baylee a sympathetic smile. "Yeah. I know." Myrakath's imminent rise has been pretty obvious for a while. Krenn was just grateful the green had kept it together as long as she had. He gives Baylee a sort of one-armed hug. "It'll be okay. Let's try to enjoy the party." Anything else to focus on at the moment seems good. Sundari's suggestion does seem like it might have merit. He raises an eyebrow. "Unless you want a little space from… everything?" There's another worried aside glance at Yulise. He doesn't dare ask what's in the bag.

Nothing has changed since the last check in with J'en over there, sitting sitting on a rock, still not appearing to be the least bit interested in a single thing going on not that far away. One golden eye becomes covered with the longest length of his dark hair as he manages somehow to grab the keys tossed at him without looking really at the man who threw them. That is, until that which was tossed lands firmly in palm, that's when the remaining orb of sight tracks to R'hyn. There are no words, just a nod, not a hint of any sort of actual emotion being betrayed in expression or posture. Neutral and sitting, quietly, out there all on his own. Keys are slipped into pocket along with the fist that's clamped down upon them, flicking his hair out of his face and turning slightly so that his back was the more prominent of himself directed at the festivities.
sitting there

« You can try to make me, Xermiltoth, but it will end poorly for you. » A growl of rebuttal; a threat from the unpleasant bronze in response to the dragon with whom he shares a ledge. But sweet Sakrayeth! Teimyrth sees you, though the bronze's attention on the second newly-graduated green is fleeting - mostly because he wouldn't be a very good hunter if he lost sight of his prey, now would he? And he's bearing down, shifting low towards the sand, watching and waiting with patience borne from years on the prowl. You definitely have his attention, Myrakath. Much to Ila'den's chagrin, actually, because the bronzerider doesn't have time for his ridiculous lifemate, nor the beast's urge to chase after green hide. "Aye, well. Just promise that you'll team up with me against Kadesh sometimes." Because that's fair, right? And then OOF. COLLISION. Ila'den's bringing an arm around R'hyn to pull him with Cita, and baby, and stubbled once-renegade weyrmates. "If either of you wake me up yelling, 'weyrwoman,' and banging on the walls, I'm kicking you both out." And YEP. HI SUNNY. Ila'den's raising brows in your direction. "Sunny," comes almost-gruff. HE'S NOT SO HAPPY ABOUT FLUFFY BITTY KITTENS.

Baylee is determined to see things through. She doesn't want to miss any of the party. She nods to Sunny both about staying and about the workload in the wing that she has been assigned too, "We'll try to do the best we can." Both for the party and for the wing. "I'm sure you wouldn't want it to be permenant." Though no one can deny Yulises commitment to the role she is playing. "Thank you." Baylee says in response to R'hyn's congrats to both the graduation and her weyrmating. « I like him watching me. You should watch me too. » Myrakath practically purrs to Xermi. There are little cracks forming in the wall that she did her dardnest to put up. Sweet cheese and crackers how long is this going to go on? Cita and the baby get a smile, "I'm /good/." she says with emphasis on good. Much the same way a person says something when they really want to believe it but don't. Myrakath won't move an inch as Tei makes his way toward her. She wants him to come closer.

"A sandstorm?" brief attention for the topic, a lift of an eyebrow, and S'van wonders, "And a dragon flew out of it to get you here?" That is either admiration for the bravery or disapproval for the stupidity, it's hard to tell. The glass is lifted, a sip is taken, to allow for a pause before he's required to answer the next statement. "What did I win?" but he seems to assume that this is a rhetorical question because he does not wait for an answer, leaning back against whatever happens to be behind him; table? Rock? Person? Whatever it is, he's going to lean on it. The whisper gets genuine attention, though, and he gives Riohra a hard look, mouth pressed into a thin line. A long pause, and then a quick, "Yeah," and the thrust of his water glass into the hands of the Hunter (or onto the ground, if he should fail to receive it). A push off of whatever he was leaning against, and then purposeful, somewhat still grumpy-stomping, strides through the crowd to the Wingleader on the rock. And then down, so that he's face to face and eye to eye. Without hesitation he reaches out and curls his fingers around J'en's neck to pull him into a quick but fierce kiss. A murmur against his lips and then he's standing once again.

"It will happen sooner rather then later Baylee, just have to remember you know what to do when it does. We all went through it, your be alright." Sundari offers softly to her once student, a soft smile seen and she gives the girl's arm a pat. She wasn't expecting that hug out of the blue, is that a squeak? She will never admit to it but she grins after R'hyn. "An't she cute? Did you keep the name?" As for Cita, she saw the baby.. "She's cute Cita!" Sunny's soft spot is the kidlets. As for Ila she catches that look and the gruffy like voice. "Hey, they can come stay with me as long R'hyn brings the limes." She won't comment about any kittens to /him/ right now. Her gaze drifts slightly, a moment as if searching for someone though that person isn't found as of yet. She does catch sight of J'en off on his little rock, which means she catches S'ven moving that way and she blinks at the sdden heated kiss betwen the two. "Well then…" Does she care they kissed? Nope she is a bit surprized that it happened at the moment in time more then anything.

Yulise shrugs her shoulders at Baylee's comment on her hair color. "Yeah, probably not. Wouldn't want to mess with my signature style. Why try to improve on perfection?" Think she's dedicated to the role now? Just wait until later! "Well, just wanted to say hi." She says. "I'll be around if you need me. I'm gonna go mingle." And mingle she does! Though her attention is grabbed by the kiss between J'en and S'van. "Ooooh." She says, her eyes going wide. "So /that's/ why boring guy is immune to my impossible charms."

Riohra laughs as he watches S'van head off to be MANLY!!!! He eve cheers a little when the kiss happens becuase what is J'en going to to make him scrub latrines again!!!! he will move around and say hi to other people he knows stoping at the two weyrmated folks saying "hey you two, good food over there, not like that cake but still decent" then he swept away again off to talk to his cousin who he hands some klah too and a piece of pie as she is still in work scrubs.

Krenn admires Baylee's determination to see the day through. Might not be the easiest option, but it's the brave one. He'll stay close to her side all the same, keeping a close eye on his new weyrmate and her lifemate. That's what he's here for, after all. When Riohra comes by he greets him with a smile and a nod. "Half Moon certainly has some fantastic cooks. Glad you could make it to this, Rio. And thanks again for coming to our little ceremony the other night, we were glad you were there."

R'hyn jerks his arm down, fist clenched with an expression of exultation. "Yesss. Weyrwoman it is." Faranth, but she might live to regret this, drunk on power or not. "I'm gonna write it on all your stuff. 'Property of Weyrwoman.' 'Weyrwoman's Stash.' 'Are you weyrwoman? No? Then paws off!'" He's even going to start now, one overlong arm reaching around her shoulder to dip a finger into her pie, the better to peek his tongue out as he emblazons her forehead with a sticky red-purple 'W'. "Perfect." And if she doesn't get her pie out of his reach, he'll do it to himself, too, letter spelled out sloppily on his cheek before he laughs, mischief high. "Ila next?" If only to give the man a chance to run or her a chance to save her food. He'll busily kiss all over the baby's face in the meantime, aiming to elicit giggles with little gnawy noises before he peeks over at Sunny. "Of course we kept her name. It was perfect. She's a 'Bitty' everything. Terror. Lover. Fighter." Beam. As for Ila, well… there's a heated look for his weyrmate, a terrible smile on his face as he mumbles something that only he (and probably Cita, RIP her brain) can hear. As for Xermiltoth? « I've been watching you for an entire turn, » the bronze replies, supreme amusement in his tone. And then, « About damn TIME. » Because attention's being stolen by smooching bronzers, and Xermi can't help but be an ass, but an ass that showers mental fireworks everywhere because he said so, that's why. Golden laughter withdraws quickly enough, beaming sunny thoughts down at Teimyrth with a mental shrug. Ain't skeered.

This was a pretty awesome rock you know, all sedimentary and stony, kind of like Jae's face. With his attention focused on the water of the lagoon, thankfully free of any remnants of squiddy bits, unaware of stompy bronzeriders. Possibly because he coined the phrase. Anyway, S'van advances upon him easily, startling the ever loving daylights right out of him as fingers curl to the back of his neck and he's pulled into all sorts of intense snoggery of a tension racked and surprised self-isolated wingleader. It was a moment, the kind you'd see in the moving pictures of days long past, emblazoned with a fair amount of looks and apparently bedazzled fireworks ala Xermiltoth. Then it's over and S'van releases him, a darkened glare leveled on on the former weyrling in the wake of such passionate passioning. Sure, J'en passes his tongue over his recently smooched lips, but the heat of his gaze might as well have melted the poor man's face right off. Will it be Pern's first civil war? Tune in next pose…

« I'M looking at you! » Ilyscaeth booms for Myrakath from somewhere, a wash of joyous stars and whales. She's helping! Or…probably not, given the wincing that Cita's got going on there. She doesn't seem to mind, though, simmering happily in the background for once while Cita tries to stuff her face and talk and cuddle the baby and sass at the same time. "Hmmm. That's fair." Siding with Ila? Yeah, she might as well; she's in too good a mood to be an ass, just sassy, given: "You can try and make me go." She sasses Ila happily, as soon as her mouth isn't full any more — not smartly, Faranth knows, but Citayla's never really been the smartest. No matter what she'd tell ya. "Isn't she?" The goldrider sighs, leaning her head down against the baby's — she squirms, not so cutely, but Cita doesn't seem to mind. "Limes to scare off the scurvy…fair enough." She hums for the Weyrlingmaster, grinning cheekily, waggling her shoulders. The goldrider is too busy trying to dodge Ryn smearing her forehead with berries and failing miserably, laughing, to warn poor Rio off of his imminent demise, but in for a penny: "Ila next." She agrees, because if she has to suffer with goop in her hair, and then trying her hardest to sink into the bowl and disappear forever, so does he. "Faranth." The rider laughs, for the muttering, shooting a look skyward. Faranth ain't gonna save you, girlie.

And move closer Teimyrth does in slow, unhurried movements: a forepaw and shift of bronzehide, a hindpaw and shift, another forepaw. The midnight dragon's maw is almost touching the sand now, disturbing minuscular grains every time he exhales and - this is why we can't have nice things, Xermiltoth. There's a growl as Teimyrth stills a distance away from Myrakath, drowning out sunny thoughts with a blizzard that definitely is a mental DO NOT DISTURB. EVER. XERMILTOTH. Ila'den is only too happy to welcome distractions in the form of Cita and Ryn, watching the christening of all things Weyrwoman's before there's a pause to question whether or not Ila'den will also allow himself to be marked. Whatever R'hyn says earns the younger bronzerider low, rumbling laughter that precedes Ila'den catching his weyrmate's wrist and bringing that bubbly-messy finger to his lips. Totally inappropriate, but when has Ila'den ever prided himself on being correct? NEVER. And so he lets him go only with a slow drag of lips, and teeth, and tongue before dipping his own finger into Cita's bubbly (RIP bubbly) so that he can mark himself with a W. And an H, whatever that stands for. And then there's one for the baby too, whose fingers are getting nibbled with playful growls as he writes before he presses his forehead to Cita's. "Little bird, I do believe that's a challenge." And yeah, those words are suggestive on purpose, as he shifts away to drape and arm over her shoulders and cant his head towards R'hyn. "Do you think if we re-enact that scene in chapter 5 of, 'I Rode His Abs to Yokohama,' she'll leave us be?"

Thats right weyr. Look at Myrakath. The green falls silent once more. Content in the knowledge that she has everyones attention. Though she does get up from where she had been on the sands and begin to pace. All of that energy has to go somewhere and even the kiss happening between the two humans isn't really enough to catch her attenion no matter how fierce it is. "Yeah." Baylee says to Yulise. Not really sure exactly what she means, but Sev is into J'en. That much is clear. The green does look at Tei thoughout each pace when she is facing his direction.
S'van is fearless in the face of heated looks, matching that look with a steady gaze and quirked half-smile. He's so unafraid, in fact, that he will go ahead and claim a seat right next to the antisocial Wingleader on that awesome rock there, pressing into his side and swinging an arm over his shoulders, lean over, and nip him on the ear. Whatever he may be about to stay, for he was undoubtedly about to stay something, it is cut off when his shoulders jerk upright as relaxation briefly flees from him. A distant look, the characteristic communication between dragon and rider, and then a glance of grey eyes towards glowing green that does not bode well.

Yulise ponders the bronzerider kissing for a little while before she shrugs again. "Okay. The surprise has faded. He's boring again." No doubt S'van will be distraught to learn that he has fallen in Yulise's incredibly important esteem. "I'm gonna get more snacks." She declares, waddling over to the food tables. She's still hauling that big pack around.

And that is it. The green can't hold this inside anymore. Thanks Aedeluth. The pacing ends and she begins to walk with purpose toward the corral. This party is over for her, but another party will begin shortly. Baylee, with a glassy sort of look annouces, "I have to go." And she is off following after her green. That can mean only one thing.

Myrakath even has attention from a few humans. Such as Krenn! Though obviously his attention is for a completely different reason. Despite his earlier talk about ignoring the impending and focusing on the party, he can't help but take a couple nervous glances at the green and her admirers. "I…" And she's off! That means Krenn is off too. "Baylee!" He does his best to keep pace with her.

Has Aedeluth been here the entire time? Yes. He's just been doing a very good job of impersonating a rock. A very intent, tightly wound, about to explode into the air kind of rock. One with a fixed gaze on Myrakath that is anything but kind. A growl ripples through his form before he launches in the air and heads toward the corrals after his green.

Yulise catches sight of Baylee fleeing the area, and the exodus of dragons following along. She pouts. "But I was gonna have more snacks…" She sighs dramatically. "Oh well. Best I not do this on a full stomach. Give me a mintue, I'll be right there." And off she goes.

Such fearlessness in the face of death, surely the wing that S'van has been forcibly tapped into against his will might make a considerable amount of sense, a perfect match if you will. The glare of all glares continues for as long as that steady gaze and quirked-grin remains, and likely long after even if his back remains to the party people with half of the awesomest boulder ever being stolen. Pressed side to side, arm flung over tension racked shoulders, the nip to his ear makes J'en growl audibly about to shove the man away from him and possibly off of the boulder of epic awesome entirely were it not for all that happens next. Golden eyes find grey distant and follow them to the coiled and soon sprung bronze as the glowing green flees with her entourage soon after. All sorts of obscenities are cursed, even if Leketh was not among those collecting thereafter in the corrals to send herdbeast and wherry alike squealing and squawking in terror. It's unsurprising that his gaze darts back to S'van, the hand poised to push dropping away and into a tightly balled white-knuckled fist. "Go." he says only, a look exchanged and nothing more, though once Sev is up so is Jae to follow after quickly.

Sundari chuckles as she hears Cita. "True… But I think R'hyn uses limes for other reasons deary." Her gaze drifts slightly over certain dragons and then towards Baylee at the movement as she follows after Myraktah. "Saw this happening soon, didn't think tonight." She turns looking towards the Weyr watching a shadowy spot where a certain blue is resting, though Irkevalath doesn't move to follow. Too may bronze? Possible, but in the end there are other reasons. "You all have fun." Sunny starts to head off from the party thinking its about time she takes her leave and is soon gone not heading anywhere near the corrals that's for certain.

It's shortly past sunset, and despite the exit, stage right of several of the weyr's dragons (and a few of their respective riders), the party is still going strong, drinks and food laid out on buffets surrounding a bonfire. "Scurvy… Right…" R'hyn agrees, not at all shiftily, making rapid 'ixnay' motions at Sunny. Definitely not referencing the party game he inadvertently invented, no. Sly eyes fix on Riohra, perhaps belatedly but not so much that he doesn't shrug and say, "I'm set." Set with thieving Cita's pie, and having Ila'den eat it off of him, expression going somewhere dark and mirthful because okay fair he deserved that. He laughs when the bronzer marks himself not once, but twice, surveying his work with a critic's air before sabotaging the pie again to add a little flair to the 'H'. "Much better," the murmurs with a grin, one that turns sharp and angular when Citayla's words are taken for challenge. "No. Sounds to me like we'll end up with Voidcat outside our door, judging us." As if that hasn't been his semi-permanent residence anyways. There's a wave farewell aimed at Sunny's retreating form before he tilts his chin firewards. "C'mon, Syn gave me some stuff when she stopped by to visit the girls." Small, coated pellets that turn the bonfire shiny colors when tossed in, because of course they do, offered palm-out to any of them to take.

Things happen very fast, and Citayla is a little off-footed. "Well." She frowns a little for Sunny's innuendo, trying to catch the thread of it and failing miserably and possibly adorably. She doesn't look terribly concerned, though, cuddling the baby against her chest and peering out at the crowd quietly for a moment. Wait. She spaced for a second there, and now there is an Ila draped on her, and the goldrider is making ridiculous happy eyes at him — aaaand — "Ila." And now she's laughing, loud and helpless, and "Outside of your door? No. Think more creatively." Because it's her graduation night, and for the love of little baby dragons, she is going to have fun. Even if that means upending an entire handful of color-balls into the fire and then squeaking, startled, when the baby in her arms immediately starts screeching. Fear? Delight? UNSURE. "Uhh." Cita glances back at Ryn and Ila, then up at the sky, then at the baby. Nods. "Home?"

Ila'den hates Teimyrth. It's official. Grey eyes watch his bronze lifemate take off after bronzes and greens alike, his jaw tightening (in annoyance, or perhaps ill-constrained restraint) for a moment as if he is fighting the impulse to join. He's not leaving his weyrmate, nor Cita, both of whom he holds to momentarily too tight, pressing mouth and nose into the side of Cita's hair and simply breathing the newly-minted goldrider in before he does the same to R'hyn. Every muscle in his body is coiled tight, but at least R'hyn provides a distraction that Cita capitalizes on - it's enough to draw the significantly (and increasingly) addled bronzerider out of wherever his mind is right now (it's in the skies, chasing greens). "Home," comes maybe a little too gruffly, because he needs to get somewhere before Myrakath gets caught, because if he's the winner IT'S NOT GOING TO END WELL FOR WEYRBAES. OKAY. AT ALL. Or he's going to run to the corrals and that's not going to end well, either. SO yeah, he's dragging the loves of his life and tiny baby-bloops away with haste. RUN FLEE. HOPEFULLY THIS WON'T BE ANOTHER KIND OF GRADUATION NIGHT FOR CITA IF U KNO WUT I MEAN.

And then there was one - one bronze dragon that looks increasingly smug as Teimyrth takes off after Myrakath as well. R'hyn stiffens slightly, both for the implications of Tei's takeoff and his own bronze's rise to his feet, but Xermiltoth merely offers a snort and repeats, « I've been watching her for over a turn. » And he's not interested. Instead he strolls closer on gold-shattered paws, not much caring if he scatters other partygoers as he lowers himself next to the bonfire, mostly so they can climb aboard and make their great escape before business in the bowl gets too cray, but also to eye the multicolored fire with a whirl of fascinated facets. R'hyn's likewise caught somewhere between emotions, Cita's laughter and bold declarations earning a sharp grin and a step in to hug her against his side, Ila'den's increasing tension and rough tones causing a chill to slide up his spine. Be careful what you wish for, Cita! There might be more fun than she bargained for depending on how the dice roll (and they haven't been terribly kind so far, O Be-Pie-Filling'd One). "Luckily, we're very creative. Just look at our sign." Blue-grey eyes flick to the painted banner, deviousness in their depths even as he allows Ila'den to press them towards Xermiltoth, the sky, and then, the safety of their own weyr.

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