Myrakath Rises

Summer - Day 1 of Month 8 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals

Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

Myrakath made it to the pens in short order and hopped the fence and began to blood her first kill. She isn't going to be waiting around here. She is a green on a mission and right now that mission involves getting the blood she needs to rise hard and fast. Baylee arrives shortly after the kill is already being bled and sighs a mixture of relief and nerves flooding her system. Not to mention other emotions that are rolling off the green. She stands there by the edge of the pens and closes her eyes in concentration. Time to do what she was taught.

Yulise took a little while getting here. In the minutes she vanished, she has attempted a thorough transformation. Gone is both her backpack and her respectable gather dress, replaced by a low-cut white dress that has just about an inch of fabric between it and complete indecency. She's added quite a bit of makeup, and wobbles on impractically large heels which have put her more or less at Baylee's height. In addition to the brown dye, she's also done her best to style her hair like Baylee's. It's an imitation which would probably only be convincing to someone who only knew of Baylee by vague description, but at least she's given it an honest effort. "Have no fear, riderfolk!" She shouts as she wobbles over to the greenrider. "It is I, Baylee, rider of green Myrokath." Close enough. "Pay no attention to the imposter." She shoots Baylee a quick wink, then settles in to try to physically stand between Baylee and the riders.

Krenn has done his best to keep pace with Baylee for the trip to the corrals. It's getting harder and harder to pretend he's not nervous about this whole thing, but he needs to be right there if this is all going to go according to plan. "It's all going to be okay." He assures his weyrmate, though he's uncertain whether any of his words will get through in her state. Then Yulise appears. Krenn just blinks. "… I'm not sure the outfit is exactly right…"

Aedeluth descends not to the corrals, but to the weyr wall, leaning over to peer down at Myrakath from his vantage point. There is no blooding for this bronze, no. Apparently he does not feel the need to take that sort of precaution, either overly confident in his ability without the nourishment or foolish. Either way, he'd rather stalk from on high, a low growl in the back of his throat for any and all competition that may be around. S'van? Finally arriving. And little miss Fake-Baylee? She gets a face and a "Really? Do you really think we're that far gone?" Clearly, he is not.

Teimyrth's gliding into the corrals with massive sails opened, shifting to land with more grace than a bronze of his size and awkward build has any right to. But he is still, conserving his energy for the flight ahead, watching Myrakath with a predator's anticipation as the midnight bronze coils himself tight to prepare for a powerful leap into the air when the green takes flight. Curiously, there's no Ila'den on the tails of his dragon to join the gaggle of riders and weyrfolk alike. It's merely Teimyrth, poised for what's to come - eager, ready.

Speak for yourself Sev. Baylee is very much gone. She doesn't register her weyrmate standing by her side or her stand in that is there doing her job. Her mind is very much subsumed into Myrakath's. The intensity of sensation and emotion is not something that will likely be able to put into words later. Though for the moment she is silent and leans against the edge of the fence. Myrakath finishes blooding her first kill and not caring who is there watching, though she does know that there are at least two bronzes there waiting for her. The green doesn't really feel the need to go after another kill but instead shoots into the sky like a rocket taking off. A storm at sea is present in her mind as she calls to those who would chase, « You will have to be fast if you wish to catch me. »

"I know not of what you speak, boring fellow riderperson." Fakelee replies to S'van, doing an absolutely terrible imitation of Baylee's voice. "I am merely being my normal, everyday Baylee self. Am I not alluring?" Then the green is off into the sky! Yulise looks up and gawks for a moment, nearly dropping character before she recovers. "Oh! Look at that. My totally real lifemate is up and flying. How exciting." Flawless.

It's a little disconcerting for Krenn to see Baylee in such a state. Probably a lot more disconcerting for her than him, but disconcerting all the same. He's just going to stick to the plan. Stay close, get ready. He can't help but continue to glance nervously at Yulise. He's having a few worries about her ability to pull this off. Or just worries in general.

J'en has been here the whole time, lingering off, somewhere in the background with his eyes entirely focused on S'van and S'van alone. He wasn't feeling, obviously, the same sorts of things that his weyrmate was without Leketh tossed into the mix. It didn't matter how many had gathered to lay claim at the end of this, his arms crossed over his chest and a look of something rather intense spread over his face. It was a waiting game as much as it was of purpose, the false sense of calm settled over the reclusive bronzerider betrayed in the way he shifts his weight from one foot to the other and the occasional twitch of fingers on leather.

There is a look towards Yulise in all of her fake-Baylee… ness. A look that clearly says S'van finds this neither clever nor funny. Not one lick. It's a look that borders on violent if his attention was not so thoroughly engaged elsewhere. He can't exactly spare the words to put silent threats to voice, nor spare the energy to turn those threats into actions. Not with Myrakath launching in the air and Aede right on her tail. The younger bronze had taken note of the competition, though it's Myrakath that has his attention. Watching. Analyzing. Her head comes off her kill, there's a subtle movement, and the second she takes off for the sky he is there as well. A ripple of taunt muscles beneath bronze hide as he launches himself from the weyr wall and straight into her path. Teimyrth? Ignored. That brown foreigner? Definitely ignored. There is only Myrakath and the space between them. Space he is determined to swiftly eliminate.

But Teimyrth is not a dragon of words. Myrakath's challenge is answered with a growl and a blizzard of furious white as powerful muscles coiled tight release, launching that massive hide into the air with wings tucked in and then unfurling at the last moment - massive, brilliant, catching air and giving the bronze impressive lift as he pursues glowing hide and pays no heed to his competition. Instead, the bronze banks as he climbs, aiming to put himself apart from the younger bronze and foreign brown in anticipation that he might finding an opening with some distance. It just might prove to be a mistake, but it's a risk that Teimyrth is clearly willing to take.

Myrakath shoots through the skies like a shooting star. The energy that is flowing through her compelling her to move upward. At this point the main thing is to gain enough height for this not to end with a splat. Her hide glows with a brilliance that calls the chasers closer and closer. She reaches back with her thoughts to goad them on, « I don't think you really want me. » she says to Aedeluth before calling back to the dragon that had been watching her so closely on the beach, « Would you be a better mate for me than him? » Myrakath clearly wanting them to compete all the harder for her affections. Baylees eyes open as she looks in the direction of Sev and then casting her eyes around for Ila'den. She goes back and forth on her feet clearly frazzled. Krenn is ignored. Sorry Krenn.

That's okay, S'van. Yulise thinks she's incredibly clever! And hers is the opinion that really matters. The conversation seems to be at an end anyways, and Yulise isn't exactly sorry to see it go. She takes a look at her 'doppleganger', following her gaze to S'van and Ila'den. Looks like those are the frontrunners. She repositions herself, ready to strike. "Looks like it's almost showtime."

Krenn expected to be ignored. It's the nature of all of this, right? He keeps one eye on Baylee all the same, but most of his attention is on the flight in progress. Emotions aside, it is kind of a fascinating thing to see play out.

Aedeluth is impervious to taunts; he knows his worth and he will not be goaded, even by Myrakath. He will prove himself in the way he flies, a straight line towards the glowing green of her hide with no thought to anything but the prize… and then Teimyrth, who will get a swipe of claws and a snap of jaws if he should dare to come too close. There is vicious intent behind these gestures, no idle threat but purely meant to rend and tear should the bronze find himself within reach. The moment he is out of Aedeluth's space, the young bronze is focused on Myrakath again. There are no words, just the press of his mind to her own, a reiteration of his earlier promise to claim her and (literally) shred the competition if necessary. S'van? He would likely have some very choice words that are decidedly NOT PG-13 for both Yulise and Aedeluth right now. As it is, he's just going to growl after his bronze and try very hard to stay away from the fake-Baylee.

No attention is spared the flight, the woman dressed like Baylee poised and ready, nor anyone else other than S'van. J'en might have help in the form of his enormous pale hided lifemate, keeping a facet on things as they progress above enough that the human part of the pairing was already shortening the distance between himself and the violent looking newly graduated bronzerider over yonder. He's coming around the long way though, all without letting his eyes leave the 6'5" frame of coiled tension with all the grace and mannerism of a feral jungle feline. No, he was not here simply to watch the events unfold, that much was startlingly clear, arms falling away to hands loose at his sides. That growl being emitted by his mate, more than enough to set a determined sort jut to his chin as it flicks up a tick and lashes lower.

Maybe Teirmyrth sees an opening, maybe the elder bronze merely sees an opportunity to sabotage another suitor's chances. Whatever it is, it sees Teimryth dipping towards Aedeluth, right into claws and teeth that have the elder bronze roaring as he sinks in his own teeth and claws. Whether the wounds are enough to actually rend flesh and hide or merely superficial, Teimyrth is swinging away and losing speed. He's injured, that much is certain, but he's not giving up the chase just yet. There is still no sign of Ila'den, and likely will not be. The bronzerider has had twenty-five turns of doing flights. He knows when to bail. « You are too clever for one such as Aedeluth, » Teimyrth responds, finally, his voice husky low but laced with the winterscape of his mind. « Fly high. » 'Cause he's coming. Even if he's… really doing poorly with his newly-acquired injuries.

What goes up must come down. All good things must come to an end and all that. As Myrakath pushes higher and higher in the sky she expends a great deal of energy doing so. In future flights she might get fancy, but this first flight is all about making sure that she does what she needs to do. Her attention is cast behind her to the bronzes coming closer and closer. One of them is going to be the dragon who catches her. Both are fine examples of what it means to be a bronze. Aedeluth has paid more attention to her and the other bronze has also been watching her most of the evening. Baylee takes a step forward off of the fence toward the riders that are there. Readying for the catch. She locks eyes with Sev and sighs. She wants him. She really wants him. In the skies above the green shows signs that now is the moment. « Catch me. » she calls to her chasers.

Yulise sees that look on Baylee's face. She can't help but sigh when she sees who the look is going to. "Really? The boring guy?" Well, there's nothing for it. She promised she'd see this through to the end, and that's exactly what she's going to do. She plants herself right between Baylee and S'van, mustering the most lustful look she can manage for the bronzerider. There's a glance to the sky, then a quick look to Krenn. "Okay, get ready. You're gonna want to get her out of here in a sec." Then it's back to being 'Baylee'.

Of all the people here, Krenn was not expecting Yulise to be the one keeping things sane. But the imposter Baylee's remarks snatch his attention away from the flight and refocus him on his task. He gives Yulise a determined nod and looks back to Baylee, taking a deep breath as he gets ready to take hold of her. The whole thing feels more than a little unseemly and uncomfortable. Is he really going to have to drag her away? He's certain Baylee will be grateful when the flight lust wears off, but in the moment, it seems wrong. Still, they had a plan for a reason! Krenn is ready.

A primal cry rips from Aedeluth as claws and teeth find their mark; both into his rival and his rival's into him. Ichor flows, but there is no fatal wound, even if his cry of pain is echoed in his human down below. But no. Neither will he give up the prize for superficial wounds. He has suffered worse; what was a nip in his hide, compared to the pain he endured as a weyrling? The ground was torture, but Aedeluth was made for the sky, and Myrakaht was made for him. « You are MINE » is his fierce declaration as wings catch wind and he makes a bee-line for her, arms outstretched to snatch her right from the air. And on the ground? S'van is not meeting that gaze of Baylee's. His eyes are distant, glossy, lost with his bronze in the sky until the sharp bite of claws and teeth has him pressing one hand to the side of his body; a wound that Aedeluth has but that S'van feels all the same. Yulise moves, and grey eyes find her with not passion, but anger. Violence. Promising all sorts of dangerous consequences if she comes closer. He is not fooled by your fake-Bayleeness, and everything about his person says Keep Away.

Higher and higher they climb, Teimyrth struggling to keep up and lagging behind, but determined the he will not fail in this flight simply because a wound got the better of him. There will be time to tend wounds later, after he has pursued Myrakath to the height of her ascent - which she reaches, the peak coming as Aedeluth makes a bold assertion of ownership that Teimyrth rejects with a ferocious, « She belongs to me. » And the massive bronze twists in his flight, diving for Myrakath and Aedeluth both with talons and limbs extended in anticipation of ensnaring the green in his own grip, ready to take on the weight of both. So close… so close…!

Myrakath can feel the wind on her face as she allows herself to be caught. She feels claws settle around her ensnaring her. But just who do those claws belong to? Do they belong to the newcomer who had paid her such attention, or do they belong to the old guard? From the ground it's a difficult thing to judge unless you are one of the riders involved. Baylee moves forward toward…S'van. Thats right Aedeluth is the victor. Myrakath croons softly to him as she moves to twine her tail with his, « Oh Aedeluth. » Now is the time for him to do all that he said he would do. Baylee looks at S'van with deep lust. She's never looked at him that way before. But right now unless she is stopped she's very intent on moving off to the guest weyr with him.

Nope, not today fake Baylee, whoever you are. The second that S'van takes a single step towards the wanton greenrider, Jae's long legs carry him quickly across the patch of grass where the chasers are still gathered and collecting their thoughts back from lust and rage, in order to lay claim of his own. Even if that means blocking bodily Not Baylee (re: Yulise) from taking what is not hers in a classic sorry not sorry fashion of ignoring her completely. It's a flurry of motion, yanking Sev down into a kiss that is decidedly not for the faint of heart, already pulling away clothing from his body in that sort of way that suggests if people were wise and did not want a show they should make themselves very scarce. Whatever was going to happen between the two bronzeriders was going to happen, right then and there. Perhaps up against the fence, maybe that tree, possibly even the wall from which J'en had watched S'van from. Whatever the case, it was now reality, with a good deal of very possessive growling that says all are no longer welcome. There is no Krenn, there is no Baylee, there is no Niki, and certainly no faux-Baylee-Yulise. There is only J'en and his S'van with an increasing lack of clothing which is only decreasing with each passing moment.

Well, time for action! When the two dragons collide, Krenn immediately wraps his arms around Baylee. "C'mon, Baylee." He's almost certain he won't be heard, but he talks all the same. Maybe some part of it will get through. "We need to get you home. Now." And he'll make sure that happens, though with the bare minimum of strength required. Hopefully he can prevent Baylee from removing clothes or tackling S'van before they're out of sight and have some privacy.

Yulise is ready. "This is it!" She says, taking a deep breath. "Showtime. Alright, boring guy. You better be ready for the full Yulise Experience. It's…" But before Yulise can physically tackle S'van (totally her plan, by the way) J'en swoops in and carries him off before she gets the chance. The trader just stands there for a moment, stunned and wide-eyed. "… Wha…?" Despite all her smack talk about S'van earlier, she actually looks disappointed. "… You mean I dyed my hair and wore this dress for /nothing/?" She crosses her arms and pouts.

EMPTY HANDED! There's no fury in Teimyrth. The bronze throws his wings out, shifting away from green and victorious bronze at the last moment so that he can make his descent towards the ground - far from the corrals, towards his rider so that his wounds can be tended to. He's had worse

The roar from Aedeluth is a victory cry as he claims his prize. There is a swift twist of his body, an elaborate movement that pulls both himself and Myrakath away from the reaching claws of the fierce Teimyrth. Tails and necks twine, aggressive and possessive as he does exactly what he promised he would to the dark and glowing green. There is no gentle reassurance of love, just passion and possession put into action as he catches the wind to slow their descent. And below? S'van is gone. The moment Aedeluth's hide touched Myrakath he was no longer himself. That single step halted, a body pressed against his, and that is all he needs. The growl in his throat does not halt for the assault on his mouth, teeth just as intent on biting as they are on kissing. That it is his weyrmate and not Baylee, does not seem to register in the slightest. Clothing could be shredded for all the attention he pays it, ripping at anything that keeps him from what he wants. Fingers find skin, drag viciously across to leave red marks in their wake, heedless of anything and everything else. In this moment, there is only what he wants and the quest to get it as quickly as he can.

Yulise is still pouting. Pout pout pout. Well, pouting and gawking at S'van and J'en in a matter that seems decidedly impolite. "Just great. Now I have nothing to do with my evening except watch some really boring man on man sex." Her life is so hard!

If Baylee could have tackled S'van she would have without a second thought. She waits for the winner to come drag her away, but the winner is already being dragged away. Confusion and a pained look appear on the womans face. Then someone does grab her. It happens to be Krenn, but it could have been anyone and she would have likely gone off with them. The greenrider will let Krenn lead the way without fighting him too much. Right now there is a paramount need and it has to happen right now! Myrakath will lose herself in the passion of the moment. This is what she has been waiting for. She has been well and truly captured bugeling out her feelings for all the weyr to hear.

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