Tempered Obstacles

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Another day of lessons, and the late afternoon has the Weyrlings heading out to the training yard for a little lesson that deals with fresh air. The yard is set up in a training course set of track, hay bales are set up in the center a group of three barrels futher along near the right side of the 'path', further down a set of large crates set apart with one settled upon them so one might have to crawl under as they can not go over, further down there is a set of three planks set in the ground seeming simple but they are a bit unsteady and the very end there is a wagon turned upon it's side with the wheel's set out and at the otherside is a bit of stacked wood only leaving a narrow pathway down the center for someone to move between them. Sundari is there and so is Irkevalath, the pair are quiet as they wait for the few weyrlings to come out and do the course. Once ther the lesson starts. "The most important thing about the bond we have with our dragons it the mindlink, meaning I can close my eyed and Irk could lead me through this course without me having to worry about running into or tripping over anything. This is the lesson today, your dragon's will be guiding you through this course and you will be wearing a blindfold." Sunny is right to the point today, the WLM is a bit tired looking, perhaps a bit on edge but she still has a job at hand and thus she is here and she will do it one way or another.

E'mi might be looking a little ragged herself this day, as she trails slightly behind Oranth to this next lesson. "Lessons, lessons, and more lessons…" She grumps maybe a little too loudly. Sunny can probably hear the complaint. There comes a comforting croon from the dark blue, as his rump plunks into the dirt, looking at the course as the Weyrlingmaster explains it. E'mi is given to just a moments pause. "Oh good. More bruises." This time a snort comes from the blue. « Come, beloved. I'd not let you bruise yourself. » He sounds a bit indignant. "Oh. I've no doubts about you, sweety. I've doubts about me. I'm tired." Apparently the constant lessoning with rude awakenings from bugling dragons is starting to take its toll on the spoiled girl.

N'lan wandered out into the training field with Jabreth in tow, thankfully the large bronze was all to happy to go outside of the barracks, « Finally we can leave the indoors. I don't understand why you wish to sleep in there when you could watch the stars at night. » His hide gleamed like it was freshly oiled and N'lan had smudges of oil on his clothes, "Well Jabreth if you want to sleep outside maybe I'd let you if we could find a better balance instead of you constanly getting us in trouble." Clearly the two have been argueing again, though there is still affection in the man's words pointed at the dragon. Listening to Sundari's words he nods his head, "Doesn't look to difficult." He grins at E'mi, "Well if Jabreth decides he actually wants to help me I might not get to bruised."

Irkevalath is lifting his head slightly, a slight croon is all that escapes him while he settles to the ground in a slow tired bit of movement it seems. « It seems easy but I assure you it is harder then it looks. » Sundari moves over to E'mi and then N'lan offering them both a strip of black cloth. "E'mi you can go first. Give her five minutes and then you can start N'lan." Nope, she will not be letting them go one at a time! "The point of the lesson is to make it through without going off the path, and to make it through each bit without hitting something in the process." She looks to the pair. "Any questions?"

E'mi looks at the strip of black cloth in her hand, her jaw hanging open for a few moments, green eyes tracking up to Sunny. Oh, the dislike. There comes another grumble from the blue, and the girl's jaw snaps shut, and she obiedently ties that cloth around her head at eye level. "Of course I'm first." She grumbles, nearly tripping on her very first step. No look is spared for N'lan since she can't see, but a grimace is aimed in the direction that he was. "Mixed blessings." This time the girl rumbles as she takes a few steps and nearly stumbles again. "Honey, your perspective is on a slightly different level then mine. Lower your head then give me directions." And eventually E'mi is walking with a little more confident towards the hay bales, looking like she's aiming for the right side of them. Oranth is trailing just a few steps behind, his head almost literally under his Lady's arm. There's proper perspective for you. Coming to that break between haybales and barrels, she starts to turn the wrong way at first, before wobbling and correcting herself. It's when she reaches those crates that five minutes is likely up, and she hunkers down onto hands and knees. « You need to be lower, beloved. » And her elbows bend. « You're still going to knock your head. » "I… what? How low is this fardling thing?" She gets on elbows and knees now, futily looking over her shoulder. "Is this low enough?!" « … Yes. Why are you angry today? » The blue sounds miffed as E'mi starts through the crates, her shoulder bumping a side, but at least she didn't clunk her head. "Because!" Totally reason, right there.

N'lan shakes his head, looking over at Jabreth, "If you do this one thing Jabreth, I'll let you sleep outside tonight alright? Just this one thing, Besides you don't want to get shown up by Oranth right?" The bronze seems to think on this for a while as N'lan tied his black cloth over his eyes, "Alright Jabreth come here." The bronze slowly walked over to his rider, the two placing there heads together. It was clear while they may differ at times they had a strong bond. N'lan reached up and scratched the bronze's ridges, a deep rumbling hum emitted from the bronze in return. The five minutes had passed quickly to N'lan as he listened closely to E'mi trying to do the course. He started moving through the course quickly almost as if he could see everything before him clearly, dodging left of the barrel at almost a run. As he nears the wagon the bronze must have decided he had done his part cause N'lan slowed right down to a shuffle, suddenly he stopped moving all together. "Jabreth how am I to complete this course if all your going to envision is a starry night sky in the field? Don't get distracted, I said we would sleep out here tonight if we complete this."

Sundari watches quietly from her spot, her mind watching a few moments before she gives her head a hard shake and she sights a bit while sending a faint glance back to E'mi. "Sorry… All I had was black? Next timeI'll get some glitter and bejazzale it how's that?" This questiond with an amused tone. She moves along following the progress and is a bit surprized at how well they are doing for one reason or another. She holds back a soft laugh at the crates and coughs a bit. Her gaze turns over to N'lan and Jabreth and she folds her arms in front of her a bit while scratching at her arm as she watches N'lan going about shuffling forward. "It is alright to not do the course right the first time. This isn't a test where to pass or fail. Your be doing this a few times."

E'mi stands up from coming through the crates, brushing her knees off as she takes a deep breath. "I'm not angry at you, dear heart." There's still a snap to her tone, but its softer with fondness for the dragon. "I'm just really tired and this is not what I want to be doing today." Sunny's comment is heard, and after Oranth's head swings that way, E'mi's does too. "Just make sure the glitter is on the outside. I'm not sure I need glitter-eyelashes or eyebrows." That is said with far too much seriousness to tell if she's joking or sassing or being serious. But then E'mi's back on course, heading towards those planks with slow footsteps. Slow, but fairly sure. However, the moment her foot encounters those loose planks, is the moment her butt hits the ground with a firm thump. "SCORE IT ALL!" No. She's really not a happy camper today. « Breathe, beloved. Grab onto my muzzle and try again. » There is a definite pout on her face, but with the help of Oranth's muzzle she's standing, and attempting to find her balance on the loose planks without taking a step first. "I'm going to be a mass of bruises for months!" Whine a little harder E'mi. See if you can't get more chores again.

N'lan nods his head before stopping and turning to look towards Sundari's voice, "I dunno if I can get Jabreth to repeat this more then once, He's kinda stubborn like that. he's getting better but I'm still having some issues when it comes to things he finds to easy or uninteresting." He won't include the fact that the bronze ends up making him sleep outside for the majority of a sevenday, though it's common knowledge to most of the other weyrlings. He hears E'mi's comments about the glittery blindfolds and gave a chuckle. Suddenly he's moving again, the bronze giving a bellow of encouragement. Getting down on his hands and knees he crawled towards the gap under the crate and suddenly but slowly started to turn and continue crawling forward towards Irk and Sundari. "Hey, Jabreth?" The smith feels around him with his hands unable to feel the crates. "Sundari, did Jabreth blow me off course? cause I have a feeling I've gone a lot further then he's telling me." The smith had nearly crawled all the way around the crates and was more then halfway to Sundari.

Sundari chuckles softly as she hear's E'mi. "See?… Not at easy as it looks hum?" This questioned softly while looking over to N'lan and she just blinks a few moments pondering what to say it seems. "You need to ask him questions N'lan. Just don't expect him to give answers. It is a two way road to so speak." She offers with a shake of her head. "Take the blindfold off and start again. I get the feeling you will both be ding this one for a bit at this rate."

"And how long did it take for you to get this course down?" E'mi shoots back before she has a chance to think, or Oranth a chance to sensor her. She's trying something else with Oranth on those planks: he looks like a feline about to pounce, but in reality, its so he can catch her if she falls either way. And she's shuffling her feet along the boards, not actually lifting them up at all, which gains her a few inches before she's pitching forwards this time, onto Oranth's waiting arm. This time the blue helps her off the planks, where she removes the blindfold, looking extremely unhappy, which has the blue's eyes whirling in response. "Can't I go soak first and try again later? I'm pretty sure I bruised my butt. Seriously." E'mi spares a look for N'lan, and that bronze that likes to desert him so much and she gives a bit of a rude snort. "Some partner you are, Jabreth." But to that one Oranth gives her a bit of a Elenth-wing-slap with a low, but soft growl. « It is not our place to question their bond. »

N'lan lifted his blindfold, looking over at Sundari then Jabreth, "I was asking him questions, his answers weren't so good." The bronze almost seemed to chortle at this little prank. He started his jog back to the start. He was confident in their abilities to actually do that task if only Jabreth and him could keep on task. N'lan's face grew furious at hearing E'mi's words about their bond. "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY BOND WITH JABRETH!" The reply echo'ed in Jabreth's bellow.

E'mi winces visibly and tries to withdraw, but for this Oranth offers no place to hide unless there's an angry bronze charging her way. She wraps her arms around herself in a sort of protective motion, and hangs her head. "I'm sorry." Good luck hearing that one, it was barely mumbled. And there's a blue muzzle poking her in the back. "I'm sorry." It's audible this time. "I didn't mean that… really." And with what feels like a sufficient applogy from the girl, Oranth is crooning and wrapping a wing protectively around his E'mi, letting her limp with him off the training field, leaning against him for support, whether the Weyrlingmaster comes after her or not. Oranth extends a sorrowful melody out to both N'lan and Jabreth. « She has been angry today. » That statement still confuses the blue. « She really is sorry. She's just too prideful to say it properly. Take mine in her place. It was uncalled for. » And the pair are away.

N'lan frown's at his own words for a moment realizing own harsh they sounded, but he had felt right in the moment of it. "I'm… I'm sorry E'mi. I was harsh." At Jabreth's mournful croon, « I shall take them Oranth, I know yours means well. Mine takes no offense. » The bronze and smith joining each other. "We will go cool our temper at the beach."

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