Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Inside the wooden building fresh air circulates from the many open windows lining the two longest walls. Outside, you can see many tropical trees and shrubs. The walls and ceiling of the barracks are made of slats that have been pegged together tightly. Overhead are beams from which electric lights have been strung. The floor is of black volcanic stone, rubbed to a smoothness that will not hurt the tender claws of young dragons.
Along each of the two longer walls are cots set up next to rounded depressions in the stone. There are enough areas available for all of the young dragons and their new riders with room to spare. At the back of the barracks are trunks with oiling supplies and bins where fresh meat is delivered until the dragonets learn to hunt for themselves.

Late evening finds the barracks mostly empty, its usual bustle of occupants out enjoying meals, lessons, or the warm summer sun. R'hyn is not one of these people. Unusually content to stay inside, the bronze weyrling is seated comfortably in the middle of his dragon's couch, thumbing his way slowly through a large book. It isn't a dictionary (again, because that totally happened early on), but it's close, large enough that he's propped it on both legs in order to keep it upright. Xermiltoth's flank props him up in turn, along with a pillow and a blanket to support his head. Judging by how quiet it is, it's likely that the dragon himself is asleep, despite the occasional flutter of the tips of his tail in its position pressed up against R'hyn's leg.

It's like R'hyn and J'en have switched lives. During candidacy, it was the younger of the two that had spent his nights only Faranth knows where and slept all day, but now Jae was the one in bed at a normal hour and up with the other weyrlings come morning to participate in lessons and PT. In fact, he's been diligent in this duty. Saluting, yes sir-ing, and the whole nine yards. It was at least a subtle change over the last two months since the dragons were shelled, and of course his more endearing personality traits still lingered. "The….FUCK…Lek?" he hisses quietly at the rapidly maturing bronze who toddles in before him, keeping his voice down at the very least. He was aware that some of the class kept different hours apparently, golden eyes darting R'hyan's way, before just as quickly dropping to the floor. Leketh though, he sends a very soft and gentle thread of thought at the former bartender, a single silvery tendril which wraps around his mind with pudding thick throb of the deepest fluffy pink. Like a mental hug, because he was totally down with the man love. « Sup, bro » J'en stiffens and gives his backside a swat, "Cut it out. No one wants to feel yer shit…or smell it or even look at it…" A pause, and he softly murmurs to his fellow bronzeling, "Sorry." Then he leads Leketh off towards their couch and cot, "I told ya, keep yer thoughts to yerself." Another pause, "No he doesn't like it. Yes, I'm sure…for fuck's sake Leketh…ya aren't Xermiltoth's best friend and even if ya were that wouldn't make it okay…" Leketh sulks a bit as he pulls himself up onto his couch, curling up and yeah that's probably a pout. Jae 'che's lightly against his teeth, pulling his tank top off and tossing it aside.

To be fair, when Xermiltoth is awake, they are an unstoppable force (which is ninety percent of the reason they have to make tracks to the far end of the weyrling yard, just to have a proper, long discussion), but when Xermi is down, he's out for hours. This has its downfalls, giving R'hyn entirely too much alone-time to think, though the bronze has seen fit to fill his spare time with reading. Unfortunately, it's not always interesting - Heryn is only too quick to abandon the tome when he realizes it's J'en rather than some other weyrling, eyes lighting up with mischief. "Now what?," the man drawls with no small amount of amusement for the swearing before his gaze switches to the golden bronze himself. "Hey, Leketh," he says, not minding the mental hug at all, huffing out nasal laughter. "Don't be sorry. Xermi still projects into everyone's brains whether they like it or not. If anything, I should be apologizing to you." He smirks for the one-sided conversation, and perhaps it's Ryn's emotions, or maybe it's just SHEER OBSTINANCE FROM THE REALM OF SLEEP, but Xermiltoth cracks one whirling eye, his own mind reaching out to offer snuggly, sun-bright warmth to Leketh (and, therefore, all three of them), as though to say 'he is my best friend.' It fades quickly, though, ebbing too fast for words to form as the dragon drops back off to sleep. R'hyn rolls his eyes, but tears them away from his lifemate, if only to watch J'en, expression fading into something that's almost serious, but not quite. "Do you have a minute?"

Crouching before his press, J'en rummages in the contents and pulls out another tank top, this one the exact same color as the one he'd just taken off but considerably more clean than the discarded article. Using the strength of his legs, he's back up to standing, half turning towards his fellow bronzling. "Fucker thought it be funny to flin' his shit at meh." he grumbles, shooting his lifemate a leveled and dark look. « I did not such thing! I'm not the bad guy here! Just because I laughed… » And he's caught, puffing himself up a bit in an attempt to make himself bigger, but failing in the end. Growing take time, and not enough had passed to make the two month old dragonet any more fearsome than a fluffy sheep right before the shearing. "Ah HA!" Jae points, eyeballing Leketh, which only makes him turn around on his couch and curl up with his back to the barracks. « See. I told you we were best friends… » His mind pulses clear and slow, more like a trickle of melted candle wax now. "Oh stop yer poutin'." Huffing, golden eyes glide back to R'hyn, "I know." he replies, giving the older man another one of those leveled looks, his gaze body checking the other from bottom to top before brows lift and he nods, "Ya, maybe ya should." There is an amused smile that quickly follows though, along with a chuckle before he pulls his new shirt on, covering all that dragonrider muscle up that's turned his midsection into a freaking washboard. Gross right? At least he had broad shoulders and biceps to go along with them, otherwise it might look a little strange. The amusement fades however when R'hyn's expression changes, and his chin lifts a few degrees. It was like he was bracing for something, and that something wasn't good. What could he possibly be expecting? "Yeah, I guess. What's up?" He'd taken a breath after that initial reaction, lashes lowering before he'd let it out slowly perhaps to calm himself.

Heryn snorts, pointing a teasingly chiding look over at Leketh. "You didn't," he drawls, but oh, it's so very clear that he did, even before he digs himself into a hole with his own words. "Shells. It's a true testament to your bond that you're still alive, kid," the weyrling breathes through quiet laughter, head shaking before he reclines back against his pillow again. Blue-grey eyes meet gold, narrowing playfully over a flick of his tongue. "Don't be cheeky. Ain't nobody likes it when you're cheeky," R'hyn jests, though he does very dramatically, and very pointedly offer a, "For the millionth time at least, I'm sorry." And ah, yes. Of all the possible descriptors for washboard abs and defined muscles, gross is definitely at the top of the list. Horrid. Terrible. Yes, that's total disgust on his face, as he appreciates the view. Mmhmm. This is the worst thing. Regardless, lips quirk upwards at both corners for Jae's chin-lift, the gesture providing much-needed levity to serious features. "Don't look at me like that." Brushing Xermiltoth's flicking tail back and away, R'hyn pats the spot next to him, offering J'en a place to sit if he'd like to take it. "It just feels like we've been missing each other lately, like I'm always on the way in or you're on the way out, and even when we are together there's lessons, or teachings, or them." The 'them' is said fondly, one hand smoothing over the wing tucked up against his side before the same hand flicks through his hair, which has gone slightly on the fluffy side of late. "I miss you."

"He. DID." Jae reiterates, pulling down the hem of his tank top before crossing his arms over his chest, sliding a withering look upon his lifemate. Who was SLEEPING, totally sleeping. Honest. The boy hmmhmm's softly, giving another sweeping look this time for the sulking bronze. This complete, R'hyn garners his full attention, for all of three seconds. « But I love my J'en » comes the slow pulsing silver thread-like deep pink gloopy thoughts, fading and then finally out. Leketh must have been more tired than he was letting on, and finally lost the battle with consciousness. J'en sighs softly, running a hand through the hair at the top of his head, dropping golden eyes upon Heryn once again. He might of missed the way he was being admired, though the light tinge of darkened color to his cheeks might suggest otherwise, clearing his throat and letting his gaze advert off to the side for a few moments then returning it to the older weyrling. A smirk appears quickly, "Ya do." he teases back, albeit awkwardly because reasons. "But uh, yeah..I-I dun think its gunna change nothin' no matter how many times ya apologize." Nice recovery! Give him an 8.2 for the attempt but perhaps a lower score for delivery. The flush on his face only darkens when he's asked not to look at him like that, and lips are pursed, gaze cast away. "Yeah, um…" MORE AWKWARD! What happened to the whole confidence sex on legs approach huh? What the hell has changed? He does look back in time to see the pat to the cot beside R'hyn, bottom lip now captured between his teeth and then slowly released, long legs taking him over there to ease himself down into a seated position. "Yeah I know. Ain't like I can help it anymore than ya ca…" he begins, but stops as the other weyrling finishes his thought, and his eyes slide closed. "I miss ya too…"

It's entirely possible they have switched lives, then, because the more and more flustered Jae comes across, the worse R'hyn gets. Eyebrows bounce twice, ridiculously, over a slow grin, chin dipping in a nod. "Yeah, I do," the man confirms with a smirk. "You caught me." As for his lifemate's volume control… well, some of the devious amusement fades into old-fashioned good humor, eyeballs rolling over to fasten on Xermi's sleeping form. "Yeah, probably not, if for no other reason than he knows that it pisses people off and refuses to back down." Stubborn-ass prideful dragonet. "Still, I'm gonna apologize for it, as it's about the only thing I can do." And then Jae casts his gaze away, and back comes the mischief again, head tilting to one side as he gives the boy a second glance over. Curious? Interested? Maybe a bit of both as he pushes himself up into a proper seated position, leaning so one shoulder knocks gently against Jae's when he sits. "Nah, neither of us can help it, but it doesn't much change the fact." That, at least, seems genuine, mirthful smirk fading into more of a real smile as he tips his head to peer over at J'en. Missing his weyrling's warmth, Xermiltoth stretches out, shifting until some part of him can press up against R'hyn again. Diamonds scatter seekingly, flashing starry imprints into the minds of both bronze weyrlings before, eventually, he's satisfied with pressing one cheek against Heryn's knee. Sighing deeply, the bronze's mind fades back out again, R'hyn relaxing as he does without much thinking about it. Blue-greys hold on Xermi, perhaps making sure he's well and truly asleep again, if only so he can lean real fast to press a kiss right between J'en's eyebrows while those eyes are all closed and stuff. Nobody saw anything! Especially not obnoxiously loudmouthed bronze dragonets.

It wasn't as if J'en wasn't aware of the fact that he was getting all flustered, it was rather difficult to miss, but unlike before Leketh found him on the sands it doesn't send the younger weyrling into a fit of uncontrollable rage or small throwable objects at R'hyn's head. Which is a marked improvement. However, the inability to toss caution to the wind and just do whatever the hell impulse occurred in the moment was probably for the best, honestly. "Some shit, is easy to figure out." he says, a bit wryly. He releases another long sigh though, golden eyes sliding over to the now truly and actively sleeping form of Leketh. "I feel…different. Not necessarily, in a bad way, but…I still wanna be meh when this shit is all said and done." Confession time? Hmm, perhaps. "I dun want…everythin' to fuckin' change. Some stuff…is too important." His eyes come back to glance, fleetingly at R'hyn before they drop down to the floor. Some stuff, didn't seem like it was ever going to change, perhaps not for a goodly while anyway. Others, still persisted and likely would for the rest of his life. "He ain't that bad…" he murmurs aside, leaning back so to peek over at Xermiltoth. "…just takes gettin' used to." Y'know, like fucking EVERYTHING else since they both Impressed. Lacing his hands together in his lap, he breathes out long and soft as his gaze comes to settle on the former bartender once more. There is a single blink for that look that was currently residing on the other weyrlings face, and he draws back just a fraction of an inch, "What?" He gets a shoulder bump, and so eyes R'hyn a bit before he idly fiddles with the piercing securely back in its place there at the left corner of his bottom lip. He lets the other bronze pair do their bonding thing, though there is the slightest wince for the diamond scatter, and has to wait for his vision to clear before he can turn back to the older weyrling, "I know, I just…" And before he can finish that thought, a kiss is dropped to his forehead in that spot claimed countless times by those lips throughout candidacy. Golden eyes slowly open, but only partially before they are slid the muscle mountain's way, a flush across his cheeks as plain as the nose on his face. "Heryn…" he breathes, the oddly hued orbs hidden away behind their lids for another moment before they fix themselves on him again, "If we survive this weyrling shit…I mean the fuckin' second we're allowed…to…" He shouldn't have to finish that thought, even if he can't considering the wing rustle of Leketh resettling himself not so far away, but there is dead seriousness in his face when he locks his gaze to his, "I'm gunna show ya just how much I missed ya…How much I…" Yes well, that sentiment had always been difficult for either of them to speak aloud, and right now wasn't the time to be changing it any. Still, while he doesn't reach out and touch R'hyn, everything the man needed to know about just how much HADN'T changed since they Impressed, should be alarmingly clear. There is a soft growl and the seriousness is over, J'en's jaw tightening and he's looking away again. He quickly wipes away something from around the region of his eyes, and thrusts himself to his feet. "Eh…fuck this. Ya get the point." And then he's heading back over towards his cot.

R'hyn notices the differences, but he hasn't stopped being sensitive; even if Jae might not throw things his way any more, he still isn't going to bring it up or push the limit by pointing it out. Instead, he smiles a faint little smile, one that takes a sideways turn when the boy goes on, confessing feelings and emotions that have come up in the past couple months - for them both. "I know what you mean," Heryn murmurs after a moment, teasing amusement giving way to serious thought. "It's almost too easy to give in to the changes. I don't know whether to embrace them, or to dig in my heels and try to… I dunno, cling to the things that've made me me for so long." Even the bits of himself he doesn't much like, bits that could easily be swallowed and buried by Xermiltoth's sheer presence alone. R'hyn's gaze meets Jae's brief flicker, a look of understanding for what he means in blue-grey depths before his gaze, too, shifts away to fixate on Xermiltoth. "No. He's not. I give him flak because he gives it to me," the weyrling says, lips tipping up at the corners fondly, "but he's just so excited. Every little thing motivates him, and he just wants to share it, doesn't understand it when people don't match him for wonder." There's a sigh, but again it's nothing put-upon or taxed, just a noise before he drags his gaze back to J'en, dark eyes tracing over the younger weyrling's blush with quiet amusement. Mirth fades slowly in the face of Jae's words, but eyes remain alight, warmth that borders on heat as much of an answer as soft words of reply. "I look forwards to it." He matches seriousness for seriousness in tone, pinning J'en with a look that speaks volumes about the sentiment as well as the promised action before he glances away, hand coming up to rifle through overlong hair again in a nervous gesture. It might seem like he misses the eye-area wiping at first, but there's a tense uttering of "Jae" as the weyrling makes to head back to his cot, blue-grey eyes lifting in his direction. "I do get it. Thank you for talking with me." More might be said, but lessons are apparently over, R'hyn tugging his book back up onto his lap as fellow weyrlings pile into the barracks behind them. Nothing to see here. This isn't the emotional bronzer you're looking for. Move along!

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