Summer - Day 5 of Month 8 of Turn 2714
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.

The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

The sun is just dipping below the horizon at Half Moon Bay, coloring the sky in vibrant oranges, yellows and pinks fading slowly into deeper shades of burgundy and wine. It is the end of a busy day. The first day, in fact, that S'van drilled and lessoned as a Search and Rescue wingrider, and not a Weyrling. And the first evening of the first busy day finds him in the Lounge, though it's a plate of food and not a bottle of booze that sits in front of him. There are oysters, and biscuits, and some sort of soup maybe, and some grilled vegetables (does Pern have corn? Cause there is corn on the cob) and mashed tubers and just… it's a lot of food OK? And water. A tall glass of ice water, which is earning more than a couple looks from bar patrons. Does the not-a-weyrling care? Nope. Doesn't even seem to notice. Just sitting at this table, eating his food, looking like he might want to kill the fish on his plate all over again. Stab-stab. Bite.

Tanit actually isn't eating for once. So when she steals Sev's oysters it's understandable plopping herself into the seat next to him. "Is it just me or is perpetual grumpiness your only mode these days. Baylee couldn't have been that bad of a lay." The sarong dressed dolphineer tossing back her drink (tea - just iced tea) with a sigh.

"Hey! Thief." S'van reaches out as if he's going to swat Tanit's hand away, though the words and the gesture are playful in nature, rather than truly being disgruntled for the swipe of an oyster. A face is made, a roll of his eyes added, before he picks up a biscuit to tear into two as he answers. "Maybe you just have really bad luck?" for the grumpy behavior. "You always seem to catch me on a bad day." Is he teasing? Probably. There's at least a small smirk happening; the corner of his mouth twitching upwards as he pops a piece of bread into his mouth. The comment on Baylee gets a frown, but he politely waits until he's swallowed before he replies. "Wouldn't know. Haven't fucked her." Short. Quick. A reach for his water glass with the rim poised on his lips before he adds, "She had a substitute. Krenn took her away. At least I am assuming it was him." Shrug. "So I caught Jae instead."

"And thus all is well in weyrmated bliss." Tanit rolls her eyes waving over one of the servers and ordering an obscene amount of food. While she waits? Sev's dinner is totally up for grabs. Yup. "Nah, if it were bad luck I'd catch everyone in a pissy mood." She smirks, "So far it just seems to be you." Another oyster gets pilfered. He'll eat hers later, so fair is fair. "You want to talk about what is wrong now? I mean your graduated so it can't be lack of liquor or sex."

A short laugh for 'weyrmated bliss' from the former-weyrling. "It was… an experience," he decides in a dry tone of voice. "But I am really glad I did not end up with Yulise," says S'van with a grimace. "That it was J'en instead…" cherry on the cake. Two fingers are lifted, touch the rim of the plate and push it toward Tanit, a clear 'go ahead' from the bronzer. "Maybe it's just bad luck with me?" he continues, eyebrow lifted. "Or maybe it's bad luck on my part?" A shrug as the rest of his biscuit vanishes into his mouth. A soft 'mm' as he chews, and then swallows before he attempts to explain. "It's…" a frown and a sigh. "I didn't ask for Archipelago." And yet, it is an Archipelago patch on his jacket. "I asked for Seamount."

"Personally I think you'd do better in Seamount," Tanit notes claiming one of the biscuits. "And I'm sure if you really wanted Seamount you could put the right bug in a few ears - probably end up leading the wing in a few turns if you put the work in." She smirks, "Instead, you get to be in a position where J'en has you under his thumb - constantly." Oh is she grinning with that observation? Probably. It isn't quite malicious though. "Your lover probably had more to do with that little choice than he wants to admit."

S'van frowns, reaching for something without really looking at it, considering Tanit's words. "What do you mean by that?" It's not accusatory in nature, but there's definitely a note of apprehension. "To be honest, Aedeluth did not want it. He has no interesting in carting people or cargo from point A to point B but…" he lets the words trail off, keeping his thoughts to himself on the matter. "Jae's mind is set. He made his point. I don't think he'd let me go easily and I'm not going to fight him on it." Grey eyes narrow for that grinning expression, and he picks up whatever he managed to grab (a stalk of something green that has been roasted, apparently) and wags it at her. "Stop that. And of course he did. He made the freakin' choice. And not at all apologetic for it, either." A quick and vicious bite to the end of the green stalk before he makes a face and quickly spits it out into a napkin. Apparently, asparagus is not his favorite. "He's all business as a Wingleader. So don't assume that he picked me cause we're together."

"I've said it before and you got pissy with me over it. " Tanit drawls, "But Jae is a manipulative bastard. I don't know that it is always intentional, but he's going to do what he wants to do and you can either man up and face him on it, or let him make your choices for you for the rest of your weyrmated life." More food arrives, and there's a devilish lava cake included, whipped cream and chocolate. But real food first guys. Even if the ice cream looks sublime. "No but he killed two birds with one stone, didn't he. I'm not saying you don't have other merits Sev. Faranth. Aede maneuvers well in the air, better than most dragons his color."

"I don't get why you think that," says S'van honestly. Though true to her words, there is a definite shift in his demeanor for her voicing of her opinion, a tightening of his jaw and hardness in his eyes. But he displays no more display of emotion beyond this, choosing to focus on the meal at his table rather than venting his frustration. "Can you blame him?" for doing what he wants to do. "Given what he's gone through? I wouldn't expect him to ask permission." A quick pause, for the swallowing of an oyster, before he continues. "If it bothered me that much, I would," man up? Face him? Both? "But it's not worth it." A toss of the oyster shell back onto the plate and then a wipe of fingers on cloth. "Do you really think I wanted to spend my days carting people and possessions around Pern?" he asks with a look that clearly answers the question for her. "I wanted Seamount because I didn't want people to think I got tapped just because I'm fucking the Wingleader."

A long suffering sigh escapes from Tanit. "You probably never will, you love him. Unconditionally. You've set him in that box in your heart so you wind up being blind to his flaws, at least during the honeymoon period. And, yes. Actually. I can." Tanit notes with another oyster tossed down her gullet. "A person has to choose what the ugliness in their life does to them Sev. Just because I understand the whys of things doesn't mean I can give anyone a blank slate. I don't hate him for it, but you better believe I'm going to be keenly aware of it in dealing with him. He gets a lot of grace though." She sighs, and looks at Sev at the last. "Suck it up buttercup. People are going to think whatever the fuck they want to think regardless of what you say or do. That shit is on them. If that is your only reason for being pissy about Arch - then stop and drink with me to celebrate. I won't even make you do body shots."

"Or maybe, you've decided he's manipulative because you don't understand what his reasons are in the first place," offers the now-wingrider, doing his level best not to snap in response. Instead, he'll just bite into something crisp, ripping into a vegetable that he actually enjoys (or at least, doesn't spit out and discard). "You can be awfully judgmental. Just sayin'." Observationally. More crunching and chewing, and then a pause. A swallow. A frown. A genuinely hurt look for the 'suck it up' comment, and for a moment he can't even respond. It takes a moment before he can even manage to take the expression back to something neutral. A lift of his water, a long swallow as grey eyes find the wall instead of the pearl diver. "I honestly can't believe you said that," eventually said, voice low. "After everything Aedeluth and I went through in Weyrlinghood… with the way we fought tooth and nail to be taken seriously, to be treated as legitimate weyrlings and not a pair of invalids… Of course I care about what people think. I want them to see Aedeluth and know that he is worthy of that knot. That it wasn't a pity knot because we're not good enough for anything else." There's a shake of his head for the alcohol, a motion toward his water, "This is fine," and not even a mention of the body shots (though maybe a quirk of an eyebrow for it).

"I understand enough Sev, to know what I'm looking at. I'm not saying he's a bad person for it, just that it is something to be aware of." And at the hurt look, she leans her head over to his shoulder in a sort of 'we are friends and I want to comfort you, but I have food in my hands' gesture. "Sev, what is important is that you know you two are worthy of the knot. Let them think what they will, and make them eat their words. Don't let a few assholes ruin your enjoyment of the moment that all the hard work pays off. Otherwise, those assholes still win." Sea green eyes shifting back to the water with a smirk, "Yes well I missed your graduation because one of the dolphins was calving so you owe me a night of booze dancing and questionable decisions. Jae is invited too if he thinks he can stomach being around me."

There is no more attempt to argue on behalf of his weyrmate. Clearly this is an 'agree to disagree' moment, and S'van would rather let it go than spike an argument. The head-on-shoulder gets a sideways glance and a long exhale through his nose. "No, see, it's not. I mean, it is," important that he knows their self-worthy, "But it absolutely matters what other people think of it. It could limit how high Aedeluth and I can go. It could stunt us, and set us back. I fought damn hard to get here, Tanit. You probably don't even know how many nights we snuck out to practice, to push past those stupid rules and limits so that we didn't fall behind. So that we could prove we were every bit as good…" but this is becoming circular, so S'van just lets it fade away with a disgruntled sound. "Nevermind." Summarily dismissed with a swipe of an oyster and a quick tip of his head. "Booze, dancing, and questionable decisions…" repeats Sev with a snort that is decidedly more amused than annoyed. "Yeah. I don't do the drinking thing," anymore, "And you already know I do not dance and you are NOT allowed to dance on me just because I'm not a weyrling anymore. And my questionable decisions have already been spent for the month. But feel free," and he motions to the bar with a grin, "Help yourself. I'll sit back and spectate."

Tanit leans over to peck him on the cheek. A light sisterly gesture of affection. "I do know Sev." But it isn't the point. "I'm just saying enjoy the fact that your hard work paid off, and enjoy the fact that you aren't playing taxi for the entire weyr." She frowns at him, "Oh no. You do not get out of dancing. You ride bronze, and Damnit if it is the last thing I do we will have at least one who does not make the whole weyr look bad when he steps on some foreign dignitary's toes." She laughs, "Me? Dance on you. No, no dear. That is not how this works. You are immune not because you are no longer a weyrling, but because I don't want to explain to Jae why you died of a stroke." — "Normal Social dancing however is perfectly within acceptable limits."

"Hey," and a feigned look of insult, "I know how to dance, thank you very much. They taught us as weyrlings. In fact, J'en taught that lesson." There is a pointed look and a pointed finger for Tanit. "No comments. It was a legitimate lesson. Proper and formal just like the Harpers want it to be. And I can move. I have coordination," and he does, now. A rather fluid and balanced way of moving that is evident in every step that S'van now takes (even if he's currently sitting but shh) that speaks to some new developments in which coordination has been emphasized. "I just choose not to do so." Dance. A smirk, another oyster lifted to tip back into his mouth. "I think I can handle it, now. I mean. I handled that Yulise-chick getting all up in my space." And being about as subtle as a plank of wood to the face. "But that is not an invitation. Keep your wiggling woman parts away from me," he teases. "Go ply those wiles to Cenrie instead."

"It sounded like a challenge," Tanit notes with a dark laugh, "But I can't leave the weyr tonight to fly to Ista, so the testing of your immunity to feminine wiles will have to fall to some other wicked soul. I fully expect to see this proper dancing though. I hope Jae taught you the lead part rather than the following, though you are tall enough that Jae could follow your lead maybe." She snorts at the mention of Yulise, "I'm glad I missed the flight, and I would ply lots of things with Cenrie if he lived a bit closer." She sighs wistfully. "I've never before envied a dragonrider, but being able to be halfway around Pern in the blink of an eye is starting to sound more and more attractive.

"I didn't say I was immune," notes S'van carefully, "just that I could handle it. There will be no explaining to Jae how you broke me in my prime." But challenges are waved aside, a quick flick of his fingers in a dismissive manner. "Regardless, unless it's a formal Gather or another social event in which I will be required to represent the Weyr, there will be no dancing on my part." Nope. Just nope. "And I didn't dance with him," he notes. "I danced with Risali, who can actually dance in normal fashion and not just in a hip-swinging crazy way. And then I danced with Baylee, for a moment. All very formal. And no toes were stepped on." But that is a lot of talking for the newly minted wingrider, and must be followed by the consumption of delicious food. Thankfully, this can be done in tandem with listening to Tanit's plight. A little thinning of his lips, but it doesn't stop him from offering, "now that Aede and I are graduates, when we're not doing Wing stuff, I'll take you whenever you want. But… while Aede does allow me to go anywhere at the drop of a hat… I don't have unlimited free time. Most of the time, it's looking like it's going to be drills and lessons. I may have less time than I did as a weyrling." Nose wrinkled. "But anyways. I'll take you, when I can. If you don't mind early mornings, I can take you before drills. The time change should make it about late morning at Ista, though it will be pre-dawn here."

On immunity. Tanit wisely says nothing. "It isn't as though I have unlimited free time either." She notes with a smile, "But on days where I don't have duties I wouldn't mind taking you up on your offer, though - I can't help but feel like you disapprove of all the time I spend in Ista these days." In other words, speak now or hold your peace, "And I'm sure your wingleader keeps you quite occupied most mornings up until drills." She teases with a shoulder bump, cleaning up the last of the vegetables and moving on to more oysters. "I mean it Sev, whatever you have to say - may as well get it out now while I'm listening and not too moony eyed to hear what you have to say."

"Just give me a day notice so I can make sure I'm free in the morning," because S'van is totally going to assume that he early morning part is happening unless she says otherwise, "and I'll be fine. Like you said, it's a blink for me. I'd be gone and back in less than a half hour. I think Jae can manage without me for that time." Grin. As for his opinion on her time in Ista? There's a small frown, a thoughtful look as he decides exactly how to explain himself. "It's not the time you spend in Ista," he says carefully. "It's the who." But even then, he's not exactly grumpy over it. Just level. "I just… I can't help it, Tanit. I don't like him. But it has very little to do with… him?" Cause that makes sense. Not. "Let's just say… we got off on the wrong foot, and he hasn't really had a chance to change my opinion of him. But you like him. And he's Jae's brother. So I either deal with it, or…" shrug. "Anyways. As long as he treats you right…"

Tanit grins, "You are the best." Cue cheek peck, and the shoving of the remaining oysters in the bronzerider's direction. True to her word, Tanit really does listen, nodding and worrying her lower lip between her teeth. "I'd have felt better if it were just the time." Tanit admits, pausing to let someone refill her glass. "Maybe you ought to do something about that." Tanit notes of the uneasy feeling. "I mean he can't exactly come hopping this way any time he wants to. But for reasons other than just my happiness - I think you ought to take the chance to get to know him better. You don't have to like him, though I think giving him a chance to make a better impression couldn't hurt." She laughs at the comment of treatment, "Beach time, beer, cuddles and the best sex of my life. I'd say I am very well treated." Even if she's been walking funny for a while.

There is a definite 'Yes!' type expression on S'van's face for the slide of those oysters. SCORE! And one vanishes immediately down his throat with a quick tip of his head. He pushes his glass towards the side of the table to allow a refill of his own before it's lifted and drunk quickly. "Could be worse," he tells her with a half-smirk. "I could be telling you I hate his guts and refusing to give him the benefit of the doubt." Is that a pointed look? Surely not. It would be grossly out of place, if it was. As it is, he just offers a little tip of his head from side to side, a small consideration and a quick, "I thought about it," to follow her words. "But then I consider how he behaved, and I have a hard time wanting to even try. Because he sure didn't seem to care about getting to know me in the least. He just wanted to compare me to everyone else that Jae has been with, as if I was the next in line and would soon be gone," which, clearly, he is not. "The implication was that I would hurt him, just like everyone else. Seems he's already made up his mind, so why should I bother?" But even as he says this, there's a sag of his shoulders as he drops his arms to the table. "There's Jae to consider, too. I don't think he'd appreciate me sneaking behind his back to talk to his brother. I don't want him to think I'm betraying him."

Tanit sighs, and frowns distinctly here. That bit about being judgemental? Yeah, good luck with that Sev. "Mm, was this before or after the bite?" Because that seems important to Tanit, and then there is a sigh - longsuffering. "IF - if - I give Jae the benefit of the doubt about his motivations - will you at least consider talking to Cenrie and proving that you aren't like every other asshole that has fucked up his brother's life?" Tanit glances over at him pointedly, because he can't have it both ways. Jae can't get a clean slate no matter his actions because of the past without it being hypocritical. "No sneaking involved, unless you'd planned on not telling Jae where you were popping off to before dawn." — "I know you aren't but I have the benefit of experience."

"He…" Cue light-bulb moment of epic proportions. Seriously. Tanit might actually see the light over his head as S'van finally connects some missing pieces and comes up with the right answer. "Fuck." Head in hands, he stares at the table and just… takes a minute to sort his thoughts out. There's a few more murmured explitives before he's finally got things sorted enough he can come up for air and conversation once again. "Fuck, Tanit, I never even thought about that before… I assumed he already knew." A heavy sigh. "I'm going to have to go talk to him, now. No fucking way do I want him to think I'm like any of those other assholes." Even if she wasn't offering up the chance to give Jae the benefit of the doubt, Sev is already agreeing to do it for Cenrie. "But I think… if you don't mind I'm going to visit alone for that conversation." As for the lack of sneaking? "I was planning on telling him I was taking you down there and coming back. He'd want to know where I was going, and I won't lie. If he asks, I'll tell him what I'm going to do."

Tanit just grins at him, while the explicative and glowy lightbulb goes off. "I probably could have talked you up more but given the history of things, I figured Cen should form his opinion of you on his own. No fucking way do I want to be in the room for that conversation thank you. I'll just go, dive until you leave. That way you telling Jae you are taking me down there isn't a lie. There are a few dolphin crafters I want to talk to anyway." She cleans the rest of her plate. "For what it is worth, I think you are probably the only person in the world who can really help heal the damage in that boy's heart. It is just part of who you are, you are always willing to cut yourself up for other people rather than do them harm." Risa punches not withstanding.

If S'van wasn't so involved in his own epiphany, he may have a smart-ass comment for that grinning going on beside him. Comments about talking him up are waved off. "It's fine. I'd rather he know me first hand." At least now he does. There is a firm resolve in him, a set to his jaw and a glint in his eye that those close to him will recognize as that stubborn persistence coming through full-force. Visiting dolphineers is met with a nod. "Sure. Though I don't mind going alone, if it works out that way. I am not trying to deceive him." Jae. "I'll tell him what I'm doing if he wants to know. I'm not going to do something with the purpose of deception." The comments on his character get a briefly confused frown, as though he has difficulty applying what she says to himself. "I dunno about that. I just…" shrug. "I dunno."

Tanit just smiles. "Trust me." Is all she says, clapping him on the back as she gets to her feet. "The rest will follow. I'm going to go take care of a few things, but I'll catch you round.

"Yeah," is all S'van can manage. Yes he trusts her? Yes h 'll catch her later? Yes to all of the above? Sure. Either way, there's a quick smile for the retreating dolphineer and then the devouring of whatever remains of their meals.

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