"I gotta name, y'know?"

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It's fairly early in the morning. Wings aren't convening for drills today, but the riders have been told to keep to some kind of PT. Keely has chosen swimming, since it's something she can do without any awkwardness from the rounding of her belly that she's still adapting to. Geimhreath is off in deeper waters, floating with wings spread upon the surface. Keely is already in the waters, looking that kind of adorable-new-pregger with a little belly over the top of her bikini bottom.

Crazy timezones have Seleaux's sleeping pattern well off; having lived in High Reaches forever, she's still nowhere near adjusted to the near full day of difference between there and Western. So she looks tired while wandering the beach, dark circles growing under her eyes, her short, dark hair even more of a ruffled mess than normal. She's dressed in basic bathing gear with a sarong wrapped around her waist, which is shed along with her sandals as she heads towards the water. Xeau's not too far down from Keely, and she gives the bluerider a nod and a little wave as she wades in, waist-deep.

Geimhreath rumbles a bit from his spot further out, but it's unclear whether it's a greeting or something else. It does, however, serve to bring Keely's attention to Seleaux. She stops in her swimming and switches to just paddling as she heads in towards shore. Once feet touch down on the sand, she lifts a hand to wave in the Reachian girl's direction. "You're Rou'x's sister, right?"

"Yeah?" Seleaux doesn't quite look wary as she settles her attention on Keely, but she does seem curious as she looks over the teenager. She's only in as deep as her waist, with her hands now settled on her barely-there hips. "I'm Rou'x's sister, but I gotta name, y'know? Xeau. Everyone's jus' callin' me 'Rou'x's sister' but I got a name of my own, same as she does."

"Sorry. I couldn't remember yer name that well." Keely doesn't seem that put off by it, so she just shrugs slightly as she wades towards the teen. And oh yes, there's that belly. "Xeau. So how're ya settling in? Found anythin' to do? Or the headwoman already makin' ya do the stupid stuff?"

Seleaux runs her wet hand though her hair, messing it up even more. "It's alright here, 'cept for everyone's calling me 'Rou'x's sister'. I dunno how much I like them dorm-thingies, though. Ain't never had t'share a room wi' so many folks at one time, but then I ain't really sleepin' so much so it don't matter all that, I guess?" She shrugs her shoulders, looking down at Keely's belly. "You got knocked up too? My sister's in th' same way. Don't she look like she swallowed a runner or summat?"

"It's a big place, people know 'er 'cause she's a Wingleader. Once they get to know your name…" Keely gives a shrug, splashing some water up on her arms. "I grew up in dorms, so it's hard for me to sleep alone. It's almost too quiet." She gives a brief grin, then tilts head in a nod. "We… uh…" she cuts herself off and looks a bit unfocused before blinking at teh teen. "I think we're due 'bout the same time even."

"I kinda like the quiet. Don'tcha think the Weyr's pretty noisy, all round? Where I came from, all we hear's the sheep n' stuff, really. Not much else." Seleaux shrugs her shoulders, holding out her hand tentatively towards Keely's belly. "Can I touch it? Meant to be good luck t'rub a baby belly, ain't it? I wouldn't dare rub Rou's, though. She ain't the belly-rubbin' sort, I don't think."

"I was born an' raised at the Weyr," Keely explains, grinning a bit. "Iff'n I went somewhere like where yer from, I'd probably never sleep. I like the noise and bustle of it all." She looks at the hand and chews at her lip a bit. "No one's, uh, really rubbed it at all… So, I guess… y'can iff'n ya want. I got no idea what it's like."

"When my auntie were pregnant, we'd all rub her belly. She liked it." Out stretches one of her slender, long-fingered hands, and she gently caresses the baby bump. "She liked it when we rubbed on this oil stuff she had f' stopping them marks that can happen. Whatcha gonna call it, when it comes?"

"Uhm… I haven't decided on a name yet," Keely admits with a small smile. "Th' father an' I… we ain't together, but we're both gonna raise it, so I dunno if I should use his name or not."

Seleaux's hold-bredness comes out then as she frowns at that admission. "Y'ain't with the dad? But then how'd you… oh, yeah, you guys're… huh. It works like that f'you guys wi' dragons, right? I don't reckon Rou'x's with her baby's dad, neither, cos he din't once show up when I were up stayin' in her weyr. Ain't it bad, though? D'you not wish you were with him?"

"Uhm, no, I don't. He's happy with his partner." Keely frowns a bit as she tries to explain it, folding arms over her belly. "It's… well, it ain't really like that. It ain't like we /chose/ to have a kid. It just happened that way. When our dragons are inna flight… it's kinda like they take over. We feel their elation, their frustration, an'… th' emotions that lead, to…" she waves a hand, "y'know."

"I don't know, but I can figure it out." Xeau nods her head sharply, then snorts. "Whaddabout my sister? She don't talk about nothin'. Won't talk about the baby, anyways… she din't even /tell/ me. It were what's his name, the Weyrleader guy? Him, anyway. He told me. Rou'x's been avoidin' me since I asked her about it, too, cos I ain't seen her in days, 'cept in passin'."

"Zi'on," Keely says with a brief, bemused expression. "Man's a damn gossip is what he is." She moves a bit further up shore so she can sit in the water, with it lapping at her shoulders. "It's… it's prolly not m'place to tell ya about yer sister. She oughta tell you herself."

Seleaux's all too happy to move to shallower waters, and follows Keely to sit down alongside her. "Yeah, well, if I'm waitin' for her t' say summat, I'll be waitin' all /turn/." She rolls her hazel-coloured eyes, then props her elbows on her knees, getting comfortable in the water. "So you grew up here, yeah? An' you were a weyrling with my sister, yeah? She din't tell us /nothin'/, like Seaux din't tell her we were comin' here. D'you speak wi' your family much?"

"Not really," Keely admits, splashing at the water a bit. "M'mom didn't really want me, so I was raised in the caverns. Didn't meet my dad until… oh, almost five Turns ago. Met m'half-brother 'round the same time. Barely know either of 'em." She gives a little shrug, "Ain't nothin' wrong with it, I just don't really get family. I know some share everything… I couldn't imagine that."

"We share work, n' that's about it." Not that Seleaux sounds especially bothered about it! "It's weird bein' away from home n' all, but it's alright here. The work's pretty easy for the most part, n' I've even had time t' do some /knittin'/. I thought I might make summat for Rou's littl'un… it'd only be right, wouldn't it? I'm gonna be an /aunt/. Even Reaussel ain't had no kids yet. Seaux's prolly got some somewhere, but… they don't really count if he don't know about them."

"You knit, hunh? Y'thought about apprenticin' to a Weaver or somethin'? Might give ya more t'do that ya like, rather than just getting random chores." Keely stretches her legs out in the sand under the water, wiggling her toes. "I think that'd be nice… Rou'x'll prolly fuss over it, but it'd be a nice gesture."

Nodding, Seleaux splashes water up over her arms and shoulders, watching it dribble down her milky pale skin. "Yeah, I thought about it. My folks're both Weavers, y'know? But it din't appeal to me. I'm more inta like, /stuff/. Like… checkin' stuff out. Seein' how it's running, countin' what we've got, shit like that. Sorta like stores stuff? I've been helpin' t'keep inventory here, mostly. That's what I find fun."

"Oh!" Keely grins a bit, "Glad they found someone fer that. That was my job 'fore I Impressed. Started out just helpin' in th' kitchens, but they realized I was good with th' numbers and keepin' track an' orderin' an' all, so…" She gives a little shrug.

"Oh yeah? Were it? Mebbe you n' me could talk about it sometime?" Seleaux seems genuinely pleased by the discovery, and gives Keely a hugely toothy smile. "I don't reckon I've found anyone who's keen on stores stuff. I'm not so happy about numbers n' shit, but I like sortin' through it all, puttin' it right n' all that. It's all good havin' someone t' report to, so's I don't hafta take responsibility for nothin'."

"You'll take responsibility iff'n ya mess up though. The Headwoman always figures out who's at fault…" Keely gives a small shake of her head and leans back on her hands, squinting at the sky. "Iff'n ya ever have questions, I can try t'answer 'em." Geim rumbles and begins heading towards the shore, shaking his wings out once he's mostly out of the water. "Ah, looks like I'm needed somewhere. We'll figure a time t'talk stores, yeah."

"F' sure." Seleaux gets to her feet, offering her hand to Keely to help her up. She's got that baby bump in the way, after all! "It'd be nice t'get to know a coupla more people around here. Everyone's sorta too busy with their own thing right now, y'know?" Shrugging her shoulders gently, she smiles - and sneaks in another pet of Keely's bump. "An' everyone seems t'be sproutin' one've /these/."

"Just me an' Rou'x right now, that I know of," Keely says with a bit of a grin. "Though I'm sure some of th' women in th' lower caverns… they always seem ta be pregnant." She wades out of the water towards a small pile of things. A towel and sandals, mostly. "It takes time, I guess. Weyr's big, but you'll get used to it." The pale blue rumbles again and Keely smirks. "Well, I gotta get movin'. It was nice t'properly meet ya!"

Seleaux nods her head at Keely, padding up the beach to collect her things. "It were nice t'meet you, too. See y'around later, mebbe?" The short-haired brunette waves her hand at the bluerider before fixing her sarong around her waist once more, and then turning to meander along the beach towards the Tiki Lounge.

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