Flu Shot

Western Weyr - Infirmary Treatment Room
This is a Healer examination and treatment room. The room is dominated by a long bed, covered in paper with strong lights above. Opposite the bed is a sink with a cabinet above containing medical supplies. Additional storage is provided for underneath the sink as well. Chairs for sitting are also here, and even one with wheels for the Healer. A bright painting of Western Weyr's bowl at sunset seems to be added as an afterthought on the wall. Perhaps in an effort to keep patients calm.

There's only one problem with the next exam on today's docket, and that's that the supervising journeyman has not yet arrived. This leaves senior apprentice Izkas completely alone at the moment; that hasn't stopped him from doing as much of his job as he can do, however. The treatment room's been cleaned, the bed paper replaced, supplies on the sink in order, and the next patient's chart is sitting on the sink counter — and /he's/ all ready for his patient, loose bits of his hair pinned back to the side of his head, hands clean, coat straight. He's stopped sitting on the wheelie chair and has stood up, looking anxiously at the door. It's not the patient he's watching for with such an edge, however.

And along comes her turn. Seleaux is just a little nervous as the apprentice showing her in knocks on the door then sweeps her inside. Once the door closes and she's left with the surprisingly young Healer, the slender teen runs a hand through her short-cropped brown hair, ruffling it up even further while looking around the room. "Cor," she murmurs, if only to fill in the awkward silence she's afraid of. "Ain't it /clean/ in here?" Her accent's pure, thick High Reaches, barely tempered by anything Western-like.

"It's /exceedingly/ clean in here," the Healer remarks, grinning proudly. "In that it exceeds all cleaning standards; it is, in fact, even cleaner than it needs to be." Izkas is completely delighted about this, and it almost distracts him for a moment from the fact that his supervisor is — late. "I, uh. There's supposed to be a journeyman in here, but he's running behind schedule so if we can just go over your records?" This is Izkas doing his best not to show that he's embarrassed; it's not really working.

Seleaux wrinkles her sunburnt nose at the apprentice, before hopping up onto the cot and swinging her legs. It doesn't matter that she's not been invited to sit! "I don't reckon I've got no records here, y'know." She peers curiously at the teen, head cocked to one side and hazel-coloured eyes sweeping over him. "What sorta records d'you need t'check me over for that flu shit?"

Izkas glances at the chart he's got, and back up at his patient — who has at least figured out that sitting is a good idea even without his supervisor present. "I just need to confirm your name, that's all. Which really just means you need to tell it to me — if I read you what I have I could be offering you someone else's name and have you lie. Not that I suspect you would, but some people say yes to everything." Especially the elderly, which she clearly isn't, but at least he's not elaborating on that. "I'm Iz, by the way, name for a name."

All that talking makes Seleaux snort softly at Izkas, while she drums her slender fingers off the edge of the cot. "Iz. Didja parents want summat real easy for ya to remember?" Laughing good-naturedly, she leans forward and offers him her hand to shake. "Xeau. Seleaux on the records, though. Either or, whichever you want. I'll prob'ly answer to 'hey you!' just as much, so it ain't no bother t'me." Her legs continue to swing, and she looks the Healer up and down. "So, you ain't a journeyman then, if you're waitin' for one t' come?"

Izkas shakes his head as he shakes her hand, looking just on the tail end of guilty. Mostly just irritable; the irritation being directed toward the door, and not toward Seleaux. "No, I'm a senior apprentice. Advanced enough I can do everything on my own, but I've got to be supervised, which means - " There's his supervisor walking in, muttering apologies and melting into the back of the room as if he never caused a fuss in the first place. "- Hello, sir. All right, I've just got to give your lungs and heart a quick listen, stick a swab up your nose and then give you an injection. Sounds lovely, no?" Sounds like sarcasm.

Seleaux gives the entering journeyman a salute that's made a little more cocky than necessary by her nervousness. But hey, at least there's a pretty face to distract her, right? She looks back at Izkas, giving him a lopsided, anxious and forced sort of smile. "You're gonna stick summat up my /nose/? For serious?" Sel snorts, rubbing the side of said facial feature with her finger. Then she reaches down to grab the hem of her t-shirt, hauling it up to chin level. Lucky for the Healer, what little she's got under there is covered up by a breastband. "You wanna listen here first then, Iz?"

"That's the definitive test for flu; nose swab." That, Izkas actually sounds kind of guilty about; he's using all the control in the world not to make a disgusted face at the notion. He's had it done before and it is /really/ no picnic. "If that's easiest," he pipes up, because talking about auscultating the heart? Way better than talking about nose swabs. He pulls his stethoscope from his coat pocket, looping the earpieces around his neck and warming the diaphragm before gently pressing it against her chest. The journeyman makes no comment about the lack of gown — with quick exams this method /does/ work just as well. "Just breathe normally," says Iz, and then — listens.

Inhale, exhale. While not quite breathing /normally/, Seleaux does manage to keep each breath slow and even. It's calming for her, while she's clearly so uncomfortable in her surroundings. She looks down at the Senior Apprentice's dark hair and waits for him to finish, chewing on her bottom lip. "So d'you reckon I got a normal heart-thing goin' on in there? It ain't all screwed up nor nothin', right?"

Once the earpieces are out of his ears, which conveniently timed well enough to be able to hear her speak, Izkas nods once. "Oh, yes. Sounds just about perfect. Have you been feeling ill at all recently? Having any physical sensations that are out of the ordinary?" He's talking while he's walking over to where his paper is, to note something down quickly before returning to the table and making a little 'turn' gesture with his fingers. "Now I need to listen to your lungs, so I've got to get at your back —"

"I been feelin' right as rain, y'know? There ain't no flu in me, Izzy-Healer. D'you mind if I call you that?" When he mentions listening in at her back, Seleaux slips down from the cot and turns to face the wall, holding her shirt up just as she had done to give him access to her chest. "I ain't seen /no-one/ with flu, t'be honest with ya. Have you found anyone who's sick or summat? Can y'get flu if you're pregnant?"

"Good to hear — and so long as it bears resemblance to my name," not that Izkas has given his full name, but then again, he never does, "I'll answer to it. A combination of resemblance to my name /and/ craft will definitely get you an answer and no, I, personally, haven't run across anyone who's sick. We're operating under orders." He's not even looking at his supervisor, just making the motions, crossing back around the room again. "And not only can you get flu while pregnant, it's actually more dangerous to a pregnant woman than someone who isn't. Breathe deeply in and out through your mouth?" Back to the listening.

Seleaux breathes as she's told, which means she can't talk. Not until the lung-check is done! And then she turns around to face Izkas again, pouting at him in concern. "So d'you reckon that if my sister were t'get sick, it could be bad? Ain't /everyone/ knocked up right now? 'Cept me, o'course." The thought makes her snort as she tugs down her shirt, settling it back around her non-existant hips. "Hey, Healer Izzy," motormouth continues, canting her head and waggling her eyebrows at him, "if no-one's gotten sick, what's the point in us gettin' all these things done, huh? D'you really gotta jab me with a spiky thing if there ain't nothin' wrong with me?"

Izkas does /not/ laugh, even in the slightest, at any comments about everyone being knocked up. Really. What he says instead is, "Well, I'm not pregnant! And — yes, unfortunately I have to listen to what I'm told." He does glance at his brick wall of a journeyman, though, for confirmation; the man nods. "It's an order given out across the coverage area, so I've got to keep to it." Tiny shrug. "I can — maybe pass on the nose swab, though, if you're really nice." And, of course, she's got no symptoms at all and getting immunized. Now he's back to the grinning.

"I'm kinda glad t'hear you ain't carryin' a baby in there." Seleaux tilts her head down to indicate the Healer's stomach. "Whatcha mean, if I'm really nice? Ain't I bein' a peach enough for ya, Izzy?" Her hazel-hued gaze flickers over to the journeyman, and she grins at him before looking back to Izkas. "How nice d'you want me t'be? I reckon I prob'ly got another two notches of nice in me, but you gotta be /real/ real nice t'me if you wanna get up to that top turn of niceness."

"I think," Izkas concludes, as he reappears from where he'd turned when he momentarily had his back to the patient — which, as it turns out, was preparing a syringe that he is now holding, fist around the cap so Seleaux can't see the needle — "that you have been nice enough already that I can not stick things up your nose. I do unfortunately still have to stick this thing in your shoulder, but I can numb it first if you're particularly sensitive to needles?"

"Bugger." Xeau's expression drops when she sees the syringe, the colour draining from cheeks that are rosy from sun exposure. "An' I thought I were bein' /real/ nice, too." She swallows hard, then bites down on her lip, crushing her attempted smile. "D'you hafta stick it in me where I can see it? Or can y'come on in from behind, or summat? A bit've numbing'll be much appreciated, y'know… mebbe even appreciated enough f'me to come back n' be even /nicer/ to ya?"

Izkas' smile turns gentle, and he nods. "Oh, of course! You don't have to see it at all; that's why we've got the nice painting on the wall, see. Just focus on the painting." Which is entirely in the opposite direction of where Izkas, his numbing ointment, and his needle are. He continues to chatter as he puts the ointment on, too. "And hey. If you want to stop by some time just to be nice to me, I am /never/ going to say no." He's got a smooth technique and is good at uncapping in relative silence — turns of practice — so after another moment of talking, "I will even be extra special sweet if you bring me food," he adds, "Okay, all done."

"I can bring you stuff, f'sure. It's been… wait. You're /done/?" Surprised, Seleaux turns around to look at Iz, blinking at him before trying to look at her shoulder. "F'serious? It din't hurt." Not that she's complaining! The coltish teen slips her hands into her pockets and grins at the Healer, nodding her head in approval. "Y'know, I'm /for sure/ gonna bring you summat frickin' /delicious/. What's your favourite? Cos you're gettin' it not /only f' not makin' me feel that, but f'being the first person /not/ t'call me just 'Rou'x's sister'."

"Yep. All finished. No bleeding," Izkas can report with a smile, giving Seleaux a duitiful nod in return. "And — well, I don't /know/ the Wingleader, so much as just by name, and I didn't actually know you were her sister, either, so I can't possibly have automatically shoehorned you in as nothing but a sibling." And, after a moment's added thought, a hopeful look accompanied by, "Blueberry muffins?"

Seleaux is utterly chuffed by the lack of recognition, and is more than happy to nod at the request. "Blueberry muffins, f'sure. Y'know, there's a good stock've blueberries in the kitchens right now - I dunno if they're makin' them today, but I've made a friend in there who I reckon'll mebbe help me out a bit." She winks, rubbing a hand lightly over her recently-jabbed shoulder. "You gonna be in here? Or mebbe you wanna meet somewhere where food's mebber more welcome? I don't reckon it can be fun eatin' in here, not where there's all the sick folks n' stuff comin' through."

"I'm pretty much always in here, or out at the desk in the front, where I'm allowed to eat — can't actually eat back here at all, those are the rules," Izkas even shoots a toothy grin over his shoulder at the journeyman! Who, of course, rolls his eyes. Typical Iz. "But out there. And I can be easily found here. Or, I mean, I would be happy to meet up somewhere else during some time off, which I do actually have every day, believe it or not. Some people wouldn't, because I'm a little bit of a workaholic, but — I take breaks." He just usually takes them behind the front desk, that's all!

"D'you gotta firelizard or summat?" Seleaux smoothes down the front and sides of her tshirt, straightening it out. "I'm gonna be in the stores this afternoon, but mebbe if you can get free later or whatever, I'll getcha them muffins? Or if y'can't, I'll come on by here n' drop'em off for ya. Whatever you'd like, Izzy, cos I know I'm gonna have some free time t'kill a bit later on, y'know?"

Izkas nods, glancing around the room as if somehow his firelizard is actually in there. "Actually I do. He's kind of — small though, not full grown yet or anything. Little brown who looks like wood stain. I mean, in pattern. Answers to 'Mud.' He's lurking out at reception somewhere, probably trying to eat a pen." Very well trained for the healer's firelizard, isn't he. "I'm off around dinner tonight, yeah."

"Well then, you send your Mud t'me when you've gotta minute, n' tell me where y'want to meet up, yeah? I ain't got no plans, n' mebbe it'll be kinda nice t'hang out wi' someone, y'know?" Seleaux shrugs her shoulders, grinning up at him. "Someone who don't just see me as my sister's sister." With her clothing all straightened out and a hand run through her hair to ruffle the messy darkness a little more, she bobs her head and smiles crookedly at Izkas. "Well… I gotta go rustle up some muffins, don't I? Catch ya later, Izzy-SoftHands." A quick little wink is tagged onto the end of that nickname, before Seleaux turns on her heel to saunter out, far mor erelaxed than she was coming in.

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