Losses and Gains

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

"Cause ya got a fat ass, that's why!" J'en grumbles at Leketh as he scrubs some at the backside of the three month old bronze. While the weyrling field or the barracks might of been a better place for this whole business, who wants to be cooped up all day and night? The day was at its warmest, and the raven-haired boy had dragged his lifemate out towards the water to just get away from all the chatter and people. Things might of changed, but being around tons of people and chatty dragons perhaps was not high on his list of favorite things considering before impression he spent as much time alone as possible. Leketh croons softly, keeping his mind-thoughts to himself after three months of being told he was not to copy a certain other bronze just because his idiot rider-to-be couldn't keep a cap on it. Grumble. Grumble. "No ya ain't goin' back yet. Lift yer leg." Patting the hindlimb, he gets into the crevices, using a bucket to rinse off the sand. Nearby, a bucket with a paddle awaits for oiling. He's taking off everything but a pair of swim trunks whose hem falls to his knee, and put on a pair of sandals.

Sure, it may be to get away from all the noise and chatter, but sometimes the chatter is the thing that follows. Or Lychenth follows, anyway, with V'nyk hurrying to catch up with the eager young thing. She might not be in /need/ of a bath, but that doesn't stop her from bounding down toward the water. Granted, even if she /didn't/ have plans to get in, a single trip over a poorly held wing sends her tumbling tail over nose to land with a large splash in the shallows. Thankfully, she's not upside-down. She simply gives a bewildered stare all around her with a curious little rumble of noise as V'nyk sloshes his feet right into the water. "You're okay, right? Please tell me you didn't break any…of course you didn't. I swear you're made of rubber or something else that's /bouncy/…gonna give me a heart attack and make me keel over and it'll be not funny at—hey Jae!" Lychenth promptly offers a little croon while getting up, shaking herself off. She never fell! You can't prove it!

SO MANY BABY DRAGONS! Pritkin and J'en have /got/ to stop meeting this way, where water, location, and weather simply beg every meeting to involve /some/ state of undress. Today, however, despite the fact that he is making his way down to the lagoon, Pritkin is fully clothed. He's jogging, actually, in full frayed tunic and equally ruined pants, sweating as if he's been running for /miles/ and slowing only when he comes upon bronze, green, bronzeling, and greenling. What a quartet. The teenager hunches over when he comes upon them, hands on his knees as he takes a moment to regain his breath, and then there's a smile for both of them despite the grimace when he grabs at a sudden stitch in his side. "Good uh" A pause, an owlish blink as he looks at the sky, and then ends on a confused sounding, "Morning?" OR IS IT AFTERNOON. He isn't sure. He's just going to plop himself right down on the shore, in the sand, and watch the weyrlings tend their lifemates. Yes, that /is/ awe in his every glance, and /no/, he doesn't bother trying to hide it. Dragons are just /amazing/.

Both bronze and bronzling turn as soon as Lychenth and V'nyk can be felt, WATCHING as the greenlet goes ass end over tea kettle. The bronze pair wince as she makes splash down, before their gazes are shifted to V'nyk. "Is she okay?" J'en calls over, giving Leketh's rump a swat and permission it seems to go and ensure that the female dragon was still in one peice. Which of course he does, though albeit slinky and shy like, slow and timid. Very gingerly his snout comes up to lightly touch at one of her flanks, softly crooning in concern. He might be twice her size presently, but he was notably gentle in his ministrations. Upon hearing that Lychenth was in fact, not broken somewhere, Jae breaths softly in relief though its subtle and can very easily be missed. "Hey, Ryk." His chin is jerked upwards before sparing a single glance the green's way again, then bends at the waist to rinse the sand off his hands in the shallows of the Lagoon. Then Pritkin arrives, eventually, and lashes lower over golden eyes as they come to rest on the panting former candidate-slash-guard. A brow lifts upwards for the guess on time, before he snorts softly and turns to walk away from the actually dressed older teen. "It's afternoon." It was Jae's turn to be mostly naked it seems, a true tan having set into almost completely honed muscle. "Leketh!" he calls over, "Get yer shiny ass off her and back over here. Ya need to be oiled before ya dry out!" A pause, "Yes, yer ass is big and shiny." he adds with a grown and slump of his shoulders, "Jus'…jus' get over here…please.." J'en rubs at the space between his eyes lightly with finger and thumb, as his lifemate does as he's asked and slinks over to get slathered up.

Well isn't he a kind sort? Lychenth is happy to coo at Leketh a bit for his concern, curling around to offer a bit of nuzzling to her much larger clutch-sibling before hopping her way back out of the water again. V'nyk just laughs, shaking his head, before folding his arms behind his neck. "Yeah, she's alright. Can't imagine now she hasn't broken herself yet, but she seems more sturdy than a mountain at this point. Yes lovely, a graceful mountain." There's a bit of placating on behalf of the green, before he sloshes back out of the water to take his shoes off. Bleh, wet, squishy shoes. Pritkin's arrival though has the greenling lighting up again, a grin immediately forming. "Pritkin! Hey! Don't tell me you've been running around like this so long you don't know what time it is!"

"Well," Pritkin begins, in response to J'en's confirmation around a slowly forming smile. "Good afternoon, then." He looks boyish and deviant, green eyes trailing V'nyk as he makes his way out of the water and out of his boots. DRAGONS ARE BEING CUTE. HE IS DISTRACTED AGAIN. It's Ven's /question/ that has him clamping his mouth shut and dismissing the smile almost immediately. "Uhm…" he says, intelligently. Why /doesn't/ he know what time it is? "Not… exactly." Calloused fingers go through gravity defying hair, further musing the unfortunate mess of blonde, and then he's motioning towards the dragons. "They look /amazing/," he breathes, not bothering to mute the absolute /wonder/ in his voice. But it's been a while since he has seen the future riders as well, and so he hesitates before inquiring all conversational and polite: "What's it like, having a lifemate?" The question is for both of them, evident by the way his eyes jump between the two. Given that /one/ of those two is tending their lifemate and looking as if the adorable bronze might be inspiring a migraine, Pritkin adds on, "Do you need any help, Jae?" HE WON'T BE CALLING HIM J'EN. NO SIR.

Having Lychenth cooing at him has Leketh walk straight into the boulder he'd successfully traversed just moments ago as he attempted to make his way back, and J'en is wincing again. "For fuck's sake…" he curses under his breath, and immediately strides over on long legs to grab his lifemate's snout and examine it. "No I can't see stars too…fuck dun show them to me…ugh." The bronzeling sways a little in place, closing his eyes a second until the cobwebs literally clear before he growls and perhaps shares a few thoughts of his own privately. Golden gaze goes distant, and the dragonet obediently drops down till his belly is on the ground. "Now stay still.." Inspection complete, he wipes away a little ichor from Leketh's nostrils with a rag he was keeping tucked into the waistband of his swim trunks. A nod is tossed to V'nyk when he tells him that Lychenth is okay, only momentarily distracted from his task by the greenlet moving off into the water, "Watch the under-toe, Lychenth!" This said he returns his attention to Leketh until he seems he's okay, "Moron…" he mutters to his lifemate softly, but with an affection that was as clear as the Pernese skies above them today. "Let's get ya oiled up, hmm?" A soft pat to the bronzelet's neck and they both head back over to where the bucket and paddle await. "Like havin' yer brain speared with fuckin' rainbows and pink bowed ponies. Y'know…like being in Ryk's head." He tosses the greenling a sly grin, his tone and expression clearly teasing before he grabs the paddle and gets to work spreading the oil against undoubtedly itching skin. Leketh snorts obstinately once, but as soon as that oil hits his hide he's crooning in adoration. « Little to the left… » he broadcasts, his thoughts thick like pudding, pulsing soft and blue and then sweetly tanged pink with silvered threads that pulse with a sticky sensation like spinner silk, with wisps of affection - there and then gone. « Oops. Sorry. » Jae eyeballs Leketh, brow arched until he keeps his thoughts to himself, and then gets back to the oil spreading. "Uh…" J'en glances at Pritkin, and then back to Leketh. "If ya want…just try to do it in a thin and even coat, kay?" With that he offers the paddle to Pritkin, who will live to see another glorious day such as this, because he is a very wise lad. Do not call the Jae, J'en.

There is a moment of a gentle breeze that flutters mentally about, sprinkled with a very light sparkling of glitter. Lychenth shakes her feet free of the excess water before going to curl up on the shore..where she can't fall over anything. Though there is an alarmed squeak of noise for Leketh bonking right into things, followed by another soothing burst of warm, delicate air. V'nyk makes a noise of his own though, dropping to a seat with a mock glare sent toward Jae. "/Excuse/ me, they are not /pink/ bows. I'll have you know they're a great shade of purple, so you just don't know what you're talking about. At all." His tongue peeks out briefly then, lips curved upward before he just drops back, fully intending to let his bare feet dry in the sun along with the shoes. There's a laugh then, bodily shaking. "Lychenth wants to help too, but I think Leketh might pass out if she did. For me…I dunno, it's like having warmth and glitter wrapped around my brain. A little too bright sometimes, but mostly real nice. Guess it's a bit different for everyone."

"I have to admit, I rather thought Ven's head was full of too many words to make room for images." He's teasing too, evident in the way he gives V'nyk a devious smile and then laughs at the exchange between both weyrlings. It's Leketh's invasion that has him looking a little dizzy, and then, once again, full of wonder. Green eyes focus on the bronze, admiration evident and concentration broken /only/ as reality comes crashing back in in the best possible way. When Jae holds out the paddle, Pritkin gains his feet with excited haste and jerks his shirt off to reveal his ever-present arsenal underneath - and a lieu of lovebites and what /might/ be scratches. Pritkin takes the paddle with a grin, dipping his head once to confirm he understands the request as he moves to join the recently crashed Leketh. It's certainly not the /first/ dragon he's helped oil, but it's somehow different facing a baby dragon instead of an adult (though the bronze is already quite massive). "You all right?" he asks softly, giving the fantastic beast a gentle rub with his hand before he starts the tedious task of rubbing oil into hide. He turns his head to look at V'nyk while he works, making a soft noise in his throat. "I imagine it's weird always having somebody there." But he doesn't really know what else to say. Ven is the conversational one, not him! He will just you know work in silence.

J'en laughs at the color correction that V'nyk makes, the tone rich and masculine. His voice had finally taken that turn towards the deeper side of tenor that made him sound more like a man, than a boy. Not that he looked like a boy anymore, that was not the body of a boy. No. Had he grown again? Yes, as poor Pritkin will find out as he comes over to grab that paddle from him. Another growth spurt had the kid practically towering over the guard. Though, golden eyes land on the love-bites/scratches all over the former candidate's skin and he frowns. "Ya asshole, who is he…she? Whatever. Who?" Yeah, tact was still not a skill that had been bestowed upon him, even with Impression. At the question posed to him, Leketh looks to his J'en, quite intently. "Fine." He waves a hand dismissively and heads over to drop down into a seat beside V'nyk, wide eyes given to the greenling. "Fuck no. He'll pass the fuck…yeah. No. Fuckin' faintin' bronze…this is my life." he finally sighs, dropping his face into his hands and letting out a soft groan. Leketh though, « I'm fine. Thank you for asking! » The same thick feeling comes back, quivering and throbbing, kept in check only by those thin silvered threads of spinner silk. It pulses with the feelings of happiness and kindness, as well as graitiude. It's just the lightest touch of his mind to Pritkin's, and then its gone with a shiver of plucked amusement down the thin threads like the strings of a harp. His mind-voice is a higher-pitched tenor than his someday-riders, full of youth and exuberance.

V'nyk isn't blind either, despite laying down on the ground. There's a laugh more akin to a giggle when J'en starts questioning Pritkin about lovers, rolling onto his side somewhat with a hand waving in their direction. "Oh no, cover all that up! You'll send him into fits, the poor thing is so deprived." There's a sideways look given at the bronzeling though when he comes to sit down, smirking before pushing himself up into a mostly upright position. "But /really/? I bet I could take a few guesses and get it smack on the nose who it is." Sure, they're all filling out and growing up, though it's doubtful V'nyk is ever going to put on the size of J'en or any of the other muscular weyrlings. Just not gonna happen. Lychenth's own head comes over a bit though, resting the tip of her chin on his shoulder for him to reach up and stroke her head. "Hah, this is /our/ life, Jae. And you love it."

Jae is busy taking note of Pritkin's mark ups, and /Pritkin/ is busy taking note of the difference in height between them. Prit's all hard muscle too, but Jae makes it look /good/ with all that… "Faranth, do you /stop/ growing?" He /may/ gently thwack the future bronzerider with the paddle before he can retreat, and then furrows his brows as green eyes shift to focus on what little of the damage to his body he can see. There's a pause, and then a huff of husky laughter as Pritkin says a mysterious, "Somebody who was glad I didn't impress." He doesn't /tell/, because he is a gentleman! But, there were more than enough people lingering in the stands to see Pritkin storm the hell out of them and damn-near publicly start the horizontal tango with Rezia. /Magic/. When Leketh brushes gently at his mind again, Pritkin reaches out to steady himself as another disorienting wave of dizziness hits him, but there's no annoyance or animosity in the smile he directs to the bronze, giving him another gentle rub with his hands. "You're very welcome." THAT MIGHT BE AFFECTION IN HIS TONE FOR THE BRONZE. I mean, he /is/ talking to him. That's /awesome/. As for V'nyk, well… He tilts his head just /slightly/ with a boyishly deviant smile. He doesn't /challenge/ him because he probably /will/ get it right. Instead, he just goes with the flow, aiming to ignore his second comment by focusing on his first. "You get your dragons, I get the girl." THAT'S FAIR, RIGHT? And anyway, he's teasing, evident by the laughter that follows.

When the paddle slapped against his bicep, the bronzeling snorts. "Dun be jealous." he grins, swatting at poor Pritkin's behind because that's about the only action he can get, without causing himself a bigger headache in the long run. It was playful nonetheless, not flexing or making a big deal out of the fact that a dragonrider body is what he had which was only going to improve over the next two turns until people started walking into walls like Leketh did with boulders. He wanders off to sit beside V'nyk anyway, "Obviously. Bastard." He'll just grumpily stare down the guard before dropping his face into his hand. "I get a two ton shit machine and ya get laid. Seems fair." A pause and to V'nyk he says, "Pfft." J'en says, hands dropping away from his face, "Wouldn't matter if he was covered up, I've progressed to the seein' through clothin' stage." A deep and suffering sigh quickly follows the comment, propping his head up with an elbow on his knee, and his chin on the palm of one curled hand; fingers lightly tapping on his cheek. "Aglaia is pretty spank worthy, just sayin'." Leketh turns his head towards his lifemate, tilting the wedge-shaped extension on the end of his long graceful neck to the side, "No I dun think they wanna see that. Keep it to yerself." he mutters, still bummed out from the looks of it that Prikin was able to get himself some little something-something and he was stuck pulling it alone in the dark somewhere private while his dragon was happily dreaming of unicorns and kittens. "Ya, shush." Shooting V'nyk a long dark look, before he groans. "I wanna get laid tooooooo…." Yes, now he was officially whining. Considering Leketh wasn't currently broadcasting for all to see what J'en was thinking, he was either really good at hiding whatever perversions may have occurred, or he had been working on making sure his lifemate knew to keep private things private. Thoughts were one thing after all, but everything that went with the actual act was still far beyond the young bronze's ability to handle with matching security. So, alas, such activities would have to wait. "Sometimes?" he replies to Ryk's comment about loving it, which gets an indignant chuff from Leketh and a dragonet stare down which makes Jae wince and flap a hand in his direction, "Fine, fine…yer better than humpin' the night away. Ya happy?" Leketh snorts, and nuzzles his snout oh-so-carefully against Pritkin's shoulder. "Sorry, too late to change yer mind. Yer stuck with me, bud." There's a smirk that follows, as the bronze's wings slump a bit.

V'nyk gives a little laugh, shrugging. "Now I don't know if /I/ should take offense to that." There's a tiny smirk given to J'en, but he's far too busy cuddling on Lychenth to do much else. Though he does reach over toward the bronzeling for a gentle nudge in the arm. "I don't know how you even have the energy to think about it much. I'm too tired half the time to make my brain work, let alone /imagine/ things." His lips remain curved upward though, peering over at Pritkin and Leketh with a slow nod. "And as well you should! Walking off the sands with /something/ after all. Right?" Oh yes, he of course had heard about the incident after the hatching was all well and over. Though he makes a face right after, shooting another look at J'en. "You're right, I don't want to see that at /all/." No thank you on weird images!

"Oi, oi. Hands /off/, /weyrling/," Pritkin laughs, clearly not at all put off by the counter-assault to his person. He'll just use it as ammunition, to further tease about the current lack of sex in Jae's life. "No touching the goods until you've had /the talk/." The guard fixes his friend with a pointed /look/ (though it's a far cry from serious). He /does/ laugh at Jae's colorful choice of words, and then rolls his eyes skyward in exasperation at the Aglaia observation. V'nyk brings him back, earning the greenling a rather /ridiculous/ smile. "Yeah," he breathes. "She's something, that one." But Leketh is giving him nuzzles and distractions, and Pritkin pauses in his work long enough to run his hands along that snout, stretching towards eyeridges. "It's better this way, Leketh. Anyway, Jae can reach itchy places better than I can." The comical hunch of wings has Prit stifling more laughter as he returns to his work. AT LEAST HE WORKS HARD. THAT COAT WILL LOOK SO GOOD WHEN HE'S DONE. And he /is/ (blessedly) almost finished with the enormous baby before him.

"Oh, so the goods are available for consumption after such a time has passed? Excellent!" J'en replies without missing a beat, perhaps reminding Pritkin that he should choose his words more carefully. "I'll make sure to remember that." There is a truly dark chuckle that follows before golden eyes are slid back to V'nyk, eyebrows shooting upwards. "Why should ya be offended? Ain't Aglaia I dragged into a broom closet." he SMIRKS as he lets the greenling remember that little klah break from not so long ago. You're welcome, Ryk. Yeah, he's still a douche bag, that's clearly not changed. Leketh snorts again, and pointedly the smirk fades as the bronze seems to be putting his weyrling partner right back in his place. There is a wince and twitch, before his entire face twists into one one might make having a high pitched squeal in their ear, or nails dragged across a chalk board. "Okay! Okay! I'll be…nice…fuck." he pants, now rubbing at the back of his neck seconds after relief washes over his visage. Whatever had happened, was now over. Of course, this does not stop the colorful string of metaphors that follows the exchange, along with a nasty glare send Leketh's way, which the dragonet IGNORES. With the oversexed teenager taken care of, Leketh can go back to enjoying what Pritkin was doing for him, crooning soft and low in absolute pleasure, quivering a little when a good spot is soothed. There is another nuzzle for the attention given to his head, whirling blue facets closing until the guard's hand falls away.

Gasp! J'en just had to remind V'nyk about that? Really? There's an accusing look for the bronzeling, before he groans and just flops onto his back again. "What'd you have to bring that up for? Alright, how about we just drop that topic entirely?" Lychenth draws her head back again once Ryk goes down, giving a curious little noise in the process. She might not /get/ a lot of what they talk about, but the frustration? Yeah, that's something she at least can wrap her mind around. Poor boys and their strict rules! Though at least V'nyk peeks over at Jae again, reaching out to give him a nudge in the hip. "You alright?" It's for that wincing and twitching after all, and there's a sympathetic look for the other boy. "Pritkin, when I have time again, can we go back to practicing together? That stuff was fun!"

If Jae is looking to hedge Pritkin, it doesn't work; he may have been schooled by the reminder, but /maybe/ he chose his words /precisely/. The guard's laughter doesn't reveal a stance on the matter either way, and the teenager waves a hand dismissively. "I'm actually positive that you've got plenty to keep you busy." Which is emphasized by the flicker of green eyes onto V'nyk. /That/ one. But there's mention of jealousy, and broom closets, and Pritkin breathes out a playfully indignant, "/Broom closet/, Jae? Romantic." Not much better than where he eventually found himself pinning Rezia; POT, MEET KETTLE. The exchange between rider and lifemate is watched with some degree of amusement, which ends with Pritkin giving Leketh a conspiratorial whisper of, "Get him." The nuzzle earns the bronze another gentle pat, and then just like that, Pritkin is done. "There you go. Does it feel like I missed any spots?" He will wait for confirmation, and if he /has/ missed anything, he will diligently take care of that. If not? He'll drop the paddle in its respective bucket and make his way to the beach, where his shirt will be retrieved. Either way, he's fixing eyes on V'nyk with a smile. "That's going to be a long way away, but you're always welcome." TUG. He will hide those marks, thank you.

There is no returning smirk for the greenling after that very inappropriately timed reminder, instead there is a soft and begrudging, "Sorry." J'en flicks his eyes towards Leketh as if to ask him if that response made him happy, to which the bronze chuffs and has nothing further to add. So apparently, yes. Sighing softly, the older of the two weyrlings flops back against the boulder behind him, going quiet for now. He watches instead the way that Prikin was making sure to get every sacred inch of his lifemate, and giving him a much needed moment to just relax. The nudge to his hip, pulls him back from whereever his thoughts had chosen to wander, and he looks down and over at the reclining V'nyk. "Huh? Yeah. I'm good. Ya?" Had he forgotten about the mind back-lashing that Leketh had so mercilessly slapped him with two seconds ago? This aside, Prikin's comment on being busy causes the bronzeling's shoulders to shrug, and opens his mouth to say something but Leketh's head whipping around and the proceeding stare closes it again. A smile that is not quite a smile plasters itself to his face, it looks strained and unnatural. "Hmmhmm…" Only when Leketh is done being oiled and gives the guard a long and affectionate nuzzle to the side of his face to show that he was satisfied with the finsihed project and begins to wander off, does J'en flip the bronze off with an erect middle finger. There is another snort, "Ain't never said I was a romantic, and I ain't heard no complaints. So…" he growls softly, glaring at the sandy ground beneath one sandaled foot.

V'nyk lifts a hand up, giving a thumbs-up response to being able to train with Pritkin again. One day, at least. "Hey, I know it'll be a while yet but it's good to have a plan, and it's something to look forward to. Actually, having the free time to do anything just sounds..great. Heh." Sleep time is about the only free time the weyrlings get, after all! Aside from eating. There's another slight smirk though at the mention of things being 'romantic', and a glance sideways at J'en. Would he listen /to/ complaints? The teen rolls his eyes though and sighs, stretching out where he lays in an attempt to get more comfortable. "Nope, wouldn't call you romantic at all. Romance and romantic are..kinda different things, aren't they? Don't always need to have the romantic bit to have the other, but can't say it describes Jae at all." The sky gets interesting then, simply staring up in that direction..enough that Lychenth turns her head up to look that way too. Maybe it's something interesting. Or a cloud. "Yeah, I'm fine, Jae. You looked like you got your screwdriver stuck in your ear, that's all."

FACE NUZZLES. LOVE. Look at the /absolute/ adoration on Pritkin's face for Jae's dragon. It looks like he'd take a long walk off of a short pier should the dragon tell him to do so. Green eyes watch the majestic little being wander off, and then he's all eyes for the two in front of him. He looks from one, to the other, back to one, back to the other, and puts his hands up. "I'm not touching that," he says around laughter, because /clearly/ he hit some kind of nerve with one of them. "I'll leave you two to your lifemates." A pause, and then a genuine, "Thank you for letting me help, Jae. He's amazing." A beat. "They /both/ are." And just like that, LOOK AT THE GUARD RETREAT. LOVERS QUARRELS ARE SO NOT HIS THING. RUNRUNRUNRUN.

Jae pays no attention at all to the conversation between Pritkin and V'nyk when they're discussing training and more exercise, other than scrunching up his face, probably because that meant more exercise and bleh there was plenty of that right now. Why add more? It is beyond his ability to comprehend. That sideways glance his way, has him at least glance at V'nyk and yes his eyebrows lift upwards as if asking 'what?'. Whether or not he would listen to complaints is left to one's imagination, because he can't read the greenling's mind as well as he can read Leketh's. The bronzelet was well up the beach now, having found himself a nice flat rock upon which to curl up and sun himself into a nice afternoon nap. Hmmm, sleepy times. What the other boy says has him blink once, "Hey, I warned ya time and time again that shit weren't me. Ya want romance, go find a harper or somethin'." he tosses back at him with a rough throaty growl, which might be the reason that Pritkin flees and leaves them to it. He does wave at the guard dismissively for the thanks, and might of thanked him back for his help if he wasn't giving most of his attention to the younger weyrling. He winces at mention of dear dear Lucy, "Low blow, man." Now pouting and looking forlorn, he pushes himself to his feet and begins to brush the sand off the back of his legs and rump.

"Did I complain?" There's difficulty sounding anything but tired for a moment, having grown comfortable where he lays. Really, V'nyk could probably roll right over and take a nap, given the opportunity. He lifts a hand up though once J'en stands, shielding his face from the sun before waving the hand a bit at the other weyrling to help him up. Though he does stick his tongue out slightly at the mention of a harper. "I've tried harper, that didn't work out so well." He puffs out a bit of air though, head tilting to the side. "How is it a low blow to say you looked like you were in pain? Oh come on, you're still upset about the screwdriver? You've /got/ to replace it already and..I dunno. Move on."

J'en just snorts at the question, for whatever reason, offering V'nyk a hand up as he reaches up for it and pulling the much smaller and more delicately built boy to his feet without much effort. Sleeping out there was probably a bad idea, especially with that thing that encountered that night fairly close by. Shudder. "Fuck, eat somethin' would ya. Barely anythin' to speak of." he says gruffly, giving the greenling's mid-section a poke with one finger. "Try meat instead of a plate full of forest floor." Eyes are rolled skyward for the answer his growled statement pulls from Ryk, "I mean someone other than yer fuckin' psycho of a brother." He releases his grasp of the other boy's hand and places it instead over his own chest, in the general vacinity of his heart. "Never. Lucy…can never be replaced. She'll always be with meh." Yeah, okay. Weirdo.

V'nyk shies away from being poked, covering his middle protectively. "I /do/ eat meat, thank you. Someone steals it off my plate a lot, though." He's looking at you, Jae. Accusingly. Food thief. It's not his fault he's shorter and smaller! Lychenth does get up though, careful not to trip on her own feet while doing so. Sure, it takes /looking/ at them to manage it, but she's up! "That reminds me, I should write to him, at least. He didn't come to the hatching." Family is family, despite things that happen! There's a look given at Jae though, and his eyes roll. "Oh /sure/. You say that now. But when the next pretty thing with a perfectly shaped handle comes by, you'll be all over it."

"Not every time!" Jae protests, "Yer bread ain't ever going to be safe though, fair warnin'." There's a laugh for that, tapering off as he watches Lychenth get up as carefully as she does with passing interest. It doesn't last long though and soon golden eyes fall back upon the much shorter weyrling. Heh, shorty, SMIRK. "Ugh. Why? Yer just gunna encourage him again." he says, sounding worried of all things and a bit exasperated, "If that pissant comes sniffin' around ya again, I'll make sure no one can ever tell ya were ever twins. Fuckin' pervert." So maybe that was a little pot calling kettle there, but it was the sentiment that counts right? He pffts, looking wounded however when the greenling makes such a glib accusation, "Hey man, that just ain't true. She was somthin' special."

V'nyk groans just a little bit, promptly leaning right against J'en. "Jae. Darling. If you ever tell me you use your screwdriver for your personal fun time, I will /not/ be surprised." There's an innocent look flashed up at him, and then he hurriedly darts away to get to Lychenth's side, since the green is on her feet and happily poking at a crawler next to the water. It's all skittery! The continued talk of his brother though has him shrugging, smiling back at J'en again. "I haven't seen him in what feels like forever now, Jae. He's had time to think about how he behaved." Thinking the worst of his brother is a bit beyond the greenling, really.

J'en blinks as V'nyk suddenly leans against him and starts speaking so sweetly, and for once it might even seem like he's at a loss for words. His mouth opens just a fraction, but then closes again as the greenling goes on and he takes a swat at the soon empty air where the other weyrling once stood. "That's disgustin'." he scoffs, and levels a incredulous look upon Ryk. He'll just appear all offended and taken aback now, and begins walking off towards the weyr. Leketh, being so young, has to roused from his sleep in order to get him moving that direction as well. Otherwise he might of just left him there to doze in the sun until crispy. The bronze does, eventually uncurl and catch up without much hurry, probably half sleep still as he falls into step beside his lifemate. "Somehow I dun believe for a second thinkin' was ever part of his make-up." he tosses over his shoulder, clearly the topic of Nyoak a sore subject still, no matter how long ago things might have happened.

"Same could be said for me." V'nyk doesn't tend to put a whole lot of thought into what he says before it comes spewing out of his mouth, after all. But the weyrling still looks pleasant enough. He hurries after the bronze pair though, with Lychenth awkwardly moving right along with him. It takes /effort/ not to trip and fall. One day, she'll get it.

Again, J'en snorts and nods his head in agreement, "Must be genetic." Though admittedly there is more teasing there than truthfully meant in the way the words are presented in wry tone, and he does offer V'ryk a smile when the younger lad catches up to them. A yawn quickly follows, stiffed against the back of his hand. "I hope we got time to nap before lessons, I'm exhausted."

V'nyk nods slightly, hands finding his pockets as he moves along. "Could always try and hope they don't wake you up." At least not too quickly. There's a face made for the idea of lessons though. Even he doesn't entirely /enjoy/ them most of the time. "Besides though, if the dragons are too tired, maybe they won't make /them/ get up at least. Could work." All the playing in the water and rolling around? Yep, Lychenth is looking pretty tired herself.

J'en twitches, "I dun get the impression that D'nyl is the placating sort. Sundari, maybe…but not him. He's a hard ass." Just his opinion of course, and just based on what little personal interaction the kid has had with the bronzerider, but hey. While they walk, he pulls on his tank-top, which he totally had the whole time - somewhere - and yanks it down to cover himself up. He completely ignores anything that might be going on within the training field and presses on into the barracks. Once there, Leketh instantly pulls himself onto his couch and Jae flops onto his cot, face first into his pillow. "Ugh. Wake meh up never." he complains with a groan, then kicking off his sandals, and they hit the floor with two individual dull clacks.

V'nyk shakes his head just a little, laughing to himself. "A few hours, then." If that. Tired though he may be, the greenling doesn't head straight for bed. He helps Lychenth to her couch and settles there with her for the time being to stroke her head again. After all, it serves as a quiet lull that keeps the little green slumbering at least, and lets him keep contact with her. Only when she stills does he scoot himself out from under her to go get a piece of paper. Might as well write while he was thinking about it!

There is some sort of unintelligible sound of agreement before there is nothing but silence from the bronzeling's cot. Eventually, as V'nyk continues writing his letter, that silence becomes the sound of deep and even breathing, indicating that J'en has indeed fallen asleep. Leketh on the other hand, one one whirling blue eye fixed on V'nryk. « He's worried for you. » The touch is light, and non-evasive at least even if it can make one's thoughts feel like they were trying to wade through a thick and hearty pudding. The full effect is kept in check with those spinner silk threads, the pulse of which is colored a pale pink color of affection. That affection, was not coming from Leketh, but rather channeled from some place deep inside Jae himself.

V'nyk blinks, pausing in writing when another mind that's certainly not Lychenth touches his own. At least it wasn't as jarring, being used to his own dragon by now. Though he does glance up and over, giving a somewhat bewildered look at Leketh before smiling. It's gentle for the dragon though, softly smiling and tilting his head just a bit. He glances at J'en, twiddling his pen in his fingers. "I'm fine." It's offered quietly, unwilling to wake either the other teen or the sleeping dragon near him.

Leketh's mind lingers against V'nyk's for only a little while longer, letting that touch be as close to that as a feather as possible so as not to cause the greenling any more discomfort than is necessary to get the point across. « I don't think you'll ever convince him of that. » The bronze turns his head just enough so that both whirling facets can rest upon the younger of the two boys, settling into a more comfortable position as a result, his thoughts becoming thicker as he starts to lose the ability to remain awake. That rosy pink color begins to wash out to something duller and almost without hue, one of the fine threads holding his consciousness in place quivering with the effort to resist sleep. « He feels awful for the way he's treated you, and is determined to make up for it. » There is a pause as J'en shifts in his sleep, turning over onto his side and curling his arms around his pillow before releasing a deep sigh and moving no more. « You don't know this of course, because this conversation never happened. » The bronze chuckles softly into the greenlings mind, before he finally withdraws from it completely and his facets disappear behind their lids.

Really, the fact that V'nyk's eyes have just a bit too much moisture to them is because of /allergies/. Or dust. Or some weird smell from Noodle's cot. There's a bit of blinking though for that continued brush of minds, and the wispy bits of information that NEVER EVER HAPPENED. The greenling's fingers grip his pen a bit tighter though, holding on with a nod for the sleepy dragon. Then he breathes out, slowly, and goes back to writing.

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