Meeting New Faces

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Rukbat stands high in the sky, beating its heat down on Halfmoon Bay Weyr's docks. The latest boat from Bluefire Hold has just moored and there's a flurry of activity as people and cargo debark. Among the passengers is a somewhat distinctive pair, one colored brightly and one darker. Daranyl's dark hair hangs in his eyes and he reaches up automatically to push it out as he makes his way down the gangplank to the dock, his skin that special kind of pale that implies that he's more than happy to not be on the boat any longer. His clothing is definitely damp and he's walking with the telltale sway of sea legs returning to land as he makes his way off the dock to the sandy beach of the lagoon, "I swear, Ez. No more boats. Not ever. I'll walk back if I have to." He pulls the crossbow off his shoulder and turns it carefully in his hand, grumbling darkly to himself as he inspects the smooth wood, "Sharding water every sharding where."

Ezrayl is certainly the brighter of the two, at least in appearance. The red hair tumbling down past her waist glows brilliantly under the sun, but even that doesn't serve to soften her strong features. "When you learn to walk on water, remember to teach me the same trick." The young woman's lips curl upwards in an amused smile as she steps off the boat, looking quite steady as she does so. Her attire is perhaps strange for traveling, leather armor and two swords at her hip, but the odd looks she gets from others on occasion doesn't seem to register in the slightest. "Come on, it'll help if you walk it off." Tough love!

Midday is oft the time when residents of Half Moon Bay Weyr lounge about in idyllic repose in some shady little nook or cranny of the Weyr, lending an air of slothful indolence to the environment. That, or those less inclined to sleepy indulgence can oft be found sporting in the shallows of the lagoon where the water, warmed somewhat by sunlight yet still cooler than the heat of the tropical climate in abundance, is a blissful splash of refreshment and comfort. Dragons wash here, wallowing in the shallows or floating in the deeper water of the lagoon where it's yet just that much cooler before the open ocean meets the shoreline. And the people here, dressed in varying arrays of clothing meant for the comfort of the swimmer — sometimes little more than scraps of cloth it seems — scamper about in the surfline, the shrieks of children in horseplay echoing here and there. Among them is a girl of about seven turns, her head bent as she builds up a mound of sand just past the place where the breakers crash. "Watch me, mama." she calls up to Enka, seated on a towel nearby, watching with parental indulgence. "Oooh!" comes the child's voice, spotting the wave of new arrivals and cargo, and she lifts a sandy chubby little hand to wave to anyone who happens to be stepping off the dock. "Hellooo!"

"Get scorched, Ez. Don't think I've et for a sevenday." Daranyl's gaze slides over the crossbow one more time, then he finally straightens, throwing it over his shoulder, "Bow looks alright for now." He arches his back slowly to stretch it out, deliberately taking more time than necessary now. He lets out a long breath, then finally starts to walk again with Ez, still looking half-drunk, but better than before. At least until his righteous fury is interrupted by a small child. The corner of his mouth gives a small twitch upwards, but the rest of his expression stays neutral, "Hello, kid. Do you know where we check in?" His voice is gruff as always, but at the same time there's a hint of amusement hiding there.

Ezrayl's attention shifts slightly at the sound of a child's voice amongst all the other racket, her green eyes coming to settle on the small form. There's a slight lift of sharp eyebrows, but it seems that she'll be leaving conversation with the child to her brother for the most part. It isn't that Ezrayl dislikes children, she just doesn't seem to get along with them very well until they reach a certain age. "Who ever heard of a man coming to live on an island that can't handle a bit of water? You need to toughen up a bit." There's another small smile from the woman, but soon her attention is back on the kid.

"Ummmmm," the little girl scuttles to her feet, peering upwards at the newly arrived pair before she digs her toes into the sand. "I think you gots to ask my mama to be sure, but she'd probably say the headwoman. She chases people around with brooms." the girl's expression changes to one of mock terror before she giggles, grinning ear to ear as her gaze slides over the weapons arrayed on the young man and woman. "You look like you can handle her though." a pause, and she turns back towards her mother on the towel. "Did I get that right?" There's a soft chuckles from Enka who nods, and pushes herself to her feet. "You did, pet. New arrivals ought to be checkin' in with Headwoman Chaya. Who really doesn't chase people around with brooms, but she's got a fierce reputation for it." The goldrider gives a brief nod. "Welcome to Half Moon Bay Weyr. Think the two of of you will be stayin' long?"

Daranyl rolls his eyes at Ez, reaching over to give her a shove, "Started on an Island, Ez. We just took the boat around. I'll swim across the sharded river next time." Apparently, the thought of asking a rider for a ride hasn't occurred to him. He actually almost smilese at the child, something Ez knows to be particuarly rare, then looks up at Enka as she arrives. His gaze goes to her knot and he manages an awkward, unpracticed salute, "Weyrwoman. 'M Daranyl 'n' this is Ezrayl. We're hopin' to stay as long as you'll have us, honestly." He glances at Ez, then back at Enka, "We were hopin' you might have some space fer a guard and a hunter." He shifts his shoulder up enough to make the crossbow rise and fall, trying to indicate which he is.

"I'm sure you'll be able to manage that quite easily, swimming the entire way." Ezrayl reaches over, wrapping an arm around Daranyl's neck as if to put him in a headlock. There's a fierce grin on her face, but she doesn't go through with it of course. Soon her arm relaxes and falls to rest on the hilt of one sword while attention shifts to the newly arrived goldrider. There are no almost smiles for the child from this twin, though she certainly notices the expression on her brother's face. "Thank you." Her words are brief but sincere and accompanied by a dip of the head in the Weyrwoman's direction. "As my brother said, we seek work." Ezrayl usually talks more, but it seems like she's currently sizing up the unfamiliar area.

Enka inclines her head slightly in acknowledgement of Daranyl's salute, the movement quickly waved off with a brief flicker of her fingers — the sort that seems to say 'at ease' in general — and then a similar gesture towards Ezrayl. "Welcome to Half Moon Bay," she says again, the comment practiced, and almost one of rote memorization were it not for the wry grin that belays any suggestion of boredom or exasperated routine. "While the Headwoman would probably have been the better one to ask, as she knows more about what exactly the Weyr needs than I." — at least when it comes to the support staff — "I would not be lyin' if I told you that the Weyr's always needin' people in some capacity or another. While huntin' can be a bit scarce — although you could always go to a neighboring island and trap avians or somethin' — guards are usually always welcome." The goldrider slides an arm over her daughter's shoulder, tucking the girl against her. "So I'm sure there's somethin' we can find for you to work at."

Daranyl nods slowly, "Never been somewhere with bad huntin' before. You sure you're not just missin' the little stuff? 'Sides, feline's always worth the risk." He glances over at Ez, exchanging something that might be an easily readable look for her, then back to Enka, "Where might we find the Headwoman, then? Don't want ta take up too much of your time, ma'am."

"Thank you, the help is appreciated." Ezrayl says to the goldrider, dipping her head towards the woman once more. Her gaze slides to the side then, sharing that look with her brother for a moment before turning away. "I assume I'll need to talk to the captain of the guards as well…for now, I'll help unload our things and see if I can find the Headwoman." And then, there's a significant glance to Daranyl, "Rest until you're better. I don't need you throwing up all over our things." She can't hide the smirk that accompanies her words. But a moment later, there's a nod for the both of them before the red-haired armor-wearing woman is off.

"Depends what you mean by bad huntin'," Enka remarks. "Bein' an island, Emerald Island 'aint got the breadth and length of land that the mainland or the south does. Not a lot of wild herds of herdbeasts and whatnot roamin' around, 'specially in these parts with dragons and people and such. I mean, I'm sure there's stuff to find so you wouldn't go jobless or anythin' like that," she says, somewhat reassuringly, "but it's not goin' to be big game trophies like elsewhere." She pauses a moment to watch as Ezrayl departs and then waves back towards the Weyr proper. "Round this time you can find the Headwoman in her office, she's gettin' older and complains more about the heat, so she'll probably be holed up in there with a big fan and such tryin' to stay cool. If you tell her I sent you, you'll probably get a quicker response."

"Trophy huntin' isn't much worth it, ma'am." Daranyl turns to scowl after Ezrayl, "I'd only vomit on your stuff, Ez. You know that! Mine's too 'mportn't." There's no malice in his words, though, instead, it's the easy bickering of siblings, some things stay true for anyone, really. When his attention comes back to the Weyrwoman, he nods slightly, "Don't suppose you could point us that way? Never been to a Weyr b'fore."

Enka tips her shoulders upwards in a nonchalant shrug. "Well then, I'm sure you'll find somethin' to your taste when it comes to huntin'. If snares and traps are your thing, there's bound to be some small game on some of the outlyin' islands. Could always row a boat over," her lips twitch in amusement, almost teasingly, "or just have a rider drop you off while flyin' sweeps. But what do I know, I'm just involved with the bookkeepin'." She chuckles. "Well, if you'll just keep goin' that way," she gestures behind her towards the rest of the Bowl, "you'll run into the livin' caverns. Can't miss 'em, always got people goin' in and out. And when you get inside, it's got tables and chairs and whatnot all over. There'll be some stairs. Head down those, and then to a hallway where you'll find the Headwoman's office. It's near the dorms."

Daranyl shrugs again, letting his crossbow rattle slightly against his back, "I'm sure I will. Thank ya ma'am." He leans down a little and nods to Enka's daughter, "Miss." Again, there's that almost-a-smile for the young'n before he turns to follow Enka's indicated direction, "Sounds easy enough. I suppose I'll go lookin' so we have bunks by the time Ez's done pulling our bags outta that mess. Thank ye again. I'm sure we'll run inta eachother now'n again."

"You're very welcome," Enka remarks, as her daughter giggles again at the almost-smile from Daranylbefore she wriggles free of her mother's grasp and scampers back towards the waterline with cheerful glee. "I'm always tryin' to do my best for anyone new who arrives here at the Weyr. Builds on our reputation, you know." The place to be, that sort of thing, yadda yadda. "I reckon you'll probably do just that, it's not hard findin' her, and judgin' by the amount of cargo bein' offloaded, it might take your …." a pause — sister?, friend? some random person? — "companion a while to get your gear. And yes, I'm sure we'll pass by sooner or later, Weyr's only so big after all, always been runnin' into people here and there no matter what."

Daranyl looks back over his shoulder at Enka and arches his brows, "Sister. Ez is my sister." He glances towards the dock and gives his head a quick shake, "If they're smart, they'll just stay out of her way. We don't have much. Take care, Weyrwoman." He adjusts the lay of the crossbow on his shoulder and turns back towards teh bowl to continue his journey.

Sister. Well, that was information given, and information retained. Enka fills that away for further use and nods. "Well then, I'm sure you and your sister will be able to settle in just fine." If rather prickly perhaps, but settle in nonetheless. "Same for you," she nods, and as Daranyl turns away, the goldrider meanders down towards the waveline, where her daughter is splashing in the shallows.

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