Etiquette is for the Weak

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

The early evening is proving to be kinder than the rest of the day, the sands still warm to wandering feet outside as the last of the light begins to fade. Cool breezes sail through the tropical weyr, the scent of lush greenery and the sea float through the caverns as residents begin to settle for the night. Kadesh is settled in a table away from the high traffic areas, her hands quickly pulling her long hair into a bun behind her head before feasting on the loaded tray before her. The woman licks her lips, rubs her hands together and then breaks her bread. Attentive honey hued eyes slowly drift across the room, watching the comings and goings of people as they pass through. Bits and pieces of weyr gossip surfacing in the hum of conversations echoing within the room.

Hotaru is running a bit late it seems. As people are heading out to settle in for the night, she's heading in to get something to eat. She's at least caught the tail end of dinner, so she can pick at what's left over, instead of being stuck with stew. She piles her own tray up nice and high, then looks for an out of the way seat as well, sitting at the end of Kadesh's table. She gives the weyrwoman a polite nod.

Daranyl is a new face around the Weyr, having only arrived yesterday. He looks a bit dirty around the edges as he makes his way out of the kitchens, his crossbow slung over one shoulder, "Yea yea, whersport's good eatin'!" A dark cloud seems to gather over him as he makes his way to the food line, his feet thumping just a bit more loudly than is strictly necessary, and starts piling on food.

Kadesh manages a polite nod towards Hotaru, refraining from speaking with a full mouth at the moment. She glances up, catching the… unsightly yet interesting spectacle of the new face making it's appearance. An eyebrow arches at the sight but she does nothing about it just yet. Not while her cheeks are filled to the brim with shredded wherry in all it's gravy soaked glory. The gears are turning, though, as her chewing becomes quicker and less bovine like.

Hotaru raises a brow as the man with a crossbow pops out of the… kitchens? No doubt bringing in his kill. All.. dirty like that. The headwoman must be having a field day! Hotaru is surprised he's not trailing blood everywhere, or gutting it on the tables. She turns to look down at her food, then over at Kadesh. "So… how's Zelda doing?" She asks curiously. She doesn't know much about the goldrider, other than she is 'Zelda's mom'. And Hotaru hasn't seen Zelda in a dog's age.

Daranyl pauses long enough to wipe the grime off his hands before plucking up food as he works his way through, piling his plate high before he turns, looking over the caverns, his eyes lingering briefly on the clock before he settles on a table that just happens to be there near Kadesh and Hotaru. He finishes his not-quite-a-stomp there, letting his tray fall with a bit too much force and swinging his crossbow around to settle on the table next to the food before setting in with a single-minded gusto. Social? Why bother?

The weyrwoman swallows enough of her wherry cud to manage a few words to the newcomer at the very least. "Ya wash yer hands at the least?" she manages with a few drops of gravy falling on her tunic and a shred of meat right inbetween her front teeth. She turns to Hotaru as she shovels in another mouthful, "She's doing well, enjoying her time in the kitchens doing whatever it is she does." Kadesh turns back to her tray and stabs a tuber with her fork, but not before turning her gaze on the mister. "Put that thing on the floor, you!"

Hotaru raises a brow as Daranyl sits close to them. Ew. She can SMELL HIM FROM HERE. Or maybe that was Kadesh. She'll let the weyrwoman handle the threats though, just eyeing Daran from her seat. She nods to Kadesh. "Mm. She should come here for a visit. Or to live. Whichever." She suggests, with a laugh. "I haven't seen her in forever." Hotaru munches on the sandwich she's made. She looks back over at Daranyl when Kadesh tells him to put his weapon on the floor. "That thing better not be loaded."

Daranyl washes down his first few mouthfuls with some klah, then raises his hands to wiggle hastily-cleaned fingers at the Weyrwoman, "'Course it's not loaded, what do you think I am, stupid?" He glances at the bow at Kadesh's order, then gives his head a slight shake, "I'm not puttin' my tray on the floor, that's just plain unsanitary."

A meat roll was supposed to go into the weyrwoman's mouth but it's mission was thwarted by another blasphemy. "You don't but Pasha's deliciousness on floor unless you plan on eating runnerfood for the sevenday. I was talking 'bout the bow. Put it under your chair or something, not on the table." Kadesh scowls, but it is short lived as there's another meatroll that managed to hide under some greens. A meatroll saturated in delicious wherry gravy. Nothing can get in between a woman and her food. This is why she wears a bib.

Hotaru raises a brow at Daranyl. "Well I don't know. I think it's pretty stupid to bring a crossbow in here, period. The guards might jump you. They're ansty around here." Hotaru finishes up her sandwich and takes a sip of her juice. She'll just… ignore the weyrwoman's eating habits.

"That there bow's as precious ta me as the food I'm eatin', maybe more." To be fair, Daranyl's not all that used to eating at a table anymore, but they don't know that. This whole etiquette thing? Right over his head. And he's not moving to stow it, either. "Stupider to leave it somewhere unattended where a kidlet might get at it, neh? 'Sides, m' sister just signed on here. She'd worry if'n I didn't have it."

Eating habits? If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face! The bib is there to keep her tunic somewhat clean and presentable when she leaves the living caverns. It even has many uses! It serves the goldrider very well as a napkin. Kadesh wipes her chin with the cloth and clears her throat, rotating her tray to get to the otherside. One doesn't get fish soup and let's it get cold! The fish head is removed and placed on the tray, it's cold eyes peering across the table at Hotaru, wishing it wasn't so rollie pollie. "So why can't your sister secure it for you while you're in the living caverns? We do have a weapons check point, you know. If you're too afraid of leaving it alone, the caverns do let you take food out so long as you're escorted by a guard. Point is: it doesn't need to be on the table while you eat. You know you can secure it close by other means that don't involve surfaces you rest your tray." She takes up a spoonful soup and slurps it slowly before tossing the utencil back onto the tray. Kadesh picks up her bowl and audibly slurps more of the broth. Not scalding, but still hot enough.

Hotaru blinks. "Well, I generally keep my bow locked up. Though it's easier to do in a weyr than it is down here." She grins then. "Do you sleep with it, then, too? Anyways, the weyrwoman didn't ask you to get rid of it. Just put it under the table." Hotaru finishes up the last bits of what she plans to eat, then gets to her feet. She'll be lazy and leave the tray for the drudges. She slides up behind Daranyl on her way out. "Just so you know, the weyrbrats can be handsy. Even if it's attached to you." She pokes at the bow, then gives a nod to Kadesh as she slides out.

Daranyl snorts darkly, pausing in his chewing long enough to pick up the bow and sling it over his shoulder. IT'S NOT ON THE TABLE, SO NYA! "She'd probably paint it some absurd color just 'cause she could." He glances at Hotary, twitching the bow away from the poke, and grumbles, "Yeah. I do." Sullen hunter is sullen. He quickly scoops up more food and grumbles, "Not like it's going to hurt anyone. Hunter's not much use ta anyone without his gear."

Kadesh offers a non-commital shrug but does manage to nod her head in approval at the bow off the table. "Yeah, kinda need hunters if we want to continue to eat this good. Wouldn't want you to lose it by some kiddie but more worried about unruly adults. Celi can't do anything about them other than rouse the guard." The weyrwoman takes the last piece of her bread and wipes up her plate. "Have you been here, long…?" The pause waiting for a name to find it's way in there.

"It's a good way to discourage unruly adults, too." There's a pause while he chews through another over-large bite, swallowing audibly before he supplies, "Daranyl. Got in by boat yesterday with Ez. My sister. I'd rather have th' bow with me than trust someone else with it. 'M sure you understan'."

Kadesh peers down at her bowl of red fruit crumbles. She leans over and takes in the last of the warm steamy goodness as it begins to cool and she dips her spoon in, spreading the crumbly crust about the filling. She nods her head in agreement. "Well, Daranyl, you haven't been here long enough. We've got some brilliant ones and then we have… well. Not a glow alit upstairs so they're stumbling about in the dark in broad daylight. Wait a while, you'll notice it. Are you going to be staying for the long term, then?"

Daranyl inclines a sharp nod "As long as they'll have Ez, I'm here. I've dealt with my share of dimglows, better'r'worse. I just try'n keep my distance, yeah?" He pauses yet again to stuff his face with food, "Apparently I'm supposed to process my kill before I deliver it. D'you know where I'm ta do that?"

"Suppose you need to find the steward, he moves about alot though. Just leave a message with the kitchens and they'll send someone to find him. Someone knows where the old bird is. Just make sure you don't leave your kills outside unless you have them set up to smoke or something. We try to bury certain meats with coals to keep the lizards away." Mmmm, smoked meat. Especially with some of the weyrs giant leaves and wood bits. Not much seasoning required.

Kadesh stacks up her dishes and leans back in her seat, prying free a shred of missed wherry from her teeth with a fingernail.

"Yeah. Learned that when I was ten. Good ta know some things don' change. Maybe Kyra can point me at him." It's only name dropping if the dropper actually knows the two parties in question are related. "Do ya have a type of game ya prefer?"

A drudge passes by and collects up any empty dishes, staying on the side of the weyrwoman as they peer at the strange young man for a moment. Kadesh just mutters her thanks before peering back at Daranyl. "I'm not too picky if things are prepared right. I'll never turn down a good wherry, though. The ones on the island can be scarce and tempermental." Perhaps their distant descendants happened upon a cassowary-like remnant or something.

Daranyl shrugs again, "Wherry's always a fun challenge." He scrapes up the last of his meal and chews it quickly, leveling a look at the drudge staring at him that could curdle milk before he quickly snags his plate, "I should find Ez. Thank ya, Weyrwoman." He's at least that smart.

"Yer welcome, Daranyl. I'll see you around." Kadesh usually does, she watches all that come in go within the caverns. Even with all of Half Moon's flora and fauna, one will want a meal they don't have to cook themselves eventually. She'll have their face, she won't forget so long as food is involved.

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