Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

There's always time to stop and relax - and to get in a little family time, too! Not that the two siblings sitting opposite each other on one table are actually taking advantage of their time together. The slender, boyish-looking Seleaux is clicking away with a pair of knitting needles, while Rou'x is scribbling her way through a stack of paperwork. There are half-eaten plates and half-filled glasses between them, filled with the remainders of breakfast.

Klah, sweet klah… Areia could swim in it. And with how much she drinks, it's a wonder she doesn't swim in it. She's currently filling a mug right now, in fact! Then she turns, surveying the cavern until she spots someone she knows. She wanders towards the sisters, pausing at their table. "Hey, Rou'x. How are you feeling?" Then she seems to notice Seleaux and offers the sister a small wave. "I know we met, but I don't remember your name, sorry."

Rou'x looks up at Areia, giving her a tired smile. "I feel bigger'n Indy, truth be told, but I ain't feeling that sick any more… which is alright, I guess." She snorts, patting the table beside her. "D'you wanna sit wi' us? Could do wi' the company of someone who ain't clacking away." Seleaux is given a narrow-eyed, displeased look; the knitted object itself is given a glare. For her part, the little sister tips her head in a cheery greeting to Areia, and is about to say something before she's interrupted by Rou'x - "You met Xeau, Arie? Arie, Xeau, Xeau, Arie. All met, all good." To which Seleaux adds, "Nice t'meetcha," in an accent thicker than her big sister's.

Areia smiles sympathetically. "I can imagine it's pretty uncomfortable." Yup, imagine, and thats it! No babies for Arei. She takes the proferred spot, the mug clicking on the table as she sits down. "If it's any consolation, you don't look bigger than Indy. You look great." She offers before taking a hefty glug of the klah. "Nice to meet you, Xeau. Although I swear it started with an S last time." She winks at the girl, glancing at Rou'x.

"Seleaux," the younger of the two siblings offers. She doesn't stop knitting - she doesn't even slow, in fact. Whatever she's making is powder blue, and looks somewhat square. A blanket in the making, perhaps? "Xeau's just what they been callin' me since I were a tot, cos I din't know howta say my name prop'ly back then. Right, Rou?" The brownrider nods in confirmation, then snorts. "She couldn't say half the shit she needed to when she were little. Made it bloody hard t' try n' talk to her… Liessel gabbed on like anythin' though, from what I remember." Rou'x pushes her paperwork gently to the side, setting down her pen in favour of resting her hand on her belly, instead. "Can you believe it's already been more'n four months, Areia? Comin' up /five/, now!"

Areia nods. "Ah, that was it." She grins, peering at the knitting curiously. "My ma used to knit. I never got the hang of it, though. What is that? Love the color." Rou'x gets a surprised look. "Five months already? Time flies." She sips from the mug, contemplating. "How's Keely doing, if I can ask? I know you guys are in similar situations." Well, thats one way to put it.

Rou'x looks sidelong at her sister when Areia mentions Keely… then tries to give the stablehand one of those /meaningful/ looks. Not that Seleaux's about to let /that/ go. "Yeah, d'you know what the deal is wi' that, Areia? Cos I been hearin' sh— /OW/!" There's the distinct sound of someone getting kicked beneath the table, and Rou glowers over at her little sister in warning. "Fog n' damned /fire/, Rou, whatcha go n' do that for? I /already/ know you're /shaggin'/ her, ain't nothin' moves faster'n a rumour here." Seleaux drops her needles to rub at her bruised shin, then looks grumpily at Areia. "You pregnant too, then? Seems most folks here are."

Areia's eyes widen at the half question, kick, and meaningful look that she, thankfully, 'gets'. "What I asked is all I know." She tells Seleaux, which is true - for the most part. She's sipping at the klah again at the last question. Not a good idea, since she chokes and a tiny bit of the klah spews across the table. "Me?!" She asks, incredulous. "No. No, no no. Oh, shards. I'll get some napkins." And just to cement the idea, again, she goes "No." before getting up to get something to wipe up the mess. She returns a scant moment later with towels and starts cleaning.

"Good f'you, Areia," Rou'x says with a dark look at her sibling when the blonde woman returns to the table. "You don't wanna be cartin' around a belly like this. Ain't /nothin'/ but a nuisance, n' I still got /months/ of this t'go through." The wingleader isn't the most ecstatic mother, clearly. "I reckon by th' time I come t'pop, I ain't gonna fit between my Indy's 'ridges no more." That makes Seleaux snort, but she's quickly silenced by a glare. Even still, that doesn't stop her from resuming her knitting and chattering away. "What d'you do here, blondie? I seen ya here n' there a bit, but don't reckon we've had no time t'talk none so much, yeah?"

Areia stuffs the dirty napkins in her empty mug. Luckily the klah spit was minimal. "Aww, don't be so negative." She chides Rou'x gently, although her tone is a bit forced. "You'll have a little baby! A cute little… well… baby. It won't be that bad." Says the completely un-pregnant woman. The knitting needles are eyed a bit. Okay, so it is a bit annoying. "Stablehand, mostly. Basically a beastcrafter minus the craft. I help with the weyr's few runners."

Seleaux perks up at the sound of that, nodding her head in approval. "Yeah? I gotta thing for runners, don't I, Rou'x? The ones back home all liked me well enough, though I din't do much with'em 'cept ride sometimes when they needed me to." She grins, clickety-clacking away on her needles. "Yeah," Rou adds, nodding her head. "Y'know though Arie, I ain't even /wantin'/ t'have kids. I reckon Xeau's more've a ma than I am… but she bloody well better not get herself knocked up, or I'll /wallop/ someone really damned hard."

Areia shrugs a bit. "Ma and da were beastcrafters. Natural to follow them, I suppose." She waves a hand a bit. "It's a job. Got me here, at least." And she grins at that. Rou'x is tsked at. "You'll be a great mother." She pauses, considering, then continues. "And half the weyr will help, I'm sure. You won't be alone." The display of sisterly protectiveness makes her chuckle. "And now you have Indy to help wallop." She reminds.

"It's more that Ir'e'll be a good father that I'm puttin' up wi' it," Rou'x admits with a shrug. "I ain't got no worries about him bein' good t' the kid… n' mebbe Keely'll be a ma of sorts. Don't matter much if neither of 'em wanna get involved really though, does it? There's plenty in the lower caverns who'll help, like y'said." She rubs a hand over her bump, frowning thoughtfully. Seleaux snorts, pausing to take a sip of klah. "I'm sorta just helpin' where I can right now, really. Mostly stuff in here, in the stores, wherever I'm wanted, y'know? You got any stuff needs doin' in the stables?"

"I bet he will be a good father." Areia agrees, leaning back in her chair. "And I can see Keely being great with them, for sure. It'll all work out. No worrying!" She says while pointing a finger at Rou'x. "You'll worry yourself to early labor or something." So much for no negatives. In answering Seleaux, she hrms, then grins wide. "We always need stall-muckers."

Rou'x laughs, spinning her juice glass round in front of her. "The sooner I get this over with the better it's gonna be, y'know? Not that I wanna /hurt/ the little bugger, but I wanna get back t'bein' able t'do my job /proper/. It don't feel right, gettin' a promotion then bunkin' off wi' a baby belly." Not that she /is/ bunking off… but she still feels guilty. "Xeau's good at muckin' out. She's a natural wi' shit, ain'tcha, little sis?" Seleaux sneers sarcastically back, rolling her eyes.

Areia snorts. "I can't see you NOT doing your job proper, belly or no." She states dryly. "And it's not as if this was planned. It wasn't, 'Hey, i'll get a promotion and get pregnant!'. I can't imagine the higher ups are going to fault you for it." The click clack needles are given an annoyed glance before she addresses Seleaux again. "Any time you want to help out, come down. We'll find something." She assures.

Seleaux grins at Areia, nodding her head. "Yeah, y'know I'll do that f' sure. I reckon it always feels good after you've done a good day in the stables, y'know?" When she's approached by a lower caverns worker, she sighs softly and tucks away her knitting, to stand up. "Mebba I'll see y'there tomorrow, or summat? Today's busy. See y'later, Areia, sis." The lanky teen follows the worker off towards the kitchens. Rou finger-waggles a goodbye to her, then rolls her eyes at Areia. "Faranth help me, cos I don't bloody well want my sister here stickin' her nose inta me n' my stuff."

Areia waves at Seleaux. "Just stop in and ask for the current manager." She half-yells after her. Leaning back, she chuckles, giving Rou'x a smile. "I'm glad all mine are still at Fort. I miss them but don't miss them, you know? Sorry about the Keely slip up. I figured she knew." She shakes her head, then runs a hand through her hair. "Clacking needles are gone, too. Hurrah."

"Y'know, I've sorta grown up with that clickin' n' stuff, but it still drives me mad. There's always someone knittin' or workin' the loom back home - joys of livin' with a bunch've Weavers, I guess." Rou'x shrugs, picking at a few bits that are left on her plate. "I din't tell her about Keely, but… well, Zi'on clued her in that I were knocked up, so I figured she'd prob'ly heard from someone that I were… well… y'/know/. Sorta shackin' up with another girl."

Areia half-smiles. "All I got was constant dirt and straw in our house." She chuckles. "Joys of beastcrafters. I love my da but man, he always stank of runners. Worse than I do." The half-smile turns into a grin before she sobers a bit. "And she has a problem with that? Hate to be blunt, but it kinda comes with the territory of having a dragon - especially a brown."

Rou'x shifts her weight about, wincing a little before she resettles herself into a more comfortable position. "Yeah, but she don't get it yet. I reckon she's understandin' a whole lot quicker'n I did when I first came to a Weyr, but still. It's a /big/ difference from where we grew up, y'know? /Our/ home's in the middle've damned nowhere, ain't nothin' there and not much reason f' dragons t'come, unless they're droppin' someone off or summat. An' gettin' it on with a girl ain't gonna fly there."

Areia ahs quietly. "I see. Holdfolk vs weyrfolk. No offense, but I'll take the weyr any day." She chuckles, then lets out a heaved sigh. "Alright, I should probably get back. I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff that needs to be done Right Now!" She scoots her chair back and stands, grabbing the mug and napkins. "Take it easy, okay? And don't stress. It'll all work out."

In an unusual display of affection, Rou'x reaches over to give Areia's hand a quick squeeze. Then the brownrider blushes, grinning lopsidedly. "Yeah. Yeah, it'll all work out somehow. You take it easy too though, yeah? Seleaux'll at least come n' work hard if she does make it into the stables with ya - that's one thing I can give her, y'know? She ain't no slacker." And speaking of slacking, there's a pile of papers still to get through. With a soft sigh, Rou'x slides them towards herself. "An' I gotta get back t'filling this all in."

Areia squeezes back with a smile. "I'll try, but life is never dull. Good to know about Seleaux. I'll put her to work, don't worry. And I'll see you around." She turns and heads over to drop off her dishes before moving out to the bowl.

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