Archery Contest

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

The rain has stopped, at least for at while, at Half Moon. Its early in the morning, and Hotaru has set up some targets in an area of the lagoon that isn't used very much. It's not well combed and not very close to the water. But it is nice and open and flat, which makes it a good spot for target practice. She's got her bow and a quiver of arrows with her and is letting loose on the three stuffed targets ahead of her. The redhead is a little out of practice, but still a decent shot for some vintner girl.

Daranyl got the message, it seems, for here he comes down towards the lagoon, crossbow slung over his shoulder. He's in lighter tones, today, in honor of the reappearance of the sun and his hair looks like it may have been, GHASP, combed! His gaze slides over the targets, then settle on Hotaru, watching her shoot for a few moments before he opines, "Not bad. Not good enough to have me scared, but not bad." He has been hunting for over a decade as his primary (and sometimes only) source of sustenance, "How are we going to do this? Best a' three?"

What! Combed hair! Hotaru… well she sort of does that. It's more to keep the knots down, really. There's a fwnk and the arrow Hotaru has knocked is let loose and then a thmp as it hits the target. "Ha-ha. What was the bet again? I could just stick an arrow in your shoulder. That would basically guarantee a win for me." She heads down to pull her arrows free. "Fine, best of three." Hotaru used to hunt fairly regularly. Back when she was living with her grandparents. Alas that was over five turns ago now, and she doesn't get the bow out as much as she ought to.

Daranyl's brows arch up, "That would hardly be a fair contes'. The bet was that I'd not throw more sand atcher mate if'n I lost an if I won, y'all'd make me a nice dinner. Unless ya want ta adjust th' terms?" He slings the bow around, putting his foot on the claw so he can draw up the string and set the bolt, his gaze still on her.

Hotaru ponders the stakes. "Well. I think that sounds fair." She heads back to where she was shooting from before. "We'll go at three distances… here… here… and here." She draws three lines in the sand with her foot. "And since I'm such a nice lady, I'll even let you go first. I can't believe you hunt with that. It's so hard to reload."

Daranyl shrugs as he lifts the bow, reaching to pat the knife on his hip, "Also make a point to only need one shot." He tilts his head, any sense of cockiness completely gone as he sights down the crossbow and pulls the trigger. The bolt flies true, finding the bullseye, then he steps back, nodding to Hotaru as he starts to reload the bow, "Show me what you've got, lass."

Hotaru peers at him. "Well, you'd have to. Can you even get that thing into a tree?" Once Daran is done, Hotaru steps up. She knocks an arrow, pulls back, aims, then lets it loose. Hers, too, finds the bulls eye. She grins to him. "Whoosh. Movin' on back." She says, heading back to the next line, wiggling her hips.

"Course I can." Daranyl rolls his eyes, raising the crossbow again. Despite the increased distance, he fires with the same speed and accuracy as before, then nods to Hotaru, reloading again, but there's still no smile. He simply is as he is, and that's a certain kind of neutral, and if he notes the hipwiggle, he doesn't comment.

Hotaru wrinkles her nose at him. "I dunno. Don't roll your eyes at me. It seems heavy. And hard to cock in a tree." Hotaru knocks, aims, shoots. Same ease and accuracy as before as well. There's a thwmp as the arrow sticks into the bullseye. Then she sashays back to the furthest line. Which is far.

"'s not that heavy, just gotta get used to it." Daranyl hefts up his bow again, this time taking a moment to judge the distance and the wind. He sights down the bow and takes a breath, letting it out as he looses the bolt. When it lodges once again in the bullseye, his lips curve up just a little. Just enough to show pleasure at his performance, "What happens if'n we tie again, lass?"

Hotaru watches Daranyl take his final shot. Well, maybe his final shot. She mutters under her breath when it finds the target again. She eyes him, grumbling. "Then we go shot for shot until someone misses! Sudden death!" Hotaru puts her toes up to the line in the sand and knocks her arrow. There's more aiming this time as she tries to adjust for the wind. She finally lets it loose and…. it sticks in just outside the bullseye circle. "No!" She shouts in disgust. "Damnit!"

Daranyl doesn't reload his bow, just waiting and watching, a twinkle of triumph in his eyes as she misses by >< this much, "So… what's for dinner?"

Hotaru and Daranyl are out on the beach, having the archery contest Hotaru promised Daranyl. And Hotaru has… literally just lost. Which is evident by the one arrow sticking out just outside the bullseye on one of the targets. She looks… decidedly grumpy about the outcome. "I dunno… Herdbeast steaks I guess. Roasted vegetables. Mashed tubers. Spiderclaw bisque." It's the best dinner Hotaru can think up while still being grumpy about the loss. "Let me try that thing!"

Nae rushes up to the pair of archers, still in her riding leathers. She probably came straight from work. When she spots Hotaru and Daranyl near the arrow-riddled targets, she pouts with disappointment. "Aw. I missed it?"

Daranyl glances at his bow at that request, then back at Hotaru, "Sounds like quite a meal, just let me know when." Since he'll need a ride up and all. He pats the stock of the crossbow, then hefts it up and offers it to Hotaru, "It's got a really heavy pull on it." He glances over at Nae as she comes running up, then shrugs, "Ya can see th' results."

Hotaru turns to spot Nae, giving the greenrider a wave. "Hey, Nae! Yeah, sorry… It didn't last too long." She pouts. "I lost…" If that wasn't already obvious. Hotaru trades bows with Daranyl. Was it loaded? If not, she's loading it! Then she hoists it up to try it out. "Clear!" She lets the bolt fly. It wizzes past the targets and gets stuck in a tree some ways away. She laughs.

Nae shares the pouting with Hotaru. "Aw, m'sorry, love…" She moves in as if for an embrace, but thinks the better of it when crossbows are being passed around. Best to give them some distance for that. She then raises an eye at Daranyl. "So. He wins the big prize, then?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Shard it, now I'm gonna hafta make another bolt. I warned ya it was powerful." Grumble grumble, wasted bolt, grumble. "Sorry ya missed it, she's a better shot'n I thought, but, yeah, I won in the end."

Hotaru swipes another bolt from Daran, and reloads the crossbow. "You try, you try!" She says, handing the bow over to Nae. Daranyl's bow is being passed around like a cheap hooker! And he's probably going to lose another bolt. Though Nae may be better with it than Hotaru. She grins to Nae. "I guess he does. Dinner and a show, maybe." She laughs. "Does that mean I get to go hunting with you?"

Nae arches an eyebrow at Daranyl. "Better shot than you thought? What, you thought she wasn't going to be any good?" She giggles a bit, taking the crossbow and lifting it up. She squints. "Clear!" The bolt sails off past the target, landing somewhere in the tree line. Nae looks sheepish. But really, when would she've ever learned to fire a crossbow?

Daranyl lets out a dark sigh and holds out his hand, "Give it back 'fore ya waste anymore o' my bolts. Didn' know what ta expect. First time in a Weyr 'n' all." His fingers flex, GIMME. "If'n ya want to, maybe, but only if'n ya can focus on tha hunt 'n' not on other things. Jus' when d'ya wanna do dinner 'n' whatever y'all have planned?"

Hotaru giggles as Nae's bolt goes sailing into the trees. "Whoops!" Nae wouldn't know how to shoot one. But it doesn't matter! First time for everything. Hotaru takes her bow back from Daran and lets Nae hand him back the crossbow. Then she slides over to wrap an arm around the greenrider. She ponders. "I dunno. When's your next rest day, Nae? We could do it then." Hotaru grins about being allowed to go on the hunt. "Don't worry. I can focus."

Nae gives Daranyl a sort of sheepish smile as she hands his crossbow back over. "… Sorry about that. I'm better with spears, really. More useful in the water." She then looks to Hotaru to answer the question. "Tomorrow. Or, I'm free for the rest of today, if you two didn't have other plans…"

Daranyl slings the crossbow up and over his shoulder, letting it bounce against his back once before it settles, "I could do either. 'M not goin' back out again fer a coupla days." Got to keep the quarry on its paws, or… something. "Jus' lemme know which is better fer y'all."

Hotaru blinks at Nae. "Well, I need time to prep dinner. So tomorrow would be better. Today is a little bit short notice." Hotaru slings her own bow up over her shoulder. Hotaru grins a bit. "Thanks for being a good sport, Daranyl. I guess winning probably helped with that."

Nae grins at Hotaru. "Good. That way I can help you prep. It's only fair, after all." How? Nevermind that. She gives Daranyl a little grin. "Well then. Looking forward to having you over."

Daranyl coughs and nods, starting to turn away back up towards the Weyr, "Since I ain't got any wings, kin I get a ride up there?" This is a recipe for disaster, really, since he also won't be able to leave under his own power, but who knows, maybe he'll get lucky. Er, not feel a need to escape.

Hotaru takes Nae's hand and looks like she's about to take a walk down the beach with the greenrider. She chuckles to Nae. She doesn't get the fair bit, but she isn't going to turn down the help. "Well, you could take the taxi dragon, but unless they know where we live it'll be hard." She looks to Nae. She's the one with wings, after all.

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