Half Moon Bay Weyr - Nae and Kaiath's Weyr

This weyr is a small, yet efficient living space. The couch is big enough for a couple of medium-sized dragons, lined with several furs and some pillows to make a comfy retreat for any dragons that reside there. The dragon area opens into the main living space, an open area big enough for a sitting room, eating area and kitchen. A closet at the front entrance allows a place for leathers and wetsuits to be hung out of the way.

The sitting area has been laid out with a nice plush carpet on the stone. There is a sofa and a couple of armchairs arranged in a u-shape around the square klah table. The walls are lined with various shelving units. Some for books, some for miscellaneous items, and at least a couple for the growing number of bottles of wine and spirits. The eating area has a table with four chairs. The full sized kitchen is separated by an island, and has the standard appliances.

The bedroom is off to one side of the main living space, and is nearly as big in size. A large walk-in closet is at the front, and is packed to full with clothing and boxes. Two dressers with mirrors line the walls, and a third with shelving over it is on the wall nearest to the entrance. A king-sized bed is flanked by two nightstands, and two trunks from residency-days sit at the foot. A good sized washroom with a combined tub and shower sits just to the right of the entrance.

Hotaru has been busy this afternoon. Cooking. Growing up on the cothold meant Hotaru was somewhat domesticated. And by somewhat that means she can cook. Or at least make do well enough in the weyr's little kitchen. The redhead is in a dress today! A little red sleeveless number. Though the shoes didn't stay on too long, as she's barefoot in the kitchen. The tubers and veggies are done and being kept warm, and she is working on pan cooking the steaks. She was too lazy to make dessert, so she swiped some cream puffs from the caverns earlier. She's already tapped into a bottle of red Benden, and is sipping while she cooks. Hopefully Nae is ready and has gone down to collect their dinner guest, since the table is all set and ready for his arrival.

Nae is very grateful for Hotaru's domestic ways. She grew up weyrbred, and lacks a lot of those essential homemaking skills. So, she's happy to go and play taxi rider, giving Daranyl a ride up to the weyr. That means she's in her riding leathers for now, though Hotaru will know that she's already picked out an outfit for a little later on. She unstraps herself and their guest before slipping off Kaiath's back, giving her lifemate a quick smile before looking to Daranyl. "Hotaru's been working on this meal all day, you lucky fellow. C'mon in, make yourself at home."

DARANYL IS CROSSBOWLESS! MARK THE DATE! Apparently, he at least has the manners to know not to take a weapon to a dinner party. He had combed his hair, but the flight up pretty well destroyed that. He looks more than a little windswept and bears all the tell-tale signs of someone's first dragon flight. He just nods to Nae's words, a bit too shell-shocked to actually speak yet. It's hard to tell if he enjoyed it or not, though Nae may have a bruise from him holding on so tight and now he just kind of stumbles into the weyr, nodding to Hotaru as well, then looking around, distracting himself from what he's not sure of by taking in their home instead.

Hotaru waves to the pair as they head into the weyr. "Hey you two. Come get some wine. Dinner is almost ready." Hotaru pours them each a glass from the bottle she's opened up. Then she heads over to look in one of the pots on the stove. It's bisque! "The bisque is ready. Why don't you guys start on that while I finish up the steaks?" She fills up three bowls, then sets them on the plates on the table. No appetizers it would seem. Otherwise they'll end up too full. Poor Daranyl. He could always borrow Hotaru's bow if he felt unsafe? Hotaru flips the steaks in the pan she's cooking them in, and they sizzle.

Nae looks just a little bit amused at Daranyl's reaction to the little flight. "… Never been flying before, eh? Wouldn'tve guessed it would rattle a tough guy like you." She winks to try to take the edge off the little teasing remark. She takes a deep breath and gives Hotaru a little grin as she accepts the wine. "Mmm. Smells lovely. Thank you, love." She takes a sip, then sets it down by the bisque. "Mmm. I'll come right back for some of that… but first, I'm going to change out of my leathers for dinner. Be right back." She winks and ducks into the bedroom.

Daranyl grunts softly, "'M not rattled. Thanks fer th' ride up here." He's never had bisque before, but he nods slightly, leaning forward to sniff at it. Of course, advantage? He doesn't know what an appetizer is, either. He glances after Nae as she retreats, then back at the bisque. There really seems to be only one way to eat it, so he'll go with that, using a spoon to slowly scoop some up. He sniffs it again, then slurps it into his mouth. His eyes go wide, the wide that says 'shards, shoulda blown on that', then he forces himself to swallow the hot liquid and nods, "'Sgood. T'anks."

Hotaru grins. "First time flying, hm? You'll get used to it, after a while. It's hard to avoid it though, if you're living in the weyr." There's a grin to Nae. "You're welcome, love. You do that. As much as I love your leathers, I suppose they're not really dinner attire." She chuckles. Hotaru flips the steaks again, and then starts plating the rest of the food for them. "Thanks." She says to Daranyl, having missed his reaction to the too-hot soup. "It's probably still a little hot." Hopefully he at least knows what wine is? "Alright, I think we're ready here." She plates the steaks as well, then brings the plates over to the table to set them down. "So how are you liking the weyr, Daranyl? Are we exciting enough for you?"

Nae isn't gone long. She returns in a short, sleeveless dress that is actually fairly similar to Hotaru's, though hers is in a deep blue color. She has also ditched her boots, happy to have dinner barefoot. She smiles as she returns, picking up her wine glass and having another sip before settling in. "Thank you so much for cooking, love. This all looks wonderful." She glances to Daranyl, curious to hear him answer Hotaru's question.

Daranyl knows what wine is! If he has a glass, he'll even sip at it, though Nae knows his preference in alcohol at this point, he has some manners, few though they may be, "'Tis jus' a li'le hot, yeah. 'M no'… 's nice 'nuff? No' use' ta it, ye', though." He blows on his next spoonful of bisque before slurping it down. "'Citin' doesn' mat'er." He's a simple man with simple needs. He nods when the steak is set out, "Thank ya."

Hotaru settles in as well, once everyone has their food. She crosses her legs under the table, and then refills her wine glass. "Sure thing, love. Though I'm the one who made the bet and lost." She winks to Nae. Really the greenrider was reaping the benefits! She looks to Daran then. He does indeed have a glass! And if he'd prefer something else to drink, he is fine to speak up. Or Nae can. Since Hotaru was a vintner who specialized in spirits, they had a fully stocked liquor cabinet. They might even have a couple of bottles of beer floating about. "No? I dunno. I like a little excitement, don't you, Nae?" She grins at the greenrider and starts to sip at her soup.

Nae giggles a little at the question Hotaru puts to her. "I think that's fair to say. We're always up for a little adventure. Life in a weyr is exciting by itself, but being weyrmated to Hotaru… well, she's made my life so much more thrilling." She returns the wink before finally starting in on her bisque, glancing to their guest between spoonfuls. "So. Tell us a little more about yourself, Darry."

Daranyl knows better than to ask for something else. Or, you know, is trained not to. He sips his wine again, then more bisque. Conversation is secondary to eating, it seems. He eats with the single-minded focus of someone who expects it might be taken away if it's not completed. He shrugs at the mention of excitement again, managing a quick, "Ev'rythin's 'citin' if'n y'all let it be." He flicks a glance between the two, washing down some bisque with wine before he asks, "How's it work, you ridin' 'n' Hotaru no'?" He just ignores the question about himself. It seems safer.

Hotaru grins at Nae. "Like you don't initiate your fair share of excitement, Nae." Really Hotaru wouldn't mind. It's just that the wine is paired up with the meal, really. Nae and Hotaru drink a fair amount of wine, some every night, really. Though not usually more than a glass or two. Hotaru sets her bowl of soup aside to start in on her actual meal. She'll let Nae answer the question, since it was posed to her.

Nae does seem to be going through her wine at a pretty good pace. She's also enjoying the actual meal quite a bit, a smile on her face every time she's not actually eating or drinking anything. She looks to Daranyl as she answers the question. "It works perfectly well, really. I mean, dragonriding is… unique. But in some ways, it's just another profession. Plenty of couples have different jobs and get along fine. And Kaiath quite likes Hotaru, so there's no issue there. Or was there a… specific aspect of dragonriding that you were wondering about?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall again, taking a moment to tip up the bowl and drain the last of its contents before setting it aside and pulling the steak towards him and sipping more wine, "Th' whole…" He makes a vague motion with his hands, like flapping wings "Sharin' thang." He sets in on the steak with gusto similar to how he attacked the bisque, making a point to mix tubers in with the steak to keep it special.

Well hopefully Nae isn't going through the wine at such a pace that would mean she'd be drunk and passed out after dinner! Though Hotaru has seen her put it away, so the redhead doesn't look worried. She nods in agreement with Nae. "We both work daytime shifts, and come home at night to enjoy our time together. It wouldn't be much different if I had a dragon. Just that Kaiath would have to share her space." Hotaru blinks. "You mean sharing… like during a flight?" Hotaru grins. "Flights don't really count as sharing, to me. Though… Nae and I have a somewhat… open relationship."

Nae smiles just a little more when Daranyl makes his source of confusion obvious, looking more than a little amused. "Ah." She lets Hotaru handle the first round of explanations, nodding in agreement as she has a bite of steak. "Many people in weyrs have different ideas about those sorts of things than in holds. Hotaru and I love each other, and we'll always be each other's partners. But neither of us requires the other to be sexually exclusive."

At least he's not freaking out about the whole two girls sleeping together thing? Daranyl practically inhales his steak while the girls are explaining how they make it work, then washes it down with the last of his glass of wine, "I don' get tha'." It's a simple enough statement that just rings with easy truth. Does not compute. "Or 'zat how ya han'le no' bein' able ta have kids tagether?"

Hotaru grins at Nae. "Mm. While I prefer being part of Nae's sexual life as much as possible… flights I am okay sitting out of." She winks, then goes back to nibbling on her food. She tilts her head at Daran. "No? Um… I don't quite get the question. We just aren't sexually exclusive. We sleep with other people. A lot of time we sleep with other people at the same time." She says, chuckling.

Nae giggles a bit at Daranyl's confusion, and at Hotaru's further explanation of the situation. "Yeah. I mean… it can be a fun way for us to bond as a couple. And on those occasions like flights, well… we both understand that it's just sex, it isn't any kind of emotional thing outside of our relationship. The two don't have to go together, or anything."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "S'pose if'n it werks fer ya." He leans on the table, out of food now, "'ve never… I mean, no' in a 'lationship, so mebbe I jus' don' know. Jus' seems like askin' fer trouble."

Nae leans back in her chair, taking a sip of her wine before giving another smile to Daranyl. "What sort of trouble, exactly? Hotaru and I have had a few sexual partners other than each other since we became weyrmates. It's never caused any jealousy. We communicate openly about it and make sure we both understand what's going on. As long as we're being honest about everything, where's the harm?"

Daranyl's shoulders rise and fall, "Guess it don' work for ev'ryone. Mean, seems y'all have it figgered alrigh', but other folks? Fights 'n' yellin' 'n'… jus' goes bad." He shrugs again, not sure what else to say. After all, he's never had a relationship, how the scorch would he know?

Nae laughs a little bit, smiling after she swallows another bite of steak. "Mmmm. Well, I'm sure it's not for everyone. But as a rider? I've got no choice but to find a partner who is open minded about this sort of thing. I'm just lucky I found someone so wonderful and understanding. And… adventurous." She gives a briefly wicked smile to Hotaru.

"'N' th' kids thing?" Daranyl arches his brows up, "How's that work, what with y'all bein'…" He trails off, making a useless gesture with one hand. Maybe they read minds?

Nae pauses, considering her reply carefully before she speaks again. "Well, we don't have kids… yet. Though we're looking forward to it when it happens." She reaches under the table to find Hotaru's hand and give it a squeeze. "We're hoping we'll find a good, strong man who is willing to help us out there… but who will also understand that Hotaru and I want to raise the kids as our own."

Daranyl slowblinks and sits up a bit straighter in his seat. After a beat, his jaw clenches, his gaze flicking between the two like a cornered animal not entirely sure how to escape, "'M sure ya will. Or a fligh'. 'Sno' tha' I'm no' honor'd, bu' 'M no' sure if tha'd be righ'."

Hotaru gives Nae's hand a squeeze in return. She smiles to Nae. "We'd settle with a few strong men, and let nature do the rest, even. We can handle the little ones on our own. And the fathers can assume it was someone else's, if they'd like." She grins to Daranyl. "If you're just interested in some fun though, we're up for that."

Nae nods in agreement with Hotaru. "Yes. Ideally there will be a few different men in the mix, so that the actual genetic father isn't clear. The kids will be ours, really." She agrees before giving a mischievious smile at Daranyl. "Mmmhmmm. We definitely know how to have… fun." Her free hand sneaks under the table to touch his knee.

"No' sure I'd even know wha' ta do with two women at th' same time." Daranyl reaches up, giving his head a thoughtful scritch. For the first time in more than a decade, he's not in an overtly hostile environment and now, well, now he really doesn't know what he wants at all and it's clear from looking at him that he's pretty conflicted about the whole thing. And it's possible that the kid part has nothing to do with it.

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