Green About the Lagoon

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Hopefully, someone will get up the first part of this log

Safe beside Irk indeed! Not to mention you would have to be quite confident in your skills to attack a rider in the middle of a weyr. Ila'den presses his lips against Sundari's temple once she's steady on her feet with a soft, "Easy now," and then he turns his head to smile quite infuriatingly at his best friend. "And you, my friend, would not protest the treatment at all, would you?" There's more of that husky laughter, then Ila'den's moving to clap the brooding brownrider on his shoulder, leaning in heavily against him. When Sundari mentions needing a shirt, Ila'den looks at Vel quite expectantly, one brow raising high towards his hairline. After a few moments of silence, there's a shoulder-to-shoulder nudge followed by an amused, "Well? You heard the little lady, V'ric. She's in need of a /shirt/." Just then, Kiltara comes down the beach at a half-run, carrying two young children who are half the size of her. To her credit, she handles them well, and stops short beside the trio. There's a blink for Sunny, then a shy smile, but a confused look for V'ric as she hands Kiorel over to Ila'den, and then Katrel. "Did he rope you into babysitting without telling you again?" the dark-haired girl asks, but at her brother's devious look, there's a stifled round of laughter as she reaches out to squeeze V'ric's hand. "Thank you - but I have to run." There's another shy smile for Sundari, and then the young woman is turning to take flight. Ila'den? He just looks so /smug/, doesn't he. "Oops?" Cue laughter. Jerk.

"Dump me over your shoulder. See what happens." A gruff, grumbly sort of retort really although V'ric doesn't actually protest when Ila'den leans on him. He merely stands there quite firmly as a support post, looking back and forth between his friend and Sundari. "She's..covered." Well the important bits are, anyway! Though still there's a reluctant grunt from the brownrider before he pushes Ila'den off enough to shrug out of his tunic. "And you need a kick in the teeth, Kil.." But hey, there's all sorts of V'ric-torso that gets to be appreciated, despite scars, as he offers out the now-removed tunic. "Here.." The blinding whirlwind of Kiltara though has him blinking..staring..and then offering nothing less than a scathing look toward the bronzerider. "Ass."

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to Ila'den before glancing to V'ric once more. "How are you both doing?" This questioned while she brushes a bit of sand from her that she just noticed. "Oh it's fine Ila, don't put V'ric on the spot." She wouldn't dream of the brownrider just offering over a shirt after all. Hearing Kiltara she smiles to her, noting that shy smile and waves to her anyway. "Hello Kiltara.." As for the kidlets she awws. "Look at them, all cuteness.." When does she not call things cute? Though she is watching the twins for a few moments longer. Hearing V'ric she ooks to him and there is a moment where she does peer at the brownrider's shirtless form now.. "Oh.. ah.. well.. Thanks.." Swooon… "You don't need too though.." She feels a bit bad that Ila put him on the spot.

"She's /hardly/ covered," Ila'den scoffs, with a look for the brownrider. "You wouldn't let Kit run around in that, would you?" It would seem that Kiltara isn't so far off, because there's a yell of, "You wouldn't have a choice!" just before Ila's doppelganger disappears completely. Ila'den's looking deviant again, but considerably less /daunting/ with the pair of cuties left in his care. One is speaking jibberish while tugging with little hands at his facial hair (Katrel) and the other is taking just as much of a gander at V'ric's body as Sundari is (Kiorel). "You wouldn't punch me in the teeth," Ila'den croons, though he's saying it to Katrel, just as chubby fingers wiggle their way into his mouth with /adorable/ laughter. "D'en U'cle Ila woul' no' be s'nice t'loo' ah, woul' 'e?" (Then Uncle Ila would not be so nice to look at, would he?) Ila'den laughs at Sundari's reaction to V'ric's body, and nudges the little lady gently. "Th'ah coot - buh' I thik y'r mo 'nto Vel-lick." (They are cute, but I think you're more into Velrich). It would seem that V'ric is not the only one getting put on the spot. Hah! The ass comment? As smug of a grin as Ila'den can manage with baby-fingers in his mouth.

Daranyl looks like he just came in off a hunt, dirt and mud on his boots and trous and wearing little more than a tanktop up top. Two whersports dangling from either end of a rope looped over one shoulder and a crossbow hanging from a strap on the other. A thin whisp of smoke rises up over his head from the cherry burning on the end of a little cylinder of herbs rolled in paper that's clasped between his lips. He makes his way around the lagoon's shore, unwittingly towards the odd gathering, but his mind is elsewhere.

V'ric gives that tunic a shake. "Just take it." It's already off at this point! Might as well make use of the thing. Those small things are given another look though. A wary one. Oh yes, this /has/ happened before, after all, and the brownrider might just take a small step a little further away. Just to try and keep out of the zone of possible hand-offs. "I'm thinking about it." After all, being lured out for unbeknownst babysitting isn't very cool! There's a bit of a sigh though when poor Sundari gets the attention turned on /her/ instead, and the brownrider simply gives a faint snort for it. Affected? Psh. He is a rock!

Sundari takes hold of the tunic and pulls it on, a glance is sent to Ila and she chuckles a bit, is that a slight blush? Perhaps! "Shush Ila.. Why you have to go and make everyone feel so uncomfortable, hum?" This questioned with a teasing tone while she moves to poke at the dear bronzer's side a few times. As for the kidlets she smiles once more. "Can I hold one?" Or well attempt to hold one is more like it really. They are wiggling things after all!

"Absolutely," Ila'den manages, after Katrel finally takes his chubby fingers out of his uncle's mouth. The bronzerider leans towards Sundari, offering up the twin boy as Kiorel clutches more tightly to Ila'den's tunic at the mention of being passed off. "He's all yours." There's a side-eye for V'ric as he steps away, and then husky laughter as he turns grey eyes onto Sunny. "I just like making sure that everybody is aware of the facts." Which is a really nice way of admitting that he's a prick. Sometimes. Ila'den's taking a step forward to put himself closer to V'ric, and holding out Kiorel for him with a devious smile when the new-comer catches his eye. Ila'den pauses mid-extend, blinks, and then raises his eyes at V'ric. There's a half-grin that tugs at the corner of his mouth, and then the bronzerider is taking in the sight of a hunter returned with goods. "Nice crossbow!" he calls out. It's sort of a hello for masculine people, who don't really like to say 'hello'.

Daranyl takes a drag on that roll of herbs, making the lit end glow brighter a moment, then reaches up to pluck it out from between his lips so he can exhale the smoke, then nods to Ila'den, "T'anks." His voice has that gruff, rough sort of edge, but there's a hint of something lighter in his expression when he spots the kids. He sets the paper between his lips again and reaches to readjust the lay of the strap on his shoulder and just keeps walking, not so subtly sizing up the three adults as he draws nearer, or, more applicably, judging how they're reacting to him.

"Truth isn't what people want." At least..probably not all of the time. Not when it's embarrassing. V'ric does look fairly uncertain when that child is being held out toward him though, brows furrowing just slightly. "Don't.." And while the brownrider might protest it, there's also an automatic lift of his own arms. After all, if there's a kid being handed off..what's a guy to do? Let it be dropped on the ground? Of course not. There's a sigh as he simply hefts the little girl closer, resting her easily in the crook of his arm with a /look/ given back at Ila'den. But there's the call of crossbows, and Vel tilts his head to take in the newcomer, watching that approach with a slight nod for him in greeting. No, not nearly as vocal as his friend seems to be.

Sundari takes hold of Katrel once the boy is offered over to her. "An't you cute." She offers with a soft cooing tone. Her gaze lifts up to the approach of another, a wave is soon seen along with a smile. The tunic clade bluerider is a friendly one to say the least. She looks back to the boy she is hold and wiggles her fingers at him a touch. "How old are they now Ila?" This questioned while she glances to the bronzer. Someone seems mighty interested it seems! Maybe there are to be more kidlets around the weyr soon.

Ila'den says "Don't what?" Ila'den asks innocently enough, just as Kiorel is passed off. He won't touch on the truth comment. He's one of those people who despises truths. Lucky for V'ric, the little girl will probably be quite reminiscent of that little girl that V'ric helped Ila'den raise so long ago. She stares at the man for a long moment, and then smiles with a little giggle before burying her head in the crook of his neck and shoulder. She clutches at the man's tunic with one hand, puts the thumb of her other hand into her mouth, and then watches the others in the circles quite hushed and calmly. The only sound? Little hums here and there, or the occasional pointing as she babbles something in baby-language to V'ric. Katrel is not nearly as calm as his sister, bouncing about and gabbing at Sundari in absolute non-sense - but he's so intense about it! Cuties. Sunny's touch has him giggling, and then tossing himself against her in a big hug. He likes! "They're a little over two now," Ila'den says, fond in tone and look as grey eyes track between the two. But he's /wary/ of the stranger who is sizing them up - especially when there are four very important people in close proximity to him. The bronzerider stands a little straighter, brows arched high as if in silent question, and then Ila laughs. Yes, he /laughs/, as if the funniest thing has just occurred to him. "V'ric," he manages after a moment, nudging his best friend. "I think we've found your match for broodiest." Pause… laughter. Why are you friends with this man? Just kill him and dump the body already."

Daranyl nods to V'ric, his lips giving just a slight upward twitch at the girl making herself at home on the man's shoulder, then again to Sundari, "Riders." It is, at least, said as a greeting, not a slur, "Jus' bringin' in some food fer th' Weyr." He adjusts the rope with the whersports on it. He is what he is. At least it's not a bandolier of tunnelsnakes, right?
Or ears. At least it's not ears.

The quiet ones really are the best. V'ric at least doesn't have to deal with all the squirmy business. He'll tolerate the hair tugging though without complaint, resting his chin lightly against her. He hasn't yet taken his eyes off Daranyl of course, that wariness mirrored in Ila'den. They can't help it after all. Though after a moment or two he reaches his free hand to clap the bronzerider lightly on the shoulder. "Leave him be." Match? Broodiness? There is no response to it! He refuses!

Sundari giggles softly while she softly pokes Katrel upon the nose with a finger. A soft breath escaping her and she nods while glancing to Ila'den. "I remember when they were so little bitty bitties.." Sure that makes sense! She glances over to the hunter before she is getting a hug by the boy and a soft giggle escapes her again while she hugs him back. "Your the cutest." For now anyway. Her mind is wandering for a few moments, even though she is listening in on the conversation of moodybroody people, and hunting.. She eyes the whersports and coughs a touch, feels a bit queesy honestly and has to look off from such things. She is not normally this green at such sights, she grew up fishing, this should be fine to her.

"I'm just saying," Ila'den manages - and he's /still/ laughing. When he finally manages to be a civilized human being again, there's a smile for Daranyl, and a gruff, "Looks like you got some good ones." Ila'den ruffles his best friend's hair, and then turns his attention onto Sundari. "Aye, I remember too. They grow fast, these little ones. Soon they'll be the size of their mother." Tiny thing that Kit is. Suddenly Sunny isn't looking so well, and Ila'den's reaching out to pull Katrel from her grasp. The hand of his free arm finds the small of her back, as if to steady her. "Alright, Sunny?" he inquires, brogue hushed as grey eyes flicker to V'ric. Was that a silent distress communication? Probably. V'ric has always been better at playing doctor.

"Yeah." They're some tasty whersports. He'll probably get screeched at by another cook, too. But that doesn't stop Daranyl from bringing in what he can. The mention of broodiest earns no response, but when he sees Sundari starting to go a bit green, he takes a step back to be (hopefully) out of vomit range, twisting to put the shoulder with the whersports away from her, "'S jus' food 'fore it's cooked." He has no clue why else she might be looking green, poor guy.

V'ric is loaded down with child too, what's he supposed to do about it? There's a bit of a blink at the way Sundari turns to looking ill though, exchanging that look with Ila'den. There's a soft sigh after a moment though, with his free hand reaching to give Sundari a gentle nudge in the arm. "You should get something to drink. …Like water." Not any /other/ sorts of drinks that might be found. It takes a moment, but the brownrider does finally level a /look/ on his friend, holding that arm out for the other kid. "I'll take him, you take her." There's a nod at Sundari for that. Given the choice of children over people who /may/ be about to throw up…he's taking those kids.

"I'm good, just want some water.." Sundari offers, and she doesn't try to stop Ila from taking back the kidlit. She ahs softly and peers at Daranyl. "Yeah I know honestly.. Just feeling a bit queasy right now." Why? She has a good idea, though she can't understand why the sight of things would bother her. She's still worse when fish got gutted after all. As for that drink she is moving back to her things looking for said water while a slight cough escapes her. She is willing herself not to vomit now.. don't do it.. no… Yeah she may not win this battle..

Daranyl blinks as the other two guys just kind of bail on the poor woman, then looks back at her, totally flummoxed, "I… ah… scorch it." He looks behind him and, finding a rock to set the whersports and crossbow on, glowering after the riders before he looks at Sundari again, drawing closer, "Is there somethin' I can do?"

Sundari waves a hand slightly and finally finds her water and is sitting down once more upon her beach towel. "I'm alright.. I think." She glances after the other two and rolls her eyes a bit. "Leave it to men to flee at the thought of someone vomiting.." Pause and she glances to Daranyl. "Well, save you I suppose." A faint smile is seen. "I'm Sundari.." She points to the blue dragon. "Rider to Irkevalath here." The blue opens an eye to just send a swirling look towards the one there but that is it.

Daranyl watches her for a moment longer, then jerks a nod, "'M Daranyl." He's gotten more used to introducing himself since he came to the Weyr, at least. He looks over at the blue, then nods to him as well before shrugging, "I don' run." He doesn't risk his kill, clearly, but he doesn't run from vomit! So manly! He hesitates, then turns to look out over the lagoon. Now what?

Sundari peers back to Daranyl a bit, pondering while a soft breath escapes her. "Nice to meet you. Good to know." She offers with an amused tone. "So.. You hunt for the Weyr then?" Oh no worries! She'll think of things to talk about.

"Yeah." It's not that Daran has a small vocabulary, well, he never did finish his harper lessons, so maybe he does, but still! He doesn't look back from the water, reaching up to pluck the roll of herbs out from between his lips again and puff smoke up into the air, "Yeah, 'M a hunter by trade."

Sundari ahs softly while glancing off to the water a moment before looking back to him. "You grow up here then?" This questioned with a curious tone while she takes a little sip of water.

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, looking at her over his shoulder without really facing her, "Up in BlueFire. Woul' it upset ya if'n I cleaned those?" He jerks his head towards the whersports. They're all… fresh 'n' stuff.

Sundari pauses as she hears that and glances over curiously, a soft ah escapes her and she coughs a bit. "Sure.. Go for it.. Just over that way a bit. If you don't mind?" She'll allow it.. and try not to get sick!

"Thank ya." Daran nods, then moves over to his rock, pulling out his knife to start that work. He stays quiet while he's working, a focused kind of worker, "Ya know why yer gettin' green?"

Sundari lifts her hand to rub at her face a bit. "Ah.. well.. yeah.." She pauses a touch. "Found out I'm expecting my own kid. Certain smells, sights just make me all green and stuff.."

"Know who the da is?" Come one, Daranyl! That's a horribly rude thing to ask the lady! He shifts to sit differently, working on gutting the whersports (and being nice enough to tug them out of Sundari's sight).

Sundari blinks a bit and blushes a touch before peering over at him. "Well, yes. S'rorn.. we're together so I'm very sure it is him." She looks a bit amused. "That an Irk hasn't been to lucky in catching greens honestly." The blue snorts at that while his tail slams into the ground.

Daranyl's head jerks up at the thumping of the tail and scowls at the dragon, reaching to pluck the whersport up from where the thump made it slide, "Seems tha' migh' be a good thing. No worries abou' who caused wha'."

Sundari doesn't pay attention to her dear dragon's attutide at the thought of him not catching many greens. "Indeed, don't have to worry about telling the guy there going to be a dad. Even easier when we both want kids."

"Wouldn' know." Daranyl finally manages to spread out the whersport and begin the slow, careful work of removing the bones, tossing them towards the lagoon, but the offal he seems to be saving.

Sundari nods a touch while lifting her head slightly. "Yeah.. Well.. Suppose it depends on certain people." This said with an amused tone. "Do you plan on staying around the Weyr?"

Daranyl inclines a nod, starting to carefully work that sharp blade between hide and meat, "My sister's signed on wi' th' guard here. Plan ta stay long's she's here." He glances up at her long enough to shrug, then turns his attention back to the skinning, "Findin' out th' Weyr's a bi'… diffren' than 'm used ta."

Sundari nods at that, a soft smile seen. "Yeah I guess.. I grew up out on a boat fishing as my family does that. When I came to the weyr it was a whole new expierence indeed." She glances over to him, catching the bit of him skinning and urps softly needing to look away a bit quickly.

"Been huntin' my whole life." Daranyl glances up and, catching her expression, shifts carefully to shield her gaze slightly as he continues to peel the carcass.

Sundari smiles a bit as the other goes about trying to keep her from seeing things over thar. "Well the weyr could always use the help with things. So your have a job here for certain if you plan on sticking around."

"Yeah." Daranyl finishes skinning the first whersport and leans to lay the hide out to dry in the sun. This is one of those moments when someone might notice that his clothes don't exactly look tanner and tailor made. "Cooks don' even prep their own meat." He snorts derisively, setting the first dead thing aside and reaching for the next to start the process again.

Sundari ahs a bit and smirks somewhat at the thought. "Well I do suppose you have a point there. Growing up on a boat we all learned how to deal with the fish we caught, from gutting it to cooking it. In a weyr it's just different I suppose."

"Seems so." Does Daran sound disappointed? Yes. Yes he does. How can someone cook food and not prep it first? LAZY! Again the belly is split and again the offal is removed carefully.

Sundari is quiet for a few moments before she is slowly standing up now that she is able to without worrying about losing her lunch. "Some do it.. Most don't actually." This said with a slight shake of her head. "It was nice to talk to you Daranyl.. I'm sure we're see one another again." A soft smile seens. "If you ever want to go fishing let me know." Well hunting is like fishing, right?… Well no, but hey it's an idea! Irk is up and moving and the pair are soon moving off heading back to there weyr an away from icky guts and the like.

Daranyl inclines a silent nod to Sundari, looking up just briefly, likely being sure she's moving alright, then goes back to his work.

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