Who Knocked Up The Weyrwoman?

Western Weyr - Rooftop Herb Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Escape from the tedium of sand watching, and a need for warmth and sunlight brought Enka to the gardens. The Weyrwoman's seated in one of the sun chairs, and she's not getting up, thank you very much, her head tipped back against the high back of the chair, a cute little sun hat perched atop her head to keep her from getting too sunburned, and one arm cradling the rounding swell of her belly. She's even got some citrus juice in a glass to sip on.

At this point, Keely's dealing with some of the ill side-effects of pregnancy. So far it's been pretty easy for the bluerider, but now she's got some struggles. Like swollen and sore ankles starting to show up. Water retention, the healers tell her, even though that makes no sense. So she's been told to walk more. Through the gardens she meanders, heading towards the herb garden. It's a somewhat meandering path she's taking, gazing off at various plants as she passes.

Zi'on is looking for a break himself, in need of sunlight and fresh air. Away from the lagoon. He's already been there once today with Ezio. It's getting close to the little tyke's third turnday, and with everyone around him pregnant Zi'on has been spending a lot of time with someone safe. As in his tiny tot. After some running around in the maze Ezio seems ready for a nap, and when Zi'on moves into the herb garden to find someplace to sit and relax Ezio is asleep against his shoulder. The bronzer stops though when he spots Enka, peering at her. "So. It's true then."

Enka had her hat pulled down to shade her eyes, the goldrider reclining easily in the chair, although whether or not she's going to be able to get up is another story altogether. At the sound of Zi'on's voice, she tilts the hat back, exposing her face and looking upwards at him, standing there with their son. "Did Ezio have a good time today?" she asks. Oh, now that's just trying to delay the inevitable isn't it? "L'nan took Ema and the twins to Ierne to get some toys and new clothes, but you had Ezio so he didn't get to go." Not that the little boy probably would have missed much, and his father could always take him some other time. Biting at her lower lip, the goldrider nods. "'Fraid so." Catching sight of Keely, the weyrwoman shoots her a look of curiosity.

The voices catch Keely's attention and the teen slows her steps a bit. Oh dear. She's about to sidle on past, realizing what might be going on, but then the Weyrwoman is looking at her. There's a moment of uncertainty before the bluerider gives an absent salute and makes her way towards the Weyrleaders. "Zi'on, Enka." A glance to Enka, "Don't you get overheated lying in the sun? I'm always /so/ warm lately."

Zi'on finds himself a chair, lugging it over with one arm. That is, until Keely makes her way over and he offers the seat to her instead, going even further for another chair. It wouldn't be such a pain if he didn't have a toddler on his hip, and wasn't trying to keep him asleep. "I think so." Zi'on says, finally getting a chance to sit. "Good for L'nan." The bronzer says drolly. "Ezio is too young to care about shopping anyways. His turnday will be in a couple of months, he can get new toys then." The bronzer frowns a bit. "I see. And you're telling people it's mine? Are you sure it's not L'nan's? You're already letting him be the father of your other kids." Zi'on nods to the bluerider. "Hi Keely. How are things?"

The Weyrleader could just as easily given sleepy Ezio to his mother after all, no doubt he'd keep on napping, but if Zi'on would rather do things one handed, than that was his prerogative. "Keely," Enka nods at the bluerider teen with a faint smile, and then shakes her head. "I think sitting in the galleries was makin' me feel too hot." she admits. "Could overheat there pretty easily, but here, I just need some warmth." Poor goldrider, she's feeling poorly, maybe? As Zi'on sits down, she glances back over at him. "And Mir said Inizituth was grumblin' about havin' to tote the kids around. Shells, that blue is grumpy." She scowls a little, shifting to prop her hands on her hips. "I 'aint sayin' it's yours," she states, rather flatly. "People are assumin' or somethin'. I'm … I'm not sure who the father is." Hey, she's had kids before, but at least then, she didn't have a flight in the middle of having a relationship then either, did she?

There's a mumbled bit of appreciation to Zi'on for the seat and Keely plunks down. Not at haphazardly as she may have half a Turn ago, but certainly with the welcome respite for her sore feets. She swallows slightly at the rather srs discussion between bronze and goldrider. So for the moment, she just sits quietly. Yep, just relaxing. Nothing to see here.

Zi'on is now feeling protective! Especially since Enka says she's shipped her kids off with her bluerider and that his son was supposed to go with them. The bronzer shifts his son to the other shoulder when he starts to stir. "Fine." He says to the goldrider, sighing. "Is that why you didn't want to tell me? Or did you just not want me to know? Kiena is pregnant now, too. Not to mention Keely here, Rou, maybe Elsia… half the weyr it seems like." Which is scary! At least for Zi'on it's scary.

Enka didn't /mean/ to make Zi'on feel protective. It was an excursion for the kids, and well hey, Enka's an equal opportunity mom. That way one of the twins — Ken, no doubt — can't come running complaining that 'Ema got a box of candy and I didn't, not faiiiiiar!' So usually what happens for one, happens for all. Even if Ezio's the one with the local dad. "Yeah." Enka admits, subsiding to wiggle back against the back of the chair, and reaching for her juice to take a sip of it. "I mean, I probably should have told you that maybe you were goin' to be a daddy again, but what it if was L'nan's. It still could be. We were tryin'." Except Zi'on for there first, muahaha! "Kiena's pregnant?" Her brows lift a bit. "I knew about Keely and Rou, but not her. You must be happy, although I don't know how she's takin' it. And Elsia?" Enka grins lightly. "Any bets on who she's been cozyin' up to, if she's pregnant too?" There is something in the water, do not drink it, if you are female. And probably if you are male too. Makes everyone fertile or something. "Maybe with all the flights goin' on…"

"I dunno if Elsia's pregnant," Keely says suddenly, cheeks coloring a bit. She knows where that rumor began and it's a bit embarassing. "She was just… acting very different. Looked all bright or somethin'. Almost like some of the greenriders get before their dragons go up, but she's not a rider." The teen shifts a bit in her seat. "I just said something to Rou'x… guess mebbe it got twisted. I hope she's not." Because that'd just be too much. "Kiena's pregnant? Can't imagine how difficult those mood swings of hers are now." See, now that it's not just awkward family talk, she can get involved.

Zi'on is just feeling protective. And maybe a little jealous. He's allowed to be, being an ex and all, right? "Well one of us is going to have to take claim over him. So you should decide who that's going to be. Otherwise it'll just make problems later. Also, you know the rules. My kids all have to have names starting with E." Though Enka's name also started with E, so that made things more complicated. He nods about Kiena being pregnant. "She's… not taking it very well. We weren't trying, it was an accident. We wanted to wait several more turns, so…" So that's basically why the bronzer's been on edge lately. His home life isn't that good. Which also explains why he's been out with his sons more often. He blinks at Keely. "No? Hm. I dunno what that means exactly. I thought Rou meant she was pregnant." Zi'on shrugs. "Everyone pregnant rides males it seems, or nothing at all. Except for you, Enka. I don't know what it is. Maybe we got shipped a bad batch of tea."

Enka has had a lot of exes, it seems. Or maybe just a few, since S'gam actually wasn't an item with her at all anyway, and L'nan was a sort of flame that got rekindled. "I'd just hate to make a mistake, Zi, and say it was your kid when it was really L'nan's. Or let L'nan raise your kid, unless you'd prefer that he just claim it as his anyway, maybe nobody would really know then." Knowing Enka, she'll probably just wait till the baby is born. Which was a little unfair, but hey, if it resembled either one of the male riders, she'd know, right? Since they don't look much alike. "But yes, I know the rules." Nibbling at her lower lip, Enka gives him a little look of sympathy. "Poor Zi'on, so much goin' on for you." She looks over at Keely and nods. "Well, maybe she's found a friend to cozy up to, guess gettin' attention from a nice fellow could make a gal look all glowy and pleased with herself." The goldrider shrugs. "Could ask some of the greenriders if they uh … were pregnant. I could have sworn I saw Illyri and Greta lookin' at a book on babies." There must have been a bad batch of tea, or Western's going to be up to their ears in children.

"Bad batch of tea?" Keely considers this, blinking a few times. Lips purse and she gives a small shrug. "Would explain a lot, wouldn't it?" She shifts a bit, trying to get comfortable. That baby belly makes it difficult! "I'm, ah, sorry Kiena is struggling with it, Zi."

"Maybe it would have been better if I hadn't found out at all then. You know I can't take care of you like I did with Ezio. And I don't think your bluerider would like that anyways. It might be better if you just say it's his. For everyone's sake." Zi'on gets up then, sighing. "I'll see you on the sands, weyrwoman." There's a nod to Keely then. "Me too." If only it were a bad batch of tea! He knows that Enka was trying, so that wouldn't be an excuse for her. And Kiena has just… not taken her tea while they were out on vacation. There a nod of farewell to Keely then as the bronzer heads back down towards the caverns.

"I know that," Enka just sounds tired, the goldrider settling back into her chair, although she makes no move to pull her hat down over her eyes and withdraw from public scrutiny. "You've got your own gal to take care of 'specially. And it's not like L'nan couldn't take care of me," she sighs a little. "See you around, Zi'on. Hopin' Kiena feels better about things as time passes, but if you want to send her to talk to me, I could." She'll try her best anyway. She waits till he leaves, and then reaches for her juice again. "That didn't exactly go well."

Keely watches Zi'on depart, brow furrowing a little. "Y'should've told him sooner," she says quietly to Enka. "Even if yer not sure whose it is… better he knew it might be and be prepared than to suddenly find out. Plus you might've given him the news before Kiena learned she's pregnant." A small shrug, "Not that you could've known that." There's a small smile to the goldrider; an attempt to be supportive.

Enka reaches up, snugging her hat down over her eyes although she looks out from beneath it at the teen. "I could have," she admits, "although it wouldn't have been easy findin' him, since he was so down and out over Kiena leavin' him and all. I dunno what that could have done for him. Maybe it wouldn've been better if I hadn't said anythin' at all. Except people were startin' to talk." She frowns. "And I wonder who told him anyway." There were only a few people she'd talked to, can the goldrider count on her fingers just who they were? Is someone going to be in trouble. The smile of support makes her smile back, pushing her hat back up. "'Least I guess I ought to thank Faranth's lucky golden eggs that I don't have to go it alone anyway. Bet L'nan'd be a great father." After all, the man's only been mooning after her since he was a candidate. That was Turns ago.

"I feel sorry for him," Keely says quietly, watching the direction Zi'on has gone. "The way Kiena is… it tears him up every time she's mad at him and, well, he's probably one of the least well-behaved people I know. But that's part of him charm." Like many of the weyrbrats that were a bit younger than Zi'on, Kee had a total crush on him around the time he Impressed. It's just how it works. She looks towards the goldrider again, smiling a bit. "It's good ya got someone to tend to you… If you didn't, Zi would probably be trying to convince Kiena to let him spend the time with you." Thus making things worse, likely.

It's cause she's a Holder," Enka states, no malice or heat in her words, just a pure statement of the facts. "She aint … well, she aint like the rest of us. You, me. Zi'on. Rou'x might as well be Weyrbred." she offers a wry smile. "We just grown up differently, that's all. And I think maybe she's gotta let loose a little, and stop bein' so uptight about the things he does. Zi'on's just who he is." The goldrider chuckles a little. "And yes, he can be terribly charmin'." As well, she ought to know, having known him for turns, even back when he was her office assistant. "Mmmhmm," she agrees with a nods. "I dunno if Zi really /could/ convince Kiena to spend time with me, and I'm not really sure if he would anyway. He's kind of got his own family now, and well, you know, him and me…" they're still friends, just not that kind of friend anymore.

"It's difficult to remember," Keely says as she slouches back into her chair. The teen glances towards the sky, then back to the weyrwoman. "just how different holders can be from weyrs. I thought mebbe after her blue won that first flight," and spent the aftermath with Keely and Rou'x, "it'd help, but it didn't seem to." Alas and alack. "Guess he does have his own family now… it's all so confusing. I know some folks think things are weird with Rou'x and Ir'e and all that we've got going, but it works for me in a way."

Enka laughs softly. "I know. Bein' around holders is sometimes … " the weyrwoman shrugs, and settles back into her chair, one hand resting atop the rounded curve of her belly. "I know I wouldn't want to be a holder, thank you very much. She needs to loosen up, she aint livin' in the holds anymore, got a dragon and all. I wish …" Enka pauses, and licks at her lips, "well, if Zi wasn't with me anymore, I'd almost say it would have been better if he'd found a gal who wouldn't get that way. But he loves her, and I guess that's what matters to him more than anythin'." Enka will let things be, at the least. "It's always confusin'. How's that workin' out for you anyway? The three of you?"

"It never made sense to me," Keely admits quietly, "the two of them." She manages a little smirk, "I was too caught up in my work and busy or I'd've tried my luck before he found her." She gives a brief shrug, "I'm happy with Rou'x, but I often wonder." The question brings a thoughtful expression. "Well.. I think Rou'x plans on giving the kid to Ir'e to raise, which will make him thrilled. He wants the same of me, but… I wanna raise my kid. So we still have to work out specifics there."

"I really couldn't understand it myself," Enka admits. "What brought them together and all, or why and how they've stayed together, but they have. Although I wonder …" she pauses, and then shrugs. "I think there might have been many a gal who'd set their caps for him." And Enka had gotten pretty lucky to get the Weyrleader for a while — a long while — so she hasn't much to complain about. "As long as you are happy," the goldrider nods a little, listening to Keely's explanation. "It probably would be best for Rou'x, if that's what she's plannin', bein' a Wingleader's a big job, shells, I ended up havin' to foster. At least you've got the option of raisin' your kids without the extra work. I expect that's why L'nan wouldn't ever want to get promoted. At least if he's less busy than me, we can keep the baby with us for longer, and maybe make more time for the others."

"I'm happy where I am," Keely says absently, glancing off into the garden. "Geimhreath… he ain't. He's still mad Rou'x and Indy got promoted and not him." Because in the blue's mind, it's all about the dragon. "So I figure I'll have time still to at least have a decent hand in raising my kid."

The Weyrwoman nods, her hand resting absently on her stomach, eyes closing briefly. "That's good to hear," she remarks after a moment. "Although I suppose that's not good for your dragon. He's ambitious, isn't he?" Her eyes open, gaze turning towards the bluerider. "How's Rou gonna feel about a baby in the weyr, if you want to raise your child?"

"He's… very ambitious," Keely says with a small frown. "It's sometimes difficult to deal with, but at least his style of ambition means even if he's mad about it, he'll still work with Indianath." She gives a small shrug and shifts forward, starting the process of getting up. She reclined too much! "Rou'x and I aren't sharing a weyr. I'd like to, someday, but she still needs her space. So it's not something we have to worry about yet."

"At least that's a mercy," Enka remarks, regarding the willingness of Geimhreath to cooperate with Indiananth. "Better that he's willin' to keep workin' with him, and not tryin' to steal his job or anythin'. I suppose it's just natural for him to have ambitions, and it aint like there's Thread and he'd never get ahead." Enka wiggles into a more upright position, extending a hand towards Keely to assist the bluerider into a less reclining angle herself. "I see," she remarks, "maybe that's the way of it, gives you each a bit of space for your own. And it's not like we've folks goin' a beggin' for a room that you'd have to move in together."

Accepting the aid up, Keely gets upright. She's tall, but slim. That bump looks awkward, but in a cute way on her. Still, she might struggle a bit with the birthing if the kid gets too big. "Nn. That's probably for the best… Rou'x really ain't the settling down sort. I'm thrilled she's settled as much as she has, but I'm not about to ask about moving in together."

Enka remains seated for the moment, her fingers curled around her glass of cool juice as she studies Keely. "Well," the goldrider remarks. "You get what you can from her, what she's willin' to give, and share in kind. Not sure if anyone could argue with that. And it will be nice to have your own bed from time to time."

"She left me a gift of pillows. Tons of them." Keely says with a brief grin. "I was shopping for some and talked of how I just love a ton of pillows… came home one day to find my bed buried in them." She rubs at her belly briefly, almost as an afterthought. "I love it. Being able to stretch out. It's so hard to get comfortable some nights."

"Awwwh," the goldrider coos a little. "That's sweet of her, gettin' you all those pillows. You were really lucky, gettin' a gift like that." she grins wryly. "I love pillows. I've always had 'em on my bed, ever since I got my own weyr. They're great, all over the place, even though L'nan says it's a pain sometimes to have to pull them all off the bed just to sleep, but most of the time, we kick 'em off anyway 'forehand." The goldrider looks amused. "It's nice havin' a big bed. Plenty of room to spread out. You sleepin' ok?"

"I got a bed I comissioned," Keely says with a brief smirk. "Right before I found out I was knocked up, actually. Never really had my own space or a nice bed, so I used some money my ma sent me," rather than, y'know, interacting with her daughter, "and got a nice big bed. I love all the pillows. I just cuddle into a pile of 'em." The second question gains a wiggle of the hand in a so-so approximation. "Sometimes. Other nights it seems like I'm up constantly. Can't get comfortable, gotta pee, thirsty… all that stuff. Makes getting up for drills difficult."

Enka grins a little. "The really nice thing about being a junior with a new income," the goldrider muses, "is that I got to really outfit my place with all new stuff. Course, that was turns ago, but what's the use of bein' a rider if you can't get easy shipping from somewhere else. Got a whole new bedroom set lately." she nods in understanding of the explanation from the teen. "Might try sleepin on your side if you can," she suggests. "Wrap yourself around a pillow or somethin'. That way you aint lyin' on top of your bladder." the weyrwoman sets her glass down, and pushes against the arms of the chair to scrabble to her feet. "I'd better get back to the sands," she says, somewhat apologetically, faint panic already tinting the tone of her voice. "Mir says … we gotta problem down there. Keely." The goldrider nods her farewell.

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