Long Awaited Dive Lesson

Autumn- Day 12 of Month 9 of Turn 2714

Black Moon Hold - Nightglow Beach

Located along the island's inner crescent, Nightglow is one of the hold's most popular beaches. Its sand is dark and fine, glittering black monotony broken by the occasional splash of color in the form of shells, coral, and even the occasional pearl drug from the depths of the inner cove. Driftwood has been hauled in from the far side of the island, artistically positioned to offer places for beachcombers to rest, spaced far enough apart that those who simply wish to enjoy the beach have room to spread blankets and towels.

By day, the beach is a beauty; by night, it is magical, for Nightglow earns its name from the small, bio-luminescent algae blooms that wash up on its shores turn-round. Though they are likely present during the day, it is only when the sun sets that their presence becomes obvious, a bright blue glow that limns the water's edge and any object moving through and lends a certain mystic shimmer to the black sand beach.

Already Timor is high in the sky though Rukbat still hangs heavy in the sky. The air is sweet with fruit and flower mingled with the sharp tang of the ocean. Barefoot and grinning Tanit starts unloading the gear, "Welcome to my island. With any luck, no one saw our approach and we will have a day or two before the locals swarm." The locals here meaning Tanit's parents specifically. It doesn't take long to set up, Hammock and bug netting set up in a small palm grove with the leaves arranged to keep the rain off should it come. The dive gear is checked next, and the firepit dug and set. By the time the work is done she grins. "If you have time still before you go running to get your Weyrmate, I believe I promised you a few lessons on diving?"

Aedeluth has settled himself somewhere arm and out of sight; even less interested in meeting the locals. Whirling eyes watch the pair of humans at their tasks, idle curiosity. S'van assists, doing what he can and what he knows, working diligently while stealing glances toward the water in anticipation. A quirk of his mouth for the mention of his 'mate follows a roll of grey eyes, though he's quick to move on to the new opportunity presented. "Hm. Dive lessons. That sound good," he agrees, standing and stretching out muscles that have grown tight from being bent over far too longer. "And yeah, you did. About two turns ago, I think it was," he teases, ignoring the fact that he was a weyrling for most of that time period and therefore had limitations placed on his time and activities.

"Has it really been that long?" The diver asks, passing over a thick dive suit that looks as though it may have been custom ordered for the occasion. "Take care of it, I had to order it because normal people do not come in your size," Tanit mutters somewhat irritated. "How well do you swim?" The diver goes about checking the tanks, and gear.

"More or less," confirms S'van of the timeline, though his eyes go straight toward the dive suit as soon as it is offered. There is definite hesitation in his expression as he reaches for it, glancing between Tanit and the bit of rubber he is meant to cram his person into. "Er. Is a diving suite strictly necessary?" he wonders, clearly hoping the answer is 'no'. And then a glance towards the tanks. "We're using those?" he wonders. "Not free diving?" Clearly, Sev is not in the 'know' of what the plan is today.

"The suit, yes. We are diving at night for one, and two the water is colder the deeper you go. The tanks are for me later. I've got to start collecting the donor oysters and it gives me more time than freediving alone. " Tanit notes with a laugh, "But you should feel privileged. You get to see my favorite place in the world long before I get the chance to show it off to Cenrie. the waves out here are incredible but it's night time that makes this place truly special. She goes over the breathing techniques, the importance of watching your speed as you surface, and by the time the sun has set, Sev is ready at least in theory to hit the water. With a bouy, a spike and rope in hand Tanit starts wading out into the water, And in the dusk light something strange happens, the water around her glows with soft blue light. the whole shore line lights up where the waves touch the black sands.

"We live on an Island. I swim like a fish," is the dry response to her earlier question about his abilities to swim, the answer a long time in coming due to his preoccupation with that dive suit. There is a protest just itching to come out of his mouth, Sev clearly wanting to argue that he can handle the cold, or some such, in an effort to get out of wearing the dive suit. In the end he caves to Tanit's authority in these matters and, with very little consideration for modesty other than a turn of his back towards the pearldiver, he strips out of his current ensemble and into the dive suit. There is a bit of wiggling and protesting before he's got it on properly, zipped almost completely. He's listing as he changes, a soft snort for the 'privileged' comment and a teasing, "I think that has more to do with the fact that I've conveniently got a dragon than any show of favoritism." But he follows it a moment later with a genuine, "but I do feel privileged. Thanks," as he turns back around to face her once again. He listens carefully as she goes over the finer details of what he is about to learn, a little nod of his head and furrowing of eyebrows indicative of his absorption of the information. As Tanit heads for the water, Sev is right on her heels, hesitating only briefly as the water starts to glow in the dark. "Uh… that's new." But it doesn't stop him from wading further out. "Is it going to stain?"

Tanit snorts. "Details." Of Aedeluth's maybe having an impact on who sees the beach first. At least she doesn't ogle him while he gets into the suit. "You see a glowing ocean, any your first concern is whether or not it's going to stain." The dolphineer laughs as she dives out deeper, and once deep enough she lets the anchor and the bouy loose. "It's a small plant, it doesn't stain, but the pearls grown here do glow in the dark because it is what the shellfish eat." Slicking back her hair as she treads water. "Keep in mind you won't be able to do the longer dives yet without a tank, it takes time to build up the lung capacity." She watches the young bronzer with a laugh. "Your face."

"Well… it is beautiful," agrees S'van, certainly appreciating the wonder that is the glowing algae, "but yeah," for staining. "Well, no. My first thought was 'is it poisonous' but you kinda answered that by going straight on in." He sloshes in as far as possible before taking to swimming, following her out into the dark as the glowing ocean surrounds them. "Glowing pearls…" he repeats, clearly curious. "Huh." As they reach their apparent destination, he takes to treading water as well, very quickly aware that he is employing muscles unused to this particular activity. Lung capacity gets a nod, a quick, "s'not like I'm going to be taking your job or anything. I think short dives'll be fine." Before scowling at her in the dark. "What about my face?"

Tanit laughs the effort of it enough to send her bobbing below the surface to come up sputtering. Quit trying to kill her. "No, though the nettle cove is quite dangerous when the sea-nettles breed, but that is the other reason for the dive suits, the thicker material keeps the stings at bay." She passes him one of the knives strapped to her thigh adjusting the net bag at her waist. "Ready?" She doesn't wait for him to answer, diving down a blue streak down to the jagged rocks below. If he's fast enough he can see the trick of freeing the oyster from the rocks, everything bathed in that eerie blue light.

S'van answers that laughter with a half-smirk and a shrug of his shoulders that loses meaning when he's bobbing in the water. The knife is accepted with a quick, "thanks," and he has a moment to find somewhere to safely put it before she's diving down into the depths beneath him. There's an exhale, a roll of his eyes and a quick, "Yeah, sure," that is for the ocean alone to hear, seeing as she's abandoned him on the surface. But he doesn't linger any longer, taking a deep breath and then down he goes, following her into the glowing blue. He's clearly comfortable in the water, and quick enough to catch her at work. Employing the same technique seems to be quite a task, though, and it takes quite a while before he's able to free at least one from the rocks. It's offered over her direction, dropped into her net to join her growing stash. And clearly, practice is something that will need to happen, as it takes him approximately four times as long to get one free as it takes her.

At least the diver seems aware that the practice is needed because she's already heading back slowly to surface well before she might otherwise. Breaking the surface she checks to make sure Sev isn't too far behind emptying the net into one of the floating baskets attached to the bouy, designed to keep the catch in the water while more are gathered. "You aren't half bad at this."

S'van is not far behind, and would have been well on his way to the surface without her, considering his lack of lung capacity. So he breaks just after her, sucking in a deep breath but not exactly gasping for air; he wasn't desperate or anything so dangerous as that. But rather than treading water, he will float on his back, preferring to rest his muscles rather than continue to use them. "Thanks," for the compliment, a slight tilt of his head allowing him to catch her profile in the dark. "It's not as difficult as I thought it would be; at that depth, at least," he admits. "But I can already tell I'm going to be feeling this in the morning."

"The day after tomorrow will be worse." Tanit notes, smirking as she too takes to floating. the waves at least are calm tonight and the sky above is clear and glittering. "It does feel good to be home again though. Half Moon, well it is the people more than the actual place that makes it worth staying there." The diver admits. "How about you, all settled into life as a full grown rider? No regrets?""

"Ugh, yeah," he agrees for the 'day after tomorrow'. "Weyrlinghood kicked my ass with that stuff; especially when we started all the mounted lessons. It was like learning to ride a Runner all over again." Sore and cramped muscles pushed beyond their limitations. Sev may just be grimacing up into the starry sky for the inevitable pain that is to come. At least the water is warm enough to make lingering on the surface enjoyable, helped by the dive suit of course. "Igen only felt like home while Sephany was there," he offers. "Once she left, I didn't feel attached to it at all. But it's not like here." And now? "Half Moon is the same way, I think. My home isn't a place; it's always been a person. Or people." A half-grin in the dark, a little 'hm' vocalized in the dark. "Suppose so. Though I still feel like I'm in training; there is a lot I don't know about Search and Rescue, and a lot of drills to run and run… and Jae is a strict Wingleader."

"Muscles you didn't much use as a butcher?" Tani laughs at the mention of home being a person rather than a place. "I think there are places all over the world like this that have something almost magical to them. If ever a place was home without a person, I think Black Moon is that place for me. Or maybe just any place that touches the ocean." She snorts at the mention of Jae, "Yes well he does seem the stick up the ass type, but from what I've heard he knows his stuff. I think his wing took the vast majority of the weyrlings, at least those that weren't already earmarked for Reef." Another breath and she's down again, leaving it up to Sev if he will follow, though she spends double the time down before surfacing with thrice the haul, emptying the net again.

"Yup. Those," S'van agrees for non-butcher muscles. "Back and arms were strong enough; but there's not much cause to grip with your thighs as a butcher," but plenty of reason when you are astride a flying dragon. "I'd rather have a person, than a place," he decides. A grunt and soft shake of his head which does nothing other than splash a bit of water. "Not really," he insists of his weyrmate. "But he expects the best out of everyone, and he won't settle for slacking. But can you blame him? He pushes us hard because our wing literally saves lives. Not being on our A-game could mean someone dies. Or we die. And he takes that responsibility very seriously. If Seamount botches a delivery, it's a monetary matter, but no one is going to die." But there she goes, diving down and leaving him with a choice on whether or not he is going to follow. He shifts, treading water for a moment before taking a deep breath and following her down into the depths again, if just to practice. And though he does his darnedest to keep up with her, eventually he must concede defeat and make for the surface before she does.

Tanit grins at him. "Do you always go into defensive mode over Jae or is this a recent development?" No really, don't answer that Sev, it is a trap! She checks the basket and grins at the bronzer. "One more dive, and we will have enough for me to start checking the quality of the shells and be able to eat the rejects." Of search and rescue the dolphineer shrugs, "I didn't say there weren't reasons, just that he seemed the type to be uptight." She smirks a little, "And I wouldn't go dogging Seamount, they may not do the daring do that S&R does, but it is their work that puts food in your and your dragon's mouth."

Water is tread, if only so that S'van can meet Tanit's gaze in the dark. Or at least, he can look in the general direction of her face and hope he is meeting her gaze. His expression is confused, brow furrowed and mouth twitching down into a frown. "I don't understand what you mean," he says honestly. "You made a comment, I was explaining what Jae is like as an actual Wingleader, seeing as I'm an actual wingrider in his Wing. I'd've said the same thing if you were talking about L'kan," his Wingsecond, "since I fly under his command just as much as Jae's." There is nothing argumentative or defensive in his tone of voice; really, he's just confused and attempting to explain. But the subject is quickly dropped, and he bobs his head at the mention of a last dive. "Sounds good," and clearly the idea of eating the rejects is what has him the most excited. "And I'm not dogging Seamount. Just saying… not a life or death cargo run. Doesn't mean it's not important work. It's vital," he agrees.

Tanit dives again rather than give any response. The eyeroll purely mental. She stays down this time to her full capacity, the dive net clipped into the basket and both drawn back as she starts heading back to shore with the haul. "You have no sense of humor." She decides with a smirk, dragging the basket over near the firepit and the waiting buckets she'd prepared earlier. The dive suit is stripped, revealing the swimsuit beneath, and a sarong tied over it more for warmth than modesty. The fire lit, and a few more glow baskets shaken to life and she's got enough light to work by, starting to clean the outer shells, and sort out the oytsters.

Probably a good idea that eye roll is kept to herself, not that he would be able to see it so clearly in the dim light. A deep breath taken, and Sev dives in after her, one more go before he throws in the towel. This dive is not nearly as long for him, lungs protesting the abuse being placed upon them by the unfamiliar activity. When he comes back up, he floats on his back to rest while he waits for Tanit to surface. The second he is sure she is up and safe, and he can be certain she knows he is up and safe, he turns over and makes for the shore with sure strokes. He's already unzipping the dive suite as feet meet sand, sloshing as quickly as possible through the surf. A snort of amusement, and a sideways glance. "I think I've got a perfectly fine sense of humor, thank ya very much." She may have a swimsuit beneath, but he very clearly does not, which means there is more back turning as he wiggles out of the dive suit and reaches for his discarded clothes once again. At least it is dark, and he dresses quickly, ignoring the damp that lingers on his skin. A drop into the sand by the fire as she gets to work.

"I don't know why you still bother with the turning around." Tanit teases, "If I didn't jump you covered in dead squid goo, I'm probably not going to jump you now. Just so you know." the shells that pass muster are put into the bucket, but soon enough there are several that are not fit for anything but food. Tanit sets these in front of Sev with a gentle smirk.

"Ugh. You just had to mention the squid goo," complains S'van, making a face. "I was doing a damn good job of forgetting that little explosion, thank you very much." He sprawls out getting comfortable on the sand as he gazes out toward the glowing ocean. "But it wasn't about that," he says with a grin. "Not at all worried about you jumping me. Just figured you didn't wanna see… well. I mean. I was trying to be nice," he insists. "But if you don't care, then consider yourself warned; next time I won't bother to protect your delicate little eyeballs." It's not a threat, though there's definitely enough seriousness mixed into the tease to say he's being honest; modesty is not something Sev has. A little shift-shift is had when that plate is offered, and he pushes himself more upright in order to employ arms and hands to the process of consuming the spoils of war. "Hm. Get enough good ones?" he wonders.

Tanit grins. "Just don't think about it." She sighs, "Enough to start yes. I think tomorrow I'll start setting up the lines. It'd be easier if we had a pod here. I might write to Kalen and see if Merc and his siblings want to relocate." Work finished it's her turn to sprawl on the sand, for once not focused on food. "I didn't realize how much I missed the Island."

S'van will eat all of them oysters for you, no worries there Tanit. He's making short work of the pile, though there's a careful division in case she should change her mind. "Hm. Don't know a damn thing about dolphins," he admits, "But it couldn't hurt to ask. Surprised there aren't any dolphins here already, honestly." But see previous comment; knows nothing about dolphins. A third, and then a forth, oyster vanishes in short order before he quirks a brow her direction and asks, "Not enough to come back, though, right? I mean, permanently."

"If the work I'm doing pays off, I may get stationed here for a few turns." Tanit admits, She sighs, "The brothers that founded the place, were kicked from the sea and dolphin craft. So Shipfish have steered clear of the waters for a while, though I wouldn't be surprised if there was a wild pod somewhere here abouts." She shrugs, "I could as easily wind up in Ista if the Craft decided it. It isn't like I get much choice anymore."

"Yeah, but they'd ask your opinion, right? I can't see them just sending you somewhere you absolutely didn't want to go," argues S'van, frowning in the dark. It's a thoughtful frown, a consideration for things he really doesn't have any experience with. Crafts. Totally foreign concept. "I mean. That one guy arranged it so you could come back to Half Moon Bay, right?" nevermind the details around THAT situation. "Would you want to go to Ista? To stay, I mean."

Sev gets a look for how she ended up at Half Moon. "Sometimes they do, but I have to do what I promised in my interview, or else this is all for naught Sev." She sighs, leaning over to bump his shoulder with hers. "And, I could I think - Ista. If Cen wanted me to." She glances over her shoulder thoughtfully at Sev. "Are you really that worried about the possibility of me going somewhere else?"

"I've no idea what you promised them in your interview," notes the bronzerider. "Just think they'd take your preferences into consideration, s'all." But it's not something to argue, or even stress about. "S'not that much different that Half Moon," for Ista. "Hot. Humid. Tropical. Black sand instead of yellow, but otherwise? Same thing," right? Sure. There's a glance and a smile for the shoulder bump, and a thoughtful, "Maybe at first. But now…? No, not really," he admits. "I mean, it would such cause it would take a bit more work to see you, but…" and there is a shift of his posture, a hand lifted from the sand to gesture toward the snoozing bronze. "S'not like it would be difficult for me to come visit. Heck, you're barely around these days unless you're working; otherwise you're sneaking off to Ista and the only time I see you is when I'm giving you a lift," he teases, grinning wide. But it offers a nice segue into what he has to say next, which is simply, "I went and spoke with him."

Tanit grins, "I've no plans on disappearing anytime soon Sev. As for different It has one person I care about quite a bit." She teases. Her fingers digging into the sand before reaching over to claim some of the oysters. "We should do things like this more often then." Gesturing to the beach, the fire, and the oysters. "Maybe some day that weyrmate of yours can come along too, and not be a glacier. I think he's warming up to me." Is that sarcasm? Or wishful thinking? Hard to tell. "Mm, you did? And how did that go for you? Still dislike him?"

"Half Moon has people you care about, too." But it's very clear that Sev is teasing, and not at all trying to compare the friends of Half Moon with the lover of Ista. Two different realms, of which the bronzerider is well aware. Arms folded behind his head, he lays back in the stand to stare at the stars, leaving the rest of the oysters for her to eat. "Well, aside from the fact that he hates the outdoors…" he offers with a smirk and a laugh. "I tried to take him on a picnic once. It was…" disasterous? "interesting. But I agree; we should do this again. It's nice to get away. We should go to the Reaches!" because why not? "You like snow, right?" doesn't every island-born? A grin is leveled on her that tapers off into something more serious as he considers the surfer-tattoo artist. "I… well. I'm alive, so it couldn't have gone too terribly," he jokes half-heartedly. "I don't dislike him," he decides. "I don't agree with some of the things he's said, but I don't dislike him. I think we're… well. We are OK."

Tanit laughs, "It does, but alas no private stretch of beach. I know where I stand in the scale of things." OF Jae Tanit laughs, "Really? I swear he and Cenrie are just complete opposites. " In most ways at least. The mention of Snow has the dolphineer staring at Sev. "Snow. No. I am allergic. HIGHLY allergic." As for where things stand with Cenrie she laughs. "I wouldn't hurt anyone he cares about, but he's warm, and a lot of fun to be around."

"True," for lack of private beaches, "But there's still plenty of private places." Good enough, right? S'van considers the pair of siblings, a soft sound of amusement emitted as he agrees, "They kind of are. If it weren't for that damn smile I'd swear they weren't related at all." But her reaction to snow has him rolling over, peering at her in the light of the campfire. "Snow." Firm and resolute, a glimmer of mischief. "You cannot be allergic; it's frozen water. Think of it like swimming, only you're standing up and it's frozen." See? Totally the same thing! "Only people I know that he cares about are you, and Jae. Not exactly out to hurt either of you, so I think I'm safe."

Tanit grins, "Well, I'd also say they both have the sex on legs bit down, too but. You didn't hear such things from me." That grin just goes a bit dopey with the mere thought. Snow. Grin gone. "Swimming while standing up in frozen water does not sound like a wise life choice." As for Cen? She chuckles, "He is marvelously uncomplicated that way. I don't know that I can call it love, but there is a deep affection there at least."

S'van, wisely, offers no comment to the 'sex on legs' bit, though there's a devilish grin in the dark that just might be smart-ass in nature. "No sense of adventure," he teases, tsking. "Could always slide around on top of the frozen water. Try ice skating. Sephany loves it," he continues, as if he can change her mind. "C'mon, I want to visit, and Jae refuses; he hates the snow. So you have to come with me instead," because apparently, he is going to ignore her hating of the snow. "You owe me," he decides finally, fixing her with a look. As for uncomplicated maybe-love-definitely-affection? "Sounds like it's working out. And I'm glad for you. You need uncomplicated. And there's nothing wrong with just being… close. You don't hafta fall in love." Like it's a choice or something.

"This also sounds ill advised and hazardous to one's health and dignity," Tanit answers warily, but somewhere in there, the armor is already starting to crack. "I didn't throw up on you. I owe nothing." Except Sev did sort of save her a teeny bit. "Oh fine, but only because Jae is a destroyer of fun, and you have to talk to Seph about REALLY warm clothes. I own nothing suited to the frozen tundra that is the north." Mutter mutter.

Victory is S'van's! There is no whoop or triumphant thrust of his fist into the air, but the feeling is the same; Cheshire grin pulling the corners of his mouth into something that would certainly get him snarls and glares depending on who is there to witness. Thankfully, darkness is his ally, and he flips back to turn that look towards the starry sky to further avoid wrath and destruction. "Deal," for talking to Seph about clothes. No comment to be made for the killer-of-fun, though there's a look that would suggest the bronzerider does not agree with this assessment. "I'm sure she can find something for you to borrow; do you want pants or skirts?" that's a legit question, right? "And scarfs and boots will be had. Don't you have a jacket?" he wonders, frowning. "Or do you borrow someone else's when you go Between?"

"I borrow T'san's" She admits with a frown. It doesn't matter if Sev agrees because mostly Tanit is just being sarcastic, she doesn't think Jae literally destroys fun, just that he does not enjoy things that take place in the frozen north or out of doors. "Why do I think I'm going to regret this decision?"

"If you're going to be traveling frequently, you ought to think about getting your own," suggests S'van of jackets. But it's just an idle suggestion; he'll make sure the actual winter clothes are available when needed. "You'll love it," he assures her. "And if nothing else, it will be an experience and a story. Hey. I might even fall through the ice. I'll definitely fall on my ass. So think of that, and rejoice." Gleeful. Like a child in a candystore. "Relax. It's one day in the snow! I think you will survive. What's the worst that could happen?" (HAHAHA FAMOUS LAST WORDS SEV!)

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