Past, Present and Future

Western Weyr - Suldith's Ledge

It's a little bit later in the evening at Western. Enka must be busy or working late. Or maybe Zi'on has lost track of time, since he's sitting in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on the couch, working on his latest project. It's a monitor! He's actually fixed one of these before, but Enka wants a new computer for her new junior, and it needs a display. There's a bowl of stew next to him on a side table, it looks cold and barely touched. Suldith is curled up in his wallow, looking sleepy. Zi'on latest family addition, Sylvanas the green firelizard, is curled up in his lap while he works.

Released from training for the day, Velokraeth sends word through Suldith asking if the younger bronzerider is available. It's not much of a warning, but at least the misshapen bronze doesn't simply show up unannounced and uninvited with Th'ero in tow. Not long after the young bronze lands, the weyrling dismounts and hesitantly strides forwards, pausing long enough to give a polite nod to the resting Suldith before continuing on. "Zi'on?" Th'ero unnecessarily calls out, as Velokraeth has probably already passed work on that they've arrived.

Suldith sends word that they are indeed home and interruptible. Not that the bronze or his rider would really mind company from Th'ero and Velokraeth if it was unannounced. Well, they might if they already had company or something. When they arrive, Suldith give the younger bronze a warble and moves over a bit so he can lay down in the wallow as well. "In here," Zi'on calls from the living area of the weyr. The bronzer is sporting a lamplight on his head. It made for easy light where he needs it most: where he's looking.

Velokraeth cocks his oversized head a little to the side when Suldith warbles, answering with a rich low croon to the invitation. The young bronze had been preparing to take off for another unoccupied ledge to wait, but he's not about to turn down such an offer! So he settles himself next to Suldith, while Th'ero finally steps into the bronzerider's weyr. And maybe that is why the weyrling hesitates? He has no idea what Zi'on is up too, though all he has to do is ask Velokraeth to find out. As he strides into the living area, Th'ero pauses again, gaze lingering on the head lamplight that the younger bronzerider sports. First it's an epic beard, now this? "Didn't mean to drop in so quick. Busy with work?" he asks, gaze moving now and no doubt spotting the monitor. And while Zi'on is in a t-shirt and shorts, Th'ero is still in his training clothes, though thankfully doesn't look too dusty or dirty. "Figured it be a good chance to, ah… catch up." He adds, with a half-smile.

Suldith is happy to have come company that he knows. He yawns a bit and makes small talk while he's curled up with the other bronze. Zi'on for once is not up to trouble! Really, he's not. His weyr is probably the safest place at Western really, since the bronzer isn't likely to create trouble while he's in his own space. Unless he's testing out something. Which he isn't. Epic beard is gone! The lamplight is switched off once Th'ero makes his way into the weyr. There's still plenty of light around, but Zi'on needed it in small crevices often. "Hey, come on in. Uh… sit wherever. I think I'm gonna have a juice, you want one? Or some klah? I think I got some bubblies in here, too. Guess maybe I'll finish dinner before I start on those, though." He gets up to head to the ice box, pulling out two bottles of citron juice and a container of bubblies before heading back to his spot on the couch.

Velokraeth will be good company then for Suldith, for 'small talk' is the younger bronze's forte and no doubt he'll keep him entertained for as long as need be. No doubt Th'ero is relieved that Zi'on is not up to any trouble or testing anything. But the weyrling is still being a little hesitant, cautious almost, even after Zi'on welcomes him. This is the bronzerider's territory, after all. And Th'ero has probably never been in a rider's weyr before. He murmurs a thanks as he carefully slides into the nearest available seat, settling comfortably though not entirely at ease. "I'll go for some juice." Th'ero replies, the half-smile actually becoming a full one at the offer. A hand comes up to wave off the offer of bubblies though. The weyrling is an odd one again, having no real taste for sweet foods. "What have you been working on that made you forget dinner?" he muses, gaze following Zi'on as the bronzerider moves off to the icebox. It's not long though before the weyrling's gaze wanders a little, no doubt subtly observing the living area.

Suldith is a rather curious bronze, so he'll probably ask Velo all sorts of things about training and growing up. The sorts of things he can't remember anymore. Th'ero really needs to learn to relax! He must think Zi'on is scary or something. Maybe it was the goatee. Of course if it's the first time Th'ero's been in a weyr before it's understandable. He could take the grand tour if he wants, but Zi'on room is a mess really. He doesn't spend too many nights up here anymore. Zi'on pops the top off of both bottles and hands Th'ero a bottle of the citron juice. It's cool and refreshing. "Eh, trying to fix this monitor for the computer I'm working on. Almost got it done I think." He flips off the soldering iron. "I can finish it up tomorrow though. So how's it hanging?"

And Velokraeth will share all, though he'll cleverly keep a few truths to riddles or half-truths, depending on how deep Suldith's questions go. The young bronze remembers enough, but even a few details are fading into obscurity. Relaxing isn't in Th'ero's habits, it's seems, though he is getting better. He's here, isn't he? Were he still as uptight as he was when he first arrived in Western, he would have made Zi'on leave the comfort of his weyr. The tour will have to be for another time (if there is any), as the weyrling leans forwards to take the bottle of citron juice. With a slight tilt of it, he gives a "toast" of thanks before taking a small sip, settling back once again in his seat. "Sounds uh… complex." Th'ero fumbles for a response, having no clue what kind of work is involved in monitor repair. There's a slight shrug of his shoulders. "It's going. Starting to get a little antsy now that I know the end of weyrlinhood is close. At least I can between out of here if I want to." He chuckles a little. "And what about you? You kept hinting you wanted to talk later the last few times I've bumped into you."

Zi'on was glad to see the older bronzer loosening up a bit. Life was too short to spend it all uptight! Though Zi'on could stand to pick up a few of Th'ero's good habits. Like being responsible and all of that. Zi'on picks up his stew and starts to eat a bit of it. It's cold, but still probably better for him than filling up on pie. "Heh. Sometimes it is. But I think I've figured this one out. "Yeah, won't be long now until you'll be stuck in a wing with the rest of us." He laughs a bit. "You gonna go visit home once you're all done?" He shrugs a bit. "Eh. Enka and I were in a fight. I was hoping to talk to you, since you're one of my only friends that knows anything about girls."

Th'ero can be irresponsible if he wants to be, though it'll be a rare event. So Zi'on can learn a few things from him and vice versa. There's an amused snort and a corner of his mouth curves up into another half-smile when the younger bronzerider mentions the wings. "True, but at least it'll be something we'll enjoy? Still trying to decide where to go." He admits, pausing only to take another sip of his drink. There's a mildly surprised look shot in Zi'on's direction when he brings up the fight. "You quickly mentioned that. What happened?" he asks, before he realizes he may not want to know. Too late, though! There's another snort, though this time Th'ero's tone seems slightly sarcastic. "You sure you want advice from a Holdbred on girls?" he remarks dryly.

Zi'on might have more luck convincing Th'ero to participate in some debauchery once he's graduated and not bound by any strict set of rules. Maybe. "Heh, I guess. Search and rescue is alright though. I like it. You get to help people sometimes. I might get bored with transport." The bronzer looks sheepish when Th'ero asks him about what happened during the fight with Enka. "I uh… accidentally called her Iris. During… sex." He peers off at the wall for moment. "Obviously that didn't go over too well." He looks back to Th'ero then and laughs. "I was askin' everyone. Even Pat. Anyways, we're all back to normal now."

Th'ero may be surprised once Th'ero is a full-fledged rider then, as he may not be that hard to convince. But for now, the weyrling seems content to continue to play the "good" role for a little longer. "Isn't the point of search and rescue to help?" he teases lightly before sobering. There's a bit of a grimace at the mention of transport. "Ugh, no. That wing I know for sure we're not going for." Taking another sip of his drink was probably a bad idea, since the young bronzerider's next comment has Th'ero choking on it. Coughing a little to clear his throat, he shoots Zi'on an incredulous look. "You called her /Iris/?" he exclaims, before breaking into some awkward chuckling. "Shells, you got off easy if things are all fine and dandy again." There's a smirk and then a bit of a narrowed, thoughtful glance given to the other bronzerider. "Your crush on her that bad, huh?" Th'ero asks, sounding simply curious despite the look.

Zi'on would work on convincing him. Patori was alright to drag around to stuff, but Th'ero definitely had more balls than the younger weyrbrat. Zi'on gives Th'ero a droll look. "It is, yeah. But most of the time you spend just flying around on sweeps. Or practicing what you would do if there was trouble." Zi'on nods a bit to Th'ero about his little incident with Enka. "She loves me a lot? Heh…" He peers at Th'ero then. "Nope. It's over now. I guess the whole thing with Enka was kind of a slap in the face. I was letting it get out of hand I think. And thinking about not being with Enka anymore was way too painful. I haven't really thought about Iris since."

All Zi'on will need at this point is a reasonable amount of alcohol. Th'ero's been cut off for almost a Turn now and a few drinks will make him ideally convinceable - unless the younger bronzerider means to convince him in an honest way. "Ahh, I see what you mean now. Just… more training." That seems to have Th'ero lapsing into a brief silent moment as he mulls over that thought. But then the incident of the wrong name has his attention again and the weyrling smirks. "She must, because most women don't take kindly to that slip up. Or so I've heard." He was a guard once. Surely there was enough talk amongst the men that even he, as Holdbred as he was, would pick up a few things. "So it was a crush then, and nothing more?" Th'ero asks again, before giving a slight shake of his head. "You're lucky, Zi'on. Enka seems like a good one. I'd probably hold on to her." Then, with a bit of a sly grin, he adds. "So try not to call her by other names again, hmm?" With a low chuckle, the weyrling takes another sip of his drink, before setting the bottle aside.

Zi'on will certainly be taking Th'ero out to the Tiki lounge for drinks once he's graduated and a member of Zi'on's wing. And he better join Zi'on's wing! "Always got to be prepared. If all we did was fly around we'd get lazy, I guess. Or forgetful." Zi'on grins about Enka and shrugs. "Or maybe I'm just good at apologizing." There's a shrug about Iris. "I dunno. Either way, I can't have two girls, and I certainly don't feel the same way about Iris that I do about Enka." Zi'on takes a swig of his drink and runs a hand over his head. "Yeah. We actually talked about weyrmating earlier a little. I know it's something that she wants, I just haven't felt sure. But it's starting to make more sense to me now. What about you and Jey? She gonna move in with you once you get your weyr?"

With the options as they are, Th'ero has probably reconsidered joining the Search and Rescue wing, seeing as Zi'on keeps putting it in a favorable light. "Hmm. Good point. Not much different then from the drills I used to have to do. I guess if it's something you enjoy, it makes it a little easier to do day in and day out." Leaning back comfortably in his seat, the weyrling seems to finally relax a little, even though the conversation seems to be steering into relationships. Either he truly does trust the younger bronzerider or he's more at ease with this topic in one on one situations. "There's that possibility too." Th'ero admits with a light smirk, before lifting a hand to idly scratch at his chin. "Weyrmating?" he mutters thoughtfully. "That is a pretty serious move. Nothing wrong with wanting to wait and better then rushing into it." When Zi'on asks about Jeyinshi, the weyrling shifts a little uncomfortably, glance sliding away to focus on some random place in the living area. "I… don't know. We haven't really discussed that." He admits with a sheepish smile. "We barely even started our relationship before being Searched."

Zi'on nods. "Probably a lot like being a guard really. Not that there's been much trouble around, but the moment we take away a search shift the crazies will come out." Take his word for it! If he was a crazy, that's when he would come out. Zi'on nods about the weyrmating. "Yeah. We didn't talk about it in detail really. Just that we'd both kinda like to, eventually. I mean, I can't see myself with another girl. And I don't like the thought of Enka with another guy. Been going together for so long… Guess I'm comfortable now, or something." He nods about the older bronzer and Jey. "Well, no real rush anyways, right? I didn't really know how serious you guys were."

"There are similarities." Th'ero admits with a chuckle, seeming all but sold on the idea of joining the wing. If it means he can chase down crazies, then he's all for it! "Of course they would. And speaking of crazies… you hear about that trader? The rumors have it he was selling bogus straps or something of the like." And while he seems to simply wave off the rumor, his tone betrays his actual interest in it. Once a guard, always a guard? "Hmm, I'd say you're pretty comfortable then." Th'ero agrees with the first genuine smile of the evening, before merely shrugging his shoulders again. "No, no rush. And we'll… I guess we're serious? It's not like I'm actively seeking out other women or wanting too." The weyrling then clears his throat a little and not-so subtly switches to other topics. Seems he did have a reason to visit Zi'on after all. "Ah, on another note. I do have a favor to ask you."

Zi'on and Th'ero can chase down pirates together! Really though, Search and Rescue had that sort of hero feel that Zi'on liked. "There's a trader selling bogus straps now? Shard it all. No, I hadn't heard. I wonder if Enka knows about that." Zi'on relaxes a bit and swigs at his drink. "Well, you're exclusive. I dunno if that counts." He laughs. "I guess at the weyr it kind of counts, but really that depends on who you're dating." Zi'on pops open the container of pies and takes one out to munch on. He looks at Th'ero when he asks about a favor. "Yeah? What's up?"

"Mmhm. Supposedly tried to sell the bogus straps to some Weyrlings. There was a description posted some while back. I wanted to follow up on it but…" Th'ero spreads his hands out in a helpless gesture, almost in frustration. "…no time. And I haven't heard anything new lately." Tilting his head a little to the side, the weyrling gives Zi'on a confused look, brows knitting together. "Exclusive?" he echoes the unfamiliar term, shaking his head as he fails to grasp it. "Why would it count…?" And he trails off then, smirking a little as he realizes how awkward his lack of understanding may be. Shifting a little in his seat, he leans forwards, propping his elbows on his knees, as he looks right back Zi'on. "I need to head out of the Weyr, just outside of the markets." Th'ero hesitates for a moment, glancing away briefly as he seems to carefully choose his next words. "I've… some family business to take care of. Lissi says I still need a full fledged rider with me and well, you're the only rider I know."

Zi'on grunts a bit. "Why would you do that? Hopefully no one used them. A weyrling who didn't know better could get hurt. I'll ask around I guess, and let Enka know. Eventually they'll sell to the wrong person and get caught, though." He laughs a bit. "As in, you're not seeing other people. It might be uncommon at the hold, but at the weyr… well there are some people who have more than one girl or guy." Zi'on licks some pie filling off his mouth and nods to Th'ero as he explains what he needs to do. "Okay," is Zi'on simple response. "Just let me know when. Shouldn't be a problem. Don't even have to between there, right?" Not having to between made it a little less risky if he had to follow the weyrling.

"I didn't buy anything from him!" Th'ero exclaims, shocked at the idea though it may not be what Zi'on had meant. "I actually worked hard on mine, without cutting corners. But I wouldn't have minded trying to /find/ the guy to catch him." He mutters, before grimacing. "She must already know if there was a notice? But I suppose he'll slip up eventually." The weyrling then shrugs his shoulders, before grinning a little. "Ah. Yeah, that's uncommon all right. One girl is enough. I don't even want to think of all the… drama from having multiple relationship." But then he's shaking his head, letting that topic drop as soon as he's picked it up. Th'ero looks relieved at Zi'on's response, letting out a slow exhale. Well, that's one step. And the bronzerider didn't even prod him about details! "I'm waiting on a reply from a letter I sent. I'll let you know when Lissi gives the okay." He pauses for a moment, frowning and reaching a hand up to rub it along the back of his neck. "Eh, no… we'll be flying straight. I'm not familiar enough with that area. It's been too long, too." Definitely risky! If Th'ero didn't get them both killed, he could also accidentally time it. At least, that seems to be what the weyrling unknowingly hints at.

Zi'on blinks then laughs a bit at the other bronzer. "I didn't mean you, Th'ero. But some other weyrling. The straps could break and they could take a nasty fall. There was a notice? Then she probably already knows, yeah." Zi'on just chuckles and nods about the notion of having multiple girls. How would one even have the time, or keep them straight? "Sounds good to me, then." Timing it would be quite bad. Zi'on may not be able to get them back to Western at the correct time, depending on how many turns they ended up going backwards. "This your home we're heading to, or just some place your family lives?" Not that it mattered much to Zi'on, but he was curious.

Th'ero looks embarrassed when he realizes that Zi'on hadn't meant him in particular and coughs slightly. Oops? "You think they'd be smart enough to realize that." He mutters, before shaking his head at such stupidity. Th'ero was given strict orders not to between, but that was before he was cleared. Even so, the weyrling isn't taking chances. "No, not my home." He points out rather abruptly, before giving a bit of a forced grin. "That'd be far to far north. We'd have to pass Torince Hold and even then it's still a good distance out." It's a half-truth, he really is from a rather backwater cothold. Th'ero isn't quite as relaxed as he was before, sitting a little straighter or fidgeting a little, though he keeps his gaze focused on Zi'on. Mentioning his family seems to cause this reaction everytime. "That's what I'm waiting on. To see if they'll meet me half way and if so… where and when."

Zi'on shrugs. "Maybe. Or maybe they're just looking for an easy way out. Not sure." Not even Zi'on would have considered buying his way out of mending straps. Or any of this other lessons as a weyrling. He nods a bit to Th'ero about where they're going not being his home. "Gotcha. I guess I'm not sure where your hold is exactly." Zi'on blinks a bit. "Half-way? You don't want to just between all the way up to them? How long's it been since you was home?" Surely even the weyrling would be able to image up his home to head there betweening.

Now Th'ero does look a little on edge from Zi'on's questions, though with most they'd be simple and harmless. Not so with him and there's a moment or two where the weyrling doesn't reply right off. "Not many would. It was pretty remote." He starts off, trying to joke though it falls a little flat. Smirking a little, he scrubs warily at his face before finally leaning back in his seat with an exhaled sigh. "It's been about seven Turns now. I don't know if it's changed, though it's unlikely … I still don't want to take the chance." He explains, though soon frowns when he realizes he's still not answered the question. Silence stretches again, when Th'ero struggles to either continue telling half-truths to Zi'on or just blurting it all out. Eventually, he settles on the latter, since Velokraeth would undoubtably inform Suldith at some point, just to teach the weyrling a lesson - again. "It's complicated. But I was, ah… disowned when I was fifteen by my father, though I still managed to keep some contact with my sister and mother through another holder." Th'ero makes a bit of a disgruntled noise in his throat, before falling silent again. A bit of a mood killer, but Zi'on did ask!

Zi'on blinks a bit at Th'ero. "Ah." He smirks a bit in response, but it's pretty clear he doesn't get the joke really. "That's a pretty long time. It'd be safer to fly there first, I guess. Even if it takes a few days. Halfway is probably better." Zi'on rubs his head a bit. "Er. I see. Sorry, about all that. It's good that you were able to stay in contact with at least part of your family, though. Er… why'd he disown you?" Then he rubs his head again, looking sheepish. "Er, sorry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want. Either way, I'll take you up there to see your family. It's not a problem."

Th'ero quirks a brow at Zi'on's apologies, though he nods his head a little, trying not to look as awkward as he feels. "Eh, don't apologize. You didn't know. No one does." And there's a pointed look given to the younger bronzerider then, though he figures Zi'on wouldn't share this part of their conversation. "And I don't mean to dump my past or my family problems on you. But certain circumstances have forced this meeting." For a moment, the weyrling almost sounds frustrated, but that quickly disappears to be replaced by a shaky smile. "Not that I don't trust you, but it's a long story and I'd rather not ruin your evening." There's a dry chuckle given to that, though the smile he gives to Zi'on next is genuine. "I appreciate it. Especially since now I don't have to awkwardly ask another rider."

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. Even if he didn't know, he could still feel badly about it. Which he does. Zi'on isn't in the habit of airing other people's dirty laundry, either. As far as his own family was concerned… well his rider parents were fairly well-known, so there wasn't a lot of room in the closet for skeletons. "That makes sense, given that you need to go before graduation and all. And well, if you do want to talk about it we can." It's hard to tell if Zi'on buys into Th'ero trusting him or not really. "Heh. I wouldn't think most riders would have an issue, but they might be curious, yeah."

Th'ero has an awful lot of skeletons in his closet, which is why his reluctance to share is genuine. It's a long, complex story and no doubt Zi'on will eventually get all the pieces. But not tonight, it seems, as the weyrling is slowly standing. "Another time and probably soon." If Zi'on is going to be there when he's meeting family, he'll have to fill the bronzerider in to avoid embarrassing awkward moments. Though he'd probably preferably have that talk with a couple of drinks, more so for himself. Alas, he won't be graduated in time and will most likely have to deal with it sober. "All the same, I do appreciate it that you've agreed to come with." Th'ero admits again, with another smile. He then stretches a little, before gesturing with a jerk of his head towards the wallow where Velokraeth rests with Suldith. "We should be getting back. Thanks for the drink and for letting me interrupt your evening." There's a chuckle and a crooked grin. "Was nice to catch up though." Even as he says this, he's slowly making his way back to his bronze, giving a polite half-wave at least.

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