Kelani And Catwin Destroy The Pool Table

Autumn - Day 21 of Month 9 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

Catwin is tucked away in the corner of the room, going over lists and manifests and logs and who knows all what else. She has no idea on the time of day, not having been outside for much of it. On the table nect to her is a tall glass of water. Mostly untouched. Though there is an empty mug and a pot near her as well. She seems oblivious to anything going on around her.

Kelani is sitting at the piano with a bit of sheet music, though mostly she is singing and only playing out a few notes here and there to keep to the tune of the song. A better singer than player she is, there is a hesitancy of someone learning a new song as she sits there, her voice soft and barely heard from too far away. Not often she comes down here for this purpose and never to 'perform'.

Who comes to the Rec Room to do work? Apparently, Catwin does. Which S'van finds highly amusing, judging by the barely contained grin and amused gaze. So he can't help but slink his way over and try to yank those manifests right out from her gaze, peering at them with feigned disapproval. "You need a break," he decides, handing back the paperwork quickly enough. "Before you go cross-eyed or your brain leaks out of your ears." A glance for the singing Piano player, a flash of a grin that may not be caught, given Kelani's preoccupation. "See? She has the right of it. Do something fun."

"Hey!" Catwin exclaims. She just can't win with Sev. She's in trouble for enjoying things, she's in trouble for working. But what better place for working where they will keep in klah non stop? "What, like yours seem to have?I need to get those done and back to the wingleader." she says and then sighs.Course, she doesn't add that that the wingleader doesn't really need them tonight. By the end of the sevenday is good, but she hates to be behind. She glances over at Kelani and then forwns "You want me to play the piano?Seriously?"

While Kelani can oft be found with homework next to her meals, next to her drinks, reading textbooks at the lagoon at least in the rec room she does leave her healer studies behind. Hearing the conversation nearby she looks up blinking from her singing and her voice faulters. There might even be a bit of glisten to her eyes, "Sorry about, hope I wasn't too loud. Da just sent me a tune to try out." So maybe it is a type of homework after all from her Harper Dad.

Textbooks at the lagoon just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Sev would say so, if he caught her doing it, too. But alas, he has not. So right now, he is just going to tease Catwin, even if it's all in good fun and friendly camaraderie. "Yup," for his leaked-out brains. "But don't worry; I don't need them as much for my job," and he flashes another grin her direction before dropping into a seat at her table. "Only if you're good at it," he says of Cat playing the piano. "Otherwise… maybe pick something else. Like darts. Or pool," and yeah, there's definitely mischief in his eyes as he glances toward that felt-covered table. "You're fine," for Kelani at her piano. "Doing great, in fact. Much better than I would." But he has to laugh just a little and ask, "Are you going for a double knot? The first Harper-Healer?" like a double-major?

Catwin just eyes Sev as he runs through the games "Uh huh. Sure. Not good at either of those either, but why not. Lets see if you're better now without J'en distracting you from the game."And then there's a look and then a sigh. "Yeah, some people have said a few things about why you're in wing." she notes quietly "And it's not for actually working, " she mutters a little 'some people have way toomuch time on their hands if you ask me."

Kelani shakes her head at the question , "Oh no. Just got a bit in my blood is all. I think he would disown me if I didn't at least have some harper talents being raised at the hall as I was." She folds the sheet music and rises from the Piano, rolling her shoulders. There is a glance to the pool table as it is mentioned, "Well if you can show me how. I never have learned to play it." She offers and tucks the sheet into her carry bag and joins the others at the table. The words Catwin offers to S'van makes her blink and pause and she looks to the bronzerider for his response. Where is the popcorn when you need it?

"Oh. I can show you how to play," says S'van easily enough, delighted at the prospect. "And then I will totally own you in the game." Because he has no shame, and isn't one of those guys who likes to 'let the lady win'. No mercy here. But while there was mirth, and laughter, and light, and playful banter… it all dies a sudden and rapid death at Catwin's words about his Wing. Hard eyes replace amusement, clenched muscles replace easy smiles, and a very dark look is given the room. "I can imagine exactly what they are saying," comes the scathing reply, though it's not meant toward Catwin, but toward the unnamed 'they' that have been talking. "What do you think?" Because maybe that matters more. As for Kelani? Sev will do his best not to glare when his eyes meet hers, "I'll teach you," he affirms, extending the same offer to her as to Catwin. "Come on, then," and he's on his feet in an instant, walking towards the pool table as if he might be bent on destroying it rather than playing on it.

"I didn't," says S'van, of Cat's opinion. "But then you said… I dunno. It's rough. I know what people are thinking, and saying, and I don't like it. Jae is extremely dedicated to the Wing. He takes his role very seriously because—" but he doesn't continue, because there is no need to do so. Not with Cat. " Don't give a shit what they say about me, but…" But J'en? That one he's protective about, clearly. So there's a look at Kelani, a sort of darkening of his expression that doesn't make it full force because… it's really not her fault. And there is pool to be played, and friends to be taught, and neither of those things are aided by Sev being sour and pissed-off. So, with a roll of his shoulders, he lets it go and heads for the cue rack. "Here," he offers, handing one stick to Cat, and another to Kelani. "Chalk is there, for the tip," he notes, pointing to the small cute sitting on the side of the table. He leaves his own stick on the wall as he goes to setup, collecting balls from pockets to rack 'em up. "Who wants to go first?"

Catwin eyes the stick a little and then she eyes Kelani "Well yeah, bedding skills have their place and all, but not when you're flying drills and such. And there are some who are saying that's the only reason Sev is along, for a little release during drills. I've more respect for Sev than to belive those. Even from some of them."Too bad Cat's not a more pysically violent person, else there may have been more done."Kelani can go first. I can watch you show her, watch her and then I'll try." she states simply.

"I have sworn off relationships..they seem to be more touble than they are worth." Kelani says as she grabs her weopo…stick. As Catwin gives the floor to her, Kelani nods and steps up to the table with stick in hand and and chalks the tip as instructed. Oh there could be so many double entendres to be had with this. She glances at the set up of the balls curiously before looking back to S'van, "So with this set up..have to use the ball to hit the other balls in? Any rules beyond that?" She asks with a sweet smile.

No more is said for the opinions of others regarding S'van's reason for being in Archipelago; he's said enough. And Catwin is filling in the gaps, so what else needs to be said? Instead, the bronzerider will simply ignore the topic and focus on the task at hand, lining up the triangle, releasing the stack, finding the cue ball and setting up the initial shot. "Kelani, then," and he beckons her forward. "Depends on the game," he notes for her question on rules. "But basics are pretty much… cue ball," white one, "is the one you strike, attempting to send the others into the pockets. If you manage it, then you get to keep going until you miss. Once you take a shot and don't land a ball, your turn is over and the next person goes. If you accidentally send the cue ball into the pocket, it's called a 'scratch' and your turn is over. The next player then gets to place it wherever they want for their initial shot." A glance at Cat, to see if she's got questions. "We'll just play eight-ball for now; it's the most common. Basically… you vs. Catwin there. Notice there are solids, and stripes? As soon as you hit one of them in, those become 'your' balls. So say you strike the solid red into a pocket; you become solids and Cat would then be stripes. Your goal would be to get all the solid colored balls, except the black 'eight' ball, into the pockets before she gets her stripes in. Both of you leave the black ball for last. Once you've got all your balls in, then you gotta get the black one in. Questions?" yes, no? If not, he'll just motion her forward. "Hold it like this," and with gentle fingers and careful movements he'll show her how to place the cue in her hand, balanced on thumb and finger, to line up the shot. "Take your time, and when you're ready, take a deep breath and strike hard."

Catwin watches quietly. This also gives her a chance to bring herself back to a homozygous state. Without a flask of shine to do it for her. She is listening however to the instructing. She just doesn't give anything any input at the moment. And then there is a question "When the ball is scratched. Where do you put it back on the table?" she asks finally. Now that she's calm again and not worked up like she was.

Kelani listens intently as S'van goes through the rules of the game. That same level of intensity she shows when a teacher is showing her a new technique. There are little nods at various points he makes. She lets him move her hands into the position like a good little student. The makes a few practice motions to make sure she is aiming correctly, glancing to S'van to check her form. She then takes a breath and makes her shot. It is not pretty, she hits the cue ball well enough but with not enough force to do a good break but there is at least movement in some of the balls and one moves painfully slowly to a side pocket, teetering on the edge for one tense moment before falling in. Kelani releases the breath she was holding and bounces on the spot, "I got one!" It takes her a moment to realize she has another shot but this time she barely taps the cueball at all sending it but a couple of inches. "Ooops." But for now it looks like she is solids.

"Wherever you want," is Sev's quick answer. "In this game, at least. So if Kelani scratches, you'll get to decide where you want to put the cue. Choose wisely, though; you gotta think about more than the first shot you take with it." And then grey eyes go to watching Kelani, assessing her shot. A small grin for the break, an encouraging, "Good!" for that first hit and… "Woo!" for the ball that goes in the pocket. "Not bad. More power next time, and you'll get a cleaner break." And then the next shot results in nothing, though there's no ribbing from Sev. "Cat?" he offers, beckoning her forward. "Just relax," he offers, coming to stand near but not TOO NEAR her. He won't touch her, just point and murmur instructions for how to stand and hold the cue, for how to line up a shot. "Pay attention to how the cue is going to move after you hit the ball you aim for. Otherwise, you'll make the first shot but have no way to line up the next."

Catwin steps forward with her cue stick, she's even rubbed some of the chalk onto it, as attested by the blue on her hands. Fitting perhaps? And it might be a testimony to knowing Sev, or maybe that stupid mindhealer she's seeing, but she doesn't tense up witht he nearness as she has in times past. She does nod as she listens as she chooses her shot and then she's hitting the cue ball and it hits!And it flies?And it's bouncing over the ball she intended to hit and it's one of the solids and sinks it.. She stares at the balls, her lips pursed "Well, that didn't go like I expected."

Kelani nods to the instructions from S'van as she steps aside and stands aside to watch as Catwin takes her turn. She ducks a bit as the ball has a bit of air time and grins as a ball makes it into a hole, "Well you got one in at least?" She offers helpfully. Kelani steps up to the plate…um wrong sport. Well she steps up to the table and goes for her next shot and there is indeed more force to it this time. Enough to randomly scatter the balls around the table..and sink the number six ball. "Well there you go, I got one in for you!" Kelani says with a laugh as she steps back to let Catwin have another go.

"Well…" says S'van, grinning with all sorts of amusement for Catwin's shot. "At least you had some power behind it. Erm. Let's work on aim next time, hm?" and then Kelani is up, and taking a shot and… sinking one of Cat's balls. There's a bark of laughter and a quick lift of his hands in a 'hold on' motion as he goes to get a cue stick. "Alright, clearly we need some practice on how to aim…" so he will demonstrate. "Bend at the waist, keep your stick level, don't let the end shift high or low…" and a little swivel to show the difference. "Keep your dominant eye on the ball… and then strike the cue with enough force to send it forward; make sure your stick follows through — don't just stop cause you hit the ball." He demonstrates as if he's going to take the shot, pulling the stick back and striking forward, though he's just to the left of the cue so he doesn't actually strike it. "Kay? Take your time," and then he's out of the way to let Cat try again.

Catwin can't help but smile as Kelani returns the 'favor' "Well, it's a whole new game, sinking the balls for the competition." Catwin bends out over teh table a bit and lines her cue up again. She brings it back and forth a little watching teh tip and how it moves and then she shoots she… oh dear. There's power behind the stroke and she follows through and along the table too. She doesn't quite punch a hole through the fabric, but she does gouge it good and proper and the cue ball is flying across the table and the floor and hits into the wall. Cat winces and then hands the cue stick to Sev. "I don't think it's a good idea to give me one of these. Too dangerous."

Kelani grins at Catwin's response to her sinking and gives a little curtsey, "My pleasure." She says and glances back to S'van and at least he looks amused and not completely horrified by their lack of skill. "Well at least I have healering to fall back on." She says with a shrug and watches Catwin's shot from one end of the table which has her ducking as the ball goes flying. She comes up laughing and gathers up the ball from where it rested. "Well I suppose I can give it one more go." So she sets the ball on the table. Oh there is concentration, even the tongue sticking out to the side. She lines up the shot, feints the motion a couple times then pulls back for a power shot…that misses the ball altogher and the stick ends up tangled in the lights overhead. She gives a little meep and passes her stick to S'van as well, "Yeah…I concur."

At least Sev doesn't immediately fall over laughing? I mean… that's a plus, right? There is definitely humor, dancing grey eyes and a hand over his mouth; a cough or two that may have been laughter. "Well…" and he accepts the stick from Catwin, "Maybe you should just stick with your day job," he teases. Kelani's already retrieved the cue ball, so he just leans back on the table next to them and watches her also fail miserably at what should be so easily done. Another snort of laughter and a roll of his eyes as she, too, gives up. "Wuss," he teases, pointing toward the wall for her to put her stick away. He's keeping Catwin's, though. A push upright, a saunter toward the table, and a smirk to beat all smirks as he leans over. "Watch this," and BA-BAM there he goes, sinking ball after ball with the confidence of a bad-ass because heis one. And yeah, he is definitely way better when sneaky Weyrmates aren't around to distract him with devilish whispers and clever touches. That last shot? He doesn't even look at it, just smacks the cue ball, turns around and heads to the wall to replace is stick. Because of course it sunk, and he knows it. "Just takes practice."

Catwin just smiles, perhaps a point proven? "Well, that /was/ what I was doing before you interuppted that."she admonishes with no heat attached. "But no… you couldn't let me do that. But see, that's what I can do. That's my lot in life, it might be a lot, but it's my life."Yes!Plagerism!Hah! "But good to know, you hadn't lost your touch with the game. I was wondering there the last time I watched you play. Near as bad as me."

Kelani puts away her stick and stands to the side to watch S'van's feat of skill and prowess and applauds. "Well I suppose you have more practice with balls then we do." Kelani says with such an innocent face that its hard to know if she is making a joke or not. She had to resist tapping the stick as he made his shots, really she did. "I think the pool table might be better without us that is for sure." There is a little glance at the gouge mark on the felt and at the light she struck, luckily not too much damage done.

"Fine, fine," says S'van, arms raised in an 'I give up' gesture for her retort. "Go back to your lot in life, then," he teases. "Though I make absolutely no promises to leave you there to die a slow and painfully boring death." He will simply pick a safer game next time? Cue stick returned to its proper place, he closes the distance enough to gently bump Kelani with his arm for her 'balls' comment. It's an affectionate gesture, as is the amused grin he casts her direction. He'll go ahead and assume that was a joke. But his fingers do touch that gouge, a twitch to the corner of his mouth. "Trust me," says S'van dryly, "you are not the worst thing to have happened to this table." A lean against said table, a scratch of his neck. "I only sucked last time because Jae wouldn't let up," he notes with a snort. Though even then… he was still pretty good. But there's a gleam in his eye that says maybe, just maybe, it was worth it. "Speaking of… I should get going. 'Bout time for dinner or something."

Catwin regards S'van for a moment. "Just because I don't have some hot bronzer to go home to doesn't mean my life is dull or boring." she states simply. "And I'll have you know that I've signed up to help transport people of all things up to the Yokohama later one." Gasp. Passengers for Catwin? "So don't even give me that guff. "And i certainly don't need to whack balls to enjoy my life."Play on words or not?One can never tell with Catwin. She does eye the table "No, indeed we are probably not the worst to have happened. I do not even want to contemplate what might have happened with or on that table.I mean look at the poor piano."

Kelani grins at the playful bump from S'van. Seems all is forgiven for the meddlin even if its a sore point now and then. The comment about the table draws a raised brow look from Kelani that goes from him to the table and back, "Oh tell me you didn't…on that?" She gives a little shake of her head and glances around the room before looking back, "How do…nevermind…I am not sure I want to know." Oh yes her mind went dark twisty places. "Yeah, thanks for the lesson..have fun with your dinner or…something." She says with a quirk of her lips. There is a look over to Catwin as she mentions the Yokohama, "Oh that sounds interesting. I thought I heard rumours of something happening up there."

"Meant the work, Cat. Not you," says Sev clearly, shooting a grin and a wink over his shoulder as he exits, stage-left for the bowl. Peace-out and much love, friends!

Where Ila'den is concerned, dark twisty places are par for the course. She watches as Sev leaves and then frowns a little as she heads back to her paperwork "It's not dull and boring or at all slow. Well not really. Imean it can sometimes be slow while waiting for the loads to be ready and all. But."she shrugs a little and then she nods to Kelani "Indeed, should be interesting, but I should probably go find some some food as well and give Fascath some loving. It gets lonesome without me."

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