Gliding with Style

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Lessons have been going along at a rather well clip this afternoon, with straps made and made again, and honestly knowing a few in this group made again and again. Along with keeping the squids away from straps now… They are getting to the 'meat' of the lessons which would be unmounted flights. These are done in smaller groups seeing how there are a few bronze in this clutch and Sundari would rather not have a bronze crash into another and then well, we see wher this is going right? Irkevalath is settled in the center of heyard, straps on the show that it is a needed thing, they have went through stretches and warmups and now, well now they get to go through the actual process of getting to the part where they are allowd to hop upin the air! OH the joy, the freedom! the fear? Oh ther should be some of that rolling through as well and the blue is expecting to deal with that a well. Sundari is quiet as she watches the few she has called forth for this lesson, her arms folded before her and yes they do happen to be resting upon that growing belly of hers that her shirt can only hide so much. "I want everyone to understand this is a SHORT moment in the air, a moment and /that/ is it. If I have to haul arse after any of them there will be trouble.. Understand?" Not only that none of them have the strength to handle being in the air longer then a few moments. "We are only getting them in the air for take ofs and touch downs for this lessons. Later in the week we will work on a two minute flight. Do we all understand?"

V'nyk is rather wrapped up in his straps. Or Lychenth's straps, really. She's turned him around so many times while working on them and checking their fit that quite a bit of the leather is tangled around his legs and over one shoulder. Maybe /he/ should be the one taking a flying lesson? At least he hasn't fallen down or anything. Lychenth hasn't really been able to sit still, though. Not with what may be coming shortly. She's practically prancing about, despite the occasional stumble it earns her. Luckily she doesn't go falling on /her/ nose either. Arm draped with straps though, V'nyk gives Sundari a salute, grinning broadly all the while. "Yep, we understand ma'am!" There's a quick, highly pitched trill from Lychenth as well. See? She totally /gets/ it.

Nerves? FEAR?! Has Sunny even MET Xermiltoth? The bronze is ecstatic, likely one of those exact reasons why the groups are being split up into such small factions, bless his heart. R'hyn's fingers are probably permanently twisted and scabbed for the effort, but Xermi's straps are finally completed, buckled on securely and his muscles warmed up and he is ready to go. "Settle down, Xermiltoth," comes a gentle reminder from R'hyn as he eyeballs and fixes a loose strap, cinching up tighter under the bronze's ribcage before pointing a bright grin over at Sundari. "Yes'm. No making the lovely lady run, y'hear, Xermi?" The bronze has at least learned from their last encounter - he doesn't boom his mindvoice into Sunny's head, but he does flash a series of black and gold diamonds her way. Nevermind that they're fizzing with electricity and fireworkmatter. Shhh. "I'll do the best I can to keep him in check." Warm blue-greys flick from the weyrlingmaster to V'nyk, a crooked smile quirking up his mouth as he offers, "Need a hand? I had to near about wrestle Xerm to the ground earlier. Too excited."

Sundari blinks as she looks on curiously about V'nyk and Lychenth, she chuckles softly and smiles a bit before moving over and holds up her hands to the green try and get her attention while the other two work with the straps. "Now now… Everyone will get a chance, alright?" This is questioned softly as she looks to Lychenth. "Though only after the straps are on proper like." If she is helpful she'll stay, if not, well she'll move off, sometimes it helps sometimes not so much. As for Xermiltoth he'll get an amused look at the offered images, even if they might make her a wee bit dizzy at the moment. "When you two are reay. Irk will show you what to do and then your follow one at a time. Better believe I'm not going to be running." If she is running there is a darn good reason why!

V'nyk looks down at himself for a moment, before shrugging. "Guess we're kinda mixed up on who's wearing what, yeah?" R'hyn's offer to help is at least met with a grin though, hands making slight grabbing motions at the other weyrling. "Just make sure I don't fall on my face and break something and I should be able to get out of this." His legs have gotten most of the tangling, after all. But at least the greenling works on it and is able to sort it out eventually. Lychenth, while still a bit wriggly at least keeps still enough for him to get the straps /on/ her properly. They even fit! Which is fortunate, really. There's a few small tugs given here and there to make sure everything is buckled properly, but then he steps back to give Lychenth a bit more room. "Alright, I think we're all set now.."

R'hyn chuckles low for Sunny's insistence that she won't be running, gaze lighting up with amusement. "How're you doing, anyways? Anything you need?" Not that there's much he can do right here, right now, but it seems to be a general question regardless as he slaps Xermiltoth's side and jerks his chin to indicate the bronze should move over to join Irkevalath. There's a skitter of dark claws as the dragon goes, sunbright mind trailing away from the humans as he beams it over at the blue. « I AM READY. MINE TELLS ME SOMEONE GOT INJURED FLYING ONCE. I WON'T BE SO RECKLESS, » he says in a bright tenor before plopping to his butt, ready to watch and learn! The bronzeling nods, in the meanwhile, flicking a smile over towards Ven as he shifts over to be able to offer a hand just in case the boy goes down. "Yeah, no sweat, I got your back." Luckily it doesn't get that bad, and soon enough he takes a step back with a snicker. "There's gotta be an easy way of getting straps on," he drawls with a headshake before pointing a look Sunny's way. "Any tips for us poor, struggling weyrlings?"

Irkevalath looks on amused and is soon stretching and rumbling as he is up and giving his rump and wings a shake and flutter. « Many have gotten when it comes to flying, but we are not flying. Not yet at least. We are doing tak offs and touch downs now. » The blue is quiet for a few moments while looking to both green and bronze young dragon. « Watch and follow what I do, it is a simple hop into the air and then we are to land once more in a proper manner. One more learn how to do these proper before going to the next lesson. » Sundari looks a bit amused at the talk of straps. "It is alright, with some more time they will be eager to have them on. Especially when flight lessons starting they might not want them off. ThoughI assure you, take them off and make sure to oil them properly do not need any hide to get itchy after all." The question from R'hyn makes her chuckle softly. "I'm fine, been though this a few times before. Thank you though." She'll point to Irk. "Irk will be doing a lope and then moving into the air and then landing after a few flaps. I understand it does not seems like much bit it is very important to be careful with how they go up and how they land. If they are to feel tired or any strain we will stop as we will be doing this a few times."
V'nyk puffs out a bit of a sigh, though there's a grin flashed at R'hyn. "Back, front..wherever!" He laughs though, brushing his hands free of a bit of dirt from dragging the straps all around. Lychenth has at least moved off to give herself a bit of room. No chance of tripping him and making him fall over at /this/ distance. Hands find his pockets then, hooking into them idly as he glances from dragon to Sundari, then again at R'hyn. "Lychenth likes her straps well enough, though she's already said I need to work on sense? I'm not sure what she's talking about when she starts on things like that, but so long as she's not fighting to stay out of them.." Lychenth gives her own little trill though, attentive..if eager to get going.

Xermiltoth's mind crackles with diamonds in the affirmative, chin physically dipping in a nod he could only have learned from his lifemate. « WE WILL BE IN THE AIR, THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. » He's been waiting for this, watching other dragons come and go from the bowl - any step in the right direction is a welcome one. « I WILL WATCH. » R'hyn nods for Sunny's advice, though, lips quirking up at the corners as she describes the future eagerness of the dragonets. "I can imagine. Though the bigger he gets, the more him being eager concerns me." That's probably healthy, though, realistically. "Are we going to have to keep making straps?," gets added on with a wince of realization. "I dunno if my poor hands can take it." It's mostly a joke, though, nodding for her explanation of the task at hand and communicating several thoughts to Xermiltoth before flashing V'nyk a bright grin. "Six of one, half a dozen of the other, really." He snorts for Lychenth's comments on the straps lacking in aesthetic. "Ha, seriously? Well, I'm sure once she's fully grown, you can work on a permanent set that will be more… appealing," he says through a laugh, head shaking. "I don't think Xerm cares one iota so long as he can get airborne."

"She wants some bling on them." Sundari offers with an amused tone to V'nyk as she speaks of Lychenth's straps. "Or at least something different then typical weyrlings straps. Which I would suggest doing when she is done growing. I sometimes do up different strapds for Irkevalath. He does have a set of dress straps like I have a set of dress leathers and he likes them well enough." Sunny is soon chuckling while looking on amused at the talk of straps. "Oh yes, you will always have to make straps, or buy them from someone who makes them. Still I find it easier to make them from tiem to time. Or at least fix ones that are still in good condition as like with clothing the straps will wear out with time. It is like any given thing." While R'hyn, V'nyk and Sundari are talking Irkevalath is about to show the two dear young dragons the finer points of a take off and landing. Irk is moving forward, plenty of space and once there in the center of the yard he put's forth some effort of a little lope, and his wings open before he is leaping into the air, a /short/ glide takes him upwards, legs tucking up to escape scratching he ground as he does not get that high before he angles himself downwards enough and allows his front paws to touch ground first and then the back so he lands in a hoping sort of landing that has him running a short few steps, wings open until that lower to his side. The blue turns a soft crooning snort escaping him. « Do not go very high, just a short glide then land once more like I did. Up.. then down.. Nice and easy, yes? » If they say yes he gives the OK for them to try!

"..Bling..?" Oh good grief. V'nyk looks positively lost for a bit, staring blankly at Sundari before his gaze slowly tracks toward his dragon. "Oh boy.." At least it's not something that needs to be done /now/. Lychenth thankfully is distracted by watching Irk, and although the little green will not /admit/ to being horribly clumsy, there's a slow…/slow/ look back at V'nyk as the demonstration is given. This..might not be pretty. V'nyk makes a slight face, but lifts both hands. "You can do it, Lychenth! Come on, now!" Quickly, there's a look back and forth. "So, if she never makes it off the ground, don'" The green very often doesn't get too many steps without tripping herself. She prances in place however and promptly drives headlong forward. Won't get anywhere without trying! After a short rush..and more than a little fumbling with her legs, she takes a leap, wings giving a quick downward push to get her better aloft. There's a high-pitched squeal of a trill though as she goes sailing. So graceful. So delicate. So…/ground/. She at least /starts/ the touchdown process, but doesn't quite manage, tumbling forward and landing in a tangled heap. Her head pops back up a moment later though, getting to her feet and checking all limbs before shaking off. «That was fun!»

R'hyn snorts. "Bling…," he drawls, shoulders shaking with laughter. "Shells, but can you imagine it, those little shiny studs like they put on Harper costumes?" He can, judging by the way blue-grey eyes brighten as they peer back over at the young dragonets. "Though you could take the easy road, steal some of the glitter water from the thieving squids inside and spray it down." Isn't he so helpful. He makes a face, though, for having to always remake straps, breath coming out in a heavy sigh. "Lovely." There's some small solace to be found in being able to buy them, though - the idea is tempting right now, when fingers are sore, skin scabbed. He offers V'nyk a reassuring nod for his worries over Lynchenth and an agreeable, "Yeah, of course." And hey, it looks good there for a second, the young green making it airborne, looking as though she belongs there before— well, R'hyn makes no comment, but his eye does tick in a repressed wince. « THAT LOOKED FUN, » Xermiltoth crows in agreement for Lynchenth's words, beaming golden sunshine down on her even as he gets to his feet. Somebody has been watching Sibila go, for there's a little butt-wiggle before he takes off at a dash, leaping into the air as indicated. There's a difference, though, in spreading one's wings on the ground, and having to use them to actually catch air - the bronzeling wobbles and dips unsteadily before coming in for a hard landing on all fours, forcing him to hop-skip awkwardly before coming to an ungainly, but upright, stop. « WOO! » You wouldn't know it was a relative failure based on his excitement… « CAN WE TRY AGAIN?! »

Sundari chuckles softly. "Should be happy she is a green, I'm sure she will have great taste in all things V'nyk." This said with an amused tone. Hearing R'hyn a soft laugh is soon heard. "There is an idea, just glitter them up. She might grow out of it?" Or well she could grow to like it as well! Irkevalath turns to watch Lychnth crooning softly as he shifts to offer a pointer or to and tilts his head and actually clucks once the green is in a pile, on dear. « Are you cracked? » Did he say cracked? Well then The blue shifts to nose at the green to make sure she is is alright and noses at her a few times to push along out of the way to make sure that Xermiltoth has plenty of room. « Rest a moment, then try again! » This offered with a happy croon to Lychenth, a soft happy sound offered before his attention is fully on the rather loud bronze. Irkevalath shifts forward, eyeing the dragonet in the process. « Do you hurt, any pain? » He wants answers before giving the OK it seems. "Given time they will get more use to things. Have to remember we all start someplace after all." Sundari offers with a smile to the pair of weyrlings before her.

R'hyn winks at Sundari when she finds his idea amusing. "It's been long enough. I bet we could commandeer another squirt bottle without anybody noticing. They might as well serve some purpose, other than to steal our stuff." He's ONTO YOU little squids! « A LITTLE. I THINK I SCRATCHED MY FOOT, BUT I'LL BE FINE. » Bless, though, he tries to keep walking and show the blue what is essentially a brushburn on the outside of his foot, hopping akwardly as he goes. « I STILL WANT TO TRY AGAIN. » Blue-grey eyes study the harlequin bronze carefully, but apparently Xermiltoth is telling the truth, because tension eases out of R'hyn's shoulders so he can aim a smile and nod over at Sunny. "That's true. They're doing far better than I ever expected." But not good enough for Xermi, who is off to the races to try, try again!

WHOOSH! A rock flies through the air and bounces off Xermi's head. A moment later, D'nyl appears, looking the stern and hyper-aware he's been since odd things started happening around the Weyr. For now, he doesn't really go *into* the lesson, just watching from close enough to see. Is he watching for how Xermilitoth reacts? yes. yes he is.

"Only if I get a bottle as well." Sundari offers with a slight grin seen at the idea. Though did she actually finish the first bottle? SHE WILL NOT BE TELLING? Her gaze turns to Xermiltoth as he is hopping along and she waves a hand to him slightly. "Get him to stand still a moment yes?" This questioned while she is moving towards the young bronze to try and see the foot so she can see if it is just a scratch. Once she is sure that is all she'll nod and wave him off. "He can go again as long there is no strain feeling in his muscles." Irk croons out to Xermiltoth. « Run and then leap up, once your stronger then your be able to leap up… Don't get to high remember just high enough off the ground to not touch don't make me drag you down by your straps! » He has done it before! The blue catches sight of D'nyl before Sunny, but he totally missed any rock throwing. "Of course they are doing well. They all do, I've only ever had to hold back a couple of weyrlings and there dragon's. Only one for being down right for stupid actions." That being S'en and his brown. Sunny glance over to D'nyl whom does get a tired smile.

Xermiltoth reacts alright, forward dash halting with a skitter of paws and a backwards flare of wings, a Simba-level growl rumbling up out of his young throat as his head shakes. For all that they put on a good show, the weyrling pair isn't particularly daft - things are tense in the weyr, and R'hyn tunes in to his dragon with a sharp squint and a brace of his shoulders before he raises his eyes to the familiar figure of D'nyl. « WHAT WAS THAT FOR?, » the dragonet asked with a push of sunbright diamonds, minor irritation matched by Ryn's slight frown. "C'mere, Xerm, Sunny wants to check your foot," the weyrling says as the expression clears, nodding to D'nyl in greeting as the bronze sulkily complies. « I'M FINE, » he protests, and when he's cleared to go by Sunny and Irk both, the bronze is only too happy to throw himself back into the task, this time managing a longer glide, if not an equally hard landing. It'll take work. Tension fading, R'hyn flicks a half-smile over at Sunny, brows darting upwards, not daring to look D'nyl's way when he asks, "You need another?" A snicker, and then a sigh for holding weyrlings back. "Yeah, S'en's still kicking himself." As he should be!

D'nyl jerks a nod to the Blue Blunder, then offers a smile to Xermilitoth, "Do what for?" HE THREW NOTHING! "How are they doing, Sunny?" Sure, he's been watching awhile and he knows PRECISELY how they're doing, but he asks, because he's a jerk. "Or, R'hyn. How do you think you're doing? Keeping up with him in terms of physical training?" One corner of his mouth quirks up, "Feel like he's keeping up with his clutchmates?"

Sundari looks to Xermiltoth curiously at the reaction and glances over to D'nyl a moment while pondering before a soft breath escapes her and she huffs a touch only before looking over the bronze's foot and gives it a light. "Go on, try it again. Careful on the landing, don't want to get really hurt and have to sit out and leave your lifemate doing paperwork." She'll be the good cop and D'nyl can be the bad cop. "They are doing well. No major blunder's as of yet." YET she will always say yet for one will never know what could happen just right around the corner there after all. Irk rumbles out softly while he shifts and is soon sitting back upon his haunches there to watch the bronze as he is going back to the take off and landing lesson, he will offer tips if needed. Sundari just grins back to R'hyn. "What?… Just because you can't have fun doesn't mean the rest of us can't." Oh you better believe she went there. This is how Sunny get's through stress, she jokes about things.

WHEN ILA'DENS ATTACK: PART INUMBERABLE. The bronzerider is probably the last-needed party on scene, but he arrives anyway, Teimyrth in tow, just as the interrogation on how the weyrlings are doing commences. The bronzerider looks somehow exasperated despite the furrowing of his brows and his LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESSSS walk. Long legs are quick to devour the distance separating himself from D'nyl and Sundari when the bluerider's teasing jab at R'hyn gives the older man pause. Grey eyes look suddenly mischievous, the bronzerider makes a choking sound that might be laughter, and then he drops his head as if deep in thought, knuckles finding his mouth while Teimyrth's attention turns to baby dragons with his head lowering down, undulating as it goes. Ooooh. Look at the babies. After Ila'den has a moment to gather himself, those grey eyes flicker from R'hyn, to Sunny, to D'nyl, and there's something devious about the slow-to-manifest curl at the corner of his lips. "Do you mind if we watch? Teimyrth wanted to see their progress." TRIPLE INTERROGATION. Ila'den's voice is low and husky with tightly reigned-in humor, as if he finds something about this ENTIRE SCENE TOO FUNNY. WHICH HE DOES. But really, Teimryth wanted to watch; it is the /only/ reason why Ila'den is here.

Xermiltoth points a snort over at D'nyl - oh yes, he and the rock just happened to appear at the same time, of course! He's onto you. Still, he's content to keep at the task, pausing only to flick the slight sting from his paws and grumble a little growl up at Teimyrth for his appearance. Isn't he cute? R'hyn looks honest-to-Faranth surprised for the appearance of the dark bronze and his rider mid-lesson, but D'nyl's question jerks him back to the conversation at hand. "Do you want my answer, or Xermiltoth's answer?," the weyrling drawls, knowing the bronzer will understand the answers are very different. "He outpaces me by a mile, doesn't stop from the time he's up until the time he's down. He'll probably do this until I make him stop," he says with a chin-jerk towards the low-gliding bronzeling. "So yeah. He's keeping up," he concludes with a laugh, one that fades into a fixed grin and a cheerful nod for Ila'den when the bronzerider's long stride finally reaches them. And of course, he'd arrive just in time for Sunny to tease him, of course! Ila's given a flat look for that poorly-disguised laughter - yuck it up, funny man - before he hikes his own too-bright, too-crooked smile up on his face. "You don't have to remind me," he says, gaze switching from the Ila to Sunny as he says it, head shaking. "Rude." Tsk!

D'nyl arches a brow at the young bronze, then chuckles softly, "A bit of both. Just remember, if he works himself too hard, he could hurt himself. You have the dubious honor of being the rational one right now." Ila's arrival earns another arched brow, then he shrugs. He hasn't been the best teacher, really. His mind is elsewhere. And with Ila here, he starts to lean towards the exit to the feilds. Czaith calling… or… something.

Sundari chuckles as she watches after Xermiltoth and nods a bit before glancing back to D'nyl and R'hyn as she listens in curiously. The question from her does not make her blush, sorry boys suck it up and deal with it she is pregnant and she will say what she likes! "Hello Ila. Sure, your both welcome to watch." This said with a soft smile and nod, as for the cough from Ila she sends him an amused look and slight grin even before shaking her head a touch and is soon looking back to R'hyn whom she will also given a look at. "Sorry…" OR IS SHE?! D'nyl is fleeing… Oh well then.. "Let's call it a end of lesson R'hyn. I don't want him to get any strain muscles and the like as this is a new thing for him. Good job for you both though." She'll point towards the young bronze. "Give him a good oiling, and make sure he is for sure not sore. Other then that you two can have the afternoon off from lessons." Book work is another thing, she expect that to still be done. "I hate to give you a lesson an run but… I need to excuse myself at the moment." Expecting bluerider needs to flee for the bathroom thank you very much!

Teimyrth gets a growl? It is /cute/. The massive bronze gives the dragon-equivalent of a purr - a sound that sounds much more terrifying coming from Teimyrth than it does cute. The bronze tilts his head, whirling eye fixated on the gliding learner, but any thoughts that may be conjured up about his progress either stay between bronze and rider, or are never shared at all. He is silent, an observant sentinel who moves only once the bronzeling speaks and he pushes that massive maw into his rider. R'hyn's initial look is met with a quick bow of the head, grey eyes downcast for mere seconds, before he looks up again with a tick in his jaw being the only hint readily broadcasting that he's still /entirely/ too amused. It's Ryn's subsequent response to Sundari, and that /smile/, that wipe that smile /right/ off of Ila'den's face. There's something dark, something stormy, something that nobody will get the time to dissect and study because Teimyrth is there, interrupting, and Ila'den is blinking after his lifemate with one hand reaching out to scratch gently at the ridges of his eye. There a pause, and then another devious smile as he breathes, "Aye, you're right Teimyrth. It's not the time." BUT LATER WILL BE. IF THAT LOOK THAT ILA GIVES R'HYN COMMUNICATES /ANYTHING/. OR… Not? Suddenly Sundari is fleeing, and D'nyl is fleeing, and there's suddenly two bronze dragons, and two 'riders. WATCH. Ila'den's grey eyes linger on Sundari's retreating form, and when the slide back to settle on R'hyn, it's with a deliberate slow and the kind of smile that puts debauchery to /shame/. "Well," he says slowly, huskily. "This is awkward." And he moves himself into a crouch, looking every bit the predator as the weyrling is kept in his sights - but from a distance. Teimyrth croons at his rider, head tilting to the side before he lumbers OFF AND AWAY, towards Xermi to whuffle at him. SO FIERCE this one. He /likes/ it.

R'hyn watches the one-man show that is Ila'den's expressions for a long moment, one brow tilted up gently, but otherwise with neutral amusement before he switches his gaze back to D'nyl, chin jutting out for the veiled insult. "Dubious? I take offense to that," he says with a laugh that indicates he really doesn't before he continues with a much more formal, "But yessir. I always stop him, or distract him with something a little more sedate. Reading. Talking. Bathing. Oiling." He tries, anyways, eyeing the distracted man as he departs before wrinkling his nose over at Sunny in a grin. "Yeah, right. You're the least sorry person I've ever met." Except perhaps for Ila'den and his cheek-ticking over there. YES, HE SAW THAT. There is a somewhat surprised look when she calls the lesson early, but his nod remains amiable as he waves her off. "Alright. Thanks, Sunny, I will. Take care." And then they're gone, and R'hyn's expression breaks, eases, warms, blue-grey eyes glittering over at Ila for that sinfully shameless smile. "It sure is," he drawls, likewise holding his ground, gaze flicking over the man's features, several thoughts coming and going visibly across his features. "Though Teimyrth always seems to have an impeccable sense of timing," he says at last, gaze tearing away to watch the big dragon go, observes his own bronze puffing up with agitation when he is purred at, then whuffled, as though this were some sort of indignity. He's not cute! Fight him! "Anyways, clearly you had something you wanted to say to me earlier. Care to enlighten me, or are you going to save it for a rainy day?" Now who's rude?

"Well," Ila'den offers softly, non-committal. "He /is/ a dragon." As if this explains /everything/, like they are MAJESTIC AND OMNIPOTENT TO BOOT. The sudden warmth in R'hyn's expression does something wonderful and altogether /horrible/ to Ila'den, leaving grey eyes narrowed as the bronzerider slowly regains his full height throughout the weyrling's teasing. Teimyrth, on the other hand, is SO VERY AMUSED. He snorts at the baby bronze, making a noise that's somewhere between ridiculous and hilarious, and then shuffles his feet pigeon-toed as he gets clooooser. WHUMP. He pushes his head against the little bronze as if to say HELLO, mindful that his protruding fangs do not catch on little bronze flesh. HELLO. HE WILL FIGHT YOU. WITH FLUFF AND INTEREST. An interest /entirely/ different from the type that Ila'den fixes on R'hyn. It's clear that the bronzerider is thinking about how to respond, but when he does it's with a husky chuckle and, "I'll have to bathe and think about it." HINT MOTHERFUCKING HINT, R'HYN. Ila'den whistles low, Teimyrth swings his head, and the bronzerider is jerking his head towards the exit. "Come, Teimyrth. Xermiltoth and R'hyn have directions to follow from Sundari. We wouldn't want to interfere." And then bronze snorts, turning, lumbering towards the exit while Ila'den lingers, holding his attention for /just/ a moment longer before he turns to leave too. No goodbye, no goodjob, NONE OF THAT. JUST GONE. RETREATING. BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW.

R'hyn's expression flattens over at Ila'den again, this time playfully before he rolls his eyes skyward. "Funny, funny man," he drawls, expressing the thought aloud this time gaze only switching back towards the bronzer when he moves. Challenge slowly replaces warmth, one brow tilting up questioningly for that narrow-eyed look. YEAH, HE DARED POKE THE BEAST, NOW WHAT. And then there's Xermiltoth, who, bless his heart, flutters his wings with confusion. What is this behavior, and where did the big scary monster that hurt his R'hyn's mind go? Whirling eyes dart to his weyrling and back, before he reaches out one (comparatively) little paw to BAP Teimyrth's nose. TAG, YOU'RE IT. But alas, before the game can progress, the older bronze is being called away, and Xermi can only drop to his butt in a sulk. AND THEY WERE JUST GETTING ALONG, TOO. Sulk. R'hyn, on the other hand, radiates smug amusement right up to the end of that husky chuckle, expression going totally blank for that HINT. Please hold while Rynbrain reboots… Cue dialup noises… And we're back. "Good idea. I hear baths are an excellent place to think good and hard about what's troubling you," he says, a polite grin fixed into place beneath entirely-too-amused eyes before he, too, turns away, if only lead Xermiltoth into the weyrling barracks, equally short on proper farewells.

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