Beware of Tickling Goldriders

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

It's a nice day out at Western! Not that such things are abnormal for the tropical weyr. There's a nice breeze, which makes for a great day at the beach. Zi'on's planned a little day trip actually for himself and his lady. The bronzer lays down a blanket in the sand with the help of Suldith, then anchors it down with rocks. He's got a cooler full of citron juice and frozen fruit and other snack foods and has a few rolled up towels sitting next to it. Zi'on pulls his shirt off, leaving himself in just his swim trunks and his sunglasses, then lays down to bake a little while he waits for Enka to arrive.

The primary reason Enka's wearing one of those flowy sarong-type outfits probably has to do with the bandage on her forearm — it's easier to put something on that basically wraps around her — as well as the fact that the goldrider's making her way from the central portion of the bowl to the lagoon shoreline. Dragonless, though, the senior queen's not likely to venture out into the sun and interrupt her daily snoozing, but that still doesn't stop her rider. Spotting Zi'on the beach, Enka sneaks forwards, making a shushing gesture at Suldith, should the bronze spot her, and heads right for him.

With it being another nice day in Western, it's no surprise that anyone with time to spare will be out and enjoy it (well, most folk, anyhow). Velokraeth glides in from the skies above, lazily circling before finding a spot to land out of the way of any beach goers. Th'ero has chosen to walk, it seems and judging from the tired look on his face, the weyrling has just escaped training for the time being. At least he stopped by the barracks to change, and is now in a much more comfortable sleeveless tunic and a pair of shorts. He's even wearing sandals and has brought his own towel for once! As he picks out a spot to spread said towel, he glances up, just in time to see Enka sneaking up on Zi'on. Th'ero doesn't say anything, simply going about his business and subtly watching the event unfold.

Finding himself with free time on his hands, a young Weyr lad takes advantage of it to go wandering down to the lagoo, dressed in the usual swimming attire and a towel slung loosely around his neck. Picking a spot to park his skinny rump, Draval plops on down with legs sprawled out before him. As he looks around curiously at the others gathered on the lagoon, he finds himself trying to stifle a smirk at Enka's stealthy approach on Th'ero. What's she up to? This should prove very entertaining.

Suldith is about to warble to the goldrider, having spotted her. But her motion causes him to abruptly spot, letting out a sort of dragony chirp. Zi'on furrows his brow at this. "What was that? Don't tell me you have gas again…" Can dragons even have gas? Apparently Suldith can. Or some form of thing that makes his rider's brows furrow. At any rate Zi'on doesn't seem to notice Enka or anyone else approaching. He just lays there, lacing his finger behind his head and getting ready to take a nap if Enka is late.

He's cute. Adorably awesomely totally cute, especially when the little bronze is letting out that chirp. Suldith, everyone loves you! Enka giggles softly, barely audible. Certainly dragons could have gas, right? Well, sneak sneak sneak, over the sand the goldrider goes, keeping herself angled in just the right way that her shadow won't fall across the bronzer as she goes sneaking up to Zi'on. And then, when the time is right… pounce! Although given that her arm is bandaged, it's not the kind of enthusiastic playful kind of pounce, but there's still plenty of cheerfulness in it. Dropping on to the towel on her knees, the goldrider tickles Zi'on. "Surprise!"

Suldith is cute. While some bronzes were big and scary, or tough and mean, or just strange looking, Suldith is small and cute. Which makes him easy to love. Zi'on is really in the perfect position for a tickle-attack. He's got his eyes closed, enjoying the warm sun. And with his arms like that… well there's just no defenses he really has. Of course when someone is pouncing him his immediate action is to try to sit up, which fails with Enka pinning him. And then the tickles! Oh the tickles! "AAAAAA ahahahahahaha! Aahhhh! Enka! Aaaaaahahaha! Stop! S-Stop!"

Th'ero has just begun to settle onto his towel, placing himself in a prime position so as not to miss a moment of Enka sneaking up on Zi'on, though he tries to be subtle in his watching and not outright stare. That'd be just a touch creepy, wouldn't it? So between watching them, his gaze moves to where Velokraeth has settled in the shallow waters. It's be chance that he spots Draval settling in as well, gaze giving the young boy a curious look over before nodding his head in a quick nod of greeting. Normally he'd say something too, but hey - don't want to interrupt the fun!

Draval returns Th'ero's nod, grinning broadly. After all, there is entertainment to be had, here! He leans forward intently, absently riffling a hand through his hair as he struggles to keep silent in the face of such an amusing scene: a goldrider tackling another rider and tickling him to death. Finally, though, he cannot help but to laugh, covering his mouth to keep his laughter from bouncing off the walls.

Enka tickle-attacks! Because she's being silly, and what do silly people do? They tickle-attack. Besides, it's making the bronzer laugh. And it was /so/ tempting after all — as if he'd practically been asking for it. "Uhhmm." the goldrider remarks cheerily. "Say please." Pretty please with whipped herdbeast cream on top, even. Of course, the minute that Zi'on does say please, Enka will stop tickling him, let him sit up, and flop over into a seated position on the towel. It doesn't even mean anything to her that there's other people here, namely Th'ero, and Draval, although she hasn't yet spotted them, so intent was she in sneaking up on Zi'on. "It was just too good to pass up," the weyrwoman grins slyly. "And thank you, darlin' Suldith for not givin' the game away."

Oh sure, Th'ero. Leave a man hanging! Let your friend be subjected to tickle torture! Oh yes, the bronzer is fighting to sit up and spots Th'ero just hanging out on his towel down the beach a little. "'ero! …Help!" That's all he can really manage. No, he will not give in to Enka's wishes! Never! Okay, he can't really breath anymore and is going red though the face. "Okay! Please! Please! Oh Faranth!" Zi'on then flops back down onto the blanket and pants for a while, trying to regain breath. There's a peer given to Enka. Really after all the pranks he's pulled on her, he deserves it. Suldith gives a full warble to Enka this time, and Th'ero too. Draval he's not so sure about, so he cautiously approaches this new person, eyes whirling a bit.

Th'ero grins a little in return to Draval, though is handling his mirth over the whole tickle-attack much easier. And of course he's going to leave Zi'on to the tickle torture. What's the fun in stopping it? So he lingers on his towel, grinning from ear to ear as he lets the bronzerider suffer for a few moments longer before calling out. "I'm not about to get involved! I don't want to be next!" Alas, there will be no help after all, though Enka soon lets up once Zi'on beg?asks nicely. Suldith is given a bit of a half-wave, though Velokraeth warbles l towards the bronze in reply as well.

If there's one thing a goldrider is good at, it's tickle-torture. Well, maybe a few other things, but Enka's just paying Zi'on back for all those pranks he's pulled on her before. Really. Hearing the sound of Th'ero's voice, she turns a little to glance in the direction of the weyrling bronzerider. "Smart man," she agrees with a dry grin, nodding at him, her gaze flicking ever so slightly towards the younger bronze dragon, taking note of Velokraeth closely and then bobbing her chin ins satisfaction. "Goldriders can be very tricky, and ticklin' is somethin' we do well." Attention shifting back to Zi'on again, she smiles at him. "There now, I left Mir back at the weyr, she was sleepin', but I couldn't hardly say no to a chance to relax on the beach." With juice and snacks, no less.

Zi'on hasn't a friend in the world, alas! Even Enka is out to get him. At least the tickling is over now, even if everyone on the beach now knows the bronzer's weakness. "Some friend you are!" He says to Th'ero with a laugh. "You'll rue this day." He peers at Enka after sitting up. "You'll all rue this day!" Enka gets her come uppins as Zi'on hooks his arms around her and drags her into his lap. He pretends like he's going to kiss her… just to rub prickly chinbeard on her neck! It's short lived though, and he does lean in for a kiss. He's allowed. "So how're we all doing?" It's a general question to those about. Then to Enka he asks. "How's the arm holding up?"

Th'ero nods back to Enka, grinning back though a touch more crooked then before. Oh yes, this weyrling is a smart one (at times). "Ah, are they now? I'll keep that in mind." He muses, chuckling dryly. His amusement has him distracted, so he doesn't notice Enka taking a closer look of Velokraeth. The young bronze is almost mature now, though on the smaller side for bronzes and his physical oddities are much the same from when he was a hatchling. But that doesn't seem to bug the bronze in the slightest, as he basks in the shallows, whirling eyes calmly observing the lagoon shore. "Oh, will I? And what're you going to do?" Th'ero taunts Zi'on, before realizing that's probably NOT the best thing to do. Judging by the expression on the weyrling's face, he's regretting it. But what is said is said and there's no taking it back! Settling more comfortably on his towel, Th'ero shrugs his shoulders. "Doing well enough. Off duty and training for now. Yourselves?" And the weyrling glances between both Zi'on and Enka, then over to Draval.

Enka is /not/ out to get Zi'on. Well, maybe a … little? "I'm wonderin' what I'll be ruin' about it," Enka remarks cheekily at Zi'on, but she certinly gets her comeuppance all right when he yanks her into his lap. Which is likely where she wanted to be the whole time, most likely. Prickly chinbeard not-kiss makes her squirm and wiggle a little, but once the bronzer's kissed her for good, she settles down. Of course he's allowed. "Well," Enka admits after a while, turning a little to watch Th'ero. "I can't say the same for Rea bein' a tickler, or Iris, but then maybe that's always somethin' I'm supposed to be teachin' them." As senior, naturally. "Arm's holdin' up fine," she reports to Zi'on, snuggling comfortably into his lap. "I'm just glad it wasn't too serious, or that tunnelsnake wasn't bigger." She shrugs, and then calls out to the bronze weyrling again, "Doin' all right, bite marks aside."

All in all, Velokrath still wasn't the strangest looking of Miraneith's childrens. That title belonged to Zeek, lord queen of Ista. (yes, lord queen) But it did makes the bronze look a bit different than his brother Suldith, who heads out to join him in the shallows. Zi'on peers at the other bronzer, though it's hard to tell other than just his brow furrowing slightly. "Oh… I'll think of something. Just when you're not expecting it… BAM atomic wedgy. Or something similar. Maybe exploding pants…" Zi'on rubs his chin a bit and grins. "I'll find something for ruing. And I think you can handle the tickling for the whole weyr. Last thing I want is some other goldrider tickling me to death." The bronzer leans over to open up the cooler and grab some bottles of juice. He offers one to Th'ero by way of waving it around. "I'm alright. My rash is almost gone."

Having never met Rea and not entirely familiar with Iris on such personal levels, Th'ero will only take Enka's word for it, though perhaps the weyrling will always be a little cautious around goldriders now. At the mention of bite marks, he blinks a little, only now noticing the Weyrwoman's bandaged arm. Observant? Not today, it seems. "Shells. What got you?" he asks, frowning a little. Velokraeth rumbles a heartfelt welcome when Suldith joins him, one of the few dragons the young bronze actually gets along with. Th'ero only stares at Zi'on, though he doesn't seem to be taking the bronzerider's threats seriously, judging by the grin that creeps across his features. "That's it?" he taunts again. Oh hey, why not dig the hole a little deeper? The weyrling seems in the mood for joking around. Can silliness be contagious? "Though exploding pants… doesn't sound fun at all." He muses, before waving off Zi'on's offer with a quick gesture of his hand. At the mention of a rash, Th'ero's expression goes completely blank for a moment, as he glances from Zi'on and then to Enka, and her bandaged arm. "Rash? What we're you two up too?" And does he want to know?

Let's be honest, Miraneith's produced some interesting — if rather odd — looking offspring over the Turns. It was just part of her quirky charm, really. "I'm sure you can find somethin' to make me rue … umm, somethin'." The day, probably not, but Enka's always up for being surprised. Who knew. "Right," she agrees with a wry little grin, "I'll be the only tickler, and just wait till I have two good hands to do it." Nobody would be safe! "Snakebite," she answers Th'ero's question, naturally innocent, uh huh … right. "Storage caverns. I think we got an infestation." Or maybe just one stowaway snake. "Good," she remarks to Zi'on about the rash. "Did you need help puttin' that cream on later?" Hmm, what are they up to anyway?

Zi'on hasn't really met Rea either from what he could recall. And a tickle session from Iris might cause a very poor backlash from Enka, so he'll be steering somewhat clear of the younger goldrider for a while. Suldith is generally a tolerable bronze actually. He has a pleasant disposition without being annoying. He's happy to chat with Velo or just keep him company in the shallows. Size-wise it was clear they were of a similar stock. Zi'on laughs a bit at Th'ero. "Nope. And it's quite embarrassing. Maybe something during graduation…" Oh yes, a graduation prank. That was needed. "I stopped wearing underpants for a few days. I guess my normal pants were rubbing against me and I got chafed." There's a nod to Enka. "Yeah… if you don't mind." He grins to her. "There's no more infestation. We cleared out the stores."

Whether it's Lord-Queen Zeek or Miraneith's quirky charms that hold the ultimate title for strange offspring, Velokraeth is unique and Th'ero has come to terms long ago about it. There's a sympathetic wince when Enka mentions the origin of the bite. "Ouch. Not good." He remarks, perhaps not quite catching on to the possibly not-so innocent reply from the Weyrwoman. The weyrling is simply curious! Though his curiosity may be getting him into tricky areas… Blinking a little again, Th'ero gives Zi'on a long look that slowly moves to Enka. "Uh huh." He replies, suddenly wondering if he's missing something. There's an obvious grimace to the bronzerider's reply though. "Ugh, alright. I guess I get that for asking. But… so didn't need to know that." So he's not going to ask why. Instead, Th'ero shifts a little on his towel, moving so that he can relax comfortably but also be facing the two riders without having to keep craning his neck to see them. "You wouldn't dare do something during graduation!" Th'ero exclaims, though what'd did he expect?

Miraneith holds the title. Because she's the sole reason there even was a Lord-Queen Zeek — ergo, the topic is null and void without the plump-tailed queen to kick start the whole process. "Not good, definitely," Enka comments to Th'ero. "I was only tryin' to get some supplies for bakin', and it bit me. Thankfully one of the nice healers in the infirmary fixed me up, right as rain." Well, aside from the fact that she's still healing. "Oh," Enka is looking happy now as she tilts her head to look at Zi'on, which given that she's sitting in his lap, it's not much of a movement. "That's good. I knew you'd clean up the stores. Did you find anythin' interestin' while you were looking? Like old tech stuff?" She grins up at him. "Well, I'm more than happy to help." The cream, she means.

Zi'on isn't kidding about the rash thing. Though that's probably obvious by the fact he's not grinning away like there's some hidden joke there. He does laugh at Th'ero reaction though. "You asked." The bronzer is sitting with Enka on a blanket. There's a cooler next to him full of frozen fruit and other snacky type items, also bottled juice. Th'ero gets tossed a bottle once he's paying attention again. And two are opened up for Zi'on and Enka. "We found some stuff, yeah. Some stuff for fireworks actually. There was a lot of old baking and cooking stuff in there, too. Some of which we salvaged, some of it had to be tossed. I found some old junk radios and some other things I can get parts from. And some booze that never got moved down to the cellars." So it wasn't a complete waste. "We made a lot more space in there, too." He grins to Enka then about the cream. "Thanks, love."

Th'ero grimaces again, shaking his head a little. "I hate tunnel snakes for that reason." He mutters, before glancing back to Enka and genuinely smiling. "Well, good to hear it wasn't too serious." He says, about to add more when he's distracted by Zi'on tossing him a bottle of juice and has just enough time to move to awkwardly catch it before it lands in the sands. The weyrling stares down at it for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. He hadn't been thirsty, but he's got it now and opens it all the same. "Fireworks?" Th'ero's interest is clear as day, though there's a pause as he takes a sip of his drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I didn't think Western /had/ fireworks in the store rooms." Settling back, the weyrling returns to relaxing on his own towel, not far off from where Zi'on and Enka are, while Velokraeth basks in the shallows and keeps company with Suldith.

"Nasty sneaky creatures," Enka agrees, "just waitin' for me to put my hand there, and then rawr." She does look a little smug. "At least there were some firelizards around," namely hers, "and the snake got a good chompin'" she nods, accepting her juice from Zi'on and sipping at it for a moment. "Oohh," comes her excited exclaimation when the bronzer details the contents of the store room. "I'll take a look at the cookin' things you salvaged." Because there might be something there she can use. "And firework, you say. Shells, wonder if those things have been there since the Weyr opened." Which was a pretty good long time ago.

There comes padding from the direction of the living caverns a short little weyrbratty Patori, class in a loose, oversized shirt and what /appear/ to be swim trunks. The clothing is drab, but at least not threadbare, and he's wandering in a pair off flip-flops that are, for once, not entirely cracyed or falling apart. Still, the boy's getting a little old for being a weyrbrat, even if his height hasn't apparently gotten the message. It's toward the blanket and towel-sitting folk he wanders, once he spots the trio there, though from the way he's glancing around, almost nervously, it might not be them he'd come out here to find. Still, they get a bob of his head as he approaches slowly, idly fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, eyes widening at the overheard mention of tunnelsnakes and fireworks, darting a look from Enka and Zi'on to Th'ero before settling on some spot between with a sort of half-mumbled, "Hi." Oh yes, so chatty this one. Fidget fidget. "Fireworks?" peaked interest doesn't entirely manage to hide the slight nosewrinkle at the talk of the tunnelsnakes though, the boy nibbling his lower lip absently.

"Thank Faranth for firelizards I guess." In a lot more ways than one. Zi'on swigs at his own bottle of juice. It's cool and refreshing, and if Th'ero was going to hang out at the beach he needs to stay hydrated, right? "Mm. That's what one of the drudges said they was. Smelled funny and the whole box was packed up with wood shavings to absorb moisture or something. As tempting as it was we didn't light any off, just tucked the box away with a caution sign on it." He grins and nods to Enka. "There was some spices and things in there. All sealed up like someone ordered them and forgot. Lots of stuff that looked like someone ordered and forgot." Which is why it was shoved in the back of the stores, of course. Hey, Pat looks like he found some slightly better clothes! Progress, maybe? "Hey Pat." Zi'on opens up the cooler. "Juice? Fruit?" That's basically an invitation for Pat to come join them. "I found some in the stores," Zi'on explains about the fireworks. He leans forward to rest his chin on Enka's shoulder.

"Hmm, that's usually what they do. Just be thankful never to find one in your bedroll. Or clothes." Th'ero gives a bit of a shudder at that memory, before taking another swig from the bottle of juice in his hand. The sudden half-mumbled greeting has the weyrling turning his head to glance over his shoulder, the questioning frown giving way to a wide smile. "Hey, Patori!" he greets the weyrbrat, gesturing for him to join them, even as the offer is given from Zi'on as well. Maybe it can be taken as reassurance? Glancing back to Zi'on, Th'ero seems disappointed that the fireworks (if that is what they are) are simply back in storage. "I'm surprised you didn't light one and set it off. Just to be sure." He says jokingly.

The goldrider can agree to that, "Wouldn't know how we could do anythin' without them, since dragons are just too big to fit into the caverns." Enka comments, looking thoughtful at Zi'on's explanation of the contents of the storage rooms. "Well, I'll order them right up and not forget about them," she gives the bronzer a wry little smile before she shivers a bit at Th'ero's words. "Ugh. I couldn't ever want to find a tunnelsnake in my bedroll. Especially one of the poisonous ones." She snuggles back against Zi'on, resting her head against his. Awwh, cute!

Pat has inded found some semi-decent clothes, though with the way he's fidgetting at a loose thread on the hem of his shirt, they might not stay that way terribly long. The water is eyed nervously, though Zi'on's offer of noms and juice has the boy uttering a small, "Oh.." and ninjaing some for himself. All unstealthily. "Maybe you should set some off? Yeah, to um, test them," is suggested about the fireworks, scooting over to more properly join the three at Th'ero's reassurance of welcome. The bronzer and Enka';s discussion of tunnelsnakes gets a further nosewrinkle, and Pat mumbles wit h a little shiver, "Those.. those are awful. They bite." Well, of course. Though he looks like he might have something special against the critters, with the face he's making.

Zi'on grunts. "I better not find any in my bedroll. I'll turn the weyr upside down looking for the things." Zi'on might actually even clean his weyr! As if! Zi'on chuckles a little at Th'ero. "Well, I'd have to go back in there at night and sneak them out. It looks suspicious if I take a crate of fireworks home with me. Even a drudge might report something like that." In other words, all in good time. "Don't worry Enka. I'll be sure to check your bedroll for tunnelsnakes. Of course it'll be easier after we're weyrmated." Nope, the bronzer hasn't forgotten about that. "Maybe we can head in there to grab some to test a little later, Pat." Oh yes, Pat has volunteered himself, now.

Th'ero gives another shudder at the thought, glancing to Enka with a bit of a crooked half-smile. "It's rare that it happens. But like you both pointed out - thank Faranth we have firelizards." There's another smile flashed to Patori as he finally joins them, chuckling slightly at the weyrbrats comments. Zi'on's comment earns a bit of a wicked grin, though the bronzerider is safe. This weyrling isn't a prankster, after all, though he's probably storing some idea in the back of his head. Just in case. Th'ero is then shaking his head as the discussion switches to fireworks. "If they are tested, just be sure not to set the whole thing off. Don't need to cause unnecessary panic and chaos." Or do they? The rest of the juice is finished off, Th'ero giving the now empty bottle a little shake to be sure. Then he's getting to his feet, brushing some sand from his legs as he leans down to roll up his towel. Velokraeth has left the shallows, pausing only to give himself a stretch as he waits for Th'ero to finish up. "As much as I'd love to stick around, I'd better get back." The weyrling points out, with a bit of a sheepish look given to the trio still seated on the sands. Procrastinating? What? "Nice seeing you all. Enjoy the afternoon!" And with that, he gives his usual half-wave, half-salute and begins to walk off towards the bowls, Velokraeth waddling behind for a short distance before finally taking to the skies.

"Then again," Enka looks thoughtful, "most of us don't live where tunnelsnakes can just crawl right in. I'm sure even sleepin', Mir could smell a snake, and eat it up." Nom nom nom. "If you're goin' to sneak out a box of fireworks," she tells Zi'on, "tell me, so I can tag along." Well, then it becomes sort of quasi-legal then, no? It's more of an official uh … mission or something if the goldrider's there to give her tact weyrbrat-forever-and-ever approval. "Just as long as we don't set it off indoors." She giggles a little at the bronzer, "mm, I know you'd be very good at that." And yay, weyrmating. "Bye Th'ero." the weyrling bronzerider gets a wave of dismissal. Enka falls silent right about then, content to nestle up against Zi'on, and let him talk to Patori about fireworks and things.

Patori sips some juice, and darts a glance along the beach, still apparently keeping an eye out even as he settles. Though he doesn't look any less fidgetty when he finds himself volunteered to nab fireworks. "Oh, um," fidget fidget, "..okay." So easy to recruit, poor kid. He looks marginally less worried about this when Enka seems willing to tag along to sneak fireworks - that can't /really/ get in trouble if the weyrwoman is with them, right? It'll be a top secrit weyrbratty mission! Or something. They might all be far too old for such antics, but who's going to rat them out? Th'ero's smile is returned briefly, Pat bobbing his haid and offering the departing weyrling a small wave with a little, "Um, later!" called after him, though then the boy nibbles on his lower lip and mumbles, "As long as it's not near anything, we won't blow something up, right?" Except maybe themselves, cough.

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