Dragons, Twins, and Wherries

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's getting on towards evening at Halfmoon Bay Weyr, perfect time for one of the Weyr's hunters to be returning with the day's quarry. Today, it's two big wherries, one hanging from each shoulder with his crossbow set over his right shoulder like some sort of conquering hero. He pauses to squint at the sinking sun, then turns slightly, heading towards the small side area he usually uses to process his kill.

Ezrayl seems to also just be getting off her shirt, or perhaps she's just starting. Actually, it might not even be close to her shift time. It's kind of hard to tell when the young woman always seems to be wearing her leather armor even when it isn't time for duty. The telling sign is that she doesn't have any swords at her hips. It's from across the bowl that she spots Daran and soon the red-haired lass is making her way over there. "Not too bad, you've caught better though." There's a tiny smirk on her lips that says she's only teasing though.

Idrissa is once more at Half Moon Bay, seems she got stuck with the route that omes through here rather often. At the moment she is sitting near the living cavern sipping at a mug of klah that she got a short time ago. Her gaze drifts out over the movement of others, a glance this way and then a glance that way before she catches sight of a certain crossbow toting hunter that she's met a few times since coming to the Weyr. She curiously watches what he is up to while sipping at her drink once more. She'll wait a moment before just wandering over to say hi.

"'Ey Ez." Daran finds his rock of choice and lays both wherries on it, "Small island, 'M jus' glad I foun' wherries atall. Good eatin' t'nigh'." He sets the crossbow on the small rock to the side and pulls out his knife, starting to process the first of them, glancing up briefly when Idrissa draws near, then jerks a nod of greeting to the greenrider.

"I doubt they would let us starve either way. The Weyr certainly takes better care of their own than certain other parties." Despite her words, there is a slight smirk on Ezrayl's lips and she crouches down to get a better look at the wherries. She runs a hand over one of the creatures before following her brother's gaze over towards Idrissa. Rather than that nod Daranyl gave, the guard simply studies the green rider for a moment. "A friend of yours?"

"He'd do better if I hadn't fallen my fool ass out of a tree," Kyra says informatively as she hobbles onto the scene rather dramatically. She's got her cast and some nice crutches keeping her upright, currently sporting a pair of tattered denim shorts and an oversized sweater to deal with the spring weather - also, shorts make the cast an easy thing. She jerks her chin in greeting to Daranyl, angling her way over to peer at his wherries as well only to make a soft huffing sound and turn, propping her backside against a rock so she can sit down, "We're going hunting when I get better, Dar." For Ezra, she blinks twice those large hazel eyes before offering an easy grin, wagging one hand slightly, "Hallo. I'm Kyra." She looks between the pair of them, twitches her nose slightly, then asks curiously, "Are you Daranyl's sister?" She recognizes Idrissa as well and flashes her a smile as well as that hand-wag. She can't really wave or she'll drop her crutch.

Idrissa smiles at the nod from Daranyl and offers one back to him. Her gaze drifts to another, and then well another that is there near the hunter and she seems to go against her thoughts of wandering over to say hi at the moment. A wave is sent back to Kyra though while she peks slightly at her.. Wait doesn't she know that one?

Daranyl actually almost nearly smiles at Kyra and nods, "Yeah. You've still got ta show me th' bes' huntin' grounds." He makes a face as he sets about plucking feathers, definitely not his favorite part of this particular mean, "'tis diff'ren. 'M gettin' used ta it." He nods to Kyra, then towards Ez, "Ez? This is Kyra. Kyra, my sister, Ez."

Ezrayl's attention shifts upwards to Kyra, and though that nose twitch will earn a raised eyebrow the question earns only a simple nod. "Yes, unfortunately for him I am." There is just the barest whisp of a smile, and if one isn't paying very close attention it could be missed quite easily. "Ezrayl, that's the full name at least." Her gaze slides back to Daranyl then, but it isn't for long. "Do either of you know her? It looks like she might want to come say hello." Her clearly being Idrissa!

Kyra props her crutch against the outside of her good leg in order to extend a hand to Ezrayl, still smiling pleasantly enough, "Nice to meet you. You're a guard, right? I just got back from Xanadu. Broken leg, no Standing for me." It's as simple as that, really. She nods a little bit in regards to the question about Idrissa, looking in her direction and ruffling her fingers through her short, dark hair, "Yeah, I think I met her the other day. She's a greenrider. From Xanadu, too, I think." Hrm. She stares openly at Idrissa for a few seconds before she quite brazenly puts her hand to the side of her mouth and just yells, "Idrissa!" Hey, that's one way to check.

Idrissa might want to say hi, but really honestly she isn't bit on wandering in on conversations hat have wel started so to speak. She looks into her mug a she notices that it is empty and ponders going to get more. Though her name is called out and she blinks a touch before peeking up curiously. A soft ah escapes her and she waves back to Kyra. "Hey.."

"Don' say that, Ez. Life'd be borin' without ya." Feathers, so many feathers. After Daran picks up a particularly colorful one and leans, offering it to Kyra, "Yeah, 'drissa's been roun' a time or two. Been kind 'nuff." He nods again as she approaches, wiping a feathery hand on his pantleg, "Hey, 'Drissa."

Ezrayl takes Kyra's hand and gives it a firm shake before releasing it. "What gave it away? The armor?" The red head lets a soft chuckle escape her lips before nodding to the girl. "Anyways, it's nice to meet you as well." There's a tiny smirk for Daranyl then, and a nod. "True, I do make sure you have some fun." Actually, she might be a mood killer sometimes. Anyways! Her attention turns to Idrissa as well and dips her head in the green rider's direction as greeting.

Kyra perks at being offered something colorful, tucking it neatly into her hair where some of the curls grow in thick enough that it should stay mostly put, "Hey, thanks. Do I look, uh… vibrant?" She gives a sort of snorting laugh at her inability to come up with something better, but seems happy enough not to be flopped on her crutches at the moment, putting them together and leaning them against the rock behind her. She peers down at the wherries curiously afterwards, just interested in Daranyl breaking them down, her decent foot kicking slightly up and down. She laughs a little once more at the way Idrissa responds to having her name called out, rubbing her forehead with the back of her thumb as she says, "Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to just call you out. I just wanted to make sure I remembered your name. Don't let me stop you!" She waves both of her hands as if to absolve Idrissa of any obligation only to turn a wry, amused look to Ezrayl, giving another slight laugh, "Actually, Daranyl did. The armor helps, though. Really pumps up your image." Making a square with her fingers now, she peers through them at Ezrayl as if she planned on taking a photo.

Idrissa leaves her mug and is soon up and heading on over to where the three are to be found. A soft smile and nods is seen to them. "That's alright, but yeah your right on the name.. Kyra, right?" She glances to the other's leg and tsks softly. "Sorry to hear about your leg and all.. How you feeling otherwise?" She smiles to Daranyl and nods to him. "Nice to see you again. Looks like you had some good luck out hunting?" A slight wave is even offered to Ezrayl. "Hello."

Daranyl nods towards the wherries with a quiet, "Yeah. No' great, but good." There's just the faintest hint of a smile when Kyra tucks that feather into her hair, and he nods silent answer to her question before tossing the last of the feathers aside and starting in on the meat of the matter, "Ez, 'Drissa. 'Drisaa, my sister, Ezrayl."

"It's nice to meet you Idrissa," Ezrayl inclines her head at the greenrider before pushing to her feet. "I'd like to stay, but I have to take care of a few things. It was nice meeting you two." She offers a faint smile to Kyra as well now. "I'm going to head back to my room for the night, don't go too crazy with that knife." The young woman claps Daranyl on the shoulder once, and then she's headed off!

Kyra lifts her hand in farewell to Ezrayl, looking legitimately put out by the fact that the woman has to leave, "Aw. It was nice meeting you, too." Sad. She nods her head in affirmation to Idrissa, swinging her leg again only to shrug about her leg, "I'm alright. Bruised ribs are healing, for the most part. Everything else seems settled and I'll be alright." From the seems of things, she's gotten over her disappointment over missing the Hatching, maybe just happy to be home. She wrinkles her nose however as she adds, nodding towards the wherries, "I'll be happy when I can get back to hunting and shame this poor lad here." She grins a bit, giving Daranyl a playful knuckle to the upper arm.

Idrissa ohs and offers a smile and nods to Ezrayl. "Nice to meet you as well Ezrayl." She waves after the leaving one before looking back to the ones left, and thus Kyra. "Ribs take a while to heal." She knows a few things about that actually.. Her run in with things felines, runners, falling, felines again.. Yes she would know. "I didn't know you was a hunter as well." So she didn't pay that much attention to what the candidates jobs where so to speak.

Daranyl snorts at Kyra, "You wish. I'll jus' show ya how good I am." Daran handles gutting the first wherry with practiced ease, then starts on the second, "This was a ligh' haul." His gaze goes briefly to her ribs, then looks back to Idrissa with a slight nod.

"Well, not exactly an official one, but sort of in training. I've been hunting on the island for the past two turns, so I can show Daranyl where to get anything decent. We don't really have forests and stuff, after all… which is sort of how this happened. I'm used to making temporary lean-to type things to hang prey when I need to bleed it, but using the trees was just working so well and I'm used to climbing high, so…" Kyra rattles off rapidly, shrugging and huffing an extensive sigh with a pout of her lips, "Anyway. I still have the pleasure of knowing I'm better on the island than some people." She leans far to the side so that her big eyes come within Daranyl's view, between him and the wherry, before she slowly backs out again, fighting the urge to giggle. Pulling her crutches over, she pushes herself carefully back up onto them, adjusting to make sure she's standing, "Anyway. I'm going to go lie down a little while. Even if I didn't want to, the medicine they give me makes me want to take a nap. I'm going to go see if I can find an empty hammock to be lazy in." They can make her lie down, but they can't keep her inside! Hmph. She grins at Daranyl and hobbles closer a bit, balancing fairly well as she snags another colorful feather from the now naked wherry and plants it in his hair, "Don't get lost out there, I want to see if you're any good at cooking these things." She even gives him a peck on the cheek, amiable and teasing, before she offers Idrissa a cheerful wave, "It was nice seeing you again. Please come visit again soon. I'm off!" Utilizing her light weight and fulcrum to the best of her abilities, she hobbles off across the bowl, intent on finding her way to something comfortable as quickly as possible, perhaps just being stubborn in not wanting the crutches to slow her down too much.

Idrissa looks a bit amused as she listens to the pair, a sof smile is seen and she nods to Kyra. "Nothing wrong with that. It is a rather nice place to know." She actually knows it a bit well herself, not that she comments on it. With Kyra moving off she waves on after her. "I hope to see you again." Well it is a possibility seeing how she is getting to wander over to this side of Pern more as of late.

"If we plan an overnigh' stalk, I can show ya whatI can do wi' herbs, wherry, 'n' a fire." Despite the friendlier nature he's exhibiting, he stiffens when she goes to tuck that feather into his hair, almost as if he thinks he's about to get hit or something, but the peck on the cheek elicits the slightest blush and he actually pauses in his work to watch her hobble away, seeming to slip into neutral for a moment before his brain jerks back into gear with a rapid shake of his head and turns back to the food processing.

Idrissa did happen to glance off when those two were being kissyface, she is good like that! She hopes up onto a seat which is a barrel and is peering back to watch Daranyl work so to speak. "My father was a fisherman.. I never did much with hunting, save when Tarhyth gets all interested in going after something that isn't in a pen that is." Conversation starter perhaps.

Daranyl nods a few times as he works on removing innards, "Fished a few times. Better with a bow, though." CHOP goes the head, "Wouldn' know abou' dragon huntin'. Only been on one a few times. Kinda weird."

Idrissa ohs at that and smiles before nodding. "Yeah.. It can seem sort of strange the first dozen times I suppose." She ponders that idea. "I was actually afraid of them for a bit then when I first got to Xanadu." Good thing she isn't anymore!

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "'M no' afraid of the dragons, pr'cisely. Jus' of…" He makes a vague motion with his bloody knife, splattering little droplets around him, "Fallin' off, I guess. 'N' bein' trapped."

Speaking of dragons, a green is moving along through the area, wings fluttering at her sides while her head lifting and she is looking one way and then another. It doesn't take Tahryth that long to catch sight of Idrissa and whom she is talking too and soon enough the green is moving on over with a warm warble of a greeting escaping her. Rissa smiles while glancing to the green. "Well, yeah… I suppose I can understand that idea as well. Though when one is up flying it is a rather free feeling honestly. Or.. to me I suppose."

Daranyl jerks a nod to the green as she arrives, "P'rhaps. Bu' 'M no'… in c'ntrol, I guess."

Tahryth pauses and crouches there next to Idrissa and is paying attention to Daranyl.. She doesn't know this person! The green leans over and sniffsniffs curiously at the dear hunter before she moves in for what she does best when meeting someone new and attempts to give dear Daranyl a slurp across the cheek. Yes a slurp with that icky slimmy dragon tounge.. She might just smell like wherry as well. Rissa just blinks and soon covers her face with a hand, not like she can stop that dragon of hers. "Sorry…" Is said with a faint murmur.

Daranyl glances up at the green again just briefly before returning to his work. The tongue catches him completely by surprise, having him jerking back and staring at the green while wiping at his face as if afraid the spittle might arouse some sort of allergic reaction, "No. No, 'sokay."

Tahryth croons out while her tail sways around behind her a few times as she seems rather happy. She does like people after all, and new people are always fun to give a quick lick too! "She… Does this a lot with people she doen't know. I don't think she'll ever grow out of it honestly."

Daranyl keeps rubbing at his cheek (IT BURNS, IT BURNS), "I… ah, it's okay. What d'I tastelike?"

Idrissa pulls out a rag from her jacket and offers it to him. "Well… Like a wherry actually. Which from her means a lot as she really likes wherries." So perhaps that isn't a good thing?

Daranyl eyes the green suspiciously, wiping at his cheek with that rag, "Thanks. I think." He nods towards the wherry carcasses, "Prob'ly jus' tastin' those, anyway."

Idrissa heh softly and shakes her head. "Yeah, don't worry about it. Not like dragons can hurt people after all." She points out with a slight nod and faint smile seen. "She's just a friendly sort."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Worse ways to go even if they were prone ta eatin' humans. Snap. Gulp. Done." it's a very pragmatic view of one's own demise, really.

Idrissa ponders that idea for a moment while glancing to Tahryth. "Point taken… Rather it be that then some feline trying to finsh me off."

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Felines chew. 'N' tear bits off. Nasty way ta go." Why does it sound like he's speaking from some experience???

Idrissa frowns a bit and rubs at her left arm a bit that is covered. "Yeah.. I know.." There is a slight pause and she shakes her head a touch. Seems she knows very well herself.

Daranyl's brows arch up slightly, then he winces, "No' fun ta see." He's kind of hoping she's only seen and not experienced first-hand.

"Or feel." Idrissa says with a shake of her head and glance off slightly. Tahryth is there curling a wing slightly down around her rider. "I.. actually had two come after me back at Xanadu, not at the same time but.." Well felines tend to get what they want if not stopped.

Daranyl's wince deepens, "Sorry ta hear tha'. So far I've been able ta drive 'em off, bu' I've seen wha' they can do. Nasty bizness."

Idrissa shrugs a moment at the thought and a soft breath escapes her. "Yeah.. But it was in the past." Still it's something that she just can't fully get past, it is a lingering thought to say the least. She looks up to Tahryth and the green is crooning out softly. "I should get back to Xanadu before it gets much later." A glance is sent to Daranyl, a faint smile seen. "Was nice talking to you again.."

"Well, if'n I saw one near ya, I'd put it down. Th' pelts sell well." It's… really hard to tell if Daranyl's joking about the motive there. "Nice ta see ya, too." He glances over at Tahryth, "'N' ta meetcher dragon."

Idrissa makes a fact at the thought of being near a feline again. "I'd rather not ever see one again.. But.. thanks for that." Makes her feel better that he would take it down! Tarhyth reaches out to give Daranyl's shoulder a nudging before she turns to move off. Rissa smiles and waves as she goes. "Maybe we're get to talk again another time." Who knows at this rate! Though the pair are soon on their way back to Xanadu.

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