Basket Case

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

The heat of Half Moon Bay has been particularly unforgiving today, but it also means one very good thing: clear skies. It isn’t exactly evening yet, but Rukbat is starting its graceful descent downwards, bleeding a cacophony of vibrant colors into the sky overhead. Ila’den’s made home on in the rooftop garden, picking out a particularly empty stretch of grass to spread out a blanket and deposit his own body. He’s still fully clad from head to toe: leathers tucked into boots, with a white tunic clinging to his arms and coming down towards his thighs. The bronzerider is buried in a book - or appears to be anyway, but the tale-tell even in-and-out of his chest paints another picture entirely: he is asleep. He is asleep, with a book open-paged and askew on his face, with a jug beside him that MAY BE BOOZE, but is more likely some pilfered water.

Sundari is minus a few kidlet's today and is wandering her way through the gardens to gather a few things it seems. With the kids staying in the weyr more she has found herself cooking more, and what better way to use the gardens then to grab a few things for said dinnerings? She has a basket in hand, and while Ila can be covered in his leather's she has went for a tunic and shorts thank you to try and avoid the heat some what, sared up leg from her past dealing with a feline clearly seen and of course that growning baby belly not able to be hidden at all. There is a pause as she catches sight of Ila'den and looks a bit amused while catching sight of the bronzer and chuckles softly while moving on to whree he is and peeks down seeing that he is clearly asleep. "Have no idea how this is comfortable for you Ila'den."

If Sundari’s approach and subsequent voice startle Ila’den, it doesn’t show. The bronze rider’s slow to pull his book from his face, blinking grey eyes up at Sundari that squint against the remaining light and try to focus on the pregnant bluerider above him. “Sunny,” comes sleep-husky tones, and the bronzer is shifting onto an elbow before sitting up. Open book is placed page-down on one knee, calloused fingers rub at one eye and then send his already hopeless hair further askew, and then he’s giving the woman a smile. He is /tired/, it’s obvious: eyes are, as always, red, his stubble has clearly been untouched for a good two days, and he’s looking a little worse for the wear. Still, he’s glancing around the gardens before pushing up the sleeves of his tunic to the crease of his elbows, and then reaching out one hand for Sundari to take in the even she’d like to join him on his blanket and /not/ tip over. Her center of gravity is, after all, changing. “What are you doing out here? Where is D’nyl?"

Sundari looks on a bit amused like as she watches him before taking hold taking hold of the offered hand and slowly sits down there next to him upon the blanket with a soft breath escaping her. "Came to get some stuff for when I cook for the kids later." The basket is set down and she brushes her hands off and hums a bit while looking to the bronzer a bit at the question. "His, around. Looking about the same as you honestly. Not sleeping much are you?" This qestioned with a curious tone. Seems like there all in the same boat when it comes to the sleeping routine.

"Oh? What's for dinner?" The bronzerider is ALL UP IN SUNNY'S BASKET (which is probably WOEFULLY EMPTY), pausing in his ransacking when grey eyes jump up to Sundari for her question and a smile that's not /really/ a smile crosses his lips with fleeting permanence. "Aye, little bird. Hard to sleep when you see evil in every shadow. If it helps, I wouldn't mind coming over for a night and being an extra pair of eyes. I'll stay on the ledge, of course, but perhaps D'nyl will rest." A pause, and then Ila'den feigns a contrite pout as he pushes away the basket in a sulk. "Tease," he breathes, clearly meaning her CURRENT LACK OF FOOD, and then he's reaching over to put his hand on that ever-growing belly without permission - you know, in usual Ila fashion. "How is the little one?" he inquires only then, attention fixated on swollen flesh.
Sundari looks a bit amused as he takes hold of the basket and chuckles softly. "Fish and whatever herb's and veggies I find in the garden while I am here. You are more then welcome to come Ila'den." She points towards the bushes near him. "Some mint bushes there if you want something to chew on." A soft smile is seen to him parking on the ledge. "I don't think it would help him rest. I worry about him… More with every passing day." A slight smirk is seen at the sudden attack of the HUGE hand to her bell which she allows because it /is/ Ila. "She's good, starting to keep me awake at night, earlier then the other's so I'm rather sure she willbe a wild child." This said with an amused tone as she shifts to lean back resting so her hands are behind her a bit which allows him to touch said baby-bump.

LOOK AT ILA'DEN. This is his UNAMUSED face. Grey eyes fix on Sundari, that mouth is a mere slit of UNAMUSED, and then he's grabbing her basket again, and Putting it on his head. Like a hat. There's zero shame, he keeps his hand on her stomach, and he leans juuuuust slightly so that grey eyes can try to distinguish just /which/ plant is the minty one. There's an exasperated roll of his eyes back in Sundari's direction when she comments on her child, followed by the ghost of a smile. "Well. You /are/ her mother." A HER. He tucks this knowledge AWAY SOMEWHERE. FOR THE FUTURE. Still, basket still on his head, the former Weyrleader assumes all fours and goes crawling along in the DIRT OF THE GARDEN, because shame long since abandoned this man, and - ah! He grabs a plant, he sticks it in his mouth and /Faranth/, but the look of disgust he gives Sunny is telling. There's a cough, a near-wheezed, "Not that one." And then he's OFF TO CRAWLING AGAIN. MAYBE THIS ONE! The mint is found. Ila'den pops it in his mouth, shifts to sit on his bottom almost Indian style and chews, looking for all the world as if he's a cat and mint is the cream. More than likely, he's trying to distract Sundari. "He'll be fine," comes the sudden and soft encouragement, before the bronzer is tilting his head back towards the garden and pointing to another plant. "What's that one?" HE IS ALREADY ON HIS WAY TO PUT IT IN HIS MOUTH. STOP HIM SUNNY.

Sundari blinks as she looks after Ila'den and looks a bit amused with a soft smile seen while letting her hand rest upong her belly a moment. "Wait…" To late it seems and she chuckles softly. "That was a weed I think." She grins a bit and shakes her her head before she is trying to get up, which takes her a few tries thanks to said growing baby belly, and she is huffing a bit. "Darnit.." Is muttered softly. "I hope he will be… As much as he worries about life without me I know if tables were turned I'd be in a much worse case without him in my life." She glances to him and errs. "Wait that's bitter root!" Well she did try, but she isn't that quick and he is quicker then her twins!

When Sundari is moving to get up, Ila'den is halting his ridiculous act to gain his feet with unerring fluidity and taking advantage of long legs to close the gap separating him from Sundari. He pulls her to her feet, gentle, and makes a face that can only be described as conspiratorial. "You couldn't have said that /any/ sooner?" comes that husky, teasing burr, and then he's letting the pregnant woman go, BACK ON THE PROWL, TRYING ALL THE - ACK! His nose scrunches up, Ila'den's tongue sloooowly makes its way back out of his mouth, and he makes a sound that /might/ have been a whimper if he was prone to indignities. He is not, so that grunt of disgust is /perfectly manly/, thank you very much. "'Unny, istewibble." The bronzerider stands there, looking like he's having a sad, before he gives in to his fate and swallows it down. His shoulders slump, in a comical imitation of defeat, and then he's making his way right back to Sunny and pulling her in for the hug he hadn't yet greeted her with. "You are /really/ terrible at warnings, little bird. I mean, throw a shoe or something." And a kiss is planted, right on her temple, though he doesn't let her go. He is quivering. With laughter? Possibly. He just gives her a tighter squeeze.

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles. "I'm sorry Ila'den.. I wasn't paying attention. I didn't expect a grown man to go trying every leaf on ever plant." She points out with a teasing tone with a grin seen. "You don't eat the leaves, you use the root in stews and such tomake 'em thicker." She has picked up a few things during her turns at the wyr when it comes to cooking. She blinks at the sudden hug and gives him a hug back as best she can. There is a moment though, and she is attemping to figure out if he is laughing there. "I'm not very good at warning's unless I'm warning a weyrling or young dragong from doing something dumb." She pauses and lifts her had a bit to try and look up at the bronzer. "Ila… Are you alright?" Is questioned softly, a bit of worry clearly caught in her voice. She's under plenty stress lately, so honestly everything has her on a bit of edge with everyone else maybe he is just laughing.

"Don't crazy people always need looking after?" Ila'den inquires, and despite the jab, there's definitely good-natured humor softening the edge of his words. "Anyway, half the time I'm too drunk to be lucid, but I am /flattered/ that you think I am capable of looking after myself." And there goes the bronzer, backing away with a smile - a /definite/ sign that he was laughing - as smooths a hand down her hair to the back of her neck, fingers settling to give a gentle squeeze. "I don't think /my/ wellbeing is in question here, Sunny," comes the suddenly somber and altogether gentle tone. Brows furrow together just as he sinks into a crouch. "Are /you/ alright?"

Sundari curiously watches Ila'den and smiles a bit to him once he backs up a few steps. "I do have a spare room you can sleep in… Of course your have to share a bed with Darryl, unless you'd rather sleep on the couch." THERE is another bed in the weyr, WHICH she would offer but sorry she is pregnant and either A. cuddle, or B. spread out so she isn't about to share it with two bronzer's. She glowers a bit as her hair is smoothed out and she gives her head a slight shake for her hair to move about a bit. "I'm alright, other then being tired, and pregnant at the moment." There is a slight pause as her gaze rests on his. "I'm worried about D'nyl and the kids, and the Weyrling's…" A soft breath escapes her and she reaches up to give the man a faint pat to his cheek. "I'll be fine, really. Do you want to come to dinner?" Totally her changing subjects.

Alas for quiet chats and dinner invitiations; weyrlings have been invoked, and thus at least one must descend upon Sunny's person. It's like a law of physics or something. At least, this one doesn't come their way with the intent for interruption - instead, there is a distant childish squeal, a sharp bark of laughter, and then a pair of youngsters that come pelting around the corner, chased by none other than R'hyn. "G'back here, y'little scamps," the bronzeling huffs, though the growl in his voice is mostly for show - long legs could easily outpace the kids, but he doesn't seem to be trying. Not until quick blue-grey eyes land upon Ila'den and Sunny, anyways. Only then does a playful growly face flicker into a real expression, eyes scrunching up as he snatches up the backs of both of the kidlets' shirts, stopping their momentum enough that he can scoop one and then the other up into his arms. "And then the big bronze dragon gobbled you up," he says with a series of chompy noises that earn him childish, painless slaps to the face. "Dwagons don' eat peeble!," comes a protest from the boy. "They do when little kids run from their momma," R'hyn argues back as he sets them both down, giving small backs a push towards the woman slowly headed their way. "Now go on, and be good." And off they streak, but at least it's towards their mother this time, the woman offering R'hyn a wave that he returns before blue-greys flicker back towards his Weyrlingmaster and Ila'den. Or. More specifically, Ila'den's choice in headwear. "The jokes I could make…," the former bartender sighs, the longsuffering noise one makes when they've decided to be NICE despite the urge to sass. "Am I interrupting something?" Because if not, he intends to linger, at least for a moment.

Sundari's initial response is low, husky laughter before a teasing, "Who is going to keep me warm, Sunny?" Ila'den's looking deviant when he catches the pregnant woman by her knees and pulls her down (with VERY CAREFUL momentum) to sit beside him. "I don't want to spend the night if I'm not /spending the night/." Brows go up in a 'If you know what I mean' kind of way, and then he's laughing, giving Sunny a squeeze before he settles her between those too-long legs. HE DOESN'T MEAN IT. It's evident when he finally sighs and gives her a shake of his head. "I'd rather stay out on the ledge, if it's all the same to you, and don't worry about the weyrlings. They are doing good, /you/ are doing good." The last is said with conviction, conviction that ends on more laughter when R'hyn appears on the scene chasing children, and talking about children-eating-dragons before sending them back to their mother. It's the weyrling's /teasing/ that seems to spark an onslaught of mischievousness, starting with: "No." And then he's getting slowly to his feet, leaving Sunny on the blanket, as he informs the bronzeling, "It's /quite/ a good view." Is he getting closer to R'hyn? Yes. Closer, and closer, and /closer/, until he's /much too close/. "Take a peek." And yes, he /is/ pulling the basket /over/ Ryn's head while it stays seated on his one. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three - Ila'den emerges with a devious, "Well? What do you think?" But R'hyn is left with the basket, as the bronzerider's ensuing, husky laughter carries him right back to Sunny. SIT, leaaaan. "Sundari, why didn't you tell me I looked ridiculous?"

Sundari just smirks a bit while eyeing Ila'den playful like a few moments and lets a finger lightly tap against his chin a moment. "I'd be more then happy to keep you warm." Her tone is clearly teasing. "Though you know I come with a set." Meaning D'nyl of course. A sligh squeak escapes her as she is hauled downwards and is laughing softly as she is sitting once more pon the blanket and a soft sigh escapes her as she sends a glane over to Ila'den. "Yeah? There all good… The Weyrlings." She still worries over them. IT IS WHAT SHE DOES! Speaking of them she glances up a the laughing and smiles at the pair of kids and one R'hyn chasin them, which makes her chuckle softly. As for the rest, well she glances to Ila'den and then back to R'hyn looking very innocent there, isn't she always? "I dono, I thought you looked cute with it Ila." This said with a grin. "Your fine R'hyn, how are you?" As for Ila she'll give him a elbowing. "Be nice to him, or else." Or else what? She'll make him eat more bitter root leaves.

R'hyn almost gets to relax when he isn't immediately chased off - almost! His posture shifts towards the lazy, one hip going contraposto, smile quirking up at one side for the bluerider being pulled to the blanket, but then Ila'den is standing and moving his way, and though amusement never leaves Ryn's gaze, his shoulders definitely stiffen when it becomes clear the bronzerider isn't going to stop. Bracing for collision? Maybe, but it never comes - instead, the basket gets plopped over his head and slowly, slowly, stiff posture shifts back into something easy. Whatever transpires beneath the basket, it ends with R'hyn thumbing it up enough that he can see out from under it when Ila'den moves away, tone totally blythe when he says, "This is a very nice basket. I stand corrected." He likes it so much he'll keep it for a minute, though it gets pushed back to rest against his forehead so he can see when he shoots a grin over at Sundari. Ila'den is always cute. Welcome to the crusade to spread Cute Ila Awareness! "I'm alright. Tired. Xermiltoth was loud and thoughtful today, even for him, but he finally conked out. You?" And oh, OH, but he smirks for that elbowed comment, a bright sparkle entering his eyes as he flicks a look from the blueie to the bronzer and back. "Yeah, Ila'den. Be nice to me." Sparkle!, and a pat of his hands in the air, to forestall any reaction from the older man. Totally joking! "Don't worry, Sunny. We kissed and made up." … Also joking? It's hard to tell. Who knew R'hyn had a poker face? "As long as D'nyl doesn't mind being on the bottom again." Ila'den went there, just FULL STEAM AHEAD, right into the DANGERZOOOOONE. He's laughing, clearly (the only one) appreciative of his inner comedian, and then giving the bluerider a roll of eyes and a sigh. "Sundari, if you call me /cute/ again, I will show you exactly why I'm /not/ cute." There's a playful growl in his words, despite the fact that his teasing comes up short when Sunny warns him and /R'hyn/ responds. Oh, how the man goes from playful, to deviant, to downright /wicked/ in seconds flat, looking as if R'hyn has just told the /best joke/ in the whole entire world. "Aye, little bird. He has quite the silver tongue." Every word is husky, wrapped up in the thickness of a burr that seems to only make the otherwise innocent compliment titillating. Grey eyes shift to the ground, where they remain for a moment, before a tick in Ila'den's jaw indicates thinly veiled amusement, just as grey eyes fixate back on Sundari. "And crazy people don't have to be nice."

Sundari shakes her head slightly and just eyes Ila'den a bit. "Oh… I am so not going there right now." She does not answer for D'nyl thank you! Especially on THAT matter! A glance is sent to R'hyn and then she looks back to Ila'den and she ohs a bit, at the threat. "What you gona do… Make eyes at me or somethin'?" She questions while making a wiggling finger movement at Ila. "You are cute… Sorry…" So the bluerider may have a thing for bronzer's? Look at her weyrmate, enough said! She also can't help herself and is sending a grin over to R'hyn as she hear's Ila'den talk about said other's tongue. "Does he now? Maybe I'll find out sometime." PERHAPS she is joking! Though a wink is totally send to R'hyn. "I am glad things are going well for you and your bronze, who other then his thoughts… is doing splendedly well." She goes about waving a hand a bit and actually just settles back upon Ila'den blanket there, resting on her side and using her arm as a pillow. "Don't have to be nice, just a bit civil. I like my weyrling's in one piece is all. But as you two have kissed and made up I suppose it doesn't matter no more. Just play nice now then." As for Sunny she is going to grab a bit of a nap it seems. "No dragging me off if you leave Ila, just wake me up so I can get what I came for." Is murmured before she does just seems to doze off for a nap.

Ah. Dammit. And R'hyn had been doing so well, too, pretending not to hear CERTAIN CONVERSATIONS that were going on, but that he can't miss. Cita would be proud of the level of eyetwitch the weyrling manages. Truly. He's not a prude, our R'hyn, but it might be a little difficult at the moment for him to separate Sundari and D'nyl the Authority Figures from Sunny and D, the human beings who have clearly banged with Ila. Down comes his basket to hide quiet words muttered in a 'why me' tone of voice, the man needing a minute to himself before his basket lifts. Okay. We're back, with an impish smile as Sunny stands up for herself, holding her own on the Cute Ila front. You go, gurl! "I mean, she's not wrong," R'hyn adds because the weyr just doesn't need tables today. Ila can go ahead and flip them. It's lucky he says the words fast, though, because while he faces Ila'den's comment about his silver tongue with a passive, albeing promising curl of his lips, Sundari's intimation that maybe she'll find out sometime has him blushing furiously. Again. Authority figure. "Thanks," he mutters for her comments about Xermiltoth, recovering beautifully with a laugh. "I wish I could say he'll learn, but it's been months already. I'm starting to lose hope." There is a streak of laughter for her insistance that they play nice, but by then he's faded back into his relaxed posture, chin dipping in an agreeable nod. "We'll do our best. I'm sure it will be difficult, but we'll manage." A wink for her, and a glance at Ila'den, brow lifting in interest for his take on the matter, even as he utters a quiet, "Sleep well, Sunny."

HEY. IT WAS A FLIGHT, OKAY. When Sundari calls him cute again, Ila'den just DOESN'T RESPOND. STOIC ILA, OF THE NOT CUTE. PROBABLY HE IS MENTALLY FLIPPING ALL OF HMW'S TABLES. GOOD JOB GUYS, NOBODY NEEDED TO WORK ON THOSE ANYWAY. And there's Sundari flirting with R'hyn, and Ila'den's ill-concealed laughter, and it winds up with Sundari curling up to sleep and Ila'den keeping watch with a certain bronzeling. A bronzeling who is getting /quite the look/; it's the kind of look wolves fix on red riding hoods, or more appropriately their grandmothers, right before they devour them. "Dangerous game you're playing, weyrling," is mouthed, deliberately slow. If there's any FRIENDSHIP to be shared between the men, it's interrupted before Ila'den can even /start/ gaining his feet by a woman who looks an /interesting/ mix, though still decidedly like Ila'den. She's right on par with R'hyn, age wise, and the woman fixes the weyrling with a /look/ as she skirts passed him. It's not a /nice/ look, either; in fact, it's decidedly nasty. Ila'den's brows raise for the outright hostility, and then the woman's hands are finding her hips even as she eyeballs Sunny and keeps her voice /even/. "Daddy, /Faranth help me/, you told Mama you were going to meet up with her today and you are /avoiding her/. /Again/." Ila'den's eyes narrow seconds before the older man goes seemingly offline, and then he's getting to his feet. "Was that today?" An air of feigned innocence, greeted by an increasingly annoyed, "/Yes it was/." The bronzer's next words are a growl of, "I'm not her fucking weyrmate, Risali. I don't have to jump just because she asked." And Risa adopts a glower that's right on-par with her Dad. "No, you don't, but that doesn't mean you get to /lie/ to her, either." And then she's turning on her heel, eyes on R'hyn again with a once-over that's a far cry from appreciative. STORM. Calloused fingers run through Ila'den's hair, and then he's looking at R'hyn. The smile he settles on is hardly a smile at all. "Guess you're safe tonight," comes the weak tease, and then, despite Sundari's telling him /not/ to, Ila's picking the bluerider up. Ila'den's only pause is on his way out, when that basket goes RIGHT BACK OVER HIS HEAD for several seconds, and then comes away on /his/, instead of R'hyn's. "Careful on your way back." A pause, and then a /real/ smile. "And the barracks are /that/ way, R'hyn." VAMOOSH.

The only exception being that neither Grandma nor Red were quite such willing prey. R'hyn's teeth bare in a grin for slow, deliberate words, shoulders rolling in a careless shrug. "Raise the stakes, bronzerider. Maybe I'll fold." Or maybe not, but they'll never know, not with Risali strutting onto the scene, nasty glance his way earning a brow-raised look from the weyrling as well. Blue-grey eyes observe family dynamics with mild interest, entirely too close to the situation to be able to pretend he's not listening, and so he doesn't bother. Careful neutrality persists right on through the woman's exit, though, gaze tracking her stormed progress as though making sure she's gone before eyes cross and his tongue flashes. "Your daughter is very charming," he says, tone flat, though his expression goes sympathetic for the bronzerider's attempt at a smile. "Pity, that," he teases right back, fighting back the urge to laugh when the rider betrays Sunny's request and picks her up anyways. He doesn't expect it, but is no less pleased when the basket is readjusted, hands lifting up SURELY TO PUNCH ILA IN THE FACE UNDER THERE YES before the basket is reappropriated. Blue-greys glitter warmly, chin dipping in a couple nods as he says, "And you be careful too. Sounds like you have plenty of attitude coming your way." And then he's being pointed in direction of the barracks and oh rude. Whatever he was enjoying of that real smile falls of his face in a mock glare as the man vamooshes, leaving R'hyn to call insults ('you'd better walk away!' and 'I'm enjoying your view') after his retreating form before he huffs a sigh and goes to seek the couple hours of peace he'd come here intending to get in the first place.

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