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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

It's no surprise that when Miraneith is on the sands, so is Suldith. Their riders may not be weyrmates anymore, but that didn't mean the bronze didn't consider the gold to be his star lady. Nor does the bronze mean to leave their eggs unprotected, even for a second. Especially with so many other golds egg-heavy or on the sands or any of that right now. And where goes Suldith, also goes Zi'on. The bronzer is sitting on a bench doing some paperwork and trying not to sweat on it. Was it acceptable to be up in the galleries without a shirt on? Because it's getting close to that. Sighing a bit, he wipes his face down with a towel and pulls another sheet of paper off a pile.

Miraneith huddles at the back of the cavern, pretending to sleep, but in reality sneaking covert glowering glances at the galleries where her rider most certainly is /not/ to be found. However, Enka had an excuse! She needed to use the little goldrider's room, and it's not long before the Weyrwoman is back, huffing and puffing her way up the stairs in a stately waddle. "Shells, Mir," the goldrider scolds the dragon, flapping her hands towards her lifemate before she makes her way to a miniature work area all set up for her with a nice cushioned seat and all her paperwork — most of it anyway. "I was only gone a /minute/." More like a zillion minutes, actually. And then she catches sight of the Weyrleader. "Zi'on," Enka calls over, "you look like you're about to go swimmin' in your own sweat."

Suldith lays on the other side of their egg cluster. Wide-awake. Guard duty! This is the only time when cute Suldith can he downright mean. Not to Mir though of course. Or whichever gold is the other half of the clutchparent pair. Zi'on abandons his paperwork, instead pouring a glass of water for each of them and bringing them up to where Enka is sitting. "It's warm. I hope you're taking breaks regularly to get out of the heat. Or I'll send a cavalry of weyrbrats up here with big leaves to fan you with." He hands her the glass, then takes a seat. "Been meaning to talk to you, anyways."

With the bronze on guard, Miraneith can keep pretending to sleep, except with the arrival of her rider, and the scolding from Enka, the gold lifts her head, makes a sound very suspiciously like a mocking sneeze and then warbles softly at Suldith. She trusts him to be a mean old guard papa. "Horridly warm," Enka puts in, accepting the glass of water from Zi'on. "Makes me have to drink a lot of water and juice to stay cool, so I gotta pee a lot. It aint helpin' much that my little passenger seems to be sittin' square on my bladder." Poor goldrider, so uncomfortable. "Could be worse though, could be out there on the sands." His suggestion of weyrbrats with big fan leaves makes her laugh. "Could lie back, and relax that way." A pause. "I'm listenin'."

Suldith gives Mir a warble-croon. He gets up for a moment to check on all the egg mounds, carefully eying each one before laying back down again. All present and accounted for. None have grown legs or rolled off into the bowl. Or been stolen. "Mm. Seems to be common. Though I bet it's a comfortable place to sit." Zi'on leans back a bit and stretches out. "Heh. Maybe I will send up some weyrbrats in that case." There's a pause then, and the bronzer clears his throat. "Well. I mostly wanted to apologize for the way I acted up in the gardens. I didn't mean a lot of that. Things were going poorly at home, I didn't mean to react the way I did, and I'm sorry. You know if the little one turns out to be mine, I want to be in his life."

The gold dips her head in a satisfactory nod to Suldith. He's doing a great job! And all is shipshape and dandy with their eggs. It would simply have been /awful/ if they'd gotten stolen. Maybe by Orraeloth — since she only had /two/. But they hadn't, so all was well. "Uh huh." Enka nods a little, not bothering to merely sip at the glass, but take a long refreshing draught of water. "I think I'd like weyrbrats to fan me," the goldrider muses. "Keep me cool." Looking at Zi'on for a long moment, she nods slowly. "You're forgiven," she comments with a slight smile. "I should have told you earlier, but I just wasn't sure." She reaches out to offer her hand. "I hope things are goin' better at home."

The last thing anyone needs is a panicked senior gold and her bronze of choice freaking out over an egg gone missing. Maybe if Orraeloth manages to choose a bronze to catch her next time she'll have more eggs. Instead of the paltry two she did have. Who wants to attend a hatching with only two eggs? "Maybe bring you some grapes to munch on, too?" He chuckles. He takes the offered hand, giving it a squeeze before rubbing it in his own. "It's not your fault. And I don't mind your bluerider looking after Ezio. I don't have anything again L'nan." Though maybe he was shooting blanks? "They are now, at least a little bit. Kali is slowly getting back to a semi-normal state now that the initial shock has worn off. I've even managed to prod her back into the bedroom."

The first thing Orraeloth needs is a rider who doesn't let her gorge on a heardbeast before her flight. Simply put, Liora's an idiot and is going to end up getting a very stern talking to when it's all over. That's going to be a real let down, a hatching with two little eggs. "I could like that," Enka giggles a little, "make sure they're chilled, and I'd love you forever." she grins at him, giving his hand a squeeze in return, content to just sit there beside the bronzer. "I should hope you 'aint got nothin' against L'nan," she remarks with wry humor, "because he don't got nothin' against you." The likelihood is that Zi'on simply got there first. "Good." Enka nods. "If you ever need me to talk to Kiena, I'd be glad to." When he mentions getting her back into the bedroom, the goldrider chuckles drolly. "Oh, she's in for a treat then, eh."

That, too. Zi'on has half a mind to talk to her now. "I feel like maybe I ought to make a list. Chilled grapes, fans… I'd say wine, but you're not allowed to drink any." Zi'on chuckles. "He don't, eh? He might if he finds out the brat you're brewin' is mine. I know I wouldn't be happy about it." The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I dunno if it would help at all. I think she more needs someone to take her mind off the baby for a while. And I haven't told her your brat might be my brat, too. Better to cross that bridge when we come to it." The bronzer grins slyly. "Well, she's welcome to make use of me when she can. You only get any treat if there's a flight, unfortunately."

Basically, everyone blames Liora for being stupid. Let's all dump on Liora! "And juice, 'stead of wine," Enka remarks to Zi'on, smiling sweetly in his direction. "Bein' as I can't drink wine." She quirks a brow at him. "Well, 'aint nothin' he could do about it now, is there? 'Sides, he likes the twins and Ema," she pauses and adds, "Ezio too." The blue rider had better! "Mmm, maybe you're right, seein' another pregnant lady might make her shy off or somethin'. And yeah, better not let her on to the fact that I might be cookin' up another kid for you." Enka winks teasingly at him. "That's why they call it a treat," she slides her hand free of his to poke at Zi'on. "Gettin' it only when there's a flight. But luckily," she smirks a bit, "I aint exactly keepin' myself in a lonely bed, you know."

Well, maybe Zi'on won't yell at her. He does feel a bit bad for her. It's not her fault that she's stupid! "Fine fine." He chuckles. "Well, he better like Ezio. Shards, can't believe his third turnday's gone past already. Seems like I was the one scared about babies not too long ago." He eyes Enka. "Better to ask forgiveness than beg permission, I suppose. Flights are flights, but since we're close Kiena might see a bit green there. But if you need someone to talk to… I'm sure she won't mind." The bronzer laughs a bit then. "Well, I'd hope you weren't keeping a lonely bed. Otherwise that bluerider ain't doing his job. Anyways. I should run off to find some weyrbrats to fetch your items. Also I need a change and a shower I think." The bronzer gets up to kiss Enka's cheek. "I'll see you later Enka. Let me know if you need anything.

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