For the Clams

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

A pleasant breeze ruffles the trees around Half Moon Bay's lagoon, making tiny ripples across its surface, and a familiar pile of clothing is spread out on a rock, Daranyl himself out in the lagoon, cutting strong strokes through the water, easy to see even at a disatance.

Kyra has a hard time trying to swim with her leg in a cast, mostly because she's not supposed to let it get water-logged. Perhaps to try and deal with that problem, she arrives on the beach with her leg below the knee wrapped in a blue-tinted cellophane, kept snug in place by a winding of plastic fishing line. It looks a bit odd, but it's not bulky and it is water-tight, so she's not likely to get water or sand in it. She's carrying a bag with her over one shoulder and a kit of some nature in the other, apparently comfortable enough with her cast now that she only uses one crutch to aid her in walking. She seems surprised to see a pile of clothes nearby, looking out to see who's swimming and smiling when she recognizes who it is. Setting down the kit with a rattle, she lifts her hand to wave, "Hey! Dar!" She'll lean down to get the kit, then hobble on over to the rocks so she can sit down. Oddly, today she's wearing a loose-fitting dress made of some jersey-like fabric, loose and shapeless, with a halter that ties behind her neck. Beachwear, then.

Daranyl turns towards the shore when he hears his name, pulling his wet form from the water and starting towards her, "Hey, Kyra." Again, there's that almost-but-not-quite-a-smile. His gaze glances to that plastic-wrapped leg, then back up to her, "Plannin' on goin' fer a swim?"

"Maybe, if I can manage it. What're you doing? Swimming for fun or looking for something?" Kyra asks curiously, setting her bag down next to her and taking out a curious looking little net that has a darker line through the top; it looks like it could work like either an underwater bag, a trap, or both.

Daranyl shrugs, running a hand through his damp locks, plastering them to his head in a horrible spiderweb, "Jus' ta keep fit. I kinna like swimmin'. 'Squiet." He glances at the net, then indicates it with an extended index finger, "I'm no' sure ya can catch anythin' wi' tha' li'le net."

Kyra makes a face at Daranyl and laughs lightly, shifting her hips a bit so she can tug her dress off over her head, revealing a trim dark green one-piece swimsuit. She takes a length of what looks like braided leather from the bag and wraps it around her waist before cinching it in place, "It's not for catching, it's for carrying. The cast floats, so I'll have to be careful, but I should be able to nab some shellfish off the reef and stuff, especially if I'm careful." She takes out a pair of interesting looking gloves after that, likely to avoid cutting her hands when climbing along the reef - or in case she has to deal with a spiderclaw or something. A beltknife is hooked around her thigh and when she pushes herself to her feet, she does it without a crutch, leaning on her good foot. It may mean walking awkwardly, but it's better than trying to crutch her way into the ocean.

"Are ya sure ya shoul'…" Daranyl rolls his eyes as she just walks off into the water and snags his knife from his pile of clothes, turning to follow her back in, "Ya gather shellfish?" He shifts subtly so that he can catch her if she falls, keeping his knife above the water line as best he can. He may be a bit under-protected for a trip to the reef since he's got nothing but his skin for protection, but that will really be his own fault.

"Sure, why not?" Kyra asks curiously, looking over at him with raised eyebrows as she slowly wades into the water. When it's high enough that it takes most of her weight, she slips down, letting herself float and leaning on her hands, "They're not just on the reef, if you want to come. You just have to swim down and dust them off and snag them. I've got practice, so I can show you how - and you can help keep me from floating away." This last is said with a light grin.

Daranyl actually smirks, "It's jus', well, hunters didn' do tha' where I grew up, others did. Same as the ones what gathered 'n' such. 'Ve never done it. Wouldn' wan' ya ta float 'way, though." Despite his being physically able, he doesn't swim off, staying nearby to the gimp with the floatation leg.

Kyra makes a small, dismissive sound, moving around fairly easily once she's in the water, even if it requires a bit of getting used to with her leg being the way it is, "I go fishing, too. It's just a matter of something to do, right? The whole hunter and gatherer concept is out-dated. If you can do both, you can survive twice as well!" She grins a bit, letting her leg trail while she swims first carefully, then with greater confidence, moving smoothly away from shore using her arms only. Her other leg seems to be used as a sort of rudder, helping to keep her cast where she wants it. Despite being little, she clearly has no issue moving well even without using her legs.

Sundari is off wandering, an what better place then go wandering then along the beach? The rider is huming softly as she wanders along the shore heading on closer towards the area where the lagoon tends to have more people hanging around. Her dragon is off somewhere, doing who knows what, that blue has issues she is rather sure ofit. Sunny has on a bikini, might as well wear one while she still can, for there will be a point that no one will want to look at this expecting rider! Right now though? Look on boys!

Daranyl's clothes are piled on a rock near the shore, his crossbow conspicuously absent. There might be flashes of white that indicate that he's underprotected for the trip he's taking with Kyra out towards the reefs, but they're probably still close enough that Sunny could catch up if she wanted to. "S'pose. Jus', didn' work that way back home, I guess."

Kyra turns over so that she can swim backwards, smiling easily at Daranyl in the process, "Maybe it should. Once my leg is healed, I'll show you what you've been missing out on. Swimming and diving and stuff - it's a lot of fun." She actually does see Sundari and she throws a wave up in her direction, even if it means she nearly goes under for it. She squints at the beach, though, and frowns, "Hm. I can't quite make out who that is. Want to see if she wants to come diving with us?" The entire island is surrounded by reef, so getting to it shouldn't be too hard, but it's likely Kyra will stop just short so that poor Dar won't lose his bits.

Sundari is all up for swiming, which with her things put on the sands she is actually heading to the water while humming to herself some cheerful tune. She catches gith of the pair out in the water and sends a wave towards them. "Hiyas!" Is called out towards them.

"Soun's like Sundari." Daranyl raises one hand, beckoning the bluerider to join them, "Naw. Some places don' change. Better ta settle in here." Dar appreciates not losing his bits, he is rather fond of them.

"I didn't mean leave, dummy," is Kyra's amused response to Daranyl's comment, though she swims a bit closer to him so she can try and hook an arm around his shoulders, using him for buoyancy sans any invitation. She throws her arm up again, now that she won't sink, and waves it back and forth towards Sundari, "Sundaaaarriiii! Come on! Come swimming! We're going to try to catch shellfish!" Her leg's wrapped in plastic, apparently cellophane, so her cast is protected. Apparently even broken limbs won't keep Kyra out of the water completely.

Sundari looks a bit amused as her name is yelled out and she chuckles as she moves on through the water heading on towards the pair. "Hey hey.. How goes it Daranyl?" She peeks at Kyra.. She knows that one's name, really she does. "Kyra.. I think it is?" They haven't actually gotten to speak with one another, at least not that she can recall!

Daranyl picks up the treading of water so Kyra can hang on him safely, looping one arm under her a bit to add some stability, "Lef' already, dinni? 'M here, no' there. 'Snot like hunters have a crafthall does the appointin'." He nods to Sundari as she arrives, "Well 'nuff. Apparen'ly, we're gonna gather up some shellfish. 'M no' sure catch is th' righ' word seein' as they don' move very fast." They're a bit out in the water, but visible, Daran's clothes and some stuff of Kyra's on the shore.

Kyra has grown up between here and Fort, but that doesn't mean she knows everybody. Weyrs are large places. She nods her head affirmatively in response to Sundari's question, though, grinning cheerfully enough, "Nice to properly meet you. Sorry for yelling from so far away, I just figured it was the best way to invite you. I'm going to show Daranyl how to catch shellfish here at Half Moon and he's helping me not drown." This last is said with some amusement, even if it's technically true. She does look aside at Daranyl and point out, mostly just in a matter of fact way, "They do move, though. They can do little sudden jumps. It can be startling sometimes."

Sundari looks amused as she hears them talking about getting shellfish. "Sure.. I know how to find the best ones actually." She points to one of the reefs that is a way off. "There are big ones over there all the time." A wave is seen. "No problem, let me know where you all ways so it worked out rather well.. What did you do to your leg anyway?" She doesn't know how the other manage to come by the cast either.

Normal people go outside in the right attire (or strip down to it), socialize, or take a swim, and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Then there's Ila'den. The bronzerider makes his way down to the lagoon alright, but there's no short-sleeved shirts or swimming trunks for him. Ila'den still has on his full riding leathers, minus his gloves, and has his helmet and goggles tucked away under one arm. "Aye, we're here. Go wet yourself," comes that husky brogue. Teimyrth is hulking along beside Ila with that dreadfully awkward gait, growling softly as the pass gaggle after gaggle of happy folk and sniffs at them with clear disdain. Once they're at the edge of the water, the dragon moves in, and further out until he can be decently wet and rather secluded. Ila? He just stays standing on the beach, one hand on his hip with grey eyes scanning those who went out to be /normal/ people. And look! A Sundari! "Wotcher, Sunny?" Ila'den calls, but he makes no move towards her. She is with strangers! And also, water

"Yeah yeah, migh' be better at it than ya think. Won' know til I try." Daranyl just keeps up swimming there, supporting poor Kyra, though he glances out at the reef Sundari indicates, "Bit far off, innit? Don' wanna get stranded."

Kyra shakes her head as she looks in the direction of the reefs, "We won't get stranded. I usually do this all the time." She wrinkles her nose as the cast is mentioned, huffing and blushing faintly, soft brown skin darkening, "Ah, well. I do hunting and fishing, mostly, you know? And in Xanadu, they had these forests and stuff. Here at Half Moon, I climb rocks and stuff all the time, no problem. Trees… aren't as stable." She fell her ass out of a tree is what happened. Hearing someone call from the beach, she looks in that direction and sends up a big wave, "Hi! Come on out!" Friendliness! Beware!

Sundari ponders that while she looks out towards the reef bit she was pointing to. "Well… Not normally honestly.." But perhaps they are now seeing how Kyra is all in a cast? She looks over to Kyra and ohs softly. "Yeah, trees tend to be a bit different, not as stable from what I've seen." This said with an amused tone before her name is called out and she grins. "Ila! Hey… Come swim with us?" This said while she waves out to the bronzer on the beach.

The smile that Ila'den returns Kyra is not unfriendly, though it seems to be lacking in warmth. The bronzerider's opening his mouth to say something regarding the friendly invitation he's been extended, but those words come up short when Sundari invites him out on the heels of Kyra. The rider's brow arches towards his hairline, and then the rider gives an exhale of husky laughter. "Aye, ladies, tempting though your invitations may be, I think you're fine enough with the escort that you have. And anyway, I am not the swimming sort." The bronzerider peels off his leather jacket to reveal the light, but none-the-less long sleeved tunic underneath, bringing his arms over his chest with another smile as grey eyes stray further out into the water. "What are you aiming to do anyway?" he inquires, brogue much heavier than normal.

"Trees aren' so bad, but diff'ren, yeah. I coul' show ya how ta climb'em, if'n ya wan'." Daran pauses, looking up at Ila, "Is he normally such a prude?" He glances out at the reef again, then nods, "How bads th' curren' here?" Someone's got a weight.

Kyra wrinkles her nose a bit and complains, "/Climbing/ wasn't the problem." She slips free of Daranyl in order to float, then swim lightly in a few circles, just letting her feet float on the surface while she paddles with her arms. She paddles herself a little closer towards the shore, all so she can beam over at Ila'den and cheerfully inform him, "We're going to collect shellfish. Or maybe just poke around. Whatever. Why aren't you the swimming kind? Not a fan of water? Some people aren't, you know." Swimming on her back, chattering away, Kyra is doing her very best otter impression.

Sundari smirks as she hears Daranyl. "Naw.. he has his reasons." She offers with a shake of her head before she looks back to Ila'den and points at him. "Come on.. Help us find shellfish?" Well she can kept tempting him, it might work! Or most likely not..

ILA DID NOT HEAR PRUDE COMMENTS! A shame, really, because there would have been guaranteed hysterical laughter. Grey focus on Kyra as the lass makes her way closer to the shore on her back, amusement evident at the young woman's impressive impression of cute water-animals. Ila'den arches a brow before emitting another huff of husky laughter and hunkering down into a squat the closer she gets. Fingers extend and brush against the sand as a head full of dark hair tilts to one side and the bronzerider offers, "Cute," to the woman. A compliment? Enjoy it! Those are very rare coming from Ila'den, and he seems to have used his quota on the word. "I am not the swimming type, little one, because I am not the swimming type. What other people are or are not doesn't concern me." Ila's brogue is thick and, despite the unfriendly undertone of his words, he seems to simply be trying to deflect from any questions that involve /him/. He smiles, all teeth, and then turns his attention back onto Sundari. There's a shake of his head, and a soft, "No thank you, little bird. I think that you will find the task more enjoyable without me there."

Daranyl eyeballs Ila'den for a moment, coming up beside Kyra to give her a nudge, "If he don' wanna swim he don' hafta. Maybe he can make up a fire fer when we get back wit' dinner, yeah?" Daran's not the sort to delve into other people's baggage. He has his own.

There is yet another dragon that flies low across the water, shimmering and golden and…well. Golden brown, anyway. Loxiath's overly large wings sweep outward, slowing his descent until he has splashdown, continuing on with the momentum until he's quite well situated in the deep water, bugling in satisfaction. Such a perfect landing. And not far behind him in arriving is V'ric, a calm stride taking him down along the shore and behind Ila'den. A squatting Ila'den. The brownrider's head tilts just slightly at that, before walking the short distance it takes to allow his boot to connect with the bronzerider's hunched back, pushing him forward.

Kyra is friendly, not pushy, and she shrugs cheerfully enough in response to Ila'den's response regarding swimming, the lack of friendliness in his words apparently not affecting her in the least as she starts swimming lightly back towards the others, "Okay, then. If you can cook, maybe you can be ready for whatever we bring back, hm? Oh! I'm Kyra!" Yes, remember your name. She snorts a bit at Daranyl considering he came up with the same idea. Seeing V'ric, she forgets herself and throws a hand up to wave a greeting, only for her head to dunk under due to the loss of balance. She remains unfazed, skidding fluidly away underwater with her arms, cast an amusing analogy of a shark's fin. Beware the Kyra! Nyoom. With a couple wiggles of defiance, the cast then pops under water as well as Kyra quite suddenly decides to dive down. Peace out, suckas! Mwahaha. Er. Not really.

Sundari frowns a bit but soon nods. She didn't think it would work, but it was a chance she went for. "Well.. I think it would be enjoyable with you here silly. Maybe make a fire? We're share!" Or she will at least. She catches sight of V'ric and offers him a wave before going about swiming back a ways to catch up with the pair she is in the water with. "Shall we then?"

When Daranyl approaches Kyra, there's a slight bow of Ila'den's head for the man that may be some sort of silent thank you - or it would have been, anyway, if not for his VERY RUDE bestie. Ila'den's caught off-guard by the sudden boot in his back, and certainly /does/ take a none-too-graceful tumble forward and into the water. It would appear that he does not get a say in the whole swimming debate after all! The bronzerider sits up with a flourish, turning to settle on his bottom while grey eyes take in V'ric. There's a long pause, and then the bronzerider is throwing his head back with laughter. "Oi, I'll just bet you've been waiting for that one, haven't you?" comes that brogue, thicker now, so that it may be a bit on the hard side to understand what exactly it is that he is saying. The bronzer's on his feet in a matter of seconds, and then tromping with wet-squishing sounds towards the brownrider. He reaches out and pulls his best friend in for a wet-hug. HUUUUG! Definitely more of a bear-hug than anything. He even nuzzles his cheek into Vel's cheek, because that is clearly the definition of manliness. "Help me make a fire?" he inquires, because clearly that is what everybody wants him to do. There's another smile for Sunny, and then he waves his hand as if to say, 'Go on!' "Might wanna save your friend," comes that lilting brogue, and then Ila's peeling away from V'ric, soaked, and looking for some wood that is dry enough to burn.

Daranyl doesn't see most of the display on the beach. He kicks his feet back as Kyra disappears beneath the water with a surprised, "Woah!", then dives down after her, keeping his eyes open to try to judge if she's drowning or swimming. Either way, backup is inbound.

"You know what you did." Oh yes, Ila'den has /deserved/ that toss in the drink. V'ric manages at least to keep a straight face for a moment or two, before his lips twitch upward in a faint smirk. At least he doesn't try and escape the squeezing that Ila'den gives him. He keeps steady on his feet though, allowing it all with a mild grunt for all the sopping wet that soaks into his own clothes. "Fine, fine. You never were any good at it."

Kyra is pretty clearly swimming, due to a lack of overall flailing or panic in her behavior as she pulls herself further downwards with strong strokes of her arms. When she comes within reach of a large underwater rock, she uses her gloved hand to snag onto it, propelling herself low enough to halfway crouch on the floor. Even without a snorkel, she doesn't seem too worried about holding her breath as she dusts through the soft, silty sand, snatching a few odd grey things that seem to puff dust away from them and stuffing them into the bag on her hip. Rather than push off with her feet like she might normally, she shifts so that her feet start to rise and shoves hard against the ground with her hand, arriving back at the surface cast-first before she rights herself and spits out some water, "I found some over here." Pause. "Hey, where'd Dar go?"

Sundari hums a bit as she hears the comment of her to help with her friend? She tilts her head and glances around slightly with looking to see who is there and who isn't. She turns about swiming there in place. "Dar…" Pause. "I thought he was right here?" A glance one way, and then another before she is looking under the water after a quick breath is taken in.

"I will have you know that I built plenty of fires /without you/," Ila'den laughs, but he's much too busy gathering things and piling things, and lighting fire to things to really go into it. Of course, V'ric is being put to work as well, so that the other three out to water will have quite the little bon-fire to return to. It doesn't take /long/, but that's teamwork for you, and then Teimyrth is coming to the shore with a rasping growl for his rider. Ila'den blinks, and then turns a slightly worried look onto V'ric. "Teimyrth isn't liking something," the bronzerider whispers, and the dragon moves with agitation. Ila'den gathers his jacket, calling out, "Your fire is ready!" to the 'divers', and then he's making a hurried jerk of his head in V'ric's direction, as if telling the man to come on. "Got your bow?" he inquires, but he isn't slowing down to hear the answer. He doesn't have his own, and he's already taking off in half-run down the beach. ADIOS, AMIGOS!

"Scrawny ones." V'ric's banter with Ila'den is good-natured enough, even if it does sound like flat, emotionless words that tumble out of the brownrider's mouth. It's just the way he talks. But with the fire /going/, any help he's put into it comes to a halt. It's not his fire, after all, he's not /tending/ it. He does blink however at the sudden tenseness from Teimyrth, and it's only a beat later that he takes off after Ila'den. "Yeah." Away they go! For…something or another.

Daranyl can't keep up with that display and he bursts to the surface a few feet away, gasping for air, "Farant's egghole, how d'ye do that?" He gasps in another breath, not even aware of the drama unfolding on the beach, "Ya scared the sharding tunnelsnakes out of me."

Sundari glances over at the feeing riders once she comes back to the surface, there is a few moments she is quiet to check wih Irk to see if anything is going on. Though as nothing seems worrysome she looks back to the pair here. "I think she was just diving under the water..?" Not an actual emergancy!

"Do what?" is Kyra's curious response to Daranyl's question, eyebrows lifting inquisitively only for her to look apologetic afterwards, "Sorry. I told you I wanted to go diving, after all." She nods over to Sundari, shrugging haplessly before she smiles lightly and picks up her bag, giving it a little shake to show the clams inside, "Look! I don't think there's a ton, but they're pretty much straight down, protected by some big rocks." Something occurs to her a beat too late and she looks at Daranyl, looking incredibly amused, "Faranth's egghole?"

Daranyl shrugs, still treading water, "Wha' can I say, I don' pull my punches." He finally pushes himself towards the ladies, "I'm no' sure I can get down tha' far, hones'ly. Couldn' follow ya th' las' time. How many d'we need?"

R'en walks from the direction of the bowl heading towards the lagoon where he was told, but would rather not believe, that Kyra is swimming. He skirts past people fairly easily, gaze looking out towards the water where she is supposedly at. Pale eyes seem to lock on her for a moment, though he doesn't say anything as he flicks his gaze between the others out in the water with her. Making his way towards the edge of the water, he makes sure not to get so close that his boots will get wet - as soon as the sand gets too squishy, he stops.

Sundari waves a hand slightly. "I can go down and get them. I use to do this all the time. Did you guys bring a bad or osmething to put them in?" She questions with a curious tone while smiling before seeing the ones that Kyra has hold of. "Didn't do a bad job there now did you?" They only need a few dozen or so more really.

Kyra gives Sundari a long, long sort of look as she's told she didn't do a bad job, her expression hard to read and her large hazel eyes momentarily unblinking. She looks back at Daranyl after a second or so before she shrugs a bit, "You can learn to. It's just a matter of swimming a lot, I think." She's about to actually comment on something to Sundari when she catches sight of R'en on the beach and throws up an arm, waving brightly and cheerfully, "Heeeey! R'en! Come on in! We're catching shellfish!" Skirting Daranyl playfully, she back-strokes her way towards shore again so she can beam up at her mildly glarey friend. Coff.

"Perhaps." Daranyl follows Kyra's motion towards the shore and he frowns slightly, as the man standing there looks less-than-pleased, "Migh' be able to learn, bu' maybe I shoul' jus' hol' th' bag fer now, follow ya down a bit an' see what I can get used to." He flicks a glance at R'en again, then back to Kyra, "Who's yer frien'?"

R'en gives Kyra a look, you know the look, the one that makes a person wonder if they're thinking about how incredibly stupid a person is being or if they're just losing hope in humanity's intelligence as a whole. "The only reason I'd come in is to drag you out." He comments, but so far it appears as though he's not going to do such a thing no matter how much he threatens it. The sand is getting far too damp where he's standing so he takes a couple steps back towards where there's less water, but isn't about to get in the water. "Why are you guys out there anyways?"

Sundari glances over to the sand to see who they are possibly talking to, someone she doesn't know that is for certain. The look from Kyra is well missed as well before she dives down under the water to go gather up some of those shellfish that are just waiting down there..

"Oh. R'en, this is Daranyl; R'en, Dar. R'endar," Kyra finishes this last with a quizzical, amused expression on her face, eventually giving her head a shake and offering R'en a mildly sullen look, "We're gathering shellfish. I already got some. Come on, I was getting /bored/ being in bed all the time or having to just… hobble places. To do nothing. I'm not like Keldan, I can't just sit and read all the time." There is a small flaily motion with her hands that almost dunks her underwater again but she manages to avoid it, huffing a short, hard exhale and smiling up at R'en all the same, "Did you come to visit me? Eh? Eh?"

Daranyl reaches to get an arm around her as she nearly dunks herself again, "She's doin' fine." Challenging glare! Daranyl may have thought her going swimming was preposterously stupid, but now that someone else is telling her what she can't do, he's right there to defend her. Because REASONS. "Pleasure, R'en." He looks the man over, then leans a bit towards Kyra and whispers, "Is that a weyrleader's knot?"

"Casts aren't made for swimming, and just because it might feel better doesn't mean it's actually healed. You could be making it worse, and have to have it rebroken to fix it." R'en doesn't hold any punches either, but he does seem to be more concerned than angry. He rolls his eyes as she almost ends up dunked under the water, if it weren't for Daranyl's help or the fact she resteadied herself again. Sundari gets a glance as she goes for more shellfish, but his attention seems to remain on the pair he can see easily. "I came to see Kadesh, but heard you were down here in the water." So, he diverted his attention down here first, it seems. "Nice to meet you, Daranyl." He offers to the young man in return.

Sundari pops back up holding onto a few of the shellfish in her hand and gives her head a shake before peeking upwards to the two and then the one out on the sandy shore. She's missed the conversation about things. "I got some more.." There is a pause as it seems there is a bit of a tense moment around it would seems. Which leaves her a touch quiet for a moment. "Hello there!" Is finally said to R'en and she offers him a friendly smile.

Kyra lets her left leg float to the surface so she can point out, "I wrapped it in plastic and tied it on nice and tight, see? I'm not using it to kick, either. I'm just treating it like dead weight." Still, the mildly defensive tone she gives R'en indicates that she can at least appreciate what he's saying. When Daranyl defends her, she grins a little bit, giving him a companionable thump on the shoulder with the side of her fist before looking up at R'en again, "Does that mean you don't want to eat some? Someone built up a fire a little bit ago, so we should be able to cook them up right here." She also pokes her tongue out a little and thinks to ask, "Why're you here to see mom?" Pause, slight frown, "Are you seeing her because of business?" Her expression is a little hard to read in response to that idea, though she takes a second to unhook her bag from her belt and wave it to Sundari, "Here you go! Pop them in here!" She'll chuck it in her direction, since the bag is made for underwater gathering and isn't likely to spill its contents, even if it sinks a little.

Daranyl returns the thump gently, "Think that's enough fer roastin'? The fire'll die if'n we take too long'n'all." He looks over his shoulder to offer Sundari a sharp nod of gratitude before turning back to R'en, "Pleasure, Weyrleader."

"It's still got pressure on it if you're diving far, and I'm sure you're using it more than you think." R'en argues a little, but he's starting to lose steam. She's the one who will have to deal with a cast for longer if she screws up the healing process, not him. The offer for food makes him think a little before shrugging his shoulders, "Mostly business, yeah. But nothing urgent or anything, so it can wait. If you have enough, I might.. Otherwise, I'm alright, really." He suggests, remaining out on the dry area of the sands and seeming content to stay standing there. A lift of a hand to wave at Sundari is given, and he flicks his gaze to Daranyl with a bit of a smirk, before adding, "It's been a while since I've been out here, thanks."

Sundari is able to wiggle and grab the bad with a finger and wiggles it open to put the shellfish into it that she was able to gather. Bits and pieces of the conversation are being picked up. A nod is sent back to Daranyl and she smiles a bit before glancing over to where R'en happens to be once more. She holds the bag up which holds a good amount of shellfish in it. "There's enough for us to all have a few, if you like?"

Kyra offers Sundari a double thumbs up for the bag of shellfish, knowing full well Daranyl's likely to keep her from sinking again. She looks up at R'en and pokes her tongue out a little again, "I wasn't going far. The cast is pretty strong, too. I couldn't bend it if I wanted to." She sighs, however, as she really is running out of reasons to stay in the drink. Giving R'en a curious look, she swims a bit closer to the shore and puts her arms up with a grin, "Wanna help me get out?" And totally not get wet in the process, to be sure. For Daranyl, she will giggle a little over hearing him call R'en 'Weyrleader' - it may be true, but it's still odd to hear.

Daranyl does! Daranyl's a good hunting buddy. "Good catch, Sunny." Someone's picked up that nickname, it seems, and this is one of those rare moments where he's let himself relax and actually interact with people. He also moves along beside her back to shore, "Shellfish bake's just what the healer ordered. Haven' had a good shellfish in turns, seems like." He sprawls out in the shallows, enjoying the sun on damp flesh. He's actually behaving like a human being. Run! The world is coming to an end!

R'en just listens to Kyra with a roll of his eyes, excuses just getting listened to but not responded to. He does walk out towards the water to help her up, though he will be less than impressed if she ends up getting him soaked in the process. "Really, you're going to laugh when people call me Weyrleader?" He sounds almost disappointed, could that be hurt in his gaze? Hard to tell as he just lets her go as soon as she's steady and asks Sundari, "Going to come back in, then?" He wonders, and heads back to where he was standing in the first place. "Pretty sure no healer orders shellfish bakes.." Yep, he has no sense of humor, not when it comes to healers. "But, it sounds good."

Sundari grins as she hears the nickname from Daranyl, which she is use to actually so is ok with it! She follows along out of the water and is moving on over to the fire that is still crackling, somewhat. "Thanks Daranyl." She smiles to Kyra. "This was a great idea." With the bag near the fire she goes to collect a few large rocks in order to use to bake the shellfish. "Well, can't bake them while we're in the water." She offers with an amused tone at the idea.

"Sorry. It's just that I'm not used to hearing it," Kyra apologizes to R'en regarding her mild laughter. She will hold onto his arms tightly to help pull her up, not even trying to yank him into the water as it will likely only end in tears. He'll probably get a little wet anyway just from her holding onto him, but she manages to steady herself fairly well after a second or two. She hobbles her way over to where her stuff sits and is leaning against a rock, taking the belt knife off her thigh so she can slice into the plastic around her cast. She exhales with relief once her leg can breathe again, extending it and poking her tongue out before she unwraps it properly. There is a light smile sent over in response to Sundari mentioning that the bake is a good idea, pointing out to R'en with amusement, "Hey, I'm sure some healer's told someone to eat more shellfish before. For nutrients and stuff. They do have those, right?" She'll lift herself up just a bit and promptly strip out of her bathingsuit, planting her naked butt on the rock and picking up the beach coverup/dress she wore over it before, pulling it on over her head and tying it behind her neck.

Daranyl watches R'en help Kyra to steady, then slowly rolls to standing himself, moving to the rock and dropping his knife beside the rock his clothes are on and snagging up is trous to tug them on (let's not have any sand in uncomfortable places), "Wha' Kyra said. 'Sides, they're tasty'n' we've go' shellfish 'n' a fire, time ta roast 'em." He watches Kyra re-dress, just to make sure she doesn't fall, of course, "Come on in, Sunny. Rukbat's warm."

"Not like I am either." R'en mutters, though he takes a moment to sweep off sand that might have gotten on him. He doesn't appear concerned about the water, though he does make a grimace when some gets inside his boots since he had to get into some of the water to help her out. "…of course you have to get out of the water to cook them." He answers and gives Sundari a strange look as though wondering how anyone could misinterpret that anyone could cook in the water. But, his puzzled expression doesn't remain long, and he isn't overly interested in watching Kyra getting undressed and dressed again, he looks to where this fire is set up for cooking. "Sure, lots of things have nutrients. But, you know what I mean." He answers and makes his way to the fire to find a dry spot to sit. He definitely looks tired, but maybe he always does.

Kyra isn't particularly interested in anyone watching her get undressed. It's only a shift-style dress, after all. She rocks back up to a standing position, putting the plastic back in her regular bag before she uses her single crutch to amble on over towards R'en again, "Yeah, I do." She eyes him a few seconds before she asks, curious and with a little twist of her lips into a frown, "You okay? You look like you need to sleep." Her frown twitches more towards a smile and she nudges his foot with her crutch, "Healer, heal thyself, yeah?" She'll plop herself back down on a rock, if only because it's easier to get up from a higher angle, and clasp her hands together loosely while giving Daranyl some pretty decent puppy eyes, "Will you cook them up, Dar? I'm not sure I can handle multitasking at the moment."

Daranyl wasn't doing it for that reason, anyway. He nods slightly to R'en as the other man sits, then looks to Kyra and those extra-cute eyes of manipulation +5. The corner of his mouth twists upward and he nods, "Sure." He leans over to snag up the bag, nudging her shoulder in the process, "But once you're up 'n' about, yer gonna show me how ya roast wherries, right?" HUNTING BUDDIES. He grabs up his knife again (the better to shuck them with, my dear) and heads down towards the fire to start the cooking while the others, well, talk, likely?

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