Boy Dragons Are Different Than Girl Ones

Western Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office
The room's design is fundamental to the purposes required, with space enough to allow a fair size meeting to occur with ample privacy. Yet, the office chamber most certainly feels open and airy, comfortable in retrospect to the hustle and bustle of the weyrling quarters on the otherside of the door.

An evening class this time and the post gives the time and the place, not on the field this time but inside, in the office to be exact. Lissi is sitting at her desk and nearby a young woman sits, waiting, her expression somewhat subdued, even bordering on somber. (repose)

Having seen the post, Th'ero arrives with a few of the other weyrlings, lingering behind when one of them knocks politely on the door before they all wander in. This isn't the first time Th'ero has been in the office, so he doesn't linger to stare. Instead, he quickly finds a place off to the side to stand, while the others shuffle around a little awkwardly. Turning his head a little, he fixes his gaze on Lissi, giving the Weyrlingmaster a brisk nod. "Evening." He says, before his attention lingers on the young woman. That seems to hold more interest, having not expected a guest.

Lissi smiles as the weyrlings file into the office and gestures to chairs she has set up to the side, "Go ahead and have a seat," she says as she rises to her feet. She nods to the guest and the young woman rises to her feet to follow the WLM to stand before the chairs. "Everyone say hello to Gretta, a guard from Fort, I've asked her to come to class with us tonight."

While the other weyrlings pick out their seats with minimal fuss, Th'ero lingers for a few moments, waiting to see which chairs remain before finally sitting down. Leaning back, he loosely crosses his arms over his chest, while one leg comes up to rest over one knee. As Lissi rises, his gaze follows the Weyrlingmaster with attentiveness, though the moment she introduces the guest, Th'ero's attention focuses entirely on her. A guard from Fort? Oh, he's definitely listening now. "Evening, Gretta." He murmurs, along with the other weyrlings who offer their own greetings.

Lissi smiles and steps back, nodding to Gretta who steps up to the center, "Hello everyone," she says and looks to the weyrlings then to Lissi who nods again and smiles. "As Lissi said I'm from Fort, a guard there, at the Hold, to be clear, and you might wonder how that relates to your class tonight," and she pauses to look around to see if anyone agrees. She stands in an 'at ease' stance, hands behind her back, her long reddish-blonde hair laying in loose curls against her dark green tunic.

Th'ero looks a little puzzled when Lissi steps back and Gretta takes over. The weyrling gives the Fortian guard a questioning look, but he's listening at least and keeping his comments to himself. There's a slight curve to the corners of his mouth with her last remark. Yes, that is definitely one of his questions and so he agrees with her by simply nodding his head. For a moment, Th'ero glances at the other weyrlings with him, but they too are paying attention or feigning interest and trying not to fidget as they all murmur their own agreements.

"First of all, depending on your ages and levels of experience to date, some or all of this may be completely new to you. Let's all say it.. sex," and she waits, nodding her head. "Yes, say it.. sex.. mating.." she says again. "Now then, we're gonna start with questions, what is the one thing that has been gnawing at you since you came to the realization that your little dragon was going to grow up and either chase or be chased and inevitably mate?"

There is a sudden outburst of giggles from some of the younger weyrlings, while others just cough or mutter amongst themselves. Some do as Gretta says and say the words out loud. Th'ero is one of those few that give a slight clearing of his throat as he shifts a little in his seat before resettling. Ah, here we go, it's time for "the talk". Blinking a little when Gretta opens the floor for questions, Th'ero waits for a few of the other weyrlings with him to awkwardly share their own before he finally speaks up - if you can call his low tone "speaking up". "You can…find a replacement, right? So you don't have to sleep with the rider your dragon catches?" he asks, trying not to sound as awkward as he feels. This is not the usual conversation he has with strangers.

Gretta nods her head and waits, she doesn't seem mean but perhaps serious, not laughing when they laugh but not scolding them. She waits then looks to Th'ero, "Yes that is an option," she answers simply. "We'll cover that in detail a bit later. What else? Other burning questions?" she asks. The WLM is sitting at her desk and watching while a guest speaker addresses the Weyrlings, Th'ero at first then the group with that last bit.

Gretta's seriousness and not so stern reprimand to those who do succumb to fits of nervous amusement probably help ease the awkward tension for Th'ero. This is going to be one long lesson for the Holdbred weyrling, though having been at the Weyr so long probably helps. The simple answer to his question earns a simple nod in return. He's seated in the middle of the group of weyrlings that had arrived with him, trying to blend in with his chair, it would seem. There's a shake of his head when Gretta asks for more questions - he's thinking! Or, perhaps, trying to just hide.

Iris might twitter nervously now and then as she ponders the questions and answers, but she's mostly sitting quietly, a serious look on her face. She has no questions at the moment, but she glances slowly around the group, watching her fellow weyrlings as they ask theirs.

Gretta nods and shifts a bit, pacing slowly, "Alright then, we'll dive right into a few facts. First and foremost this is not about you. You are a side-dish to your dragon's mating instinct. Now, depending on the demeanor and relationship with your dragon, they MIGHT consider your feelings on the matter but when the dust settles, this is THEIR mating flight. Not yours. At first you might resist this thinking, after all if involves your body, but, the faster you come to grips with the reality of mating flights, the less heartache and even fear you might have when all is said and done." A pause. "This really is not up for debate. Unless you," and she looks to Th'ero, "Use a stand-in or hide somewhere away from the flight, you will likely, at some point, end up having sex with someone you either don't know, don't like, or maybe a best friend, a friend's mate, a mate's friend," she continues. "Dragons do not feel affection the way humans do, the interperate it in their own way, your dragon may think you'd be happy to sleep with a best friend. So, please, please, dispell any romantic notions of your dragon and your mate's dragon and how happy you will all be when you all get to mate. It rarely happens. Now, it does happen but.. again.. this is not about you." She draws a breath, finally.

Th'ero side-glances towards Iris when he overhears her nervous twitter, but his gaze lingers on her only long enough to pass a nod of greeting and a look that probably could be read as "Faranth save us all". But then he's back to being a good weyrling and paying attention to the visiting Fortian guard. At first he's frowning a little, only to start a little when he's looked at and promptly clears his throat. Ah, shells. The frown deepens, as his previous question is answered in much more detail and his worries confirmed.

Iris listens to the lecture with that same serious expression, lips pursing the more Gretta talks. She's not particularly happy with not having the choice herself, but well, it's one of the breaks of being a dragonrider. She glances around the room again and her lips turn up just a bit in amusement that everyone else seems somewhat displeased with the topic as well.

The Fortian guard seems non-plussed. She notes the uneasiness and nods, "I know, I've been there," she says then smiles softly, her first smile. "This is why it is a good thing if you can separate yourself emotionally from this. The dragon chooses, the rider complies. Some people don't even really remember flight sex, some people do. Everyone is different. Some people spend a lot of time feeling guilty while their significant others spend a lot of time being mad when it's simply not about the humans." A pause. "Ok. So. Ladies. If you ride green or gold, she's gonna rise at some point. How this affects you will vary. It taps into things you might not even realize or like about yourself. Some women find themselves angry, some affectionate, some withdraw.. the first time is awkward and unnerving.. but take comfort in the fact that this is a response to your dragon and what she feels. She may draw out feelings you suppress, she may bring out a side of you that you don't like, and that's okay, you will find a way to handle yourself, it just takes a bit of time." Yay another pause.

Despite the awkwardness, Th'ero is keeping a pretty straight face and seems serious enough, though his mouth draws down into a thin line as Gretta continues to point out that they have little to no choice in the matter. Sure, the weyrling was probably warned before hand, but now… now he has to accept it. As the topic switches to greenriders and goldriders, Th'ero almost seems to breath a sigh of relief. Pressure is off for a little. Now he just listens intently and with curiosity, his gaze slowly glancing over to where Iris sits, though for the most part his attention remains focused on the Fortian guard.

The amusement on Iris's face fades slowly as the guard continues speaking, her lips again pursing and brow furrowing. Yes, she's been told these things already, but it's more awkward to hear them as a lecture, among her fellow weyrlings.

"We have a goldie I know." and she looks around for a nod or blush, "It can be especially different for you. Golds are queens for a reason. It's really a misnomer to say that they are caught.. the males are drawn in then many times the gold will simply /take/ the one she wants. Please don't be distressed to find yourself reacting much the same way." She looks to the others, "Now then, if you ride blue, bronze or brown.. your dragon will chase. Maybe not every time but, he will chase. Much of what I said to the green and goldriders applies the same way to you but here is the biggest difference," and she stops moving. "A female always gets caught when she rises, she is always sated, therefore, so is her rider. Males are among a group wherein only one will find sating. This can leave the riders of male dragons frustrated. And just like any other time you can deal with it by jumping in the lake, drinking, finding a partner, or helping yourself." Wow. Yeah. She just said it. A brow lifts and she looks around, "One thing.. green riders.. who are males.. yes.. it means just what you think it means. Whether you like other males or not, your dragon is a female and WILL mate with a male. I could give you scenarios and solutions but I think I will leave that for private questions later." A breath. Surely she's about to wind down!

Iris accomodates the Fortian guard with a slow nod and a faint blush as Gretta continues with the lecture on golds. She draws her arms around her body as if cold, though her expression remains staunchly serious and considering- with some relief crossing it when the lecture moves on to male and greenriders.

Th'ero does flush a little red around the neck and cheeks when the lecture turns back to the riders whose dragons will be chasers when it comes to mating flights. "Fantastic." He mutters under his breath in a very sarcastic tone. There's another uncomfortable shift in his seat when Gretta moves on to some more awkward subjects. Now Th'ero really isn't looking at his fellow weyrlings.

Gretta seems to shrink a little from her previously confident and strong demeanor and she folds her arms and draws a slow breath. "My Malaeth was a skittish green. I was ill-prepared for mating flights and it snuck up on us almost as soon as the class was over, just a few days after. I didn't see the signs, didn't realize what was happening and.." she pauses and looks back to Lissi who nods gently to the guard. "When she went up I was all focused on me.. worried about who I'd sleep with, fighting her internally, trying not to feel, trying to keep my thoughts as my own.." swallow. "The bronze that went after her was older, aggressive, and he knocked a sweet little blue out of the way in his pursuit. She was afraid and I was so busy trying to find my own feelings and follow them that I didn't focus on her.. she saw the blue spinning downward and she panicked, and went between.. and never came back." She blinks her green eyes once and licks her lips. "That was over ten turns ago and honestly the only reason I can stand here and talk about this is because I don't want it to happen to anyone else. If you have questions, ask. If you are worried, talk to someone. Talk to your mate. You are theirs and they are yours, nothing that happens on the ground is as important as that." Exhale.

Th'ero was not expecting the lecture to end quite like it did and for a moment, he can only stare at Gretta, though he does visibly wince and look sympathetic when she mentions the loss of her Malaeth. Oh, so this is pretty serious then. There's a slow nod of his head and the weyrling relaxes a little in his seat when it seems that the lesson is over for the evening, murmuring a quick thanks for the Fortian Guard for coming to speak. That couldn't have been easy and for two reasons. The door leading to the barracks is eyed, Th'ero no doubt getting anxious to leave, though won't dare move until dismissed.
Iris has disconnected.

Gretta nods to Lissi who rises and nods her head, "Thank you Gretta," then she looks to the group. "Now then, we did not cover every detail. There are manuals.. and, you can come to me individually if there is ANYTHING that was not covered that you don't understand. This is just something you have to learn to deal with with your lifemate.. and no matter how much you know it's gonna be weird for a while. And that's okay. You're dismissed."

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