Trade Fair Festivites

Emerald Islands - The Pearl Dolphin Resort
The Pearl Dolphin Resort is the premier getaway of the Western Isles, named so for the gigantic fountain of a leaping dolphin tiled in finely polished mother-of-pearl that dominates the entrance courtyard, playfully spouting water from its mouth in a cascade of rainbow-kissed mist. Speading out from the dolphin fountain are lavish gardens of all colors and types - from the local flora to exotic, gardens of carved shrubbery, and even one of medicinal and culinary herbs. Of course, a special tiled area is set aside for the dragons to land and not cause any damage to the delicate foliage. The main building itself is made of white stone with marble accent, the paths the same coral tile that lines the Coral Road. The building itself is not very large, only enough to hold a couple hundred, lending to a very exclusive nature that makes getting a room difficult. During celebrations at the Weyr, it is all but impossible. There are even rooms specifically designed for riders and their dragons, and suites for the most important of guests that may travel here from all across Pern. Gaming rooms, fine restaurants, a private beach, and many other amenities make it truly a place of relaxation and luxury. Also located publically on the resort grounds is a massive tented area for festivals and gathers as well as a racetrack where people can come from all over to win and lose their fortunes.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for Western's Trade Fair. The clear blue skies dotted with sun-warmed clouds are reflected off the nearby ocean and the elaborate fountain in the middle of the Pearl Dolphin Resort's main courtyard, which is surrounded by stalls of all shapes and sizes that lead right down to the beachfront. Crafts have their own areas, individual vendors have smaller stalls in prefabricated terraced rows, and there's a Harper band roving around playing lively tunes to brighten the atmosphere further.

Standing behind one of the small stalls is Seleaux, a slender, boyish-looking teen whose short crop of dark hair is artlessly mussed atop her head. She's discussing something to the clearly pregnant, older woman standing in front of the stand, who is frowning down at something blue and knitted. "Ain't gonna pay that," the older one - Rou'x - says, shaking her head. "You're family. Y'cain't rip me off." In response, Seleaux leans forward, hands carefully placed between stacks of knitwear and bundles of wool, and says something quietly to the disgruntled brownrider.

Some may recognize the bronze pair winging their way gently down into the area designed for dragon arrival. It's Suldith and Zi'on of course, and some of the staff of the resort are there to take their things as the bronzer dismounts and removes Suldith's straps. Once Zi'on is out of his leathers, he's left in just a cabana type of shirt and a pair of shorts and sandals with his knot laying on his shoulder. The bronzer's come for the fair of course, and that's the direction he heads as Suldith moves off to where the other dragons are congregating. He casually browses the ware of the stalls, nearing to where Seleaux's stand is set up.

As she draws level with Jeyinshi and hears that comment, Rou'x nods her head and smirks. "Damn straight I'm always right, even when I'm /not/ playin' bloody house to a tot." She rolls her eyes, pressing one fisted hand to her hip and looking the dolphineer up and down. "Fancy get-up y' got there, lady. Dolphineer, ain'tcha?" Hey look, Weyrleader! Rou'x salutes then waves at Zi'on, beckoning him over with a tilt of her head. Meanwhile Seleaux is grinning at Brearlen, shadowing him from the other side of her stall. "She's gettin' thicker as her belly gets bigger," the teen offers him with a cheeky wink. "D'you fancy anything woolly, then? Summat nice, some scarf of whatever?"

Jeyinshi sideglances over at Brearlen before raising an eyebrow. "I'm not gonna bit or anything, you can look too." With a grin she steps to the side as if to allow the apprentice more room. A moment later, she's snickering at the brownrider's words. "Isn't it oh so fashionable? But yeah, you got it right. Dolphineer." There's a pause as she picks at the sleeve of her wetsuit. "Guess most people don't usually go around wearing these sorts of things." Her attention wavers as Rou'x moves to salute, and Jey turns curiously in that direction. It's been a few turns, but the dolphineer still does recognize Western's Weyrleader. Hand moves up in a salute, and she follows up with a grin. "Heya."

Don't expect to see Miraneith here, the senior queen is still sands-bound, but the lack of her presence doesn't mean that her rider isn't going to be on hand to enjoy — and participate in — the festivities, for grumbling /loudly/ to any dragon who'd care to listen about how much work /he/ has to do and how ungrateful and blah blah blah, the big blue form of Inizituth sets down on the landing field with a inelegant thud. His rider and passenger dismount, Enka holding on to L'nan's hand until her feet are firmly planted atop the ground. "Got the box of cupcakes?" she asks, quirking a brow at the bluerider before he nods. "Meet you at the bakers' booth later, goin' to have a look around." Standing on tiptoe to brush a kiss against the tall man's cheek, the Weyrwoman sets off through the crowd, her gait nothing more than a stately waddle.

Ever-so-slowly, the furrow between Brearlen's brows (which hasn't really gone /away/, so to speak, since he ambled over here in the first place) grows deeper. After a moment's careful contemplation of her words, he turns the full bemused weight of his gaze on Seleaux. "Aren't women /meant/ to get thicker, when they're pregnant?" Unspoken, but evident in his expression, is 'and isn't this a non-sequitur?' Gamely, he adds, "I know with herdbeasts, we like to see them put on a good bit of weight." He's distracted enough by this train of thought that Jeyinshi's comment takes a moment to register. His response when it does, though, is polite, prompt, and deferentially-toned. "Oh, no, it's alright. I'm just looking." To both her and Seleaux, he adds, "I don't know that I need anything woolen. Most of my posting options are… tropical. Like Western."

Zi'on gives a return salute to the brownrider and the dolphineer as he approaches. "Rou. Jey. How are you ladies?" The bronzer moves up behind the brownrider and rubs her shoulders a bit. "Been a long time since I've seen you, Jey. I heard you got posted to… Ista, was it? How are you liking it over there?" The bronzer has an easy enough time seeing over Rou's head to browse what's at the stall and give Seleaux a wave. "So what's the big draw over here, other than Rou's little sister? Maybe I should buy a wool speedo. That's about the only amount of wool you can wear at Western comfortably." The bronzer laughs a bit.

"Rou'x," the brownrider offers Jeyinshi as an introduction never asked for, sticking her hand out towards the woman. "Brown Indianath's rider, n' other titley-stuff that I can't be bothered reeling off right now. D'you come on down here often, then? T' Western? Cos I don't reckon I've seen you before." But Zi'on apparently has, since he's already speaking her name! "Alright, sir?" Shoulder-rubs are good, and Rou leans back against the bronzer as he administers it. "You buy a bloody wool speedo, Zi'on, n' you'll be invitin' all sortsa trouble. Ain't that right, Jey?" See, she's picked up the name! Seleax leans towards Brearlen, resting her hands on her stall top. "Don't you tell her she's meanta be gettin' bigger, or she'll knock y' block off. Sure you don't want nothin'? Cos I've got bags n'stuff too, y'know."

A wool /speedo?/ Enka reaches the booth just in time to overhear the turn of the conversation, and she snickers with rather obvious amusement. "I'd second that," she remarks, flashing a quick grin over at Rou'x with a wry teasing wink. "Doesn't wool shrink when it gets wet? Might be a bit uncomfortable for ya, Zi." The Dolphinner gets a broad grin. "Haven't seen you around these parts for a long time, Jey. Still got that dolphin friend of yours, what was it, Sungie?"

Jeyinshi grins over at Brearlan, "I usually have warmer postings too, but they make nice gifts." She picks up one of the scarves, looking it over. "Mhm, I'm over at Ista." The dolphineer puts the woolen piece back on the table before grinning over at Zi'on and lifting her shoulders in a small shrug. "It's not bad. Sungie doesn't seem to care wherever we go really, but I miss it here sometimes." She grins over at Rou'x then, taking the hand for a quick shake. "I'm Jey, and my dolphin's Haesungie." She gives a small wave of her hand in that general direction. "Nah, it's been turns since I've visited, though I should more often. I was posted here a while back." The friendly smile on her face quickly melts into snickering though, and she nods at the brownrider's words "Lower half's gonna get uncomfortable." As the Weyrwoman arrives, Jey turns to her with a wide smile and quick wink. "It's been a while! I still have him though! And he hasn't grown up any since you last saw him. Still a hyperactive kid."

Like a deer in the headlights, Brearlen freezes when Seleaux leans towards him, expression a worried blank. He's silent for a brief spell, before the Bitran teenager concedes, voice slow and careful, "I could… perhaps use a bag. But, I don't really /need/ one." With an obligatory purchase out of sheer inability to extract himself looming, the apprentice might be excused for having taken until now to notice Zi'on and Enka approaching. Unfamiliar words, though… "What, exactly, is a speedo?" Judging from the interested - innocent - look on his face, the apprentice really has /no idea what they're talking about/.

Zi'on laughs a bit. "What kind of trouble is that? You think it'll be itchy?" And who can tell, the bronzer might be allergic or something. And that would not be a pleasant experience in the slightest. When Enka comes over he grins at her. "I dunno. Does it? If it does that wouldn't work out. I guess it might not be as stretchy either. I could just wear it for tanning, though. That's the only time I wear the speedo anyways." And other special occasions where he wants to scare people. The bronzer smiles and nods to Jey. "That's good. I was born at Ista and spent a while there when I was a kid. It's my home weyr." Zi'on looks over at Brearlen as he asks about the particular men's attire. He laughs a bit. "It's a very small bathing suit for men. It looks similar to a women's bikini bottom."

"I dunno," Enka tips her shoulders upwards in a lazy shrug. "I've never exactly gotten wool wet to find out if it shrinks or not but if you really wanted to find out, you could ask the laundresses or somethin'." She glances towards the stall for a moment, gaze roving over the wares in thoughtful perusal before grinning back at Jeyinshi. "Been a long while," she remarks, "turns if anythin'. Had a lot of changes 'round these parts since. But I guess that's a constant, you havin' the lil fellow. He always seemed like a spunky dolphin to me. Lots of energy. Glad to hear that hasn't changed."

"Ooo/er/, Weyrwoman, you sayin' he's packin' summat worth notin' in them shorts've his?" Rou'x laughs at Enka, winking playfully at Zi'on and then Jey. "Don't reckon it'll do no-one no harm t' put a bit've a squeeze down there though, hey, Zi'on?" Still chuckling, she rubs at her swollen tummy and grins at Jeyinshi. "Don't reckon I've ever met a dolphin before. D'you think y'could mebbe introduce us, sometime?" She leans towards Zi'on then to answer his question about what sort of trouble, beckoning him down to whisper something in his ear - possibly to save Brearlen's innocent ears.

Seleaux, seeing the chance of a sale start to slip away, decides slacken the line to reel him in some other way. Maybe. Possibly! If she can. "You ain't seen a speedo? Where'd you come from that you ain't seen a speedo before?" As if she's the expert on them! The teen snorts at Zi's description, marking it out on her own body using artfully placed fingers and thumbs. "S'about that big. Covers your bits but leaves 'em showin' through."

"Yeah? That's pretty cool. The beaches are nice. And the water, but maybe that's just my bias as a dolphin person." Jey smiles in Zi'on's direction before turning to Enka and chuckling. "Good changes? I'd be pretty lost without the crazy guy, but here's hoping that he won't decide to go off on his own or something." She glances over in the direction of the water with her words, "Don't know if he'll ever grow up, but hey, it keeps me young too." She tacks a wink onto those words before grinning over at Rou'x. "Course! Shards, there's nothing more that dolphin likes than meeting people. Can take you down too meet him whenever." A pause. "Just make sure you wear clothes you don't mind getting wet. He likes to splash people. A lot."

Wait, that's a - only now has Brearlen taken the time to look at Enka's knot. Given that it's pretty shiny, you'd think he'd've noticed by now, really - but, from the muted respect-slash-worry in his expression and subtle shifting closer to Seleaux and her table, evidently not. End result: Seleaux may not have to worry /that/ much about him slipping away. Hastily resuming his particular thread of conversation, he gives Zi'on's explanation of the mysteries of men's swimwear a blank stare for several long seconds, and then, finally, his judgment comes down: "… Why?" To Seleaux he adds, "Well - Bitra, and Keroon. This is the first time I've been near an ocean. There's only an old millpond back home. Is this a… seahold thing…?"

"I'm sure I've gotten wool wet at some point, but I don't know if it shrunk or not." Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Seleaux, do wool clothes shrink when they get wet?" She's the one tending the stall, she ought to know, right? Zi'on just grins to Rou, and doesn't say anything about that's he's 'packin'. "I don't want a squeeze down there. Or my bits will be hanging out, and people don't want a peek at that when I'm laying out on the beach. Also I don't want them exposed to the elements." He leans down so Rou can whisper. There's a blink at Seleaux. "Leaves them showing through?" Zi'on shrugs. "Some people like to wear them to show off. It's good if you don't want tan lines. I guess it might be a seahold thing. Or a weyr thing for those that are near an ocean."

Enka's lips curve into a very amused smile, the goldrider turning away from her inspection of the stall's wares to regard Zi'on cheekily. "If you must know, Rou," she drawls out the words for the brownrider, "I happen to think he certainly does. Although, I don't think very many people get to make a note of it." She chuckles softly, and then inclines her head briefly to Jeyinshi's words. "I'd say the changes were for good. Well, most of them. Liora … not so much." the weyrwoman waves a dismissive hand towards the very thought of her lackluster junior, "but it's been all for the good most of the way." Why yes, yes, Brearlen — that is a knot all right. But you know them island folks, not one to stand much on ceremony.

Seleaux chuckles at Brearlen, warming to him for their shared non-seaside upbringing. "Summat seaholdy, I guess? Maybe /island/holdy/. I dunno, I din't grow up by the sea neither. We were up in the 'Reaches mountains, ain't no seas up there. I don't even know how t' swim, y'know?" She shrugs, then leans forward towards him again. "Whassit like, in Bitra n' Keroon? I ain't never been nowhere other'n home n' here, n' that's /it/." And Brearlen is from exotic-sounding foreign places! When the Weyrleader speaks to her, Seleaux perks up and looks in his direction. "Yeah, the wet wool makes'em shrink, Weyrleader."

"Aw yeah, I've got water clothes," Rou'x confirms to Jeyinshi, grinning. "Your dolphin's in Ista, yeah? Might pop by there on a day off, cos I wanna see one've the weyrlings that way too." Enka's confirmation of Zi's 'assets' makes her snort in amusement, and she looks pointedly at the bronzerider. "Oh day mebbe, yeah? We'll see." Then there's mention of that awful 'L' word. "That Liora's as faulty as her damned dragon," Rou'x snipes, shaking her head at Enka. "/Two/. Can y'believe it? /Two/!"

"Speedos are also good if you wanna swim fast. Not on the same level as wetsuits, but definitely better than swim trunks." Leave it to the dolphineer to be thinking about that part. There's a raised eyebrow at mention of this unloved Liora person. "Doesn't sound she's very pleasant." And that's enough for Jey to make a mental note to avoid said person should she ever happen upon them. "Sungie? Ah no, he's here. The little guy left a few days before me, no way he's gonna miss a fair." The dolphineer grins over at Rou'x. "You know one of the weyrlings? Though I guess they won't be weyrlings much longer. That lot's an odd one."

Wait, there's a Weyrleader here, too? The islanders may not stand on ceremony, but if Brearlen clings to that table any tighter, he's going to have to stand on /it/. For a moment, his response to Seleaux is a little distracted, "Bitra's hilly and green, Keroon is flat and brown." Ever-so-slightly, the teenager draws himself up (an impressive feat, he's got pretty ramrod posture as-is) as he forces his attention back at the other teenager, and their conversation. "They're nice places. … I know Bitra's got a reputation," faint dimples of displeasure form at the corners of his mouth, "but away from the main hold we're respectable people." With an effort, the not-quite-frown turns sort of vaguely upside-down. "Do you live here, then? I'm meant to be seeing if I want to take my posting at the Weyr. But there's ocean everywhere here and I don't, ah, actually know how to swim, so…" He's got half an ear still trained on the speedo-discussion, and Jeyinshi's contribution makes his brow furrow again, though more in interest than disapproval.

Zi'on just keeps quiet as the ladies discuss his anatomy. Best not to confirm or deny. Deny and you make them out to be liars, confirm and you look egotistical. So he'll just… leave it alone. There's a grunt at the mention of Liora. "Now now ladies. She can't help it. Let's cut her a little slack." But really that gold wasn't worth her color. "Two eggs doesn't do us really a service. It's a good thing Mir is bringing up the next clutch, otherwise we'd be wasting space and time looking after only two weyrlings." There's a grins to Rou. "Maybe." He rubs his chin. "They make you swim faster? I guess I never noticed. Anyways, I don't think we're doing Rou's sister any favors crowding around her stall. I was thinking of getting some fried dough and then settling in to listen to the harpers for a little while. I'm sure you ladies with babies could stand to take a load off for a while, no?"

Enka knows. She just KNOWS! So she just gives Zi'on another saucy smirk, and then regards the dolphineer with a look. "She's quite honestly useless," the weyrwoman states, matter-of-factly. "Can't do her work right, can't work with people, I'd shudder to leave her with the holders actin' as a hostess, she nearly poured hot klah in someone's lap once. She's just …" she shakes her head. "Can't even get rid of her by tradin' her off, 'specially with this clutch of two." And that's when Rou gets a sympathetic glance before she sighs heavily at Zi'on's words. "Well my feet are killin' me," she admits. "Wouldn't mind sittin' down. And havin' a bite."

"I'm living here, yeah. Rou's been here longer, but I been here a coupla months now." Seleaux grins at Brearlen, then holds her finger up to ask him politely for a quick pause, so that she can attend to someone who's waggling a mark at her to purchase something that's orange and blessedly not speedo-like. At the mention of moving to seats Rou'x perks up a bit, then gently shrugs her shoulders and declines. "Y'know, sir, I would, but I'm gonna give Xeau a hand in here f' a bit. She's meant t'be makin' marks f' our folks as well as herself, n' I reckon I can give her a hand." And there's a seat right behind the stall table… not to mention a stand just a few down that's selling something that smells delicious. "I'll catch up wi' you later, yeah? Lovely meetin' ya, Jey. I'll send you a 'lizard or summat, if I can get over to Ista sometime." With a nod of her head and a bonding smile at Enka for the shared dislike of the Weyr's unpopular goldrider, Rou nudges Seleaux aside to slip into the stall and take the weight off her feet.

Jeyinshi grins, "Just a bit. There's less resistance from the cloth. Not /that/ noticeable." Eyebrows raise however, that grin fading as Enka begins to talk about Liora. "That…sounds pretty awful. Is she dense or does she just not care?" But the number is what's really caught her attention and Jey lets out a quiet whistle. "Shards, I'm sorry you got stuck with her. /Two/? That's…." The woman trails off and shakes her head. At the mention of food, there's a sudden growl from the dolphineer's stomach. "Think I might join you guys." Because the dolphineer is /always/ up for eating. Always. There's a grin and nod in Rou'x's direction then. "Yeah, just let me know whenever you're around!"
Unexpectedly saved from needing to make a face-saving purchase, Brearlen gets out while the getting's good. With a quick cavalcade of respectful nods towards those departing, the apprentice slips past the table and merges into the fair crowds, heading in the direction of the Beastcraft stall.

Zi'on nods and gives a wave to Rou and her younger sibling. "Alright then. I'll be sort of wandering about all day, we can meet up later on." The bronzer starts the trudge back over to where the harpers are playing, though the first stop is a stall with food in it. "She's just dense, basically. And her dragon isn't much better. I think someone put a dent in the shell or something." The bronzer is mostly interested in something sweet. Some fried dough with sweetener sprinkled all over it basically. But he has no problem letting the ladies he's with order what they'd like. "So either of you ladies up for some dancing?" At the least they can find someplace to sit down.

"Mmhmm," Enka nods in agreement with Zi'on's words. "I'd say she was outright stupid, 'cept that'd be kinda mean and I guess dense is just a better way to put it." the goldrider shrugs. "I told her and I told her and I told her, but she just didn't get it through her head about bloodin' and we're lucky she even clutched at all." But this is starting to turn into a topic Enka might want to wax poetic on forever, and they'd never hear the end of it, so she changes the subject readily enough. "Well, I'm starvin' so if you wanted to join us, Jey, that'd be fine. You goin' to get me some of that fried dough, Zi?" the weyrwoman regards her weyrleader for a moment, and then chuckles. "Well, I'm not sure if dancin' is the best thing for me right now. Aint as light on my feet as I was. But we'd better sit down anyway."

"At least she's not doing it on purpose? But I can imagine it gets pretty annoying." Jey adds with a symapthetic smile before shifting her gaze to the food stall. "Fried dough? Haven't had that in ages." The dolphineer chuckles before ordering some as well. "If you danced with me, you'd end up with ten bruised toes and maybe one or two broken. I can move in the water just fine, but when it comes to dancing I'm pretty hopeless." The woman looks down at her feet, giving them a little shake. "Sometimes I think I should've just been born with flippers or something."

"Maybe we can try to coach her again. Or something." For the millionth time. Zi'on doesn't like to admit it, but he doesn't know what else to do with a goldrider who can't hold her own. "She'll be dangerous should you ever decide to step down, Enka." Zi'on laughs. "I'll get you your own, but I'm not sharing mine." Sounds like three fried doughs it is! Since Zi'on isn't sharing and he doubts Jey is, either. He can finish up Enka's if she can't power through it all. Then he moves to find a table in front of where the harpers are set up, so they can eat. "Bah. Neither of you want to dance? That's a shame. Maybe we can do something slow later, Enka." He chuckles a bit at Jey. "I think I'll keep my toes intact, if I can."

Enka makes a face, nodding. "Extra coachin'. Probably goin' to have to hold her hand and make sure she doesn't mess up again." And again and again. "Aint ever steppin' down 'long as she's potentially in place to take over," the goldrider seems pretty adamant about that. "Would rather leave the place to Iris or somethin'." she chuckles a bit, as she makes her way towards the table. "Slow might be possible," Enka grins at Zi'on. "But with this extra weight and all, fast aint goin' to cut it."

Jeyinshi is so not sharing! "Maybe if you hammer it into her often enough she'll finally get it?" There's a quiet chuckle before she's sliding her hands into the bag around her shoulders to pull out some marks for fried dough. It's then that a little green flit pops out of *between* and into the air above her head. With raised eyebrows, the dolphineer takes the note tied to the firelizard's leg. Brows knit together as she reads over the words, and soon there's a silent curse from under her lips. "I swear, Sungie's gonna be the death of me." There's an apologetic smile to both Zi'on and Enka. "Sorry, gotta run. I'll catch you guys later!" There's a quick forlorn look to the food stall before the dolphineer is running off.

Or maybe it's just two platters of fried dough after all. There's a wave to Jey as she heads off to tend to her dolphin. "Dolphins are more needy than dragons it seems. Also it's less convenient passing messages from them." Once they're settled down, Zi'on digs into his dough. "I don't know what else to do with her. If you need to step down, I guess wait until Iris' dragon is proddy." He chuckles. "Or Rea's. We might be able to work her up to a passable rider, but half the time I'm afraid she'll lose herself between. I don't even like putting her on shuttle duty." He sighs. Then he grins to her. "Slow would be good. Don't think you can manage fast right now. Maybe Rou's sister wants to dance later. She's the only one around without a baby bump it seems lately."

"Bye," Enka can't get out much more than that before the dolphineer is off, leaving the goldrider with Zi'on. But hey, that's great, because she likes the bronzer's company. And there's food. Never underestimate a pregnant woman's appetite, because Enka tucks into the sweet with enthusiasm. "Mmm, might end up havin' to do that," Enka agrees. "Because I think if Liora were in charge, we'd be bankrupt within an hour." there's a nod, the only brief pause between Enka's mouthful of foods. "I don't even want her tryin' to fly. Ever." In other words, keep her grounded for the rest of her life. She shakes her head again, and then smiles a little. "Nope, if you wanted fast, you'd have to carry me, and I don't think you'd want to do that. 'Least it aint twins." Enka knows /that/ much at least. "Uh huh, Rou's sister's probably not drinkin' the water." If it was the water that got plenty of the ladies in the family way.

Zi'on, too, is digging in. The bronzer usually ate like a bird, but sweets were his one weakness. In fact, if he could eat nothing but them all the time, he would. "Mm. Not that you'll be stepping down any time soon. By then we might have a myriad of other golds. Or Liora might be gone to some other weyr." He chuckles. "Fair enough." The bronzer grins. "No. As much as I want to dance, carrying you isn't much of a dance. Plus I might end up hurting you. Or myself. Heh. I don't think Rou's sister got here soon enough. Though I'm glad she's hadn't been. I think she's only sixteen or something. Too young for a baby. Even if they hold would have wanted her to start churning them out. Never understood that really." He sighs. "Sometimes I wish I'd become a harper, like my ma wanted. It looks fun, playing an instrument."

Enka has a sweet tooth. Put something sweet in front of her, and she will devour it. Doubly so since she's doing the whole eating for two thing now. "I /hope/." Enka nods fervently. "I dunno if there's a gold in this clutch cause Mir aint lettin' on, and I'd have thought she would by now, but there's other clutches. And maybe Shadhavarth's next flight'll get us another gold or somethin'. Or we can trade Liora somehow." Although who'd take her anyway? "So there you have it," Enka grins. "No fast dancin' means no havin' to carry me." She pops another bit of fried dough into her mouth, nodding. "Holds try and breed 'em out yuong. Shells, I'm glad I'm weyrbred." At least that way, she can manage the rate at which she has kids. Good decent spread of turns between the lot of them, really. "Could ask one of my brothers if they'd ever like comin' to Western. The youngest one's gotta be almost to Master by now, he could teach you how to play."

Zi'on too, and he would never eat for two. Though in his twilight years he might put on a bit of tummy. Right now he was just too tall and too active for that to happen. "I dunno how many more golds we're gonna see here, Enka. Usually max out at four or five. Then we'll have to start moving them around. Some weyr might take her that is hurting for golds. That doesn't seem to be Western, though. Which is a good thing. Got more riders than we know what to do with." He chuckles. "They'll be calling Mir the next Kilaueth or Ramoth soon enough." There's a nod about the holds. "Seems unfair. For a girl that young to be saddled with a bunch of babies she has to look after. No chance at experiencing anything else. No wonder some of them leave." The bronzer shrugs a bit. "Don't think I have the time. Maybe Ezio will want to learn, though. When he's a little older."

"Me either," Enka agrees. "I'd glad Mir aint jealous about other golds bein' in the Weyr because I don't know what we'd do if she only insisted on two juniors or somethin'. But I know a Weyr can be awful down on golds sometimes." Which is basically why Enka and her queen had moved to Western in the first place. "At least if we have to, we can trade golds out, long as someone would take 'em. Build up favors or somethin'." she grins. "Mir's always had good clutches." There's a pause, Enka taking another bite of her nearly vanished sweet and mm-ing softly. "Yeah, hate to see a gal that young with kids. Or married off or somethin'. I was lucky to have Mir at that same age, and weyrbred to boot. Way better. Ezio might do well playin'. If my younger brother's got anythin' to go by, he might have some talent."

Zi'on nods. "Mm. Don't think Mir has much to be jealous about anyways. I don't think she fights with her juniors, does she? It's important we keep the number of dragons up." Without them Pern would experience a lot of problems with transport. People would end up starving, probably. "Heh. Them taking Liora would be a favor to us, even if they need the eggs. Can't see Mir's clutches changing soon, either. Her and Suldith seem to be in a pattern now." He nods to the weyrwoman a bit. "Maybe. the ladies all seem to like a harper. As long as he don't end up the greenriding type. My grandda was a harper I guess. On my ma's side." Zi'on finishes up his dough, and then licks the sweetener off his fingers. "Well, I'm going to go convince one or more of these ladies to dance for a while." He gets up and leans over to kiss Enka on the cheek. "I'll catch you in a bit, Enka."

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