Beachside Awkwardity

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It's a sunny afternoon at Half Moon! Perfect beach weather with only a few puffy clouds in the sky. Which is why Hotaru is playing hooky and is down at the beach. After a quick swim, the redhead is lounging out on the beach, catching some sun. She's got a blanket laid out and her head on a rolled up towel, and is in her red and white striped bikini.

Daranyl is making his way along the lagoon shore, crossbow on one shoulder, a trio of whersports tied together and hanging from the other. He looks a bit grungy, but that's hardly a surprise considering he seems to have been hunting since the wee hours of the morning. Sweat has made his clothes stick to him awkwardly and, after a moment, he stoops a little ways from Hotaru and works on extricating his feet from his boot.

Cassara had been wandering around half moon all day on various business. She was getting somewhat sweaty her self. The weather was going to take her a while to adjust to when her and Hika eventually moved. She sighed, looking out at the beach, considering a moment going in before quickly dismissing the idea. Wait, Hotaru? Cassara made her way over toward her daughter, slowly letting her shadow loom over her with a big grin.

Kyra isn't allowed to swim anymore and isn't going to try again, not after getting in trouble for it last time. She has found a nice hammock to sit in, a tote bag plopped on her stomach while she clumsily works on knitting something out of a chunky blue yarn. Why someone who lives on an island is knitting is anyone's guess, but she must need to have SOMETHING to do while her leg is healing. She shifts the cast carefully when she recognizes Daranyl stepping onto the beach, setting one of her needles down so she can cast a wave in his direction.

Hotaru spots Daran pulling his boots off out of the corner of her eye. While they're open, that is. She starts sniffing the air in an exaggerated fashion. "Ugh. What's that smell? Smells like rotting fish and spiderclaw soup with a little bit of… is that man-smell or really-bad man-smell?" Yes, she's teasing. Because apparently she's going to pick on Daran for his bathing habits every time they bump into each other. When Cassara looms over her, she lowers her glasses and opens up her eyes with a sigh. "Yes? You're blocking my… Mom!? What are you doing here?" She sits up, and covers her cleavage. Like that's a big help. Maybe Kyra is knitting a baby blanket!?

"It's dinner, Hotaru. Don' worry, there's no' enough fer ev'ryone, bu' 'M sure there'll be some greens out, too." Did Daranyl just… tell a joke? Is that allowed? He nods to Kyra's wave, managing to step back out of his boots and snag them up in one hand so he can actually feel the sand with his feet, "Whatcha doin' wi' those needles, Kyra? Plannin' a murder?"

Cassara laughs as her daughter scrambles and covers her self up. "I've been coming by a lot to check some stuff out… Me and Hika are taking the move pretty seriously… Surprised it took this long to run into you." she squats down to get face to face with her daughter. "… What, wearing stuff out in public you wouldn't wear in front of your mom? Are we going to ruin all you fun when we show up?" she turns her head as Daran speaks and looks back at Hotaru, narrowing her eyes "… You know that guy?"

"I'm knitting. Trying to, anyway. It's apparently one of the many things you can do while sitting still," Kyra says wryly, quirking her lips into an easygoing smile before she points out what Hotaru joked about, "You look like you could use a bit of a dunk. By the time I heal up, you won't even need me to show you around the island!" She grins slightly, sliding her good leg over the edge of the hammock so she can use her toes to rock herself back and forth. She's not wearing anything like a bikini, just a flimsy yellow sundress that is probably easy to put on since it doesn't have leg holes to wrestle around her cast.

Hotaru blinks. She doesn't get the joke, clearly. "I'm not licking your feet for dinner, Daran. That's more Nae's thing." She laughs. Poor Nae, shoved under the bus and not even here to defend herself. "You should peel out of that shirt Daran. I bet you already have a funny tan." Hotaru raises a brow to Cass, then. "Checking what stuff out? I hope you two haven't been spying on me." She grunts and takes her hand away. "No." Is her response about what she's wearing. "When's the last time you seen me in a bathing suit, though?" Probably back when Hotaru had muscles. "Who? Daran? Yeah, I know him. He's a friend. Why?" She chuckles when Kyra says Daran needs a dunk. "I agree! You need a dunk!"

Cassara shrugs. "Dragon stuff? Checking out the wings and stuff. Accommodations. It's early but we still wanna have some idea how things are here." she looks her daughter over and responds bluntly. "When? When you weren't so scrawny…" she looks over and watches Kyra and Daran. "Why? I dunno, your mom almost got me to beat his ass because of that crossbow of his." she grins a little.

Daranyl gives a little twitch and suddenly feels the need to slide over, walking a few steps through the shallow water before turning up the sands towards Kyra, "Knitting what?" He looks over the blue yarny thing, then shrugs, "Naw, you'll still know all th' secrets I don'." He pats the whersports gently, "I'll wash after I deal with the innards. Don' s'ppose ya wan' ta help?"

Kyra watches as Daranyl twitches and moves away, laughing just a little bit only to look at the yarn in her hands and flush slightly, "Ah, well, a present, sort of. It's a long story. Mostly I'm hoping it comes out looking like a blanket right now. I'll worry about the end game after that." When asked about helping with the guts, she wrinkles her nose a bit and then shakes her head with a huffing sigh, "No, that's all you, sorry. It's a pain in the ass to get up once I get situated like this. Besides, it'll just make me miss hunting even more." She pokes her tongue out a bit at that feeling, then peers curiously in Hotaru and Cassara's direction, eyebrows twitching upwards, "Ah. You know them?"

Hotaru's brows furrow at Cassara's comment. "Scrawny! I'm not scrawny! I'm just not… as beefy as I used to be. I was gross. I looked like you." She says with a grin. Hotaru isn't scrawny exactly. But she has lost a bit of muscle over the last few turns. She raises a brow to Cassara then. "Because of the crossbow? What did it do? Insult mom or something? Did it call you scrawny?" She laughs.

Cassara laughs again. "You never looked like me. But you looked in shape! And I'm not -gross-." she said a little defensively, even though Hotaru might be right. "Eh? Hika thought it was dumb to walk around with a crossbow like that in a bar. I wasn't gonna make an issue out of it but… well, your mom had a few drinks and was feeling brave."

"Oh? Who's it for?" Daranyl slides his crossbow off and offers it to Kyra, "Mind watchin' this for me?" That's trust, right there. He glances over his shoulders at Hotaru and Cassara and shrugs, "Hotaru's a girl I know. 'Tother one I met in th' pub 'tother day. Don' think she likes me much." He reaches over to pat her cast gently, "I'm sure they'll get that off in no time. Why was tha' R'en fellow so…" Daran shrugs, not sure of the word he wants.

Kyra nods lightly when Daranyl offers her the crossbow, taking it from him and setting it next to her leg so that it won't fall off the hammock, "It's for R'en. He says Igen gets cold at night, so I figured I could use that to find a new hobby." A mild shrug before she looks over towards Cassara and Hotaru again, nodding her head understandingly now only to grin at the pat to her cast. She laughs when he winds up asking about R'en as well, waving one of her knitting needles with wry amusement, "I've known him forever, that's all. I think he still thinks of me as a little kid. That's all it is. He's just… really serious."

Hotaru grunts. "I'm still in shape. And I did look like you. My muscles were at least this big!" She squeezes Cassara's bicep. She laughs then. "Wait wait. MOM started a fight in the bar? Or got you into a fight? With him?" Oh what a story that would have been. "Anyways what were you doing down here? You going swimming? I can leave some of my stuff if you want. But I think I'm heading back up before I get burnt."

"Oh come on even your mom said you were looking skinny. And yeah, she went right up to him and started bitching him out. I was just the muscle." She shakes her head at Hika's recklessness. "He decided to just leave though so nothing came of it. Kinda wished I got to beat his ass but… considering he's your friend, I guess it's lucky it worked out that way." she shrugs. "Dunno, just finished up. Was just looking around… thinking about getting a drink, but then I noticed you."

"Jus' frien's?" It's a simple question, right? Daranyl just wants to know about her other friends. He glances around and, finding a rock not too far from Kyra's hammock, hunkers down there with his knife and his take to work at that, "Serious migh' be an unnerstatmen'. 'M serious. He's stone." He glances towards Hotaru and Cassara again, then back to his work.

Kyra seems surprised by the question, arching a brow at Daranyl with a sort of wry amusement before she rocks the hammock enough that she can poke him with her foot, "Why's it matter?" Bwaha. She's bugging him, mostly, exhaling again as she looks back to her yarn and continues trying to create something from it, "Yeah, we've been friends since I was little. He's sort of friends with my mom, too… and no, he's just… not really expressive, I guess. I don't know. He's a nice guy, honest." Giving him another little poke, she inquires playfully, "So how do you know Hotaru?"

Hotaru gets up to collect her stuff, sliding on a pair of sandals. "Psh. Well if mom started bitching him out he probably deserved it? Or don't you have a handle on your weyrmate, ma?" She shakes her head. "Well if you could not beat him up that would be preferable. You'll have a reputation before you even get here. Though maybe you want that? Anyways I'm going up. If you want a drink you can give me a ride up?" Hopefully Nae was out or at least wearing some clothes. She gives a wave to Daran and Kyra. "Or not. Whatever." Either way, Hotaru heading back up to her weyr!

"Your mom is supposed to control me, not the other way around." she gets up with Hotaru. "Hey, I could use a little bit of a reputation to come in with. I'm not quite as firey as I used to be… been riding my Igen reputation for a long time. Life is easier when people are afraid of pissing you off." she chuckles a bit. She was still pretty firey but nothing like during her youth. "But I shouldn't take that out on some kid. Yeah, I can give you a ride up."

"Jus' cur'yus." Daran raises and waves his bloody knife at Hotaru in farewell before setting back to his work, "He seemed ta care, at least." He glances after the ladies again, then shrugs, "Me' 'er when I'd been in a few days. In th' springs. Ended up schoolin' her with my bow, she's no' a bad host, though."

Kyra shrugs a bit in the end and gives a slight nod, "Yeah, he does, even if he's a bit of an idiot sometimes." She goes back to rocking herself with her foot while trying to knit, waving one of her needles slightly in Hotaru's direction in order to say goodbye, even if she didn't technically meet her. Looking back to Daranyl, she twitches her nose curiously before glancing after the leaving riders, then off to the ocean, "I'm not surprised about the bow. What's this about being a host, though? Did she have a party?"

Daranyl blinks and coughs. Did he say that? Scorch it. "Ah, th' terms o' th' contes'. I won, so she'n Nae made me dinner. She's a good cook." COUGH. He's nearly done with the second one now, not rushing, but definitely suddenly focused on it again, "He didn' strike me as th' kindta be an idjit." R'en is suddenly the safer topic.

Which may be partially why Kyra blows right past it, grinning down at Daranyl and nudging him with her foot again. Pokey pokey. "They made you dinner, huh? Why're you acting like dinner went on all night long, then, eh?" Pokepoke. Kyra is grinning and it's hard to miss now, not even bothering to try and focus the topic back on R'en. This is too good to pass up.

Daranyl jerks his arm away from her foot with a searing scowl. One can almost see the walls coming down, "Jus' a coupla hours." These whersports aren't going to prep themselves, you know. His knife bites into the third with a bit too much gusto and he starts tugging out the offal. Someone's not a bragger, it seems.

Kyra realizes she's poked a bit too much and frowns, "Aw, don't be like that. I was only teasing you. Why's it make you mad? Did they hurt your feelings? Want me to punch them? I'm a girl, so nobody'll care." She puts her fist in her palm, looking very serious, even if she is half-covered by yarn with one leg in a cast. Her expression suggests she would very much hobble out of that hammock, hunt Hotaru and Nae down, and pop each of them in the nose.

Daranyl doesn't have feelings! He tosses the last handful of offal aside and wipes his knife on his pants, "I can figh' my own ba'les. 'N' ih wasn'… Jus' didn' much feel like I coul' say no." He looks up at the sound of flesh on flesh and actually smirks at her, "Ya don' need ta do tha'. Jus'… no' prou' or anythin'."

"Oh," is Kyra's curious response, relaxing somewhat now before she frowns and admits, "That doesn't sound very pleasant. You can always say no, Dar." She tucks her needles and yarn into that little tote bag, turning carefully over onto her stomach so she can hook a hand over the edge of the hammock and look at him thoughtfully for a few seconds. At length, she finally says, those big hazel eyes almost owlish, "You and your sister - you were renegades, weren't you? Or are. Before you came here, I mean."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, sliding the knife back into its sheath, "No' like it was bad or anythin', jus' meanin'less." He leans to lay the hides out, barely betraying a reaction to her question, "Wha' makes ya say tha'?"

Kyra nods her head understandingly, frowning mildly as she says, "That's the worst kind. Mostly. Maybe not if you're drunk, I guess." She twitches her nose in response to his question, shrugging afterwards, "I sort of got the impression when we first met. I… won't really go into all the reasons, but it seems a safe bet." There's a momentary pause before she adds, "I don't really care. I just figure it's easier to ask than try to pretend I haven't thought about it."

Daranyl is a crappy renegade, really. He shrugs again, not looking at her as he spends far too much time stringing the cleaned whersports back up, "We didn' live in a Hol' if tha's whatcha mean. Never hur' no one or stole nothin', jus' go' by wi'ou' a hol'." He tilts his head enough to just barely meet her eyes, seemingly waiting for something.

Kyra peers down at Daranyl with some curiosity still only to flop onto her back again with a declaration of, "Good enough for me." She tugs her needles out again and makes a face as she has to start unknotting a little bit, forced to go back through and redo a few stitches, "Anyway, next time Hotaru or anybody corners you and you don't wanna have sex, even if it doesn't suck, just tell them to get the flip off you, okay? You look like a kicked animal and I don't like it." Some would probably say that in a way to be malicious, but Kyra is… odd in her ways.

Daranyl's shoulders heave again, his gaze going back to the whersports before standing again to hang the food from his shoulder again, "I shoul' ge' this in ta the headwoman 'n' ge' a wash in." His mouth gives a small twitch, quiet for a long moment, looking out at the water and, clearly, not going on about his way, either, "They wan' kids."

Kyra looks up at Daranyl when he stands like that, frowning mildly to herself as she continues to rock back and forth a bit. Exhaling roughly, she ruffles her fingers through that short hair of hers and offers him a light smile, "I get it. I do. I just… don't want you to be unhappy, you know? We're friends. It's normal." She'll give him another little toe poke, then flops back into the hammock and just crams her knitting away again, "I'm going to take a nap out here. Good luck with your bath, though. Don't wash away or anything."

Daranyl snags her toe and gives it a squeeze, then leans past her, fresh kills and all, to snag his bow from where she stowed it, "Don' worry. I'm no' tha' much made o' dir'." One eye winks rapidly before he adds more quietly, "Don' like seein' ya unhappy, neither." He nods towards the cast, as if that's the only thing that might be keeping her down, then straightens, "I'll see ya." Not even an admonition to keep her theories to herself since some folks wouldn't be so understanding before he's moving up towards the Weyr proper.

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