Cormir Arrives At Half Moon Bay

Autumn - Day 8 of Month 10 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is early morning at Half Moon Bay; the sky is dark and stormy, threatening imminent rain though none has fallen yet. It makes the air thick and heavy, sticky and humid and all together unpleasant for anyone who is unfortunate to be outside. It means the Living Caverns is steadily reaching its max capacity as residents and 'riders alike seek refuge. It means that, although drills are done and free-time is at hand, S'van is also among the throng seeking respite from the weather. He's staked out a spot rather close to the door; back to the wall, eyes to the crowd, plate filled with enough food for at least two set at the table in front of him. There is nothing overly threatening about him, though there's a bit of a tension in the way he carries his shoulders, in the way his mouth is pressed into a line and his eyes skim periodically toward the exit.

Rain! Why is it always rain that seems to follow the young man who walks into the Living Cavern with what is easily two bags of everything he owns. His shaggy brown hair has been wind blow and a mess, and his clothing makes him look more homeless beach comber than anything even remotely akin to the apprentice weaver knot on his shoulder.

Grey eyes find wandering vagabonds (aka, Weaver Apprentices) easily enough. There's a pause in the chewing of his mouthful of food, an arched eyebrow and lingering look as S'van assesses the situation. There's definite speculation happening, and his gaze lingers on that knot for a bit longer than necessary. Chewing resumes. Swallows. Sip of water taken. "You lost?" he finally asks, loud enough to be heard over the din of the cavern.

The younger mans light brown eyes dart quickly towards where the question emanates from, before saying in a rather tired tone "No more than anyone else in life, but currently I am looking for the headwoman's office as I have just been assigned here." He steps over towards the man with the grey eyes and his back to the wall, the vagabond holds out a hand after dropping a bag on the floor saying "Apprentice Weaver Cormir, sir."

Both eyebrows raise at the philosophical answer his question has provoked, though it's amusement that is tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Well. Might be able to help with that," he says in regards to locating the Headwoman's office, though he doesn't seem in much hurry at all to put words to actions. Fingers find a bit of cloth to wipe them clean before he extends his hand in return, grasp firm as he offers a returned greeting of, "S'van. Bronze Aedeluth's. Archipelago Wing. Well met, Cormir." At the conclusion of the handshake, there's a gesture toward the Klah pots and serving tables. "There's hot food and Klah over that-a-ways, if you're interested."

Cormir's stomach rumbles and answers that question for the young weaver man. "I supected I should, do you mind if I return to sit and eat with you?" Cormir asks before he leaves as he doesn't want to forget his manners or burden the bronze rider by invading his space.

"Not at all," is the quick answer, a flash of a grin gracing S'van's face before Cormir is off to acquire sustenance. The bronzer will just sit back, poking at his plate of too-much-food with his fork as he seeks out the best bites. Upon the weaver's return, he'll just motion silently to an empty chair to second the invitation. And though the polite thing to do may be to allow him to actually start eating his food, Sev is just gonna go ahead and start asking questions. "First assignment, or were you somewhere else before Half Moon?"

Cormir sits down and starts to eat, when S'van starts to lob questions his way the weaver will return with "Second, I was at the harper hall for two turns working before they moved me down here. Though not that I know why, not much suited for my field of study." He will eat quickly, maybe having missed a meal on account of the time changes. He washes down his food with a glass of juice before adding with a happier smile "But I am glad to be at a beach in any rate."

"Which is clearly not clothing," says S'van with a dry sort of amusement, taking a wild guess given the state of the ruffian-like attire. And while he can definitely put away some food, there's a much more lax approach to consuming his own meal, a careful consideration and arranging of items to one side or the other. "Harper Hall… that's quite a change in location." As for the beach? There's a grin and a glance of grey eyes toward the door, as if he could manage to see the coast from here. "S'nice, I will say that. When it's not raining."

Cormir nods at the assessment of his lack of fashion sense, "Correct, I restore and make Tapestries among other things." He finishes a meat roll and will lean back looking about the room before saying "At the harper hall they have all the records and pictures of the old tapestries, so I had to learn them by heart." At the mention of the rain Cormir looks over towards the bowl and asks "How often does it rain?"

"You had to look at, and memorize, all of them?" questions S'van flatly. "That sounds… uh… interesting…" even if the inflection on that word clearly demonstrates that he does not believe the sentiment. "Huh." Dark eyebrows furrow as he considers the weaver across the table. "Suppose someone has'ta do it," he says eventually, of the care tapestries may require. "Preserve history or something like that," with a small shrug. As for the rain? A twitch to the corner of his mouth, some sort of smart-ass smirk just beginning as he glances towards the door once more. "A lot." Which is not very informative, so he follows it with, "It's a tropical Weyr, so the spring and summer are pretty wet. The fall usually not as much… winter, well…" another shrug, because that is the default gesture. "It's about fifty-fifty? Just be glad you weren't hear last Turn when the hurricane hit."

Cormir looks over at the bronze rider saying "Hurricane? You get hurricanes here?" the weaver my look a bit paler now at the talk of heavy storms. Recovering slightly he will eat a tad slower as if savoring a last meal. "Not really a fan of bad weather, just like laying in warm sand and relaxing." he will add after a few mouthfuls of food.

"Well… yeah," says S'van about hurricanes in a manner that suggests this ought to be common knowledge, though he does follow it quickly with a sympathetic look. "S'not as scary as it sounds," he assures him. "Mostly just means lots of rain and some strong wind. Might ground the Wings but… considering we're in a stone Weyr, don't usually get much damage. Debris, yeah," and there's definitely a dry humor presented with that word, "but that's about it. So relax," he decides, glancing once more at his plate as he stabs a few choice morsels with his fork. "You'll get plenty of that," he continues. "Just gotta take a little rain on the side."

Setting down his now empty juice glass, Cormir cleans his plate with a piece of bread, he will then lean back and relax more saying "Well, with out the rain nothing does grow. Just got to weather the storms in your life right?" With smiles at the taller man he will look about the room actually take in the people and sights.

A lifted hand, a little swing-round of his fingers as Sev decides, "Yeah. That life-cycle thing." Circle of life and all. A bit more food consumption before he follows Cormir's gesture and glances around the room, shoulders tightening briefly as his gaze settles on the crowd. A little shrug, to loosen muscles, and eyes go back to his plate as he flicks away the veggies and concentrates on the meat. "First time at the Weyr?"

Cormir nods as he looks about saying distractedly "First time at any Weyr." And there is just so much to see it seems, from hair styles to clothing choices he is amazed and amused. He notices a few people with darker liquids in there glasses and asks "Is there a bar close by? or do we have to brave the storm?"

Whatever thoughts S'van may have for the confirmation to his question, he keeps them to himself. Though, perhaps there is an amused half-smirk threatening to break out. "Mm," and back to his plate, finishing the last of the good stuff before he must contend with the healthier parts. "There's a game room," he notes idly, "down the hall there," and a point with his fork to indicate the proper direction. "They have a bar. Billiards and darts, too, if you're the type to play." A final poke-poke to the contents of his plate before, with a sigh, he pushes it aside. Finished. "You wanna get settled with the Headwoman first, or go straight for the booze?"

Cormir thinks about that for a moment and says "Probably should get settled in, I am not much of a drinker really but after being at the harper hall I have come to enjoy sitting around listening to stories told over a few rounds" He will reach down to start collecting his gear, once he is ready he will nod at S'van to lead the way.

"Ah." Understanding now, for the interest in the bar. "Well, you probably won't lack for that, then. There's also a piano, so's a fair bet there's at least one Harper lurking there, as well." The last of his own beverage is finished in a few hasty gulps before S'van stands. There's a quick look around the crowd, an unreadable expression for whatever he finds there, and then quick strides towards the lower caverns with the expectation that Cormir is following. It's a quick enough trek, without too many twisty-turns to find the Headwoman's office, and once the new Weaver is passed off into her capable hands, Sev bids him farewell and heads off to wherever he's gotta be at this time of day, a cheerful enough, "Good luck," tossed over his shoulder as he goes.

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