Healer Delivery

Autumn - Day 10 of Month 10 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

his long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Half Moon Bay can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Once dropped off by the bronzerider she passes his spare jacket up to him and heads back into the infirmary adjusting her tunic as she goes. "The package is delivered sir." She calls out to the healer on duty and brings her messenger back over to the main table and pass it over. "Master Crena had some stuff in there for you as well. Some Igen plants for that headache powder you make." She says before looking up at the roster to see what she has missed in her absence. It looks to be a bit quiet right now at least.

He is… not comfortable standing in the infirmary. Cobalt blue eyes gaze over the area, lingering on a bed here, or a chart there, or a Healer that passes, all with a distant sort of look. R'sner is not a native; he is not knotted for Half Moon Bay, yet here he is, standing in the doorway with hesitation on whether or not he is going to actually enter. But a job is a job, and he must carry on. So with a low exhale, a shift of posture, the greenrider pushes past the tension and just… walks in. "Excuse me," is asked in a low, gruff tone. "I've got…" and he glances to the list clutched in his hands, clearing his throat before he reads, "Twelve boxes of gauze, fourteen crates of wrap, ten jars of redwort… erm. I can't pronounce this one," he admits, offering over the manifest.

Kelani is heading to the medicine room when she notices the delivery rider hesitating at the entrance. Seeing that everyone else is busy she makes her way over to him with a warm smile of greeting. That smile healers learn to put people at ease. There is a look at the manifest as it is handed to her, "Tussilago..we use it for coughs." She explains as she looks down at the list and then back up to him. "You can just put it on that table there. Need any help with the packages?"

There is no return smile, the brief hint of one dying swiftly at Kelani's approach. If anything, that Healer-Smile has the opposite effect on R'sner; his back goes rigid, jaw tight, eyes hard for a brief moment as he averts his gaze and takes a deep breath. "Tussilago," he repeats, glancing at the paper to commit pronunciation to item spelling. "Well, whatever you use it for, you've got a shit tone of it. Not sure it's all gonna fit on that table." But he's already heading for the bowl and his waiting dragon. "Help would be good," he tosses over his shoulder, not pausing in his pursuit of escape.

She notices the reaction from the man at her manner and its not the first time she has dealt with someone afraid of the infirmary. "Its alright, I can help you. You came by at the perfect time." She says with a friendly tone to her voice. As he heads up out it takes a few running steps to catch up to him with manifest still in hand and looking it over. "I will have to check with the Master about the amount of the Tussilago. We used it plenty during winters up at Fort, but haven't used it much here." She says with a touch of uncertianty in her voice. Well it will be her first full winter here, maybe they have a month of freakishly cold weather she missed?

"You can cut the shit," says R'sner to Kelani, without bothering to look over his shoulder. "I'm not a patient, and I ain't scared of Healers. So don't act like I'm a timid puppy in need of coddling." But maybe something about that friendly tone has him a feeling bad about the snap, for he adds a quick, "Nevermind. Ignore me," which is maybe meant to be an apology, but falls far, far from it. "Appreciate the help," he admits, this time without the bite. Outside, a medium-sized, vibrant green is waiting, her head turned toward the Bowl rather than the approaching humans. "Toith," aloud, to get her attention. Her head swings around, and she offers a dragony-breath of a snort for greeting. "Your cough-meds are on that side. I'll get the crates if you get the jars." The fragile stuff. "You better inventory things before you sign, then. Once you sign, it's yours," in response to her mention of checking with the healer regarding the Tussilago.

There is a flinch at the words and she shakes her head, "No sir, I won't ignore you. If I did something to offend I am mightily sorry, but I am just offering to help out here." Kelani says as she stands in place at the point he lost it at her. "So you need help or not?" She asks then nods when he admits that he does and continues to follow to the dragon. She raises a hand at the dragony inspection to touch the snout if allowed, "Hello there.." She starts having a fair bit more confidence in greeting them then she would have a turn ago. Then his words remind him that its time to get this man on his way as quick as possible and she tucks the manifest under arm and grabs a box of jars and heads back in.

"It ain't you," says R'sner firmly. "It's healers in general. Just… cut the crap. Drop the mask. Don't use that voice, or that face, on me. All that stuff they teach you at the Hall that's supposed to make me trust you. Make me like you. I don't like it," he admits. And while he may be giving Kelani the cold shoulder as he sets about working to undo the burden his dragon has carried, Toith does not seem to hold the same emotional baggage, leaning into that pat-pat with a 'Yes. Goooood' sort of appreciation. It's gruff, and demanding, the way the green thrusts her head into the path of the healer. Yeah. 'Scratches now' is definitely implied. No need for 'please'. This is definitely a demand. "Cut it," murmurs R'sner under his breath, likely for his dragon. There's a chuff in the back of Toith's throat in reply, but she removes herself from Kelani's space to allow the young woman to go about her business.

Kelani looks up at the rider and slowly nods, "Alright alright. I am not just a healer you know, I am a person. Can you treat me like one and I won't treat you like a patient?" She says with a firm nod and squaring her shoulders not seeming being cowed by him anymore and but at least dropping the 'bedside' manner she has been trained for. She huffs a bit and focuses her attention on the attention wanting Green until both are reminded they have a job to do. "She is nice." She murmurs under her breath and goes back to the picking the box of jars and taking them to the edge of the cavern entrance and setting them back down. "We can set them here alright. Got some more apprentices coming in for a shift change shortly and we can move them in."

A passing glance catches all of that posturing; cobalt-blue eyes taking in the nod, the squaring of shoulders and determination. And the response is a hint at a genuine smile. Far from full, certainly not lasting, but honest all the same. There, and gone again, mouth settled once more into some sort of grim finality. Resigned. "Deal," he says flatly, though the huff gets another one of those fleeting, 'was it really there' sort of smiles. The cargo netting that has held the supplies in place finally gives way, and he lets the bulk settle on the ground as Toith shifts her body away from it. "She's deceptive," is his reply, sharp hearing catching the murmur. Or perhaps Toith did, and helpfully passed it along for him. His tone holds a touch of fondness for his dragon, and one gloved hand reaches out to rest on her vibrant hide briefly. "But friendly," he concedes. "Just be glad she's not had a chance to roll in the mud." He stoops down, removing boxes from the netting and setting them on the ground. He's a few seconds behind her with his own boxes.

Well sometimes you got to match tough with tough and well at least she can fake it. A hint of a smile answers his before she goes back to the job of unloading. When she has unpacked all she can, she leaves him to deal with the rigging of the net as she starts to count out the items against the manifest. "I think this is supposed to be 10, not 100." She murmurs with a shake of her head. So much cough mixture for a tropical weyr. "I swear someone likes overloading the weyr with supplies, a few months ago we got a …shit ton of lubricant and the rider wouldn't take it back." She says matter of factly, "There will people slip sliding around the whole weyr. Kids sorta made a slip and slide ice rink skating around on all the lubricant." Telling the store to soften him up or could it possibly be true. She cants her head back to the dragon and grins, "So you look rolling in mud, hmm?"

Does R'sner believe her stories of lube? It may be hard to ascertain the answer, for there is very little change in his expression as she babbles on about it. He appears to be half-listening, cobalt-blue eyes focused on the manifest as he regards the aforementioned ten vs one-hundred issue. "I can take it back," he says quick enough, for the Tussilago, interrupting her discussion of slip-n-slides. "Ain't taking the lube, though." Maybe it was a joke. Maybe it wasn't. Hard to say. But it certainly shows that he was paying some attention to what she was saying to him. A glance toward the bowl at the mention of his dragon. "Hates being clean," he responds for her. "Thinks bathes are a waste of time. And don't encourage her," he admonishes a bit gruffly. "Or you can wash the entrails from her back when she decides to roll in her next kill."

"I think they found space for it all. Reckon every rider got a tub of it in their weyrs from the way they talk." Kelani says looking up at the weyrs that peek up out of the bowl. "I guess I will be looking after anyone for any friction burns for awhile." She comments before looking back over the order and nodding once more at the cough mixture. "Yeah, I best go check on that…not sure riders can find quite so much use for this." She cants her gaze up at the Green and can't help but laugh, "Oh dear…I guess blood and guts help you keep that healthy look to your hide? I think the resort charges quite a bit for Mudbaths and here you have figured it out on your own." Yep. Helping.

There's a firm and level look laid upon Kelani; R'sner either does not believe her, or has chosen not to acknowledge the entire 'lube' situation beyond his previous remark of not taking it back. A finger reaches out to tap-tap at the manifest, as if to draw her attention back to the important matter at hand. "If it's an error, mark it down and I'll take back whatcha didn't order," he says clearly enough. As for greens, and entrails, blood and mudbathes, there's an exasperated look for the dragon and a much darker one for the healer. Toith huffs in amusement, eyes whirling quickly blue-green for the idea. "I'm not repeating that," he murmurs, likely in reply to his dragon. "Really. Don't encourage her," he says again, a bit firmer.

Kelani grins up at the rider at the admonishment for encouraging his dragon before nodding, "I will be right back." Yep, its the safest time to duck out just then. She is gone for a few minutes and returns at a fast pace manifest in hand, "Yeah, he only ordered 10. I will help you load back up…I am so sorry for that. He reckons he can cope with 20 and pass some over to the hold, but the rest would be a waste." She suggests and starts to pick up some of the boxes to take back to the dragon net.

R'sner waits patiently, arms loosely crossed over his chest, as Kelani vanishes to enquire as to the order number for her cough syrup. "No. You can't," he murmurs to Toith, earning a disgruntled snort in return. When Kelani is spotted, he uncrosses his arms and moves automatically towards the mis-shipped items. "Great. Eighty of 'em going back," though there's little about tone or expression to suggest that he's truly upset about it. Neutral. Resigned. Acknowledging that it simply is, what it is. "Just get it onto the net, and I can take it from there," he decides, already heading back to Toith, laden with items. The green at least holds still and does not interfere with the work happening around her. She's an old hand at this by now; play has its place, but this was work time.

There is at least an apologetic look from the healer, "Its coming up on winter in the north so it will get used somewhere at least." She suggests helpfully. She continues to help him as each box is reloaded into the net. "Well it was nice meeting you both…Good luck." She offers though perhaps her look is more for the dragon when she waves then turns back into the cavern to find some apprentices to help her bring in the delivary.

"Yup," for getting used in the north, though it's noncommittal; simply a response to a comment. R'sner makes short work of bundling up the net and securing it once more to Toith's straps. A sideways look for the 'nice meeting you both' comment, clearly not buying it, and another short, "Sure," in response. At least Toith is nice enough, swinging her head around to blow another hot, dragon-breath into Kelani's face. That means 'thanks', probably. Or 'Smell this'. Take your pick. R'sner ascends quickly, ignoring his dragon's antics until he's seated and secure. There's a brief glance for Kelani, enough to ensure she's moved a safe distance before he gives the signal for Toith to rise.

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